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SSX Tricky Cheats for PlayStation 2

Cheats and Tips for SSX Tricky


We have 13 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for SSX Tricky please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : GameCube : Xbox

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Unlock Alternate Costumes:
Complete ALL the chapters in your trick book. There is one more costume that this code doesn't unlock, the 'chrome costume', to unlock this one you need to complete the world circuit mode with a Master rank.
Unlock Pipedream Course:
Win a medal on all Showoff courses.
Unlock Uberboards:
Unlock ALL of the tricks for a character to get their uberboard.
Unlock Untracked Course:
Win a medal on ALL Race courses.

Unlock Characters

Win the indicated amount of Gold medals in the World circuit to unlock the corresponding playable character.
Unlock Brodi:
Win a Gold medal.
Unlock Zoe:
Win 2 Gold medals.
Unlock JP:
Win 3 Gold medals.
Unlock Kaori:
Win 4 Gold medals.
Unlock Marisol:
Win 5 Gold medals.
Unlock Psymon:
Win 6 Gold medals.
Unlock Seeiah:
Win 7 Gold medals.
Unlock Luther:
Win 8 Gold medals.

Unlock Codes

At the 'Title' screen hold L1 + R1 and enter the following codes to unlock the corresponding effect. If the code has been entered correctly you will hear a confirmation sound.
Unlock Cheat Mode:
Press X, Triangle, Right, Circle, Square, Down, Triangle, Square, Left, Circle, X, Up.
All Boarders have Full Stat Points:
Press Triangle(2), Right, Triangle(2), Down, X(2), Left, X(2), Up.
Unlock Sticky Boards:
Press Square(2), Right, Triangle(2), Down, Circle(2), Left, X(2), Up.
Unlock Mallora Board:
Press X(2), Right, Circle(2), Down, Triangle(2), Left, Square(2), Up. Select Elise and start a course and she will have the Mallora Board and a blue outfit.
Unlock Mix Master Mike:
Press X(2), Right, X(2), Down, X(2..


Hold L1+R1


Hold L1+R1

invisible character

While racing you press x,x,o,R1,R2 then press select 2x

to get more players the first two levels are the..

to get more players

the first two levels are the easyist levels in the game so start with eddie and get gold in the first two levels and then go to mac and do the same thing then you will unlock a new character and do the same thing with that one and so on and so on, soon you will have most of the character's.

Faster spins

When you arbout to go off a jump hold "x" and the arrow key(s) in the direction of the spin.
Right before you get off the jump let go of "x" only keep holding arrow key(s).
While in the air you should be spinning like never before.

Unlimited speed boost

The best place to get unlimited boost is the Tokyo place.

Play as Mix Master MikeAt the title screen hold ..

Play as Mix Master Mike

At the title screen hold L1+R1, press X,X,Right,X,X,Down,X,X,Left,X,X,Up. If you put it in correctly you will hear a sound. Then choose any boarder at the character select screen.

Start a track and you should be Mix Master Mike. He copies the Uber tricks of who he replaces. Note:Enter again to go back to normal.

Mallora board and costume

At the title screen hold R1+L1, then press X, X, Right, O, O, Down, Triangle, Triangle, Left, Square, Square, Up. Release R1+L1. If done correctly you will hear a sound. Choose Elise and start a course. Note: This only works for Elise. Enter again to disable.

Perform the "???" ..

Hi,Once you have gotten everyone on Master ranki..


Once you have gotten everyone on Master ranking you should try and get their 'Fuji' board by doing another round of world circuit get a gold medal on each challenge (e.g race and showoff)with every person you will unlock their Fuji board which is the best board they have.

Hope this helped, later

Fly Higher

The longer you stay in the crouched position the higher you fly.

Spinning uber

Hold in the jump button on the arrow keys hold the left arrow key jump and do a uber trick

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