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Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence Cheats and Tips

We have 46 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence please send them in here. For more Codes for Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence go to:
Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence Action Replay Codes

You can also ask your question on our Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence Questions & Answers page.

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Unlock Demo Theatre:

Start the game on Disc 1 and then 'Save' the game (you do not have to complete it). It will then be available on Subsistance's 'Main' menu.

Unlock Secret Theatre:

Start the game on Disc 2 and then 'Save' the game (you do not have to complete it). It will then be available on Persistence's 'Main' menu.


Unlock Demo Theatre and Secret Theatre:

Start a new game on Disc 1: Subsistance and then save the game. The game doesn't have to be completed to unlock them. The Demo Theatre will be available in Disc1: Substance via the 'Main' Menu and the Secret Theatre is accessible through Disc 2: Persistence at the 'Main' menu.

Unlock Hidden camouflages

Green Face Paint:

Beat Normal Duel mode (Disc 2)

DPM Camouflage:

Beat Special Duel mode (Disk 2)

Banana Camouflage:

In every stage of Snake vs. Monkey mode get the 1st record time.


When you enter the area where you see the first enimies, ( right after you leave the swampland in the beggining of the game) go to your right and there will be a space to go through in-between two trees. There will be a cove. In the cove at the end of the wall will be a SVD sniper rifle!!! WARNING! When the boss takes Sokalov on the bridge and leaves you injured, She will take the sniper rifle.

Jail Cell and Weapons Lab Door Codes

Jail Cell


Weapons lab



The End Appears on Map

During the fight with The End, go to your Map in the Survival Viewer and enter the following code:


There should be a red dot that says "Enemy" in the legend.If there is not one on the map itself he's in another area.

NOTES:1)This code does NOT work in Duel Mode.2)He always starts in Sokrevenno South,about 99.9% of the time on the cliff above the Ammo Outpost,Northwest of the tree you start behind.

Reset the game on gameplay

To reset during the game hold l1+l2+r1+r2+select+start.and the game will reset!


To get the patriot when the boss is knot shooting I gho up to her and press circle a lot of times and then I kick her two times.just keep doing that untill she dies!

Alert Cancel Codes

These codes are radio frequency's that you dial in to cancel alerts in the area. They only work once and only in the specified area's.

Bolshaya Past Base



Ponizovje West


Ponizovje Warehouse


Graniny Gorki Lab B1 West


Svyatogornyj West


Svyatogornyj East


Krasnogorje Mountain Base


Krasnogorje Mountain side


Groznyj Grad Base Northwest


These areas are in the order you play the game.

Healing Radio Frequency's

These radio codes are for the healing music you can listen to when you are tired or injured. Just dial them on your radio and you will gain Health and Stamina.









Mosin nagant

To get a mosin nagant(the ends gun)beat him with the mk22 only.

Moss camo

To get moss camo sneak behind the end with the m37 and point it at him and snake will say freeze.the end will lay down and start shaking and moss camo will come out.

Fire Support Codes

These codes are used to call in a fire support from the enemy base. You can only use them once and make sure you are not around any enemy soldiers when you call this in. But you must be in the area listed by the code or it will not work.

Bolshaya Past Base



Ponizovje West


Ponizovje Warehouse



Gorki Lab Exterior


Svyatogornyj West


Svyatogornyj East


Krasnogorje Mountain Base


Krasnogorje Mountainside


Krasnogorje Mountaintop


Doors Open!

If you have found a locked door and want to open it use a piece of food that you killed and throw it at the door and it will open!


Close Quarters Combat (Or CQC) Is Probably Going To Be One Of Your Best Weapons In The Game.

The Basics: You Must Have A Weapon That Says "CQC" In Red On The Menu. And You Must Be Right Next To An Enemy (Within Punching Distance)

The Moves: Keep Hold Of Circle, And A Direction (With The Left Analog Stick) To Slam Them In That Direction. Instantly Knocks Out Your Enemy.

Keep Hold Of Circle To Grab The Enemy, This Leads To All Of The Other CQC Moves (Apart From The Slam)

Threaten:(When Holding An Enemy) Keep Hold Of L3 To Interrogate An Enemy For Information.

Slit Throat: (When Holding An Enemy) Keep Hold Of Circle To Cut Your Enemy's Throat (And Kill Him)

Throw To The Floor: (When Holding An Enemy) Keep Hold Of Circle And A..

Boss Strategies(Normal Difficulty):Ocelot Unit

The Ocelot Unit: After the cutscene you should get out your desired weapons.Crawl under the bed and face the door.When they shoot the door down you can either throw a stun or other type of grenade, or shoot them in the head with a weapon.

Don't wait too long or they'll check under the bed.Now that you got those guys out of the way, you can crawl under the basement using the trap door EVA revealed.Crawl right to one of the crawlspaces that are covered up and nail the closest guard in the head through one of the holes.

Then continue to crawl towards the front of the area where theres an uncovered opening by some grass.A guard circles the area.Get your gun out and sidestep(L2 or R2 in FPV) to where you can just see his head.Shoot him, then crawl out,kneel, and turn aro..

It is going to be crazy =)

I found out that the new metal gear game is going to have:

New missions on Snake vs Monkey....

A new Duel mode (You can fight bosses when you feel for it)

New camera view

Online action

And Metal gear, Metal gear 2:solid snake and Metal gear solid (Full versions)

+++You can find all the info on

Boss Strategies(Normal):Ocelot

NOTE:The Snakes in this area are highly aggresive so take them out as soon as you can.

As soon as the battle begins Ocelot runs to hide behind a tree.Quickly equip a weapon and attack him in the back in FPV.

A member of the Ocelot unit will saying something like "Forgive me,sir." or "I can't stand it." and start shooting at you with an AK. Roll to the left behind a rock.

Aim and shoot Ocelot again as he yells at his soldier.

Quickly move as he'll probably try to shoot you back. Whenever Ocelot goes behind an object it's your chance to hide. He'll shoot random places until he just sits there waiting for your move.Sidestep in FPV to quickly shoot him.Whenever he reloads or switches guns then he'll stand still.Just jump out and aim, don't even wor..

Fast way to beat The Sorrow

Right lets face it mostly all of us like to just run around shooting, sliting and poisoning enemys and watching them suffer yeah well thats all well and good until you meet The Sorrow and that endless wading through the river only to die at the end! Well if your trigger happy and want to save time then when you begin the battle crouch and move forward and you will go under water now just stay there untill you die, then you can use the revival pill simple as that easy!

P.S If you want the The Sorrow's camoflauge then don't use this tactic as you will not get!!

Duel with Ocelot

Right well when you first begin the battle if you unequip your weapon nd stand there Ocelot will come out and say something like ' a duel YES I love it' and then he will stand opisite you, then just as he draws his S.A.A press R2 quickly and fire or if you do it 'unfairly' just shoot as he walks to the area where he shoots from!

Enemy soldier fun

Right well you can only really do this with the Stealth Camo, but what you do is once you have obtained a handgun go find an enemy soldier, then shoot both of their legs and their right arm (some soldiers might die when you shoot both of their legs!) and if they have one shoot their radio. Then just knock them out and when they wake up they can't call for help, can hardly walk and run and have to abandon their AK-47 and use their Makorovs. Also if they see you they can't get you with their knife!

Beat the end quick

To beat the end quick take a fake death pill and let ot go to 'time paradox'.and when you start again he will be dead before you start.

This COULD Be Useful

Boss Camo....

Ocelot (Animals) - Beat Him Non-Lethally - Steady Aim

The Pain (Hornet Stripe) - Beat Him Non-Lethally - Never Get Leeches Or Attacked By Hornets Or Spiders When You Wear It.

The Fear (Spider) - Beat Him Non-Lethally - 80% Camo At The Cost Of Stamina

The End (Moss) - Beat Him Non-Lethally - High Camo In Grass

The Fury (Fire) - Beat Him Non-Lethally - Never Get Burned & Halves Damage From Explosions

The Sorrow (Spirit) - Walk All The Way Down The River, Then You Obtain The Camo When You Meet Up With EVA In The Cave - Silent Footsteps

Volgin (Cold War) - Beat Him Non-Lethally - Russian Soldiers Will Hesitate To Attack You


Stealth Camo!

If You Can't Be Bothered Shooting/Punching The Kerotans Then Just Complete The Game Without Being Spotted

Easy Way To Beat The Fear

Are you having loads of trouble beating The Fear? Well here's a hint! First off equip a stun grenade, then use a Fake Death Pill, The Fear then will walk up to or 'dead' body and say ' he's dead already? ' and ' just when the real fear was about to begin '. Then he will turn around, use the revival pill and throw a stun grenade, once it goes off get out your XM16E1 or your AK-47 and shoot him like crazy! This will also beat him on stamina too.

Good Luck!


You know at the end of the game the president gives Snake a medal yeah? Well if you press and hold R1 and look left you can see Ocelot in the background making his salute thing at you.

Annoyed Raikov

Well if you go into the East Wing as a scientist and keep walking in front of Raikov he will grab your balls and throw you down!


When you beat the Shagohod and EVA's about to hug you press R1 to see The Sorrow in the background.

When you beat The Boss and Snake looks at her horse press R1 to see The Boss and The Sorrow standing beside each other.

Camera View

The Camera Can Be Changed So That You Can Rotate It, I Would Only Suggest Using This When You're Looking For Things, As It Can Sometimes Distort Your Sense Of Direction.

The Best Place To Use It (In My Opinion) Would Be In "Rokovoj Bereg" (Where You Fight "The Boss")

It Helps You Scope Out Where She Is If You're Going For A Non-Lethal Kill.

Extra Camos

In This Game, All Of The Camoflages That You Had To Download In Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Are 95% Free!

(It's 95% Because You Have To Have Space On Your Memory Card!)

Some Are There Just For Looks, Or Camo Index In A Specific Area.. But Some Have Purposes.

I'd Tell You What They Were.. But That'd Ruin The Fun!

There's Also Another Few Camos That You Get At The Start Of The Game Too.

They Help With In-Game Features Such As Battery Drain, And Suppressor Wear.

I Shall Say No More (:

EZ Gun

To Get The EZ Gun For All Levels Of Difficulty, You Have To Collect (And Eat) All Types Of Food And Plant (You Don't Eat The Plant Obviously)

Difficult, I Know, But It'll Be Worth It If You're Trying To Go Through The Game Without Being Spotted


Kerotan frogs: don't bother collecting them just finish the game without being seen

The ways of escaping prison: throw up, use fork to get fake death pill, 144.75 radio number, give guard rotton food and hide under bed while he craps

Nightmare game: save in the cell and go back to file and you will be a wierdo with two swords killing crowbar wielding mutant policemen

Single action army is the best gun ever, shot at a wall and it will bounce of and kill a guard instantly

The red avadant is the most rarest andimal in the game it's in the place straight after you beat the fear and past the werehouse, syvakiooijijfughgjerijgijdi who cares!

Hope this helped... In return WHERE IS THE LOCATION OF THE MOSIN NAGANT... I have only used it in boss mode. Wh..

Hard and fun whth solider

If in hard mode and need to kill an enemy try hiding agest a wall and thow a magerze or set a book etc and grab him bring him back behind the wall and slit his thot and the bodey in the greeslocker or....liht him on fire or just you no shoot em in the head my favert is plant TNT on there back and BOOM shoot up the dead body and take a picher if your evil like me and thow one of fire grnads thing and he'll tone black have fun. Ps can some one tell how to get soled soleds likewed snake things

Easy way to defeat The End

An easy way to defeat The End without fighting him is to die while your in any part of sokrovenno and then keep waiting after it says snake is dead and then a word time paradox comes up then click continue.

The End should be dead before you even face him.

Hope I helped!

Quick way to find The End in Sokrovenno

When you first start look at the trees and rocks in the area if they seem to have a blue tint to them follow the path of blue rocks and trees eventually you find where the end is hiding just keep doing this until the end is dead


Sometimes, when you call Sigint, he will make jokes, or funny things will happen. It all depends on where you are, whats happening, and what item you are holding. Try to call him when you have these items equiped:

Box (The funniest)


Life Medicine

You can also call him when you are in prison. You have to save first, then load the game. You will be in a nightmare fighting zombies. After a minute, you will wake up. Then call sigint.

I've beat the game more than once and i'm sure this hasnt happen

I don't know but it's pretty cool.When your at the part where your in the cell(after you recieve the beating in the torture place and you get your eye shoot out)go ahead and just save your game.

Paramedic should say somthin about a bad dream instead of about a random movie.go ahead and reset your will be in snakes bad dream and you get to play it.once you start it just play it until snakes had enough and wakes up.

You can radio everybody to have some pretty funny conversations my personal favorite being segints.well have fun and by the way the dream is a bit bloody.not that most of you care but coundnt hurt to tell..

Later !

Unlockable camo's

American Flag face paint Beat Snake Eater once

Animals Defeat Ocelot by stamina depletion

AUSCOM Desert (Australian camouflage desert) fatigue Beat Snake Eater once

Banana Camouflage Get the 1st record time in every stage of Snake vs. Monkey Mode

Brown face paint Beat Snake Eater once

Cold War Defeat Volgin by stamina depletion

Desert Tiger camouflage fatigue Beat Snake Eater once

More Unlockable's

DPM Camouflage Beat Special Duel Mode(Disk 2) with 1st place score

English Flag face paint Beat Snake Eater once

EZ Gun Playing the game on Very Easy mode. EZ Gun (Modes above Very Easy) Capture all 48 types of edible plants and animals

Fire Defeat The Fury by stamina depletion

Flectar camouflage fatigue Beat Snake Eater once

French Flag face paint Beat Snake Eater once

More Unlockables

German Flag face paint Beat Snake Eater once

Green Face Paint Beat Normal Duel Mode(Disc 2) with 1st place score

Hornet Stripe Defeat The Pain by stamina depletion

Infinity Face Paint (Alternate) Catch a Tsuchinoko (alive) can only be caught using mousetraps. Best place to find Graniny Gorki South (Where you fight The Fear)

Infinity Face Paint (Ininite ammo) Beat the game with the rank Foxhound

Italian Flag face paint Beat Snake Eater once

Japanese Flag face paint Beat Snake Eater once

Some More Unlockables

Monkey Mask Complete all Snake vs. Monkey Mode

Moss Hold up The End

Patriot (The Boss�s gun) Complete the game once

Single Action Army (Revlover) Choose the SAA on the right during final duel

Snake Defeat The Boss by stamina depletion

Soviet Flag face paint Beat Snake Eater once

Spanish Flag face paint Beat Snake Eater once

Spider Defeat The Fear by stamina depletion

Spirit Camo (Footsteps cannot be heard) Walk all the way to the end during boss fight against The Sorrow

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