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Tekken 4 Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Tekken 4

We have 13 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Tekken 4 please send them in here.

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View Move Names

During a match press Select then enter a combo to see its name.


Unlock Theater Mode:
Complete the game in Story mode.
Unlock Dojo Stage:
Complete the game in Tekken Force mode.
Unlock Alternate Victory Pose:
When you have won the final round in a match hold Triangle, X, Square or Circle during the replay and you will be able to view a different ending pose for each button.

Unlock Characters

Complete the game with certain characters or enter the indicated code to unlock the corresponding fighter as a playable character.
Unlock Lei:
Complete the game as Nina.
Unlock Nina:
Complete the game as Kazuya.
Unlock Jin Kazama:
Complete the game as Hwoarang.
Unlock Brian Fury:
Complete the game as Yoshimitsu.
Unlock Hiehachi:
Complete the game as Marduk, Paul or Law.
Unlock Panda:
At the 'Character' selection screen highlight Kuma and then press RP (Triangle) or RK (Circle).
Unlock Violet:
At the 'Character' selection screen highlight Lee and then press RK (Circle).
Unlock Eddy Gordo:
Using Christie Monteiro complete the game in Story mode and then at ..

Ranking Password

If you want to check and see how well you did when you have completed Time Attack, Tekken Force, Survival or Training mode then hold Square + Triangle and press Up/Right to display a password that corresponds to your rank.

This isn't a cheat, but something you may want t..

This isn't a cheat, but something you may want to know.

Once you have recieved the statue area

(unlockable by winning story mode with Steve Fox), you will notice that in theater mode you cannot access the stages music. Why?, because it doesn't have its own music, infact it's music from Tekken 2.

good luck trying to guess who's music is who's (on my game, Ganryu"s music plays more often than others/ no reason why).


Combo names

Press SELECT in any playable mode (but practice)to tell you what moves have already been done.

Best 2 charaters

The best character to start out with is ever Hwoanrang or Kazuya they are the best two in the start the best new people are Lee/Violet and Jin
here are stats for all these people
power 6/10
defence 5/10
speed 7/10
Power 8/10
speed 8/10
power 9/10
defence 4/10
speed 7/10
power 10/10
defence 5/10
speed 7/10
(Try these charaters they are very good

This isn't really a cheat, but it will help you ..

This isn't really a cheat, but it will help you beat the tekken force mode easyer then the other Characters in the game! Well all you have to do is: Go to Tekken force mode selection sreen, and select Brayan Fury! And just fight whit him trough the stages. It's much more easy to use the: Snake Edge! Then the enemies will fall like very much easyer i promise you that! (Good Luck)


Hit people with things like chairs and they will receive a lot of damage they will also recover slowly.


here is the order to unlock charcters in story mode
1 Jin Kazama
2 Violet
3 Nina willams
4 Lei wulong
5 Bryan fury
6 Julia chang
7 Kuma
8 Heihachi Mishima
9 Combot
Game master 1996

Eddy gordo switch

Pass the story mode with christie montiero and then press the triangle button on her and eddy gordo will appear

Easy way to beat arcade mode

Go to options menu and do the following:turn difficulty to easy, change the number of rounds to 1, put timer to infinity (0.0).
Go to arcade mode and chose your best fighter.If you get through the mode then it proofs the cheat works.
This also works on story mode.

Infinity health bar

The infinity health is when your not geting hit.

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