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Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Cheats for PlayStation 2

Cheats and Tips for Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

We have 14 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox : PC : PlayStation 3

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Classic Prince Of Persia Level Codes

If there's a particular level you want to play and don't want to play through the game to get to it then enter the corresponding code below to go directly to that desired level.
Unlock Level 2:
Enter the code KIEJSC
Unlock Level 3:
Enter the code VNNNPC
Unlock Level 4:
Enter the code IYVPTC
Unlock Level 5:
Enter the code RWSWWC
Unlock Level 6:
Enter the code GONWUC
Unlock Level 7:
Enter the code DEFNUC
Unlock Level 8:
Enter the code SVZMSC
Unlock Level 9:
Enter the code DBJRPC
Unlock Level 10:
Enter the code MZFYSC
Unlock Level 11:
Enter the code BRAYQC
Unlock Level 12:
Enter the code UUGTPC

Tomb Doors Puzzle

When you are in the tomb with the infinite doors near the end of the game you need to find the correct sequence of doors to progress. The way to do this is to go into landscape view and begin with the door which has the face above it and go clockwise in the following order:
1. 4th door from the entrance
2. 7th door from the entrance
3. 3rd door from the entrance

If you have done it correctly you will be taken to the second level of this room which you navigate the same way. The order now is:
1. 4th door from the entrance
2. 9th door from the entrance
3. 5th door from the entrance


up down down square x
take as much damage and never lose health

Unlock 3D Prince Of Persia Level

If you start a new game and stay on the balcony and hold L3 and quickly press X, Square, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, X, Square, Circle you will enter the first level of the original 'Prince Of Persia' game. This feature has been redone in 3D and once you get your sword and see a picture of the developers you have completed it.


First go to the pause menu, press R1 again and again until the pause menu flashes white, now press:
triangle, O, X, square 3 times in that order.
Up the top of the screen there should be a green bar, you should be able to select it.
When you select it there will be no more enemies around for the rest of the level.

Sand Monsters

Snad monsters are idiots, they will shash anything that moves, inculding themselves, if you jump around the monsters, they will end up slashing at each other, so all you have to do is hit Triangle and get the sand

The room with many doors

When you get into the room with many doors walk slowly past them, when you are in front of the right door you will hear a splashing noise, enter it then do the same as you did before. Keep doing this until the game goes in movie mode.

Bat fighting

When you are fighting bats you are normally on a beam.
When you are fighting try to get three bats left when that happens the bats will fly away.

Rolling on long falls that dont kill you but hurt you.

To fall when high in the air(but not high enough to kill you)hold forward to roll and not get hurt.
This is useful when you have really low health and you're high enough to get hurt (and with low health consequently die.)

Classic Prince Of Persia

Start a new game and while on the balcony, hold "L3" and enter "X, Square, Triangle, Triangle, O, Triangle, X, Square, O".

Classic Prince of Persia- Start a ne game and wh..

Classic Prince of Persia- Start a ne game and while on the balcony, hold L3 and enter X, Square, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, X, Square, Circle.
Classic Passwords:
Level 2- KIEJSC
Level 3- VNNNPC
Level 4- IYVPTC
Level 5- RWSWWC
Level 6- GONWUC
Level 7- DEFNUC
Level 8- SVZMSC
Level 9- DBJRPC
Level 10- MZFYSC
Level 11- BRAYQC
Level 12- UUGTPC
Happy gaming =) Superstyle4

Play original prince of persia game

To find this, you'll need to start from the Above the Baths save, once you have your new sword.
Go down the stairwell that leads to a large carvernous area.
After you make it through this area, you'll end up in a small room with Farah.
There's a lever and gear in the center of the room. Turn it cockwise until it clicks twice.
Both doors in the room are now closed, but you have also opened a secret door that you cannot see.
Go to the wall directly opposite the entrance. Swing until you find a spot on the wall where your sword doesn't spark.
Strike this area a few times to reveal a hidden room. Enter to unlock the game, which is now available from the main menu.

3D level

After unlocking the 2D game you can unlock a special 3D version of the 1st level. First you must start a ergular version game. When you are on the balcony hold L3 and enter:
X squa tri O tri X squa O

This aint a hint but it is funnie

When you are vercing his father fahrah will use her bow and it will sound like she is farting....

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