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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas


San Andreas Myths, easter eggs and secrets

by nicko 9000


                            / \
                   _/\_    /   \   Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas
                  /    \  |     |     FAQ / Walkthrough
                | |   _|__|     |       Version 1
               _| |  /    |     |__      By nicko 9000
               | \| |     |    /   \_     [email protected]
               |  \ |     |    |     \_   Released Thursday 6th November 2008
            ___|   \|     |    |       \  Copyright(C) 2008 Nicko 9000
           /   |    \     |    |       |
           |   |     |    |    |       |   Thanks to Micheal Sarich for the little image next to the above text.
           |   |     |    |    |       |
           |   |     |    |    |       |
           |   |     |    |    |       |

                                                  | __ |
                ______________  ______________  __||  ||
               / _____  _____ \/______  __  __\/___|  ||
              | /     ||      \/      \|  |'  \/      ||
              | |  |  ||  ||  ||__/|  ||  ,,  ||  ||  ||
              | |  |  ||     _//      ||  ||  ||  ||  ||
              | |  |  ||      \|  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||
              | |     ||  ||  |\______||__||__|\______||
              | '---  ||__||  |__  ____________________|
              | |____/  __  \_   ||__  ______  ______________
              |_____  ---____ |  |___\/______\/_____  ---____\
                    ||   ____||      \/      \/     ||   ____||
                    ||_  |___ |  ||  ||  ||  ||  --- |_  |___ |
                     ||  ||  ||  ||  ||   ___||   __| |  ||  ||
                     ||      ||  ||  ||  |---,|  | __ |      ||
                     | \____/ |__||__|\______/|__||__\ \____/ |
                    /______  __  __  ---____  ______ \\______/
                   |/      \|  ||  ||   ____|/      \|
                   ||__/|  ||  ||  ||_  |___ |  \\  ||
                   |/      ||  ||  | |  ||  ||  \\  ||
                   ||  ||  ||  |_---_| ^    ||| \\  ||====================
      ============ |\______|\__/  __ `/|___/ \_\\___/|
                    \_________/  /_//| |________\\__/
           _               _  | | // | | /\/ \  _\\   __
          / '-__-  ___  /\/ \ | \//__| | | /|| /-_,\/`_ \  _
         | |`-_ / `-__'-| /||  \ ____  | || ||||  |||| \//` \ ___      _
        / _`-_//   |__|||| ||  //____| |,|| ||||  ||||   ||\/`-__'-  __\\
       |  \\_   \ /.--,||| || /.--__-,__/\/ \/|'__|||`-  | -' |__|| /-_ /
        \__`//\ | |\_- |\/ \/ \|               -__- \_/  ||  /.--,|||_//
         __//\/ /  \_-\\                                 \_-'|\_- | \ _ \
        / _ `` /                                              \_-\\ //_||


2.Myths section
3.easter eggs section
4.other secrets section.
5.credits, and other info.

1.Introduction part 1
Thanks for reading, and I hope this helps you in your hunt/search for whatever your searching for.

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If you want to use this guide, and you are not in the above list, feel free to email me and I will take a look at your site.

1.Introduction part 2 
About this FAQ 

You are reading Version 1 of nicko 9000's Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas

Title:                Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas - Myths,and Easter eggs  guide/faq
  Author:               Nicko 9000 ([email protected])
  Website:          Currently none
  Version:              1
  Game:                 Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas
  Platform:             PlayStation 2
  Release Date:        N/A
  Date Created:         6th March 2008
  Update Date:         N/A

2. Myths Part 1 
The history.

Since before the release, people have been creating and spreading rumors about San Andreas.
There's been many Myths, including Leatherface,UFO's, ghost cars, Cj's mothers's ghost, loch ness monster, pigsy (from the game manhunt), bigfoot,and a yeti.
There's probably numerous others, but they seem to be the biggest ones.

But now, in 2008 many of these rumors hae been disproven, as over 4 years, people have hunted these myths without stopping.
If you want to find out more about some of the San Andreas Myths, visit its a very good website (I don't own, or have anything to do with the website, Im just a fan of it)
What is a myth?

 A myth is a story, figure or event that hasn't been proven to have happened, despite many stories and pictures about the event/story/figrue.
In san andreas, the myths are characters based off real world myths and films, for example bigfoot is a real myth, UFO's are a myth (yet UFO's may be out there somewheere), and leatherface is from The Texas Chainsaw mMassacre, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning.

2. Myths Part 2 
Many  pictures and videos have been made as 'proof' of leatherface, but they are ALL fake.
Most of the pictures turned out to be CJ, or one of the hilbillys who's face looks a little odd, and he was (and still is to some) pressumed to be a refrence to TTCM.
The video's have all turned out to be PC mods, as none of them show the console, and the quality is usually exellent, even though its hard to get a good camera that
will record your TV with good quality.

Rockstar confirmed that LEatherface has never been in the original coding, despite the numerous refrences to Ed Gien and TTCM.
The most famous refrence is the wheelchair on the fishers lagoon. In TTCM (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) the old disabled man who lives in the house where leatherface
lives, has an old rustty wheelchair, which is harshly familiar to the one on the bridge in the fishers lagoon, however this is actually a refrence to the wheelchair seen
in one of rockstars other games, 'Manhunt', as near the beginning of the game there is also a rusty wheelchair.

Conclusion: 100% sure leatherface isnt in San Andreas, however if you own the Pc version of the game, you can download a mod for leatherface.

Apparently if you go to the horseshoe shaped hill in the San Fierro countryside (you can easily see it from the map) one of the beat up glendales will chase you if you
go near it.
This is actually wrong.
The glendales don't actually chase you. Rocksar made the cars in the game spawn a few feet off the ground, to avoid the cars becoming stuck in the ground and therefore
unuseable, (which would be extremelly annoying during missions). and As the car is spawning a few feet off the ground on a hill, it would be very easy for the car to
bounce down the hill. This is what people have been seeing. the car does not chase you, if you are in the pathway of the rolling glendale then it will run you down, but then the car isn't chasing you, is it?

Conclusion: it has been proven by various people that the ghost cars do not chase you, therefore the myth is untrue.


This has got be the least famous of the famous myths. after a few fake pictures, people stopped trying to get others to believe there was a yeti in San Andreas, because, well, yeti's suposely live in the snowy mountains don't they? and theres no snowy mountaisn in SA.

Conclusion: DEFINATELLY not in San Andreas.
This is a difficult one.
The in-game evidence for UFO's is astounding, yet, nobody has actually found proof of the UFO's.
This is one of the most explored myths (probably third, only to bigfoot and leatherface)
During one of the missions in San Fierro, in which you round up some mechanics, The Truth makes you stop off outside the 'hotel' which isn't actually a hotel. on close examination, that is the 'zombotech' building which is a zombie research facility( (you cant go in). The Truh also asks you to 'Think of a rubber duck'. this indicates that something will be trying to read your mind, so he asks you to think of something completelly random.
The Truth seems to know alot about UFO's and aliens, yet during the game he reveals very little information about what he knows. one clue to this is the phone-in convorsation he has with the host of 'area 53' which is a radio programme on the starion WCTR, in whihc he says "go to the desert, beg their forgiveness!".

also, the fascination with the Restricted Area has caused alot of spark. why have a good section of the map that makes you get five stars when you enter it at any time, when its only used for one mission? 
The map in Toreno's hideout has also caused alot of disturbance in the GTA world. The same map is in the back of the lil' probe inn, which is located south of las venturas, along with real life photo's if 'UFO's.
Some think the dots on the map are UFO sighting spots, however, one dot is located where bigfoot is said to be around, one is where leatherface is supposed to be, both of which are no where near the desert,  so why would they be there?
I have also spent 3 days (game time) flying around the restriced area, and sending a helecopter as high as the game will possibly allow in some of the suspected UFO spots, yet I have seen nothing exept birds and other aircraft.
Many people thought these aircraft where UFO's as they appeared to be flashing lihgts shooting across the sky at incredible speeds however rockstar confirmed these 'flashimg lights' where planes they didn't bother to finish animating so they left them as lights.
Seeing is believing, so if you arn't convinced either way, explore Sa yourself. The truth is out there. *cue X files music*

Conclusion: 75% sure there are no UFO's in the game, but Im still looking, and I will be sure to try and get pictures/videos if I find anything.

Cj's moms ghost
this is another strange myth.
Alot of the 'proof' videos on youtube were screamers (if you don't know what that is, a screamer is a video where its a normal video all the way through, then at the very end ou see a very distubingpicture of somethign scary (for example a face from the ring) with a loud screaming noise, alot of assholes do this to scare people, but I hate it when they do this, as screamers tend to be on happy videos, which small childeren will no doubt watch)
TI have seen one picture of a shadown infront of the TV in Cj's moms house, however this is a picture, so it could have been photoshopped, or some other modification could have been used.
Apparently if you go into Cj's momshouse at 00:00 you will see a shadow floating around the house.
I've never seen anything, but there is no harm in anyone else having a look at this myth.
I have tried this myself, and I saw no ghost, and neither has anyone else.

Conclusion: 90% sure this isnt in San ANdreas, but if you arn't convinced spend a few nights in Cj's moms house, and try using the infared and night vision goggles, aswell as waiting in different spots.

this myth was the quickest to fame.
reports of a big black figure roaming the woods caused world wide interest amongst hardgore gamers such as myself, and as you can imagine it wss natural instinct to go and esearch for this creature.
Theres even a picture of bigfoot in Cj's house. if you go to the right hand wall next to the tv, you wioll see a picture of some trees, and a black figure infront of them, coincidence or somethign else?
If you want to go hunting, the best place to start is shady creeks, and mount chilliad.
Thats where the 'sigtings' are most frequent. Earlier today I was riding towards  The truths farm(I accidentally deleded my old game file so I started SA again, and I could have sworn I saw something walking across the hillside behind me, but whe n I looked back I couldn't see it again, it may have been because I was further down the hill, but I still found it strange.
Reports of bigfoot in SA started before the games release.
Some people who 'claimed' to be beta testers had edited the screenshots and added pictures of bigfoot.
Im guessing that this would have increased sales of SA by loads, as many people will have bought the  game for that reason.

Conclusion: 80% sure there is no bigfoot in SA, but I've not heard ROckstar disprove it, so it still could be in the game.

Apparently, if you swim underwater long enough you will see legendary shark jaws.
Well, this is certainly not true, however there is a large white shark in the water that you can see (there was also one in Vice City), Im guessing that this shark became a tall tale, so many people believed it ti be jaws.
This shark doesnt eat you, ro interact with you, its like the jellyfish, it doesnt do anything (exept the shark wswims around) I've not bothered to get close enough to see if it swims away when you touch it like the turtle does, as I've not been able to swim udnerwater fast enough to reach it.

COnclusion: 100% sure jaws isnt in the game, because he isn't. however you can see a big white shark, so thats as close as your gonna get :)

loch ness monster

I don't need to go into this really. The loch ness monster is called the loch ness monster because it lives in LOCH NESS (the myth does anyway) 
There is no such large sea serpent in the game, theres not actually been more than a couple of pictures for this, just alot of persistant idiots who's only goal is to try and convince people that theres things in SA that actually arn't there.

Conclusion: 99.9% sure there is no nessie in the game, however rockstar havn't disproved it, so I cant say its a fact.

If I find anymore significant myths I will add them, but for now, onto the easter eggs bit.

Easter eggs part 1
Whats an easter egg?
An easter egg (besides being a chocholate egg you get at easter) is something in a game that has a refrence to something in real ife, or another game,film or book.
It can also be something cool or funny in the game that wasn't mentioned on release.
For example, if you go onto of gant bridge, there will be a sign saying 'there are no easter eggs up here. go away.' ironic that this is one of the easter eggs.
Also, if you go into the back room of the lil'  probe inn  you can see picures of UFO's ffrom real life, they arn't actual UFO's, but fake pictures people made back in the 70's and 80's, which people believed where real ^_^

There may be more easter eggs in SA, as rockstar havn't released them all (they usually release a few over time)
and San Andreas is a big place, so lots of places to search.

NOTE: you may not think soem of these are easter eggs.
I think they all are, so I added them to the list.
Some are more significant than others.

Easter eggs part 2

 Grand Theft Auto 3 reference in Farewell My Love mission 
The man who Catalina is with is the main character from Grand Theft Auto 3. At the end of the mission, she gives a pink slip but it is not to her car she says that she needs her car because they are going to Liberty City. 
 Grand Theft Auto 3 reference in Wu Zi Mu mission 

In the opening sequence to the mission, look in the car in the background to see your character from Grand Theft Auto 3 sitting inside. 

 Grand Theft Auto 3 reference 
Pay close attention to the shows that are heard on WFTC while cruising around San Andreas. Notice that one of the shows is called "Gardening With Maurice". If listened to Chatterbox in Grand Theft Auto 3, you may remember Lazlow (the host) talking to a caller who said "Gardening With Maurice" got taken off the air. Obviously this game takes place further in the past, so "Gardening With Maurice" is still on.


 Look on the map towards the east of Red Country. There is an area named Northstar Rock. Re-arrange the syllables to get Rockstar North, the creators of the game.


Go to "Cluckin' Bell" and kill the first guy... 
go round the back an stand where the dead guy is. take you sniper and zoom in on the register... 

It reads: "BURGERSHOT, D-lux and Buster" 
the buster is the $2 pizza from well stacked pizza :P

In the mission Air Raid For Zero when you are shooting down planes towards the end of the mission, Zero says "Great kid don't get cocky" which is easly copied from Han Solo in the star wars film new hope.


At night, if you get a sniper rifle and shoot the moon, it gets bigger :O
also, when it gets so big it goes small again, then bigger when you shoot it again :D

first, recruit a homie.
Then, go into a safehouse (make sure you press up just before you enter).
Save the game, then your homie should be in the safehouse with you, although he just stands still, you can walk through him and shoot through him. ive only tried this in Cj's moms house but it mighr work elsewhere.


Listen to SF-UR and before advertisements sometimes you hear a woman sounding like a robot saying "everybody's beautiful..." beautiful and the robot voice are from a song by Ferry Corsten (electronica)- it is 7th track from his album L.E.F
Strange huh?

You'll need a camera or a sniper rifle to view this Easter Egg. 
Go into any bar that has a pool table in it.  Approach the man at the pool table. Take out your camera or sniper rifle and aim at one of the cigarette boxes on the floor. The cigarette brand is called "COK". The logo is similar to the Calvin Klein "CK" logo, but there is an "O" in the middle, cheap advertising or what? ^_^


If you go into any tatoo parlour, go to toe first mirrir and get out a camera or sniper rifle.
Aim the camera or sniper to the max into the mirror.
You should see a game machine and a man walking around far away.
I think he needs help :P


In the final mission of the story mode you'll find yourself battling Big Smoke on the top floor of his crack den. After the battle you'll have the opportunity to have free roam of his establishment (after completion you can come back anytime you want). Use your camera or sniper scope to zoom in on the videogame system Smoke is playing when the mission begins (note that there is no T.V. in here but he's playing lol). If you zoom in on the controller you'll see the buttons colored similar to that of a PS2 controller. However you'll notice the top two buttons are labeled "C" and "J" and the bottom two are labeled "M" and "D". I assume these represent lead character C.J. and his client Madd Dogg the rapper. The system itself may also be named after CJ. .


Go to the bar near Cj's moms house (the ten green bottles I think its called.
If you look at all the graffiti on the walls, you should see a man in SWAT gear wearing night vision goggles.
This guy is one of the cerberus gang from the game manhunt.

QFi you go onto one of the casino's in Las Ventura and play video poker, the king, queen and jack cards have pictures of previous GTA characters.

Jack of Spades: Lance Vance 
Jack of Clubs: Darkel 
Jack of Hearts: Film Studio Director 
Jack of Diamonds: 8-Ball 
Queen of Spades: Vice City Girl 
Queen of Clubs: Misty 
Queen of Hearts: Candy Suxxx 
Queen of Diamonds: Asuka 
King of Spades: Sonny Forelli 
King of Clubs: Salvatore Leone 
King of Hearts: Ricardo Diaz 
King of Diamonds: Donald Love 


If you go to Los Santos, look around the Mulhollen Intersection, you might find  the the billboard reading "Hardon Electrical". It is one of the many perverted references that the developers put in GTA. The name of a company is referencing... well you figure it out.

This one is more of a glitch, but I'll put it here anyway.

Sometimes when you shoot the driver of a car in the head, the driver will still be in the car. 
The glitch happens when you shoot a policeman in the head (of course he must be in a police car). You will get two stars and the car will start to follow you but with the dead driver! This happens sometimes don´t expect to see it the first time.
(usually the driver falls out of the car and the car slowly rolls to a halt)

Go into the sub urban shop inLos Santos, and aim at the big mirror next to the changing rooms with a camera. If you zoom all the way in, you can see ammunation :D


In the desert just west of the aircraft grave yard their is a intresting rock. If you have helicopter fly over to the really tall pillar next to the abandened shopping centre and circle it. From a certain angle it will make you laugh. There is even two other rocks down the bottom that add to the laughs. 
this egg is a copy of a rock in texas commonly referred to as cock rock, because it looks like a penis.


To get there, take the big red bridge at the northwest end of the map south towards San Fierro. Just before the intersection, there is a 
small path heading down on your left. Take it down towards the diner. Once you reach the diner, you'll see a pedestal that has a mounted red piece of cable and text underneath. It says, 'Actual Piece of Cable'. Below, it says: 
*Oooooh amazing 
*Thats mind blowing 
*Actually, no, it's simple physics and not really that impressive 


If you go up the stairs when your at the peice of cable easter egg, and look left, you should see a sign saying bridge facts.
The one at the bottom says 'takes up a staggering 1.27 mb of disc space (I think its 1.27), back then this was alot of disc space, but nowadays you can get blu-ray discs that hold 50 Gigabytes, so thats nothing :P (theres other facts on the sign, but they are just stuff like 234234m across, so not really interesting.its not actually that many metres across])

to add to the previous 2 easter eggs, if you go to the bridge near the sign using the jetpack, you will find that there is a peice of cable missing from the bridge, where they have taken the peice from the bridge to put on the easter egg ^_^


In zero's RC shop theres some action figures of tommy vaccetti and pigsy in the cabinet


Manhunt reference in Red County 
In Fisherman's Lagoon, there is a circle wire holder. On it is a company name and Carcer, which was the city in Manhunt. 

Manhunt reference in Whetstone 
There is a junkyard in the Mt. Chiliad/Shady Creek area that is exactly like the junkyard level in Manhunt. You can also find a Dozer here to drive.
If you look in the sky at night, you will see that the stars are in the shape of an R with a bright one next to the R, this is a refrence to the company rockstar :D

There are a few parts in the game that show the Rockstar North picture (Rockstar North is the creator of the Grand Theft Auto games). In the mission "Home Coming," watch the scene where CJ picks Sweet up. You can see a small Rockstar North sticker on his suitcase. Also, look for a Grove St. gang member holding a beer bottle. Take a weapon with a scope (sniper rifle ect.) zoom in on his bottle and you can see a Rockstar North picture on it

Also, if you get the green hoody from binco, there is a rockstar logo on it.

In Las Venturas during Ken Rosenburgs mission where you go and kill johnny sindacco, When you enter the room with the big freezer when everyone is shooting at you, Ken will run into the freezer. Before he goes in or after you get him out he will say "hey this is just like old times isn't it Tommy!" to which Carl responds "WHo the f*** is Tommy?" Which is a reference to Tommy Vercetti the main character in Vice City. I must note however Ken dosen't say this every time on the mission. He has said only 1 or 2 times for me, so you might have to do the mission a few times if you want to hear it.


This is another sex reference thrown in by Rockstar. If you really want to see this, Find a boat and go to Gant bridge. 
Then go down past pier 69, all the way down to the docks. Look in all the docking areas until you find a submarine. Then look at the title on the submarine. Tell me, What's long, hard and full of sea-men? Why the SS NUMNUTZ of course! (Insert childish giggle here.) (SS numnutz is the name of the submarine.
You cant go in the submarine unfortunatelly.


During the mission "Madd dogg's rhymes" you will hear a guard playing a game say: "Haha Tanner,you suck ass.Man,how could Refractions mess up so bad."Refractions is a reference to reflections,developer of driv3r.Tanner is the name of the main character in the game, driv3r is the third game in the Driver series, hence why its called driv3r.


Hans Oberlander, the german dj of SF-UR had actually been mentioned in Grand Theft Auto 3. 
If you listen to Flashback FM, and a few other stations in GTA3, then you might hear the Medieval Millennium Fair commercial. It mentions "A mysterious prancing german named Hans." Which must be the SF-UR dj in San Andreas, as he is called Hans, and he's german, so it would be a huge coincidence if not.


In one of the beginning levels,  'Just Business' with you and Big Smoke, there is a scene where you are driving away from a group of Russians who are also on their motorcycles and some in cars. 
The Smoke you to fire at them to keep them at a distance. You go through a couple of alleys,down some ramps etc.
Suddenly a giant truck will come from an overpass (in a cutscene) and crash below into the pit, chasing after you. 
THIS IS IDENTICAL to the scene in Terminator 2 in which John Connor is rescued from the T-1000 and rides on the back of his motorcycle into a drainage pit, where the T-1000 is in a huge pickup truck and comes crashing down from the overpass into the  pit.

If you've unlocked the third island(Desert), go to Area 69. Stand about 50 feet away from it, on the northern side. Then, turn West and drive/walk until you're surrounded by large desert hills and rocks. The closest rock-type hill on your right will have a large hole beside it, with a few bodybags in it. Also, beside that, you'll see a Bobcat(truck) parked beside the hole with it's tailgate open. 

If you have seen the “The Introduction” movie that comes with the game’s soundtrack, you see a bunch of mafia guys burying someone at some point of the movie out in the desert. It has something to do with the casino ownership. I’m pretty sure that this is based on that intro movie, or vice versa.

If you listen to WCTR Lazlow is talking to a guy called Chris Fomage, founder of the Epsilon Program, a religious cult in San Andreas (ripping off scientology). You can hear adds about it on the radio as well. There are even some peds that are in the epsilon program, if you find a backpacker he says stuff like "Kifflom", and "brother-uncle", and one of the barbers talks about the epsilon program aswell. 
And you know that mansion in Los Santos near the airport and the beach? That is an epsilon headquarters. R* has even made a website about the epsilon program, it is 

On the game map there is a farm named 'cult location' and if you go there at night the windows glow blue.
Strange, very strange that Rockstar would make a seperate website just for that.


Near gant bridge, if you jump off it near where the 'no easter eggs here' sign is, look for a blck boat.
dive down to the bottom of the ocean until you see a large crack that goes far across the sea bed.
This is a refrence to the real life San Andreas Fault.

During the cut scene for Zero's first mission, you see yourself walk up to the counter to calm Zero down. The camera pans across and for a quick second, you can see a bunch of disks for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City on display for sale. 

If you go to the train station in Los Santos, and look up, you will see a bilboard that says:

"Get rid of old rubbish fast! True Grime: Street Cleaners"

This is a reffrence to the game True Crime.


This one is not your typical bonafide "egg" but I feel it's a good mention because the reference seems to be lost on the vast majority of people I tell about it. 
In San Fierro there is a broken up stretch of neglected double-decker freeway running parallel to the interstate entering onto the Garver Bridge. This is a direct representation of the aftermath of the Oct. 17, 1989, Loma Prieta Earthquake that shocked San Francisco. There were 67 deaths with 3,757 injured. 
The most famous incident was the collapsed Cypress Street Viaduct on the Nimitz Freeway (I-880). 40 of the 67 dead were here - likely the reason for the flowers planted near the site by Rockstar.

The programmers are actually humans, I never knew.


During the very last mission of the game,you go to smokes crack den and kill him. After blasting your way  up to his to floor doorstep a battle with Big Smoke will follow. Before or after leaving this big room, look at the mat placed here. It says "Not Welcome R* Rockstar North". 


Go to the Los Santos graveyard in Vinewood. Then look around to see a crypt you can enter. Enter it and you will see a TV, some pizza boxes and a couch which, all references to 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' character Spike.


Go to the Los Santos graveyard in Vinewood. Then look around to see a crypt you can enter. Enter it and you will see a TV, some pizzas 
and a couch which, all references to 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' character Spike.


In the game go to Las Venturas and to the Old Venturas Strip. Drive down it and you will see 2 casinos flashing and you will see 2 statue-like things on them. If you played Vice City you know the bikini girl is Candy Suxxx and the old texan guy is Avery Carrington, the real estate person in GTA Vice City.


Go to the second island and look for the graveyard (It's near a save point). Look carefully at the tombstones and you will see the Rockstar logo. The tombstone reads "R.I.P opposition 1997-2004". This is in reference to Rockstar's GTA games and how no one has ever been able to match them, and nobody ever will, rockstars games will always reign supreme.

(rockstar first released GTA in 1997, thats why the date is 1997, also SA came out in 2004, so thats when the end date was).


In a cutscene in Caligula's Casino mission, listen to the parrot called Tony and he quotes: "I never f***ed anyone over in my life that didn't have it coming to 'em.", which is a line Al Pacino says in the movie 'Scarface'.


When listening to WCTR, there is a show called "Area 69". One of the callers goes by the name of 'kevin'. He says that he can launch all the nuclear missiles in the world by just whistling into a phone. 
During their early 1990's, a man by the name of Kevin Mitnick was trailed for computer hacking. In the trial, the prosecutor claimed that Kevin is so dangerous that if given his one phone call in jail he could launch all the nuclear weapons in the united states. He was also sentence to 18 months, the same as the caller on the show 
The caller is clearly a parody of Mr. Mitnick and his trial.


The Garver and Kincaid Bridge in GTA: San Andreas (from San Fierro to Las Venturas) are exact replicas of the forth road and rail bridges in Scotland. The reason behind this is that the team that made the game, Rockstar North, are from Scotland in that region.


This egg is kind of hard to find so keep looking if you don't succeed the first time around 
Go to san fierro,  and  Go to the center of Downtown. 
Look for a building with french/glass doors on your right and left.(the center also has these doors but they're closed)  Face the building were the entrance is, there should be a concrete hill to your right going up and another on your left going down & nearby should be a restaurant. 
5. Enter the building and when you do you immediatly see a flower bed with green plants on top, go around it and you'll see 2 identical signs on 2 walls, read either one. 
It says, "Zombotech, sinister zombie research corporation, Welcome visitors". Go around and in between the to walls and you will see a giant copper D.N.A display. All of this is refering to Umbrella Corporation from Resident Evil


You'll need a camera or a sniper rifle to see this Easter Egg better. 
Whenever you are on a mission and you are given a car, check the license plate. They often have a reference to the mission. For example, in the mission where you have to steal weapons out of someone's house, the Boxville's license plate says "SWAG". 
Cars that belong to characters also have license plates with references to them. For example Sweet's license plate says "GROVE4L", Denise's says "HOMEGIRL", and Ryder's says "SHERM" (CJ calls Ryder a "sherm head" on the mission in the countryside where you have to photograph him from a rooftop). 
There are many more license plates Easter Eggs.

If anyone remembers the 90's childerens program Mr. Benn, the car thats parked down the alley beside your house during the mission 'house party' has the liscense plate MR B3NN. lol


On Catalina's robbery missions, when you go to the petrol station to hold it up, before taking the rig. During the cut-scene look at the bulletproof window and there is a sign saying 'Max Pane - Bulletproof Glass' 
A reference to Rockstars popular Max Payne series.

NOTE: this is very hard to see, the writing is bad quality.


While going to the destination marker, you will see police cars chase a car and a man firing at them. If you look closely, you can see it is Tommy Vercetti from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Be careful -- the police will sometimes crash into you, giving you one star on your wanted meter. 


In the "Black Project" mission, where you have to infiltrate Area 69 and steal the jetpack, at one point you pass an inaccessible room with a bunch of tables in it. On one of the tables is a red and white crowbar. This is obviously a reference to the game Half-Life, in which it is Gordon Freeman's signature weapon. 
Plus, Area 69 is very similar to Half-Life's Black Mesa Research Facility (both of which are based on the real-world Area 51)


To find this egg go to angel pine (in the badlands), find the clucken bell, across the street should be three trash cans, two with there lids off, knock over either one and look inside it with something that zooms (sniper rifle or camera) inside should be several maps of vice city.


You first have to do the mission where you, sweet, Smoke and Ryder jump out of the car and let it crash though a billboard and then it falls down on the main road. The billboard you came through showed the words "a taste of something to come...", but now it shows "a taste of come..."!! I doubt that the programmers made the car go exactly to that point by accident but just to make it sound like " a taste of cum..."...

What I thought was strange, after the cuscene, you see that the car hass crashed through the bilboard some feet above the ground, and if you try and do this, you just hit the bottom of the billboard. wierd.

Once you have completed the mission for Big Smoke, the one where you must go to an atrium and kill loads of Russians, before escaping on a motorbike, go back to the Atrium. 
Look at the statue in the center of the complex. It is a statute of a man pleasuring himself! The statues all around him are looking in shock, or covering their eyes.

There is a Silver Vibrator located behind some Dumpsters in Bayside, North of 
San Fierro. It blends in with the wall so look carefully.

You may be wondering why I added this.
I added this because its a possible refrence to What Ed Gien did with his mothers vulva. He painted it silver.
So I, and I'm sure many others, think this is a refrence to that, although they changed it to a vibrator because having a vulva as a weapon would be a tad strange.

In Las Venturas, as a reference to both GTA Vice City and the Hard Rock Cafe, 
one of the hotels is the V-Rock hotel. V-rock being one of the radio stations 
in GTA Vice City where WCTR DJ Lazlow was employed.


This UFO based bar is a spoof on a real life bar called the Lil' Ale Inn in 
Rachel, Nevada.  The bar also contains the Mysterious Map, which is an 
unexplained map of San Andreas that pinpoints certain locations in San 
Andreas. It can be found at the very back of Lil' Probe Inn near the office 
desk or in Toreno's cabin. If you investigate more you will find many of the 
locations have landmarks that have references to the local history. An example 
is the Las Venturas stadium where a lot of hippies died in the sixties after 
choking on toads.


Go to upper San Fierro into Michelle's Garage and look inside with the Camera 
at her utility bench on your left. You will see she has very nice collection 
of different types and sizes of sexual pleasure tools. Michelle's garage also 
features the Kruton 9000.  This is a computer that has appeared in the latest 
3 GTA instalments. In GTA3 it can be seen inside Joey's Garage and within 
Sunshine Auto's in Vice City

In South-Eastern Los Santos, there is a building that reads "Shady 
Industries". This refers to Eminem as the original of this exact building can 
be seen in one of his videos.

If you look at the racing number on the NRG 500, most of the time it's 46.  
This is homage to the renowned Moto GP racer Valentino Rossi.

If you take a walk over to Reese's Barbershop in Idlewood, LS, have a look at 
the photographs of models on the wall. they look like the jackson 5.


There is a section on the bridge above Grove Street that breaks in one of the 
end missions.  This section can be broken before the actual event happens. The 
section is one of the Eastern sections in the middle of the bridge.


In Los Venturas, the casinos on the Strip are all named after rude slang (such 
as The Clown's Pocket) or after real-life casinos and films.  Examples are, 
the Royale Casino (which is a spoof on the James Bond film, Casino Royale), 
Caligula's Palace (spoofing Caesars Palace) and Pirates In Men's Pants 
(spoofing the Gilbert And Sullivan Operetta, Pirates In Penzance
Also, the first letter of each word spells out the word PIMP.

This is contunued from the license plate easter egg I mentioned earlier.

Several cars in the San Andreas game world are customised for humour value.  
Here is a list of those plates - 
Mission Plates:
Sweet's Greenwood: GROVE4L (Grove For Life)
Ryder's Picador: SHERM (Sherm is tobacco mixed with weed and dipped in PCP)
Jizzy's Broadway: HO 2 HO (Whore To Whore - Jizzy Is A Pimp)
Truth's Mothership: EREHTTUO ('Out There' backwards)
Car in Badlands Mission: ASSMAN
Pulaski's Buffalo on High Noon mission: PULASKI
Car in Yay Ka-Boom-Boom mission: TIME BOMB
Cesar's Car: LUVA4L (Lover For Life)
Toreno's Car: OMEGA (The Last Letter In The Greek Alphabet)
Windsor in Home on the Hills mission: J LOMAX
Denise's Hustler: HOMEGIRL (Because She Is)
Millie's Car: SPANK (She Likes Kinky Sex)
Katie's Car: TRAUMA (She Works At The Hospital Morgue)
Barbara's Car: CUFFS (She's A Cop)
Michelle's Car: NOS (Nitrous Oxide - The Gas That Burns To Make Cars Go 
Faster - She Is A Car Mechanic)

Feltzer: DR DR F
Comet: LOLLY
Jester: GRO1N or G3P0
Infernus: J L335
Rancher: S4LEI JON

Bullet in SF Burgershot: CHUNKY
Banshee beside San Fierro Gym: BDP (Beat-Up)
Hotknife at Driving School: GOLD

Occasionally some Pedestrians break wind and different reactions will occur 
such as the other Peds running away.

Now you know why some of them start running away for no reason!



This can be difficult to do, but is possible. Wait by a roadside for a bike 
with two passengers to go past. Make sure you have the desert eagle equipped 
and kill the driver. The passenger will fall off and either run or go back to 
the bike. If you time it right, you can get on the bike as the passenger does 
and drive off with them.


Go to the little bridge that leads to the pier in Los Santos near the beach.
During the day, you can see the shadows of people walking above the bridge.
This shouldn't happen, but rockstar hvn't changed the shadows for the peds on the bridge, so the appear underneath the bridge on the sand.


It is possible to acquire gang turf in all of San Andreas including the 
countryside. Firstly, grab a plane or a boat and travel further out South, 
preferably South East and maintain that direction for approximately 15+ 
minutes. The longer you fly out, the more turf there will be. It may take 2-3 
hours of travelling to get San Andreas complete, but there is a trick. Hold X 
then pull out the controller.  You can reinsert it to get control back. When 
you want to stop flying, jump out of the plane, land in the sea and 
intentionally drown yourself. Now check your map! It's an eccentric glitch, 
drug dealers now hang about San Fierro and Las Venturas and the Turf Wars are 
absurdly simple lasting only 1 wave each. 
There is a side-effect, the more turf you seem to win over the less percentage 
you attain in your Statistics, but it does enlist more territories available. 


Ever tried playing Pool without actually initiating the actual mini-game? 
Well... it's possible, using a weapon in game. Try using the Sniper Rifle and 
the balls will go insanely fast and knock everywhere- Sometimes they fly off 
the table and get stuck in midair. 

In the mission "Stowaway" if you jump out of the plane as soon as you get in 
there a scene will prompt with you falling from the plane and smashing on top 
of a car busting the doors off.


The crane behind the Clown's Pocket seems to have initially had a purpose; 
most thinking it had something to do with the casino building idea that 
Rockstar dropped. However, even though you can't lift up cars with this crane, 
you can lift up the nearby boxes. And when you do, you can leave them floating 
in mid-air!


In Fort Carson there is a house that suffers problems from an over-
enthusiastic beagle.the Beagle airplane that always 
spawns halfway in the house, I guess R* didnt move the beagle out of the way.


In the Impound garage of the Las Venturas Police Station, there are two 
levels.  Find the entrance to the second level by following the wall of the 
first level.  When you get down there, you will notice an aircraft (e.g., a 
Dodo or a Seasparrow) among the impounded cars.  Then ponder how they managed 
to get it down there.

Also, in the police car garage in SAn FIerro (the one with the cop guarding the entrance in a little wooden hut, and also where the pedestrian getting beaten up is) If you've finished most, or all of the quarry missions, the big dumper truck yo use is in there.
Its too big to get in, so how'd it get there?
Theres also some cars from previous missions in there, too.


Go to San FIerro, and go ontop of the driving school.
Wait around for a bit, and if you havn't been paying attention you will notice a pedestrian splattered on the roof.
Everytime a plane goes past, a pedd falls out and drops to his death, landing on the driving school.
Funny glitch :D (if your lucky, you can wait on a spot, and the ped will land on your head XD)


In Cj's moms house (I think its only available later on in the game) there is some magazines on the table.
One of the magazines is called rogue, which is a refrence to real life magazine, 'vogue'.


I will add more easter eggs and/or any other myths if I think they are significant enough but for now, I hope you have enjoyed reading.


Firstly, a big thanks to those who discovered the easter eggs in the first place, and I kinda thank those low-lives who invented the myths, otherwise this guide wouldnt be possible.

Thanks to: ( for confirmation of some of the easter eggs, and some of the eggs themselves) (for info on the leatherface myth and Ed Gien himself) (for allowing me to submit this guide)

Special thanks to:
Rockstar games

NOTE: the conclusion in the myths section are my personal opinions. 
I cannot prove wether any of those myths are real or not, exept leatherface and jaws, which Rockstar have admitted arn't in the game.
The rest, its up to you to decide wether they are in the game or not.

Thank you to all who read this guide, and I hope it helps you on your quest to discover the truth.