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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon PlayStation 2 Cheats and Tips

We have 10 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PC : Xbox : GameCube

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All Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Cheats and Tips - Latest First.

Out of Train Wreck

Here is a step by step walkthrough on how to get out of the multiplayer map, Train Wreck.

1. Find train tracks.

2. Follow them all the way to the end.

3. There should be a pile of rocks, blocking a tunnel.

4. Go to the left side of the rocks.

5. Press up and down really fast while moving forward. You should slide into the rocks, you'll be able to walk all around the back.

Into Vehicles

Found a great glitch, it makes you invincible as long as you're inside of a vehicle. First, walk up to a vehicle, (Must be destroyed) and prone next to it. Now, prone into it while walking, and press up and down on directional pad over and over as you're walking. Soon, you should be under a vehicle. You can stand up in any that aren't on fire, it's pretty useful. If you want to get inside tanks easier, go in the back of it, and try the glitch, into the treads. It's easier.

Walk While Floating

*This glitch is only noticable on multiplayer mode.

Okay, this doesn't help you with anything really, it doesn't make you go faster, but you can fiddle around with it Smile. Here's how to do it:

Step 1. Before you start your game, get kit 8 in demolitions.(It should be Mp5 with 4 claymores)

Step 2. Now, when the game starts, take out your claymores.

Step 3. Start planting a claymore while walking.

Step 4. After the claymore has set, hold down the button you used to use the claymore.

Step 5. The Orange/Yellow little circle should be in the middle of your screen and you should be floating around.

That's the glitch for you. If you want to know anything about my glitches or any questions about this game email me at [email protected].

Spinning Really Fast in Prone

This is just a fun little thing you can do. If you haven't noticed, you cannot do a 360 in less than a second in prone. But here is a way, follow these simple steps:

Step 1. Go into prone.

Step 2. Turn the right analog stick to the right.

Step 3. Now, press up and down, while holding the analog stick to the right.

That should make you spin fast, for as long as you like. It's quite fun if you do it with a friend, you can get a few laughs out of it. Here's a funny thing you can do:

If you are doing it in prone, go into crouch, and as your doing it, hold the left analog sticks forward, and keep pressing up until your in your regular stance. Your body should be spinning while running, it's pretty funny Smile.

Hold a Seconday Weapon as a Primary

*This glitch is only noticeable on multiplayer mode.

I found out a why that you can hold a bazooka, but use an primary weapon. Pretty much, you shoot a primary weapon from a bazooka.

For example:

You can have a bazooka shown on your character and fire an SA-80.

You are aloud to go prone, and it doesn't affect your weapon's durability/power.

To perform this glitch you must follow these simple steps:

Step 1. Take out your Primary Weapon.

Step 2. Go into prone.

Step 3. Press these buttons in sequence: Up, Square, Down

Step 4. You should have your bazooka out, but you can fire your Primary Weapon.

I used the default controls for this glitch.

Kill Spots in Recruit Gameplay.

Here are a few areas I know of, where you can kill people with a Sniper Rifle/Bazooka, within 5 seconds of the game.

Mission 1 (Firefight): Run straight for about 7 seconds. Look straight ahead, there should be a guy walking around.

Level where you plant charges on Pylons (Mission): Take out your bazooka, turned around, stand next to the rock behind you. Look straight at the bridge, and fire your bazooka. You'll get up to 3 kills according to where you aim. If lucky, you can get Enemie Armor.

That's all I know of currently, I will add more later.

Spots found by The Ironhide.


Unlockable Modes

Complete the following missions under certain conditions to unlock the corresponding mode.

Unlock MegaNoggin Mode:

In Firefight on Elite setting complete Mission 01 using only one Demolitions Expert with the M4 and M136 kit.

Unlock Chicken Mode:

In Firefight on Elite setting complete Mission 06 using only one rifleman with the M16/M203 kit.

Unlock Slow Mo Mode:

In Recon on Elite setting complete Mission 07 using only one Rifleman with M16/M203 Kit

Unlock Helium Mode:

In Firefight on Elite setting complete Mission 13 with a full team and without losing a soldier.

Unlock Paper Mode:

In Recon on Elite setting complete Mission 15 using only a Sniper with the M24 and Frags Kit.

Unlockable Bonus Characters

Complete the following missions to unlock the corresponding Bonus character.

Unlock Will Jacobs:

Complete Mission 1 Iron Dragon

Unlock Nigel Tunney:

Complete Mission 2 Eager Smoke

Unlock Jack Stone:

Complete Mission 3 Stone Bell

Unlock Buzz Gordon:

Complete Mission 4 Black Needle

Unlock Henry Ramirez:

Complete Mission 5 Gold Mountain

Unlock Klaus Henkel:

Complete Mission 6 Witch Fire

Unlock Guram Osadze:

Complete Mission 7 Paper Angel under

Unlock Lindy Cohen:

Complete Mission 8 Zebra Straw

Unlock Astra Galinsky:

Complete Mission 9 Blue Storm

Unlock Susan Grey:

Complete Mission 10 Fever Claw

Unlock Dieter Munz:

Complete Mission 11 Dream Knife

Unlock Scott Ibrahim:

Complete Mission 12 Ivory Horn


Hi I've got some cheats for you !

God mode:

pause the game and press L1,R2,L2,R1,SELECT.


On the title screen press X,L2,TRAINGLE,R2,SELECT.


On the title screen press L1,L2,R1,R2,X,SELECT.

; ~ }

Beginner Help

Ok, all you beginners this is the best setup for your platoon:



(Sniper):M24,M9 or M9SD





(Specialist or Demolitions):Specs given for both below

Spec:(given weapon),Frag

or Extra Ammo


AWARDS AND MEDALS Bronze`Star - 15 kills Sil..


Bronze`Star - 15 kills

Silver Star - 20 kills

Purple Heart wounded or killed in action.

Distinguished Service Cross - 25 kills

Congressional Medal Of Honor - 30 kills


During cinema screen appearence insert code below:

L1, R2, L2, R1, Select


There are at least another 8 levels at the (Ghost Recon Desert Siege) after you have beaten the 1st 15 levels!

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