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Follow the dark path or use the light

Made-Up Mission FAQ

by Sword_Master

	         _________                        _________
	         __  ____/______________ ________ ______  /
	         _  / __  __  ___/_  __ `/__  __ \_  __  /
	         / /_/ /  _  /    / /_/ / _  / / // /_/ /
	         \____/   /_/     \__,_/  /_/ /_/ \__,_/

        ______________        _____________     _______         _____
        ___  __/___  /_ _____ ___  __/__  /_    ___    |____  ____  /_______
        __  /   __  __ \_  _ \__  /_  _  __/    __  /| |_  / / /_  __/_  __ 
        _  /    _  / / //  __/_  __/  / /_      _  ___ |/ /_/ / / /_  / /_/ 
        /_/     /_/ /_/ \___/ /_/     \__/      /_/  |_|\__,_/  \__/  \____/

________                 _______         ________
__  ___/______ ________  ___    |_______ ______  /____________ ______  
_____ \ _  __ `/__  __ \ __  /| |__  __ \_  __  / __  __/_  _ \ _  _ ' /__  
____/ / / /_/ / _  / / / _  ___ |_  / / // /_/ /  _  /   /  __/ / /_/ /_(__  
/____/  \__,_/  /_/ /_/  /_/  |_|/_/ /_/ \__,_/   /_/    \___/  \__,_/ 

		        _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
		      / 				        \
	 	     0       Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas	0
		      \ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ /
			     0			          0
			     |			          |
			     | 	   Made-Up Mission	  |
			     |	        FAQ		  |
			     |  	  		  |
			     |			          |
		   _ _ _ _ _ 0_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 0 _ _ _ _ _
		  |			 		             |
		  |	    				             |
		  |           Platform     - Playstation 2           |
		  |	      Genre        - Action/Adventure  	     |
		  |	      Distributor  - Rockstar	    	     |
		  |	      Developer    - Rockstar North   	     |
		  |	      Rating       - MA15+/R	     	     |
		  |	      Players      - 1-2             	     |
		  |	      Online       - No			     |
		  |           60HZ Mode    - No 	             |
		  |           Widescreen   - Yes	             |
		  |	      Author       - Sword_Master            |
		  |	      Lines        - 706		     |
		  |	      Pages        - 15		    	     |
		  |	      E-mail       - [email protected]|
		  |		             com	   	     |
		  |	      Version      - 0.90	     	     |
		  |	      Size         - 29.5KB	  	     |
		  |					             |
		  |					             |
		  0 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _0


  This FAQ is best viewed in Courier New, Regular, Size 10

Table of Contents		      ( GTASA.01 )
I. Introduction			      ( GTASA.02 )
        a. Author Intro		      ( GTASA.03 )
	b. Copyright Stuff	      ( GTASA.04 )
        c. E-Mail Info.	   	      ( GTASA.05 )

II. Basics			      ( GTASA.06 )
        a. Controls	   	      ( GTASA.07 )
        b. Story		      ( GTASA.08 )
  	c. Hints & Tips		      ( GTASA.09 )

III. Made-Up Missions		      ( GTASA.10 )
	a. CJ Missions 		      ( GTASA.11 )
	b. Avery Carrigtion	      ( GTASA.12 )
	c. Italian Mafia Missions     ( GTASA.13 )
	d. Officer Tempenny	      ( GTASA.14 )
	e. Jizzy		      ( GTASA.15 )

IV. Bonus Missions		      ( GTASA.16 )

V. Conclusion			      ( GTASA.17 )
	a. Version History	      ( GTASA.18 )
	b. Special Thanks	      ( GTASA.19 )

I. Introduction			      ( GTASA.02 )
        a. Author Intro		      ( GTASA.03 )
Hello and welcome to my Made-Up Mission FAQ for Grand Theft Auto:
San Andreas, or from here on GTA.SA. I play GTA.SA very often and
I must of poured at least a 100 hours of my life into the game
discovering every tiny detail that there is. I have beat the game
5 times fully ( that's 100% ) and I still love it. After just
finishing my previous FAQ I wanted to FAQ something and I
thought of GTA.SA. However I didn't want to FAQ something that
was already there so I thought of a Made-Up Mission FAQ. Missions
that require a bit of imagination, are still fun and are enjoyable.
I hope you like my FAQ and thankyou to all the people that helped
with the creation of this FAQ : )

	b. Copyright Stuff	      ( GTASA.04 )
This guide may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except
for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or
otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use
of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display
is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. All respective
names are copyrightof their owners.

       c. E-Mail Info.		      ( GTA.SA.05 )
Firstly my e-mail is : [email protected]

Now please send in any e-mails regarding GTA.SA wether it's:
   - Corrections to spelling mistakes which there is alot of. Include
     the line and what word as well as the correction of the word.
   - Hints and Tips
   - Questions
   - Additions to the guide that might be of intreset and help to
   - Any answers to Questions that is/are not answereed in the guide.
   - Any Made-Up Missions that you have thought of.

   - Viruis or Spam.
   - Stuff that has nothing to do with the guide or is stuipd.
   - Things that are already in the guide.
   - Critctisim or being rude.
   - TyPiNg LiKe ThIs.
   - Telling me how to write the guide.

This is a bad letter...

HeY iDiOt! WhAt ArE tHe SpEcIaL mOvEs. I NeEd T0 UsE YoUr T0IlEt.
HeRe'S A V1RuS. DoNt HaVe FuN.;.;.;.;.;.;.;.; : (

Finally put something in the subject box such as GTA.SA Made Up
Mission. If there is nothing approraite in the subject box I
will quickly delate your e-mail.


II. Basics			      ( GTASA.06 )
        a. Controls	   	      ( GTASA.07 )
  On Foot
X Button.........................Run    ( Hold )
				 Sprint ( Tap )
O Button.........................Attack
				 Fire Weapon
Square Button....................Jump
Triangle Button..................Enter Viechle
				 Activate Mini Game
				 Pick Up Object
L2 Button........................Cycle Weapon Left
L1 Button........................Centre Camara
				 View Stats
				 Fire Weapon
R2 Button........................Cycle Weapon Right
R1 Button........................Target
Left Analog Stick................Move
Right Analog Stick...............Camara Movement
L3 Button........................Crouch
R3 Button........................Look Behind
Up on D-Pad......................Gang Activate Mode
Down on D-Pad....................Gang Passive Mode
Left on D-Pad....................Talk Negative Response
Right on D-Pad...................Talk Postive Response
Start Button.....................Pause Menu
Select Button....................Change Camara

  In Viechle
X Button.........................Accelerate
O Button.........................Viechle Weapon
Square Button....................Brake Reverse
Triangle Button..................Exit Viechle
L2 Button........................Look Left
L1 Button........................Viechle Weapon
R2 Button........................Look Right
R1 Button........................Hand Brake
Left Analog Stick................Steer
Right Analog Stick...............Turrent Control
				 Manual Camara
				 Change Cinematic Camara
L3 Button........................Horn
R3 Button........................Odd Job Mission Trigger
Up on D-Pad......................Change Radio Station
Down on D-Pad....................Change Radio Station
Start Button.....................Pause Menu
Select Button....................Change Camara

        b. Story		      ( GTASA.08 )
  Five years ago Carl Johnson escaped from the pressures of life in
Los Santos, San Andreas, a city tearing itself apart with gang trouble,
drugs and corruption.Where filmstars and millionaires do their best to
avoid the dealers and gangbangers.

  Now it's the early 90s. Carls got to go home. His mother has been
murdered, his family has fallan apart and his childhood friends are all
heading towards disaster. On his return to the neighbourhood, a couple
of corrupt cops frame him for homicide. CJ is forced on a journey that
tacks him across the entire state of San Andreas, to save his family
and to take control of the streets.

			- Taken from back cover of GTA.SA

	c. Hints & Tips		      ( GTASA.09 )


III. Made-Up Missions		      ( GTASA.10 )


This is what each Made-Up Mission will look like minus the X's of course.

The first bunch of XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX's is the mission name.

On the second line where the xxxx's are that is the mission objective as 
as a bit of Mission info.

On the final line where the XxXxX is, that is how you can fail the mission
such as getting Busted, Wasted etc.

	a. CJ Missions			( GTASA.11 )

   Multi Mayhem
     A local drug dealer has some important information that CJ wants. 
he will only give you the info. if you prove that you are worthy. To do this
you must cause as much mayhem as possible. Blow everything up in sight and
kill everyone you see. You must do this by yourself and gain a mininium of
three stars. When you have three stars you must jack a police car and lose 
cops by collecting Police bribe stars only.
     You get Mission Failed if you get Wasted, Busted or use a Pay n' Spray.

    Bombs Away
      A Balla drug dealer is selling dope to Grove Street memembers. He 
across the road from Glen Park and wears Purple Shorts, White T-shirts and 
fat. He deals in Glen Park and you must scare him out of town and to do so
you must grab some Satchel Charges. Plant some Satchel Charges in these
1. Underneath the bridge where the Police Bribe Star is.
2. In the pond.
3. One in each corner of the park
When they are all planted set them off and grab yourself a car. His house is
directly North East of Glen Park when in the centre of the Pond. Blow up a 
in front of his house to scare hime out of town. When that's done go around
and shoot each fat guy that matches his description. Don't kill them just 
them. This will be enough to scare this guy out of town.
      Mission Failed if you get Wasted, Busted, don't detonate all Charges
at the same time or if you kill any of the look-a-likes.

        Grove Streeet is taking over Los Santos and to do so you need to be
feared. You must kill 10 gang memembers of each gang and blow up two cars
full of gang memembers of each gang.
	Mission Failed if you get Wasted or Busted

	Grove Street Families are at war with the Ballas more than other now.
Drive-by's have become more frequent now and what more they even pulled out
CJ's moms tombstone! CJ needs revenge so put some Grove colors on ( green )
to show your loyalty. Then grab a car and go deep into Balla territory.
Drive-by 25 Ballas and once done blow up 5 cars full of Balla gang 
Once dead go and torch 10 Ballas with a Flamethrower and lose any heat 
returning to Grove Street where you complete the mission.
	Mission Failed if you get Wasted, Busted

    Cleaning Caligula's
	Caligula's casino is driving The Four Dragons Casino out of bussines.
You must cause havoc at Caligula's casino to scare the gamblers away. Bring 
MP-5 or M-16 and kill all the card dealers, anyone who works at the shop. 
all the Secruity Guards and then lose any cops that are on your tail before
returning to The Four Dragons Casino to watch the Gamblers roll on in.
	Mission Failed if you don't kill all the workers, kill the gamblers,
get Wasted or Busted, Don't lose the cops.

     Big Trouble
	Big Bear one of your close friends is in some serious trouble with the
cops. They have him down for murder but they haven't found the guys body 
He has used his phone call to call you. He knows that they will find the
body soon and tells you to go get. He is one of your close homies so you 
to help him. He stashed the body in a Golf Cart at the Asvipa Country Club 
San Fierro. Head down over there. Once you get in the cart raise your wanted
level to three stars. You must now dump the body in the ocean but can not 
the cops see you. You must get rid of your wanted level using police bribe
stars only and only then can you dumb the cart in the ocean.
	Mission Failed if you get Busted, Wasted, don't dump the Golf Cart in
the right place, use cheats or use a Pay n' Spray.

     Hitman #47
      This mission requires cheats so I would advise you don't save your 
Some high profile Vago gang memember has put a hit out on your life so all
sorts of hitmen are coming after you. Put in the

Peds Chase -  Down Up Up Up X R2 R1 L2 L2

Peds Riot  -  Down Left Up Left X R2 R1 L2 L1


Peds have  -  R2 R1 X Triangle X Triangle Up Down

to make you wanted. The people trying to kill you are the Hitman and you 
kill 47 Hitman. When you kill the last Hitman you find out that a high 
Vago gang memember put a hit on your life. So head out into Vago terriorty 
kill all the Vago's that you see until you have three stars. Lose the cops 
complete the mission.

	b. Avery Carrigtion			( GTASA.12 )
	Avery Carrington from Vice City is back. He tells you about a probelm his
having with some property owners that won't sell up. He want's you to go 
there and make them change their mind by using lethal force. The property
owners own the Binco store in San Fierro. Grab some weapons and head over
their. Waste all the people inside using a Flamethrower and then kill all 
peds. outside the shop. Don't kill the worker inside Binco cause' if you do 
won't be able to sell the shop. You must cause enough fear by killing 
When everyone there is torched Mission Complete however;
    You get Mission Failed if you get Wasted, Busted or kill any Civilans

	Some Vagos have messed up some buildings that Avery owned and he wants
payback. He knows that you will do the job for some cash and will give you
$10,000 in return. He wants you to steal a car that the Vagos drive, ( 
Tornado, Hermes ) and make six stars worth of trouble for them. Once done
lose them through a Pay n' Spray and then torch the car in the centre of 
	Mission Failed if you get Wasted or Busted
Thanks to GTA.Godfather for this Mission

     Rival Revenge
	Avery was in a bidding war with some other real estate agent over some
land for sale in Las Venturas that he wanted so he could build some casinos
however this other guy paid more money and therefore got the land. Avery 
revenge and to do so he wants to create a bloodbath to hopefully drive down 
property value in that area. Get yourself a Hunter and destroy everything
around The Starfish Casino, The Camels Toe, Caligula's Palace and the 
in Men's Pants. Everything! Cars, Pedestrians, EVERYTHING!
	Mission Failed if you get Wasted, Busted
Thanks to GTA.Godfather for this Mission

	c. Italian Mafia Missions 		( GTASA.13 )

    Pro Killer
      The leader of a massive Mafia Crime Orginaztion has heard of your
crimes and contacts you. He wants to hire you for work and is willing to
pay big money. You accept and he wants you to kill a prostitute. Grab a
car and pick a prostitute up. Drive to the beach and kill her. Take a 
of her coprse and then burn her however you like so the cops can't identify
the body. When that's done take the camara back to the meeting point, The 
Dragons casino to complete the Mission.
      Mission Failed if you don't take a picture of the dead coprse, get 
or Wasted.

        Some guy has been on the run for quite some time now with the Mafia.
They have mananged to track him down and he is currently working at the 
Country Club in San Fierro. Go down there and kill everyone in sight using a
golf club!
      Mission Failed if you get Busted, Wasted

       You must steal 30 cars in three in-game days and deliver them to the
Four Dragons Casino Parking Lot. The cars that you must steal are:
Super GT
Mr. Whoopee
FBI Rancher
FBI Truck
      You get Mission Failed if you don't deliver all the cars to the right
place or don't do it in the time limit.

     Donut Cars
       We need Police Viechles now. A urgent matter has come up and we need
5 different Police viechles. Drop them off at Wang Auto's in San Fierro.
You have 48 in game hours to do so.
	Mission Failed if you do not drop 5 different Police Viechles off
at Wang Auto's.

      Protection Fire
	The Clucklin' Bell in Downtown San Fierro is refusing to pay protection
money. Go down there and make them change their minds. Grab a Limo and head
down to the Clucklin' Bell in Downtown San Fierro. Park it outside the front
of the shop and head inside. Kill all the customers inside but DO NOT kill
the people serving. Head back outside and torch the limo to make them change
their minds.
	Mission Failed if you don't kill all the customers, use cheats, Busted
or Wasted, if you kill the people serving and if you don't torch the limo.

       Bustin' Out
	This Mafia guy that you have been taking orders from is in a bit of 
Well not him exactly but his brother. His brother has been given three
consecutive life sentences for a series of murders. He is being transported 
a maximum secruity prison and is being transported in a SWAT Team Truck. Get
enough stars then steal the SWAT Team Truck when you see it. Lose the cops 
then come drop him off at the garage in San Fierro.
	Mission failed if Busted, Wasted or you don't get the SWAT Team Truck

     Hunter Trouble
	We are in the middle of a big crime orgnaztion with China and they are
willing to pay big money for flying aircrafts. What they want however is a
Hunter. I don't care what you do or how you do but we need that Hunter to
handover to them. Failure to do so will result in a massive gang war 
the Chinise and the Italian mafia. Once you have accquired it drop it off at
the helipad in Downtown San Fierro at night.
Thanks to GTA.Godfather for this Mission

      Plane Hiests
	The Chinise paid excellent money for the Hunter. They were so impressed
that they want more and are willing to pay even more money for more planes. 
is a list of Planes that they want.
You have two in-game days to steal them all. Drop them off at Las Venturas
airport where our pilots will then fly them over to China.
	Mission Failed if you don't drop all the Planes off at the right place
in the time limit.

	d. Officer Tempenny 			( GTASA.14 )

     Dead Elvis
	Tempenny needs some High Flyer taken car off. You can find him outside The
Four Dragons Casino most of the time. He is a Elvis look-a-like and always
catches a taxi after his finished gambling for the night at 23:00. Get a
taxi and pick him up. If his not there wait a few minutes. When you have
picked him up drive to a remote place and kill him with a chainsaw. Take a
photo of the guys dead body and bring it back to the Clucklin' Bell in Las
Venturas to complete the mission.
	Mission Failed if he gets away, you get Busted, Wasted or if you kill
the wrong guy.

    Weapons Delivery
	Tempenny wants some guns and sends you to go get them. To get the guns you 
to rob every single Ammunition store in the game. To do so you must kill the
guy at the desk at each store. It must be done within one in-game day.
	You fail the mission if you don't rob every single Ammunition store in
the time limit.

      Countryside Massacre
	Some cop was about to rat on Officer Pulskai and Tempenny wants him dead. 
was part of the Countryside Police force and was in control of the Police
Helicopter when it was needed. Head over to the Countryside and get three 
which is enough to get the Police Helicopter to come over. Blow the chopper
up but be ready because Tempenny wants proof that you killed him. Take 
of the Chopper comming down. You need three photos of the Chopper comming 
at least plus another photo of the burnt out chopper. Drop the photos off
at your first save point in the Countryside after you have lost the police.
	Mission Failed if you get Busted, Wasted or don't get enough photos.

     Pig Brutality
	Tempenny wants some other cop off the force. He dosen't want him dead
just fired. However Tempenny needs a good reason why. This cop beats people
up and Tempenny wants you to catch him red handed. Grab a camara and go the
police station in Los Santos.  Now, head into the parking garage there and
once inside, you'll see a pedestrian being beaten by a cop with another cop
watching in the corner. Take a photo of them and drop the photos off at the
Los Santos Police Station.
	Mission Failed if you kill them, the photos aren't good or if you
don't drop them off.

The infamous Rodney King beating was one of the key factors leading up to 
LA riots. On the game the LA riots is like the Los Santos riots when you 
to Los Santos.

	e. Jizzy		      		( GTASA.15 )

     Beat the Cock
	Some guy has been disrespecting one of Jizzy's girls and Jizzy wants
you to go teach him a lesson. He owns the Clucklin' Bell food outlets around
San Andreas and is the current Triathlon champion of San Andreas. He is 
partciapting in the Triathlon races around San Andreas to hold down his 
one spot as champion. Head down to Santa Maria Beach on a Saturday or Sunday
and partcaipte in the Triathlon race. Come first and once you have done it
beat the guy up. He will be wearing a Clucklin' Bell Chicken Uniform so beat
him up with a melee weapon but don't kill him. Once done get a car and rig 
with a bomb from 8-balls. Park it at the front of any Clucklin' Bell shop 
set the bomb off. Then go to another two Clucklin' Bell shops and kill all 
customers there.
	Mission Failed if you don't come first in the race, get Wasted or Busted,
if you kill him or do't blow the car up in front of Clucklin' bell.

     Pimpin on Broadway Ave
	Jizzy needs some Broadways for some friends of his and sends you to go
get them. He needs 5 of them and needs them within 24 in-game hours. Drop 
off at the Pleasure Domes Club in San Fierro.
	Mission Failed if you fail to bring 5 broadways in 24 hours

	When you begin this mission Jizzy tells you why he needed those Broadway's
in such a hurry. He claims he needed them for clients and to see how 
you were. Anyway he wants you to go and get some hookers and bring them back 
the Pleasure Domes Club. Get in a Broadway and go get a prostitute. Once 
are in the car drop them off at the Pleasure Domes Club by first driving to 
Pleasure Domes Club. Then get them out of the car by canceling the Pimping
Missions. Jizzy needs about 5 more clients so go and bring 5 prostitutes to

      Rival Pimp
	Some other pimp is stealing some of Jizzy's girls and Jizzy wants you to
go teach this chump a lesson. He can always be found in a limo so go and  
up three limos to make sure this pimp is dead.
	Mission Failed if you fail to blow up three limo's, Get Wasted or Busted


IV. Bonus Missions				( GTASA.16 )
These missions aren't really Made-Up missions just little challenges. Give
them a go. If you have any more send them in.

     GTA Endurance
	This one is hard. Get a six star rating and then stay alive for two hours 
real time. You can't fly in any way, Plane, Helicopter, Jetpack etc., and 
use any cheats and no you can not camp out. 10 minutes of camping allowed at
maximum. You can not lose any stars if you do you must stop counting the 2
hours and begin re-counting from where you left off once you have re-gained
six stars.

     No Fly Zone
	Get a Jetpack and go the No Fly Zone. Go to a corner where there is a SAM
site, then play dodge the rocket. My record is 32 before I got blown up into
small pieces.

	For this one you have to use cheats so I advise that you do not save.
Put the following cheats in:
Weapon #3  -  R1 R2 L1 R2 Left Down Right Up Left Down Down Down
	    Chainsaw & Silenced 9mm & Spaz & MP5 & M4 & Sniper Rifle
	    & Heat Seaking Rocket Laucher & Remote Explosives

Aggresive  -  R2 O R1 L2 Left R1 L1 R2 L2

Rare Cars  -  UP L1 R1 UP Right Up X L2 X L1

Peds Chase -  Down Up Up Up X R2 R1 L2 L2

Peds Riot  -  Down Left Up Left X R2 R1 L2 L1

Peds have  -  R2 R1 X Triangle X Triangle Up Down

Stormy     -  R2 X L1 L1 L2 L2 L2 Circle

You can put the weapon cheat in as many times as you want however you have
to stay with those weapons and no camping. See how long you can last.

     Monster Chase
	Get in the Monster Truck and get Six Stars. Once done have a police chase
in the Monster Truck. You can only use a Monster Truck and can not get out 
the truck otherwise Mission Failed. My longest chase was 10 minutes and 22
	Mission Failed if you use cheats, get out of the truck or the Monster Truck
blows up.

     Fire Mad
Get in a fire truck and drive around hitting people off of motorcycles. Try 
get 10 in 5 minutes. There's a catch, though. The people on the motorcycles
must die, if they get up, it doesn't count. You can try to hit them off 
but they have to die by flying off their bike.
Thanks to skinnylow for this Mission.

     Turrent Terror
Walk around a little bit until you find yourself a Walton or Bobcat driving
around. Don't jack it, just hop in the back of it. Now, while your in the 
CAUSE RAMPAGE!!!!!!!!! Pull out a gun and start shooting people as the truck
drives by them. It shouldn't be long before you've got the authorities on 
Just make sure you have a heavy class weapon for cars and choppers. Now, if
you've got a police stick or something similar (no sharp things other than
a chainsaw), smack the bed of the truck with it. If you driver stops and 
out, fine yourself another truck. If the driver just speeds up recklessly, 
good. See, if you can get SWAT teams breathing down your neck, you don't 
your ride to stop for half an hour at a red light, now do you?
Thanks to skinnylow for this Mission.


V. Conclusion			      ( GTASA.17 )
	a. Version History	      ( GTASA.18 )
0.10 - 1/2/2006
   Basic Layout of the FAQ done

0.20 - 1/1/2006
   Completed up to the Italian Mafia missions and added two missions to the 

0.30 - 1/2/2006
   Completed the Tempenny missions. Fixed up some spelling mistakes.

0.40 - 1/3/2006
   Just added a mission to Tempenny and also added a bonus mission section.

0.50 - 1/4/2006
    Added a few more missions to each. Fixed up spelling mistakes and added
    people to the Special Thanks section.

0.60 - 1/5/2006
    Fixed up the format of the FAQ. Added some missions from other people 
    updated the Special Thanks section.

0.70 - 2/1/2006
    Added three new missions and fixed up some spelling mistakes.

0.80 - 2/2/2006
    Fixed up Spelling Mistakes as well as grammer mistakes.

0.90 - 2/10/2006
    Added a mission to the FAQ before posting it : ) !

	b. Special Thanks	      ( GTASA.19 )
Rockstar..............................For Distributing the game
Rockstar North........................For Devloping the game their wonderful ASCII generator!
GTA.Godfather.........................For his missions that he added to the 
skinnylow.............................For his missions that he added to the 
Mystic_Clown..........................For reading through my FAQ and giving
				      helpful info.
Me....................................For writing this FAQ
You...................................For reading this FAQ
GameFAQ's.............................For posting this FAQ
Supercheats...........................For posting this FAQ
God...................................For Everything
   _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  |									    |
  | I hope that you have found this Made-Up Mission FAQ useful and that you 
  | have tried some of the missions in it. If you have any more missions to 
  | add e-mail them in and you will gain full credit for it. There will be  
  | another version of this FAQ when there are more missions addded. Peace! 
  |			     Love you all : ) !			    	    |
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