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Follow the dark path or use the light

Where is the best places to level up: 1.valor for..

sora_rules asks:
Added Oct 8th 2006, ID #68718

Question for Kingdom Hearts II

Where is the best places to level up:
1.valor form
2.wisdom form
3.master form
And how do I get the final form!!


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i unlock more secret answered:
Added 8th Oct 2006, ID #151329

Valor --- try any place with alot of heartless or nobodies (i prefer heartless) like in hallow baston outside merlins house or before you enter crystal fissure

Wisdom --- the world that never was - (TWTNW). When youre in the dark alley in between go forward till you see the dark shadow (heartless). (you could only kill heartless in wisdom form)

Master --- hallow baston, outside merlins house do that whole area without going to a different 1 and keep doing

Sora --- twtnw - start from the brink of despair and keep going up till you get to the last checkpoint and repeat ( you should gain about 1lv everytime or 2 if you're almost a low lv)

Final form - unlock --- I'm not sure how I got it I didnt see how but it's either by rasining up youre lvs or rasing you're drive form lvs

Summon --- I pefer hallow baston for the summon outside merlins house, same as master form but bring out either peter pan or genie for easier attacking

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Guest said: 16th Nov 2012 | REPORT
Final form is obtained anytime randomly when and after you began the battle with xigbar in twtnw.
Guest said: 8th Feb 2013 | REPORT
You get Final Form only after you beat Xemnas at Memory Skyscraper. That should be the first time to beat him. Don't go on.
Change into Master form. (This can be done anywhere.) It will randomly change you into Final Form. Note this may take a couple tries before it changes into Final form.
Hope this helped!
Guest said: 11th Mar 2013 | REPORT
Final Form is obtained randomly after the fight with Roxas. You can go into the Cerberus Cup and change to master form. If you're in master form, quit and restart. If you get a silver and black Sora, you got Final Form.
Guest said: 23rd Mar 2013 | REPORT
you get final form randomly after you beat roxas at memorys skyscraper
Final Mix: you have a boss battle and get a keyblade
on Regular KH2: you watch a cutscene
then you go to olympus colliseum enter a cup that lets you use drive and go into master form until you turn silver then you can quit and final form will be in your drive gauge
Game_master00013 answered:
Added 10th Oct 2006, ID #151943

1. Anywhere with a lot of enemies, Radiant Gardens/Hollow BAstion is a good place and the peak in Pridelands has a lot of Rapid Thrusters so thats a good place too.
2. Basically the same as 1.
3. The Land of Dragons, go to the "checkpoint" and change, then you can fight the enemies and use magic to burst open the firework carts and they will give you drive orbs, also the assault riders in the Mountain Trail, before the Checkpoint are good as well
4. ANYWHERE with enemies
5. In The World That Never Was at memory skyscraper, you get the ability to change into Final Form. BUT this form is harder to get than the others. Once you've gotten past the Memory Skyscraper, change into master form ( you can use other froms but Master works the best) and eventually you will change into the final Form and it will be placed in the Drive Menu from there on.

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Guest said: 6th Oct 2013 | REPORT
you can't use drives in the pride lands.
but its a good place for someone with a low level to level up at
Guest said: 1st Jan 2015 | REPORT
Personally, for VALOR FORM they're looking for points/hits per enemy soo the best place would be going through the throne room in the land of dragons. There you should find a lot of assault riders and other heartless which will be extremely helpful.. Then depending on far you can get make your way to as many areas as you can before the gauge hits 1, and then you should head back to the checkpoint in the throne room and head to the world map to restore the drive gauge completely and repeat the process again.

For WISDOM FORM, the form is keeping track of the amount of heartless defeated which is a little harder. Basically, you want to go in a location with a lot of heartless, so I usually go to the world of Timeless river which you can get to in Disney castle in the hall of the corner stone. Going through the four doors later in timeless river you can constantly make your way through and defeat multiple heartless. However, the quickest route and way to level up your form woul
SoraPandaKai22 said: 1st Jan 2015 | REPORT
1.) Equip OATHKEEPER to desired drive form in the menu (this saves a lot of time and prolongs the time that Sora will stay in the desired form)
2.) For VALOR and MASTER head to land of dragons in the throne room
3.) For WISDOM go to Timeless River and head through the scene of the fire and mickey's house and any other doors you can get through in time
4.) For FINAL go to World that Never Was or travel through Master Yen Sid's Tower
5.) tip: before drive gauge ends, get Sora to the nearest checkpoint or world (if in timeless river) and proceed to the world map or world and return to the world or next location to completely refill Sora's drive gauge
6.) repeat the process to obtain full experience of KH2

ultima14 answered:
Added 11th Jun 2007, ID #192609

Valor-Go to radiant garden and travel through the whole world. 1 exp for a hit.

Wisdom-Go to holloween town. Fight from the lab to sandy claus's house. Each heartless killed is 1 exp.

Master-Go to holloween town or radiant garden. I profer holloween town for drive orbs. small orbs=1 exp. big orbs=3 exp.

Final-Go to TWTNW and kick nobody ass from the entrence to the final door back to back. This form is hard, so try to hurry to world maps to refill the drives.

loganskates27 answered:
Added 16th Dec 2008, ID #293769

1 fight any heartless
2 go to twtnw in the first area and kill the shadows
3 go to land of dragons and go in to the cave and kill every thing
4 twtnw because of all the enemys start at the brink of despair and work your way up
5 after the seen with roxas in twtnw go to the coloseum and do the cerberus cup start off and go into master if you don't turn final start the tournament over until you get it

Guest answered:
Added 13th Jun 2010, ID #331612

valor twtnw the area after u fight xigbar
wisdom twtnw first area with all the shadows
master land of dragons outside thrown room
sora well that one is difficult because i do evrything all worlds and the one that worked best was twtnw
final i got it by going to ansems study for the first or second time and i leveled it up at the same place as valor

Guest answered:
Added 21st Jul 2010, ID #342208

Valor- pick a place where a high HP enemy spawns such as the underworld for all the large bodies, make sure you have the oathkeeper and sweet memories equiped since you want the form to last long and have low power so you can get in the most hits

Wisdom- TWTNW is the best place right at the beggining where all the shadows spawn. If you aren't to that world then Timeless river is the best, just go through all the windows, going back through the door to disney castle will replenish the drive gage assuming you haven't used up the form gage

Master- The land of dragons, go to the throne room and fight through the halway, all that spawn are the centaurs and they all only give off large orbs.

Sora- The best trick is to equip both the experience boost and gullwing keyblade, go to the pride lands and get down to critical health. Go up to the top of pride rock and cast magnet as much as possible.

Final- You get the final form after opening TWTNW and using your other forms. Final appears randomly once TWTNW is open. The best way to level this is to go up Naught's Skyway back and forth.

MotorGx answered:
Added 2nd Oct 2010, ID #358985

1. Valor- Out side of Merlins house in Hallow Bastion then go in to his house leave world before all drive is gone and repeat.

2. Wisdom- Memories Skyscraper in TWTNW then beat all heartless return to save point in brink of despair before drive is gone and leave world and repeat.

3. Master- Go to Agrabah at out side of Peddler's shop and use thunder on the heartless (Easy kill) kill all heartless there go into peddler's shop before drive is gone leave world and repeat.

4. Sora- Go to pride lands and use magnet on the heartless in pride rock after the kings chamber. You get about 3000 exp per visit. Then walk off the top then back into it. All will be there again.

5. Final- You get Final form after you complete the cut scene of Sora and Roxas fighting. You will not get it immediately but by going into another form it will activate randomly then after first activation it will be on your drive list. :D Have fun

Guest answered:
Added 19th Jun 2011, ID #414002

Go to the cerburus cup in olympus colliseum and enter it and keep going to master form until sora is in silver and black clothes and exit the cup and go to forms and final form should be there.

Guest answered:
Added 19th Jul 2011, ID #423387

Dude just wait util you see a cut scene wid sora nd roxas fight after tht Go to the cerburus cup in olympus colliseum and enter it and keep going to master form until sora is in silver and black clothes and exit the cup and go to forms and final form should be there.

ampickett1991 answered:
Added 24th Sep 2011, ID #442748

1) valor: any place with either a lot of enemies, or enemies who take a lot of hits to kill

2) wisdom: The world that never was. Fragment Crossing area with lots of Shadows (heartless) they are the easiest to kill, therefor the easiest way to level up the wisdom form. Another sidenote, keep casting magnet to kill the heartless. Kills all within range and it's faster than one at a time

3) Master: the way I found easiest, go to halloween town and into christmas town, down to candy cane lane and transform before moving further. Go down towards santas house to the merry-go round and spin it pressing triangle. Wont defeat the enemies the first time for you but will take drive orbs from the enemies. I was to lv. 5 within 10 minutes from level 1

4) sora: I found that after beating the pride lands both times, you can go to the top of pride rock and defeat numerous Rapid thrusters and that is the easiest way to level up I've seen (magnet makes leveling up even faster and the Rapid Thrusters drop lots of MP balls)

5) Final: After the story event when Sora and Roxas fight in The World That Never Was, you get the opportunity to learn Final Form. The only way you can get Final Form is when you use Valor, Wisdom or Master Form in battle against either Bosses, Heartless or Nobodys. But, you learn the Final Form randomly, not right away. When you use Valor, Wisdom or Master Form in battle and you see Sora change into a black and silver uniform, that's Final Form and when it happens you learn it permanently so you can choose it from the list of Forms. An easy way to get the Final Form is to enter the Fourth Underworld Tournament (cerberus) in Olympus colliseum and keep changing into either Valor, Wisdom or Master Form. If Final Form doesn't appear, just hit Start and select Restart and use either Valor, Wisdom or Master Form again. Repeat this process until you get Final Form

Guest answered:
Added 22nd Nov 2011, ID #457635

Ok, for valor go to crystal fissure, walk out into ravine trail, and kill everyone in sight. After a few levels you should make it to Ansem's study. Then, for wisdomm form go do the same. For master, go to land of dragons and land in village, go to the cave and go master form break everything there and kill all the enemies. For final, go to twilight town, land in the computer room, and go to the area with all the pods and fight these guys. Go upstairs and fight them. NOTE, use the map drive refill cheat for this, or it will take forever.

Luxani answered:
Added 27th Nov 2011, ID #459543

Tip: When leveling up Final Form, try landing in Twilight Town's "Central Station". Take the train to the tower. Use Final Form to defeat the 11 enemies at the tower's base. Enter the tower and jump to world map via the save point before your drive gauge runs out. Repeat.

Edited: Nov 30 2011
Submission removed pending moderation
Guest answered:
Added 19th Aug 2012, ID #533369

God you guys are noobs. OK here we go.

1. Anywhere that has a lot of enemies to hit. Its fairly easy to level up.

2. The world that never was, in the beginning there is an area with swarms of Shadows. This is a great place to level up wisdom form.

3. The best place to level up master form is beasts castle, between Beasts room and the Dungeon there are plenty of enemies who drop large drive orbs, and collecting these is how you get experience for master form. Remember, the large ones are worth more experience.

4. The world that never was. Great place to level sora up

And a fail-safe way to ensure you get final form is to go to the colliseum. Enter the Cerberus cup, and change straight to master form. Then hit restart and change straight to master form again. Keep doing that until final form appears.

Also, as added advice, final form is best leveled up in the world that never was, since it only levels up when you kill nobodies.

Guest answered:
Added 15th Oct 2012, ID #544824

For leveling the following

Valor: any place that has lots of enemies. I like to use The antichamber in The Land of Dragons right off of the Throne room... Using weak keyblades at higher levels is key. Plus the save you can use the world map drive gauge trick.

Wisdom: The world that never was! Period... Fighting shadows in the beginning with oathkeeper. Takes a few minuets and is very quick with the save being near by as well.

Master: Same as Valor. A few tricks are magnera with thundaga, or just exploiting the twirl attack to stop the enemies from attacking. Takes about 5min a level since the enemies drop big drive orbs.

Final: World that never was. Naught's skyway. Has the most nobodies. Save is nearby and most of them go down easy with exceptions being the samurai and berserker.

Actually getting final form consists of having been past the scene with roxas... Then it's a matter of using the drives to unlock it as it activates randomly with drive forms. Best place to do so is the cerberus cup in the Olympus Colosseum. The drive recovers fast so reverting and going into different drives is easy.

Guest answered:
Added 8th Feb 2013, ID #569806

You get Final Form only after you beat Xemnas at Memory Skyscraper. That should be the first time to beat him. Don't go on.
Change into Master form. (This can be done anywhere.) It will randomly change you into Final Form. Note this may take a couple tries before it changes into Final form.
Hope this helped!

SoraPandaKai22 answered:
Added 1st Jan 2015, ID #651466

Valor form: land of dragons(throne room to outside of palace)/ Beast's Castle (parlor to all castle)
Wisdom Form: timeless river (four time doors)/ land of dragons (harder)
Master form: land of dragons(like wisdom)/ Beast's Castle/Master Yen Sid's tower (throughout)
Final Form: The world that never was( Naught's skyway, anywhere)/ Yen Sid's tower (throughout)
Equip OATHKEEPER to any form to prolong the length that Sora will stay in a certain form. If a keyblade cannot be equipped to either valor or wisdom form in the menu then equip OATHKEEPER to either cause I believe it's marked the same; this process will save a lot of time.

Checkpoint trick: whether in any world, if Sora is in a drive form and is able to navigate from area to area, then before the drive gauge hits 1 or 0 (depending on how quick you are) head for the exit or world map at a checkpoint or door near a checkpoint (timeless river) and head out before the gauge is empty. The next time you land somewhere, your drive gauge will be completely refilled.
Hope this helps!!


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