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Resident Evil: Code Veronica X Cheats for PlayStation 2

Cheats and Tips for Resident Evil: Code Veronica X

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Resident Evil: Code Veronica X Guide
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Our cheats include unlocking Battle mode, getting infinite ammo, and codes to open doors.

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We have 23 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Resident Evil: Code Veronica X please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : GameCube : DreamCast

You can also ask your question on our Resident Evil: Code Veronica X Questions & Answers page.

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Portrait Puzzle This is the sequence to solve th..

Portrait Puzzle

This is the sequence to solve the puzzle in the portrait room.

Woman holding tea set

Middle aged man with red-haired twins

Red-haired man holding a teaset

Red-haired man with earthenware plate

Man with earthenware vase

Man with candlestick

Young man from projector


Unlock Battle Mode:
When you have successfully completed the game on any difficulty setting with any ranking Battle mode will automatically be saved to your 'Memory Card' and be selectable at the 'Main' menu.
Unlock Steve Burnside in Battle Mode:
On Disc 2 get the Gold Lugers from the basement office (the combination is red, green, blue and brown). He can also be unlocked by playing the original Chris Redfield in Battle mode and performing well.
Unlock Alternate Claire Redfield in Battle mode:
Use the original Claire Redfield in Battle mode and Perform well.
Unlock Albert Wesker in Battle Mode:
Use Chris Redfield in Battle mode and perform well.

Infinite Ammo

(Note: As I know, It's really hard to use this code)
Open your invertory and enter the following code: Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right + Aim. Then close Invertory and open it again. If you're lucky, all weapons are going to be Unlimited.
If that's not works, try holding Aim and then enter the directions above.
(As I know, It's only works with the Japanese version)

Lighter protection

When you are in a section where bats are around, equip the lighter and the bats will not attack you. They'll just fly around you but they won't attack.

ammo for linear launch

I beat the game in 19 hours and didnt use the magnum to kill alexia in ant form because the linear launcher has unlimited ammo already

Killing spiders...

Not sure if you know this...but the fastest way 2 kill the spiders is 2 use the acid rounds. 2 shots max (unless you are fighting the giant spider w/ chris...then it takes about 4). Hope this helps Smile

Different Steve reaction.

When Steve tries to take The Two Gold Lugars, go to the computer and hit the pistol button and the handgun button.
If you do it fast, then he runs out and is more energetic when the shelf moves. If you do it slow, then he colapses out of the room and is weary.
P.S. You can tell by looking at the screen when it says Steve is in trouble. If he is banging on the shelf with both fists, then he is energetic. If he is slouching, and barley banging on the shelf, then he is weary.
Sorry for the misspelling.


In the game you have to no some codes to either open doors or get items
And here they are.
1 NTC0394 this is for the coomputer in the palace as you come in
2 c+e when helping steve when your in the palace
3 1971 when your are in alfred's office where you put the golden lugers
4 red,green,blue when playing as chris go to the save room just as you come in from the elervater next to the tank go to the draw
5 colling liquid when you play as chris go to the place were get attacked by the baby albinoids then and go to the friezer and put in 12.8c to make the liquid turn blue.
6 when you get to the place were you see the ants go to the room where you put
In a code the code is the ab sign spades sign the heart then then crown.
Sent in by terminater4

Alexia 2

When fighting alexia's second form this is the hardest boss in the game
The best thing to do is stay in one place and keep healing when you need to.
You only need a shotgun and a magnum with fair amount of ammo and about Three fully healing items.
When she stars to fly wait in till she goes strait up the shoot her don't worry About zooming in.

Zombies in the graveyard

Don't try & kill the zombies in the graveyard near the begining with the knife it should be easier if try running pass them

Painting where the brown desk is with the color drawers.

Look at the painting in the save room where the brown desk is with the color drawers.It shows the answer for the code. It's a painting of an island with a volcano with lava coming out. I found out the answer by what it says. I forgot what it says but it corresponds like this:
That's how I found out. Enjoy!

Decapitating zombies

You can decapitate zombies for a quicker kill. This works best with the Shotgun (the Magnum does it too, but you'll want to save your Magnum for boss battles). When a zombie comes after you, let them get close, and then point your Shotgun up and fire. This should decapitate them. However, the Shotgun does a good job at decapitating from a distance, too, which is what you should try to do if you are facing groups of zombies. Only use the pointing up method for lone zombies that you need to kill.

Hi!did you know that the combat knife is one of ..


did you know that the combat knife is one of the most deadliest weapons for zombies? its true,here's a stratgedy of killing monsters with the knife!

1.Zombies: zombies are extremly weak against the knife instead of aiming at the head aim for the ankles, dependingon how strong it will fall to the ground with 1 strike sum take 2 but no more than 2 dont worry! when they fall on the floor keep striking the knife even as they r getting up it only takes about 2/3 strikes when they r getting up and if there are lots of zombies it hits them all at the same time if they are near,this saves LOADS of ammo

Dogs: Though the knife is extremly effective against dogs, its hard to hit them as they attack in pairs use the pistol..

the gold lugar replica puzzle

when you play as chris and go to the second save point in his game,(the room with shotgun shells and ammo in a cupboard also with a draw with locked doors)the draw holds the gold lugar the draws in this order to open the brown door.

RED-GREEN-BLUE then the brown door will unlock.put the replica in your storage box.once you complete the game you will unlock battle mode and steve as a playable character.

Weapon Use

Use your weapons efficiently. Each weapon is bestsuited to destory a different monster or zombie.

Items Locations

Herbs and First Aid Spray, these items are sometimes found on a corpse or in a desk or locker.

Enemies Attack

Learn the enemies attack patterns and weakness. Different enemies succumb more easily fire, acid, etc.

Easy fight conserving ammo against hunters

First when you encounter the hunters make sure you use the knife really fast to slash them on the legs when they are running to get you. If they jump and attack, act fast to hit them high enough with the knife to see them fall and slash them crazily.

Herbs - all possible combinations and their effects

There are three types of healing herb found in the game - Green, Red and Blue. The below chart will list the the possible combinations and effects of each:
Green - Restores 25 percent of health
Green + Green - Restores 50 percent of health
Green + Green + Green - Fully restores health
Red - No effect alone
Green + Red - Fully restores health
Blue - Cures poison
Green + Blue - Restores 25 percent of health and cures poison
Green + Green + Blue - Restores 50 percent of health and cures poison
Green + Red + Blue - Fully restores health and cures poison
Note - No more than three herbs can be combined together. Therefore, it is not possible to combine three Green herbs and a Blue herb. Also, Blue herbs cannot combine with Red alone..

Alexia Ashford final boss easy tips

After playing through code veronica I discovered an easy way to beat Alexia the games final boss,she has three forms each requiring a different strategy to kill.
Form 1:a single magnum shot will beat her
Form 2: use a grenade launcher with flame rounds 3-4 shots will kill her second form.
Form 3: use the rocket launcher you retrieve during the cutscene and when shooting aim slightly next to alexia as she dodges to the right 50% she will fly into it resulting in her ultimate death.
Congratulations with these tips you should have now trouble with the final boss of code veronica X


If you complete the game, the ranking screen appears, your ranking is determined by various conditions. You may get something special if you get a good ranking.

Extra ammo

Try to aim up whenever you go to shoot a zoombie this will hit him in the head once you do this throughout the level, untill the next cgi then when the cgi is over you will have an extra 30 rounds of ammo in your inventory really comes in handy!

Getting Clues

Search for files and memos that may contain clues. When you get a new item, check it carefully.

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