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Follow the dark path or use the light

A Dance With The Devil

by Resadue

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{\*\generator Msftedit;}\viewkind4\uc1\pard\f0\fs20 When you start at the building and you will see a set of doors, enter those you will see a desk with an oficer behind it. When you aapproach it, it will say " chat with receptionist" press x of course. if you don't wanna hear the convo just press triangle. okay the officer will go to the back room, take out sedative syringe and creep behind him. WAIT UNTIL HE REACHES THE BACK ROOM TO PULL SYRINGE OUT! okay when he is down take his clothes. come back out to the main room and look for another set of doors to the right of the desk, go down the stairs, and go out the door. okay take a left to the stairs, go down. now if you get confused look at your map and go to the (!) point of intrest. when you reach it you will see a truck that says PROPS, and you will see a change of clothes, change, make sure all your guns are gone, and approach the elevators, the dude will search you, and then you ccan access the elevators. okay when you make it up keep going straight than tkae a right on the first set of doors. keep going and go around the stairs and then you will see anouther door. open it and then open the first door yu see. okay when you open it, you will see your first target. take your syringe POISIN out and then inject him, take his clothes and his rifle case( you'll need that for later)okay come out the door you cmae in and go around the stairs one more time, but take the door that you see with the guard guarding it, he'll let you right in. okay you will see a door right in front of you, tkae the door next to it. okay now go to the laptop on the table and hack it. go back to the door but do not enter it yet, stand about 5 feet away from the door, tkae out your bomb/mine out(its a black circle)and drop it were yu stand. okay tkae the door down the hallway and go bak to the party. okay now go in front of the stage, the girl thats singing very horribly you is your target too. alrite, when she stops singing, she will exit the stage, approach her and she will talk to you, DO NOT FOLLOW HER!!!!!when ur done talking go to the elevator, do not take it down though. pull your map up and watch her, once she reaches the room with (!) point of interest, take out your detonator and press r1. as soon as that happens take the elevator down to the garage. once you reach the bottom floor. get out turn and take the other elevator, you won't have to be checked. alright time for the "hell" level, this ones weird. okay once you get out you will see a door, enter it. DO NOT TAKE ANY DOORS, just keep following the trail. once you reach the ending door, you will see the back room, take a right. okay once your in the second section you will see a machine. approach it and it will say " RIG THE PYROSHOW " okay, now go back t the door you kame in with. follow the trail till you reach the bar part, the guy will tlk to you, and ask you to follow him, this time... FOLLOW HIM. now at this part your going to be needing that rifle you picked up.the light will be turned off once you reach the room, what i did was creep up on him while he was running and injected him, but thats not nessacary, there will be a desert eagle and a mp7 if you run out ammo. just swish your cross hairs around until it gets red. once you kill him you have to find him to get the storage key, unlock the door you kame in at, then go to the elevator to the garage. once you reach the bottom keep running straight. take a right at the second level and a van will be there press a escape and the mission is done.\par
Okay, when you kill the devil, you have to make sure hes in the stall before you leave.\par
You will not get silent assasin as a ranking, but you will get  Proffessional as a rating.\par