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Follow the dark path or use the light
Silent Hill 2 Pack Shot

Silent Hill 2



by Lagunacell

Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams

Table of Contents
I. Characters and Enemies
II. Weapons and Items
III. Main Scenario: Letter From Silent Heaven
IV. Sub Scenario: Born From A Wish
V. Endings
VI. Unlockables
VII. Credits and Contact Information

 First before we get into anything I would like to tell you a bit 
about myself and why I chose to write a guide for this game. My 
name is John Brumbley, I love survival horror and dark fiction 
games like the Silent Hill and Resident Evil series. I'm a 
sophomore in High School and am looking forward to a military 
career. Well anyway, I chose to write a guide for Silent Hill 2 
because it's my favorite in the Silent Hill series and I just felt 
like sharing my knowledge with the people.

 Well now onto how to use the guide. Simply check the table of 
contents and find what you are looking for, or you could just press 
Alt + F and type in what you are looking for.

I. Main Characters and Enemies

 This section is a brief description of all the main characters and 
monsters roaming around Silent Hill, each has their own purpose in 
the town and will either help or hinder James' mission in this 
hellish place.

 James Sunderland
Age; 27
Main Character
 James' purpose in the town is to uncover the origin of a 
mysterious note that supposedly came from his wife Mary, who has 
been dead for three years now. What James finds in the town will 
change his life forever.

 Not much is known about her other then the fact that she looks and 
sounds like James' late wife. James first meets her at the pier in 
Rosewater Park, and from there on James had felt it necessary to 
protect her. I do not know where she is from but she seems to be 
lost in the town as well, but her own agenda and role is revealed 
much later in the game.

 Mary Sunderland
 James' late wife who died three years ago. James is in the town 
because of a letter that he believes she sent him, but since she's 
dead, there's no way, right? All we really know about her is that 
she was really sick and died from the illness, although we uncover 
the truth of her death later.

Age; 8
 Laura is a little girl who James meets in Wood Creek Apartments. 
She doesn't like James very much and does what she can do avoid 
him. Laura is completely sure that Mary didn't die three years ago 
and she went to the same hospital as Mary. Laura's role in the town 
is still a mystery.

 Eddie Dombrowski
 Eddie is a simple man who tends to be afraid of danger and tends 
to run from everything. Eddie's history is shrouded in mystery and 
it's hard to tell why he's really in town. James first meets him in 
Wood Creek Apartment in a bathroom. Eddie can get a little angry 
and uncontrollable.

 Angela Orosco
 James first meets her in the graveyard just outside of town and 
from that first moment James can sense something wrong with her. 
Angela is supposedly in town looking for her "momma." She also is 
very suicidal and grew up with an abusive father. James finds out 
more of her past and her true extent in the Labyrinth. 


 Patient Demon
 James first has a run in with these things in a back alley in a 
construction zone. These demons look like mental patients in a 
straight jacket. These are fairly common throughout the game and 
are found roaming the streets during the day and have one attack in 
which they spit acid at you. These are found around Silent Hill 
streets, Wood Creek and Blue Creek Apartments, Toluca Prison and 
the Labyrinth.

 James first finds these things in Wood Creek Apartments after you 
get the flashlight. These creatures look like two pairs of female 
legs attacked at the hip. These guys attack you with a kick type 
attack. They are found on the Silent Hill streets, Brookhaven 
Hospital, and Lakeview Hotel.

 These little things just run around on the floor and attempt to 
bite you. They are found in every area in the game.

 Nurse Demons
 These demonic nurses are a common sight in Silent Hill, especially 
around the hospital. They are usually found carrying Steel pipes 
and hit James doing a good amount of damage. They are found on the 
streets, and in Brookhaven Hospital.

 James first fights this demon as a boss in the Labyrinth when he 
protected Angela from it. The Doormen are representations of 
rapists from as far as I can tell because they seem to try to 
"rape" James' head when they attack him. They are only found in the 
Labyrinth and Lakeview Hotel.

 Pyramid Head
 James finds this demon molesting some Mannequins in the 
Apartments. He runs into Pyramid Head throughout his time in Silent 
Hill and eventually begins to understand their point in his time 
here. Pyramid Head has a habit of killing Maria repeatedly in front 
of James throughout the game. Many people have their own theory on 
what Pyramid rally is, some say it's James himself trying to punish 
himself for his sins, and some believe it's one of the gods of the 
town, in this case Xuclibara, the "Red God" of punishment and 

II. Weapons and Items

 This section is basically a brief description of the games weapons 
and items and their usefulness.

"Wooden Plank": A piece of construction board about two feet long. 
This is the first weapon you get in the game and will have until 
you get the Handgun. This weapon doesn't do very much damage and 
should be a last resort after you get a decent amount of bullets.

"Handgun": A 9mm handgun that you get in room 301 of Wood Side 
Apartments. It's a fairly decent weapon and should be used on the 
majority of enemies in the game, minus bosses.

"Steel pipe": A fairly decent melee weapon that you get at the 
Texxon gas station. It handles pretty well and should be used when 
you want to conserve ammo.

"Shotgun": You get this gun in the women's locker room in 
Brookhaven hospital. It's a powerful gun and should be reserved for 
the Doormen and other tough enemies. It doesn't have very good 
range though.

"Hunting Rifle": A very powerful gun that you get in Toluca Prison. 
It has very good range and attack power and should be saved for the 
battle with Eddie, the Pyramid Head, and the final boss.

"Great Knife": The strongest weapon in the game and the same knife 
that the Pyramid Head wields. This mighty weapon of destruction can 
kill anything, including some bosses, in one hit from its "slay" 
technique, to use it hold down the attack button hard. The only 
downside is that it's so heavy that James can't use it very well, 
however, with practice and mastery; it will be your best friend. (I 
even killed the last boss with it.)

 "Health Drink": A standard healing item that is commonly found 
throughout the game. Its healing effects are generally weak and it 
takes three to completely restore energy.

 "First Aid Kit": A less common healing item that does a medium 
amount of healing and should be reserved for when you are hurt 

 "Ampoule": The Holy Grail of medicine, this wonderful little thing 
will completely heal you and provide a few moments of 
invincibility. The only downside is that it's a rare item.

    Now we can finally get onto the actual game. I hope you enjoy 
it as well as I did.

III. Main Scenario: Letter From Silent Heaven

   "In my restless dreams, I see that town, Silent Hill."

  After the opening scene, leave the bathrooms. After the next 
scene, grab the map of Silent Hill out of James' car and head left 
and down onto the path. This guide will pick up after you get to 
the streets of town.

Silent Hill Streets, Part 1
Items; Radio, Wooden Plank, Health drink, Apartment gate key.

  Once you reach the streets take a right. When James notices the 
blood and the "Shadow" in the streets, follow the blood trail to a 
sort of side alley. Once you reach a wooden fence and hear the 
static, examine the fence. When you can, kill the monster and exit 
back to the streets. Check your map and head to Martin Street. On 
one side of the street is a health drink, at the end in a corner is 
a body, examine it to get the "Apartment gate key."
Head up Katz Street and go to Wood Side Apartments. Unlock the gate 
with the "No Trespassing" sign on it and go inside the building.

Wood Side Apartments
Items; Health drink x2, Handgun, Handgun bullets x2 boxes, 
Flashlight, Old man coin, Snake coin, Courtyard key, Fire escape 
key, Canned juice, Key to room 202, Clock key.

  Once inside grab the map to your left and the Health drink near 
the stairs. Head up to the second floor and take a right, head to 
room 205 and grab the flashlight off of the mannequin. Leave the 
room and head up to the third floor.  Check in between the bars and 
try to get the key. After rudely getting stepped head to room 301 
and get the Handgun off the shopping cart, now head back down to 
the second floor. When you hit the intersection you'll hear a 
scream, follow it to room 208. Check out the dead guy in the chair 
in front of the T.V then grab the "Key to Room 202" off the 
bookshelf. Head to that room and check the hole in the wall in the 
bedroom to get the "Clock Key." Head back to room 208. In a room 
here is a clock, on the side of the clock it says:
"The scars of the past shall
Remove the nail that stops time."

  Now on the wall opposite the clock are three arrows with three 
names. Each arrow corresponds with a hand on the clock, Scott being 
the second hand, Henry the hour and Mildred minutes. Now use the 
Clock key on the clock. If you'll notice the second hand is stuck 
so you don't need to worry about it.  According to the riddle on 
the side of the clock the "scars of the past" mean that we need to 
go counter clockwise, so turn it backwards until the time reads 
9:10:15 the 15 is the seconds (you'll hear a click telling you if 
you did it right.) Now go through the hole in the wall and into 
room 209. Grab the Health drink off the sink and head into the 
hallway. Take James' right and go into the door that leads to the 
staircase. Get the Handgun ammo off the railing and go into the 
third floor. Go into room 307, now after the creature leaves get 
the "Courtyard key" in the closet and go into the hallway. Head to 
the intersection and get the "Fire escape key" near the bars where 
your hand was stepped on. Turn around and go all the way down the 
hall to the next staircase. Go down to the first floor and head 
down the hallway with the missing door. At the end grab the "Canned 
juice" then head out the front door.

   Take James' right until you get to where you first came in. Go 
back inside and then go through the door near the stairs. Out here 
you need to go into the swimming pool and get the "Snake Coin" out 
of the carriage. Go through the door leading to rooms 101-104. Go 
into room 101 and get the Handgun ammo in the corner of the room. 
Now enter the door in here near a bunch of stacked dresser drawers. 
After the cut scene, head back into the hallway. Once here head all 
the way past room 104 and into the staircase, head up to the second 
floor. Go back through the hole in the wall in room 209 and go to 
the laundry room near the intersection of the hallway, (it doesn't 
have a door on it.) Check the garbage chute and use the canned 
juice on it. Now head down the stairs next to the laundry room, go 
to the first floor and outside. Check the garbage in an ally next 
to the front door. Read up on Walter Sullivan and get the "Old man 
coin." Head back up to the second floor, and go out the fire escape 
near room 201 to get to Blue Creek Apartments.

Blue Creek Apartments
Items; Handgun ammo x6, Prisoner coin, Lyne house key, Stairwell 

  Inside here check the toilet and get the wallet for your first 
puzzle in the game. Depending on your riddle difficulty the 
combination will be different each time. Here's the difference:

Easy/Normal: On easy you get a simple combination, something like 
5>>7<<2>>16 all you need to do is turn to the numbers on the safe 
in the way the arrows tell you to.

Hard: Here it's a little trickier, but if you know roman numerals, 
no problem. You will get a combination of numbers and numerals 
something like this: VV2>>X9<<V4>>X7. So the "V" is 5 so "VV" would 
be 10, same as "X" so my solution was 12>>19<<9>>17, simple stuff.

Extra: This can be hard if you don't know what you're doing. In the 
note will be letters and alphabet something like this: 6>>a<<8>>d 
so the answer would be 6>>11<<8>>14. The alphabet corresponds with 
numbers 11-20 so A is 11 all the way to K, which would be 20.

  Once you get the Handgun boxes out of the safe leave the room. 
Head right and go down the hall and into the stairwell at the end 
of the hall near the exit sign. Grab the map at James' left and 
head down to the first floor. Go into room 109 and enter the white 
door in the room. Once the cut scene ends grab the "Prisoner key" 
of the little dresser and go to room 105.  Check the desk and read 
the placard, which again depending on riddle level, is different.

"To the right is the lady.
To the left is the old one.

In the center drawls the other.

Now just two spaces remain,
But fear not for now,
The puzzle is done.
The puzzle is done."

This one is insanely simple because it tells you. Put the prisoner 
on the far right, the Old man on the far left and the Snake in the 

"Three bright coins in five holes be

At one end sits
The Seducer of she

The wind from behind
The woman doth play

The Formless One,
Null, lies furthest from they

The Old One beside
The Serpent sits not.

Tis to the Prisoner's left
That he doth rot"

To figure this one out lets look closer at the lines. "The seducer 
of she" refers to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, and the 
seducer of Eve was the snake, so it sits at one end, if we assume 
it's the left than that makes no sense so let's put it on the far 
right. "Null" refers to an open slot. The Old man we know doesn't 
go near the Snake because, "The Old man beside the Serpent sits 
not." He sits to the Prisoners left. So we know there's a blank 
spot between the Snake and the others so lets put the Prisoner in 
the third slot and the old man in the second. So the solution is: 
      Empty, Old Man, Prisoner, Empty, Snake

"First lies the seat of
He who is Peerless
Silent and empty,
Heartless and fearless
Beside him sits one who knows
The place of the servant is
Next to throne

Dozens of feet,
Yet not a single toe
The One that is hidden
Beside him doth go
Seducer of dreams,
Creature of Hades
Lying further from
Man and closer to Lady

Man and Woman seeing all
Heedless to the Raven's call

Silent and Hidden the two may be
They be not there for you to see

Return them to whence
They would be
And blessing shall
Descend on thee

I speak thus with
The North Star behind me
The birth of the sun is
The start of the story"
 Ok pretty tricky so let's check out the lines.  The fist slot is 
obviously empty because, "silent and empty." So the next line, 
"beside him sits someone who knows," means there has to be some 
coin there. Also, the "seducer" again is the snake, and according 
to the story, is closer to a woman than a man, so he goes next to 
the Prisoner. So according to all this the solution is:
Empty, Old Man, Empty, Snake, Prisoner.

"Like coins in the hazy
Aether tossed
Our souls must by
Their sinful weight
Descend to earth
With lightness lost

To "right" the sins
That they hath laid
When thrice in falling they intone
The Happiness shall be thy own

The first note be not by
The Horned One rung
Though it be there that
All sins be sprung

The Bringer of Life and
The Bringer of Shame
The sins of the latter be
Even more tame

Though coming
In the Aged One's wake
The Formless One's soul
In fear doth quake

The Needless One, silent,
With hungers all sated
Is least then in sin
With his lusts all abated

For the gravest of sinners
His place be appointed
And if he be lucky
May his soul be anointed?"

  Definitely hard, so we need to examine each line again. So let's 
say this represents the more sinful the person is the farther right 
they belong because "to "right" the sins they have caused," kind of 
gives it away. So we automatically know the Old man is first 
because as represented by the back of his coin, he is dead, 
therefore has no sins. Then we can look at "The bringer of life and 
the bringer of shame," which is the Prisoner. Also the Snake is 
"even more tame" than the Prisoner because he would be the cause of 
the sin that Eve, a woman, made. So the solution would be:
Old Man, Empty, Snake, Prisoner, Empty, almost the same as the easy 

  After you finish the puzzle get the "Lyne house key" and head 
back up to the second floor. Then go into room 208. Go across the 
balcony to room 209; grab the Handgun ammo on the chair and the 
"Stairwell key" off the bed. Go back across the balcony and into 
the hallway. Go into the locked stairwell across from room 209.

Boss Fight: Pyramid Head. 
       Difficulty: Easy

 Ok, now you have to fight this awesome thing. Well, it's actually 
easy to beat so don't panic just because of the small space in the 
room, however, if he hits you with a downward strike from that 
knife, you are dead. To beat him simply stay at a distance of a few 
feet, just out of his knife's reach, (I usually run from the corner 
nearest the door to the opposite end and back again.) This battle 
is timed so the rounds just slow him down so you don't die. On hard 
this battle will be 5 minutes long. When he starts to leave, DO NOT 
FOLLOW HIM, he can still turn around and attack you.
 After the water drains go down and out into the alleyway.

Rosewater Park
Items; First aid kit, Health drink, Handgun ammo x3

 In the alleyway, there's a First aid kit not to far from the 
bottom of the steps on James' left. Well, continue on through the 
alleyway until you find that kid who stepped on your hand. Once the 
cut scene is over, proceed on to the park, you'll know you're there 
when you see a big sign that says: ROSEWATER PARK. Just run 
straight to the pier getting the Handgun ammo near the gazebo and 
the Health drink at the pier. No head along the pier until you meet 
Maria. Now keep going along the path until you're back on the 
streets. Just before the exit though, there's a mannequin near some 

Silent Hill Streets, Part 2
Items; Steel pipe, First aid kit.

 Go down Nathan Avenue until you reach the Texxon Gas station. Grab 
the Steel pipe out of the hood of the car and then go to Pete's 
Bowl O' Rama. In here take the first door on James' left, listen 
through the conversation then head around into the bowling area. 
After Laura runs away follow her back outside. Head to the back of 
the bowl o' rama and go through the fence in the back. Down this 
alley Maria will point out where Laura went, but since you can't 
fit through the fence try the door that Maria will unlock. Go up 
the stairs and out the last door on the right. Grab the First aid 
kit off of a chair and go back outside to the street. Take James' 
right down Carroll Street and go to Brookhaven Hospital.

Brookhaven Hospital
Items; Health drink x3, Shotgun, Shotgun shells x3 boxes, Handgun 
ammo x2 boxes, First aid kit, Purple bull key, Lapis eye key, 
Examination room key, Bent needle, Strand of hair, Roof key, 
Elevator key.

 Once inside grab the maps off the wall to James' left. Now head 
into the Reception office, which is the blue door near you, in here 
grab the Health drink near where Maria is standing and go through 
the next door. Read the Doctor's diagnosis and get the "Purple bull 
key." Head back into the hallway and take the stairs up to the 
second floor. Dispose of the nurses and go down to the Nurses' 
locker room. Grab the Shotgun out of the locker and check the Teddy 
bear on the table to get a "Bent needle." Go back into the hall and 
go into the Doctor's locker room. Get the "Examination room key" 
out of the bloody lab coat's pocket. Now go back down to the first 
floor and use the key on the examination room, (the first door on 
the right down the hall nearest the stairwell.) There's nothing to 
get in the first room so go through the next door. In here grab the 
Shotgun Shells in the sink, and then check the whiteboard near the 
farthest door. The resulting code will be different depending on 
riddle lever, nothing to major so let's see:

Easy/Normal: 7335

Hard: The code says that it's a "T" so let' look at the keypad:
                      1 2 3
                      4 5 6
                      7 8 9

 So the resulting number would leave only five keys, 1, 2, 3, 5 and 
8 if you look at it like a "T". The solution would be 1328.

  Now head up to the third floor and put that code into the keypad 
and enter the patient wing. Check room S3 and Maria will take a 
break, leaving you for a while. Pick up the "Roof key" and go back 
to the stairs and head up to the roof. Read the diary on the ground 
and then go try the other door up here. Pyramid Head will give you 
a little welcome and knock you down into the third floor. Down here 
in one of the padded cells is a blood stain on the wall, remember 
the code on it and head out into the hallway. Head back to the 
second floor and go into the Examination wing, in the next hallway.

   Right when you come out of the door you'll see a box of Handgun 
bullets on a stool, grab it and proceed down the hallway to room M6 
killing any nurses or mannequins in your way. Kill the nurse in 
this room and grab the Shotgun shells near a bed and the Health 
drink on the opposite side and go back into the hallway. Now go 
into room M3 and kill the nurse and then grab the Handgun bullets 
and Health drink off of the floor. Back in the hallway and enter 
room M2. Get the "Lapis eye key" and the Shotgun shells of the desk 
next to a bed. Now go into Exam room 3 which is near to room M2. In 
here grab the First aid kit off the stretcher and read the paper in 
the typewriter. Now head up to the patient wing on the third floor, 
(rooms S1-S14.) Go into room S11 and get the Health drink right in 
front of you. 

  Now head to room S14. Remember the combination numbers on the 
bloody wall in the padded cell? If not, check your memos for a file 
called "Tern, tern the numbers." Input that on the combination lock 
and then check the memo titled "Imprint on Carbon Paper." Use this 
combination on the number lock. Now use the "Lapis eye key" and 
then the "Purple bull key." This will open the box and you'll find 
a "Strand of hair" inside. Head to the Shower room on this floor 
and stand over the drain. Combine the "Strand of hair" and the 
"Bent needle" to get the "Elevator key" out from the drain. Now, 
head to the elevator across from room S8 and go down to the first 
floor. Go into room C3, get the Shotgun shells off the stand on 
James' right and go back into the hall. Now go into room C2. In the 
back of the room you'll find Laura playing with some dolls. After 
she tricks you into going into a room and locking you in, you'll 
fight your next boss, the Hangers.

   Boss Fight: Hangers
    Difficulty: Normal

  These guys only have two attacks, one in which they attempt to 
grab and choke James, and one where they kick him. Both of these 
are easily avoidable if you have good reflex skills. Equip the 
Shotgun making sure you count how many shots you're firing so you 
can reload at a safe time. You'll start off looking at them, with 
shotgun in hand blast one about 2 or 3 times, make sure James is 
looking up at them since he tends to pump without looking up. Now 
run to the other side of the room and blast the same one 2 or 3 
more times. It should take only about 6 direct hits to end its 
life. Now take the other one down. After those two are dead another 
Hanger will drop down. Simply repeat this strategy until its dead. 
When it's dead you'll end up in another room and when you exit 
you'll notice the hospital has changed, thus beginning our second 
part of this hell.

Brookhaven Hospital, Part 2
Items; Health drink x1, Handgun ammo x4 boxes, Shotgun shells x8, 
Ampoule x3, 
First aid kit x3, Dry cell battery, Basement storeroom key, Lead 
ring, Copper ring.

 Outside of the room get the Shotgun shells next to the save point 
and go into the next hallway. Go down into room C1, kill the nurse 
and get the First aid kit off the bed. Now, go into room C2 and 
kill the nurse there and then get the Handgun ammo and the Health 
drink, next go into the elevator and get to the second floor. Go 
down into room M6, in here get the Handgun ammo and the First aid 
kit off of the beds, and now check the hole in the wall to get the 
"Dry Cell Battery" and the "Basement Storeroom key." When you're 
done with that read the note on the bed and take the elevator to 
the third floor. Go into room S11 and grab the Handgun ammo and the 
Ampoule off the stand and read the note on the bed. Now go down to 
room S3 to find Maria missing. 

  When you're done in this room, go out the padded door at the end 
of the hall that will lead to the staircase. Go down all the way to 
the Basement and go inside. Grab the Shotgun shells sitting in the 
pile of rubble, then check the shelf with the bloody handprints on 
it, push it and try to go down there, Maria will come into the room 
and rejoin you. Now go down into the "basement's basement" and get 
the "Copper ring" off the floor. Now head back up and take the 
elevator down to the second floor. On the way some weird, but 
funny, game show will come on, listen through the thing and we'll 
come back to it later. When you're at the second floor go all the 
way past M1 and in the door at the end of the hall. Check the 
fridge in the middle of the room and get the "Lead ring." Now go 
back up to the third floor. Go to the storeroom in the same hallway 
as the door to the stairwell. In here grab the Shotgun shells, 
Handgun ammo, and First aid kit off the shelf. Now look at the box 
on the table, remember the game show? This is the box, now the box 
looks something like:

     1 2 3
Q1 o o o
Q2 o o o
Q3 o o o

The object is to put the right answer in each one. Remember the 
questions? If not here's a refresher:

1. Merry-Go-Round, haunted house, roller coaster, Ferris wheel and 
tea cups. Silent Hill is home to a thrilling amusement park that 
both children and adults love. The question is: What is the name of 
this amusement park?

One: Fantasy Land
Two: Silent Hill Amusement Park
Three: Lakeside Amusement Park

2. Silent Hill witnessed a gruesome murder a few years back. A  
brother and sister were playing in the road when they were attacked 
and chopped into pieces with an axe. Torn flesh, smashed bones, 
splattered blood, and finally... What a terrible tragedy. What 
gruesome end to such innocent lives. What was the name of the 
murderer who committed this vile act?

One: Walter Sullivan
Two: Scott Fairbanks
Three: Eric Gein

3. South of the lake is a deserted old neighborhood called South 
Vale. From there to Paleville, the central resort area northwest of 
the lake, there's only one road you can take. Just one road, no 
more. The third and final question is: What is the name of that 

One: Bachman Road
Two: Rendell Street
Three: Nathan Avenue

  The answers aren't so hard really if you pay attention. Check 
your map for questions 1 and 3. You'll see the answers are, 
Lakeside Amusement Park and Nathan Avenue. Now for question 2 read 
the memo called "Article about murder incident," and find the 
answer to be Walter Sullivan. So the answer for all those will be:

 Get the five boxes of Shotgun shells and the two Ampoules. Now 
head to the 3D looking door near the elevator and combine and use 
the "Lead ring" and "Copper ring" on it. Go inside and down and 
read the note on the floor, afterwards go all the way down and in 
the door. In this long hallway Pyramid head will chase you and 
attack Maria, all I can say is run like hell. If you're on beginner 
to normal difficulty you can make it to the elevator at the end 
with no problems, but on hard, you need to pull out the steel pipe 
and hit it once, then backup a few feet and hit it again, repeat 
this strategy until you reach the end. At the end Pyramid Head 
kills Maria and James ends up on the first floor. Go into the 
Director's room and check the map on the desk. When you get the 
"Hospital lobby key" go out the main door.

Silent Hill Streets, Part 3
Items; Rifle shells x3 boxes, Handgun ammo x1 box, Shotgun shells 
x2 boxes, 
First aid kit x1, Wrench, Old bronze key.

 Go down Carroll Street, and take a left onto Rendell. At exactly 
the "ell" in Rendell on the map behind a fence near a tree on the 
left side of the road is some Rifle shells and Handgun ammo. Take a 
right on Munson and then get onto Saul Street. Go all the way 
through the tunnel, when you reach the motor home on the other side 
grab the First aid kit near it and the two boxes of Shotgun shells 
next to the front tire of the tan car near the motor home. Go to 
the "Happy Burger" and search around for two boxes of Rifle shells 
and a First aid kit. Now go up Lindsey Street and on the left side 
of the road, when the camera angle changes, get the "Wrench" off 
the porch and read the note. Afterwards run all the way down Katz 
Street past Wood Side Apartments until you hit a wall that has 
written on it in blood:

                  "The door the wakes in darkness
                         Opening in nightmares"

 Kind of a creepy omen, but go through the door next to it.  Well 
on the other side of the door take a right up Munson Street and get 
on Nathan Avenue. Go to Rosewater Park and check your map, you need 
to be at the center of the red circle; (you'll know you're there 
when you find a statue.) Check behind the statue and dig, when 
James is done check the hole to see a box, now use the "Wrench" on 
it to get the "Old bronze key." Now go back onto Nathan Ave. and 
get to the Silent Hill Historical Society. Once there open the main 
door and go inside. 

Silent Hill Historical Society
Items; First aid kit, Spiral writing key.

  Go into the next room with the broken door and check out the 
painting with the Pyramid Head on it. Now enter the next room and 
go down the really long staircase and into the next room. In here 
grab the First aid kit off of the table and then enter the next 
hallway. Go left and all the way to the end past the Patient demon, 
jump into the hole in this room. In this pit go around the room 
checking the wall until James notices a hollow part of the wall, 
pull out your steel pipe and hit the wall a few times until it 
crumbles to reveal a door, go inside. In this hallway take James' 
right until you see the first set of doors, go into the one on the 
right. In here go into the door on your right, grab the "Spiral 
writing key" off the ground and then your flashlight will die, if 
you check the door you'll find yourself to be locked in. Use the 
"Dry cell battery" to get the flashlight working again, now check 
the keypad on the door. You'll notice three numbers that are 
highlighted, input these numbers in different combinations until 
the door opens. Go out and to the metal grated door on the floor, 
use the "Spiral writing key" and jump in the hole.

Toluca Lake Prison
Items; Health drink x4, Handgun ammo x3 boxes, Shotgun shells x2 
boxes, Hunting Rifle, Rifle shells x4, First aid kit x3, Wax Doll, 
Gluttonous Pig Tablet, Seductress Tablet, The Oppressor Tablet, 
Ampoule, Lighter, Horseshoe. 

 After Eddie leaves the room, check around to get two Health drinks 
and the "Gluttonous pig tablet" off of some tables. Now follow 
Eddie out into the hallway. Take James' left and get a Health drink 
off a table, continue on down the hall and get the map off the next 
table. Now turn around and go to the intersection of two doors on 
James' left and right, enter the one on his left. Take a left 
around into the open shower stall to find the "Seductress tablet." 
Head back into the hallway and go left, now enter the next door you 
see on the left. In the cell block enter the second open cell and 
get the "Wax doll," now head right into the next hallway. Get the 
Handgun ammo off the table and continue on and enter the second 
door on your left to get to the next cell block. Go down and enter 
the seventh cell, grab the "Oppressor tablet" and exit the cell, 
(it may take a few tries as it tends to stick.) Go back into the 
previous hallway and down to the intersection between two doors, 
again enter the one on James' left. Go straight and examine the 
gallows, now combine the three tablets and use them on the gallows. 

  Get the "Horseshoe" off the door and go across the hallway. In 
here kill the patient demon and get the Rifle shells. Now go back 
into the cell block you were in, go all the way down and out into 
the hallway. Go into the door that's practically in front of you, 
get the First aid kit and head back into the hall. Go into the door 
next to the one you just came out of, go through here into the next 
hall. Turn left and enter the door nearest you, get the "Lighter" 
and reenter the hall. Now go into the women's room which is the 
second door on the left from here. Go all the way to the closed 
door and knock four or so times, now leave...scary huh? Anyway, back 
in the hall enter the door on the right at the end of the hall. In 
here get the First aid kit off the T.V., the Ampoule out the sink 
and the Health drink off the stool. Enter the next room and grab 
the Handgun ammo in front of you, go get the Hunting Rifle off the 
gun-rack, now get the two boxes of Rifle shells and the box of 
Shotgun shells and exit back into the main hallway. 

  Go into the metal door on your right, now examine the cover on 
the floor, combine the "Wax doll," "Horseshoe," and "Lighter." Jump 
into the hole, down here turn around and enter the double doors at 
the end of the hall. Go through the morgue and jump into another 
hole. Keep going on and jumping through holes until you reach an 
elevator, go into it and it'll go down on it's own, while it's 
going grab the Shotgun shells, Handgun ammo, First aid kit, and 
Rifle shells in each corner of the elevator. At the bottom go 
through the door and enter one hellish maze.

The Labyrinth
Items; Great Knife, Handgun ammo, Shotgun shells x3 boxes, Rifle 
shells x1 box, First aid kit x2, Wire Cutters.

 This part may get a little confusing since there is no map to work 
with; because of this I'm going to have to use the general 
directions, left and right, to explain this. Ok, here we go, take a 
left and go down to a "T" intersection that goes left and right, go 
left until you hit another intersection, now you can go either way 
because both ladders take you to the same room. In here the Pyramid 
Head patrols the area, if you went left; take James' left around 
until you find an intersection which branches of to a door, if you 
went right, go right to the door. In the room you'll find the 
"Great Knife" the mighty weapon that Pyramid Head wields, and two 
boxes of Shotgun shells. Head all the way back to the first "T" 
intersection you took. Now go the other way and down the ladder, go 
through this passage and up the ladder on the other side. In this 
room you'll see a puzzle box that has faces on it, you need to move 
this a certain way to get to the next area, the answer is different 
depending on riddle level of course, so here's what you do;

Easy/ Normal: You need to rotate it until you have the block with 
the red eyes facing up at you, now turn it either left or right.

Hard/Extra: You will get a random color of blocks, yellow, red, 
green, or blue. If you got the yellow you need to rotate it up, 
down, right and then left. If it was red, go up, then down. Green 
is up, down, right, and then left. Lastly, if it's blue you rotate 
it, up and then down, same as the red.

 After you solve the puzzle go through the door that appeared 
behind you and down the stairs to find....Maria! Still alive it 
seems...well after the cut scene, go back to the face puzzle. Get the 
"Wire cutters" from the fuse box and head back to the door at the 
start of the maze. Go across from the door and use the "Wire 
cutters" on the blocked off door, now go down the ladder. Go 
through here until the path splits right and up, go right and up 
the ladder. Go right at the next intersection and down the ladder, 
now down here go left and around until the path splits again, go 
left and up the next ladder. Up here go right across the metal 
platform and around the fence to the next ladder. Go forward 
through here until you hit the next intersection, then take a left 
and up another ladder. Get the Handgun ammo off the floor and go 
down the ladder on the other side. Go left at the intersection 
right at the start because the Pyramid Head patrols this place. Up 
the next ladder read the newspaper on the floor and enter the door, 
when you hear a scream, James' rushes to investigate. In here 
you'll find Angela and your next boss.

  Boss Fight: Doorman
   Difficulty: Normal

 This boss is actually very easy if you know what to do. It ahs one 
attack in which it tries to eat you and this doesn't really do any 
damage. You can just stand there and let it hit you while you shoot 
it with the Shotgun, since you can go about five hits before you 
need to heal. You can also shoot it about 3 times and then run to 
the other side of the room and fire some more. After about 5-12 
shots it'll die. 

 Angela will finish the doorman off and then rush out of the room. 
Go out into the hall and into the next door. Go into the first door 
you see and examine each body to begin your next puzzle. You will 
get a random combination of six men out of the possible eight, 
these include: Embezzler, Murderer, Thief, Counterfeiter, Swindler, 
Arsonist, Bodily Injurer, and a Kidnapper. Remember the order and 
which of these guys were in the room. No enter the hall and go into 
the door on the left at the end of the hall. You'll see six ropes 
hanging there and a sign hanging on the fence, the little one says:

"Only the sinless one
can help you here.
Mistakenly pull on
a criminal's rope and
your reward will be returned
to you in a shape most
wondrously strange."

 On the larger sign is the one that changes on each riddle level. 
So here they are:

"He committed an evil crime.
He turned a happy home
into a pile of ash.
For that, he should die.

They also committed crimes.
They tried to fraud
and trick others.
So their reward too is natural.

Even he cannot be forgiven,
My friend without his left hand.
And so his death bothers me not.

And what of him?
He also is not sinless.
There is only one here
who is innocent.

The missing child was
nowhere to be found,
And so there was
no proof of his guilt.
His death was a tragedy.

That is all I wish to say.
It was neither justice
nor retribution."

 Now let's look at the lines of this puzzle to find the innocent 
man. "He turned a happy home into ash" refers to the arsonist, so 
he is guilty. "They tried to fraud and trick others" refers to the 
counterfeiter, swindler, and embezzler, so they are guilty. "My 
friend without his left hand and so his death bothers me not" 
refers to the bodily injurer, so he is also guilty. So who is 
innocent? It tells you plain and simple, the kidnapper is innocent 
because "The missing child was nowhere to be found."

"Dead men, dead men
swinging in a tree
How many dead men
do you see?
Tongue turned blue and
face gone grey
Watch them as they
twist and sway

The first one killed
the butcher man
Then cooked him in
the frying pan
Served him to his hungry guests
And gave them seconds on request

The next one with his smile
and sweets
Stole poor children off the streets
To men who dressed unsavory
He sold them into slavery

Breaking into home at night
The thief he had a nasty fright
Filled his foolish head with ale
Woke in the morn
in the county jail

The artist with his daunting skill
Tried his hand at painting bills
But caught in rain he was undone
When the ink he'd use did
start to run

With promises of great return
Taking gold he did not earn
Bundled it up out of sight
Quietly slipped off into night

Three houses into ashes burned
The sheriff with no place to turn
Did spy a stranger to his town
Locked him up and beat him down

Dead men, dead men
swinging in a tree
How many dead men
do you see?
Six feet long and
six men wide
Round their necks
the noose be tied"

 Let's see about this one next. "The first one killed the butcher 
man" is the murderer, so he's guilty. Now, "the next one with his 
smile and sweets stole poor children off the streets" is the 
kidnapper, who is guilty. "The thief had a nasty fright" who could 
that be? Hmm... It's the thief, who is guilty. "The artist with his 
daunting skill, tried his hand at painting bills" is the 
counterfeiter, also guilty. Let's just skip to the innocent man, 
"Three houses burned into ash, the sheriff with no place to turn 
did spy a stranger to his town, locked him up and beat him down" so 
the arsonist is innocent because the sheriff picked up some random 
person with no evidence.

"I do not wish to die.
But tomorrow I will climb
the thirteen steps.

Please someone - answer me,
Why must I die come the morning?

The man imprisoned beside me
believed me. "Because they're
all insane, that's why," he said
Of course I know his opinion
will change nothing. "Now you
know why I struck out at them,"
he muttered.

The man who was executed
Yesterday, the one who had
said his job was to sell dreams,
said that was not true.

But the man who is to be executed
the day after tomorrow for stealing
children shouted back that it was

The man who was hung today
did not answer. "They'll kill me
either way," he said. He was
caught embezzling public money,
so he hasn't any hope for mercy.

The man who is always quietly
smiling to himself said "I am
happy for I will soon be with her."

I do not wish to die.
I long only to return home.
But I know it is not to be.
Though I have done nothing, this
crime has been thrust upon me.

Someone save me. This is not
judgement. They are bloodthirsty
and I am their sacrificial lamb!"

 Getting harder... but still easy enough. "Now you know why I 
struck out at them" is the bodily injurer. "The man who said his 
job was to sell dreams" Well let's say it's the swindler because 
they tend to promise you things and never do it. "The man who is to 
be executed the day after tomorrow for stealing children" is the 
kidnapper of course. "He was caught embezzling money" gives this 
one away as the embezzler. "I am happy for now I will be with her" 
is the murderer only because usually some people regret it after 
they kill someone and long to be with them if it's a family member. 
So we're left with the man speaking, who turns out to be the 
counterfeiter, the innocent man.

"We may visit death upon the head
of the sinner but to what avail?

In the name of retribution,
we took part in a bitter
comedy this day.

You, hanging as you do,
by your neck,
Unforgiven, and cursed by all.

Five of them committed crimes,
six went out for a drink and
were captured there.

Only one of them was innocent,
but they knew not that.

The bloodstains remaining
are proof of their guilt.
Trodden upon and thus created,
they are paths to
Hell or the Void.

The white bandages stained
with crimson,
The remains upon the scorched
black earth,
The whispered cries of
the maiden.
They are but meaningless

They are also signs of guilt.

But one of them was
done without reason.
It was done out of fear
and a ripe imagination.

Sinning alone at the
end of a rope,
it is nothing less than
a disgrace to us all."

 This one will take some thinking. "The white bandages stained with 
crimson" is the bodily injurer. "The remains upon the scorched 
black earth" is the arsonist. "The whispered cries of the maiden," 
refers to a kidnapper. The meaningless "contract" that's mention 
refers to a swindler because they could have a contract with 
someone but cheat them out of what they had. Now we have to find 
the innocent man, so let's look at the lines "It was done out of 
fear and a ripe imagination." Who would you be afraid of? A thief, 
an embezzler? No, you would be afraid of a murderer, who turns out 
to be the innocent man.

 After you know who is innocent check back to find which rope he's 
hanging on. Once you know, go and pull his rope in the room with 
the puzzle. Go back and get the "Key of the persecuted" from the 
spot where the hanged man was. Now go through the door at the end 
of the hall, use the key on the handcuffs and go down the ladder. 
Go ahead into the door to find Maria, who seems to have died again. 
When you're done here go down the passage that has opened up and up 
the ladder. Grab the First aid kit and keep going to the graveyard. 
Search around in a corner to get some Shotgun shells. Now look for 
a grave that's got Walter Sullivan's name on it and get the Shotgun 
shells next to it. Check the three fresh graves, each one is 
labeled Eddie Dombrowski, Angela Orosco, and the one with a hole in 
it is your own, James Sunderland. Grab the Ampoule off the ground 
next to your grave and jump in the hole. Now go down this long 
hallway and in the door at the end to find Eddie, who ahs "Gone 

      Boss Fight: Eddie Dombrowski
         Difficulty: Easy-Medium

 Eddie only has two attacks in both parts of this fight, one where 
he shoots James with his revolver, which does a decent amount of 
damage to you, and another where he runs up to James and punches 
him. You can win this battle extremely fast by using the slay 
technique on him with the Great knife one time. You could also pull 
out the Rifle and pump about 5-10 shots into him. You'll know it's 
over when he runs into the next room.  Pick up the box of Rifle 
shells and the box of Shotgun shells on the floor and follow him 
into the next room.
 This part of the fight is a little bit trickier because the room 
is a lot bigger and gives Eddie more room to run and fire at you, 
this room also has meat hanging in it and can disrupt your fire if 
Eddie runs behind it. Well, you pretty much will use the same 
strategy here only stick with the Rifle. Fires at him until he 
shoots you about two times then heal. After about 10-15 shots will 
take him down. You can also use the Great knife in this fight but 
it will take 2 hits instead of one to bring him down. After the 
fight head out the big loading door in the back of the room.

Toluca Lake

 Once outside head down the dock and get into the row boat. Now, 
you need to use the left joystick to turn yourself left or right 
until you see a light, now line yourself up with it and head 
towards it. This part of the game can be a pain if you're playing 
on hard action level, on this level you have to rotate the stick 
left to turn left and right to turn right, but to go forward you 
have to rotate the left analog stick in a counter clockwise manner 
and the right in a clockwise motion.

Lakeview Hotel
Items; First aid kit x 2, Shotgun shells x4 boxes, Handgun ammo x3 
boxes, Health drinks x7 , Rifle shells x4, Fish Key, Key to room 
312, Key to Room 204, Thinner, Little Mermaid Music Box, Cinderella 
Music Box, Snow White Music Box, Bar Key, Employee Elevator Key, 
Stairway Key, Videotape, Can Opener, Light Bulb.

 When you arrive at the hotel don't go inside just yet instead, 
search around on one of the water fountains for the "Little 
Mermaid" music box, now that you have this, and enter the hotel. 
Once inside grab the map off the wall to James' left, now head 
forward and down into the basement. Head through the hallway and 
get the "Can of Thinner" on the floor in the elevator. Now, head 
back up and go into the "lake Shore" restaurant on the first floor. 
Grab the "Fish key" off of a plate on one of the tables and start 
to leave, after the conversation with Laura go back into the hall. 
Out here will be two Doormen, you can kill them or ignore them 
completely by heading into the lobby. Inside here check the note on 
the reception desk and then head into the reception area and get 
the "Key to room 312" out of the key box. Head up to the top of the 
stairs in the lobby and take James' left into the next hallway. 

  Head into the cloak room and grab the First aid kit off the 
counter, then grab the two boxes of Shotgun shells and two boxes of 
Handgun ammo off the shelves, now use the "Fish key" on the 
suitcase to get the "Key to room 204." Head back into the hall and 
go get the boxes of Handgun ammo off the windowsill and enter the 
reading room. In here grab the Health drink off the table and the 
two boxes of Shotgun shells off the bookshelves. Now head back into 
the hall and head into the hallway with room 201-210. There are two 
Doormen who patrol this area, so dispose of them and head into room 
204. Grab the "Employee elevator key" off the table and head 
through the hole in the wall to room 205, in here check the photos 
scattered on the bed, use the "Thinner" on the photo to get a 
password for a combination lock, use that code on the suitcase 
laying on the floor, once it's open pick up the "Cinderella" music 

  Now go back and head through the other door at the top of the 
lobby stairs. Grab the two boxes of Rifle shells and the Health 
drink of the stands to James' left and then head into the first 
door on the left down the hallway. Grab the two Health drinks off 
the cart and then try to use the elevator, after none of the 
buttons work press the cancel button and see that the elevator's 
weight limit is one person. So, put all your items and weapons on 
the shelf right by the elevator, now use the elevator and head to 
the first floor. Grab the employee's hotel map off the wall and 
then head down into the pantry, in here get the "Snow White" music 
box and head back into the hallway. Head back past the elevator and 
enter the office, grab the "Videotape" and "Can opener" out of the 
safe and leave the room. Go into the employee lounge and get the 
two boxes of Rifle shells off the refrigerator, now head into the 
stairwell across from the office and go down to the basement.

 Down here head into the boiler room and get the First aid kit off 
the floor and the "Bar key" off of a valve, (you may have to follow 
James' eyes on this one.) Now head out and into the kitchen, in 
here get the three Health drinks off the counters and then check 
the can in the counter next to the stove, use the "Can opener" on 
it and get the "Light bulb." Now head into the bar and use the 
"Light bulb" on the flashlight and then leave the bar. Head all the 
way back up to the elevator room and get your items. Now head to 
the lobby, examine the music box in the center of the room, the 
clues on the inscriptions tell you where each of the music boxes 
you have go and change on each riddle level, so here we go:

"When the Lost One is returned
the sour note shall turn sweet"

 Pretty much all you have to do here is place each music box in any 
of the three holes, no real challenge here.

"Seat of the Princess
who fled at midnight."

"Seat of the Princess
who awoke from death."

"Seat of the Princess
who spoke no words."

 If you're pretty familiar with your fairy tales and Disney movie 
you won't have any problems but let's go over them anyway. The 
"Princess who fled at midnight" is Cinderella because the spell 
ended at midnight and she had to leave. The "Princess who awoke 
from death" was Snow White.  The "Princess who spoke no words" was 
the Little Mermaid. So place them in the appropriate place.

"Twas shameful greed did stain
her shoe with blood."

"Even so, I still want to believe
that she was happy."

"Beauty - Both a blessing
and a curse thou be."

 This one actually is very easy if you know your stories. The line 
"Twas shameful greed that did stain her shoe with blood" is very 
self explanatory and is Cinderella because the "shoe" part gives it 
away. Now, let's see, "I still want to believe that she was happy" 
is actually confusing, but if you think about it, which one would 
you want to believe was happy? I'd say the Little Mermaid, because 
she lost her voice but you hope she was happy in the end. Now, 
"Beauty - both a blessing and a curse thou be" refers to Snow White 
because she was the fairest of them all but the Queen wanted to 
kill her because of it.

 After you put the boxes in the right place, play the music box and 
grab the "Stairway key" off the boxes. Now head up to the area with 
the cloak room and head up to the third floor, up here use the 
"Stairway key" on the metal sliding door and go into room 312. Use 
the "Videotape" on the V.C.R. and learn some pretty disturbing 
facts about the truth of Mary's death. When the radio goes nuts 
exit the room and find it in the same state Brookhaven was, this 
can only be bad news.

Lakeview Hotel, Part 2
Items; Health drink x5, Ampoule x2, Handgun ammo x2 boxes, Rifle 
ammo x4 boxes, Shotgun shells x2 boxes, First aid kit, Scarlet Egg, 
Rust-Colored Egg. 

 Now go back down to the second floor and enter the reading room, 
listen to the radio on the table with the headphones and then head 
into the hallway with rooms 201-210. Go down and enter room 209 to 
be magically whisked away to actually you just some how 
come out of room 219. Grab the Handgun ammo off the windowsill and 
head down and out the double doors into the next hall. Go to the 
elevator in this hallway, not the one in the elevator room, and get 
the two Ampoules off the stand and use to elevator to go down to 
the basement. Head into the bar and grab five, yes count them, five 
Health drinks off the liquor shelf and head into the kitchen. Grab 
the two boxes of Rifle shells and the two boxes of Shotgun shells 
off the counters along with a First aid kit, now head through the 
next hallway and into the staircase to meet with Angela, for the 
last time. After she walks off go back through the door to end up 
in the real stairwell, go up to the first floor. Head through the 
hallway and out the door that, if you check your map, doesn't lead 
anywhere, but apparently it does. Follow the path and through the 
next door, you'll notice nine save points on the wall, save if you 
must, and then head into the lobby to find the Pyramid Head, doing 
what it does best, killing Maria.

Boss Fight: Two Pyramid Heads
     Difficulty: Medium-Hard

 Now you'll be facing two Pyramid Heads at the same time, the only 
good news is that you can damage either of them and hurt the other. 
They have a total of two attacks, one in which they stab you with 
their spear, and don't ever underestimate the range on that thing, 
it'll get you when you least expect it, and another attack where 
they swing their spears around in a circle like a tornado and hit 
you a few times. The other thing that sucks about this fight is how 
fast they go on higher action levels, on hard you can hardly get 
any room in between you and them. Well, to beat these guys, equip 
the Riffle and run into the farthest corner away from them and fire 
3-4 shots at the nearest one and then run to the next corner, 
preferably one across the room, repeat this strategy and heal when 
necessary until you have fired roughly 15 or so shots at either of 
them they will go and kill themselves. On hard mode, (and you'll 
think I'm insane for saying this, but since I got a perfect rating 
you should trust me,) equip the Great knife and head right at them, 
when you're attacking them do not use the slay technique, it may do 
a lot of damage but takes to long, hit them about 3 or 4 times with 
the knife and after they hit you twice, heal. Keep at this strategy 
until they go off and commit hara-kiri.

  After the fight examine each of the Pyramid Head's corpses to get 
a "Scarlet egg" and a "Rust-colored egg." Use these items on either 
of the lobby doors  to get out, now head out the main door of the 
hotel and go down the long hallway, listening to the whole 
conversation, and go outside. Head up the ridiculously long 
staircase to find Maria, or Mary, depending on your ending which 
I'll explain later. It seems that Maria/Mary isn't content with 
James giving up and leaving Silent Hill and tries to kill you.

 Boss Fight: Maria/Mary Demon
     Difficulty: Medium-Hard

 This boss is actually easier then the Pyramid Heads, she has three 
main attacks, the one she will use most is to send a swarm of 
butterflies at you to stun you so she can use her second attack, 
which is to strangle James. The third attack is a sort of jab with 
her tentacle. To win this fight make sure you have the Rifle 
equipped, now at the start of the battle she usually sends out a 
swarm at you, turn around and run away until they give up the 
chase, now turn around and fire at the boss until she catches up to 
you, then run away. Anytime she sends the butterflies at you run 
away, you don't want the boss to strangle you. Continue this 
strategy, healing when you feel the controller vibrate, until the 
demon falls to the ground, this will usually take around 10-15 
shots on easy through normal action level, on hard it will take 
somewhere around 30-35 shots. Once she falls you only have to hit 
her once more to end her life, I usually pull out the Great knife 
and slay her for fun.

  This concludes the walkthrough for the main scenario of Silent 
Hill 2: Restless Dreams, now on to the sub-scenario, Born From A 

IV. Sub-Scenario: Born From A Wish

 This Sub-scenario is an extension to the main game and chronicles 
Maria's story before meeting James and give a little bit more 
insight on Maria's character. It is recommended that you complete 
the main game before playing this sub-scenario. Well, here you go, 

   "When I woke up, I was all alone."
Heaven's Night
Items; Health Drink x2, Chinese Cleaver, Revolver ammo x2 boxes, 
First aid kit.

  You'll start in a sort of side room in Heaven's Night. Pick up 
the cases of Revolver ammo on the shelf and the two Health drinks 
on the floor near the door.  Exit here and head to the bar area. 
Grab the Chinese Cleaver and the First aid kit off the stool and 
exit into the streets.

Silent Hill: Streets
Items; Health drink x3, First aid kit, Revolver ammo x2 boxes.

  When you reach the road head straight down Carroll Street, grab 
the health drink off the semi cab on the way. Take a left onto 
Rendell Street, you can find two more health drinks in front of a 
van on the left side of the road, (on the map this would be near 
the end of "St.") Take a left onto Munson Street and continue on 
until you see some bloody mess in the road, follow this to a door 
that leads to the Baldwin House.

Baldwin House
Items; Health drink x5, Revolver ammo x6 boxes, First aid kit x2, 
Acacia Key, Red Board, Black Board, White Board, Matches, Birthday 
  Once inside the house, head forward into the living room. Get the 
First aid kit and the two boxes of Revolver ammo off the table, and 
then get the map sitting on a stand that has a lamp on it. Go up 
the stairs; (grab the Revolver ammo on the way,) at the top there 
will be four doors, two of which will be inaccessible, check the 
one that, according to the map, would lead to the lounge. After the 
cut scene, head through the other usable door. Kill the mannequin 
and grab the Health drink off the stand. Now turn around and go 
through the door nearest the one you can in from. Pick up the 
"White Board" and head back to the living room. Check out the 
fireplace and go up the ladder inside. Once up top pick up the "Red 
Board" and the "Black Board." Check out the gravestone, the 
inscription reads:

"Along with you died joy,
All that remains is despair and a future
Of meaningless tomorrows.

But I will never give up.
One, to see your
Beautiful smile again.
One, to beg the
Blessings of the Gods.
I wait for that day.

When the boards cover all,
All sadness will be covered.
But until my dreams turn to reality,
I will have to swallow
All the pain."

    Well anyway, looking at the boards shows each to have holes in 
different places. So, you have to place the boards onto the 
gravestone to cover the "darkness" without any showing through the 
holes on them. To solve this, place the Red board on first, then 
place the Black board on turned 90 degrees to the right, now take 
the White board and place it the same as the Black board. Now that 
you have the Acacia Key, go back to where you killed the mannequin 
and go through the door farthest from where you enter, unlock the 
next door and enter. Go down the hall and enter the Kid's room. 
Grab the "Matches" off the dresser next to the bed. Head back into 
the hall and take the next door up to the attic. Up here light the 
candle with the matches, now grab the "Birthday card" from under 
the chair in the corner. Now head back to the room that Ernest was 
in. Grab the Health drinks off of the bookshelf and the First aid, 
now read the book on the table and have a little lesson on Acacia 

  Well go out the other door, in this hallway all you have to do is 
go to the staircase. Down the stairs enter the first door on 
Maria's right. Run down this really long hallway, picking up the 
ammo on the way. In the next room grab the two Health drinks and 
Revolver ammo near the sink. Go through the door on the right side 
of the room. Go straight into the next hallway, in here enter the 
first door on your left. Read the book of Lost Memories and then 
try to enter the next door. After your talk with Ernest, head back 
a few hallways and down the staircase opposite the save point. Down 
here go into the door on your left, in the next hallway run 
straight through it and up the stairs. Go through the last door at 
the end of the hall.

Blue Creek Apartments
Items; First aid kit, White Liquid

  Once inside you can go upstairs if you want and grab the map, 
(it's in the same place where you got it with James.) Since we 
won't be here that long, you shouldn't need it. Well from where you 
started go into the door straight in front of you. From here go 
into the room practically right in front of you, (this is the same 
room with the coin puzzle.) Well, grab the "White Liquid" off of 
the dresser where you had to do that puzzle. You can grab the First 
aid kit off the sink if you need it. You are now done with this 

  Head on back to where you met Ernest in the study. When you go to 
open the door you get another cut scene, actually the first of the 
last two. Well, now you know Ernest is a ghost, or the house, who 
knows. Well, that's the end of Maria's journey before encountering 

 Now you have officially completed all of Silent Hill 2: Restless 
Dreams, one of the best games ever created in my opinion. 
Congratulations, and now I will explain the differences between the 
endings, and the things you unlock by completing the game.

V. Endings

  This section is just a brief explanation of the different endings 
and the requirements for each. So let's get on with it.

 Ending #1, Water
Requirements; Basically have a bad game time, lots of saves, don't 
protect Maria, and examine the knife that Angela gave you a lot.

 This is actually the worst ending in the game but it is probably 
my favorite, not only because it's the official ending but because 
it made the hair on my arms stand up and gave me goose bumps. What 
basically happens is, James meets with Mary for one final time and 
receive a letter from her after she and him talk about why James 
killed Mary. The screen stays black and you hear James muttering 
the word that I'll never forget, "Now I finally understand why I 
came to this town," and he drives his car into Toluca Lake, killing 
his self. Then, the letter is read to you, and I still find it a 
little funny.

 Ending #2, Leave
Requirements; Don't protect Maria, have a fairly decent time, and 
listen to the radio in the reading room, also listen through the 
whole conversation in the hallway at the end of the hotel.

 This ending also takes place after James talks with Mary, however 
instead of James killing his self. The letter is also read to you 
before you see what happens in the ending. James takes Laura and 
leaves Silent Hill, probably taking her as his own daughter like 
Mary wanted.

 Ending #3, Maria
Requirements; Protect Maria a lot, don't listen to the radio or the 
conversation in the hall at the end of the hotel.

 This is the ending in which you fight Mary as the final boss 
instead of Maria. James kills Mary at the end of the fight and is 
being all emo at Rosewater Park when Maria comes up and asks James 
is he killed Mary again. James and Maria then leave Silent Hill 
together, probably to go on with their lives together. The ending 
theme played during this one is my personal favorite, it's called 
"Promise" and you should listen to it.

 Ending #4, Rebirth
Requirements; Beat the game one time and get the "Book of Lost 
Memories," "White Chrism," "Obsidian Goblet," and the "Book of 
Crimson Ceremony."

 This ending is only available after you beat the game the first 
time. What basically happens is James take Mary off in the boat to 
some island and will probably attempt to revive her by summoning 
the old gods of the town. 

VI. Unlockables

 This section will tell you what you can unlock in the game by, 
beating it or getting a ten star rating.

"Chainsaw": Unlocked when you beat the game, it is found in a log 
on the path to Silent Hill at the beginning of the game. It is a 
very decent weapon and can kill most enemies almost instantly.

"Hyper Spray": Unlocked by beating the game a second time. It's 
found in the motor home on Saul Street. The Hyper Spray can 
temporarily immobilize an enemy and is useful for when you go to 
use the Great knife on many enemies. This item will be upgraded 
when you get a ten star rating to actually kill enemies instead of 
just immobilizing them.

"Book Of Lost Memories": Found at the Texxon gas station in a paper 
box after beating the game. It's just an ordinary book but is 
required to get the Rebirth ending.

"White Chrism": Found in the room with the coin puzzle in Blue 
Creek Apartments on the sink. It's also unlocked by beating the 
game once and is also needed to get the Rebirth ending.

"Obsidian Goblet": Found in the room with the long staircase at the 
beginning of the Silent Hill Historical Society in the broken glass 
case. Unlocked by beating the game and is needed for the Rebirth 

"Book of Crimson Ceremony": Found in the second half of Lakeview 
Hotel in the reading room on a shelf. It's an ordinary book except 
that it describes a God of the town, who in my opinion is the 
Pyramid Head. This is unlocked by beating the game once and is also 
needed for the Rebirth ending.

VII. Credits and Contact Information

 Well, after a week of typing this up it's finally done. Anyway, I 
have to give the most credit to Konami of course for producing such 
a great game. Second of all I would like to thank my friend Chris 
for letting me use his computer to type this up. I would also like 
to thank Akira Yamaoka for creating one of the best soundtracks for 
a game I've ever heard this was your finest work. Well, I guess 
that's about it, so if you are confused or just plain, lost with 
anything I wrote here please feel free to contact me at 
[email protected] Thank you for using my guide, Adiou and 

                   Copywrite 2006 John Brumbley.