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Tony Hawk's American Wasteland Cheats for PlayStation 2

Cheats and Tips for Tony Hawk's American Wasteland

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A large collection of cheats for you to check out and includes unlocking Lil Jon, Matt Hoffman, Mindy and Jason Ellis. We'll also tell you how to get through walls and unlock the perfect grind.

More Tony Hawk's American Wasteland Cheats and Tips

We have 43 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Tony Hawk's American Wasteland please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PC : GameCube : Xbox : Xbox 360

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Unlock Skaters:
At the 'Cheat Code' screen in the 'Options'menu enter the following passwords
Mat Hoffman:


Jason Ellis:

Unlockable Movies and Skaters:
Lil' John, Iggy, Jason Ellis:
On 'Normal' difficulty setting beat Story mode
Jimbo, Murphy, Mega:
On 'Sick' difficulty setting beat Story mode

American Wasteland:
On any difficulty setting beat Story mode
Robo-Tony, Mindy:
On 'Easy' difficulty setting beat Story mode

Matt Hoffman, Useless Dave:
On 'Sick' difficulty setting beat Classic mode
Billie Joe, Boone:
On 'Normal' difficulty setting beat Classic mode

Neversoft ..

Get past boundry at skate ranch

Go to skate ranch on freeskate. Go outside the boundry and when you hit the ground press start, go to your progress, and set restart. When you go back inside go back to your progress and go to your restart. Then you will be out side and will be able to walk around and stuff. good luck to you all, glitchking

air board (Beverly Hills)

if you now about the secret room go to the place before u jump through the building see if it will let u jump if u can't be sure to be off your board for this part press x and get on your board if it says out of bounds it worked if u get off your air board DO NOT throw it and get a new board don't even throw it or you'll lose it if u dont know were the secret demension is i posted a cheat for it 2

unlock matt hoffman

enter the_condor at the cheat screen

Glitched wall

Ok in Beverly Hills when you go down the escalator go to your left and and look for a wall on the left side that has a bunch of lines going through it and go back a little bit from the wall and then go at and right before you hit the wall get off your board and there you go it will carry up the wall. This glitch is really hard so you wont get it the first try.

Get through the walls

Ok for this glitch you need to find a wall that is cornered and then when you find it get right up to it and kickflip into the wall and you should go through it. But this glitch works best on the lower level of the parking garage when your leaving Beaverly Hills into East L.A. So happy glitching.

Crossed arms

When playing get on the bike and do and x-up and hold that trick until you land and when you land rotate the cmera in front of your guy and his arms will be crossed.

2 sanchezes

After you beat the game and leave the ranch and come back everyone will be at the half-pipe and you'll see iggy and boone standing near sanchez well go over to the trailer and by the bed there will be a second sanchez.

Charectar Cheats

Unlock Matt Hoffman:
Unlock Mindy:
Unlock Jason Ellis:

big glitch

When your in beverly hills go on the roof of the stores and find the corner the walk left or right depends what side your on then if you do it right you will fall threw the roof

parellel universe (Beverly Hills)

first go to the place were the fountain is climb in the window then hang onto the ledge climb to the middle of the windows then climb up the middle press x (2x) then wall run (R1) go to the building in the middle and there should be a triangle go past it there should be something orange walk into it you should see a light gray building with 4 dark gray squares in each corner jump toward it it will let u be out of bounds/aparallel universe

Three Really Weird Glitches (RWGs)

RWG #1: Launch
REQUIREMENTS: Cheat Code "Moon Gravity", and enough memory card space to save a created park.
First, create a park, and save a 4x4 spot. In that spot, put corner boost ramps and sink them so that they level out with the ground. Then, save the park, exit out, and play it on free skate. Now turn on Moon Gravity and enter the 4x4 corner boost ramps part that you created. As you start to get really high, purposely make yourself bail, and tap X as fast as you can. If done correctly, your character will Freak Out before touching the ground, and continue riding up the side of the ramp still in Freak Out mode.
RWG #2: Skate with no board in Santa Monica
REQUIREMENTS: Santa Monica unlocked
First, head to Santa Monica in Free Sk..

Always special

Go to options and then go to cheat codes. Then put in "uronfire" for always special.

Perfect grind

Enter "grindXpert" as a case-sensitive code under the options menu

Invisible board

Ok to do this cheat you need to be on free skate. There are many places to do it but ill use the mall. Go all the way to the where the portal thing is to take you to the parking lot. Don't go in it though. Go to your progress and set restart. Get closer and closer and with every step set a restart. If you keep doing this, you will be past the portal thing. Now after that go all the way down to the wall that looks like a movie theater screen. Go to the left top left corner. Nosegrab towards the corner until you get past it. Now get off your board and walk to the boundry. If you do this rite, he will still be walking when your not moving. Now press square and he will fly up and hit the ground. Since he crashed when he was off, there will be no board. There you have it. Sorry if it was too ..

Elevator glitch

Ok I was just playing this game messing around and found this glitch.Ok. First, go to the Skate Ranch. Then get on a bike. Go to the hipnotic spinning thing on the ground. Go onto it with the bike and press start. Go to my progress and set restart. After that go into the elevator. Make sure you go up, not down.
When you are in the elevator press start, then my progress, then go to restart. If done right, you will be on the spinning thing then you will end up in this wall, then be on the ground. If you hold down R1 (or whatever the break is) and stop completely, then press X, you will do a spining jump in the air as if you were on the spinning thing. OK. Hope it worked, Glitchking. P.S. PLEASE RATE! . Sorry of it was long.

Secret Room

Ok when I first found this I wuz amazed!! It's sooo funne tooo!! Ok when you start off your in hollywood... Well get off your board and you can see the THAW bilboard well get up there and the corner where the 2 walls meet has diagonal wall between it...there are several ways to get to it... You can grind the first rail and sticker slap/wall plant the wall and get on the rail above it then your on the 2nd rail... There is one more rail above that one you can be on the 2nd rail and jump off your board and wall run up the wall and on to a small ledge with cracks in the wall... All you have to do then is walk through it then you are in a weird bedroom/office looking thing with...find out you're self... It's funne and weird!!!!!
For extra help use this (cheat codes)
2them00n -..

Moon gravity cheat

Type in 2them00n

X-up glitch

As by the title you can tell this is a glitch,so on with the glitch
While on a bike jump (X) and press O to do an X-up hold the O button for a few seconds and let go the player will have his arm crossed hold down the X button to pedal the glitch will end when come off the bike or go into the air this glitch will NOT mess up your game so do it as many times as you wish Enjoy

Big Combos

I have got a few tips to help scoring big combos!
1)Grinds: grinding can give you alot of points, especially if you jump while grinding and land doing a different one (e.g:grind 50-50, jump, grind 5-0) or varying them (double tap O etc.)
2)Manuals: manuals are great for moving between gaps and also for coming of big ariel tricks. These can also be used to do flatland tricks. (Note: A manual is done by pressing up then down, but to make it easier use the analouge stick)
3)Flatland: flatlands can build up massive points. Just do a manual then do variations (O+O, triangle+square, triangle+O etc.) You can also hold these for longer points. (Note: doing tricks in a certain order can change a trick. O+O usually does a handstand but if you press O+O while in a truckstand, ..

Matt Hoffman

the_condor -unlocks Matt Hoffman


When in the middle of a huge combo and you fly off a ramp and are heading head first to the ground, start pressing the wall plant or sticker slap buttons very rapidly.....this should work!
(You will go back in the air, then press R2 to level out and try to manual!!)
Sticker Slap: Up X
Wall Plant: Down X

Panda suit

When you get to the second level, Beverley Hill's, go to the clothes shop. You can buy the panda suit for $700. It may take a while to get the money but it's worth it.

Perfect Manual

Enter "2wheels!" as a case-sensitive code under the options menu.


If you've played Tony Hawk's Underground 1 or 2, you should know about the goats you can find in the game. They don't help you but there's a goat in Tony Hawk's American Wasteland too.
Go to Hollywood skateshop and go up the ramp to the left. There should be a gap called Romperwood Spine or something. Go get lots of air on the ramps and grab or grind the highest rail from the left ramp and go to the right on the highest rail. Jump off onto the small corner at the right and whack the broken wall. Go inside the hole you made and turn left and you should see an oil rig worker with a cute, little GOAT!!!!

Easy manual tricks

All you have to do is get special and go into a manual. Then you have to hit special and start doing manual tricks. This is really cool for missions when you need to get alot of points or for creaming your friends in multiplayer.

its the weirdos

if you do the glitch with moon gravity and you go through the waterfall in the casino and you land corectly, you should see boone, useless dave, and iggy.


Boone in briefs:Get a 100% gap completion to unlock him.
Tagger:100% completion in Classic mode.
Iggy:Beat story mode succesfully on normal.
Li'l John:Beat story mode on normal.(YEAAH!!!)
Robot Tony:Beat story on easy.
Not much but I tried!

Does anyone know the specific details of where t..

Does anyone know the specific details of where the last tag in downtown is?
Its the one where the amera shows a far angle of where the spot is.

Tag gas stuck on your hand

To do this go to the skate ranch. Again, there are many more places but this way is easier. When oyu arrive there, go left. Follow the wall until there is a shorter wall then the others. Wall run up it and hang on it.get up and go on the other side so your back is facing the outside. Press triangle so your inside it. Keep pressing triangle so the tag gas is stuck on your hand. happy gaming to you all, glitchking

Easier bike 360's

Hold down L to turn the bike in the air with ease
Same on the gamecube and xbox.
Hope this helped

crazy goat lover

when in hollywood go to the skate shop on top of the skateshop is a bowl. get as much air as you can and grind the third rail above the bowl grind it to the left. before you take the left jump on to the ledge sticking out of the building. the bust through the cracked wall. in that room should be a guy cheering on a goat.

Moon gravity

To get moon gravity go to "cheat codes" in the options menu and enter "2them00n"
P.S "00" are zeros

Unlock Mindy:

Type this in on the cheats screen:

how to unlock perfect grind

Enter grindxpert to have maxed out grind and you will never crash this helped me alot

Funny glitch

When you are in your skate ranch go to the first thing you ever made whitch is the ramp get in the alian suit if you have it get on bike the hole in the ramp do a bank slide on bike over it but don't do it right don't go all the way just half then land next to the wall if done corectly it will show a close up on the alian's butt

Using master cheats in 2 player mode

First, you must have used the master cheats (skitch, manual, grind, special, moon gravity) in story mode. Open the game sytem and go to the browser. Click on memory card 1. Use the last stor mode file and copy it to a second Memory card. Exit out of the menu.
DO NOT TURN OFF SYSTEM!!! Close system to alow the game to boot up. Next select 2player mode. And select any characters, or park. You now have all cheats on.
However, do not return to main menu or you will lose the cheats. If this happens, turn off the system, and repeat the process again to reinstall the cheats on 2 player mode.


Keep track of what youre doing to get a better record.

Unlock Lil Jon

To Unlock Lil Jon, Enter "hip2hop" At the cheats menu in Options.

Lots O Cheats+Hints

Perfect grind Enter: grindXpert
Perfect manual Enter: 2wheels!
Perfect skitch Enter: h!tchar!de
Always special Enter: uronfire
Play as Jason Ellis: Enter sirius-DJ.
Play as Mat Hoffman: Enter the_condor
Play as Mindy: Enter help1nghand
Moon gravity: Enter 2them00n
Cheat mode: Get a 100% gap completion to unlock the "Always Special", "Moon Gravity", "Perfect Manual", "Perfect Rail", and "Perfect Skitch" cheat options. Successfully complete all Sponsor Challenges to unlock the "Full Stats" cheat option.
Play as Baller: Get a 100% completion in Story mode to unlock Baller.
Play as Barber: Successfully complete all Skate Ranch missions and get all 43 Skate Ranch Pieces to unlock Barber.
Play as Billy Joe: Successfully complete Classic ..

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