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Need For Speed Undercover Cheats for PlayStation 2

Cheats and Tips for Need For Speed Undercover

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Find out an easy way to beat the game and have lots of cash, learn about the reverse glitch and try entering the secret codes at the main menu.

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Lose cops and evade'm
When your in a cop chase look at your world map on the puase menu look at the far top right off the map and you should see that the road just stops. Go over to that road, once you get there, there should be a bridge nos it and jump it the cops will lose you and once you evade them theres a cool down spot in the midle of the road.
If theres a helicopter on you just stay there (on the dead end part of the road) and the helicopter will have to go to get more fuel.

Rate this!!! Thanx ^_^

No popped tires now!
When your in a pursuit with the police and you go in to a spike roadblock and run over the spikes and your tyres are popped press select and your tyres are pumped ^_^

Simple cop car glitch
If you want to keep your lights on even if you're not in a chase first find your first crimanal don't kill him then hit start and hit restart. Your lights will be on even though your not in a chase

a ghost highway
1 hop the diamond bridge. 2 rub your right side across the barrier. 3 reset multiple times until your car is halfway through it.

Note: this will only work if the nose of your car is touching the barrier if not repeat step 2 until it does

long high way
after you jump the bridge by the stadium go to the blocked off part keep respawning till it dissaperes and go. ^_^

Reverse Glitch
This is a glitch I found while driving my crappy lamborgin murcielago. (dont buy one it's $250,000 and not worth it. It has no nos and cannot have nos put on) it turns out that in some cars(only some) if you reverse and when you get to about 10 to 30 Km/Hr keep holding reverse but press and hold accelerate at the same time. It will go into first gear backwards and go really fast. I no of two cars which it will work in the lambourgini mercielago and the nissan skyline. The lambourgini will go 370 Km/Hr this way

Get through Career faster
If you don't want to do every single race to finish career mode, then pause the game while in career free roam then press Jump To... Then press Next Race.

The car to use
I reckon as soon as you unlock the Porsche Cayman S, you should buy it, then you can use it until you're about 80% into the game, then you might need to change cars depending on how good you're driving skills are in Need For Speed Undercover.

easy way to beat the game and lots of cash tons of it
So start out with the mitsubishi eclipse and upgrade when possible DO NOT SELL FOR ANOTHER CAR until you unlock the nissan 350z max upgrade wehen possible use it till YOu unlock the nissan skyline r34 and then upgrade this car as much as possible. This car goes 0 to 60 in under 2 seconds with nitrous so do not sell it no matter what if a better car is availible earn cash until you unlock the good cars (viper, ford gt, carrera gt) and buy it I had 400,000 bucks at this point which was about 60% game completion with the sky line . So buy the good cars and MAKE SURE BEFORE YOU BEAT THE GAME YOU HAVE 250,000 DOLLARS becuase you then can go against chase with the murcielago koinsegg ccx or pagani zonda I would get the ccx or zonda.the ccx has super speed and zonda has awesome acceleration. S..

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