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NFL Street Cheats for PlayStation 2

Cheats and Tips for NFL Street


We have 17 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for NFL Street please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox : GameCube

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Kayslay team:
Defeat the second ladder team in the NFL Challenge or enter KaySlay as a case-sensitive name.
NFL Legend team:
Defeat the first ladder team in the NFL Challenge or enter Classic as a case sensitive name.
NFC West All-Star team:
Enter NW9378 as a case-sensitive name. Alternately, win the NFC West ladder in the NFL Challenge.
NFC North All-Star team:
Win the NFC North ladder in the NFL Challenge or enter NN6789 as a case-sensitive name.
All stadiums:
Enter Travel as a case-sensitive name.

unlocking more tokens

To unlock more tokens you must first go into nfl challenge.once there for every ladder you beat you unlock 800 tokens!
Keep in mind once you beat every ladder and the nfl legends team you cannot get anymore tokens

best player to train

Your best person to spend your most develpoement points on is the running back,without him your offence is nearly nothing

Run fast


Run fast

U go to the name of your team and write speed

Legends team

When you go to sign your user ID type in CLASSIC or Classic, one of these works.


Unlock all Classic Players
Enter "Classic" as your user name.
Unlock all Fields
Enter "Travel" as your user name.
Unlock Team KaySlay
Enter "Kayslay" as your user name.
Unlock Team X-ecutioner
Enter "Excellent" as your user name.
Unlockables: Teams
AFC West All-Stars: Beat AFC West ladder in NFL Challenge.
AFC East All-Stars: Beat AFC East ladder in NFL Challenge.
AFC North All-Stars: Beat AFC North ladder in NFL Challenge.
AFC South All-Stars: Beat AFC South ladder in NFL Challenge.
NFC West All-Stars: Beat NFC West ladder in NFL Challenge.
NFC East All-Stars: Beat NFC East ladder in NFL Challenge.
NFC North All-Stars: Beat NFC North ladder in NFL Challenge.
NFC South All-Stars: Beat ..


You can cancel out a game breaker if you have one also

Fumbler blocker

When playing don't press (O) alot when people are behind you because it increases the chance to get a fumble.....

When you start your carrer on NFL STREET you sta..

When you start your carrer on NFL STREET you start out with a sucky team but you can make them better by getting points and and then you can customize your team.

All the cheats for this game

Give the follewing names in to activate the cheat
All stadions: Travel
NFL Legend team: Classic
Kayslay team: Kayslay
X-ecutioner team: Excellent
AFC East ALL-Star team: AE3278
AFC North ALL-Star team: AN6789
AFC South ALL-Star team: AS6884
AFC West ALL-Star team: AW9378
NFC East ALL-Star team: NE3278
NFC North ALL-Star team: NN6789
NFC South ALL-Star team: NS9378
NFC West ALL-Star team: NW9378

Less fumbles

To get less fumbles dont show off as much.

Best Plays

The best plays for offense would be:
-Pro Pass (Pass)
-Go Long (Pass)
-Counter (Rush)
-Option Tee (Rush)
-Streaks (Pass)
-Crash (Rush)
These plays will let you have a 80-95% chance of having first downs and will most likely let you score Touchdowns.
The best plays for defense would be:
-MLB Blitz
-Corner Crunch
These plays would lead you to having many sacks and let your opponents have turnovers on downs.

NFL Challenge: Ladder Match

When starting a ladder match against an NFC or AFC division team, start off with the weakest team, then to the strongest team or you can start off with the strongest team, then to the weakest team. Either of these choices will work, so that you don't have to be confuse and worried on which team you want to face first.

just a tip

Do NOT leave the pit as your last stage for the nfl challenge.the difficulty of the computer and the additional effects of the weather make the games way to difficult.leave something easier like the legends field


Certain style moves need to be done fast while others you might have to let go of the turbo button to max out your points

need help witth picking a team?

In the nfl challenge they expect you to pick a certain game style such as pass offence,rush offence,rush defence,pass offence,or balenced
Your best pick would be the rush offence

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