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Legaia 2: Dual Saga Cheats and Tips

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We have several cheats for you to look through including Arts, easy Exp and unlocking a secret movie.

More Legaia 2: Dual Saga PlayStation 2 Cheats and Tips

We have 6 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Legaia 2: Dual Saga please send them in here. For more Codes for Legaia 2: Dual Saga go to:
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You can also ask your question on our Legaia 2: Dual Saga Questions & Answers page.

All Legaia 2: Dual Saga Cheats and Tips - Latest First.


Secret Market:

Combine 30 tools at the camp then get 2 or 3 Sacred Stones then go to Kenjiro who should be on the blood hawk and bye some stuff from him then he'll tell you where it is

Super Weapon Shop:

Combine 30 Weapons at the camp then get 2 or 3 Sacred Stones then go to Kenjiro whos on the Blood Hawk and bye some stuff and hell thell youy where it is

Super Armor Shop:

Combine 30 Armors at the camp then go th Monjiro whos in Nohl and bye some stuff and he'll thell you where it is

Easy Money:

When you get the Secret Market go to the guy whos selling expensive matirials and bye some 'Earth Dragon Wings' and then go to 'Jinga' and trade the for 'Sun Flauds' and then sell them it's like this

Earth Dragon Wing Sun Flauds

12000 -----------------> 32500


Tireless Ribbon:

Go to the secret market then talk to the guy whos selling accesories and bye 1 healing ribbon and 3 Winged ribbon then mix the Healing Ribbon with 1 of the winged ribbon then keep adding just 1 winged ribbon to whatever it makes. The Tireless Ribbon is useful for it's Max AP abillity


Langs Arts: NORMAL:

Hawk Stroke: Left, Down, Down

Blade Dance: Down, Left, Left

Mountain Crusher: Up, Right, Up

Thunder Flash: Down, Up, Up, Up

Demon Thrust: Down, Down, Down, Up

Shadow Split: Left, Right, Up, Left

Chaos Strike: Up, Down, Right, Up

Wind Blade: Left, Right, Down, Up, Left

Battle Flash: Up, Down, Down, Left, Right

Rapid Attack: Down, Up, Down, Left, Right


True Moon Slash: Up, Down, Down, Up

Thunder Moon: Up, Up, Right, Right

Moon Flower: Right, Left, Down, Right, Left

Maya Arts: NORMAL:

Wind Blade: Right, Left, Up

Thunder Head: Right, Up, Left

Bedrock Buster: Down, Right, Down

Dark Disaster: Down, Down, Up

Ice Flow: Up, Right, Right

Blind Fury: Left, Up, Right

Inferno: Left, Down, Right

Magma Mahem: Left, Left, Left, Down

Nova Heat: Left, Up, Up, Left

Aqua Spear: Right, Down, Up, Right

Ice Pyre: Right, Right, Down, Down


Toxic Cloud: Right, Up, Down

Sky Splitter: Left, Left, Right, Left

Blizzard Blast: Up,Up, Left, Up

Gravity Crush: Down, Up, Down, Down

Ballistic Light: Down, Down, Left, Left

Spirit Storm: Up, Left, Up, Left

Meteor Storm: Down, Left, Left, Left, Right

Kazan Arts: NORMAL:

Lightning Kick:Left, Up, Down

Critical Thrust: Up, Right, Right

Moon Splitter: Down, Left, Right

Double Kick: Down, Up,Up,Up

Double Fist: Down, Down, Down,Up

Jaw Buster:Right, Right, Up, UP

Goblin Dance: Right, Right, Left, Right

Fever Wind: Down, Left, Left, Down, Right


Aerial Attack: Left, Right, Down, Up

Iron Fist: Up, Right, Left, Left

Deadly Hands: Up, Down, Right, Up

Cannon Blast: Up, Up, Left, Down, Right

Sharons Arts: NORMAL:

Slay Cutlass: Right, Left, Up

Spike Anchor: Up, Down, Right

Riot Flag: Up, Right, Right, Up

Bloody Fang: Left, Up, Down, Left

Rumble Spike: Left, Up, Up, Up

Range Wave: Down, Right, Down, Left

Rave Storm: Down, Up, Right, Left, Right

Bloody Spark: Down, Right, Left, Right, Up


Fear Galgarin: Left, Left, Down

Crescent Heel: Up, Up, Right, Up

Spiral Blade: Left, Left, Right, Up

Peach Surprise: Down, Up, Down, Left

Surf Divide: Right, Left, Down, Down

Ayne Arts:NORMAL

Disaster Master: Up, Left, Right

Earth Razor: Right, Up, Down

Whirlwind Attack: Right, Down, Up

Shock Force: Down, Right, Left

Tidal Wave: Up, Right, Down, Left

Full Impact: Right, Left, Up, Down


Solid Blow: Down, Down, Right

Gale Force: Right, Right, Up

P.S. I laugh at all the people I'm better than HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

Easy Exp

All you have to do is find a really weak enemy and for every time it's your turn just guard. Then when you get bored just kill it. The reason this works is because you are given exp by the amount of rounds you survive. So the more rounds you guard the more exp you get because youve survived. This can even work really late on in the game. Bye for now then ppl

This is fixing a mistake that the SuperCheats Te..

This is fixing a mistake that the SuperCheats Team made.

Instead of the Art being "Down Down Down", it should actually be "Down Down Down Up". (Must Of Been A Typo)

How I Found It:

It's quite lucky really, I did "Down Down Down", then since I had 4 Art Slots I just added a ranom direction (Which was UP) Then when it did it, my brother said "That kinda looked like Down Down Down Up".

So I looked at the list (Using Circle) and saw that it said "Down Down Down Up".

Point card

At the out set of the game go up stairs and look in the item box that's there and you will get a point card and when you but ANYTHING it will put points that you can use in battle.

Movie To see a movie play, refrain from pres..


To see a movie play, refrain from pressing any buttons at the title screen for a minute or so.....

Maya - Arts

(Super) Sky Splitter Press Left(2) - Right - Left

(Super) Blizzard Blast Press Up(2) - Right - Up

(Super) Gravity Crush Press Down - Up - Down(2)

Sharon - Arts

Blood Spark: Press Down - Right - Left - Right - Up

(Super): Fear Galgarin Press Left(2) - Down

(Super) Crescent Heel Press Up(2) - Right(2)

Lang - Arts

Blade Dance Press Down - Left(2)

Mountain Crusher Press Up - Right - Up

Thunder Flash Press Down(3)

Kazan - Arts

(16) Lightning Kick Press Left - Up - Down

(16)Critical Thrust Press Up - Right - Right

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