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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas


Side Missions Walkthrough

by The immortal



Copyright this, that and whatever, I don't care. I just feel people need a bit of help doing these missions 
as some can be very difficult. Completing these will give your percentage a boost and there are some specific 
rewards that you can receive if you perform these to the required level. So, enough yabbing, more cheats!!!


Firefighter missions

Amount of levels: 12
Reward: Cash, become fireproof
Difficulty: 5/10
When can you do it: Get a fire truck in the fire station or start a fire and wait until a truck arrives
Guide: This one needs perseverance. The firetruck is incredibly strong and is not likely to topple over, 
so take your time. As levels progress, people will emerge out of the cars. Do not chase after them. Instead, 
aim at them with the right analogue stick. Fire the hose by pressing O. By the end, you should have a good amount 
of time (and money) to spare.

Taxi missions

Amount of levels: 50
Reward: Cash, taxis come with nitro and can do jumps (L3)
Difficulty: 2/10
When you can do it: Find a bloody taxi. It's easy.
Guide: This is simple, as you don't have to do any of these in a row and the difficulty level is random. 
Don't crash too much or your tip bar will decrease. If your taxi looks bad, go to a pay & spray or get a new 
taxi. This is the easiest of all side missions.

Paramedic missions

Amount of levels: 12
Reward: Cash, Increased health
Difficulty: 7/10
When you can do it: Steal one from a hospital, or kill a lot of people and one will come.
Guide: This should be sooo hard. However, if you go to Angle Pine (bottom-left corner of the map) and start 
these missions, the area is considerably decreased. However, the time limit is still strict and the amblance 
is prone to tipping over, so be careful! Levels 10, 11 and 12 are quite hard, and you should breathe a sigh 
of relief when you finish this.


Vigilante missions

Amount of levels: 12
Reward: Cash, increased armour
Difficulty: 2/10 (No, I'm serious)
When you can do it: Steal a police car from station or from street. Be careful of wanted level!
Guide: This should be as hard as the Paramedic missions, but there is a glitch my friend discovered by accident. 
Start the vigilante mission and go into a restaurant. Stay there for 10 secods, then go back out. Get into your car. 
The message "Threat eliminated" should appear. If not, get out and walk around and it should happen. Start the 
progress again (NOTE: Each time you do this, only one car is destroyed. On the later levels you must repeat the 
method again and again, but it is easily worth it.

Pimping missions

Amount of levels: 10
Reward: Cash, hookers pay YOU for services
Difficulty: 3/10
When you can do it: Pimpmobiles hang around near Los Santos airport. There is also one around Jizzy's club.
Guide: This should take half and hour. It involves dropping girls off, collecting them, eliminating 
threats before the (unstrict) timer runs out and driving around. Go ahead and do it, then! When chasing after 
the pimps, simply exit your car and shoot them.

Trucking missions

Amount of levels: 8
Reward: Cash, trucking area becomes asset
Difficulty: 9/10
When you can do it: The mission for Catalina where you rob the petrol station.
Guide: Get the goods from one area to another. This is made very difficult by the fact that a) your truck is slow, 
b) if you turn too sharp you disconnect, which means you basically lose, and c) half of the San Andreas police force 
is trying to eliminate you. This is really up to your gaming skill and persistance level. The reward, however, isn't
amazing and I recommend you to leave it until later.

That's all I can think of that need guidance. Some missions, you have to just try yourself! 

If you have any comments or questions, don't ask them.

This was written by 'the immortal' on the 6th of December 2004. It was written for Now go and play 
the bloody game!