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Twisted Metal: Black Cheats for PlayStation 2

Cheats and Tips for Twisted Metal: Black


We have 21 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Twisted Metal: Black please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 3

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Extra Health

When you have destroyed an enemy car run over the flaming driver and you'll get some bonus health.


Before entering the following codes during gameplay you must set the controls to the 'Classic' Option. If you then enter a code correctly a confirmation message will appear on the screen. Enter the code again to disable it.
Unlock Infinite Health and Turbo:
During gameplay hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and quickly press Right, Left, Down, Up.
Unlock Infinite Weapons:
During gameplay hold L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 and quickly press Up, X, Left, Circle.
Unlock One-Hit Kills:
During gameplay hold L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 and quickly press X(2), Up.
Unlock Mega Machine Guns:
During gameplay hold L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 and quickly press X(2), Triangle.
Unlock Special Freeze Attack:
During gameplay hold L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 and quickly press..

Health Regen

Use the classic controls and hold all back buttons and press Left, Right (D-pad) and Triangle, X, in quick succession. If you have entered the code correctly it will appear on screen with the text 'Health Regen'.

Special Moves

Press the indicated buttons during gameplay if you want to perform the following special moves.
Press L1 + R1.
Press Left(2), Down(2).
Press Right(2), Down(2).
Freeze Attack:
Press Up, Down, Up.
Land Mine:
Press Right, Left, Down.
Charged Land Mine:
Press Right, Left, then hold Down.
Rear Fire:
Press Left, Right, Down + Fire Weapon.

Unlock Minion as a Playable Character

Complete Story mode with ALL the regular and hidden characters to unlock Minion the 18-wheeler gas truck boss.

Unlock Alternate Weapon View

This feature is enabled during gameplay by pressing Select + Right.

DW's list of Cheats

These codes must be entered in-game, without pausing.
While entering all of these codes, hold down R2, L2, R1, and L1
A message will appear if you have entered in the code correctly.
(U-up, D-down, L-left, R-right, T-triangle, C-circle, S-square, X-x)
Invincibility-U, D, L, R, R, L, D, U
Unlimited Health-R, L, D, U
Mega Machine Guns-X, X, T
One Hit Kills-X, X, U
God Mode-U, X, L, C
Weapons for Health-T, X, S, C
Secret Attacks
Enter these in game, they are attacks
Freeze-U, D, U
Jump-L1 + R1
Land Mindes-R, L, D
Charge Mines-R, L, hold D
Invisible-L, L, D, D
Shield-R, R, D, D
Rear Fire-L, R, D + [Fire button]

some cool stuff for T.M. Black

Hey Fish Keeper here, I just got my PS2 and I'm lovin' it!
Okay, here I got the cheat: Mega Machine Guns. To activate: hold all four shoulder buttons, then press X,X,triangle. To activate one hit K.O.: press and hold L1,R1,L2,R2 and then quickly press X(x2),up. Well, that's all for now but i will submit something else for this game some other time. ROCK ON GAMERS!!!!!!!!!!!!
P.S. I think Paint It, Black is an excellent theme song for Twisted Metal black. Besides, it goes along good with the characters personalitys and I like the Rolloing Stones a lot myself.

Minion's special

Minion's special hold the top buttons and press right, left, and up

Infinte health:While playing a level,quickly hol..

Infinte health:

While playing a level,quickly hold down l1+l2+r1+r2,then push up,up,left,x.

Most of the cheats that are submitted are wrong ..

Most of the cheats that are submitted are wrong and the codes are:

Cheating to Win

Infinite Ammo and Invincibility

For unlimited firepoweer, hold all shoulder buttons, ( L2,L1,R2,R1) and then press Up,X,Left,Circle

Mega Machine guns

To get ur gun on hold all shoulder buttons and press X,X,Triangle

Warthog1:first find the canavil where the farris..


1:first find the canavil where the farrise wheel is.

2:find the gas tank and get on the building

3:shoot the thing on the building then go down then shoot the little controol box with a magnum gun and hey u got WARHOG!

This isn't really a walkthrough, just something ..

This isn't really a walkthrough, just something that I had the time to do. When you play as Minion, he speaks in a number code. I have cracked that code, and this is what he is saying, level for level.

Level 1: I do not think this is real.

Level 2: I must speak in code or he will discover me.

Level 3: We are trapped in his head.

Level 4: This is how he sees the world, how Sweet Tooth see's his life. It is not real.

Level 5: All of us are trapped in his head.

Level 6: I miss the old colorful world.

Level 7: We will return to our old world one day.

Level 8: In the real world my name is Marcus Kane.

Get health: You know when you destroy a enemy, t..

Get health: You know when you destroy a enemy, the pilot(driver) will come out burning, well if you run over him you will get health.

This tip is for story mode only.

O.K, my tip is how to beat Minion very easyly. a..

O.K, my tip is how to beat Minion very easyly. all ya have to do is go around the part where all of the homing missles are and slowly but surely u will disable him.

Good Luck

How to get to the tunnel in the first level

If you are new to the game heres the way to unlock YellowJacket. Theres a plane flying around the area. Fire two fire missiles at it and the plane should fall in the pit like area go there and there should be a tunnel go through it (its a pretty long way). There should be a big thing in the middle of the room find the yellow box and blow it up and you have YellowJacket!!!
He's fun to use try him and find out.

Unlockable Characters and Levels

Yellow Jacket-in the Junkyard level, shoot the plane that circles the area with a Flame or a homing missile. It will start descending and crash into a building. Drive down to the wreckage and drive through the hole in the building. You will see a pillar with a control panel on it. Shoot the panel and you're done.
Axel-in the Freeway level, go down to the construction yard. You will see two cranes. One holding a crate and one holding a pipe. Aim at the control panel on the crane holding the pipe. If you do so, the crate will be lowered. Blow up the crate and you're done.
Manslaughter-in the Prison Passage level, wait until the ship is dockd. Drive down to the bottom of the boat. From the ramp, go right and go to the hull. You will see a stack o..

How to unlock yellow jacket

In the junkyard level find the plane that is flying around the level try shooting it down with fire or homing which is homing weapons
Shoot the plane until it catches on fire and then go to the lowest part of the level where the plane crashes.
Then it will reveal you a secret place collect power ups(if you want) until you see a panel shoot the panel and there will be saying "you have unlocked yellow jacket"

Minion Cheat: yo if your tired of taking to long..

Minion Cheat: yo if your tired of taking to long to get minion do this you no the freeway level this is very hard go to the building drive in there there should be a wall thats cracked.

Bust it then theres a box floating you have to jump a long jump then you have him.

Minion: you beat the game with all characters on medium to get minion. PEACE!!!!Smile

A Few Hints.....

Hint #1: When on the Skyscrapers Level, try to stay on one building, so you don't fall off.
Hint #2: When Fighting Minion, run away from him so that you get far away from him, when you're on the other side of the stadium, start firing your guns until his field is damaged, then hit him with fire missles and homing missles.
Hint #3: When fighting WarHawk, stay far away from him. When you are far away from him, use homing missles and guns to kill his field, then use homing missles

Second specials for Shadow and Axle

To use Shadow and Axle's second specials, rapidly press up up up. Axle uses both his wheels to ram opponents, and Shadow uses a booster seat to shoot people with a rotating turret.

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