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Silent Hill 2 Cheats for PlayStation 2

Cheats and Tips for Silent Hill 2

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A collection of cheats that includes unlocking the chain saw, unlocking the bullet adjust option and unlocking the noise effect option.

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We have 13 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Silent Hill 2 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PC

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Reveal Signs

When you complete the game with ALL the endings and then start a new game ALL the signs will be revealed.


Unlock Chain Saw:
Complete the game on Normal difficulty with the normal puzzle difficulty settings and when you then start a new game the chain saw will be among the logs before you get to the cemetery.
Unlock Hyper Spray:
Complete the game twice and start a new game and the Hyper Spray will be on the south side of the motor home.
Unlock Extra Options:
Press L1 + R1 at the 'Options' screen to display an extra options menu with map zoom, blood color and other selections.
Unlock Additional Puzzle Difficulty:
Complete the game on the Easy, Normal and Hard puzzle difficulty settings and then select the Hard puzzle difficulty again and the new game will have different puzzles for you to solve.

Unlock Bullet Adjust OptionBeat the game once on..

Unlock Bullet Adjust Option

Beat the game once on Normal difficulty and Normal puzzles.

Unlock Noise Effect Option

Beat the game once on Normal difficulty and Normal puzzles.

Remember Maria? Well in one part James and Maria..

Remember Maria? Well in one part James and Maria are in a tunnel like area being chased by the pryamid head guy! At the end of that tunnel is a elevator!(safe area) Maria is slow so push her in because she knows a answer to a riddle (face puzzle) with out her YOU CAN'T SOLVE IT

silent hill

At the begining of the game when you get the radio you go to the mobile home and theres a map and a saving place.

Dog Ending

Complete the Rebirth Ending, then load it on the load menu on the main menu then play it again. When you get to the part where you meet Maria for the first time, head across from the plark to a empty lot and you'll see a dog house. You get the key there.
Towards the end of the game, right after you watch the tape, head to the examination room to use the key there. Enter the room.

Steel Pipe

After you beat pyramid head in the apartment go to the corner on the north side of carrol st. And nathan av.

Unlock Chainsaw, hyper spray, obsidian goblet, a..

Unlock Chainsaw, hyper spray, obsidian goblet, and white chrism.

Beat the game once on any difficulty mode or any puzzle mode. then start a new game. When you are first coming into town you can hear a buzzing soung and and its the chainsaw!!!!!!!!!1

it is on top of a pile of logs in front of this one farm.

Beat the game twice(both games must be on the same puzzle and diffuiculty) and

when you reach the trailer on Saul Street it will be inside.

After beating the game once, the white chrism is on the kitchen counter of the room with the three-coin puzzle. the obsidian goblet is the smashed case in the very first room of the museum.

Open the apartment safe 1. First, examine the to..

Open the apartment safe

1. First, examine the toilet, in the same room the safe is in, for a wallet

2. Second, inside the wallet you should see a safe combo

3. Third, you should get your own combo, mine was 13>>10<<19>>20

4. Fourth, Write Down your combo on a paper, be sure you add an extra << at the end of the last number, be sure you write the directions opposite the directions on the wallet

5. Fifth, Now you should have something that looks like this 13<<10>>19<<20>>

6. Sixth, you should first start off on a random number, then turn left until you land on 13, right until you land on 10, left until yo..

Do not do this.

This is something to people that are first timers at playing this game. When you fight you first boss. (The thing you saw in the freaky cut scene.
I repeat
If you do you will die by being sliced in half by it.
I don't believe you can see it.
My friend told me. I hope this helps ya.


Complete the game on normal difficulty (and normal puzzles). Start again and find the chainsaw in the logs near the cemetery.

Hyper Spray

To get this valuable weapon you have to beat the game on the same save file twice. Then on your third play through, when you go to the motorhome, there will be a can sitting on the table. Grab it to get the Hyper Spray.
Different colours depend on your stars after each completed game.


There are only 3 coins needed,not 5.snake in the middle,gold on your right,silver on your left

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