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Radiata Stories Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Radiata Stories

We have 41 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Radiata Stories please send them in here.

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Radiata Stories cheat

Unlock Lenneth Valkyrie:
Beat the optional dungeon 'Corridor of Distortion' and your party will be joined by
Lenneth Valkyrie after the battle.

Radiata Stories cheats

Unlock Ganz's Theme:
Kick the Dresser in Ganz's Room in Radiata's Castle.
Unlock Ridley's Theme:
Kick the Dresser in Ridley's Room in Radiata's Castle.
Unlock Jack's Theme:
Kick the Crate in Jack's House.

Radiata Stories unlockables

Unlock Dragon Lair Cave:
Beat the game at least once

Fight Ultimate Dragon
Defeat Ice, Fire, Earth and Wind dragons at Dragon Lair Cave

Radiata Stories cheats

Unlock Paya Paya Dance:
Defeat Pinky.
Unlock Dragon Radian Theme:
Defeat Dragon Radian.
Unlock Dragon Lair Cave Theme:
Randomly dropped by monsters in the region.
Unlock Corridor of Distortion Song:
Randomly dropped by monsters in the region.
Unlock Gold Dragon Castle:
In Dragon Lair defeat random monsters.
Unlock Picture of Ganz, Ridley and Jack:
An option in the 'Friends List' called 'Extra' is unlocked when you find all the friends and complete the 'Friends list'.

Best Weapon

Although Ancient axe is the strongest,it is very slow.I suggest use muramasa.

Best Armor

Absolute Guard has Resist All but you should use Valiant Mail cause it has lots of Defense.

Rare Weapons

These are the rarest and most difficults weapons in this game-
1-Behemoth-Battle with Earth Cell,if you kill him youll get it but it's pretty hard,at the Dragon Lair Cave.
2-Leviathan-The Giant SeaMonster at the septem cave in the Miracle Stone mission.You can steal it or just kill him to recieve it.
3-Jiin-At the Wind Valley
4-Efreet-At the Fire mountain.In front of Parsecs chamber,keep going left and find it in a tresure chest.
5-Avcoor-you can't get but if you get Elwen to be you ally you will notice she has it.
6-Falvern-In the city of the White Knights
7-Holy Gram Sword-when you beat Valkyre at Distortion Corridor.
8-Paradigm-in the Shrine of Fray.
9-Ancient Axe-At Dragoon Lai Cave,in ..

Distortion Corridor-Complete

If you want to pass the Distortion Corridor Maze,follow this lead-
Start in the begginig and go-
And thats how to pass.

Water Drgoon-Warrior Bangle

I discovered that if you defeat the water dragoon by using attack link and killing the water dragoon with 80 or more hits,there is a 50-50 chance that you could get a Warrior Bangle which increases youre strenght by 10.

Golden Dragoon

The hardest Dragoon in this game.You find him when you go to the place where you fought Valkyre.You will find him the second time you go there which means you need to kill Ethereal Queen first.When the Golden Dragoon is defeated he gives you lots of money,Growth Stone and the Final Battle music Disk.

1000 Dagols

In jacks house if you kick a water pot at the lower right corner,youll get 1000 money.

Silver Turtle

If you want to gain lots of EXP for levels.At distortion corridor and shrine of fray,sometimes when you enter a battle against any enemy there sometimes a silver turtle will appear.When you see him he will running around the battleground,dont think he is slow cause he is a turtle he is really fast if you manage to kill him and other monsters you get lots of EXP.Try doing this with Training Device.

Party Members

These are the party members you should use depending the side you choose-
Non Humans-Jack,Gil,Galvados,Valkyre
Hope this helps.

Armor From Star Ocean

When you join the humans side you can enter the castle how many times you want,so if you enter Ridleys room you will see a Alien form on Ridleys bed,I can't remember well what happened sense it happened so fast.
But all I know is that then Jack Russel wakes up in his bed with the clothes of the protagonist of Star Ocean.Reason, don't know why but maybe because this game is like star oceans second part.
Its a good armor it gives you plenty of defense and it gives you auto-hp restoracion.Trust Mr.Rocket...BOOM, I never LIE.

Recruiting Lenneth Valkyrie to your party.

They don't call me the Info man for nothing this new game has promis and Iam the first to find the cheats
The heroine from Valkyrie returns once more! Beat the optional dungeon "Corridor of Distortion". And Lenneth will join you after the battle.

Get lots of Dagols

To get lots of money(Dagols), go to the region with goblin cementary and walk around in the jungle part. Eventually you'll see a gold figure glowing in a bush.
Kick it to fight a golden turtle. Defeat it and you will get 8888 Dagols but you will only get one experience point. You can increase the amount of money you get by equipting the statue of pluto.
You can buy it at a shop in Radiata or at Fort Helencia if you side with the nonHumans.

Rare Armor

1-Demon Mail-In Algandars Castle.
2-Absolute Guard-Defeat Melissa Mark 2
3-Robot Suit-Defeat the giant robot star.
4-Fayt Armor-In rydleys room only if you choose the human path.
5-Ore Armor-Given or stolen by the purple Golems in the Distortion Corridor.
6-Recruitment Suit-In Goblin Cementary
7-Dragon Scale-steal it from the Wind Dragoon
8-Valiant Mail-In the distortion corridor follow the symbols and at the End enter the golden dragoon symbol instead of the Ultimate symbol.

Strongest Human Party


Recruiting Elwen

Get all Theather Vancoor Warriors in the Friend List.Talk to her and she says that if you can beat her she will join you.

Recruiting Kain

Get all Olacion Order characters in Friend list.Just talk to him and he thank you for helping everyone and then join you.

Recruiting Curtis

Get all Vareth Magic Institute characters in the Friend List.Talk to him from 9pm or to make it easier just talk to him when he is looking in his telescope.Then he will join you.

Strong Volty Balst

If with Jack it would be Radial Smash with Ancient Axe.If with a friend it would be Valkyres Nibelung Valesty.

Good Strategy

When fighting tough make sure you have Demon Mail with a Healer or Kain.Go fight with Demon Mail armor and command Kain or a healer to cure you,sense Demon Mil Decreases youre HP 1 everytime he wont stop healing until Jack has Completely his HP.He will continuosly heal you.

Combo for Doble-Handed Sword

Try this combo with a Double-Hand Weapon with at least 11 or more CP.
1-Cresend Slice
2-Reverse Blade
3-Right Plow
4-Balance Thrust

Combos for Spear

Try this combo with a Lance that has 9 or more CP.
1-Quick Thrust
2-Shaft Strike
3-Middle Slash
4-Horizontal Slice
5-Spin Strike

Disable Frozen and Bind

When Frozen or Bind this is a critical state wich you can't move.To get out quickly just rapidly type X and Rotate the Left Analog Stick very fast,and it will go away.However it wont work for any other Afflictions.

Gain Level

To be able to get to Level 99 fast,buy Training Device.
Human path-in waldos general store
Non-Human-you know the two shops of the Girl elwes,one of them selse it I can't remember.

Easyway to Beat Ethereal Queen

Its sort of a coward way,but it's easy.First Perform"Good Stratergy" in this section,you know with Demon Mail and all that,have these party members like this.
Jack-lv.99.Weapon Muramasa.Armor.Demon Mail
Kain-Lv.99.Just use him to cure.
Valkyre-Leave her Attack Ethereal Queen
Elwen I suggest or use any other strong character-Lv.99
Start Running Around very far away from Ethereal Queen.If she comes close then attack her and defend,keep runing always telling Kain to cure you.When the Volty Gauge is MAX change youre weapon to Ancient Axe and use Radial Smash.Keep this up,if Kain stops curing,keep giving him the command.
If you attack her and she says-"too hot for you" make sure you run away from that fire,when she is dyng she ..

Distortion Corridor-Tsuchinoko Dumpling

When you enter Distortion Corridor,if you want a tsuchinoko dumpling follow this lead-
In the begginig start and go-
1-go right
2-go right
3-go left
4-then find a dead end with a treasure chest and a purple golem called Cristaria.Kill him and then open the treasure chest to get a tsuchinoko dumpling.

Distortion Corridor-strenght berrie

In Distortion Corridor,if you want to get a Strenght Berrie you should follow this lead-
In the begginig start and go-
5-Youll be at a dead end and youll see a treasure chest and a blackknight.Kill the blackknight and get the strenght berrie.

Dragoon Lair Cave

If you don't know how to complete the Dragoon lair cave try doing it in this order which I suggest.
1-Earth Dragoon Section-the earth dragoon is pretty easy and the earth section is also easy.
2-Fire Dragoon Section-the fire dragoon is kind of easy but the fire section is long but not hard.
3-Water Dragoon Section-the water dragoon is a little hard cause his attack almost always knock you down or frezees you and he is fast when moving,but he has no defense and the cave is very easy.However the water dragoon has tons of Hp.
4-Wind Dragoon Section-the wind dragoon is the hardest I would say but he is easy to beat he hasnt too much Hp of defense and the cave is kinda confusing.

Stupid Knight

When you first enter the castle youll get dress and bla,bla,bla you know the rest.Ok when al steward tells you to go to the meeting room,you have to go there.So,exit youre room,instead of going there look left and there will be a knight standing guard,if you kick him he will give you 1 money,its useless but if you kick him a-thousand times and he wont fight you,youll just get 1 money everytime!.

Four weapons

You know the dummy wood made men with a wooden sword.If you kick them youll be able to train any type of weapon,axe,spear,one handed sword or doble handed sword.If you complete them youll get a weapon as a prize of the type of weapon you used to complete training.

Evade Confuse

Never let a monster touch you when youre back facing the enemy.If he does the battle will start and you and youre party will be confused.

Septem cave-Queen Killer Ant

A special monster,when you have to enter Septem Cave the first time,which is to miracle stone mission,well if youre lucky youll fight a killer Ant that gives you these.
1-strenght berrie
2-defense berrie
3-evasion berrie
4-luck berrie
5-life berrie
6-Growth Stone
Its luck that you see this monster at septem cave.To increase youre chanches of finding this monster do this-
Enter septem cave at 10:00AM and maybe youll find it.


To get the legendary[but not strongest] sword the Arbitrator talk to Gawain when he is outside next to the Training Dummy.And you will recieve it.Notice-you can only get it in the Non-Human Path.

Recruting Nyx and Valkyre

To get Nyx,get all Guild members and Void Community characters in the friend list.And talk to him with Elwen,Kain and Curtis in youre party and then fight him.If you win he will be youre friend,but I'm not sure what happens if you lose.Maybe if you lose he will never be youre friend,so make sure you save game.To get Valkyre beat her in Distortion Corridor.

Non-Human and Human Path

Non human-if you choose to go the nonhuman path which is going with ridley, and join the fairy creatures and fight humans.In this story line,
You will be able to get arbitrator sword.Which you get by talking to gawain, also you can get ganz on youre pary.And remember chief elwen tells you when you enter the warrior guild that you will find true strenght by protecting others right? if you with ridley to preotect her,then by level 99 you will gain stronger levels and a stronger status at the end.
Human-if you go the human path youll get stronger friends,stronger weapons and get the armor jack wears in front of the CD-case at the front.Also youll be able to get,elwen,kain,nix and curtis.But this storyline,by level 99 with jack he will be strong but not stronger than the ..

EarthValley-Liquor Store

When you enter earth valley the first time it's too look for weapon goods.Go talk to donovich,when he says to stay in earth valley for awhile youre free to either go to sleep and continue the story or you could to the liquor store at night,talk the bartender at the bar and he will give you a mission.

Back Step

When in battle if you press X twice quickly jack will step back to evade an attack,careful,if the attack is a direct attack it will still hit you.

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