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Follow the dark path or use the light

Hitman Blood Money Walkthrough

by theunholygamer

Hitman Blood Money (PS2)

*New*      	this shows that the information is new to the guide
*Update*  	this shows that the section has an update at the end i.e. new methods of 
		killing a target.


1.	Introduction 	
			- (1i) The Guide
			- (1ii) Notority

2.	Controls

3.	How to be a Hitman

4.	Weapons
			- (4i) Melee/Close Combat
			- (4ii) Handguns
			- (4iii) Assault Rifles
			- (4iv) Sub-Machineguns
			- (4v) Shotguns
			- (4vi) Sniper Rifles
			- (4vii) Special Weapons & Equipment

5.	Walkthrough	
			- (5i) Death Of A Showman
			- (5ii) A Vintage Year
			- (5iii) Curtains Down
			- (5iv) Flatline
			- (5v) A New Life

6.	Lets save some money.
			- intel

7. 	FAQ's


Agent 47 is back in the newest Addition to the Hitman series and as usual 
u take the role of 47 to complete contract earn money and hunt down the man 
who tried to kill you, and the people who sent him.

(1i) The Guide.

This guide is designed to help people who are stuck on Hitman Blood Money, 
Don’t use it to help you complete it, just use it to find out what to do where 
you are then stop reading, try to do it yourself, otherwise it takes the fun 
out of it, I would know I’m a chronic cheater :( never as much fun as doing 
it yourself when you use a guide.

Please try to do it yourself.

Also in this guide I hope to detail as many ways as I can about how to kill each target and to fill each objective.


The New feature in Blood Money is Notority, depending on how you go about 
your mission depends on the notority you gain at the end of the mission, if 
you are continually seen the local papers will get more accurate 
descriptions of you, this increases your notority and in turn make following 
mission harder to complete.
*If playing on Rookie then your Notority will not be effected.*


Left Analogue Stick 	- Moves Agent 47 
Right Analogue Stick 	- Moves Camera
L1			- Crouch/Sneak
L2			- Map
L3			- Throw Item (hold the release)
R1			- Fire weapon, attack, disarm opponent
R2			- Reload Weapon
R3			- Open/Close Sniper scope, View mode switch.
Square (Hold)		- Opens Inventory
Square (Press)		- draw/holster gun, wield weapon (Last selected)
X			- (Tap) Action, (Hold) Open Action List
O			- (Tap) Pick up Item/Weapon, (Hold) Open Pick up list 
			  (release) Pick up Selected
Triangle		- Drop Weapon
Select			- Open Mission briefing/info/Intel
Start			- Pause, in game menu
D-pad			- (up-down) Zoom Sniper scope/binoculars
			- (Left-Right) Scroll Through Maps/Inventory

3. How To Be A Hitman.

[To be Added]

4. Weapons

(4i) Melee/Close Combat

[To be added]

(4ii) Handguns

[To be added]

(4iii) Assault Rifles

[To be added]

(4iv) Sub-Machineguns

[To be added]

(4v) Shotguns

[To be added]

(4vi) Sniper Rifles

[To be added]

(4vii) Special Weapons & Equipment

[To be added]

5. Walkthrough

(5i) 	Death Of a Showman

I have only included this so the guide is complete however this level tells you exactly what to do.

Eliminate Joseph Clarence A.K.A the Swing King

Firstly, you don’t get a rating for this mission and all you need to do is stay 
alive and keep your notoriety down. So if anyone sees you kill them, it doesn’t 
matter what the papers say as long as your identity remains unknown that will be fine.

Now if you wish to read the tutorial messages do so, once that is done or if you don’t 
want to read them follow the path over the various bits of debris till you reach the 
pier, now head towards the gate, you will hear some women talking to agent 47 about 
the photo but you don’t need to listen, (Notice the car? it belongs to a lawyer wonder 
where he is) once you reach the gate wait for the guard to come over and then watch 
Agent 47 do his stuff. once your in your hint will tell you to check the photo in your 
inventory, not much point really, now head into the gift shop, left as you have your 
back to the gate, before leaving through the other door equip a coin from your inventory 
and throw it out of the little window to distract the guards, once they move exit the gift 
shop and enter the Theatre, in here equip the fibre wire and press and hold the fire button 
(R1) this tightens the wire and causes you to enter sneak mode, now quietly move up 
behind the gangster and release the fire button to kill him, (Who’s the guy in front of him 
the blood trail from the lawyers car ends here must be him) anyway once you have 
eliminated the gangster pick up his gun (SLP.40) and holster it, (killing the gangster and 
taking the gun is optional) then climb up the red trellis.

Now walk to the edge of the balcony and continue to press forwards on the left analogue 
stick to make Agent 47 jump to the other balcony and if you want it there is a shotgun in 
this room, now ever pick the lock for blow the lock off with a gun and kill the two gangsters 
in this room, the hide their bodies in the containers in the room, to do this open the containers 
the drag the bodies to them and use the dispose of body command and finally close the lid. 

After you've disposed of the bodies hide in the closet and instantly a chemist enters the room, 
exit the closet and do what a Hitman does, kill him, after he is out of the way take his key card 
and clothes and enter the room he entered from, in here use the key card lock and walk down 
the corridor, don’t run as it will raise to much suspicion also if you picked up the shotgun make 
sure you are no longer carrying it the guards wont like that to much, follow the walkway till you 
reach a small room with a green crate in it, also on the table is a SLP.40 if you haven’t already 
got one, now hide an SLP.40 in the crate and pick the crate up now carry the crate to the guard 
by the door at the end of the walk way he will frisk you once he has finished this he will let you 
continue as long as he doesn’t detect any metal on you, now enter the room through the double 
doors and put the crate down, retrieve the SLP.40 from the crate and holster it. drop onto the
 top of the elevator and equip your fibre wire, then move to the edge of the elevator and use 
the strangle option to eliminate the guard in there, then drop down into the elevator, 

Now break the utility box to turn off the lights and steak across the warehouse after doing so, 
once on the other side of the room turn right and through the door in front of you into the toilet, 
in the toilet there is a guard relieving himself, so walk up behind him and equip a gun and select 
the human shield option, after doing this enter the next room and eliminate the guards, wait for a 
bit as sometimes guards from the previous room come and investigate the noise if they do 
eliminate them as well, remember to kill any civilian that sees you there can be no leaks, once you 
have disposed of all the guards knock you human shield out and to be safe put a bullet in his head, 
now climb the ladder and continue into the room in front of you, the one with the case in the centre, 
pick up the case and open your inventory, in here select the case to unpack the sniper rifle, using 
this kill the three guards outside from the little window. (One on the roof in front of you, one on 
the ground walking around and the third is on the Ferris wheel )

Once the three guards are dead repack the sniper and drop the case, leave the room and turn 
around you should see a door to the left of the room with the case in it, exit through this, walk 
along a little way and then climb down the drain pipe, find the office and enter it, there is a big case
 in this room with poison syringe in it, pick this up and walk upstairs, you will see a guard talking to 
the swing kings receptionist wait until the conversation ends and for the guard to walk to the little 
balcony, sneak up behind him and push him out the window (by pressing R1) after doing so enter 
the receptionists office and poison her drink, then hide in the closet and watch her enter the room 
and have a drink shortly after she will die, now exit the closet and enter the Swing Kings office. After 
the video there are two ways you can go ever make it look like a hit or make it look like suicide, 
to make it obvious it was a hit just draw a gun and shot his, but to make it look like suicide knock him 
out by facing him and pressing R1 twice then drag him to the window that the guard “jumped” out 
of and use the throw over rail command.

Now with him dead return to his office and jump out of the window walk along the walkway a little 
and pick up the remote bomb and the detonator. Then continue along the walkway until you reach 
another open window enter here and quietly place the bomb on the winch walk away from the winch 
and blow the bomb, this probable wont kill all the guards in this case wield a gun and run down the 
stairs to eliminate the last guy, oh dear there might be a civilian in here eliminate her before walking to 
the door to escape.

(5ii) 	A Vintage Year

Eliminate Don Fernando Delgado
Eliminate Manuel Delgado
Escape using seaplane

Equipment needed - None

Well the easiest way to move around without alerting the guards is to become one of them, to do this 
you will need a uniform, to obtain this head east along the walls, then head south down here you 
should see a guard, once his back is turned either sedate him of poison him its up to you, once he is 
out of the picture take his cloths and to be safe hide his body behind the big tree. Now head north 
and the west until you reach a bit of the wall that is broken and has a large block in front of it climb 
the block and then the wall.

Head toward the building with the door that is lit up and the head left to the end here there is a drain 
pipe so climb it the climb into the window, in this room there is a man playing some instrument  its 
Don Fernando Delgado either equip your fibre wire or your sedative and creep up on him then strangle 
or sedate him after doing so drag his body and throw it over the balcony, before doing this you can take 
his snub nosed revolver if you would like to.

After the Don has apparently killed himself leave the way you entered and drop of the roof by walking 
straight from the window, you should now be by where you left the guard who’s cloths you stole, return 
to where you started the level and enter the door with the guard standing next to it, from here enter the 
room opposite, (the wine cellar) go down the stairs and round the corner, and enter the first door on your 
right in here wait behind the barrel next to the container until Manuel Delgado enters from the same door 
that you entered from he will be with another man wait until he returns alone and throw a coin at the door 
then fibre wire or poison him. Once he is dead hide the body in the container. 

Return to where you began the level, and head to where you stole the guards uniform, it is probably best 
to change back into your suit so do it here, then continue south and follow the little narrow path down 
to the sea plane walk around to this and escape.

(5iii) Curtains Down

Eliminate Alvard D'Alvade
Eliminate Richard Delahunt
Escape Opera

There are two ways to do this one is to make the deaths look like an accident the other is to use a sniper rifle. 
Which ever way you choose you do mostly the same thing. 

At the start enter the door in front of you and then turn left to the cloakroom, wait for the receptionist to come 
over then use the Talk with Receptionist command, after doing this you will obtain a real WW1 gun next enter 
the toilet to the right of the cloakroom, and wait for the worker to enter (Man in green overalls) when he has his 
back turned sedate him and steal his cloths the dump his body in the container, now leave the toilet and go 
down the stairs, if you brought the sniper be very careful as not many workers carry briefcases, now walk down 
the corridor to the right until you reach a man painting a door, enter the door way next to him and proceed down 
the stairs, and enter the door, in here turn right and right again down some stairs and through a door, this door 
cannot be opened from the other side so on your way to the exit remember this, enter the door opposite and a 
bit to the left (the one with the emergency exit sign on it) and climb the stairs to the top.

Once you enter the room past the curtain leave through the door on the opposite side, then there are two things 
to do, firstly walk up the corridor to the right until you are between a double door on your left and a single door 
to your right, you should also see a guard sitting down in front of you wait until he leave the chair to check the 
toilet and enter the room that is to your right and a little further up the corridor it will have a star near it, but 
it is not the room next to the guard., hide in the closet in here and wait for the rehearsal to finish, after a while 
the executioner will enter the room remain hidden and watch him practise before he leaves the gun in the room and 
goes to the toilet, now leave the closet and pick up the fake gun and place the real one on the table,

Now leave the room and enter the one opposite, in here climb the stairs to the very top and enter the door up there, 
in this room there will be a large winch in the centre there may also be a worker in this case wait for him to leave, 
or turn his back and then if you didn’t bring the sniper place a bomb on the winch, however if u brought the sniper 
wait climb down the ladder on the opposite side of the room to the door and walk around a bit till you can drop/climb 
down a hole onto some scaffolding here you can remain hidden until the rehearsal begins, now unpack your riffle and 
take aim at the private box to the east, just after target 1 is killed shoot target 2 with the riffle, after doing this 
pack the riffle back into the case and pick it up and make your way back the way you came to the toilets, change back 
into your suit and leave the opera via the front door, however if you plant the bomb there are two ways to kill Target 
2, the first is to go to the Sniper vantage point and wait until target two runs into the room and falls over before 
blowing the bomb and causing the chandelier to fall onto of him, or you could walk back to doorway with the painter 
and take the first door on your right into the opera theatre, you can then see when target 2 falls over and blow the 
bomb, either way once you have done that return to the toilets and change back into your suit and escape via the front 

Warning - it is very difficult to pull the sniper off as there is a guard patrolling the level near the scaffolding.

(5iv) Flatline  *Update*

Find Agent
Identify Target
Smuggle out Agent

Firstly follow the path until you see a man smoking on the left hand side on the bench are some admissions papers pick them 
up and then continue along the path to the building enter the building and place the admissions papers on the desk in front 
of the nurse, after this enter the room behind her and change into the patient robes in there, also leave any weapons in 
here cause there’s a guard that frisks you, then leave this room and walk up to the guard le him check you and then enter 
the door in front of you, 

This is where you can do things differently, remember the three men you saw on you way to the clinic? The one doing weighs, 
the one hiding booze and the one cooking? Well those are the three people that the target might be, now you can either take 
them out now or wait and take them out in a while.

You can make two of the hits look like an accident, the one who is hiding booze can have an unfortunate accident with the 
light above him falling on top of him, to do this from where you entered climb the staircase in front of you, next to the 
room with the globe, then enter the room to the right of you, there will be a close door that if you open will have place 
you can plant a bomb, plant the bomb then leave this landing, back in the room with the desk enter the room to the south, 
the one with two chairs, and leave through the door to the west follow this corridor and find room A and enter it, this 
is your room and it just so happens its next door to one of the targets, leave through the door that lead to a little 
balcony and using the map wait until the room next to you is empty, then sneak into his room and sabotage the gas, after 
doing this return to the large room that you entered after being searched by the guard.

Wait until the man (pink gown) goes to have a drink from the globe and then blow the bomb using the detonator. And after a 
while you will hear the explosion of the other mans gas, meaning two of the targets are down.

To get to the third target leave the main room through the door to the right  and follow the corridor, you should end up in 
an outside gymnasium he is in here, to kill him go back to the office that you planted the bomb in, and leave through the 
east door, go along the corridor and enter the room with the open door in here there is a therapist suit change into this 
and go to the gym, approach the man and he will tell you its time for his session he will tell you its time for his session 
and he will meet you in your office (the same office that the bomb was planted it) return there and wait for him once he 
sits down the session will begin so fibre wire him and drag his body to the small balcony with the bomb,

The other thing that you need to do is find the agent and get him out of the clinic, to do this whilst in the therapists 
suit from the main room take the west door, this should lead to a corridor and the second door on the right should have 
a door leading outside, another requiring a key card and a guard at a computer, go outside and find the utility box, 
break this to convince the guard to leave his post and whilst his back is turned sedate him and if you want take his 
cloths, dump him in the dumpster out here, next return to the computer he was at and pick up the key card rehab on the 
desk you can also steal the security tape just to be safe, now use the key card on the door and again on the next one 
till you are outside an office with a man sitting at a desk, there will be a window and a door which is locked, when 
there is only the man sitting at the desk climb through the window and sneak up and sedate him steal his cloths cell key 
and stun gun if you want and dump him in the container in this room, now leave this room through the open door and proceed 
down the stairs, the agent is in one of the cells on the east side, check map to find him, (red headed guy) once you find 
him unlock the door and talk to him, after the brief conversation ensure that no one is looking before sedating the agent 
with the death serum, now leave his cell and return upstairs proceed back to where you sedated the guard and change back 
into the therapist suit, 

*if you haven’t already you now need to kill the three targets, however two of them are optional but $50000 extra each so 
its worth it* 

*if you want them to look like accidents you will need the patients robe*

Once the target/target’s are dead change back into the patients robe if you haven’t already and return to the dressing room 
where you left your suit, and change back into it, *if you only just kill the three targets you would already have seen the 
agent being left in the morgue* leave the building and proceed to where you began the level, as you face the large gate the 
morgue is to your left, if you haven’t already seen it wait until you seen the agent arrive at the morgue then enter the 
morgue, wait until the orderly re-enters and sedate him if you have the sedative for it, if not fibre wire him and hide the 
body around the corner by the drums then revive the agent and escape through the single door in the morgue.

*Update* all three of the targets can be killed using the therapists suit in the way described for the man on the weights.

*Update* the death of the man on the weighs can be made to look like and accident, to do this wait until he is using the 
barbell, and the whilst wearing any suit except the therapists suit walk up behind and wait until he finishes the option 
to drop weights should appear do this and then leave the room before the body is found.

*Update* the man that hides the booze can also be killed by “Alcohol poisoning” to do this wait until he isn’t in the room 
with the globe and then open the globe, get out your poison syringe and poison the booze before closing the globe and 
leaving the room before he returns.

(5v) A New Life

Kill Vinnie Sinistra AKA “Slugger”
Retrieve Microfilm
Escape Suburb 

Ok good way to do this is to bring no guns, no point you don’t need them, firstly go to the catering van in the drive of 
the targets house and pick up the donuts, now return to where you started and drop the donuts and put either the sedative 
or the poison in them then go to the surveillance trunk, white truck opposite the house and go to the right back door and 
there should be an X command about the donuts, use it and 47 will put them down and knock on the door, now walk away from 
the truck an wait till you see the agents inside go down, now open the doors and take their guns just to be safe, and take 
one of their suits, also to be safe steal the surveillance tape, now enter the house via the front door, they will let you 
walk straight past due to the uniform??? You’d think they know the other people working here, anyway proceed to the garden 
and to the shed door wait here till the pool boy arrives, wait till he opens the doors and goes in the sedate him and steal 
his cloths now wait until Vinnie’s wife is in the garden and walk up to her she will tell you to follow here and will get 
you past the guards, follow her to the bedroom and then when her back is turned sedate her and take her necklace.

Now return to the garden shed and wait until no guards are around before picking the lock if it is needed change back into 
the FBI uniform and return to where the surveillance truck is the house this is in front has an open garage and a path 
leading round to the back of the house go round the back and climb through the window, in here take the bottle of ether 
and leave the way you came *the neighbour might come running after you, the nosy women, I’m not sure though might not in 
the FBI suit, so its probably best to save before trying this or she could blow your cover if she does and you try again, 
wait until she bends down and cant see over the hedge before you go up the path, also be careful of the garbage man walking 
around* Once you have obtained the bottle of ether go to the upstairs of the targets house and enter the second door on the 
left, in here ensure the guard is not in the room and pour the ether on the panties that takes care of the guard up here, 
then enter the room opposite, this is Vinnie’s office hide around the corner until Vinnie enters and looks at something on 
the desk and then sneak up behind him and fibre wire him. Now return to the surveillance truck and put your suit back on, 
before returning to the start of the level to escape.

6. Lets Save Some Money

We all know that being a hitman is hard what with having to keep notority down and having to upgrade weapons and sometimes 
buy additional Intel. I can help with one of these and I shall in the following section I shall provide all the Intel for the missions.

A Vintage Year

1.	 We heard that Manuel likes to entertain friends and enjoy merchandise in the wine cellar.
2.	 A guided tour of the wine cellar might prove useful, especially when looking for potential traps.
3. 	The entrance to the secret lab is hidden somewhere in the wine cellar.

Curtains Down

1.	The content of toolboxes will not be searched when you are frisked
2.	There is a lift shaft from the backstage area to the stage. It's closely observed and only actors are permitted.
3.	Lead actors go to their private rooms to rehearse during breaks
4.	The large chandelier is attached with bolts to the floor of the attic
5.	Only actors are allowed on stage
6.	Light technician have key card to Light Control Room.


1.	Admission Papers are required to check in. Future patients often wait in the park outside.
2.	Troublesome patients are often confined to the medical wing.
3.	The brochure lists some interesting facilities such as a  library, a gymnasium and a large spa area.
4.	Therapists occasionally get contacted for private sessions
5.	Some guests hide stashes of alcohol in quiet places, let's hope they don't get alcohol poisoning.
6.	Weight lifting can be fatal
7.	Some guests cheat the spa's diet by smuggling camping stoves into their room, sounds dangerous.
8.	Deceased patients are taken straight from the medical wing to the morgue.

A New Life

1.	Garbage trucks can dispose of waste
2.	The surveillance team have an unhealthy appetite for donuts
3.	Vinnie has complained about the neighbour’s son taking pot-shots into the garden with an airgun.
4.	Vinnie lives close to a veterinary surgeon. Sometimes a vet needs to tranquillise wild animals.
5.	Rumour has it that Vinnie's wife flirts with the hired staff, but Vinnie trusts her completely.
6.	Some field agents are too nosy in teenage girls' rooms.
7.	A Barbeque is being prepared for the party, be careful with flammable liquids.
8.	Vinnie just bought an expensive and unusual necklace for his wife.