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Tales of Legendia Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Tales of Legendia

We have 3 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Tales of Legendia please send them in here.

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Moses Special Ability

When you get Moses to Level 29 he will learn the Base Eres 'Outcast' which is the ability to throw a spear that will immobilize the enemy for 2-3 seconds.

Grade Shop

When you have beaten the entire game including Character Quests save the file then load it and open up the Grade Shop. The Grade that you earned during the main game adds up and you're able to purchase extras at the shop that come into effect during your next playthrough. Titles are automatically passed to your next game.
Inherit Recipies - 5 Grade
Inherit Play Time - 5 Grade
Inherit Enemy Info 5 Grade
Inherit Collector's Book - 5 Grade
Half Experience - 10 Grade
Max HP Down - 10 Grade
Combo Maniac - 20 Grade
Max Items Increase to 20 - 20 Grade
Double Grade - 30 Grade
Gain Costumes (Formal) - 50 Grade
Gain Costumes (Mascot) - 50 Grade
Max Items Increase to 30 - 50 Grade
Max HP Up - 50 Grade
Inherit Gald - 50 Grade
Inherit Gained Eres - 100 Grade
Double Experience - 100 Grade


Unlockable Titles for Will Raynard:
The following are non-story specific titles that can be acquired for Will.

Unlock Combo Newbie:
Be involved in a 10+ combo
Unlock Comboist:
Be involved in a 30+ combo
Unlock Combo Expert:
Be involved in a 60+ combo

Unlock Combo Master:
Be involved in a 100+ combo

Unlock Researcher:
Reach Level 20
Unlock Scholar:
Reach Level 40

Unlock Pundit:
Reach Level 60
Unlock Sage:
Reach Level 80
Unlock Grand Sage:
Reach Level 100

Unlock Crystal Master:
Learn all of Will's Eres

Unlock Testosterone:
With Will and 3 other male party members start a battle.

Unlock Wizard:
With Will and 3 other Crystal Eres members start a battle.
Unlock Rare Monster:
Find ALL rare items
Unlock One Shot Kill:
Defeat the last enemy in a group with a Climax Combo making sure Will gets the final hit.
No More Pens:
Controlling Will in Battle mode, use at least one regular attack and no Eres without dying.
Unlock The Spice of Life:
Have Will use ALL 7 Elemental Eres in a battle without dying.
Unlock Brainy Champ:
On Arena mode with Will beat ALL advanced single matches

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