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Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance

Game Reviews for Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance


Quick Reviews

The best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Added 7 Jul 2004, ID #9828
I LOVE this game! I mean,350 vr missions,150 alternative missions and 5 snaketales! and the original is on there too it's brilliant and it has a bonus disk:

"the document of mgs2" where you can cover nearly every inch of the game from character models,background models and polygon demos that you could pause and turn around to see everything in the movies and 5 vr missions.

Not much but if you beat one,save,then start up mgs2 substance on a new game E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G is unlocked from the start!
the best game EVER!!!!!!!

999,999,999/10 brilliant!, buy this game!!

Cool ratings:tankerAdded 12 Jun 2004, ID #9070
O.K... the tankers are rated now
OLGA:8/10 she's o.k,pretty cool the usp give's her an extra point
MARINES:4/10 don't look that cool,sometimes there in they're boxers but they're still cooler than raiden and that gives them an extra point
RUSSIANS:7/10 cooooool pretty cool is these i like they're knifes too!
SERGEI:3/10 would get 4 but it's the hat
OCELOT:8/10 looks quite cool even without the cape
LIQUID:?/10 snake's"brother"you dont actully see him all you see is his arm?!
SCOTT:6/10 cool enough
METAL GEAR:9/10 I know he's not exactly a human but he counts
there we go more soon!

Cool ratings: Dead cellAdded 10 Jun 2004, ID #9027
Now I'm cool rating dead cell
FORTUNE:8/10 like the costume but the 4 foot long railing gun gives her 1point less

FATMAN:5/10 he's more funny than cool if he was an old guy it would be hilairious a fat guy on rollerskates it's so funny

VAMP JACKET:9/10 cool jacket dude and I like the knife...

VAMP BULLET IN THE HEAD:10/10 the 9 from the jacket vamp and now he looks twice as tough..

O.K. solidiers isn't exactly dead cell is he?

I'll rate the rest soon.

Cool ratingsAdded 10 Jun 2004, ID #9026
I'm giving everyone a cool rating yay
SNAKE 9/10 cool dude but costume's a little wierd
PLISKIN10/10 the original 9 from snake and a wicked costume
TUXEDO9/10 looks cool"the name's snake...solid snake"
RAIDEN3/10 he's a geek he wears a wig he wears a rubber suit
NINJA RAIDEN8/10 it would get a 10 but remember who's in the costume
RAIDEN X 0/10 raiden's 3 but he's naked what a puff
METAL GEAR SOLID 1 SNAKE 7/10 like the costume but he hasn't got eyes
I'm going to cool rate everyone else soon.

ID #2275

This Game kicks ass especially if you love the metal gear solid series and i do...On the disc there are 8 options which include the old ones from metal gear solid 2 sons of liberty and some new ones such as Missions (which are aroung 400 VR missions),Snake tales(which is 5 missions that include snake in the plant),skateboarding (which i think is a bit poo)and i forgot the other one :P......the game lso comes free with a documentation disc allowing you to browse through the places and characters of metal gear solid 2 and it also lets you listen to the music from the game and do lots and lots of other things

Overall i give this game 9/10 but if you havent bought sons of liberty then dont and just buy substance instead as this game has alot more to offer

ID #2274
Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance is only a copy of, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty! I think not. First off, Sons of Liberty didn't have all of the "extra added" stuff that, substance has! But, The game-play is the same, the dialog and story-mode is exactly identical to, Sons of Liberty! This isn't much improvement! Speaking of dialog, it's beautiful! But, you expect me to buy a "New" Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, just for extra added stuff! Wait, if you have not yet played, Sons of Liberty, you shouldn't bother buying or playing it. Instead, pick-up a copy of, Substance! That way, you wouldn't have to pay for the same game, again! I'm going to give, Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance an 8/10! But, I'm going to give, Sons of Liberty an 9/10!!

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