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Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance Cheats for PlayStation 2

Cheats and Tips for Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance

SuperCheats Guide
Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance Guide
Many peoples game of the 2008, Metal Gear Solid 4 is a game that can be replayed again and again, with different approaches making it a fun experien..

We have 21 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2.If you have any cheats or tips for Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox : PC

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Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance

Boss Survival Mode:
To unlock the Boss Survival mode successfully complete all VR missions, all alternative missions, Sons of Liberty and the Snake Tales missions.
Alternate Ending Sequence:
To unlock M9 successfully complete a Snake Tale. Instead of killing them use the M9 when you begin a game to stun the Bosses to view an alternate ending sequence.

Extreme Difficulty

Successfully complete the game.

On the tanker capter take a picture of the two p..

On the tanker capter take a picture of the two posters of those lovle girls in the locker room or a picture of Olga when she's knocked out.

When you send the picturs to via the compyter at the end there will be some funy coments made.

I beat the game on very easy first. Even if you ..

I beat the game on very easy first. Even if you have played all the other metal gear games.

I suggest that you play this level first to get used to the aiming, shadows, and other new types of moves in the game.

Then play all the other levels in order and try to get as many dog tags as possible. This will help you extremely. If you want all the dog tags, you have to play all the levels.

If you donít know how to get dog tags, shoot a person with the tranquilizer gun and then when they wake up aim the laser at their heads and they will start to shake.

They lose their dog tag and some other interesting items as well.

The Hidden Easter Island Statues

Ever heared of an Easter Island Statue?
Hideo Kojima has hidden 7 statues to find but nothing happens if you find them.
Where are they?
1.Strut E, parcle room
The small room downstairs aonly accessed by a LV.5 card of using Box 5, position yourself next to the conveyor belt near the upper wall and in first person veiw mode, look at the space between the boxes and the wall to find it.(Press R2 to get a better look)
2.Strut D, Sediment pool
Go to the stair that lead to shell 2 and use you Scope/Camera and look at the center of the wall towards the horizontal grill. The statue is near that spot close to the tank.
3.Shell 1 core, B2 computer room bottom-right of the computer room(Not outside) and look under the desk.

Unlock all characters

To unlock all characters in missions.take out your memory card and reset your ps2
Then,when it says all that stuff you have to fill out.put your name as uuddlrlrba and you should have all the characters.


Bar Trick

Do this in deck 2 port, after shooting the semtex control boxes, run up the corridor until you see a guard, hide in the opening to the right until the guard gets close, then press L2 to peek around the corner, there is a metal bar on the wall next to you that will fall and make noise, causing the guard to investigate [dont worry, he wont see you if you keep your back against the wall]. During this time, another guard will walk down the hall, startling the other guard and causing them to look at each other [if you are trying to get dog tags you can pull off a double freeze [ONLY WITH THE M9]because the usp light will draw attention. From there, obtain their tags and tranquilize/kill them and your on your way.

Snake Tales: External Gazer.

this snake tale is one of the more easier snake tales to beat, yet only because it is easy to take out guards and get to the main spot of interest in the "tale",
That is... Until the end.
When on the connecting bridge of struts A and F. You will be asked to take a picture of the (insert surprise monster name here). <----[ this is so I don't ruin the fun]
you have to zoom in on this creature and take the best possible shot of it's face and upper torso. When done taking the picture otacon will have you go back to his base/ hideout in the script line that you read. Whilst in this mode he will ask you to do a few VR missions. Complete the first one with ease that is bomb defusel in the engine room of the tanker. The bombs are pretty easy to find so I will leave a hint..

Easter Island

On the snake tale, a wrong doing.
When you defuse the bomb there is an Easter Island head. Go up to it and you should be able to pick it up and you can hit guards with it.
NOTE: only works sometimes and you can not get caught)

Dog tags

sup?> Get all of you who can't get the dog tags here are a few ways use the one you like or are compfertable with.
Here's the one I use.
Make sure you have one socom bullet and first person view.
Take the socom out and find an enemy and get behind him and use the first person view so the gun is at his head.
Snake/riaden will say freeze. then run and get infront of him.
Put the first person view gun on his head hart or his penis, and if he says are you going to shoot, shoot him in the arm or leg.
Aim at the head or one of the other vital parts. he will shake and drop the tag if he dosnt drop it he will drop something else. _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Or tranqualize him then spray him with the bomb thing.

Unlock bonus

This code will let you enter skin cheats without having to collect the blue prints
right, right, left, left, up, up, down, down, up, left, right, left, down, down, left, right, up, down, down, up, up, left, left, right, right
enter in the PDA Fractions menu

Visual effects

At the main menu, press L2 for a gunshot or press in any direction the right analog stick to color the background.


To do this you may need stealth
1. Go into any of the holds as snake then pit on you stealth and do a punch punch kick combo to the marine in the botom corner and they all fall down

See hideo kojima

If you want too see hideo kojima when you get into hold number 2 take a photo of the screen on the right when the marines are looking to the right side of the hall.

How to get stealth and the bandana.

To get stealth play the tanker chapter on all difficulties,dont use rations and keep alerts at five or get the bandana holdup and collect all the guards dogtags.


VR Characters

Pliskin- Finish 50% of the VR Missions as Snake.
Tuxedo Snake- Finish 100% of the VR Missions as Pliskin.
Ninja Raiden- Finish 50% of the VR Missions as Raiden
Raiden X- Finish 100% of the VR Missions as Raiden AND Raiden in his Ninja costume.
MGS1 Snake- Finish 100% of Missions using ALL CHARACTERS!!!!!

Ninja revals face

When you see the ninja for the first time,( after beating fatman I think?). During the cutscene where the ninja says " I'm Like You, I Have No Name " quickly press R1,L1,L2,R2 to reval the ninja's face.

box sneaking and attacking.

when sneaking around in a cardboard box it is easy to get caught and easy to hide. Simplicity wins all huh? Well, if you know how to use this technique you will be a master. Lets say your in the box and an enemy approaches you. When he kicks the box or looks in take off the box and pull the melee combo then tranquilize. It is effective for all modes except extreme of course.
Staying hidden is another thing, just stay out of the path the guard walks threw or set the box up in a formation with other objects (saved me multiple times). If you get caught, you now know what to do.
In alert mode this will not work. But if you are sighted and run around a corner or into another room and take a seat in the box, set up the scenery if possible and brace yourself. Then your se..

hold up tactics: getting the goods and saving ammo.

when holding up a guard and out of ammo, there are many things you can do.
for one you can melee combo, choke out, flip (judo excersize/move) or roll attack after charging for him.
lets say the guard is too far away and your stuck on whether you should attack or hide. If you sneak up on an enemy, stop, then press and hold the box button, you will have him in a choke hold. What you can do now is rack up death ratios or choke him unconscious. If there is a locker near by you have this thing in the bag.
if there is no locker then let him fall to the floor after walking around and choking( pressing the box button) 3 times or more. If you want to knock him unconscious, then only choke him when he starts to move.

In the plant where there is open railin..

Snake Tales: Confedential Legacy

Hints for COnfedential Legacy.
when playing this snake tale episode, it is best to save every single thing you come in contact with. It is also best to search every room and crack. If you do this correctly, you will have the best metal gear solid moment in history.
so at the beginningyou basically have nothing with nothing left over... So what you have to do is take out every single guard on the outside, which is fairly easy.
The first guard you can take out is right next to you on the deck. I recommend you hold him up with the usp and then choke him unconscious. Then head for the steps to your right( the platform with a climbable box) grab the item and move on to the back to the left. Go left untill you come across another ground floor guard.( CAUTION:..

How to unlock european extreme

Me and my friend figured this out as we were fooling around with the game.beat every difficulty on the tanker and after you beat extreme youll have european extreme.

Z.s c.p

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