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Follow the dark path or use the light

Vintage years faq-mission 2

by 5ave

Mission 2-A vintage year: Now you have to have a W2000 Silent sniper rifle for this mission and it will be the easiest way to do so. I have forgotten. Do not kill innocents and guards. If you have to, make it look like a suicide. Some times funnyJ. Donít worry if you donít have a silent sniper rifle. Donít take one if not silent there is another way to do this mission. Read on.
When you start there should be a large tree back of you. Put your sniper rifle case behind the tree. Now go right. You will see a guy in a yellow guard suit. Do not poison him use the other syringe and when heís not looking sneak behind him then, bang! Get him. (Warning: He does look behind him about half way. Do this quite and quick) Take his suit and leave him there because no one goes around there but him. Now go and run where you started there should be a large door there, run through those doors. Keep going straight. There should be tables with food there. If you see the target there restart the mission because you did this to slow. If not Go through that building in front of you. You will see stairs on the right. Go down those stairs then run straight. You will see on your right a door, go through that door. You may see your target sniffing crack coke Cain; go straight where the box is in the shadows. Stay there till he goes to open the door. Poison him or use fibre wire to kill him. Quickly drag him and dump his body in that box. Go back where you came in the building. Get your rifle case. (If you didnít or you donít have a silent rifle and did not bring one donít worry thereís another way to do so. Number 1(with rifle).pick up your sniper go left while facing that big door. Do not go to the half open door yet go left-up of the half open door. Run straight till end of the path turn right. You will see a guard there. Drop your sniper rifle. Use the unharmful siring and get him while heís not looking leave him there. Pick up your sniper. You can unpack it now. Run straight till a wooden fence. Put Your Sniper Passions to the middle balcony and wait for the target to step on the balcony. Get him in the head.
Number 2(without sniper) Do the same thing on top even the unharmful poison. Leave the guy there. Go back where you ran. Go past the old burnt out truck turn left. Run about half and you will see like a rubbish bin thingy. Climb on that box thingy then the fence. Go straight. You will see 2 guards at the door. Go left, you will see a door. Turn right. You will be facing a wall and a draining pipe. Make sure no one is looking and climb that pipe. You should be on the roof. Go straight a bit and your see a window. Climb through that window. Now, sneak behind the target and poison him or use fibre wire. Go through that window again jump off the roof on the right hand. Go and get your suite (if u r a rookie you donít have to get your suite) now go back where you had your sniper rifle pick it up (If you had one) and keep going straight till the wooden fence. Turn right go down the curvy pathway down the mountain your see a drug helper smoking and a V.I.P guard donít worry about them just keeping running till you get to the plane. Mission will take about five minutes or less.