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Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles

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We have a collection of cheats that includes how to refil the Stamina/Chakara bar up 25%.

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We have 12 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles please send them in here.

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Refill Stamina/Chakara Bar:
Regain 25% of your Stamina/Chakara bar by going to the loading screen and when there is a Konoah symbol at the bottom right corner rotate the Left Analog-stick and/or Right Analog-stick. If done correctly a Blue Chakara Ball will pop out.
Completing Genjutsu Shrine:
Study the 3 shines when you first enter this Genjutsu and look carefully at the shadows. The one that is different from the others is the real shrine. If after five attempts you are not out Naruto will tell you.
Completion Bonuses:
To unlock the Boss battle, Kakashi and Gaara as support characters and the Shuriken pattern you must successfully complete the game.

The big loading sign.

When the loading sign pops up turn the joy stick on your left in a circle quickly and reapetedly and the sign will grow. When it gets big enough a chakra orb shoots out!


At a loading screen during a mission turn the right stick in a circle and your stanima/chakra bar will go up 25%

Past the Shrine Gates

On the mission where you talk to Sakura, find Choji, follow Akamaru, and Kiba he will tell you about your next boss, then he will tell you about a genjutsu set on the shrine gates. You must look at the way the shadows are pointing and go to the one pointing the other way.

Extra chakra balls

When you see the now loading circle with the leaf sign in it, rotate either of the analog sticks(or both) to get some extra chakra restored. You'll see a chakra ball on the screen when the now loading sign gets big enough.

Best Team Selection

For the 1st time, you should have Shikamaru and Neji since Sasuke won't be there anymore. The 2nd time you start doing it again, Gaara and Kakashi Sensei will be partners. You should then pick Gaara, Kakashi, or Neji, I reccomend(spelling) these guys to make a good team. Hope this helps.

Hidden Chips

There are some hidden chips to get during adventure:
2 Chips in the Sasuke Pursuit Mission
1 Chip in the Trouble in the Sand Mission
2 Chips in the Final Battle Mission

Defeating Orochimaru

An easy way of defeating Orochimaru is using Kakashi's athousand years of death move.Use it about 3-6 times and Orochimaru will be beaten.


The ultimate cart protectors are as follow : Neji, Kakashi, and Gaara...
Yor probably wondering why kakashi is there, Nengorishe (1000 years of death), is a one hit kill and is very fast so, he takes out almost everyone, so he is essential. Neji's rotation is essential to take out points where many are attacking. Gaara's sand tomb and shield do the same as rotation. Now naruto is only good when the fox is out, sooooo you must give him something to boost the time when the meeter fills, also give him the Rasengan booster (perfect shot).


when u escort the prisoner from border town make sure u have neji and saskei with it will make defeating the bandets a brees

This for the mission 'Delivery Service'Save then..

This for the mission 'Delivery Service'
Save then go to the first flashing dot, then an encounter occurs. Don't let the ninja
Destroy your cart or hit it too many times, or it breaks and the mission fails. Stay close to the cart, and attack the ninja that are close to it. One ninja stays near the back and throws Shuriken at the cart attack him with Kunai Knives. You have a timer and it does not reset during each battle, so defeat them quickly, you must complete all the battles and arrive at the village before the timer expires. You also have 2 to 3 battles.

2 and 4 naruto's r better then one

if u r having truble beeting choji or the ather caricters in the game with just normal attacks try useing your shadow clone jutsu it dose the rael damege your looking if u whant to end the battle quikly but i worn u through the hole dont use your medicne like it candy the stuff is hard to get in the feild and in the store sence u hafe to trade imprtent stuff to get it

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