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Mortal Kombat: Armageddon Cheats for PlayStation 2

Cheats and Tips for Mortal Kombat: Armageddon

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Our collection of cheats includes unlocking all the characters including Solid Snake, Meat, Taven, Daegon and Blaze. We'll also tell you how to get an extra weapon.

More Mortal Kombat: Armageddon Cheats and Tips

We have 51 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Mortal Kombat: Armageddon please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox : Wii

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'?' Box Codes

To activate the following codes enter them at the '?' box inside the Kyrpt to unlock the corresponding effect.
Unlock Blaze:
Triangle, Square, Left, L1, Left, Circle.
Unlock Daegon:
R1, L1, Triangle, Down, Down, Square.
Unlock Meat:
Up, Square, Square, Circle, Circle, Up.
Unlock Taven:
L2, Left, R1, Up, Circle, Down.
Unlock Drahmin's 2nd Costume:
L2, Right, X, R2, Up, Up.
Unlock Frost's 2nd Costume:
Down, R2, R1, L1, Circle, L2.
Unlock Shang Tsung's 2nd Costume:
L1, Left, Up, Circle, Up, L2.
Unlock Nitara's 2nd Costume:
Down, L1, Up, L1, L1, Foward.
Unlock Armory Music:
X, Square, Left, Triangle, Square, X.
Unlock Cyrax Fatality Bloope..


Unlock Human Smoke:
Select Smoke and hold HP, HK, BL, RN and away until the match starts to play as Human Smoke in the Armageddon emulation of Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3.

Unlockable Arenas
Unlock Artika Arena:
Beat ALL 7 Trials in Artika Obliesk.
Unlock Pyramid of Argus Arena:
Collect 40 Relics in Konquest mode.

How to make my custom character in mortal kombat armageddon!

Eye color:16,7
Helmet:MK Hood 1
Torso:Kung Fu
Main color:1,32
Accent color:16,8
Main color:16,8
Accent color:1,32
Lower body
Pants:Kung Fu
Boots:Ninja Long
Main color:1,32
Accent color:2,8
Outer color:2,8
Inner color:1,32
1st slot:Tele-Flurry
2nd slot:Monkey Flips
3rd slot:Air Funnel
4th slot:Vanishing Winds
5th slot:Hoodlum
6th slot:Heel to the gu..

Unlock Meat, Taven, Daegon and Blaze

Collect the following amount of Relic items which are found throughout Konquest mode to unlock the corresponding character.
Unlock Meat:
Collect 10 Relic items.
Unlock Daegon:
Collect 30 Relic items.
Unlock Blaze:
Collect 50 Relic items.
Unlock Taven:
Complete Konquest Mode.

Easy way to 11 fatalities!

Ok, most people think you can only get 10 fatalities, but thats can get up to 11 and i'm here to show you how. The best way, that i've found, to get to 11 fatalities is to start in this exact order;
Back,Forward,Triangle or Up,Up,Triangle;
Down,Down,Square or Back,Back,Square;
Back,Back,Square or Down,Down,Square;
Forward,Forward,O or Back,Back,O or Up,Up,O or Down,Down,O;
Try not to use Back,Forward,O..i think, if not then it's the other way;
Forward,Back,O, but either way it takes alot longer to punch in then the rest.

How To Make Ghost Rider

Go To Kreate-A-Fighter. Then Make Your Character With These Characteristics...
Gender: Male
Preset: None
Size: Large
Skin Color: 4,12
Face: Flaming Skull(Skull Color: 4,16; Flame: 4,12)
Hair: None
Helmet: None
Torso: Biker Jacket Long Sleeve
Cloth: None
Gloves: Leather Long (Color 1,32)
Pants: Baggy (Color 1,32)
Belt: Chain (Color 1,23)
Boots: Riding Long (Color 1,32)
Head: None
Chest: Gun (Or Whatever You Prefer)
Arms: Round Spikes or Nothing (Prefer Spikes if you want him to look cool)
Legs: None
Attributes: Leave Them The Way They Are
Fighting Style Name: Ghost
Preset: Aggressive
Stance: Zi Ran Mein
Weapon Style Name: Chain
Weapon Type: Swords

Extra Weapon

If you walk towards the glowing weapon in certain areas you can pick up and use the weapon by simply pushing L1 when you are near it
This info is also in the book
Hope it works for you

Play as Leon S. Kennedy from Resident Evil 4

First go to create a fighter, then go to appearence; now on face choose none and make his eye color 1,5. His hair should be anime 1 and color is 5,26. For his helmet is is a beret, it's color 1,6. His torso is a t shirt and it's color 1,6. Gloves are fingerless(just leave them the normal color). His pants are cargo pants and color should be 10,2. Belt is utility (leave it the way it is). His boots are sneakers main color being 1,4 and accent color being 2,6 (or darker if you want). For his chest give him a gun and that's it! Enjoy

Taven Combo

If your fighting with a opponent in a duel battle,first bring out your sword,and press square two times fast, while there holding their face ,hit the circle button.It delivers a deadly blow to the opponents health.

How to get to the Cheat Menu

Go to the Krypt and hit R1 three times in the bottom right corner click on the "?" box type in any cheats you know, If you don't know any here are some:
Unlock Taven: L2, left, R1, up, O, down
Unlock Blaze: Triangle, square, left L1, left, O
Unlock Daegon: R1, L1, Triangle, down, down, square
Unlock Meat: up, square, square, O, O, up
Of course there are many more but this is all I want to put down and the main cheats.

how to create mad clown(to coment me about how cool or bad it is

1:small and white skin
2:Tarkatan face eye color 1,16
3:hair old long haircolor 2,8
4:robe torso main color 1,16 accent color 2,10
5:leathershortclove color 7,12
6:pants Kun-Fu stripe color 1,16 stripe color 2,10
7:riding short boots color 12,12
8:Ming shoulder(itmeans in arm section)trimcolor 2,10 and main color12,12
9:mouth widht 0
10:cheekbones 0
11:eyelids 100%(maximum)
12: everything else normal
13:stylename is clown style
14:preset agressive
15:stance wrestling
16:W style name is squeakyhamer
19:W preset balanced
20:W stance AXE
21:V,<+SQUEARE: flame on
22:>>+X: cannon ball
23:<>+triangle: spear
24:V up+..

Beat Blaze with my Favorite Charaters

try this moves and you will kill Blaze with out a sweat.
Chamelon: Running Serpent
Jax: Machine Gun and Pistion Punches
Scorpion: Flowing Water
Sub-Zero: Any Kori Blade Move
Ermac: Buzzsaw
Taven: Speed of Light
Liu Kang: Flying Kick and Bicicle Kick
Shang Tuang: Soul Steal
Kung Lao: Any Wind Teleport Move
Bo' Ria Cho: Drunken Fist and Crushing Grapes
Shijinko: Bicicle Kick
Onaga: Fire Breath
Goro: any Grab
Kintora: any Grab
Hotaru: Grasshopper and Quikly Tricks

Up the butt

To finish someone with a sword fatlity take your sword out up down up square turn them around down fwd square and fwd fwd circle

Getting Ultimate Fatality

Towards+Away 1, towards+towards 1, Up+up 1, down+down 1, down+down 1, Away+away 1, Away+away 1, down+away 1, down+down 1, Up+up 1, towards+towards 1, towards+towards 4.
That is the best way to get the tultimate Fatality, the reason why is because it will pay 500 Koins or more (depends how the enemies settings are.)

How to create Termonator.

Face:cyborg color:12,9
Hair:buzzcut color5,30
Torso:bikerjacket color1,28 accent color:1,18
Gloves:figerless color:1,4
Pants:jeans color:1,4
Boots:riding short color:1,4
Leave it alone

MK2 Skarlet in MKA KAF

Skin,,bangs,black.helmet,bandana,bright red.eyes,angry,red.torso,tank top,bright red.gloves,vinyl medium,bright red.pants,retro ninja,bright,vinyl medium,bright red.
Fighting style:bua gua name:blood hunter
Wepon style wepon: sword wepon style:autom dau wepon:storm or ninja sword
Specails:emporers sheild,pretty kick,spear,sky kick,neck breaker,heel to gut

To beat Blaze is kinda easy.Do simple attacks an..

To beat Blaze is kinda easy.Do simple attacks and block a lot.

A good, easy way to beat Blaze in general.

I just beat Konquest for the 3rd time and I noticed that as long as you know how to perry an attack, and move around, you are good to go. Another good idea is that you use someone that is large, or small, but powerful.

I hope I helped!!!
Happy Gaming!!!:-P

best fatalities

The best way to reach high fatalities is to press upup triangle then leftleft and so on the move to the x and repeat the arrows above (all arrow must be pressed dually) then press what ever you choose like left left circle or right or up or down. This is because you create your own fatality. This fatality would be savage.

Unlock Meat

Get 10 Relics in Konquest Mode to Unlock Meat.

Unlock Taven without playing the game!

in the krypt press r1 two times then in the botton right corner is a box that looks like a "?". press X on it and use this code: L2 < R1 ^ O V. now you can be taven! make your daddy proud!

Just look.

Hi everyone, Dan again. Just came to give ya'll some more hints. Ok, for anyone that wants to know, the best moves to put on your KAF would be;
Special Moves-For back,forward,Triangle you should get the whirlwind, Fujin's whirlwind is the one I mean, where it hits them and they start spinning in circles. For up,down,Circle get rocket punch.
Weapon-Pick the axe and get any of them then configure it for Square,Square,X do the double rib hit. Do the whirlwind first, then the rocket punch, while your weapon is out, hit them with Square,Square,X because this does tons of damage, but don't let them touch the ground after you do rocket punch.

Make a character similar to spawn

Skin color:1,31
Tatoo col:1,16
Eye color:8,10
Torso:spiked armor
Main color:2,11
Accent color:1,32
Gloves:tarkatan m
Color:leave it the same (preferably)
Pants: superhero
Boots:flared superhero
Boots color:2,11
Outer color:2,11
Inner color:2,11
Legs:shin pads
Shin pad color:2,11
Face qualities preferably left alone
And then you have a character that looks like spawn;p

kreate a fighter: power ranger :P

To make a power ranger:
Gender: male
Preset: none
Size: medium
Skin color: 1,22
Face: none
Hair: flat top (so leave as is)
Helmet: space ninja(what ever color you want*)
Torso: superhero 1 or 2**
Cloth: none
Gloves: long leather 1,17
Belt: super hero 1,17 ; 5,12
Boots: superhero **** 1,17
Head: none
Chest: none
Arms: none
Legs: none
Leave attributes as they are
* whatever color you choose has to be used for the rest of the clothes, unless otherwise noted
** if you chose superhero 2, the main color has to be the same as the helmet
*** both colors of the pants have to be the same as the helmet
****accent color has to be the same colo..

secret items/characters

Elder god item in shao kahns castle:
After the fight with the executioner in the prison/dungeon you will see an elder gods chest. To unlock the chest you must locate the flameless torch/pot and hit it with a fireball.
Reiko relic.
Map room the flameless torch.
Blaze (yes ! He cn be played)
Unlock the second to the last row of relics.
Finish the first row

fight as solid snake

Face: stubble
Hair: mullet
Hair color: 1,30
Helmet: none
Torso: super hero2
Torso color main: 11, 31
Accent color: 1,1
Cloth: none
Gloves: leather short
Glove color: 11,31
Pants: cargo
Pants color: 11, 31
Belt: utility
Belt color: 1,4
Boots: combat
Boots color: 1,1
Head: head band
Head color: 1,1
Chest: bandoliers
Chest color: 1, 31
Arms: elbow pads
Arms main color: 1, 24
Arms accent color: 1, 31
Legs: none
Name: fox hound
Stance: kick boxing
[] chest blast
/ knocked out
X escrima knees
O back lash
[],[] cold as ice
[],[],/ hay maker
[],[],X ground to ..

When you climb the Arcade ladder and the guys ge..

When you climb the Arcade ladder and the guys get tough,learn your characters special attacks and use your sword often.It will increase your chances of winning.

Double Chest in Red Dragon Caverns

When you first get to the Caverns, go to the left, destroy the blue barrels, and on the right there will be a chest you can open, but you have to get close to it to see it. Open it, and you should get 300 koins. NOTE: Do this before the battles in the lab area where you fight Mavado. This works on my game, but I'm not sure if it works on any other game. I own the PS2 Greatest Hits version. Tell me if it works for you! Good luck!

Alternate costume

Once you have unlocked a charicters alternate costume press start to select the charicter for a fight insteade of pressing X to select them, then you will play with their altrnate costume.

Head Squish

This is the only fatality I know so listen up
It's forward,forward,circle.

Some Fatality Moves

RIP OUT(rip out/off body part/organ):
FINISHERS(end fatality):
Thers one that I found out for X but I can't find more but here

Some Fatalities

I know some of these have been said but I know X fatalities
Up, up/down, down/Left, left/right, right/Left, right+Square= Hit
Square= Turn opponent around (must execute a different fatality hit/mutilation first)
Up (x2)/Down (x2)/Left (x2)/ Right (x2)/Left, right+Triangle= Mutilation (rip off stuff)
Up (x2)/Down (x2)/Left (x2)/ Right (x2)/Left, right+circle= finishing move
Up (x2)/Down (x2)/Left (x2)/ Right (x2)/Left, right+X=Context sensitive
(I.e) Up, up, triangle followed by forward, forward X will cause you to rip off your opponents arm and whack their head off with it.
Peace out

Flying Blaze Glitch

In acrade mode play as some one such as the following
Blaze,Moloch or Onaga
After you beat him once only lower his health down until it's a 1 hit kill after that grapple him with one of the charactors and blaze will freeze in the air and look as if he is frozen
Note: glitch will not work unless you pick a large charactor that throws the charactor over his head.

Tight Spot

If someone tries to get you in a death trap jump over them or transport and push them in the trap!

Awsome character I made

Heres a really cool character I made myself.. He's a bit pricey but whatever
Gender: male
Size: medium
Skin color: 3, 7
Face: possed, eye clor: 4, 11
Hair: none
Helmet: samuri. Main color: 1,7--accent color 6, 7
Torso: skull harness--color: 1,7
Cloth: scale--color: 6,7
Gloves:spiked band--main color: 6,7--accent color: 1,7
Pants: karate--color: 1,7
Belt: studded brass--main color, 1,7--accent color: 6,7
Boots: tabi long--armor color: 6,7--boot color: 1,7
Head: mk mask 1---color: 1,7
Chest: cape--outer color: 1,7--inner color: 6,7
Arms: round spiked--main color: 1,7--accent color: 6,7
Legs: tiled--main color: 1,10--accent color: 6,7
Nice huh? The rest is up to you

My characters alternate costume

Hey everyone, me again. I just made my characters new alt costume! Check it out
*=accent color
Gender: male
Size: medium
Skin color: 3, 7
Face: none
Hair: none
Helmet: horned. 1,16
Torso: harness. 1,1 * 1,6
Cloth: none
Gloves: ninja. 1,16 * 1,1
Pants: cyber. 1,16
Belt: chain. 1,26
Boots: cyber. 1,19
Head: none.
Chest: 1,32 * 1,16
Arms: flair. 1,16 * 1,1
Legs: knee pads. 1,1 * 1,13
Behold, his good side!! Surprised? I was too, actually... you should check out his regular outfit, youll find it, its not hard.... anyways, the rest is up to you!
PS. If you don't know how the numbers work, theyre at the bottom right when choosing som..

Killing someone

You know the areas in the battleground that have yellow lines and red lines around them?Those are kill and hurt areas.If you kick your enemy into a yellow area you will hurt them.Sometimes a little sometimes a lot.Red areas are kill areas.Kick an enemy into one and they will explode into pieces.Youll be laughing your ass off!Hope it helps!

Different Fatalities

Blaze,Moloch,Goro,Kintaro,and Onaga all have different fatalities.Forward,Forward,O make him punch the enemyn in half.Keep experimenting for more.If I see any more I'll post.Also Up,Up,Square.

hitman charater

Skin color:4,10
Torso and pants:tuxedo
Boots:kombat boots
Special moves:anything you want

Get scrpions mask and the elders gods helment

First put ninja mask 1 on and make it yellow now if you have the elder Gods helmet go to flaming skull.
Then go back to skull and you should see a yellow face mask if not then it only happens in my game.
Ok peace out man!

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