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Game Script

by Shotgunnova

               /��)                                         _.'���������\
              /  /                                         /  _.-~'--.   \
             /  /                                          \_/        }   }
     _______/  /                         _}�/                        /   {
     ������)  /                          ���                        /   /
         _/  /  /����\  _/����\   /���\  _/�\   /���\  _/\        ,'   /
        [   /  / /�) / /  /��/�/ / .-, \ �)  ) / .-, \ �//      ,'   ,'
        /  /   ) \/ / /  {__/ / / / /  ) /  / / / /  } //     ,'   ,'
       /  /   /    (_/ /\__  (_/  \/  (_/  (_/  \/  (_//    ,'   ,'
 ,~-._/ (�    \/\_____/  _.'  __,___/\___/____|___/\__/   ,'   ,'
( (]     �-._        _.-' _  /                         _.'   ,'
 \__/�~-._   �~-._.-' _.-'/ /                         }      ������������~-.
          �~-.   .-.-'   / {             _/\          \    _,___________    \
             /  / _.----'   �--.______,-' _/           \.-'             �~-._}
          .-'  '-' _.-----'--------------'   D   U   E   L    S   A   G   A
       .-'    _.--'
    .-'   _.-'   Game Script by Shotgunnova (Patrick Summers)
   (  _.-'       Email: shotgunnova (a+) gmail (.) c0m
    \/           Guide may not display correctly in foreign-type browsers!
���������������������������������������������������������������������| INDEX |�
 01) Wilderness Town Nohl ............................................... GS01
 02) Hunter's Wood ...................................................... GS02
 03) Wilderness Town Nohl [II] .......................................... GS03
 04) Hunter's Wood [II] ................................................. GS04
 05) Wilderness Town Nohl [III] ......................................... GS05
 06) Gale Canyon ........................................................ GS06
 07) Doplin Castle ...................................................... GS07
 08) Darakin Citadel .................................................... GS08
 09) Mt. Gabel .......................................................... GS09
 10) Kabel Ruins ........................................................ GS10
 11) Doplin Castle [II] ................................................. GS11
 12) Wilderness Town Nohl [IV] .......................................... GS12
 13) Hunter's Wood [III] ................................................ GS13
 14) The Forest Maze .................................................... GS14
 15) Forgotten Village Yuno ............................................. GS15
 16) Wilderness Town Nohl [V] ........................................... GS16
 17) Doplin Castle [III] ................................................ GS17
 18) Freecity Kravia .................................................... GS18
 19) Port Town Tanza / Darek's Haunt .................................... GS19
 20) Volcanic Isle Drokonia / Hill of Giants Jinga ...................... GS20
 21) Paradise Isle Phorchoon ............................................ GS21
 22) Wind Tower Ellsworth ............................................... GS22
 23) Demiurge Tower ..................................................... GS23

 Updates and Contributions  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . UPDT
 Legality . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . LGLT

01) Wilderness Town Nohl                                                 [GS01]

[In a large house, a girl walks into a man's room.]

Nancy: "You have work today, and you're still in bed! Practice is starting any
       minute now!"

       STAY IN BED
        Lang: "Leave me alone... Just 5 more minutes......mumble...mumble...."

        Nancy: "Get out of bed RIGHT NOW!!!!!"

        Lang: "Groan....! Whaddaya want? It's early... Can't you see I'm
              still sleeping...?"

        Lang: "Gasp!! Wha, wha??? I'm up! What's happening!? Whuh...whah....

        Lang: "Groan....! Whaddaya want? It's early... Can't you see I'm
              still sleeping...?"

Nancy: "Have you forgotten that today is your first day on the job?!? You're
       impossible! Everyone's waiting for you!"

[Lang exits to where some men are practicing swordplay. Nancy pushes him out.]

Nancy: "Shoo! Can you move any slower!? Good lord!"

Galvan: "And he's up... Good! Stoppppp!! That's enough for today. We have a
        new member starting today... Hey! Introduce yourself!"

         Lang: "I'll be joining you from today... My name is Lang. I look
               forward to working with all of you. Oop!"

         Galvan: "While you were in dreamland, you missed all of today's
                 practice session! Moving along. Aston and Edouard! You wait
                 here in town! Marcus and Dein, you do the usual. Patrol
                 Hunter's Wood!"

         Dien: "Tsk."

         Galvan: "Back to your quarters, and get ready! ........ And you,
                 Lang! You come to see me when you're ready. Got that? That's
                 it! Now go!!"

        ACT COOL
         Lang: "Yo, what's up. Guess I'm stuck with you guys from now on. You
               can call me Lang. This should be pretty cool. Ow!"

         Galvan: "Lose the attitude! Is that the way you act toward your

         Lang: "Sorry, man. I just don't feel like dealing with that kind of
               stuff today. Ow!"

         Galvan: "You will be respectful! Don't waste our time with your
                 childish games. Now, introduce yourself!"

         Lang: "...I'm Lang. Come on, can we get this over with? Ow!"

         Galvan: "You listen to me! With anything you do, how you begin is very
                 important! You remember that!"

         Lang: "Ow!"

         Galvan: "Is your brain still in sleepyland? You little punk!"

Galvan: "Moving along. Aston and Edouard! You wait here in town! Marcus and
        Dein, you do the usual. Patrol Hunter's Wood!"

Dien: "Tsk."

Galvan: "Back to your quarters, and get ready! ........ And you, Lang! You come
        to see me when you're ready. Got that? That's it! Now go!!"

[He goes to see Galvan.]

Galvan: "Lang!! Late from Day One! What are you thinking?"

Lang: "Ow!"

Galvan: "...tsk! You pull something like that tomorrow, and there will be no
        supper for you! ...Never thought I'd see the day that I'd be working
        with you. That little snot-nosed kid is now a little musketeer wannabe're all grown up. Nancy, on the other hand, has grown up rude and
        brusque...probably form living with all these fellas. She should act a
        little more ladylike....really.... Anyway, never mind that."

Hawke: "Lang, come here. You're an adult now, and a Vigilance Corps member.
       Once you have a job, it means that you must be a responsible member of
       society. All life in this town depends on the bounty provided by the
       lake. The lake is always pure and fresh... Because that stone keeps it
       so. The Aqualith... That mysterious rock sustains the life of this town.
       We must never forget our gratitude! Not just for the lake, but for
       Hunter's Wood, the sky, everything!"

Galvan: "That's right, Dad. So work hard, and don't forget to be grateful!
        That's the point! Never forget that, Lang! Today we're patrolling
        Hunter's Wood! You're coming with us, so get all your stuff ready!
        Once you're ready, come to the town gates. Dein and Marcus are already
        there, so look for them. What are you waiting for?"

Lang: "Yes, I understand."

[He goes to the town gates.]

Nancy: "Lang!!! Lang!!! Gosh, hurry up! You're the new kid, and you act like
       you own teh place! It's your first day. Did you get everything you need?

       I'M READY
        Lang: "Yeah, I'm ready to go."

        Lang: "Er...No, I just have a few more..."

        Nancy: "What! What are you doing? Everyone's waiting for you! Hurry,
               get yourself together!"

Nancy: "Are you sure? I bet you don't have medicines and stuff on you!"

System: Acquired Heal Powder and Poison Cure.

         Lang: "Hey, thanks for everything."

         Nancy: "Huh... What's gotten into you? I'm just...making sure you
                don't cause problems for everyone else! I wasn't expecting a
                'thank you'.

         Lang: "Don't treat me like a kid. I'm a grown man!"

         Nancy: "Right. You're so grown-up and independent, Lang. A grown-up
                who can't wake up by himself and is late for his first day of
                work! *giggle* Just a matter of self-perception."

Galvan: "Everyone here? Good. Here we go!"

Nancy: "Oh, Lang! Don't overexert yourself! If you get hurt, come back and
       rest for a bit, okay? .....Now get going! Good luck, Lang!"

02) Hunter's Wood                                                        [GS02]
[The team enters the forest nearby.]

Galvan: "You've never been here before, have you, Lang? This is Hunter's Wood.
        The people of Nohl depend on this forest and its living creatures for
        sustenance. Look at all of that wonderful greenery! Breath in that
        fresh air! It's beautiful, isn't it? But you've got to be careful...
        It may look peaceful, but there are monsters in this forest! And that's
        where we come in. But relax. The monsters around here aren't much of a
        threat. No need to get too worked up about it."

Dein: "Oh, I don't know about that. He has trouble killing weeds. A rookie like
      him might get eaten right away. Yeah, I can see that happening..."

       Lang: "Don't scare me like that, Dein. I'm not ready to die yet."

       Dien: "What?! Listen to this coward! I hate to think that I'm in the
             same Vigilance Corps with this guy. You wuss! Why don't you just
             run along home?"


Galvan: "Leave him alone, Dein. Remember you first time? You were shaking in
        your boots."

Dein: "Me?! No way! Captain, come on! I wasn't scared!"

Galvan: "Yeah, well... If you say so."

Dein: "Damn right! Look, Captain. We're going on up ahead."

Dein: "Come on, Marcus. Let's make this a quick trip - in and out!"

Galvan: *sigh* "What a guy. Well, follow me, Lang. I'll give you a few pointers
        on what we do here."

System: Galvan has joined the party.

[They find a monster to fight.]

Lang: "Galvan!!"

Galvan: "Don't panic, now! This is the perfect chance to teach you how to
        fight. All right, Lang! Let's start with the basics. Try choosing
        BATTLE first. Now, then! Choose ATTACK next! The last step is to
        choose the target! You're finished, huh? All right. Now it's my turn.
        Right, then! When you're ready, choose BEGIN! Did you get hit? Here!
        Have some medicine."

System: Galvan gave Lang some Heal Powder.

Galvan: "Leave the enemy to me! You use the medicine. First of all, choose
        BATTLE! To use the medicine, choose the ITEM command! Good! Now use
        the Heal Powder! All right, then! Leave the rest up to me! Right, then!
        When you're ready, choose BEGIN! Good thing these enemies weren't much
        of a threat! You didn't do too badly for your first time."

[They get into another fight.]

Galvan: "These monsters look tougher than the last ones! Now's the time to
        teach you some Arts! Do just as I tell you, and you'll be fine. First,
        choose the BATTLE command! Good! Next, choose the ATTACK command!
        Ready!? I'll teach you the most basic Art. Enter RIGHT--DOWN--RIGHT!

System: Blue Moon Buster--Normal Art--Enter -> v ->
        Blue Moon Buster is a Normal Art.
        A Normal Art is an attack that raises AP.

Galvan: "That's it, you got it! Now choose the target! All right. Now it's my
        turn. Now, time to choose BEGIN! Great job! OK, time to learn another
        Art! Choose BATTLE! Good, next choose the ATTACK command! This Art is
        even more powerful than the last one! Enter RIGHT--LEFT--RIGHT!

System: Sandstorm--Super Art--Enter -> <- ->
        Sandstorm is a Super Art. Super Arts do more damage, but they use AP
        when you use them.

Galvan: "Next, choose the target! Now it's my turn! Now, time to choose BEGIN!
        Well done! There are lots of other Arts. Try out lots of combos and try
        to find them on your own. Well then! Let's start on all those Klaw Ants
        crawling around. We're off, Lang! We've taken care of all the Klaw Ants
        here. Why don't we try someplace else?"

[After awhile...]

Galvan: "Looks like we took care of them for now. Let's join the others over
        there and head on home. ?! Marcus!!"

Marcus: "C-Captain! Dein...! He's in there..." *groan* "That thing...! Never
        seen...anything like it!"

Galvan: "Shh. Don't talk now. He's in bad shape. Lang! I'm going to bring
        Marcus back to town. We've got to get him some help right away. Or
        else...he isn't going to make it. Dein's still somewhere in the forest.
        You look for him. When you find him, bring him on back to town. I want
        you both back safe. You hear me? Now get out there and find him."

System: Galvan has left the party.

Lang: ?! "Dein!!"

Dein: "Damn! Here comes that good-for-nothing kid. Hey, where are the others?"

Lang: "Marcus is hurt really bad. Galvan took him back to town."

Dein: "So that's it, huh? Went off and left me, did they? It figures..."

Lang: "Dein!! Here, lean on me! Come on! I'll help you back to town."

Dein: "Leave me alone! I don't need your help!" *groan* *cough*

Lang: "Dein...!!"

Dein: "Ack! Here comes a big one. And hurt the way I am, I can't even run.
      Looks like I'm the one holding you back... Save yourself, Lang. Get away
      while you still can!" *groan* "Hey...! What are you...? What do you think
      you're doing? Cut it out!"

[A large Gather Crab appears. Lang cuts off its claws.]

Lang: "Now! Hahh! How was that! Haaaaah!!! Yaaaahhhh! Did I do it?"

[Lang kills it.]

Dein: "...Hey, kid... Give me a hand, will you? But let's get this straight,
      Lang... You listening...? *cough* *groan* ...Don't go thinking I owe you
      or nothing. I could have taken that moster if I wanted to. Easy! *cough*

03) Wilderness Town Nohl [II]                                            [GS03]
[Galvan and Lang watch Dein as he rests.]

Galvan: "....First Marcus, and then even Dein... Hey, Lang, that big monster
        you were talking about...did you really take it down yourself?"

         Lang: "It was a challenge, but I got through it somehow!"

         Garvan: "...Good work... I would have liked to see that. ...Which
                 means we can all sleep easy tonight. Lang, you must be tired.
                 Go back to your room and rest."

         Lang: "Leave it to me! I can handle a monster that size!"

         Garvan: "Don't let your ego get the better of you, you little punk!
                 You were lucky this time, but one small mistake and you could
                 be dead meat! ...Tsk! But I'm glad you escaped with only minor
                 injuries. Good work, Lang. Keep it go to bed early.
                 You have to do it again tomorrow."

[Lang returns to his room and has a nightmare.]

Lang: "Uggg.....ugggheggghhhe!!! Where am I...?

Crowd: "We must not allow the ones with the marks to live! Kill the Mystics!
       They're monsters!! You Mystic!! You cursed creature! Foul monster!
       Everybody! There must be some still left somewhere!! Find them!! Where
       are they? Find those Mystics!! It's all because YOU were here!! Look at
       what you've done...! ...Done to my town...! Hey! Look at the mark on
       his chest!! He's one of them! He's a Mystic, too! Aaaaaahh! Get him!!
       Kill him!!"

Lang: "................!"

Nancy:" Lang!! Lang!! Are you okay?"

[Lang wakes up.]

Nancy: "What happened? You were thrashing around."

Lang: "Was that...a dream? It felt so real... I can still remember it... What
      was that...?"

Nancy: "What are you mumbling about? If you don't get in the habit of leaving
       the past behind, you won't last long at this job. If you know what you
       need to do, do it! Sleep now, and sleep till you need to get up!"

Lang: (That scene in the dream... Where was that? I've never seen that town
      before... Something about 'Mystic'.... What was that about...?)

[He goes to the lodge's dining room.]

Garvan: "Lang, you're early today. Nancy isn't done making breakfast yet. Have
        a seat."

Monde: "Captain!! It's an emergency!!"

[They go to the gates.]

Jill: "My husband...will my husband be all right?"

Garvan: "...This is....very severe. I'll need to get Dad on this. .......What
        happened.....? Monde...."

Monde: "...A strange man in Hunter's Wood...out of nowhere...Boerto... No...
       that was was not a man, it was...a demon..."

Galvan: "Nancy!! Nancy, Aston, you take care of the rest. Edouard!! Here we

Edouard: "Go....where?"

Galvan: "Where do you think, eh?! Hunter's Wood!! Lang...You..."

         Galvan: "Something smells really fishy here. Lang, you stay here.
                 Just in case something happens... ...All right. Good luck!"

        STAY HERE
         Lang: (I wouldn't be of any use even if I did go with them anyway...)

         Galvan: "I'd let you tag along, but the enemy is pretty bad this time.
                 Stop pouting! You'll make everyone feel bad... Just stay here.
                 We're counting on you!"

[They leave.]

Nancy: "Hey! Lang!! What are you doing just standing there?! Come on, hold

[Later, in the lodge.]

Jill: "...Oh god...."

Nancy: "Don't worry about Mr. Boerto... He may not look it, but Grandpa Hawke
       was an excellent doctor once! Lang!! You killed that monster yesterday
       in Hunter's Wood, right?"

Lang: "I don't this could have happened..."

Nancy: "Good grief!! Are you or are you not an official member of the Vigilance
       Corps? It's your job to protect the town from monsters and other
       dangers! You are in no position to say you don't know!!!!"

Aston: "Come on, Nancy. Lang just started yesterday. You shouldn't be so hard
       on him."

Nancy: "I know that!! But still..."

Hawke: "...Sigh... It's been ages since my last operation."

Jill: "Mr. Hawke!! My husband... Is my husband..."

Hawke: "He'll be fine, he'll live. ...He should stay in bed for a while, but
       he should be okay."

Jill: "Sob....Mr. Hawke, thank you so much!"

Hawke: "A wound that serious may not have been caused by the usual monsters in
       the area... I see Galvan has gone out there... I hope that he is safe."

        Lang: "Aston, I' going to Hunter's Wood to check it out!!"

        Nancy: "Lang!! Weren't you told to wait in town? Of course.... I'm
               worried about Father and everyone else, but I won't let you act

        Aston: "...Fine. Lang, I'll take care of things on this end. You go and
               help out the leader and the rest of them."

        Nancy: "Aston!!"
        Lang: "Aston!!"

        Aston: "Lang, go to Hunter's Wood."

        Nancy: "Aston!!"

        Aston: "You're worried about the Leader, right? I'll take care of the
               town - go on."

Nancy: "Wait!! Lang! If you're going, make sure you prepare wel! Okay?? About
       Father... We're counting on you."

04) Hunter's Wood [II]                                                   [GS04]
[Lang finds Eduoard near where he fought the Gather Crab.]

Lang: ?! "Edouard...!! Edouard? It's too late... Galvan!! ...?!"

Galvan: "...La, Lang... Why...didn'"

[The mysterious man throws him against a tree.]

Galvan: "!"

[Lang's blows do nothing.]

Lang: "What the...I know I hit him..."

Gold Eyes: "Ggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......"

Lang: "Whoa! Wha..... D-demon."

Gold Eyes: "No, not a demon. It is the pure embodiment of power.... Origin."

Lang: "Ori...gin...?"

Gold Eyes: "You and I are of the same breed. You should know what that mark on
           your chest means!"

Lang: "The same race?! You and me?"

Gold Eyes: "That's right. The same race. That's why you have that mark, too.
           It's proof you're one of us, the chosen ones, a Mystic! And now I
           ask you... Have you seen a stone that looks like this?"

Lang: "Hey, that stone..." (A lake everlasting, pure as crystal... we have the
      Aqualith for that...)

Gold Eyes: "The it? That's quite near."

Lang: "H-Hey! Wait! Where do you think you're going...?"

Gold Eyes: "To the town in your thoughts. There's a sacred stone there that
           I've been looking for. When I get the final sacred stone, the old
           race will perish! And it will be the dawn of the new era at last!"

Lang: (The town is in danger! What should I do...?)

Gold Eyes: "Are you going to try and stop me? Don't even think about it. I
           wouldn't want to have to kill one of my own race."

Lang: "Yeah, you're right. I probably wouldn't have much of a chance of
      winning...against a monster like you!"

Gold Eyes: "A monster? You call me...a monster?

[Flashback: some village, where Gold Eyes is a kid.]

Gold Eyes: (My people! Killed mercilessly... Just because we have power...!)

[End flashback.]

Gold Eyes: "You... You say the same things those humans did...! Exactly the

[Origin attacks Lang.]

Lang: "Oof! Argh!! Aiee!!"

Gold Eyes: "Why... You killed him...? He's one of my own race."

Igohl: "This man... He's the one that holds the power of Galea."

Gold Eyes: "Galea...?"

Igohl: "If you let him live, he'll only get in our way."

Gold Eyes: "You think this man could get in my way? Nothing could be a threat
           to my power. Impossible.

[He leaves.]

Lang: �W-wait...! I�m not letting you get away...!"

[Somewhere, perhaps in a dream, Gold Eyes stands before some crystals.]

Gold Eyes: "Hey... Wake...up...,you..........!"

??????: it...?

Gold Eyes: "...Soon, it shall begin...!"

05) Wilderness Town Nohl [III]                                           [GS05]
[Lang wakes up in Nohl.]

Lang: "..........!!..."

Nancy: "Lang!! Lang!! Lang!! Lang!! You're awake!? !! I have to get Father!"

Lang: (...What happened? I thought... That monster!... My chest!...... Not a
      scratch on me...... Whas it... Was I dreaming?......)

Garvan: "Lang!!" *sniff*... "If you had died...I don't know what we would've
        done..." *sniff*... "I'm so glad!"

Lang: ".............Galvan...I........"

Galvan: "Aston got to Hunter's Wood just in time. But too late for Edouard,

Nancy: "I can't believe you've been asleep for 5 days! We couldn't find any
       wounds, but you wouldn't wake up at all..........You don't know how
       worried we were! You must be starving, right? Of course you are,
       sleeping all this time! I'll go make you something right now!"

Galvan: "H-Hey!! It's too soon for you to be walking, boy! You don't look
        injured, but that doesn't mean there's nothing wrong with you. Take it
        easy and rest up."

[Lang goes to the lake.]

Lang: !! "The Aqualith..."

Galvan: "I wanted to break the news to you later, but I guess since you've
        seen it already... While you were unconscious, the man from Hunter's
        Wood showd up and stole the Aqualith from the lake."

Hawke: "Our life here depended on the Aqualith... Without it... We are

Galvan: "The Corps is in shambles, the Aqualith's gone...... What're we
        supposed to do now? The future sure isn't looking too bright..."

[The next morning...]

Lang: (What can I do?... What could I possibly hope to achieve?)

       Lang: (But if I could only get the stone...!! I might be able to save
             the town!... But... Do I have any chance of winning? Against a man
             with such powers? Against that monster!?... Just... Just sitting
             here isn't going to accomplish anything!...... I'm going!!!!) "I
             don't know if I can get it back, but I'm going after the

      I DON'T KNOW...
       Lang: (What IS there for me to do?... I don't have that kind of power...
             But, could it be possible? Me, take back the Aqualith from such a
             monster?...... Just... Just sitting here isn't going to accomplish
             anything!...... I'm going!!!!) "I don't know if I can get it back,
             but I'm going after the Aqualith!!!

[Lang goes to leave town.]

Nancy: "Lang!! Where do you think you're off to, all by yourself and so early
       in the morning!?"

        Lang: "...................."

        Galvan: "You've always been as easy to read as an open book. You're
                going after that man, aren't you, Lang?... No doubt I should
                be the one to go... But I'm not going to be much use like this!
                But you... Perhaps... Go!! You have my blessing, boy!"

       BE HONEST
        Lang: "I'm gonna get it back!... I'm going to track down that man and
              bring back the Aqualith!"

        Galvan: "Finally, you wake up, and now...... You really are a piece of
                work, boy! Nothing I say will stop you... Will it, Lang?
                .........Go... Go do what you must!"

        Lang: "N, nothing... It's just that I woke up a little earlier than
              usual, that's all."

        Galvan: "You of all people, sleepyhead? Haaa, ha, ha, ha! That's a good
                one! Had trouble falling asleep, didn't you, Lang? Thinking
                about that man?"

        Lang: "...................."

        Galvan: "I know very well how you feel... You've made up your mind,
                haven't you? You're going after the Aqualith!"

Nancy: "Father! Wait!!? I thought you were going to stop him!! And YOU!! He
       wasn't...human! He was a monster!! How can you possibly hope to win!?"

Galvan: "Nancy....... It's not a matter of win or lose. There are times when a
        man just can't back down. You must try and understand that."

Nancy: "B-But.......!"

Galvan: "Lang, take this sword with you."

System: Acquired Hammer Blade

Galvan: "It's old, but the blade still packs a punch! It's not much of a
        parting gift for such an undertaking but I hope it proves useful.
        ...You should also take this Wind Talisman with you. I heard from Aston
        that the man went towards Gale Canyon. You'll need this to pass through

System: Acquired Wind Talisman

Galvan: "Now don't you worry about the town, you hear?... I might be in
        trouble, but leave it to me to hold down the fort while you're gone!"

Nancy: "Father!! *SIGH*...... Men...... Go do what you have to do! But... You'd
       better promise you'll be back! If you...don't come back...I'll...I'll
       NEVER forgive you..."

Galvan: "......I'll be waiting for you, boy!! Godspeed!......"

06) Gale Canyon                                                          [GS06]

Lang: (The winds have...stopped. I wonder if it has anything to do with the
      Wind Talisman...?)

[On a ridge, some travelers look out.]

Bubba: "Hey! Are we really goin' through here, Elliott?"

Elliott: "Yes. That's the only place we haven't searched yet. What's the
         matter, Bubba?"

Marienne: "Don't tell me you're scared? For a big, brawly guy, you sure are a
          wuss sometimes. Hee hee hee!"

Elliott: "It's not his fault, Marienne. After all, he's not a Mystic like us."

Marienne: "Hee hee hee hee! You're right of course, my brother. He may be big,
          but he's just a regular human! And that nasty, little pet of yours!
          What do you call it? Elfa...Elfin...?"

Bubba: (Pet!? Elfin's not just a pet! Oh, now you crossed the line! You're
       gonna get it, you little pig! I'll make you pay someday!)

Marienne: "Hmm? You've got something you want to say, Bubba? I didn't think
          so. Well, go on! Start searching!"

Elliott: "My sister and I are tired. If you find a Mystic, come back here and
         get us, OK?"

Bubba: (Oh, just you wait! You think you can push me around! I'm gonna get you
       two! One of these days...POW!)

Marienne: "Didn't you hear my brother?! I certainly hope you haven't forgotten
          who saved you from a life in the dungeons, hmmm? Then again, maybe
          you want to go back to that smelly hole? Ha ha ha ha ha!"

Bubba: "Come on, Elfin!"

[A ways in, Lang fights Elfin, who appears out of nowhere, and wins.]

Bubba: "WHA...AAAHHHHHH! My beautiful... My dearest...EEELLFIIIINNN!"

Lang: "I'm sorry... I was only trying to defend myself..."

Bubba: "...Elfin... Why you...I'm gonna...I'm gonna...kill you for this!

Marienne: "DON'T YOU DARE! That boy there... He has the mark."

Elliott: "Ohoooo...? I never expected to find a Mystic way out here... How
         fortunate we are, Marienne!"

Marienne: "So true, my brother, so very true! What's the matter, Bubba? What
          happened to your little beasty? Ha ha ha! Don't tell me it's dead?
          That's why you're crying?! Ha ha ha ha! Bubba, you're such a wuss!"

Bubba: "AARRGGGHH! I can't take it anymore! You little pig! I ought to...!"

Marienne: "Hmmm? What's this now? I don't think I like your attitude...I don't
          think you understand your position. You don't ever, ever, talk to me
          like that..."

Elliott: "My apologies, dearest sister. My underling seems to have forgotten
         his place. He can be quite uncouth at times. But enough of that...
         That mark on your chest... You're a Mystic, aren't you, young man?
         You're just like Marienne and I! Surely you can see that we're
         nothing like that lowly human cowering over there, can't you?"

Marienne: "We're looking for...people like us. People worthy of living in the
          paradise we're going to turn this dirty world into."

Elliott: "What do you say? You're welcome to join us if you want. You're very
         lucky we found you."

Marienne: "That's right! We treat our slav...I mean, subordinates very well!"

           Lang: "I've got something I have to find. I don't mean to be rude,
                 but no thanks."

           Elliott: "What...? You're turning us down... Could you be any more

           Marienne: "Just who the hell do you think you are?! You've got no
                     right to decline! You have no idea what you've gotten
                     yourself into!"

           Elliott: "I think it's time for us to teach this young man a
                    lesson... Ready, Marienne?"

           Lang: "Join you...? No way! You can take your offer and stuff it!"

           Elliott: "Oh my! Hmm... Someone needs to learn some manners..."

           Marienne: "Elliott! This is inexcusable! He needs a behavioral
                     adjustment, don't you agree?"

           Elliott: "Indubitably, Marienne. Don't try to apologize now, young
                    man. It's too late! Ready, Marienne?"

Marienne: "Ready, Elliott. You better be ready too, little man... ...To witness
          our special sibling bond!"

[The three Mystics fight.]

Lang: "That must be...!? Just like that man..."

Marienne: "Hee-hee! He's cowering at the power of our Origins!"

Elliott: "Don't forget, Marienne, it's only just begun. Now, let's us engage
         you in our dance of death!"

[Lang eventually loses.]

Marienne: "Is that all you've got?! This is a good time to try our new move on
          this lab rat. Wouldn't you agree, Elliott?"

Elliott: "Excellent idea! I will begin! Ready, Marienne?"

Marienne: "Ready, Elliott? Here comes our mah-velous move!"

Elliott: "Let's do it! Okay, Marienne!"

Marienne: "Here I gggggggggo! Eeeeee-yahhhhhh!"

Elliott: "Very elegant, Marienne!"

Marienne: "Thank you. I got that from you! Ha ha ha ha ha! Are you sure he was
          a Mystic?"

Elliott: "He was certainly no match for us. Huh...? I think...I think he's
         still alive!

Bubba: "WWHHHOOOOAAAA! He's...mine! Let me finish him off! Let me avenge
       Elfin's death!"

Marienne: "Oh, shut up. There's nothing left for you to do, Bubba. Just be
          quiet and behave. Why don't you bury your ugly little pet? I can't
          stand the sight of it! Ha ha ha ha ha!"

Bubba: (...Why you little pig! One of these days, I'm gonna slow roast you over
       a spit!)

Elliott: "Hmm... Take a look at the mark on his chest. It's really something."

Marienne: "Hah! A lot of good it did him! He probably had it tattooed on! It's 
          meaningless! It means nothing! It means absolutely nothing! It means
          absolutely nothing!"

Lane: "...UUHH..."

Elliott: "Bubba, load him up and get him ready for travel. We're taking him
         back to the castle. We're going to break his spirit and turn him into
         a loyal subordinate!"

Marienne: "Absolutely! We'll turn him into our loyal slav...subordinate!"

[They load him into their wagon.]

Lang: (Where...are

07) Doplin Castle                                                        [GS07]
[Lang wakes up in a cell.]

Lang: *Groan...! "Unh...! Where am I...?

Marienne: "Get a move on there, ugly little witch!"

Elliott: "Now, now, Marienne. She is a Mystic too, after all."

Marienne: "Grr! You're too soft-hearted, Elliott! Ugly! ...little!...witch...!"

Lang: "What? What's going on? What the...!! It's you...!!"

[Bubba breaks down his cell door.]

Bubba: "Tsk! What a shabby little prison! I got permission, you know...
       Permission to get revenge... Revenge on you for killing my poor Elfin!
       You'll taste my wrath!"

[Bubba leaves with Lang.]

Guard 1: "What a mess! Well, looks like we won't be able to use this prison
         cell anymore..."

[In the interrogation chamber...]

Bubba: *Grraahh* "Take that! And that! Damn you!!"

Marienne: "That's just about enough, Bubba. He's unconscious already. We're
          going to make him our, I mean, servant, so we don't want
          you to kill him."

Elliott: "Are you really so upset over losing a pet? If you want, I could buy
         you a new one."

Bubba: "...El-Elfin...wasn't...just a pet... Elfin and I...were tied by the
       bonds of true love...! Elfin...! My poor Elfiiinnn!!" *Sob* *Blubber*
       "You could never understand! How we felt about each other...!"

??????: "But even so, Bubba. Killing him won't bring back what you lost."

Bubba: "Bishop...Doplin..."

Doplin: "I understand how you feel, but that man is a Mystic. And you know I've
        told you time and again...that Mystics are the messengers of the
        gods... Beings sent by the gods to bring eternal paradise to this
        world. A Mystic's life is far more important than yours, let alone an
        animal's life. Learn your place!!"

Bubba: *Grr!*

Doplin: "Oh, my! What a sorry shape you're in! You poor thing! What have they
        done to you?"

Lang: *Groan!* "Unh...!"

Doplin: "Well, are you awake now? Here, I'll have your chains undone."

Lang: "Where am I...?"

Doplin: "You're in the town I rule, Darakin. This is my castle, Doplin Castle.
        I'll have to keep you prisoner for a while."

Lang: "Huh? Prisoner...?"

Marienne: "Ga ha ha! You're not too swift, are you? I'll explain it real nice,
          so even a monkey could understand! You...! Lost and...! were
          brought...! Here...!!! Ga ha ha!! We're now goign to train you to be
          our faithful, I mean, servant!"

           Lang: "Absolutely no way!! I'll never be your servant!!"

           Elliott: "That's what they always say. Do you know what happens to
                    those that resist like that? ...They all end up saying,
                    'Forgive me! I'll do anything you say!!' Well, there are a
                    few who resist to the end, and wind up dead..."

           Lang: "Please! Don't hurt me...! I'll do anything! I'll be your

           Marienne: "Pathetic boy! I can't believe you'd throw away your
                     dignity, your pride, over such a small amount of pain!
                     You're beneath human! You're a dog, maybe? Or maybe a
                     cat? No, I've got it! A cow! And cattle serve their
                     masters! I'! Have you got that?!
                     Huh? Don't forget it!"

Doplin: "It certainly is a fine mark he's got there! I bet he holds quite an
        amazing Origin!"

Elliott: "That's the thing, Bishop Doplin... He won't show us his Origin.
         Maybe we should have gone a little easier on him...? Ha ha ha!"

Marienne: "Grrr!! Elliott, you're too soft-hearted for your own good!! He's
          just trying to make fools of us!! If I really got serious, I could
          make him do anything I wanted! You! Take that!!"

Doplin: "Now, now! I get it! I can see both of you are serious. Now leave him
        be for a bit! If he gets damaged before we show him to Avalon, he'll
        be mad at me! Can't have that!"

Lang: "Avalon...?"

Doplin: "Yes, the greatest Mystic of all, chosen by the Supreme Origin. He is
        our leader! He'll turn this chaotic, impure world into a true utopia!"

Lang: "... ... ..."

Doplin: "You'll understand when you meet him. You'll see his absolute power
        for yourself! Undo his chains and let him rest in the prison. He'll be
        one of us in the future. Treat him well, do you hear?"

Mysterious Woman: "I heard you found a new Mystic, Bishop..."

Doplin: "Oh, Velna! Ho ho ho! Yes, I imagine Avalon will be pleased!"

Velna: "Yes, I'm sure. I've made preparations for a celebration in the central

Doplin: "Oh! A celebration, you say? How delightful! And you lot, come along!"

[Bubba starts taking the unconscious Lang back to his cell.]

Guard 1: "That's quite a wonderful feat! Finding a Mystic like that!"

Guard 2: "Great job, Mr. Bubba! And to think you were once a prisoner under a
         life sentence! I-I'm sorry! That was rude of me! Please forgive me!"

Guard 1: "How exciting! This land will soon see the arrival of a new era!"

Bubba: "A new era...? Mystics...? To heck with all that! Damn him! He killed
       my Elfin!!" *Sob* "My poor Elfin...!! I can't imagine a future without
       my Elfin!! Damn you!! You son of...!! I'll kill you! Kill you!"

Guard 2: "Stop, please, Mr. Bubba! If you kill him, we'll be blamed...!"

Bubba: "Damn! I can't stand this!! Can't take it anymore! You guys take care
       of him! Grrr!!"

[Bubba leaves.]

Guard 1: "Whew! Mr. Bubba sure is in a bad mood today!"

Guard 2: "Yeah! And what's wrong with the Bishop? What possible use could he
         have for a brat like this? Are Mystics really worth all this fuss?"

Guard 1: "Yeah, I wonder. Mr. Bubba broke the door to this room, so we can't
         use it."

Guard 2: "Well, what're you gonna do? Let's put him in the room over there."

[They throw him into a cell and leave. Lang wakes later to a girl healing him.]

Lang: *Gasp!* "Wh-Who are you?"

[She traces her name on the floor.]

Lang: "...Ma......ya....? My name's Lang. You...? Can't you talk? Hey! That
      power... That power you just showed me! What exactly was that...?"

[The girl's Origin emerges.]

Lang: "Whoa! What the...!! What's that thing?!"

Rivas: "Do not be frightened. I am Rivas, the Life Origin that lives inside
       Maya. You, too, are a...Mystic, are you not?"

        Lang: "Hey! Absolutely not! Now way I'm a Mystic!!"

        Rivas: "But your mark... That mark on your chest is clearly..."

        Lang: "What ABOUT this mark?! It doesn't mean I'm a monster like the
              bunch of you!!"

        Rivas: "You do not wish to admit it to yourself..."

        Lang: "Please tell me! Just what in the world is a Mystic, anyway?!"

        Rivas: "It is a being that holds an Origin, an embodiment of power,
               and a mark that binds that Origin to him."

        Lang: "Embodiment of power? What are you talking about? Can't you
              explain it any simpler?"

        Rivas: "It is difficult, I agree. But even if you do not understand
               with your mind, I am sure your body knows... That mark on your
               chest... It is a symbol of your Origin."

       YEAH, MAYBE
        Lang: "Yeah, they said that, too... That I was a Mystic... ...Could I
              really be a Mystic?"

        Rivas: "You are not aware of it yet...but that mark on your chest..."

        Lang: "Yeah, what is this thing?"

        Rivas: "That is the sign of another 'you' that lives inside you. It
               stands for your Origin."

        Lang: "My Origin...? Are you telling me there's a monster like you
              living inside me?! I don't believe you!! No way there's a monster
              inside ME!!"

Lang: "This mark is just a plain old birthmark! It's not what you say it is!
      I'm no Mystic!! Stop saying that!! I'm NOT a Mystic, I tell you!"

Rivas: "I do understand what you are feeling now. But all the same, you ARE a
       Mystic... Nobody can change that simple truth. Please accept..."

Lang: "Shut up! Go away!! Just disappear, why don't you?!"

[Rivas disappears at Maya's behest.]

Lang: (Am I...? Could I really THEM...?! Just because I have some
      birthmark on my chest?! Does that make me like THEM?! Now way!! I'm
      nothing like any of them!! I'm NOT a Mystic!!)

[Maya goes to sleep. Lang sits with his thoughts.]

Lang: (I can't just hang around here forever! I've gotta find some way to get
      out of here. But...looks liek they took away all my weapons and items.
      What am I gonna do...?)

[Lang goes over to the wall crack Bubba made when he stormed off.]

Lang: "Say...! This door is pretty wobbly... Hey! Maybe I can break it...! I
      think I'll give it another try... Maybe a little more...? One more time!
      It made a whole lot of noise. But doesn't look like anybody noticed...
      Now, what should I do...about her...? It's not my problem!! She's a
      Mystic just like they are, anyway! I've got to get out of!!
      But still...I bet they treat her pretty badly... Just like they treated
      me... ...No! I can't just leave her here!!) "Um... Why don't you come
      with me? We'll get out of here together! Come on. I'm not gonna leave
      you here."

System: Maya has joined the party

[They recover the lost items. Back upstairs...]

Prison Guard: ?! "How did you manage to get out?!"

[The weakling guards are knocked out.]

Voice: "The prisoners escaped!"

Voice: "Escaped prisoners!"

Voice: "Where did they go?!"

Voice: "I doubt they've made it to the central building yet! Find them!!"

[They sneak into the central building.]

Blue-armored Hulk: "Stop right there!! YEAH! Graaahh!! Haaahh!! Yaay!! You
                   heathen, you!! Ha! I knew I would find you here! You thought
                   you could get away, did you!! You, men!! Leave this to me!!
                   Look! I swear, by St. Joprian...! I am Balken! Third son of
                   the Mesai Clan, and the leader of the Blue Knights!! They
                   called me 'the Mighty Balken,' the strongest knight in the
                   kingdom!! If you consider yourself a real'll take
                   me on, one on one!!

                   ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE
                    Mighty Balken: "Most admirable!! You accept my challenge!!
                                   You are a real man, after all! If we had met
                                   under different circumstances, maybe we
                                   could have been friends, shared a drink or
                                   two... However! As you know...there can be
                                   no mercy when it comes to battles... Here I
                                   come! Hmm......heh heh heh! Not bad!
                                   However! Time keeps slipping away... Hmmm??
                                   Hurry! Hurry, I said! Grrrr.....hunhhhhhh...
                                   Heh heh heh...would you like to see? The
                                   doors of destiny are closing right behind me
                                   as we speak... Hm? What? Trembling, are you?
                                   *cackle* Now we are having fun! I will never
                                   forget that spring, hmm, 16 years ago, when
                                   I joined the knights... ever since I was 
                                   born to the Mesai clan as one of 3 boys...
                                   an aristocrat by birth...are you listening
                                   to me?! What?! Soon, the drawbridge will be
                                   up... have you the young nobles understood?
                                   I shall speak of this battle, this
                                   encounter with the young nobles, for years
                                   to come. And now! As the crest of Saint
                                   Joprian as my witness chivalry thrives
                                   within this body! Haaaaaaaaah ha ha haaah!!!
                                   Once the drawbridge is closed, there is
                                   nowhere to go! Embark on your journey to
                                   death! And when you get there, tell the dead
                                   of the Mighty Balken!"

                    Mighty Balken: "What's this? You let a girl into a man's
                                   battle? Hmm... Don't tell me...! *Grunt!*
                                   I've got it! When you die, you want to die
                                   together, is that it? Admirable fellow! I
                                   see!! You are a gentleman, after all! And
                                   now...!! I will have the pleasure of
                                   beating a noble such as yourself with my
                                   trusted mace! What a joy it will be! [The
                                   above speech past 'Here I come' continues

[They defeat the Mighty Balken.]

Balken: *Cough* *Pant* "The drawbridge has been closed off, and the young
        nobles have no place to run...! This is not my defeat! Even if this
        body loses life, i shall emerge victorious! *pant*  I am the Mighty
        Balken...! Even in death, I shall be the Mighty.........ugggg....."

[He falls over and knocks the drawbridge down.]

Guard: "Balken!! Don't let them get away! Raise the drawbridge!! We've been
       ordered to seize them! I can't believe it...! Balken, defeated...!"

Lang: "... ... ...Maya! Let's go!!"

Guard: "They escaped!!"


Guard: "Bishop, Your Majesty! Terrible news!"

Doplin: "What is it? What an awful lot of noise! Do you have any idea what
        time it is?"

Guard: "Yes, Highness! Apologies, Your Majesty! But the Mystics looked up in
       the annex escaped... I thought you'd want to know..."

Doplin: "... ... ...Wh...What did you say?! You fools!!" *Sputter* "What
        happened to Balken?! The Mighty Balken?!"

[Elsewhere still...]

Marienne: "What is it, Elliott? Why are you staring outside like that?"

Elliott: "Looks like somebody escaped, Marienne. Maybe it's that young man we
         captured today."

Marienne: *Snort* "A feeble boy like that? Escape? Ha! The guards or the
          Knights would just catch him and put him right back in prison!"

Elliott: "Ha ha ha! Yes, I'm sure you're right, Marienne..."

08) Darakin Citadel                                                      [GS08]

Guard: "We can't let them get away!"

Lang: "I'm going to get caught if I stay here... No choice. Gotta use this

[A kid sees them.]

Sabrina: "Nils? What's the matter? Hey, you two! What are you up to?!"

[An alarm bell rings.]

Voice: "They should be around here somewhere!!"

Voice: "Search all of these houses well!"

Voice: "A young man and woman! We've got to get them!!"

Voice: "We're the castle police!! Open up immediately! Open up, I say!"

Sabrina: "Hey, you two... Stay right here!"


Sabrina: "Aren't you listening to me?! I told you there isn't any man and woman

Guard: "And I say they're here! We're searching the place!"

Sabrina: "Hey! Stop! You're going to scare off all my customers! You're
         interfering with my business! Now get out of here, now!"

Guard: "Dammit...! Oh, all right! But you haven't heard the end of this!"

[The soldiers leave.]

Sabrina: "Nothing but a bunch of cowards! But they think they can lord it over
         people, anyway! Hmph! Okay! Those stupid men are gone! Do you want
         something to eat? Honey! Make us some of your specialty, would you?
         Here it is! Our special stew! Eat it while it's hot! Come on, now! Eat
         up! There isn't any poison in it!"

Lang: "Okay, let me try it, too... Wow! This is great!!"

Sabrina: "Ha ha ha! No need to wolf it down! There's plenty more where that
         came from. Eat as much as you want!"

Lang: "Gee, you were nice enough to hide us, and now you're feeding us...!
      My name is Lang. And she's Maya. We, um... Well, you see..."

Sabrina: "That's okay. I know. You escaped from the castle, right? The only
         time those men come around like that is when that Doplin has given
         some stupid order or other! What in the world are they doing in that
         castle, I wonder? Those idiots...! Not too long ago, a whole bunch of
         young people were conscripted up to the castle! Grr!! It makes me so
         mad!! Can't anybody do anything about him, I wonder? That idiot Doplin

Norton: "Yeah, you said it!! That's right! Ever since that Doplin jerk came to
        be bishop, the whole town has gone all to pieces!! That guy took away
        my job, my house...! He even took my Sandy away from me!! *Sob* My
        sweet Sandy...!!"

Sabrina: "Everybody here hates the jerks up at the castle! I don't know if
         they're royalty or nobles or what, but they think they can do whatever
         they please! There's no excuse for it!! I knew as soon as I saw you
         two that you weren't like those people up at the castle! Now then! I'm
         sure they were rough on you up there... Why don't you stay here
         tonight? It's not much, but you can feel at home! Can't use the room
         in the back. The door is broken. You'll have to share a room. But you
         two look like you could get alone okay!"

          Lang: "Hey! Hey, wait a minute! We're not a couple or anything!"

          Sabrina: "Look at him, all embarrassed about his love affair! You'll
                   embarrass me, too, Handsome!"

          Lang: "Thank you, Sabrina! We would like to stay!"

          Sabrina: "That's the spirit! You're young! Why hesitate? Seize the
                   opportunity! And have a good rest!"

Sabrina: "Your room is the first one up the stairs. Make yourselves at home!"

Eye-Patch Man: "Wait. Hey, that mark on your chest...! Don't tell're
               a Mystic...?"

Lang: "!!"

Eye-Patch Man: "Now, now! Don't look so scared! I'm not going to give you away
               to those men outside! My name is Joe. I'm a kind of information
               source in this town. If you ever need to know anything, just ask

Lang: "Please tell me! Just what exactly is a Mystic?!"

Joe: "Well, I'd usually get paid for this kind of service. But tell you what.
     I'll let you try me out for free this once... A Mystic is a person that
     can use the power of an Origin."

Lang: "An Origin...?"

Joe: "I'm not really sure what an Origin is, either, but I've heard it kinda
     looks like a ghost or a spirit of some kind... And they say that Mystics
     are born with a special mark, a kind of birthmark. When I saw the mark on
     your chest, I thought you might be a Mystic... Aren't you? I don't think
     there's any need to hide it... About the only ones that know Mystics have
     marks on them are the big shots up at the castle. I doubt anybody else
     knows... That's about all I know about it."

[Maya and Lang go up to the room. The next morning...]

Sabrina: "Finally awake, are you? Thought you'd never get up! Things have
         finally calmed down quite a bit outside. So... What do you plan on
         doing now?"

Lang: "I don't...I don't really know. I have to find that guy, the one that
      stole the Aqualith from my town... But I haven't gotten any leads!"

Sabrina: "What kind of a man was he? This guy you're looking for?"

Lang; "He's no human 'man,' that's for sure! He has gold eyes..."

Sabrina: "What's the matter, girl? Your face is ashen! What is it?"

Joe: "Looks like she's trying to point to Mt. Gabel... It used to be famous
     for its beautiful scenery... But now monsters run rampant there. It's no
     place for people to get anywhere near..."

Sabrina: "So maybe... ...Maybe Maya is trying to tell us that a mountain has
         something to do with the fellow you're looking for...?"

Joe: "Hey, wait just a minute! Don't tell me you're planning on going there!!"

      Lang: "I don't know if there's any connection but I'll find out when I
            get there. I'm going!"

      Lang: (I wonder... Does that mountain really have anything to do with
            that guy? But it's the only lead I've got...!) "I don't have any
            other leads. I'm heading for that mountain."

Sabrina: "Lang, it looks like Maya wants to go with you. You're not going to
         just leave her here, are you?"

Joe: "Hmph! It's not like going on a picnic, you know! It's dangerous, I tell

09) Mt. Gabel                                                            [GS09]

[They go to the nearby mountain where a small shack is.]

Lang: "Is there someone here?"

[Maya finds a man by the garden.]

Middle-Aged Man: "Hmph... Who're you...? Ho...?! Maya! Maya, it's you! What
                 are you doing here? Hmph... Who's this kid?"

Lang: "Kid?! I'm not a kid!"

Middle-Aged Man: "Hmm... Is that a fact? So... What's your name?"

Lang: "Lang. And you?"

Kazan: "Me? My name is...Kazan. I'm just an old man living alone in these
       remote mountains. Look at those mountains... Something is poisoning
       them. They didn't use to look like this. It's only a matter of time
       before this place starts dying too.

[Kazan's Origin emerges from the ground.]

Lang: "Ah!"

Kazan: "I've been trying to use my Origin to breath some life into the earth,

Rivas: "Kazan... Do you sense it too? Something is forcing this change..."

Kazan: "Rivas... It's good to see you again. Anyone can see that something's
       wrong. All it takes is one look at the mountains..."

Rivas: "Well then... Are you also aware that this change is the work of just
       one Mystic?"

Kazan: "What?! That's impossible... No one has an Origin that strong!"

Rivas: "This Mystic does. He holds the Supreme Origin... As the name implies,
       his Origin has seemingly unlimited power... Lang, listen to me. The
       Supreme Origin belongs to the same man you're after...the man with gold

Lang: "What?! You know about that gold-eyed man?! Where is he?!"

Kazan: "What's your connection to this man, kid?"

Lang: "He... He stole the Aqualith from my village! In order to get the
      Aqualith back..."

Kazan: "You've got to find him. That's why you're after him. Hmm... That mark
       on your chest... Are you a Mystic too?"

       NO WAY!
        Lang: "I'm not like you! I'm not some freak!"

        Kazan: "Freak...? That's a bit harsh, isn't it? Then explain that mark
               on your chest. It's proof that you're a Mystic."

        Lang: "No! It doesn't prove anything! I'm not like you!"

        Rivas: "Lang..."

        Lang: "I don't know. Everyone keeps calling me a Mystic, but I don't
              even know what that means..."

        Lang: "What's that got to do with anything?!"

Kazan: I guess it's safe to say that your Origin hasn't awoken yet. Hmm...
       Okay, listen up, kid. I'll explain it to you. Deva, that's my Origin,
       can control forces of the earth... And Rivas can control the forces of
       life. Origins are sentient manifestations of the forces of nature.
       Origins have a soul that lives inside with the soul of the human host.
       Those of us with two souls are called...Mystics. The man you're chasing,
       Gold Eyes, is a Mystic for sure. And one that appears to have infinite
       power. Or at least strong enoughto affect the entire world. He's not
       just another human. He's something else entirely. Do you see that now?"

Lang: "I knew that! That may be all true, but I'm still going to get the
      Aqualith back from him! Tell me where he is! Please!"

Rivas: "Lang..."

Kazan: "Jeez, you don't get it yet, do you? Don't go charging off right now.
       You'll get killed for sure. You're going to stay the night, right
       Maya? It's okay. I just washed the sheets and my cooking has really
       improved. Ha ha ha!"

Lang: "Hey, wait! I still need information!"

Kazan: "Slow down, kid. You're staying here tonight too. There's still a lot
       you don't understand."

Lang: "..."

[The next morning, Lang finds Kazan on the cliff practice-fighting.]

Kazan: "So you're up. Morning, kid. You know, there's a reason I train like
       this every morning. I have to be ready to fulfill my mission in life
       when the time comes."

Lang: "Your mission in life...?"

Kazan: "Perhaps destiny would be a better word. Ever since I learned that Deva
       was inside me, I've done a lot of thinking... About what it means to
       have this power... And why I was entrusted with it. I finaly decided
       that Origins... And Mystics were put here to protect the world. At least
       that's what I've come to believe. Maybe that's hard for you to
       understand since your Origin hasn't awoken yet. That mark on your chest
       means that there's an Origin inside of you and a destiny for you to

Lang: "A destiny for me to fulfill...?"

[Some monsters show up as Maya exits the shack.]

Kazan: "Quickly! Protect Maya!"

[They defeat the galdukes.]

Kazan: "Well, kid... At least you know how to handle a sword. What were they
       doing here...?"

[Maya tries to make the smashed garden grow again but can't.]

Kazan: "Look, they smashed everything. There's nothing left... I may be able
       to rip open the earth, but I can't make a single flower bloom. I can
       only help the healing process. This power we share with Origins... It's
       tied to the will of the host. It can be used to destroy, or it can be
       used to help the wounded and those in pain. It all depends on the host.
       Well, kid... As far as I can tell, you've got a good heart. And you're
       also a Mystic. If you're planning to go up against Gold Eyes and his
       Supreme Origin to get that Aqualith back... Your only chance is that
       other spirit inside of you. You've got to wake it up."

Lang: "The other spirit...?"

Kazan: "Deep within your soul is another spirit. You must conjure it now. That
       power is lying dormant inside you. Free your mind nad call to it. It
       will awaken. I'm sure of it."

Lang: "Power...? Inside of me?"

Kazan: "In your present condition, you won't get that rock back and you'll end
       up dead."

Lang: "Then what should I do?! How can I tap the power inside of me?!"

Kazan: "There is only one way... You must stare into the very face of death.
       You must push yourself to the brink."

Lang: "The face of death...?"

Kazan: "Put your life on the line. Are you ready? Ready to face down death?"

        Lang: "If that's the only way to awaken the power inside of me then...
              I'll do it! I'm ready to try. I have to!"

        Lang: "Gee, I'm not sure..."

        Kazan: "You fear death... That's a natural response. However... Will
               you be able to live with the knowledge that you didn't even try?

        Lang: "My town... They're all waiting for me to bring back the
              Aqualith... I can't let them down. I just can't!"

Kazan: "Okay! Follow me. This road leads up to the summit of the mountain.
       You'll find a cave at the summit. There's a spirit called the Mountain
       Morg that lives there. He's usually very gentle, but he'll try to kill
       anything that attacks him. I know it sounds a bit barbaric, but you're
       going to attack him. You will find yourself fighting for your life. I'm
       sure of it. I'll wait here with Maya."

System: Maya left the party

[Lang goes to the mountaintop cave and sees the Morg.]

Lang: "So...this is the Mountain Morg. All right, Morgie, let's do this!
      It's not working...! What should I do? (Like those two... It's the same
      thing... Am I the same as them...?)

Kazan's Voice: "Deep within your soul is another spirit. You must conjure it
               now! It will give you strength."

Lang: "Another power...lies"

[The Morg's attack is blocked by Lang's Origin.]

Lang: "Uuuugggghh....."

[Lang defeats the Mountain Morg.]

Galea: "Finally!"

Lang: "Are you... Are you the Origin inside me?"

Galea: "Yes. Galea's the name. I am the Origin of Fire. If you had waited any
       longer to awaken me, you'd have been dead for sure!"

Kazan: "Maya was worried about you. Is that your Origin?" (Such power...! Who
       would have thought this kid had this kind of power inside of him...)

Rivas: "You've finally awoken the giant within, Lang..."

Lang: "Is that why you brought me here, Maya?"

Rivas: "Yes...I hoped that you would realize your potential as a Mystic."

Kazan: "Your Origin may be awake, but you're still a novice. You've got a lot
       to learn about fighting and Origins. Come with me."

System: Maya and Kazan joined the party.

Lang: (I still can't believe that this thing was in me all along...)

Galea: "Hey, get a move on, will you? The master's already leaving."

Lang: "Master?"

Galea: "It's better than calling him 'pops', don't you think? If it weren't for
       him, I never would have woken up and you'd probably be dead!"

Lang: "Master, huh?"

[At the cave entrance...]

Kazan: "You're late, kid!"

[Kazan helps defeat the monsters without his sword.]

Lang: "M, master...why aren't you using your sword?"

Kazan: "I've always preferred to use my fists. I can feel the battle with more
       clarity. This -- is a memento of an old student of mine."

Lang: "A student...?

Kazan: "Yes. And in it thrives the spirit of my former student, Rauss... Which
       is why I must never, ever lose it. For to lose it is to forget him."

[They start walking down the mountain.]

Kazan: "Take a look, Lang. This is the Cave of Trials. I trained here in my
       younger days. At the very back of the cave, there is a scroll that
       reveals a secret sword technique. I want you to get that scroll."

Lang: "You want me to get a scroll?"

Kazan: "It may sound easy, but trust me, it's not. The cave is filled with
       monsters. You won't be able to get the scroll by yourself. You're going
       to need the cooperation of your Origin."

Lang: "Cooperation...?"

Kazan: "Stand over there."

Lang: "Whoa!"

[Deva makes a stone pillar rise out of the ground.]

Kazan: "Origins can do things like this. I'm certain that your Origin has the
       power you'll need to accomplish the task. Whether you make it through
       the caves alive or not depends on how you use your Origin. I'll wait
       here with Maya. Good luck."

System: Maya and Kazan left the party

[Lang goes into the cave.]

Lang: "I can't go any further. This rock is in the way. I wonder if Galea can
      do something about it?"

System: You can use Origin powers in places like this. Press the [] button to
        call forth your Origin.

Lang: "So this is Galea's power... What's the matter, Maya?"

Kazan: "Hey, La-ng...!! I don't think you're strong enough to make it through
       the cave by yourself yet. Take Maya with you. Rivas has the ability to
       heal injuries. I'm sure she'll be of great assistance."

System: Maya joined the party. You can change characters in the dungeon by
        using L2 and R2 buttons.

[They complete the trial and get the scroll.]

Lang: "Master? What's the Sky Fang School?"

Kazan: "I told you to get the scroll. I didn't say anything about reading it.
       Someone needs to learn some patience. It's a style of sword fighting
       that I mastered. It allows you to infuse your sword with your inner
       fighting force. Since you've already looked at the scroll, you know
       that it contains the secrets to a technique called 'Raging Fang.' Like
       the smithy tempers steel, so too must you temper your mind. Devote
       yourself to mastering this technique. It looks like you've learned
       'Raging Fang' quite well. In that case... You shouldn't have any
       trouble learning more advanced techniques in the future. Okay, then.
       Let's all head back to the house!"

System: Kazan joined the party

Kazan: "Say, Lang... This Aqualith your'e looking for... What exactly is it?"

Lang: "Let's see... It floats in the air... It's very shiny and water comes
      out of it. Oh, and it's a rock!"

Kazan: "A shiny rock that floats in mid-air and water comes out of it? You
       wouldn't try to fool an old man now, would you?"

Rivas: "A rock that makes water... It can only be one thing... The Sacred Azure

Lang: "You know of it?"

Rivas: "Yes. When I was held captive in Doplin Castle, I remember the Bishop
       bragging about it."

Lang: "Doplin Castle... That's where they locked me up! You're sure that's
      where it is?!"

Kazan: "Hmm... But why did Gold Eyes steal it from your village? What does he
       plan to do with it? If we find that stone, we might find Gold Eyes

Lang: "Master...?"

Kazan: "Let me tell you something, Lang... I like the scenery here. The
       sunsets were especially breathtaking. But I can't enjoy the sunset
       anymore. The eerie mist covering the mountain has made it impossible.
       In order to get back the mountain I love...I plan to fight this gold-
       -eyed devil that's disrupting the balance of things. You fight to
       protect your village... Maya and I fight to protect nature... We fight
       for different reasons, but our target's the same. How about it, Lang?"

Lang: "Master... Let's go to Doplin Castle!"

Kazan: "We'll leave right away."

Kenjiro: "Kazan!"

[A short guy with a huge smile runs over.]

Kazan: "You again. I don't know why you keep coming back."

Kenjiro: "Doesn't the fact that I've travelled all this way just to see you
         so many times mean anything to you?"

Kazan: "All right, Kenjiro. I give up. You can have the pot... Along with
       everything else in the house. It's all yours."

Kenjiro: "Really?! You're going to give me the pot?! Even the hanging scrolls?"

Kazan: "I won't have any use for them where I'm going. Anything you think is
       valuable, you can buy... Hmm... I was hoping ot get some traveling
       money, but never mind. All right then, shall we go?!"

[The team starts leaving the mountain.]

Kazan: "Hmm... I was hoping we'd make it down the mountain before it got
       dark, but... Oh well. We'll rest here for tonight."

[Later, after Maya's turned in for the night...]

Kazan: "Hmph... Sound asleep... Poor girl. If she weren't a Mystic cursed
       with the blood of her ancestors... She'd probably be living a normal
       life...surrounded by family..."

Lang: "The blood of her ancestors...?"

Kazan: "A long time ago, there was a race called the Kabel. They might have had
       human bodies, but they had the power to control everything in the
       universe. The Kabel called it magic... Maya is from the same blood line.
       She used to have the same powers... If it weren't for those powers...
       Maya would never have..."

Lang: "Would never have what? What happened?"

Kazan: "Her powers went out of control. If I had only realized sooner, I might
       have been able to help. She never would have..."

System: Acquired four pieces of beef, four vegetables, four Red Peppers, and
        four Curry Sets. You learned how to make camp.

10) Kabel Ruins                                                          [GS10]

[The team makes for the fort town.]

Kazan: "This town hasn't changed... If they did bring the Aqualith here, it
       would probably be in the castle. It's up ahead at the end of this road."

[At the gates to the castle...]

Lang: "The drawbridge is up..."

Kazan: "Can't get in through the main entrance, looks like..."

Guard: "Did you come to see the castle? Apparently, they're on emergency alert.
       I'm sorry, but you can't go in. Ever since the Bishop found the Sacred
       Azure Stone, the castle's been this way. I wonder what they're doing in

Lang: (The Aqualith is here in this castle...! I've got to find a way to get

[They enter the nearby hotel and find a sewer entrance.]

Kazan: "Hmm... It does look like it connects to the Sewers from here, after

Lang: "Phew! What a stench!"

[They go into the Kabel Ruins via the sewers.]

Lang: "What's this?..."

Kazan: "Hmm... An ancient ruin... There appears to be an inscription of some
       sort... Could it be!? A spell!!"

Lang: !? "Maya!? Are you all right?"

Kazan: "...That day...... Memories of the day her powers got out of hand......
       If only... If only I had seen the signs! Had I been aware of Maya's
       powers sooner, I would have been able to stop it!! The tragedy... It
       could have been prevented......"

Lang: "Tell me... What happened?"

Kazan: "Maya... Maya's family... When her powers ran amok... They were wiped...
       From the face of this earth..."

Doplin: "Who dares to tresspass here?! Speak if you value your lives! Hm?! Your
        faces are familiar to me... You! You are the fugitive Mystics!! If I
        had known to find you here, it would have spared me the trouble of
        sending Elliott! Arrrgh!!!.... Fwah ha ha ha! Do not be frightened.
        Trust in me. I will not harm you. Why! Am I not the Lord of Darakin
        and the Bishop of the Holy Order of Banderas? I never lie! And who are
        you?! I have no business with you! Step away from there at once! Who do
        you think you are?!"

Kazan: "Hmph! You are only a petty villain, who somehow came into power."

Doplin: "How dare you!... You would call a bishop a villain?! There is not an
        iota of evil in me!"

Kazan: "Your eyes betray you. The truth is plain for all to see. And what would
       a villain be plotting in such a room? Planning to call on some demons,
       were you?

Velna: "Demons... Perhaps you are correct... The people of Kabel who perished
       several thousand years ago... They studied demonology here in this room.
       Magic that manipulates heaven and earth... Such powers could very well
       beget demons.

Doplin: "You are wrong, Velna! I do not aspire to create demons!! I require
        soldiers of God! The entity that governs all life...... That is God!
        I seek the power that manipulates life at will!! And this room, it
        gives me power...... The Wisdom of Kabel will reveal, to me, the way
        to God!!"

Kazan: "You disgust me... All you speak are words of selfish desire! What
       blasphemy to even consider manipulating nature and life to suit your
       own will! God?! Don't make me laugh!"

Doplin: "Fwah ha ha ha! It is impossible for lowly folk like you to comprehend
        my will! I alone hear the voice of God!"

[Kazan cracks his knuckles.]

Doplin: "...Using brute force, is that your solution? I am ruler of this
        country!! Not to mention God's will on earth! You dare strike me?!
        Apparently, you are not aware that blasphemy against the heavens has
        dire consequences..."

[The monster with Velna transforms with her spell.]

Maya: !!! "Uhhhhgh!...... .......Argh....ugh...."

Doplin: "Fwah ha ha ha! Do you understand now? Bow before the power of Kabel!
        The power of God!!!!! With the strength of Kabel and the Mystics at my
        command, I will establish the ideal world I have always envisioned!!
        ...Join me. What do you say? I grant you the opportunity to join God
        in creating a utopia!"

        I REFUSE!!
         Lang: "God, utopia... It has nothing to do with me! Leave me out of
               your little fantasy!"

         Doplin: "Hrmph!... What a pity. Born to serve God, yet blind to your

         Lang: "I'm not interested in any utopia that you've come up with!!!"

         Doplin: "Fwoh ho ho... Fool! Nothing is impossible with the secrets of
                 Kabel at my command!"

Doplin: ...As they say, the true path is apparent only in hindsight. I am truly
        disappointed... Had you decided to follow me, you could have been
        honored citizens of a beautiful utopia!"

Velna: "Bishop... Surely, you are not going to...??!"

Doplin: "It cannot be helped. God's servants they may be, but they are of no
        use if they refuse to do my bidding. He will surely understand... Alas!
        This too must be a test that God has placed before me!! It pains me, it
        truly pains me... Now, it is time for Slogar to test his new powers on
        you... Even you are helpless against the powers of Kabel! Revel in its
        strength before you depart to the other world..."

Lang: "Ah....! What do we, Master?!"

Kazan: "It can't be helped...we will have to take care of this on our own."

Lang: "Even Origin moves aren't working!"

Galea: "My powers have no effect. A fiend of the dark can only beaten with

Lang: "Master!"

Kazan: "Keep your wits about you! He is distorting his own image... it's no
       wonder that the moves have no effect..."

Lang: "Watch out!"

[Slogar is repelled by Maya's powers going out of control.]

Kazan: "Good Lord... Just like before...again..."

Lang: *gasp*

[They defeat Slogar.]

Lang: "Maya... Was that you?... Was that your power?..."

Kazan: "I remember... This terrible light... This very same light...

Maya: "Aaah...... Uhhh......"

Lang: "Maya!!!"

Maya: "I, Did I......?"

Kazan: "Maya...... You can speak!! Has your voice returned!?"

Maya: "........What happened...? Did I..... Did I use that power again??! Why
      do I have this power?! How I wish I didn't!! Then Father...and Mother!!!
      ...... *sob*..."

Lang: "Maya...... Maya, don't blame yourself! We couldn't have defeated him
      ourselves... We needed your power to do it... The power itself isn't
      inherently good or evil! That's up to the person who wields it! Maya, we
      wouldn't have made it without you! I believe in you, Maya!"

Maya: "......Thank you, Lang. But......I don't...I don't know how to use

Lang: "Really?....."

Kazan: "Maya has potential for magic in her blood. She has yet to be able to
       wield it... But at the moment, we must concentrate on finding our way
       out of this labyrinth and into that castle."

Lang: "You're right... The Aqualith is waiting for us. Let's go!!!"

11) Doplin Castle [II]                                                   [GS11]

[The team breaks into the lower basement jail and heads to the central bldg.]

Guards: "Hey! Who are you?!"

Red-armored Hulk: "You, there!! What impertinent behavior to display here in
                  Doplin Castle!! Insolence! Impertinence! Up ahead, in St.
                  Joprian's Church, Doplin, Bishop of the Holy Order of
                  Banderas is..."

Guard: "Raynof, sir! You mustn't say..."

Raynof: "Oh, yes! Doplin bringing in the Sacred Azure Stone is top secret,
        isn't it!"

Guard 2: "This is the man!! He's the one that defeated Balken, Raynof, sir."

Raynof: "What! 'Balken?! You shall adress him properly!' It's 'The MIGHTY
        Balken,' to you!! So. This is the lot that killed my brother, huh...?
        I'll show you a thing or two before you die! To avenge my brother
        Balken's death!!"

Guard: "For the honor of the Red Knights!!"

Guard 2: "In the name of St. Joprian!!"

Raynof: "I, Raynof, will make sure you see hell on earth!! What's the matter?
        Speechless at the sight of me, are you? Well?! There's no escape for
        you! I WILL avenge my brother's death! I'll kill you slowly, inch by
        inch!! I see... This must be the Origin I have heard about... I cannot
        stop trembling...its power is incredible...! Heh...I am filled with
        fear....but I will not run away! After all, I am Raynof the Brave!
        Leader of the Red Knights!

Guards: "Sir Raynof! All hail Raynof The Brave, pride of the Red Knights!"

Raynof: "Ha ha ha...Ah, the scent of battle -- this one reeks of Balken's
        regret! I can also smell you burning in hell, huh? It really is no use.
        The young nobles are fated to die right here... ...At my hands!
        Ugh...Ggghhhhh...I would expect nothing less of the person who stole my
        brother's life. However! I am far form finished! The people do not call
        me 'Raynof The Brave' for no reason! Now! On behalf of countless lives
        and their unfillflled wishes... Come! I will crush you!"

Guards: "Sir Raynof! All hail Raynof The Brave, pride of the Red Knights!"

[They defeat Raynof.]

Raynof: "Balken...forgive me. I could not do it... our redemption
        is in your hands..."

Guards: "Sir Raynof! He's down...Raynof is down! ...Run!!

Guard: "Raynof the Brave...has been defeated...?! Run! Escape!"

Kazan: "What was so 'Brave' about him? I expected more of a challenge than

Lang: "Doplin, up ahead... Sacred...Azure...?"

Rivas: "The Sacred Azure Stone... It is probably the Aqualith, Lang."

Lang: "...Let's go!!"

[They enter Chapel of St. Jopian.]

Lang; "Hey, that's Doplin!! What's he doing? What's that? There's something
      engraved on it..."

Maya: "Oh, my!! That monolith! There's one just like it in my village!"

Lang: "That monolith? There's one like that in your village, too, Maya?"

Maya: "Yes. But there's something a little different about this one. There's
      something black engraved on it...

Doplin: "YOU?! Wh-What...are you doing here...? How in the world did you get
        away from Slogar? Grrrr!!"

Kazan: "Just what exactly...are you up to? What's that monolith you're
       worshipping? Some kind of religious mumbo jumbo?"

Doplin: "'Mumbo jumbo!' Bite your tongue!! This represents all of my
        ambitions...uh, I mean...Avalon's ideal world!! When the Black Sun
        engraved on this monolith rises...then our utopia, our kingdom of the
        gods, will be born!! Hmm?! Don't tell me you lot came here looking for
        this Sacred Azure Stone...?! You can't have it! It's mine!!"

Lang: "That stone... My village NEEDS that stone! Hand it over NOW!"

Doplin: "What are you talking about? Avalon gave me this stone! Besides, I need
        it! It's going to make me into a god! I'll never give it to you! ?!"

Lang: "HUH?!"

[Velna appears with Gold Eyes from a portal.]

Lang: "YOU!!"

Doplin: "Avalon!!"

Lang: "Huh? So it's...'Ava...lon,' is it...?"

Velna: "Avalon..."

Avalon: "Just as I was told... Here are Earth, Life...and Flame..."

Igohl: "How is it possible? If he is human... Even if he is a Mystic, then by
       all rights, he should be dead... How could he survive?"

Galea: "What force is this?"

Kazan: "So this is the Supreme Origin... It radiates pure power..."

Avalon: "I think this is the man...! Igohl, let me answer your question for

[He takes the Aqualith in hand...]

Doplin: "Wait...! Avalon!! What are you going to do?"

[...and gives it back to Lang.]

Doplin: "Yikes!!"

Igohl: "What is this light?!"

Avalon: "Yes, there's no question about it... ...He is the Star Shaper..."

Lang: "Huh...?"

Avalon: "If you want the stone, go ahead and take it... ...Soon the Eclipse
        will completely cover the earth, and a new world will be born... And
        then the old race will perish, and only Mystics will survive! I was
        born with one purpose alone: to change this world! I will become the
        ruler of the new world! You are the chosen one. Come and build a new
        world with me!"

         Lang: "Count me out! I don't give a damn about your ideals or your new
               world!! I came here to save my village. Do you actually think
               I'd help you with your crazy scheme to change the world?!"

         Kazan: "Our powers are for protecting the natural order, for
                protecting the world! Hmph! I would rather die than be part of
                your world!"

        TELL HIM OFF
         Lang: "A new world...? The chosen one...? You can sure as hell count
               me out! Yeah, maybe we DO have some kind of power that other
               people don't have. But that doesn't mean we can do whatever we
               damn well please! That's just plain arrogance! Build a new
               world? With YOU?! HA!! You expect me to forget that you almost
               killed me?"

         Avalon: "You still seek revenge do you? Do you not understand that the
                 past must be sacrificed for a better future?"

         Kazan: "You sacrifice compassion for power? I would rather die than be
                a part of your new world!"

Avalon: " refuse to cooperate, do you? You insist on defying me?"

Lang: "Yeah, that's right!"

Avalon: "...I see..."

Velna: "Avalon. Let me handle this."

Avalon: "I'm sure we'll meet again someday..."

Doplin: "Wait! Just a minute! Avalon!!"

[Avalon leaves via a portal with Doplin.]

Kazan: "Hold it!! We're not through talking!"

Velna: "Slogar is... Oh, but you probably don't remember that name. That beast
       you fought in the Kabel Ruins... That was just a mere imitation of the
       real thing. The one I'm summoning now from the depths of hell is the
       TRUE beast. Although its appearance is similar, you will know the
       differences as you pass from this world..."

[She disappears as the creature's summoned into the cathedral.]

Velna: "Why? They are from the same family... Why do they choose to be
       destroyed....  We are a race very much in touch with nature...and if we
       are to disobey our hearts... There is a price to be paid for such

Kazan: "Feels like he could almost rip out my heart just by looking at me.
       Leave this to us, and hide in a safe place."

Maya: "I'm...scared, but we can't run. I'm fighting too!"

Lang: "Nothing is going to stop me from returning the Aqualith! Not even this

Kazan: "...If we don't use magic... We can't..."

Maya: "Ugghhh.... No....I can't.... What should I do? I have to do something
      ...or else..."

Kazan: "This thing came from another world... Does this beast have any

Lang: "I won't lose...! I will keep my promise, and return with the Aqualith!
      No matter what....I will never give up!"

Rivas: "Do not just speak with words...feel them in your heart. Earth and
       Wind...Water and Fire... You must hold the whole world inside your body.

Maya: "Earth and Wind...Water...Fire..."

Rivas: "Power to create... Power to destroy... "

[Maya uses an attack that damages the monster.]

Lang: "Are you all right?"

Maya: "It worked.... I did it!!"

[They defeat Zoan Stoara.]

Kazan: "We're alive! And it's all thanks to Maya!"

Maya: "That guy said...Lang is 'a star shaper...'."

Kazan: "Hmm... That man also carries the Supreme Origin... What was he saying?
       Something called 'the Eclipse' would 'completely cover the earth...'
       He's a mysterious one..."

Maya: "The stone is starting to glow again!"

Kazan: "Lang, you can save your village now that you've got that stone back,

Lang: "Yeah, that's right! The whole village will be safe with this!"

Kazan: "In that case, let's get a move on, back to your village!"

Lang: (But I still wonder why... Why did he give me back the Aqualith...?)

[Meanwhile, somewhere in a dimensional-looking place...]

Velna: "I'm so sorry. I had no idea Zoan Stoara could be defeated..."

Avalon: "Take these back to their altars."

Velna: "The sacred stones? But... ...Yes, of course. Rauss and I will defend
       the altars to the death!"

Igohl: "What are you thinking, having them take the sacred stones back...?"

Avalon: "I want to give that boy a little test. I have to see if he really
        holds the same power I do. If he really IS the Star Shaper, he'll
        eventually find his way to me...and he'll be carrying all three
        stones! I look forward to that moment... The Eclipse will soon start.
        If I want to create the new world, I MUST gain control of this power

12) Wilderness Town Nohl [IV]                                            [GS12]

[They approach town.]

Kazan: "Ho..... You sure seem happy that you're bringing back the Aqualith.....

Marcus: "Lang!! What's the matter? You seem different somehow..."

Lang: "Marcus...I got it. I finally brought the Aqualith back!!"

Marcus: "R-Really!?...... You!? You really, really have it!!?"

Lang: "......Yes!! I brought it back!!"

Marcus: "W-Wait here! I'll go get everyone right away!!"

Kazan: "You're struggles were not in vain, Lang...... But all of this was not
       your doing alone... Only with the help of Maya and I, were you able to
       succeed! Hmm? ...Do you hear me, Lang?"

Lang: "Huh? Uhh, Yeah.....I'm listening! Thanks, Master...Maya..."


Hawke: "Since that dismal day... The day Aqualith was stolen, we have endured
       a grim existence. But... You have... You have saved us! On behalf of
       everyone in this town, let me express our gratitude! Thank you!
       Now...... The hand that returned the Aqualith must restore it to its
       rightful place!!"

Galvan: "Lang!!! You...! You son of a gun!!!... You really did it!!"

Nancy: "Lang!!"

Hawke: "........Ahh... Tonight we must celebrate your success!"

Galvan: "That's right!! We've got to get moving! C'mon, Nancy!"

Nancy: "W-Wait a minute!! You really....... Really, I'm so proud of you.

[At the lodge nearby...]

Galvan: "Well, here comes the toast of the town!"

Nancy: "I'm cooking up something extra special for tonight! But the ingredients
       are top secret!! Kazan and Maya, they're eating too, right?"

Kazan: "Hmm, I think it would be a pity for us not to accept your invitation.
       Don't you agree, Maya?"

Maya: "Thank you so much... I hope it won't be an inconvenience."

Nancy: "Oh, no no no! It's nothing special, but please stay and make yourselves
       at home!"

Lang: "Yeah, trust me. It's really nothing special."

Nancy: "What did you say!? If I'm not mistaken, aren't you the one who's always
       asking for seconds? And thirds? And who always compliments my cooking!?
       Well, I guess I have to let you off easy today. After all, you're the
       hero who brought back the Aqualith! But it's not like you got it back
       all by yourself, right? Just you, Lang? That would be impossible!"

Galvan: "Qu-quick!!! Nancy!! Something's burning!! &sigh*........ A waste of a
        perfectly good meal... ...Ho-ho! You leave us for a day or two, and
        what do you know! You come back looking more like a man!... Right,
        Lang? Kazan... You've certainly worked wonders on this boy! I suppose
        it's up to me to thank you, seeing that I'm the closest thing to a
        father he's got. How about joining me in my room for a drink? You look
        like you can knock'em back..."

Kazan: "Do I hear a challenge to a drinking contest? Be warned, I can drink
       'till kingdom come!"

Galvan: "Gwaa ha ha ha!!! This should be interesting! As you wish, we'll drink
        until one of us can drink no more!"

Kazan: "Heh heh! I hope we don't run out of stuff."

Nancy: "Oh! No no no!! Don't worry about cleaning up! I've got it!"

Maya: "Please!... I'm used to doing this sort of thing..."

Nancy: "...W-Well, okay... If you insist. Thanks. Well...gotta start cooking
       all over again!"

System: Maya and Kazan have left the party

[Later, Lang goes outside to see Kazan practicing with Galvan.]

Kazan: "There! Tighten your stance!

Galvan: "Haaahhh!! Hyaaahhh!"

Kazan: "Guide your weight through your fist!

Galvan: "Hrraaaaaah!"

Kazan: "Combine your moves, both large and small! Finish off your opponent!"

Galvan: "Ho, Lang!! You're finally awake. Since you said he was your master,
        I thought I'd test him a little...but look! He's teaching ME now!"

Kazan: "His style may be unrefined, but he has a lot of potential."

Galvan: "R-Really? You think so? Gwa ha ha ha ha!"

Boerto: "I think it's time we left, Galvan."

Galvan: "Ho! Let's be off then!"

Boerto: "We thought we'd go to Hunter's Wood to do a little hunting."

Galvan: "And I'll be going along to make sure they don't get attacked by
        monsters. Well, Kazan! I look forward to our next lesson!"

[They leave.]

Kazan: "Hmm... Seems like we have some free time... Any ideas, Lang?"

        Lang: "Master! Please! Give me a lesson too!"

        Kazan: "Ahh... That's what I like to hear. But here...? We need some
               more space. And I don't want you busting up somebody's house.
               Let's find a forest or a mountain..."

        Maya: "I see...... Do you want to go to Hunter's Wood too, Kazan?"

        Kazan: "N-No... I was simply......"

        Lang: "Okay! Let's go to Hunter's Wood!"

        Kazan: "What is this Hunter's Wood?"

        Lang: "It's a forest near here. It's beautiful! Lush, green trees, lots
              of animals..."

        Maya: "Oh! HOw lovely!! Let's go! Kazan?"

        Kazan: "Hmm... That's not a bad idea... Besides, I can teach you a new
               move or two, Lang, and the buildings will be safe from your wild

        Lang: "All right! Then let's going to the Hunter's Wood!"

        Lang: "There's nothing wrong with that. We deserve to take it easy!"

        Kazan: "Rest has its merits... But I want to get some exercise. A
               warrior can never neglect his training! What do you say, Lang?
               A stroll down to Hunter's Wood sound okay? That sounds like the
               ideal place to train. I'll teach you some new moves while we're

        Lang: "Really!?"

        Maya: "Isn't the real reason that YOU want to go to Hunter's Wood?"

        Kazan: "Er.....La, Lang! What do you want to do?"

        Lang: !!! "Let's go, Kazan! A lesson in Hunter's Wood sounds good!"

System: Maya and Kazan have joined the party

13) Hunter's Wood [III]                                                  [GS13]

Kazan: "We need to find a suitable opponent for our lesson. I will teach you
       the Sky Fang art known as 'Divine Bolt'!! First select BATTLE. Next,
       choose ATTACK. Ho! Now enter UP--DOWN--DOWN--RIGHT! We will watch from
       here. Okay, now finish it, Lang! Ho! Nice job, kid! Now don't forget

[They find Galvan's crew in the wood by a stag.]

Galvan: "Look at this! A huge, long-tailed deer!"

Kazan: "Ho ho... That certainly is quite a catch. Did you really kill all
       those monsters?"

Galvan: "Aw, that was nothing! I am the Captain of the Vigilance Corps, after
        all! Huh?"

Kazan: "The sky... What's happening to it?"

Galvan: "It got so cloudy all of a sudden."

Kazan: "Storm maybe? But something's not right..."

Galvan: "Hey, what's going on...? This is creepy. The sun's BLACK!"

[The dead monsters from before get back up, mutated and stronger.]

Boerto: "M-Monsters...!"

Galvan: "Argh! What are these things...?!"

Kazan: "You two! Go back to town!"

Galvan: "Wait! What are you going to do?"

Kazan: "Don't worry about us! Just let us take care of this!"

Lang: "No problem! I could take care of these things all by myself!"

Galvan: "Well...all right! But I want you to be careful!"

[They defeat the Corrosive Tusk monsters.]

Maya: "Those monsters were terrible! Was it caused by that black sun?"

Kazan: "I wonder. There was a flash of...'black'!? ...then those things were
       suddenly alive again."

Lang: "It's just like that mural...! This is just like the mural we saw at
      St. Joprian's!"

Kazan: "Oh, yeah. The one that was hanging in St. Joprian's Church. ...Soon the
       Eclipse will completely cover the earth, and a new world will be born...

Lang: "So is this the eclipse Avalon was talking about?"

Kazan: "If what Avalon said was true, it's got to be more than just this. I
       mean, if we believe he's trying to destroy this world and create a new
       one...then this is only the beginning, an omen. If something terrible
       is going to happen, it'll come later... That's what I think. Anyway,
       let's get back to town. Everybody's probably worrying about us."

[They go back to Nohl.]

Galvan: "Lang! You all right?"

Lang: "Don't worry about me! I've never seen anything like that before, but it
      was no match for me! Is the town all right?"

Galvan: "Yeah... I don't think ANYONE's seen that before; especially not in
        Hunter's Wood. But you never know when we'll run into something like
        that again. Better be careful......"

Hawke: "Monsters now mutating into even greater monstrosities?..."

Galvan: "You think that black sun had something to do with it?"

Hawke: "I do not know... But it is ominous... That black sun... Galvan. I
       advise you to stay far away from Hunter's Wood for a while...... Fair
       guests, my apologies for the disturbance. Lang, it is time for you to


Kazan: "Is this what that guy meant...? 'An Origin of infinite power...?'"

Maya: "Are we... Are we going to become like those monsters in Hunter's Wood?
      I don't... I don't want that..."

Lang: "...We just brought back the Aqualith...... Are we going to sit here...
      and watch the world crumble right before our eyes!?...... There must be
      something...... There must be something I... No!!! That WE can do!! Me...
      Everyone... The world, all changed?! No!! We can't let this happen!!!"

Kazan: "Lang...... You have spoken well!...... I feel very much the same.
       But...that black sun...... There are too many things not known to us..."

Maya: !!! "Kazan, let's ask Reym!"

Lang: "Reym...?"

Kazan: "He is a spirit... A spirit that has lived as one with the earth from
       days of old. It's possible... If anyone can tell us about the black sun
       or the 'rot', it would be Reym."

Lang: "So...this Reym, where is he?"

Maya: "In my home town... Past The Forest Maze, in a town called Yuno."

Lang: "All right! Let's get going to Yuno!"

Kazan: "Lang, Yuno is quite far. I am certain there are many who will be sad
       to see you go as soon after you've returned. Prepare well for your
       journey. We will be waiting at the entrance of the town. Come when you
       feel that you are ready to depart."

[Lang finds Nancy at the dock.]

Nancy: "Oh, Lang! After you've gotten the Aqualith...... What's going to 
       happen? I don't know what's going on anymore, Lang......!!"

       LEAVE IT TO ME!
        Lang: "Leave it to me!! I got the Aqualith back, didn't I? This?......
              This is nothing!"

        Nancy: "......You've grown up, Lang... I can hardly believe it's you...
               So...... What are you going to do? I don't know how you got the
               Aqualith back, but what are you going to do this time?"

        Lang: "Huh? Uhhh, well....I guess......I guess I'll just try my
              hardest! you'll never know 'till you try, right?"

        Nancy: "...It's all right. Don't worry. I know you're trying to make
               me feel better. I appreciate it though."

        Lang: "Nancy............ I don't know what to do myself. But...... I
              can't sit here and wait... Not when I can do something about it!!
              There has to be a way...I have to go find it!..."

        Nancy: "You never were good at waiting... For anything... Were you,
               Lang? I'm counting on you, you big hero, you!! Or maybe......
               Please save me!!! Does that work better for you?"

Nancy: "You're...... you're leaving town again?"

Lang: "Yeah... I hear it's gonna be far this time..."

Nancy: "Well... This time I'll see you off with a smile! And I'm going to try
       my best to do my part, just like you, Lang! You make sure you come back!
       I'll be waiting for you with a big feast all cooked up!"

[She runs off.]

Lang: "Nancy............"

[At the town entrance...]

Kazan: "Well... Shall we start off to Yuno?"

Maya: "Yes!"

Lang: "Which way is Yuno?"

Maya: "It's west of Darakin. But along the way, we'll have to pass through The
      Forest Maze..."

Lang: "What's wrong with the forest?"

Kazan: "There is a strange mist in the forest... It confuses the senses and
       makes one lose one's way."

Lang: "Then what should we do?"

Kazan: "Only Mizel Red Sand will be able to counter the forest's evil presence.
       I think I have some in my home. It's out of the way, but we should go
       back to Mt. Gabel to get it. What is the matter? Lang?"

Lang: "Nothing... Nothing at all!"

14) The Forest Maze                                                      [GS14]

[They make a pitstop at Mt. Gabel's shack.]

Kazan: "Hmm... This is strange. It should be right here... Someone really
       cleaned me out while I was gone. They even made off with the dishes and
       my clothes... Darn! I completely forgot! I told Kenjiro that he could
       have it all! Ha ha ha! That explains everything!"

Lang: "So what are we going to do? We can't make it through the woods without
      Mizel Red Sand, right?"

Kazan: "Hmm..."

Maya: "I think the only thing we can do is start looking for Kenjiro. Let's
      just hope he hasn't sold it already..."

Kazan: "You're right, Maya. Now where would he go... Somewhere with a lot of

Lang: "Well, let's go find him!"

[They go to Darakin Citadel and find Kenjiro.]

Kenjiro: "I'll buy anything you want to sell! I'll sell anything you want to

Kazan: "Hey, Kenjiro... About that stuff I gave you the other day... Remember
       that thing called Mizel Red Sand?"

Kenjiro: "That was a surprise, Kazan! The town alchemist was just beggin' me
         to sell it to him!"

Kazan: "What!? D-Did you sell it?"

Kenjiro: "I wouldn't let it go that easily! It's worth a fortune! Why, look, I
         have it right here!"

Kazan: "That's a relief! Kenjiro, would you give it back to me...?"

Kenjiro: "No siree! You gave it to me, so it's mine now!"

Lang: "We really need it. We'll pay you as much as we can."

Kenjiro: "No! I won't give this here up, no matter how much y'all pay!"

Maya; "Please, Kenjiro, we're begging you! We'll do anything for you..."

Kenjiro: "Aw, shucks. Since y'alls are beggin'...I guess I better oblige...
         Listen up! I'll give you the Mizel Red Sand! But! I want Lyps' Tear
         in return!"

Lang: "Lyps... Teardrops?"

Kenjiro: "The Lyps are as hard to find as they are famous. They only shed tears
         from those lovely eyes once a year! It's incredibly rare!"

Lang: "I think...I have it... Is this it?"

Kenjiro: "Ooooo! Aha!! How'd you come upon that there!? It don't matter. We're

System: You gave the Lyps' Tear in exchange for Mizel Red Sand

Kenjiro: "Darn! I was looking forward to sellin' this baby, but... Nothing. I
         was just talkin' to myself."

[They finally reach the Forest Maze.]

Kazan: "Good. Now we will not be led astray. ...But we should still proceed
       cautiously. That black sun may have affected this forest also..."

[They find a huge loghart crab.]

Kazan: "That's another big one! I wonder if this is an effect of the Eclipse

Maya: "Kazan..."

Kazan: "Maya, you just watch. Lang, this will be a good test for the new Art.
       We will synchronize our moves for a massive attack. Are you ready?
       First, select BATTLE. Your turn! Select ATTACK! Now, do this:

System: Airborne Fury... Variable Art -- Enter Down Left Up Right Down Left
        Combine for an awesome tandem attack.

Kazan: "Ho! Now it's my turn! Okay! Let's do it, Lang!"

[Their combined attack does over 12000 damage, OHKO'ing the fiend.]

Maya: "Whoaaa!!!"

Lang: "This...I never knew!"

Kazan: "That's what you get when you combine our strength! I expect that you
       can do it with others as well!"

15) Forgotten Village Yuno                                               [GS15]

[They walk into the snowy village.]

Maya: "That's my house. The path that continues on leads to Reym's cave. Huh?
      Haven't you ever seen snow before?"

Lang: "This is...snow...?"

Maya: "It's colder here than in Lang's town, but it's warmer inside! Let's go
      in the house now."

Lang: "What's wrong...? Master?"

Maya: "Kazan---?"

Kazan: "I don't... I don't deserve to enter thi svillage... I bet the other
       villagers would agree. If only...I had noticed your power a little
       sooner... Then you...wouldn't have lost your family and your friends..."

Maya: "But Kazan... You saved me... I think...the village will forgive you,
      Kazan. Let's go inside."

Mick: "Maya! Maya came back to the village!"

Ruth: "What's going on?"

[The villagers gather 'round.[

Ruth: "Kazan! Where have you been?! You disappeared...!"

Maya: "I'm sorry for making you worry! I'm sorry!"

Ruth: "Maya... You... What happened to you?! I thought you lost your voice..."

Mick: "This is great!! Talk to me, Maya!"

Rona: "Congratulations, Maya!"

Simba: "You finally came back! Kazan! Didn't you know how lonely little Maya
       was without you?"

Kazan: "I...I don't deserve to live in this village...I couldn't save Maya's
       family......or the villagers."

Simba: "Hey Kazan, nobody could have stopped it. It wasn't your fault..."

Hilda: "That's right! Kazan! And you saved Maya! Nobody blames you! So why
       should you leave the village? You and Maya... And everybody in the
       village! I feel like you're all family! So what's the point of being
       family if we're all separate, huh? Am I right, honey?"

Simba: "That's right! Isn't that why you came back, Kazan?"

Ruth: "Welcome back, Maya. And Kazan... Is this your...kid?"

Kazan: "No. Um... He's my...student, I guess. His name is Lang."

Hilda: "Oh! I was shocked. I thought you'd had a kid! You've had a hard time,
       haven't you? We've had nothing but trouble since the black sun appeared!
       It's not an exciting village, but make yourself at home."

Simba: "Let's have a drink for old time's sake! Promise me, Kazan!"

Hilda: *sigh* "Just like a fish!"

Durban: "Loosen up a little! It's the perfect occasion! Ha-ha-ha!"

Maya: "I told you. The incident has been forgotten. Nobody cares anymore..."

Kazan: "You're right. I was...being silly."

Maya: "Let's...let's go back home now."

[At Maya's house...]

Kazan: "Wow. It's a lot cleaner than before."

Maya: "The house was a pigsty when Kazan lived here! Kazan used to live in
      this house. I'm renting it now, though."

Kazan: "Do you want to live here, too, Lang? There's still an empty room...
       Hey, Maya? What's wrong?"

Maya: "Nothing! The room Kazan used to live in is spare, but... There's nothing
      there except a bed."

Kazan: "Okay. Lang, go ahead and use the room."

Lang: "What are you going to do, Master?"

Kazan: "Me? Actually, I felt more comfortable living in the shack on Mt. Gabel.
       Ha ha ha! Anyway... Can we see Reym tomorrow? I've been invited to
       Simba's home. And Maya just came back, too! She needs to catch up..."

Maya: "Eh... But... Um..."

Kazan: "All right, then! The decision's made!"

Maya: "Kazan!! ...Sheesh! I guess Kazan is happy to be here, too, though he
      doesn't show it... Um... Lang..."

Lang: "Hm?"

Maya: "I'm going out, too. I want to visit my parents' grave and tell them I'm

Lang: "Oh. Okay. Don't worry about me!"

Maya: "Okay. See you later!"

System: Kazan and Maya have left the party

[Lang finds Maya where she said she'd be.]

Maya: "Mother... Thank you. If I hadn't heard your voice, I would have...
      Father... I won' away anymore. I won't curse myself anymore! This
      power of mine... It will come in handy some day. I'm sure of it now. So
      don't worry about me, mother and father... Ah, Lang. Sorry to keep you
      waiting. Shall we go home?"

System: Maya joined the party.

[They find the drunk Kazan at Simba's house.]

Simba: "Hey, Kazan!! Maya and your student came to pick you up!"

Kazan: "You guys have to dance, too! 'Sanji, the mountain maaaan! Best tree-
       -climber in all the laaaaand...'"

Simba: "Ha, ha, ha. Oh, man! I'll take care of him tonight! I'll send him home
       by morning."

Maya: "Can't be helped, I guess..."

Lang: "Ah, let's forget about him. He'll be partying all night. Let's go back
      to the house, okay?"

[That night, Kazan visits Maya's parents' grave.]

Kazan: "I never thought...I'd ever come back here... If only I had noticed
       Maya's power a little earlier... You wouldn't have lost your lives. All
       I can do apologize... All I can to watch over that
       child in your stead... I swear I'll keep that promise. To my dying

[The next morning...]

Kazan: "How late are you planning to sleep?! The entire world is in danger!
       Time is a luxury we don't have."

Maya: "Look who's talking, Kazan! You were out all night!"

Kazan: "Hmph... That was then. This is now. Whatever. Let's go and see Reym."

System: Kazan joined the party

[They enter Reym's cave.]

Maya: "That's the monolith."

Lang: "It's just like the one we saw at the chapel... But this one doesn't have
      the black sun!"

[Reym appears.]

Lang: "He's human...?!"

Kazan: "No... It looks human, but it's a spirit."

Lang: "A spirit?"

Kazan: "Remember the Mountain Morg at Mt. Gabel? It's like the Morg, a spirit.
       It can speak, though. The Mountain Morg inhabited Mt. Gabel. Reym
       inhabits the great tree behind the monolith."

Reym: "You are...Lang, aren't you?"

Lang: "How did you know my name?"

Reym: "Don't be too surprised. I know almost everything about this world. The
      roots of this tree spread all over the world. And I can learn what's 
      going on from these roots."

Kazan: "Reym... About the black sun... What's the 'Eclipse' Avalon was talking

Reym: "The Eclipse. The terrible power from another world created by the black
      sun... That power is consuming this world. The Eclipse is turning all
      living things into evil...darkness...chaos..."

Lang: "Did that man, Avalon, make it happen?"

Reym: "Yes and no... The answer is carved into this monolith. Behold... 'The
      Source Forge.'"

Lang: "The...Source Forge...?"

Reym: "The very creator of this entire world..."

Kazan: "The creator... The origin of our entire world... Can this really be?"

Reym: "I understand how difficult it may be for you to believe. To prove it,
      I'll show you a memory. My memory...of this world of yours."

[The memory is from long ago.]

Lang: "What's this...?"

Reym: "It's the core of the Source Forge. It's the place where all life was
      created. The Source Forge wasn't always here. At first, this world
      contained nothing. And then, three sources of power were born. They
      were...the power of fire...and wind...and water. Fire became the Sacred
      Burning Stone, water because the Sacred Azure Stone, and wind became
      the Sacred Teal Stone. Their powers melded together and the Source Forge
      was born. The stones then created life and the Source Forge sent it into
      the world. This life that was sent forth continued to evolve and
      propagate, right up till the present. But the delicate balance of the
      Source Forge, that source of all life...! ...was RUINED by HIM...! The
      arrangement of the three sacred stones at the core of the Source Forge
      is responsible for producing the world's life. And that man has upset
      that precious arrangement!"

Lang: "So THAT'S what I saw in my dream that time!"

Reym: "When the arrangement of the sacred stones was changed, the Source Forge
      began to run amok. It began trying to create a world full of evil and
      chaos, covering everything with the power of the Eclipse, born of the
      black sun."

[The memory ends.]

Kazan: "Where is this Source Forge? If we restore its balance, can't we change
       the world back to the way it was?"

Reym: "Kazan... It is impossible for you. You cannot restore the Source Forge.
      Lang... Only you can restore the Source Forge..."

Lang: "Me?! Why me?!"

Reym: "Because you are...a Star Shaper."

Lang: ?!

Kazan: "The man at the chapel called Lang that, too... Star Shaper? What's
       that mean?"

Reym: "Power to manipulate the Source Forge. Power to shape the future of this
      planet... Only you and Avalon possess the power..."

Lang: "Where did this power come from? Tell me! What am I?!"

Reym: "'What am I?' Is that your query? You and Avalon were born, nay...were
      chosen, by the Source Forge."

Lang: "Born...from the Source Forge?"

Reym: "The Source Forge was created with the desire to promote life on earth...
      Or...perhaps it was the will of the sacred stones, the creators of the
      Source Forge. The life that sprang from it spread across the world,
      creating more life over the ages. From a realm devoid of time, the
      Source Forge has stood watch over the cycle of life. But unforseen seeds
      formed during the cycle of death and rebirth. I speak of...the Mystics.
      Beings who were a mixture of the forces of nature and of humanity... Were
      these Mystics born to create a world full of hope, full of dreams? Or...
      Were they born to destroy the very world the Source Forge had created?
      The Source Forge became interested in the Mystics. It even hoped...that
      the Mystics might guide its world to a better place... You and Avalon
      have the power to use the Source Forge. The future of this world is in
      your hands. But...Avalon... He has come to hate this world. I think his
      sad experience of being a Mystic has changed him..."

Lang: "..."

Reym: "This world is being consumed by ruin... And the only one who can stop
      it is you! You are...the only hope! Lang!"

Lang: "I still can't... It's hard to believe I was created by the Source Forge
      ...I don't feel like I've got any special power, either. But...I'm sure
      about one thing... I can't let this world waste away!"

Kazan: "Lang!"

Maya: "Lang...!"

Lang: "How can I...restore the Source Forge to the way it was?"

Reym: "If the Pyrolith, Aqualith, and Aerolith are properly arranged within
      the core of the Source Forge... You can reset the Source Forge... And
      remove the black sun, as well, Lang...! But to do so... First you must
      collect these three sacred stones. Avalon may try to stop you. You must
      resist his limitless power, and win..."

Kazan: "Reym. Why are we here, then? To fight against him at Lang's side!"

Maya: "Lang... You won't be alone. We'll all fight together to save the world
      we live in!"

Lang: "Master... Maya..."

Kazan: "I knew it... Our meeting was no accident. We were fated! Fated to fight
       together against Avalon! To save the world!"

Lang: "We won't let this world be destroyed! And I'll change the Source Forge
      back to the way it was!"

Kazan: "Reym...?! What's wrong?"

Reym: "The power of the stealing life-force from my tree..."

Kazan: "Reym! Hold on!"

Reym: "Forgive me...I cannot this world for long... I will leave
      my memories in this monolith. Only Mystics...can locate the sacred touching this monolith. The Source Forge resides inside...a
      tower leading to the center of this world. The Demiurge Tower... The
      sacred stones...will guide you there..."

[Reym disappears.]

Kazan: "Reym!! Reym..."

Maya: "Perhaps we'll see him again... After we restore the world, Kazan."

Lang: "Master, Maya... Let's go!"

Kazan: "Right! We'd better find out where those sacred stones are located. Try
       touching the monolith, Lang."

Reym's Voice: "Let the question appear in your mind..."

[Lang sees visions of where the three Source Forge crystals are.]

Kazan: "Was that real...? Looks like we're going to have a hard time finding
       anything here. About the Aqualith, Lang, you..."

Maya: "Kazan..."

Lang: "Let's go back to Nohl. We need that Aqualith to save the world!"

16) Wilderness Town Nohl                                                 [GS16]
[They go to the lodge.]

Hawke: "Lang... When did you return?"

Lang: "Well, Hawke.... Actually...."

Hawke: "Ah...I see. That black sun must be quite powerful... ...And in order to
       save the world, you need the Aqualith... Am I right? So the goings-on at
       Hunter's Wood are happening elsewhere... All that destruction...
       ...Lang. As I have said this to you before, the thing that keeps all of
       us here that lake. And the Aqualith. You know that. That is
       why you brought the Aqualith back to Nohl. Isn't that right? The matter
       concerns everyone in this town. We shall gather together and discuss the

[Later, outside, everyone's gathered.]

Hawke: "Ahem... Let us begin. We are gathered today to discuss one important
       issue. It concerns Lang taking the Aqualith with him."

Joanne: "Whah... Wait a minute, Lang!!"

Boerto: "Why would you want to take the Aqualith away again?"

Koko: "Is all the water going bye-bye?"

Monde: "And what is your opinion on all this, Hawke...?"

Jill: "We'll have to go through a drought all over again?"

Elukk: "No, Lang! Don't take our Aqualith!!"

Lang: "I'm sorry, everyone... But...our sun...I need the Aqualith. The world
      won't return to normal without it."

Dein: "Heh heh heh... Don't you see?!?! This guy here, loooooves to make people
      really happy, and then screws them in the end. Only thinking about
      himself... He doesn't care about you or me, as long as he's happy. That's
      who he is!"

Hawke: "Silence!! You idiot! Dein... Were you not rescued from Hunter's Wood by
       Lang? What did you do after that man seized the Aqualith? What were ANY
       of us doing then? Nothing! We had all given up. We always let it be,
       saying that it was meant to be. But Lang... You were different. The
       morning after you heard that the Aqualith had been stolen, you left Nohl
       to get it back...all alone. You didn't know how it would end. But you
       didn't fear the unknown. You kept your faith. I admire that. And now...
       the problem is spreading from our small town, into the rest of the
       world. That black sun... To get rid of it, you need the Aqualith... That
       is what you said, right? Of course, it is hard for us to lose the
       Aqualith... But perhaps it is time to stop fearing change, and stand up
       to it, boldly."

Nancy: "Don't worry about Nohl. We'll be fine. We'll do our part! Lang can't do
       all the work!"

Galvan: "That's right! Anyone got a problem with that, you'll settle it with
        me! Lang, there are certain things that only you can do, right? Well
        then, go do them!"

Hawke: "Lang... The final decision is up to you!"

        [Lang takes the Aqualith.]

       ...DON'T TAKE IT
        Lang: "This Aqualith...I think I know now just how important it is...
              That's why..."

        Hawke: "You needn't worry about Nohl, Lang. And if the world doesn't
               return to normal, this town will eventually die too. I think
               that you know what you must do...Lang."

        [Lang takes the Aqualith.]

Lang: "I can't apologize enough to all of you... But in order to stop the black
      sun, and return to the world to normal, I...I need the Aqualith!!"

Boerto: "All right, Lang. We'll try to be strong too. We'll do our part."

Jill: "This is hard on us...but it's even harder on you, Lang."

Joanne: "Not having the Aqualith is a problem, but if the world disappeared
        there would be no point in having it anyway..."

Koko: "Lang, take care of the Aqualith, okay?"

Monde: "We can't fear change... You know what, that's true. We can't just sit
       around and mope!"

Elukk: "Lang! You'll come back, won't you?"

Hawke: "The people of this town are depending on you... That's a reflection of
       your consideration for this town, and for all who live in it... Come
       back whenever you want to. This is your home..."

[Lang goes to see Nancy later.]

Nancy: "The entire world is acting up, not just this town, Lang... I'm not
       worried at all. That's because I know you'll fix the problem, Lang.
       ...Was that too much pressure for you?"

        Lang: "Of course not. I will do something about it. Just relax and
              leave it to me."

        Nancy: "Wow, you're pretty confident. Are you 100% sure, Lang? It's
               not like you!"

        Lang: "Wh...Whu.... Of course I'm sure!"

        Nancy: *giggle* "I'm only kidding! ...We're counting on you, Lang."

        Lang: "Hey, don't expect too much from me. I don't know if I have what
              it takes..."

        Nancy: "Mmm-hm. Yeah. Right. Okay, I will no longer expect a single
               thing from you, Lang!"

        Lang: "He....Hey...."

        Nancy: "Just kidding. But I wasn't lying either. I wanted you to say
               something like, 'Don't worry - leave it to me.'"

        Lang: "Sorry..."

        Lang: "Well... It's not too much pressure, but... Well, I'll try my

        Nancy: "Oh? A modest reply. You used to say things like 'Leave it to

        Lang: "I've grown up a bit."

        Nancy: "Oh whatEVER! The fact that you just said that shows me you're
               still just a kid!"

[At the town entrance...]

Kazan: "Only two left: Pyrolith and Aerolith."

Maya: "I don't know about the Aerolith...but the Pyrolith is a volcanic rock,
      right? It's probably on Drakonia..."

Kazan: "Hmm... I've heard that to the southwest lies a volcanic island,
       Drakonia... Let's go and take a look. First, we'll need a boat. South
       of here is a port city called Tanza. We'll pick one up there. For that
       we'll have to pass south of Darakin, through Kravia."

17) Doplin Castle [III]                                                  [GS17]

[They approach the bustling peddler town. A group of people is barred access.]

Rod: "What do you MEAN we can't go through?! Why the hell not?!"

Guard: "By proclamation of the new bishop!! From now on, we can't let you
       through this checkpoint without a Kravian Pass from the new bishop!"

Gunther: "You've gotta be kidding!! To hell with this new bishop! Why can't we
         just use our permits like we used to?!"

Guard: "These are the new bishop's orders!! We can't let anybody...NOT A SINGLE
       PERSON...through this gate without a Kravian Pass!"

Jon: "Hey, come on! You know me! I work at the inn. You can let me through!
     ...Can't you?"

Guard: "No one goes through without a Kravian Pass!! Kravian Passes are issued
       at Doplin Castle, in Darakin! If you want to go through, you've got to
       get a Kravian Pass!!"

[They go back to Darakin Citadel. Outside the inn...]

Female Voice: "Don't give me that!! You told me you could!!"

Male Voice: "I never said any such thing! Give up on it!"

[They go in the inn.]

Sabrina: "Well, well! It's Lang!! Welcome!"

Shrill Woman: "I'm waiting right here until you get one for me! Don't forget!!"

[She goes upstairs.]

Lang: "What's going on?"

Joe: "Aw, she wants a Kravian Pass... I don't mind her coming to me for help,
     but in this case, I can't do anything for her... Aw, don't tell me! You
     guys want one, too?!"

      Lang: "What's a Kravian Pass, anyway?"

      Joe: "It's a pass you need to get through the checkpoint at Kravia. You
           used to have to have a permit, and they were really hard-nosed about
           it. But now you need a Kravian Pass!"

      Maya: "Where can we get one of these Kravian Passes?"

      Joe: "At Doplin Castle. That new bishop supposedly issues them

      Kazan: "What do you mean, 'supposedly'?"

      Joe: "As far as I can tell, not one single Kravian Pass has ever been

      Lang: "Can you help us out, Joe?"

      Joe: "I can usually do just about anything, but this one particular
           thing...even I can't do! Just aren't any Kravian Passes anywhere!"

      Kazan: "There aren't any Kravian Passes? What do you mean?"

      Joe: "Here's the deal. They take applications for Kravian Passes. That's
           all fine and good. But they never actually issue a single one!"

Joe: "Looks like the new trying to isolate Darakin!"

Kazan: "I see... Well, that certainly explains why not even you can get your
       hands on one!"

Joe: "Exactly. I can't do anything about this one..."

Maya: "That's awful! Why would he want to seal off the checkpoint?"

Joe: "Who knows? All that trouble to seal the place off... Maybe they don't
     want to let something out...? Anyway, there just aren't any passes out
     there! It's no use. Hey, you guys... You've sneaked into the castle
     before, haven't you? Nah, never mind! No need to answer that. It's just
     that... If somebody could get into the astle, they could steal a Kravian
     Pass! If they exist, that is... If the passes don't exist, they could see
     the bishop directly, make him issue one! Now, who could do that, I
     wonder...? It's just an idea..."

[The Shrill Woman falls down the stairs from where she was eavesdropping.]

Shrill Woman: "Ouch!! Oh! S-Sabrina!! Uh, the walls sure are thin here, huh?
              You can hear everything! So you guys are trying to get a hold of
              a Kravian Pass, too, huh...? I see..."

Kazan: "Who are you?"

Sharon: "Who, me? I'm Sharon. I can't get through the Kravian checkpoint,
        either. I'm stuck here. I asked Mr. Information there to get one for
        me, but he's useless..."

Joe: "Yeah, you might've asked me but I never said I could do it...! You never
     give me any respect, but then when you need something, you come running
     to me!"

Sharon: "Are you still mad about that one incident? That was such a long time
        ago! You sure can hold a grudge!"

Maya: "Um..."

Joe: "Look, I'd really like to help you, for old times' sake. Really! But I
     can't get you something that doesn't exist!!"

Maya: "Excuse me, but..."

Sharon: "Well! Is that so?! Fine! I won't ever ask you for another thing!!"

Maya: "Um..., excuse me! Please...! Please don't fight... If you don't have a
      Kravian Pass, either, why don't we try to do something about it together?

Lang: "Maya?"

Maya: "But she needs help! We have to try and do something for her."

Kazan: "Yeah, but... We don't have a Kravian Pass, either. We've got to go to
       the castle and try and see the bishop or something. We've got to get one
       of those Kravian Passes!"

Sharon: "Oh, yeah! That's right! You guys are going to the castle, aren't you?
        Let me come with you! What?! That mark on your chest... Don't tell me
        you're a Mystic, too...!"

Kazan: "You...! You're a Mystic, too?"

Sharon: "You bet! My mark is on my thigh. Wanna see...?"

Kazan: "Well? I thought you were going to show us your mark...?"

Sharon: "Hmph, I was just kidding! Do you think I'm going to strip right here?
        Give me a break!"

Kazan: "...And I really wanted to see it, too... Anyway... You want to come to
       the castle with us, but it's a pretty dangerous trip... And you can't
       promise you won't hold us back..."

Sharon: "Hold you back?! But I"m the graet, undefeated Sharon! If you don't
        believe me, why don't you take me along and see? If I do hold you back,
        just tell me to scram. I won't mind."

Kazan: "Hmm, I dunno... Lang, what do you want to do?"

        Lang: "Sounds good to me. The more in the party the better! And
              especially if she needs our help..."

        [She gives a hard lovetop to Lang's face.]

        Sharon: "See, there you go! A boy with sense! You're going to be a
                great, important man someday, I can tell!"

        Lang: "Well, she seems to need our help...I guess I don't mind if one
              more joins our party."

        Sharon: "Great! From now on, I'm one of you, then!"

       BETTER NOT...
        Lang: "Nah, she'll just cause more problems. I'm going to have to say

        Sharon: "Problems?! I won't cause any problems! I swear! Come on! I'm
                begging you!"

        [He fixates on her cleavage.]

        Lang: "Oh, okay!! All right! Enough already! You can come with us,

Sharon: "Great! Now that that's settled, let's hurry up and go! How are we
        getting into the castle?"

Kazan: "Where was that secret passage...? The first floor of the fancy hotel,
       wasn't it...?"

Maya: "that's right! It's said, 'The Three Star Hotel.'"

Sharon: "Well, if you know where it is, then let's go! Come on! Let's move,

Joe: "Hold on. If you're going to the castle, you ought to be careful. I've
     been hearing a strange rumor. The guards say the new bishop is strong,
     strong enough to rip up steel with his bare hands. Don't know if you can
     believe what the guards say, but I still think you should watch it."

Sharon: "You're giving me free advice? That's not like you!"

Joe: "Well, you did come to me for help. I want to be of some use. Be careful,

Sharon: "Ha ha ha! Don't worry about me! If I didn't get that pass, I was going
        to break down teh castle gate, anyway! Okay! On to the castle! Let's

System: Sharon has joined the party

[They go back into the Kabel ruins.]

Sharon: "Hey! Over there! That thing... Doesn't it look really suspicious?
        It's GOTTA to be a switch! I'm sure of it! It stinks like a rotten egg!
        Time for you to shine, Arrode!!!"

Kazan: "Impressive..."

Sharon: "Voila! Now, aren't you glad you brought me along? Heh heh heh heh!"

[They infiltrate Doplin Castle once more and find Bubba.]

Lang: "You're the new bishop...?"

Bubba: "What? What kind of way to speak to a bishop is that...?! Wait a 
       minute...! Don't tell me you've forgotten who I am!"

        Lang: "Um, I think it was...'Bubble...?'

        Bubba: "WHAT?! 'Bubble?!' I'll tell you one more time, and don't
               forget! My name is 'Bubba!' Got that?! 'Bubba!' Why, I'll burst
               YOU like a bubble!!

        Lang: "Um...'Bubba!!'"

        Bubba: "MISTER Bubba! When you say my name, don't forget it's 'MISTER
               Bubba' to you!"

        Lang: "Um, 'Bumble...?'"

        Bubba: "Why, you...! How dare you call me 'Bumble?!' Listen up! I'm
               not going to tell you again!! My name is 'Bubba!' Got that?
               'Bubba!' Now don't forget!!"

Bubba: *Snicker...* *Chortle!* *Chuckle!* "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!! When Doplin
       told me to look after the castle while he was gone, I was mad at him at
       first. But now I'm glad he did!" (*Snicker* That Doplin said if we kept
       the checkpoint closed, these guys would show up here... And by golly, he
       was right!)

Lang: "Doplin...? I don't believe it... Don't tell us you sealed off the
      checkpoint just so you could catch us...?!"

Bubba: "No, no! Not 'catch you', exactly. More like 'give you a good beating!'
       I'm gonna avenge Elfin's death!!"

Sharon: "You've got to be kidding!! Do you have any idea how much trouble
        you've caused me?"

Bubba: "You shut up!! You couldn't possibly understand what I'm going through!!
       I've lost...I've lost my beloved...Elfin!!"

Lang: "Elfin...? Oh, yeah! That thing I met up with in the canyon."

Bubba: "I swore to Elfin then...! I swore I would get revenge!"

[Bubba knocks Lang's block off.]

Bubba: "Get up... I still haven't gotten mad enough yet! I'm not gonna lose! I
       can never lose! If I do, Elfin won't..."

[They defeat him.]

Bubba: "Heh! Heh heh heh! I'm not strong enough? I'm not strong enough to
       avenge my poor Elfin's death...? Elfin...!! *Sob!!* Damn it...! Damn
       it all...!! OK, I admit it. I DID lose! I lost fair and square! It's
       all over! Right here and now! All over for this guy named Bubba! He's
       gone... Gone to that place beyond the twinkling stars in the sky... Gone
       to be with Elfin... From now on...I'll be a lonely hunter, searching for
       tomorrow... People will call me a drifter... Dreaming of an unknown
       tomorrow... Traversing the wilderness of blood and pain... That's who
       I'll be from now on!!" (That oughta do it. Just enough to save face,
       even though I DID lose. Well, guess I'll hurry up and get out of
       here...!) "The wilderness is calling me... I guess I'll be heading
       off... I guess Doplin headed south, looking for something called a
       'sacred stone'."

Lang: "Bubba... What made you decide to tell us...?"

Bubba: "I, I dunno... It was just a whim, I guess... Instead of Doplin...I'd
       rather YOU guys... Nah... Never mind... ...And here's a little present
       from me. If you want to get through the checkpoint, take this."

[He leaves.]

System: Bubba dropped something on the floor

Lang: "Hey, what's this!"

System: Acquired a Kravian Pass

18) Freecity Kravia                                                      [GS18]

Guard: "Hey! No one goes through without a Kravian Pass. ! What...? Could that
       actually be...a Kravian Pass?! Yes, sir! We'll open the gate right away,
       sir!! OPEN THE GATE!"

Sharon: "Whew! Finally! We got through at last! By the way... What do you guys
        plan on doing now?"

Kazan: "Once we get through here, we're going down south to Tanza to borrow a

Sharon: "To Tanza for a ship, huh...? And then what? Where are you planning to
        go by ship?"

         Lang: "We're headed for Drakonia. To get the Pyrolith..."

         Kazan: "Never mind, Lang. Don't tell her our plans. She wouldn't

         Sharon: "Hey, pardon me!! I'm not blind, ya know!! I know you guys
                 are grappling with something...really big! I can tell that
                 much without being told! Hmph! It's like you guys have...oh,
                 I dunno...some kind of big mission you've gotta accomplish...
                 OK, I've made up my mind!! I'll keep you guys company a little
                 while longer! Count me in!"

         Lang: "What? R-Really...? Well...I guess I don't mind... What do you
               think, Master?"

         Kazan: "I don't care! She can do whatever she wants!"

         Lang: "Um... Well... We're setting out to search for unknown

         Sharon: "Oh, REALLY...? Unknown continents, huh...? And so whereabouts
                 are you gonna look for these continents? The Oldorea Sea to
                 the east? The Baltor Sea to the west? Or maybe the Suvale
                 Ocean to the north?"

         Kazan: "Well, well! You certainly know your seas!"

         Sharon: "Well, of course! That's because I'm a... Um... Ahem! Yes, 
                 I'm a...great lover of the sea, you know!! Ha ha ha! I know
                 everything there is to know about the sea! Take me with you!
                 Not only do I know the sea, but I can handle a ship, too! How
                 about it? What d'ya say?"

         Lang: "Sure. I don't mind. Is it OK with you, Master?"

         Kazan: "She can come with us if she wants. I don't care."

         Lang: "Well...I, um..."

         Sharon: "What is it? Some secret you can't tell me? Aha! I've got it!
                 You've got some illegal scheme up your sleeves, right? Never
                 figured you for a bunch of bad guys! I guess we aren't so
                 different, after all! In that case, let's just...!

         Maya: "No, no! You've got it all wrong! We're... We're trying to
               restore the world back to..."

         Kazan: "Maya, don't tell her. She wouldn't understand."

         Sharon: "EXCUSE me? What's that supposed to mean?! So you're trying to
                 keep me out of the loop, huh? Just tell me! What could it
                 hurt? OK, I get it. You think our friendship isn't deep enough
                 yet to trust me... That's OK. I understand... That's OK. I can
                 wait. When the time comes when  you want to let me into your
                 inner circle, you can tell me your plans then."

         Kazan: "What? Does that mean you're planning on coming with us?"

         Sharon: "Hmph! I go through all the trouble to help you, but when
                 you've got what you want, it's just 'sayonara,' huh? You cold,

         Kazan: "Rrr! FINE! Do whatever you want! Come! Don't come! I don't

         Sharon: "All RIGHT!! YES!! I won!! Well, looks like I'm in again! Huh,

         Lang: "Yeah... Looks like it... 

Lang: "...By the way, Master... Exactly how far is Tanza from here, anyway?"

Kazan: "Once we get through this town, it's just south of here. But there are
       lots of shops here. We'd better take a good look around."

[They start to leave toward Tanza.]

Kazan: "What's the matter, Lang?"

Lang: "No, it's nothing..."

19) Port Town Tanza / Darek's Haunt                                      [GS19]

[They finally reach the seaside village. It's flooded.]

Kazan: "Ho? What happened? What's going on?"

Macaque: "It happened only a few days ago. Around the time when the black sun
         appeared in the sky... The ground shook, and a wave hit the town with
         a huge roar... Look, my house was destroyed, too..."

Maya: "Is this because of the...the black sun...?"

Kazan: "Perhaps...... Could this have something to do with the Eclipse that
       created the black sun?"

Vash: "Our... Our ship... Our ocean... Damn!"

Terao: "Bro!!"

Kazan: "What are we going to do? Since the harbor is destroyed, we can't borrow
       a ship..."

Vash: "Are you...looking for a ship?"

Kazan: "Do you have any suggestions?"

Vash: "I don't know if it will help, but... There is a ship... But..."

Lang: "What is it?! Spit it out!"

Vash: "It's a pirate ship. It's called the Blood Hawk. They say nothing can
      sink it. Rumor says, the pirates' hideout is called Darek's Haunt. But I
      doubt they'll let you on board..."

Maya: "Darek's...Haunt?"

Sharon: "It's a cave to the south of Tanza. Be careful... They're pirates, you

Maya: "What are pirates?"

Tazan: "They spend all their time at sea. They're the lowest of the low."

Vash: "No! They're not like that! They look rough, but... They saved us so
      many times when we were in trouble. They're like saviours for us sailors.

Kazan: "Well, anyway... Why don't we check out the pirates' hideout, Lang?"

Lang: "Yeah, let's go."

[They go to Darek's Haunt on the southern tip of the continent.]

Lang: "Whoa... *whistle* This is a pirate ship...?"

Guntz: Stop right there! Who the heck ar you?! You know that you're in a pirate
       hideout, don't you? Well?! This ain't no place for kids! Be off now! If
       you want to keep your head on your shoulders that is..."

Sharon: "I like my head right where it is, thank you. What's all this about,

Guntz: "Boss?! Is that you?! It's so good to have you back, ma'am!"

Lang: ?

Sharon: "Don't try to be polite now! You've already insulted my guests, you
        dimwit! If my father were still here, he'd have cut off one of your
        arms I bet! Isn't that right, Guntz?"

Guntz: "Not that! Please, boss, I didn't know! I'm sorry!"

Sharon: "Huh? Boss?! How many times to I have to tell you to call me Captain?!
        When are you going to get it right?! Spread the word, Guntz! The
        Captain's back and I've brought guests!"

Guntz: "You got it, bo- I mean, Captain!"

[The pirates scatter.]

Sharon: *SIGH*

Lang: "Why do they call you boss, Sharon?"

Sharon: "Heh heh heh heh... Ha ha ha ha... Ahem... Because I am the boss!
        Leader of the most feared pirating outfit that ever sailed the seas!
        That's me! And Captain of the strongest pirate ship in the world...
        The Blood Hawk! So... I bet this comes as a shock to you all! Ha ha ha
        ha! Huh?... What's wrong? Why aren't you surprised?"

         Lang: "It's... It's not that we're not surprised... We're still in
               shock... It hasn't sunk in yet."

         Sharon: "Oh! Well that makes perfect sense! I guess my plan went
                 perfectly then! Whew... It was worth it! You don't know how
                 hard I tried to hide it! Maybe I should become an actress...
                 (note) Well, don't just stand there! Come on! Let me show you
                 my hideout!

         Lang: "Oh, we're surprised. Really we are..."

         Sharon: "That's it?! I thought your chins would hit the floor... No
                 wide eyes? No incredulous looks? I dreamt about this day... I
                 tried really hard to come off as a mysterious woman and that's
                 your reaction...? Oh well! Forget about it! Come on! Let me
                 show you around the hideout! I think it's about time you told
                 me just what it is you're after, don't you?"

        WHY WOULD WE BE?
         Lang: "Why should we be surprised?"

         Sharon: "I...I've been waiting for this moment with such anticipation!
                 You have no idea! This... This was supposed to be the big
                 event when I finally tell you who I really am! A NORMAL person
                 would freak out! Here I am acting as if my life depended on it
                 and I get nothing from you! You've got no heart, people, no
                 heart! Sheesh! Oh well! Forget about it! Come on! Let me show
                 you around the hideout! I think it's about time you told me
                 just what it is you're after, don't you?"

[They enter a building nearby.]

Sharon: "Okay, okay! I don't need to hear anymore! I think I've got a handle on
        it! I've got to tell you thought... This Avalon guy... And the Source
        Forge... It sure sounds like you've picked quite a fight for
        yourselves... Don't you think? Alphis Blade... He father. When
        he was still the boss, he had a fleet of pirate ships and over 200
        people working for him... But something happened... His first mate
        left, and then one by one, others started to leave too... Now the few
        of us that are left spend our days hiding away in this hole like
        rats... I made a promise to my father! I promised that one day... One
        day I would make things the way they used to be! No matter what it
        takes... We're going to have a fleet again and rule the open seas! In
        order to do that, I've got to do something really big! Something
        that'll shock the entire world! Something... Something that will make
        Sharon Blade so famous that people come here begging to join us!"

Kazan: "Hmm... There's no guarantee that people will thank you for helping us.
       All our efforts may yet come to naught."

Sharon: "That's true. But I'm sick and tired of hiding out here like a stinking
        rat! It's times like this, I know I'm my father's daughter. Just
        talking about doing something like this gets my blood pumping! And now
        that I know what you're up against, I'm staying in for the long haul!
        I'm going to help you! My ship, my men, and I are at your disposal,

         Lang: "Thanks, Sharon. We're going to fight this fight and we're going
               to do it together!"

         Sharon: "You better believe it! We'll be the most famous pirates in
                 all the... Oops. We're supposed to be saving the world, right?
                 Well, let's not quibble! We're going to make a big splash!"

         Lang: "Umm... Thanks, Sharon, but... We only need your ship."

         Sharon: "What?! Just what are you trying to say?! I fight with you all
                 this way and as soon as you get the ship, I get the boot?! I
                 don't believe it! You listen to me. It's all or nothing! You
                 want the ship, you take me and my men too. Got it? Like I'd
                 let you take my ship without me... Hah!"

         Kazan: "We can't sail the ship ourselves, Lang. Sharon's made a
                gracious offer to help. I don't see any reason we should turn
                her down."

         Lang: "I guess you're right... Sorry! Are you still willing to help
               us, Sharon?"

         Sharon: "That's better! Why didn't you just say that from the
                 beginning?! The sooner you learn that you can't do everything
                 yourself, the better off you'll be! Trust me."

         Lang: "I'd like to borrow your ship and your men, but..."

         Sharon: "But...? But what? Come on, spit it out! *GASP* Are you trying
                 to say that you don't need me?! I risked my life fighting with
                 you! I offer to let you use my ship, the most important thing
                 in the world to me... And you don't want me?! *sniff* How can
                 you be so cruel?! You... You son of a..."

         Maya: "She might not let us use her ship if you make her too angry. I
               think you should reconsider. Okay?"

         Lang: "Shar, Sharon...I'm so sorry. You can...I mean, I want you to
               come with us. We can't do it without you, Sharon! Please! I'll
               get on my hands and knees and beg if you want me to!"

         Sharon: "Not that I wouldn't like to see that... It's not necessary.
                 So? What do you want?"

         Lang: "We want your ship...I mean, we want you and your men to help
               us, Sharon.

         Sharon: "Hmm... You want our help, is that it? Well, we may not be
                 able to do much, but we'll give it our best shot!"

Kazan: "I thought you would turn us down, but you look more eager than we
       are... You really are Alphis' daughter..."

Sharon: "Hmm? Did you know my father?"

Kazan: "Um... Of course I did! There isn't a soul alive that hasn't heard about
       Alphis Blade, man of the sea!"

Sharon: "That's right! See, he knows what to say! My father was a man of the
        sea! And I'm a woman of the sea! All right you scoundrels! Get ready
        to weigh anchor! Come on now! Put some spring in your step!"

Pirate: "Roger!"

Pirate: "You got it, boss!"

Pirate: "Aye, aye!"

Sharon: "It's a small crew, but they're the best at what they do! Let's go. The
        sea's a-callin'!"

[They get ready to board.]

Sharon: "Dupon! Time to go to work! Hurry up and get the ship ready! We're off
        to... Just where are we off to, Lang?"

Lang: "I'm pretty sure that the Pyrolith is on the Volcanic Isle."

Sharon: "The Volcanic Isle? The only Volcanic Isle in these parts is... Dupon!"

Dupon: "I believe he means the island of Drokonia to the southwest, Captain.
       But just what are we supposed to be looking for there?"

Sharon: "Why, treasure of course! What else would be looking for?!"

Lang: "Um... Actually, we're looking for the Pyrolith."

Sharon: "Pyrolith...? Is that some kind of humongous ruby? I bet it's big
        enough to make us all rich!"

Dupon: "Captain... I hate to spoil this little party, but the ship won't

Sharon: "What?! What's wrong with it, Dupon?"

Dupon: "The ThunderWind Stone is dead. Without a replacement, we're dead in
       the water."

Lang: "The ThunderWind Stone?"

Sharon: "It's a rock that moves the ship. Don't ask me how it works, but it
        lets us conjure up the wind whenever we need it. The Blood Hawk isn't
        like the other ships. We use that stone to create wind for our sails.
        It's been used since my father's heyday... I guess it finally wore out.

Maya: "So what do we do now? Can we get another one?"

Dupon: "The ThunderWind Stone isn't something you just find on the beach. It's
       rarer than gold and silver... Maybe even more than diamonds. I think
       they used to mind theme in a northeast canyon on Tanza... A place
       called the Thunder Mine, if I'm not mistaken."

Sharon: "We might just find one if we look there!"

Kazan: *SIGH* "That's quite a detour. We might go all that way and find

Maya: "But the ship won't work without that rock, right?"

Kazan: "Hmm..."

Sharon: "We're not going to get anywhere with that attitude, Kazan! I thought
        this was urgent!?"

Lang: "We should just go to the Thunder Mine!"

[They go there and fight the Storm Idol boss, beating it.]

Sharon: "Whoa! This is the ThunderWind Stone! I bet that monster didn't even
        know what it was... With a rock like this, my ship will be unstoppable!
        There's not a storm I can't handle now!"

Kazan: "Well then, let's go back to Darek's Haunt and attach it to the pirate

Lang: "Sounds good to me!

System: Acquired ThunderWind Stone

[They return to Darek's Haunt.]

Lang: "This is the ThunderWind Stone, right? This is what you need."

System: Gave the ThunderWind Stone to Dupon

Dupon: "Whoa! It's huge! I've never seen a ThunderWind Stone this big!"

Yahn: "A rock that size should last us 100 years or more! I'll go install it
      right away!"

Dupon: "I've got to say...I didn't think they'd actually go find one for us.
       I'm impressed."

Sharon: "OK, we've got our ThunderWind Stone. It's time to get this adventure
        under way!"

Yahn: "Captain! I've replaced the ThunderWind Stone! Ready whenever you are!"

Sharon: "All righty then! Get cracking, maties! Weigh anchor!"

Dupon: "Aye aye, Captain!"

Kenjiro: "I bet there's some money to be made on this trip... A lot of money!
         I'll just sneak on. They won't even notice!"

[He boards the ship as it disembarks.]

20) Volcanic Isle Drokonia / Hill of Giants, Jinga                       [GS20]

Sharon: "Wow...I can't believe it! Who knew there was a path like this on the
        Volcanic Isle? The treasure must be further inside, right? !"

Lang: "Do you think the Pyrolith is inside, Master?"

Kazan: "I've never been here before. What makes you think I would know? But
       there are footprints... It looks like someone's been here. That's
       right... Didn't Doplin say that they were heading south to look for the
       Sacred Stones? These footprints could be theirs."

Sharon: "Look at this! See? There's a treasure here after all. (heart)"

[She inspects a large gem fixed into the ground.]

Sharon: "Hmm...? What the hell is this?! It's just a lousy grass ball!"

Maya: "Follow the...narrow path... It leads to the... Um..."

Lang: "You can read this, Maya?"

Maya: "It looks a lot like the letters we use in my village, but...I can't read
      all of it..."

Sharon: "What does it mean? What are we supposed to do now?!"

Kenjiro: "It's a good thing I tagged along!"

Sharon: "Who the hell is this?!"

Kazan: "Huh? Kenjiro. What are you doing here?"

Kenjiro: "I knew I'd make some money on this trip... I overheard you at the
         pirate hideout, so I snuck on board."

Sharon: "You snuck on ship? Well, well... We can't have that now,
        can we?"

Kenjiro: "Uh-oh... Just calm down, Captain. Don't do anything rash!"

Sharon: "There's only one way to deal with stowaways... And it's not pretty..."

Maya: "Sharon!"

Kenjiro: *GULP* "I can't help you if I'm dead! I've seen them before! The
         letters... Those letters in the magic circle... I know them! If you
         kill me, you'll have no idea what it says!"

Sharon: "Is that so... You'd better be telling the truth...for your sake!
        Well?! Speak up! What does it say?!"

Kenjiro: "Let's see... Hmm... I don't know."

[Sharon kicks him in the face and he tumbles backwards.]

Sharon: "That's it! Let me at him!"

Kenjiro: *GULP* "Let me finish! When I said that I knew the letters, I meant
         that I know the island they come from!"

Lang: "An island...?"

Kenjiro: "Uh-huh. It's an island called Jinga. It's southeast of Tanza. There
         are giant ruins there."

Kazan: "Really...? I didn't think there were any inhabited islands in the

Sharon: "You'd better not be lying! I'd be careful with my words, if I were
        you. Got it?"

Kenjiro: "Yes... Yes ma'am! I swear on my mother's grave that I'm telling the
         truth! I've done business with people there! These letters are exactly
         the same as the ones they use!"

Kazan: "What do you want to do, Lang?"

Lang: "If there's something on that island that'll help us progress here, we
      should go check it out. Kenjiro, you said that Jinga is southeast of
      Tanza, right?"

Kenjiro: "Lang! Does that mean you believe me?! You're a smart man, all right,
         a smart man!"

Sharon: "Just what did you mean by that? You're surprised he believed you, huh?
        If I find out you're lying, well..."

Kenjiro: "I-I'm not! I'm telling the truth! Honest!"

Sharon: "Well, I don't believe you, but Lang seems to. You're the only one that
        knows the way! Back to the ship with you! You got a problem with that?
        I'd be happy to lop off your head right now. Well...?"

Kenjiro: *GULP* "I don't have a problem, ma'am."

[He runs back to the ship.]

Kazan: "Jinga, the island of ruins... He could be lying, but should we try to
       find it anyway, Lang?"

Lang: "Yeah, we have to try!"

[They go to Jinga. A large monster flies overhead and perches on a building.]

Lang: "What's that...?"

Vulgar Giant: "Leave this place, heathens."

Elderly Giant: "Silent Eagle... Those people are different. They are...
               'Nature Speakers'..."

Silent Eagle: "'Nature Speakers'...?"

Chief West Wind: "It is as the Spirit prodicted. The time has come. You are the
                 'Nature Speakers'... I believe they call you Mystics now."

Lang: "What do you mean predicted...?"

Chief West Wind: "The Spirit, Reym, told me that you would come to these lands.
                 Come with me, 'Nature Speakers'..."

Silent Eagle: "'Chief West Wind'! What of the tribal law? Does not our law
              forbid contact with those from the outside?"

Chief West Wind: "Do not let that concern you now, 'Silent Eagle'... Come,
                 there is much to tell and little time."

[They go into the temple.]

Chief West Wind: "You came seeking answers, did you not? Something... That only
                 I would be able to answer? Correct?"

Lang: "Yes! We're trying to get further into Volcanic Isle, but we're stuck.
      There's this place with letters carved into the ground and some kind of
      jewel in the center."

Chief West Wind: "You speak of the Earth Crest. You must sit on it. The Earth
                 Crest is a door. An entrance to a narrow passage... One
                 through which only the Kabel may pass."

Kazan: "How do you know about the Kabel?"

Chief West Wind: "I have watched the world for many, many years now. Their
                 legends have not passed yet from this island. The Kabel were
                 a people that sought to control the world... Through magic."

Maya: "Control the world through magic?"

Chief West Wind: "Are you of the Kabel line...? Nevermind...I must be mistaken.
                 The Kabel believed they were chosen. They even called
                 themselves the 'Chosen Ones'. And what they craved...was
                 power. With each new power they acquired, they lost a bit of
                 their humanity... By the time they controlled nature...even
                 life and death itself... They believed themself to be all-
                 -powerful... But the Kabel were destroyed..."

Lang: "How?"

Chief West Wind: "The Kabel were destroyed by humans. Their arrogance proved
                 to be their downfall. The Kabel were overconfident in their
                 powers. They started to believe that they were not human, but
                 gods. At least, that was their claim. The rest of humanity
                 feared their control. They wanted to save the world and it
                 compelled them to action. The ability to survive, enjoyed by
                 all humanity, had been weakened in the Kabel due to their
                 dependence on magic. So when the wars began, the Kabel were
                 indeed powerful, but were lacking something. Humanity
                 prevailed in the end. When the fighting was over... The world
                 was little more than a wasteland. It was ages before the world
                 returned to normal. Our one tribal law is as old as that

Silent Eagle: "We can have nothing to do with the outside world. That is our
              law. From our perspective, the outside world is full of heathens.
              Getting involved would make us impure as well."

Chief West Wind: "These tablets were created by our ancestors so that we could
                 communicate with the Spirits. But I am the only one left that
                 is able to communicate now. 'Nature Speakers'... The Spirit
                 told me that you would come here and why. If the legends of
                 my ancestors are true, you are seaching for the Altar of Fire
                 on the Volcanic Isle. However... You will never reach it...
                 Unless you can go through the Earth Crest."

Lang: "What's this?"

Chief West Wind: "This... Is the Blue Sky Shard. With this... The Earth Crest
                 should lead you to the Altar of Fire."

System: Acquired the Blue Sky Shard

Chief West Wind: "There is one more thing... I would like you to take 'Silent
                 Eagle' with you."

Silent Eagle: "'Chief West Wind'! But why?"

Chief West Wind: "The 'End' is quickly approaching. We can no longer sit by
                 idly and watch. The time to act has come. Our tribe lives on
                 this world too. We are part of this world, 'Silent Eagle'.
                 You, the most noble and strongest of oru warriors, are the
                 only one fit to complete this task. 'Nature Speakers,' what
                 say you?"

                 WELCOME HIM
                  Lang: "We'd be happy to have him! Are you willing to fight
                        with us?"

                  Silent Eagle: "I cannot. I will follow the orders of 'Chief
                                West Wind,' but I will not follow you."

                 DON'T REALLY CARE
                  Lang: "Well, you did tell us what to do at Volcanic Isle. I
                        guess it's all right."

                  Silent Eagle: "It is not all right with me. I cannot break
                                the law."

                 DON'T NEED HIM
                  Lang: "I'm sorry. We like to choose our companions ourselves.
                        We can't take him with us."

                  Silent Eagle: "I agree. This cannot be so important that I
                                must break tribal law."

                  Chief West Wind: "'Nature Speakers'... My tribe cannot do
                                   nothing while the 'End' approaches. Please,
                                   let us fight together. 

Chief West Wind: "You must help each other. 'Silent Eagle', you are hereby
                 exempt from the law until your task is complete."

Silent Eagle: "But..."

Chief West Wind: "Listen to me, 'Silent Eagle'. The law applies only to the
                 living. If the world is destroyed, there will be no living and
                 the law will be useless."

Kazan: "Lang, there's no reason we should turn him down. It's just one more
       person anyway, right?"

Sharon: "He'll probably make for a sour shipmate, but he looks pretty strong.
        Why not let him come?"

Lang: "All right. You can come with us. Um... 'Silent...'"

Silent Eagle: "I do not with for you to call me by that name. You may call me

Lang: "Why don't I just call you Ayne, OK?"

Ayne: "Fine."

Chief West Wind: "'Nature Speakers'... We have many valuable items that can
                 only be found here. Some...may prove useful on your journey.
                 However, we have no use for money from the outside. If you
                 have something of equal value, you may be able to trade."

System: Ayne has joined the party

[They return to Drokonia.]

Lang: "The Earth Crest! It's glowing...?! ...? Are we inside the Volcanic

Kazan: "Hmm... It looks like we can't go any further unless we can move this

Sharon: "You're joking, right?! How are we ever gonna move that?"

Lang: "Uh! It won't budge!"

Ayne: "I will do it."

Maya: "Whoa..."

Sharon: "Hey, you're pretty useful to have around!"

Ayne: "We should hurry."

Lang: "Wow..."

[Later, a familiar duo appears in a teleporter.]

Marienne: "We found you! We've been looking for you everywhere! I worked up
          quite an appetite!"

Elliott: "We've heard rumors about you in every town we passed through. You've
         been busy. First you steal the Sacred Azure Stone from Bishop Doplin,
         now you're after the Sacred Burning Stone! Your greed will be the
         death of you! I don't think I can forgive you now!"

Marienne: "It's time to put the lot of you in your place once and for all!
          Ready or not... It's time to pay the piper!"

Elliott: "I really hoped that we could become friends, you and I... It's such
         a shame."

Marienne: "Give it up, big brother... People of our status shouldn't befriend
          scum like him! He might have been a subordinate... No, a slave... No!
          More like a pet! Or a toy for our amusement!"

Sharon: "La, Lang... Do you know this ugly fatso and this fashion disaster?"

[Marienne topples over all dramatic-like.]

Elliott: "Marienne! Are you all right?"

Marienne: *GASP* "Dearest brother... Did she just say...what I think she

Elliott: "Ooh... My head hurts... That bold lady just said something...
         Something awful about us."

Sharon: "Old...?! Old lady?! Oh-ho, you're gonna swim with the sharks for that

Elliott: "What? I didn't say old lady..."

Sharon: "Not another word, pretty boy, not another word!"

Elliott: "Marienne! She's scaring me! *SIGH* I'm through playing. Give us back
         the Sacred Azure Stone."

Lang: "Forget it!"

Elliott: "I new you'd say that. That rock belongs to Doplin. You just can't go
         around stealing. Don't you know anything? What did you think you'd be
         able to do with it anyway? You've seen the black sun. The black sun
         is going to erase the filthy past and anything else we don't like...
         Won't it be wonderful?! It'll only be a short time before our perfect
         world is born..."

Marienne: "Why don't you just hand over the Sacred Azure Stone? Tell you what.
          We'll even let you live. For the short amount of time you'll have
          left on this miserable world! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!"

           Lang: "I can't give it back! Our future depends on it!"

           Marienne: "Your future? You don't have a future! We're here now, in
                     the present! And you have to deal with us!"

           Elliott: "Ha ha ha ha ha!"

           Lang: "I'm not making any deals with you! If you try to stop us,
                 we'll fight you!"

           Elliott: "Heh heh heh... Ha ha ha ha! You seem pretty confident.
                    Let's see if there's anything to that!"

Marienne: "See what I get for trying to show them mercy, my brother?"

Elliott: "I know, Marienne. You gave them one last chance. They were just too
         stupid to take it."

Marienne: "I grow tired of this chatter, my brother. Let's just kill them!"

Elliott: "I agree completely, Marienne. We're ready to kill you now, OK?
         The least you can do is die a horrible, but memorable, death for us!"

[The snooty duo starts losing.]

Marienne: "Elliott!

Elliott: "We can't lose...! We can't go back to the way we were before...!
         When we lived in fear, persecuted because were were Mystics..."

Marienne: "Yes...everything was hateful back then..."

Elliott: "And Doplin took us under his wing! We, who were abandoned by our own

Marienne: "Elliott, those people were not our parents. Only Doplin, only Doplin
          has shown us real love."

Elliott: "That's exactly right, Marienne... Doplin is our one and only
         father...for his sake as well...we must get rid of this filth!"

Marienne: "Enough of this! No more games! We will burn all of you alive, while
          you beg for mercy!"

[Elliott's defeated.]

Marienne: "Uuuuuhhh....uuuehhhh.... Elllllllllllliot!!!!! Ach! I can't believe
          this!! I've never been so mad in my life!! Rrrrrgh!... I will make
          you pay for that!"

[They defeat tub-o'-lard also.]

Marienne: "Elliot... Where are you...? I can't see you..."

Elliott: "Marienne!"

Marienne: "Oh! My dear brother... Thank're all right... But I
          think I'm..."

Elliott: "Marienne! Don't you die on me! It's almost here... Our perfect little
         world is almost..."

Marienne: " I don't want to leave your side..."

Elliott: "Marienne! Marienne! *SNIFF* Don't... Don't leave me alone!"

Marienne: "I"

Elliott: "Mari...Marienne! Don't worry...little sister... You won'
         alone...for long... I'll be...joining you...soon... Wait for me...

[Elliott dies too.]

Lang: "The same goes for us... We can't afford to lose either!"

Kazan: "I didn't think they'd fight to the death."

Maya: "We could have reached an agreement... We could have all lived

Sharon: "What are you talking about? These two were fighting for something they
        thought was important enough to die for... Their own family... A place
        to live... It might have been pride... I don't know what, but they had
        something. And they fought for it with their lives! The same as you!
        You're fighting for something that you're willing to die for... It's
        not your fault they're dead. Two sides, both willing to die for their
        cause... Somebody had to win. What? Why are you looking at me like
        that? Am I wrong?"

Kazan: "No... I was just surprised to hear such a philosophical interpretation.

Sharon: "I wasn't trying to be philosophical... That's just how I see it...
        Nothing more."

Lang: "We're fighting to protect something...important..."

Kazan: "That's right. We're protecting something that's even more important
       than our own lives, right?"

Lang: "Absolutely... We can't stop here. We can't quit. If we do, it'll bring
      sadness to a lot more people than this. This is something... Something
      that only we can do! Come on everyone, let's go!"

[They locate the Pyrolith.]

Doplin: "Damn! If you're here, that can only mean... Elliott and Marienne...
        What happened to them?!"

Lang: "We defeated them!"

Doplin: "...I see... Elliott... Marienne... Damn! Those stupid, worthless...
        Why did I waste all that time trying to make them feel good? Oh well.
        They were just strays anyway... At least they slowed you down for a
        little while."

Lang: "You... You bastard! How can you say that?!"

Maya: "How awful... They thought of you as their real father... They died
      fighting for you!"

Doplin: "Ho ho ho ho ho! They thought we were a family?! Oh, that is rich! Ho
        ho ho ho ho! I found those two after their own parents had dumped them
        in the woods. Since when are strays part of the family? Ho ho ho ho ho!
        I can't stop laughing!"

Maya: "I've heard enough! I used to think that there was no such thing as a
      truly evil person, but...I guess I was wrong!"

Kazan: "...Don't think of him as a person. Every person has the capacity to be
       dishonest and mean... But I've never met anyone as rotten to the core...
       This is not a man, he's garbage."

Doplin: "Even an apostle of the gods cannot break free from humanity... How
        sad... But that's about to change! I'm going to be more than a man!
        The gods have chosen me above all others! I will prove it! See for
        yourself! The power of the gods!"

[A monster fuses with the Pyrolith.]

Lang: "The Pyrolith..."

Doplin: "Ho ho ho ho ho! The Sacred Burning Stone has given Slogar new life!
        There are no limits to the secret Kabel techniques! Witness the
        ultimate living creature! It transcends all others! And the one that
        controls its every move is... Ho ho ho ho! Yours truly... Doplin, king
        of the world, chosen leader of the gods! Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho!"

Velna: "Bishop... I'll be going now..."

Doplin: "What?! You're not going to stay and watch? You're missing a great
        show! See the power of the ultimate being, Slogar! Eh, do what you
        want. But I'm staying to watch! I've wanted this bunch dead for a long
        time! Ho ho ho ho ho! Show them, Slogar! Show them your awesome power!"

[Velna disappears, and they defeat Val Kenus.]

Doplin: "What is the matter? Slogar! Finish them! Aaagh! Whah...what happened?
        Slogar! Calm down! *Gasp* It''s hot! Stop it, Slogar! Le...let go
        of me!"

Velna: "What is the matter, Your Excellency?"

Doplin: "Vel, Velna! Help me! Hurry! Stop him!"

Velna: "Isn't that the follower of god that you've always wanted...?"

Doplin: "That, that's not funy! Hurry! Help me NOW!"

Velna: "It is too will fulfill your destiny too, Your Excellency."

Doplin: "You're in on this! ...Velna you!!! Traitor! You have turned against
        Avalon and I.....ugggg!"

Velna: "Heh heh still don't understand, do you? You were the one
       being used...and you are of no use to us anymore."

Doplin: "Rrrghhh...that can't be! Do you even know much!! Avalonnnn!!
        I am the High Priest! The lord has chosen me....arggggh!"

Velna: "You are just another human. You are simply unfit for this world."

[She disappears.]

Doplin: "...Vel, Velna! Dddd.... Don't do this to me...!

[Slogar crushes Doplin to death as he starts to melt.]

Sharon: "Hmph! Good! Saves us the trouble of doing it ourselves."

Lang: "I'll do whatever it takes to get back the Pyrolith!"

[They defeat Var Zelph and Var Kurtz and get the Pyrolith.]

Lang: "That makes two... We've got the Aqualith and the Pyrolith!"

Ayne: "Where do we go now?"

Lang: "We still need the Aerolith...I don't even know where to start looking...
      I seem to remember seeing it on the tablet. It was on a pedestal in some
      ruins in the clouds."

Sharon: "In the clouds? Wouldn't that mean somewhere in mid-air? How's that
        possible?! There's no way there could be ruins up there, right?!"

Ayne: "Not necessarily... Perhaps it is a reference to the Wind Tower?"

Lang: "Wind Tower? Where's that?"

Ayne: "I believe it is on an island to the north of Jinga. I have heard the
      'Chief of the West Winds' talk of it."

Kazan: "But even if that island is in teh right place, how would we get to the
       clouds...? Lang, I think we'd better go to Jinga again and have another
       talk with the Elder."

Lang: "Then it's settled! Let's go back to Jinga!"

[They return to Jinga.]

Chief West Wind: "Why have you come here, 'Nature Speakers'? What? The Wind
                 Tower...? I see... You seek the altar enveloped in wind. The
                 Aerolith... That which you seek is there. It is just as 
                 'Silent Eagle' said, the Wind Tower can only mean one place...

Lang: "Ellsworth...?"

Chief West Wind: "Yes... Created by the Kabel as a testament to their power, it
                 is a tower suspended in mid-air by magic."

Lang: "Suspended in mid-air? How are we supposed to get there then?"

Chief West Wind: "The Kabel had a magical means of transporting themselves
                 there, but that knowledge has been lost. There is only one
                 method of reaching the tower now. You must use something that
                 flies. There is no other way."

Lang: "A way to fly, huh? I guess we'll have to ask around."

21) Paradise Isle Phorchoon                                              [GS21]

Demetrius: "Welcoooooome! Ladiiiiiieeeees aaaaaand Gentlemeeeeeeeeen! This is
           Paradise Found!!! This! Is! Phorchoon!! Pardon me, Gentlemen. Do
           you have any form of I.D.? Thi sis the most exclusive of exclusive
           membership resorts! Yes, you are in...Phooorchooooon!!!"

System: Lang has shown Emblem of Nobility

Demetrius: "Yes, of course. Please enjoy your time here.

[They go to the battle arena's proctor.]

Braujet: "Which one of you will be participating."

[The player can pick the participant -- I chose Sharon.]

Lang: "Sharon, do you want to give it a go?"

Sharon: "Hunh???! ME? Well....if I competed, I'm sure that I would win. But
        still... ...You're scared, aren't you? Scared to fail in front of
        everyone! That's why you're telling me to do it!"

Lang: "No! NO! That's not it at all! I just..."

Sharon: "You just.....what?"

Lang: "Er.... Fine! I'll do it! And I'll win, too!"

Sharon: "Good answer! I'm sure you can do it. You've got what it takes, hon!"

Braujet: "Understood. Please stand by in the waiting room."

[Lang gets to the championship round.

Demetrius: "Welcooooooooooome toooooo.... Mmmyyyy Pleasure....Dome! It's

Sharon: "The things that rich people do...!"

Demetrius: "Finally! The moment of truth! Ladies and Gentlemen! A new champion
           will be crowned tonight before you! Are we ready? Ladiiiiiiiiiieees
           aaaaaaaaaaand Gentlemeeeeeeeeeeen!!!!! I bring you the Tournameeeent
           Championshiiiiiiiips! It's time for - The....! Finaaaaaal.....!
           Rouuuuuund....!!!!! In the blue corner! The newcomer who has
           crrrrrrrrushed the competition!! Surely you already know who I am
           about to introduce... [Nickname], Lang!"

Sharon: "You go, Lang!!"

Demetrius: "And on the other side is the Tournament's Best, or its Absolute
           Worst! The fierce savage of the underworld, Gorvaaaaaaaaaa!! Which
           combatant will leave the arena alive toniiiiiiiight!? It's the
           Tourmaneeeeeent Championshiiiiiiips! Reaaaaaady.....GO!"

[Lang beats Gorva.]

Demetrius: "Congraulaaaaaaations!! Finally! We have a winner! A lone fighter
           is crowned King!! I know him! You know him!!! Exotica, Lang!! Thank
           you, thank you. You are a most gracious audience! And now, for the

[A strong-looking knight emerges from behind a gate...]

Lang: !!

Kazan: "Ho... The battles are done... What is that guy doing?"

Demetrius: "Who! Who are you? What are you doing...! Securityyyyyy!!
           Security!!!! Remove this man at once!"

[They all get defeated in one swipe.]

The Black Swordsman: "...So this is the gathering place of the strong and
                     gifted... I was wondering who would win... I would like
                     to see just how good you are. Prepare to be tested!"

                     ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE
                      Lang: "Gladly! Let's see who will be tested!"

                      The Black Swordsman: "....I like your attitude. This may
                                           be way more enjoyable than I'd

                     THERE'S NO REASON TO FIGHT
                      Lang: "Why do we need to fight? And who are you...?"

                      The Black Swordsman: "I did not come for conversation. I
                                           come to compete in swordsmanship!
                                           But if you must have a reason to
                                           fight... How is..... This!"

                     NO INTEREST WHATSOEVER
                      Lang: "You gotta be kidding! That is so self-centered!"

                      The Black Swordsman: "Self-centered? That may be. But
                                           just the same, the world doesn't
                                           revolve around you either, does it?
                                           As long as you live, there will be
                                           calamities from which you cannot
                                           run... ...Such as this one!"

[They fight.]

Lang: "Rggghhh...! 

The Black Swordsman: "...You bore the full force of my Ultimate Fang..and yet
                     you stand. I see how you survived up until now."

[Lang wins and the man's helmet falls off.]

The Black Swordsman: "Heh heh... How interesting. It has been a while since I
                     had a worthy opponent. And he knows Tenga-ryu's Master

Kazan: !! "Whah!!?! You... It's impossible... How are you still alive?!"

The Black Swordsman: "....You, old man... It's stranger still that you are
                     still alive. What? So senile you've forgotten the student
                     you killed with your own hands?"

Kazan: "'s you....Rauss!!"

Rauss: "How am I alive? ...It's true. You did defeat me that time, many years
       ago... But the spirit of my armor has brought me back to life! I will
       not rest until I have fulfilled my fate... To live out my destiny as
       a great swordsman! You said your name was Lang.... I trust you are
       ready for the real battle..."

Velna: "Rauss..."

[She teleports in.]

Velna: "What are you doing...? I believe you've been ordered to protect the
       Sacred Teal Stone."

Rauss: "..................."

Lang: "That woman...."

Velna: "Have you forgotten that you live now only because I gave you that
       unholy armor? No, of course you remember."

[They both teleport out. At Ellsworth Tower...]

Velna: "Rauss... You do not need to find them. He will come here. He must.
       Only here can he secure the last of the sacred stones..."


Velna: "That's right, Rauss... Feel the madness... Let it infect every fiber
       of your being... And when it does, you will be reborn as the greatest
       swordsman that ever lived... More than a man and almost as powerful as
       a god!"

Rauss: "NNGGHHUUUU...!

Velna: "Yes... Turn your anger and hatred to madness... And then use it to kill
       that boy, the Star Shaper, for my liege, Lord Avalon..."

[Back in Phorchoon...]

Demetrius: "Wooooonderfuuul!! That was amazing, Lang!! I have served as host
           for many, many years, but never have I seen such an excited
           audience! I have a proposal. How about working at Phorchoon
           regularly? You see, between you and me, the contract fee is quite

Sharon: "Hey, you. Um... Aren't you forgetting something?"

Demetrius: "Hm?? To what do you refer, my fair lady?"

Sharon: "To what do I refer? Pah! I WON! Hello?! Don't I get something? Huh?"

Demetrius: "...Oh! Ohhhh!! Yes, yes! You speak of the prize! I will fetch it

Sharon: "...Tsk! And we should get money for the break in too! Right Lang!?
        Hey... Where on earth is Kazan? His student just won..."

Maya: "He left the arena alone just a little while ago... I wonder where he

[They find Kazan outside on the Blood Hawk.]

Kazan: "Lang...."

Lang: "Master..."

Kazan: "I know... The intruder at the arena...Rauss... That's it, isn't it?
       I believe I have told you this before, but... Tenga-ryu comes from the
       heart. Therefore its strength comes from the person's heart also. Do
       you remember I told you this? The fighter's inner strength is fused
       with the sword. That is why daily training, experience and trails are
       so important... That is the way of the swordsman. That is what I have
       tried to teach you all along. Rauss was distracted onto the wrong
       path... He used the Ultimate Fang, a move forbidden by the Sky Fang
       Masters! Ultimate Fang is does not draw power from one's
       fighting spirit - it is fueled by insanity. Use it too often, and it
       eats away at your very core... And that is why, as his Master, I had no
       choice but to slay him..."

Lang: ".........."

Kazan: "At first, you did not even know how to hold a sword... Look at how
       you've grown... I see room for improvement, but you are a respectable
       Tenga-ryu swordsman! As tribute to victory, I shall show you Tenga-ryu's
       Ultimate Master Stroke! Watch closely! The final Art! Waga itto nomi!"

[Kazan coils and extends the sword outwards, shooting aura from the blade.]

Kazan: "This is....Tenga-ryu's Ultimate Master Stroke......'Sleeping Dragon'

Lang: "Sleeping....Dragon....?"

Kazan: "Correct. Gather your entire soul and being, and release it through the
       sword. Nobody can withstand such a blow. 'Sleeping Dragon' is now within
       your reach right now... But I have complete faith...that someday, you
       too will master 'Sleeping Dragon'!"

Lang: "Master..."

Kazan: "Rauss left this sword behind. Though insanity has seized him, he will
       always be my student. If ever... We meet and must fight again...I may
       lose my life..."

Lang: "You can't have that attitude before you try! I'll... We're all going to
      fight together! We won't let you die here!"

Kazan: "...That's true. I guess...I am not alone... Lang........ Do not forget
       the 'Sleeping Dragon' that I showed you. You must become the sword...
       It is not an easy feat to accomplish. But will, someday..."

System: Lang acquired the essence of Tenga-ryu's Ultimate Master Stroke,
        'Sleeping Dragon'

[The next morning...]

Demetrius: "Heeeeeere we aaaaaaaare! Here is the prize: the flying dragon!"

Sharon: "Whoa! That's crazy! Only the best for the best!"

Kazan: "I...hope it doesn't drop its riders..."

Maya: "You... You ride this? I don't know about that..."

Ayne: "It's fine. It may look scary, but I hear it is a gentle beast."

Demetrius: "With this, you can rule the skies! We hope you enjoy riding this
           fine beast! After all, they are very rare, you know!"

22) Wind Tower Ellsworth                                                 [GS22]

[At the Source Forge's location...]

Velna: "Avalon, that boy was in the arena in Phorchoon... He apparently already
       has the Sacred Azure and the Sacred Burning Stone. Just to be safe, I've
       sent Rauss to Ellsworth."

Avalon: "There was no need. He can no longer threaten my plans...even if he IS
        a 'Star Shaper'... Velna...the time is almost here...! All of this
        power will soon be mine! The power to create worlds!"

[The team arrives at the tower's summit.]

Lang: "Look!"

Rauss: "I've been waiting for you... It's time to settle the score once and for
       all in the arena!"

Kazan: "Rauss... You..."

Rauss: "You're fighting to save the world... That's it, isn't it? You still
       have hope. But not me... For me, there is no hope and no tomorrow!
       There's only one thing left for me...! The heat of battle! The blood
       coursing in my veins during a battle is the only thing that makes me
       feel alive! I want to feel alive! And I need your help!"

Kazan: "Rauss..."

Rauss: "I don't want your pity... I just...I just want a death match. Right
       here, right now. I've devoted my life to fighting... It's about time I
       found out whether it was worth it! What's the matter? Isn't that why
       you're here? To help me find the answer? You have to fight me... You
       will never get the Sacred Teal Stone unless you kill me... You! The one
       they call Lang! Time to show me the power of the 'Star Shaper'!"

[They start beating the crap out of Rauss.]

Rauss: "...Ugggg!...Rrrrghh.! *pant *pant* Gggghhhheee..."

[Lang recalls Kazan's words back at Phorchoon.]

Kazan: "Rauss was distracted onto the wrong path... He used the Ultimate Fang,
       a move forbidden by the Sky Fang Masters! Ultimate Fang is dangerous...
       it doesn't draw power from one's fighting spirit - it is fueled by
       madness. Use it too often, and it eats away at your very core..."

Lang: (Can I....can I defeat him? He's lost his spirit! He's completely gone!)

[Lang remembers how Kazan showed him the Sleeping Dragon.]

Kazan: "The final art - waga itto nomi!"

Lang: (...I must strike with everything I have... Everything I'm made of!
      Every last thing!)

Rauss: "Rrrrrgggggghh..... You're dead....."

[Lang uses Sleeping Dragon.]

Kazan: "It can't be."

Lang: "Wwwwhhhooaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!"

Kazan: "...The Ultimate Matser Stroke - Sleeping Dragon...!...Finally..."

Rauss: "It's gone..the intolerable bloodthirst...the secret...Sleeping
       Dragon.... ...At one time, I too master that move..."

Kazan: "Rauss!"

Rauss: "Too late...I regret nothing! This is the path I chose for myself! No
       regrets! All I wish for is to die nobly in battle! All I wish for is
       to die nobly in battle!"

[They fell Rauss.]

Rauss: "I...I craved strength so much that I lost my head in search of power...
       I gave in to the power of the 'Ultimate Fang'... With each enemy I
       buried, my grip on reality weakened... By the time I noticed the
       madness... I had already lost my mind...I think... I think I just got it
       back now."

Kazan: "Rauss..."

Rauss: "The one to will pass on your knowledge...? Perhaps you...
       You will find the true strength...that I find..."

Kazan: "Don't say that! We can try again! Together we can..."

Rauss: "I...I don't have...much time left... My body fails me even as we
       speak... Thi sbody was nothing more than an instrument. Now that it's
       over, it's only natural that it wanes... I should thank you for making
       me feel more alive than I have in many years... ...Lang...I will not
       forget...this battle with you... Farewell...Master... Next time...will
       be diff..."

[Rauss' body disappears.]

Kazan: "Rauss... What agony you must have endured... Your fight against the
       madness must have been arduous indeed. When I die... If we ever meet
       again...I wonder if we can become teacher and student once more...?"

Maya: "Kazan..."

Sharon: "I lost my father and I've lost shipmates before too... I know what
        you're going through... But... We've got things we need to do, right?
        I won't say anything more. If you tell us that you need to stay here,
        none of us will stop you."

Kazan: *SIGH* "You're right... Staying here won't change anything. Not to
       mention that there are others counting on us. So this is the Aerolith...

Galea: "What's wrong, Lang?"

Lang: "It's calling..."

[The tower shakes.]

Maya: "Wha...what's that sound...?"

Sharon: "What's that?!"

Kazan: "Oh no! Has it started already?!"

Rivas: "No. That is not the 'End'."

Lang: "The 'Source Forge' is...over there! It's calling me!"

Galea: "So... That's where the 'Source Forge' is..."

Lang: "Demiurge Tower..."

Kazan: "We have all the stones. It makes sense that the path should be 
       revealed. That must be the Demiurge Tower that Reym spoke of."

Sharon: "Demiurge... Hey, doesn't that have something to do with creation? Can
        they make anything? You know! Like diamonds or gold?!"

Arrode: "Please, Sharon, try to stay focused. We're in the middle of a major
        world crisis!"

Sharon: "I know that! I was just kidding! Jeez! So are we going there or not?!"

[The shaking stops.]

Kazan: "The final battle draws near..."

Maya: "No matter what stands in our way... It's up to us to save the world..."

Lang: "Let's move out, people! To Demiurge Tower! It's time to put the 'Source
      Forge' back the way it was!"

23) Demiurge Tower                                                       [GS23]
[They approach a massive cleft in the earth.]

Lang: "So...the Source Forge is down there...?"

Kazan: "Yeah, probably."

Maya: "It sounds like the Source Forge is moaning."

Lang: "Hey! Look what the sacred stones are doing!"

Kazan: "It's as if...they understand... They know everything hangs on this

Lang: "We can't afford to lose! We've absolutely GOT to restore the Source 
      Forge back to the way it was!!"

[Velna appears once they go inside.]

Velna: "This is as far as you go! And there's no retreat for you now, either!
       The very fact you're here must mean you've defeated Rauss and gotten
       ahold of the Sacred Teal Stone. The End will soon change everything!
       This entire world, and every living thing in it! In the next world, only
       the Chosen Ones will have the right to live! You! You were among the
       Chosen Ones...! ...And yet you try to save those that will be
       destroyed... Why?"

        Lang: "You do whatever you want, without a thought to others! We don't
              care WHO you are! We aren't letting you get away with it! Do you
              honestly think we'd just sit back and let you destroy the whole
              world on some selfish whim?!"

        Velna: "'Selfish,' you say? Oh, come now. The strong have always weeded
               out the weak. Isn't that the natural order of things? You should
               embrace the idea of the new world! In the new world, there'll be
               no such thing as 'pride' or 'greed'..."

        Kazan: "Pride? Greed? What's wrong with 'em? We need those things! If
               we don't have passions or desires, we couldn't accomplish
               anything! Those are the things that separate us from the

        Velna: "But until we let go of pride and greed, both you and I will
               forever be embroiled in worldly strife..."

        Lang: "We live here in this world! It belongs to ALL of us! And we
              depend on the world for life. Of COURSE we've gotta protect our

        Velna: "...I see. Indeed. you REALLY think you have the power
               to protect it to the end...?"

        Lang: "We don't know if we've got the power to restore the world back
              to the way it was or not... But we can't just stand back and do
              nothing! We HAVE to try!"

        Velna: "I see you have a strong will to survive. Or perhaps it's a
               sense of duty...? Either way, man is powerless in the face of

Lang: "WHY?! WHY are you trying to destroy this world to create a new one?"

Velna: "Wouldn't you like to see the new world, too? A place in which life and
       the world itself are intermingled into one...? Life in its ideal form!
       There'll be no death, no fear. All life combined into one...the ultimate
       world! There'll no longer be any strife. The individual will no longer
       exist. Transcendent life, for all eternity! You couldn't possibly
       understand, you who continue to struggle and fight, ruled by your
       useless emotions... Just as I expected... I see talking was a waste of
       time. We are what we are. We can't live any other way. We can't even
       coexist! There's nothing more for us to talk about. I know you want to
       advance forward, even if it means killing me. I challenge you! Come and
       face the secrets of Kabel, forever erased from history, and my Origin,
       the Spacial Origin, Vestra!"

[They start battling. Vestra summons the fallen Velna back into battle.]

Velna: "As long as I have Vestra... I will never be destroyed... Although the
       creation of the new world...for millenia, I have waited for this
       moment... Come what may... You will not proceed any further!"

[They defeat Vestra, who crumbles/explodes.]

Velna: "Vestra! My...Origin...! NOOOOO!! I endured thousands of years...waiting
       and waiting for this moment...!"

Maya: "Thousands of years...?"

Velna: "I'm a survivor of the Kabel, a race that was destroyed by humans...
       This body is nothing but a ghost-like shell. It's endured, thanks only
       to Vestra's power! I spoke of creating a new world...but in truth...I
       was really only driven by a deep hatred! I could never forgive the 
       humans that destroyed my race!"

Lang: "So you're survived all that time just to get revenge...?"

Velna: "I don't imagine you could understand...the hatred one feels when one's
       entire race is wiped out..."

Ayne: "Sorrow gives birth to hatred. And that hatred in turn bears more sorrow.
      'The important thing is to forgive, to help each other, and to love.'
      That's an old saying among my tribe."

Velna: "...Forgive...? You suggest I...let go of these feelings, feelings I've
       held onto and lived by for thousands of years...?"

Kazan: "People CAN change. If you've got all that passion, I know YOU can
       change, too..."

Velna: "What a simplistic idea! How naive... But I guess that's what human hope
       is really all about, isn't it...?"

[Velna's body disappears without Vestra's power to sustain her.]

Kazan: "So, we were... We were just fighting a ghost all this time...?"

Maya: "...It's so sad, I can't stand it! She lived all those years on hatred
      and the wish for revenge..."

Kazan: "...If it were me, I don't think I could've done thousands
       of years on the sole strength of hatred!"

Lang: "I wish...we could've understood each other somehow... It's too bad it
      had to end like this..."

[They reach the lowest part of the crater where a large door is.]

Lang: "Through this door, huh?"

Kazan: "Yeah... We're at the end of the tower, so this's gotta be it..."

Maya: "The Source Forge is in there, isn't it?"

Lang: "Yeah. ...And I bet HE'S in there, too... Avalon!"

Kazan: "And he has the Supreme Power... Have we really got a chance of
       defeating him, even all of us together like this? I dunno.."

Sharon: "Come on! Don't wimp out on us now! We've come THIS far! We've just
        GOT to win now!!"

Kazan: "Oh... What am I saying? Of COURSE we'll win!"

Ayne: "The entire world's riding on this battle."

Lang: "We can do it! We're taking our world back! And making it out of this

[They go inside to the Source Forge's room.]

Avalon: "This is where the world was created... But soon...this worthless world
        will come to an end...!"

Lang: "We're NOT gonna let that happen! We're never gonna let you get away with
      destroying this world! We're gonna defeat you and return the Source Forge
      back to the way it was! That's what we've come to do!"

Avalon: "You're wasting your time. You can't resurrect a lifeless thing, even
        if you ARE the One that Controls the Stars."

Kazan: "Look!! The Source Forge isn't glowing anymore! ...Don't tell me...!"

Avalon: "That's right... My own Supreme Origin has taken the power of this
        Source Forge and made it its own! It's taken its memory, too. A long
        time ago, life was first created here... The Source Forge wanted the
        world to be filled with fine, worthy beings. And so the life that
        emerged continued to evolve. But then that evolution started to move
        in the wrong direction... Something happened that was never meant to
        be. Beings with wills of their own were born into this world!"

Lang: "And what beings were those, exactly?"

Avalon: "...Humans! Because of that foolish will of human beings, they lost
        sight of the meaning of living here in this world. They became
        confused, they fought, they killed... They couldn't live without
        hurting others. Humans are the ruin of this world!"

Maya: "No! You're wrong! ...Maybe humans DO fight and hate each other
      sometimes... ...But they help each other, they share kindness and warmth
      with each other, too!"

Sharon: "That's right! You make it sound like human beings are the bad guys
        here! But don't you think what YOU'RE doing is a whole lot worse?!"

Kazan: "What you haven't realized yet is that every living creature in this
       world has its own will. We all depend on the world for life! Without
       this world, life wouldn't exist!"

Avalon: "...Why is it you can only see things from the point of view of human
        beings? We Mystics were born into this world to create a new era! None
        of you seem to realize yet what you were destined for... I was born
        with the Supreme Power, and as the One that Controls the Stars...
        ...And that means I was CHOSEN! ...Chosen to wipe out this world, rife
        with the human species...and create a new, perfect world! In order to
        build this perfect world, I first have to destroy the present one... I
        upset the balance of the Source Forge and made that black sun appear.
        Soon the Eclipse will cover this world and destroy it! And then, with
        the power of the Source Forge in my possession, I will create my new,
        perfect world! Even if you ARE a Star Shaper like myself, how can you
        save the world, now that the Source Forge's lost its power? I see
        you've brought the sacred stones with you. But they won't do you any
        good now! This world WILL be destroyed..."

Lang: "...We won't let that happen! Your thinking is ALL WRONG! There ISN'T any
      part of this world that isn't necessary, and that goes for humans as well
      as Mystics! I love every part of this world... ...humans beings, nature,
      everything! And that's why I've been able to come this far...because I
      know I don't want to lose any part of it! If you say you've stolen the
      Source Forge's power, then I'm gonna get it back! If I really AM a Star
      Shaper like you, then I should be able to do it!"

Avalon: "You still don't seem to understand. You may be a Star Shaper too, but
        I have both my Origin's Supreme Power and... ...the Power of Creation,
        taken from the Source Forge, on my side. You are lackining in
        'firepower,' fighting a hopeless war. ...And now, I'll let you
        experience for yourself the Power of Creation that I took from the
        Source Forge!!"

[They defeat Avalon. He disappears into particles and reappears.]

Avalon: "...Witness the Power of Creation! The power to produce something out
        of nothing!! Break my body as many times as you like, but it's no use.
        I'll come back to life every time! What's the matter? Where are all
        your vows to defeat me now!? Looks like you finally understand the
        difference between our powers... Compared to my Origin's Supreme Power
        and the Power of Creation I took from the Source Forge, your measly
        powers are nothing!"

Lang: "We can't... We CAN'T give! As long as I have any breath left in
      me, I'm NEVER gonna give up!"

[The sacred stones shine.]

Maya: "Look!! ...The stones!!"

Kazan: "What?! What IS this blinding light?!"

[A voice speaks from somewhere.]

??????: Listen to me, O creatures of life! As long as you alive, you must never
        give up! As long as you possess life...! I am the will of all living
        creatures that inhabit this world...and I am their power!"

Rivas: "This light! I feel a strong will flowing through it! It's powerful, yet

Maya: "The sacred stones must've heard our prayers! They KNEW we didn't want to
      lose this world!"

Kazan: "We aren't the only ones battling to keep it! This entire world's will
       to live is fighting right alongside us!"

Deva: "Yes! Now is the crucial moment! We must make a desperate effort!"

Arrode: "It's incredible! The light of the sacrd stones is suppressing Avalon's
        Power of Creation! The power! Now might be our best opportunity to win,
        Sharon! ...No, it might be our ONLY opportunity!"

Sharon: "You think we've got a chance, huh? Good enough for me! I made up my
        mind a long time ago that when I's gonna be surrounded by
        countless treasures! No way I'm gonna die in a place like this!"

Ayne: "It's so warm... This must be the Light of Hope. ...The world hasn't come
      to an end QUITE yet. And I swear on the pride of my tribe, we're NOT
      going to let it happen!"

Avalon: "What...happened...? The power that was rushing through my veins like a
        torrent... The Power of Creation...! ...It's...gone...! ...It can't
        be...! ...Is this Power of Hope really suppressing my own power...?
        ...But 'Hope'...?! There ISN'T any such Origin...! There's no such
        thing as the 'Power of Hope'...! Everything should be according to MY
        will...! Does the world itself really have a will to survive...?

Lang: "You're WRONG! People aren't the only ones that have wills of their own!
      Every creature in this world, every thing that possesses life, has a will
      of its own! Every last creature, big or small, holds the will to live! It
      has an inner spirit! And as long as we have that will, that DRIVE, we
      will FIGHT!"

Avalon: "...The will to live...? Where's the power in that?! ...An inner
        spirit...?! Hmph! None of it means anything!! Go ahead and try to use
        such a meaningless power! Do you really think it'll help you match MY
        power?! ...Impertinent fools! If that's what you believe, I'll let you
        give it a try! But you'll never win against my Supreme Power!!"

[They start fighting with him again.]

Avalon: "I am still...too weak... This is proof that I am still
        unable to let go of my humanity, my weakness... As of this moment...I
        abandon it completely! I have no use for humanity, for my past! I have
        no need for that world! I will destroy all life, leaving only me! I
        will be the world!"

[They defeat what Avalon turns into, the 'Infinite One'.]

Avalon: "How could you...defeat my infinite strength...?! Why?! ...This power
        is the basis of all things, it can create everything!"

Lang: "I've come all this way by believing in myself...and in my friends... I
      want to live to see tomorrow...and to be good to those who are good to
      me... And of course, hope has kept me going. All these things give me
      strength! That's why I won't lose to someone like you, someone who got
      drunk on his own power and lost his soul! I'll never let you take over
      this world!"

[They defeat Avalon for a last time.]

Avalon: "'Human feeling,' you said...? That's meaningless! The only thing...I
        believe POWER! Nothing else! may have defeated me...
        but the Source longer has any power left!"

[Avalon's body fades away.]

Maya: "We put the sacred stones back! Why won't the Source Forge work?"

Kazan: "Maybe Avalon was right... Maybe the Source Forge really DOESN'T have
       any power left..."

Lang: "...Damn it!! After all we've done! After we fought so hard! Don't tell
      me it was all for nothing!!"

[The place shakes.]

Sharon: "And we killed the head honcho! What the hell is going on?!"

Arrode: "Perhaps because the Source Forge lost its power, it no longer has the
        strength to support this tower. The power to sustain the entire world
        might even have been lost!"

Lang: "...Damn it all! After all we've been through! What the hell was it all

[He recalls what the voice said before.]

??????: Listen to me, O creatures of life! As long as you alive, you must never
        give up! As long as you possess life...! I am the will of all living
        creatures that inhabit this world...and I am their power!"

Lang: "I won't...I can't give up! I have to put my faith in the Power of my own strength, one more time!!"

[Lang puts his hands on the Source Forge.]

Kazan: "Lang! What're you gonna do? That's not gonna accomplish anything!"

Lang: "The sacred stones helped us before! They showed us the Power of Hope!
      Please, sacred stones! Please give me your strength one more time! Please
      show me the Power of Hope once again!! Galea...!!"

Galea: "I'm with you! Even if I must die to let others live, I'll do what I can
       until the last moment!"

Maya: "Me, too! I'll help, Lang!"

Kazan: "Ho! Count me in! We'll pour our will to live straight into the Source
       Forge together!"

Sharon: "I'm in, too! No way I'm gonna die in a place like this!"

Ayne: "Let me add my will to live, too! I want to live to see tomorrow! I don't
      want to lose our world!"

[They all put their hands on the Forge.]

Sharon: "Lang, it's no use! We're too weak... We can't do it!"

Lang: "DON'T give up! I'm gonna keep trying, right up to the end! We CAN'T give
      up now!!"

Maya: "Lang...!"

Lang: "Yes! We can...! We can make it right again!!"

[The sacred stones rise up and blind the area with light. Lang wakes up alone.]

Lang: " I...?"

Reym: "You're in a place between life and death., all living
      creatures are continually reincarnated here... You shouldn't be here.
      You've still got a home to go to. You've still got people waiting for
      you. Here... Let me give you this. I think it'll come in handy."

Lang: "What's this...?"

Reym: "It's a fragment of something called 'Hope.' Hang onto it..."

Rauss: "Lang...I'm sure you can see it now...the path you're meant to follow.
       Stick to that path and you'll be all right."

Lang: "Rauss..."

[Lang wakes up on top of Mt. Gabel, his friends over him.]

Maya: ...! "Lang!"

Lang: "Where are we? Where's the 'Source Forge'? What happened to the world?!"

Sharon: "One question at a time, please! I just realized you were here a moment

Lang: "The sun... The black sun is gone!! We did it. The world is back to

Kazan: "Lang..."

Lang: "Master! Master... What...what's going on?"

Kazan: "You heard what Reym said... The world might not return to normal... does appear that we stopped it from being completely

Deva: "The Demiurge Tower...and the 'Source Forge' must have been destroyed in
      the battle. There's no way for us to much longer the world
      will survive..."

Maya: "It's not gone! The 'Source Forge' isn't gone! The world is still here!
      That means that... It must be somewhere!"

Kazan: "You're right... Hope is what saved the world."

Deva: "And everything that lives in this world...has that power. The power of

Rivas: "The will to live... There is nothing stronger in this world."

Sharon: "The will to live, huh? Well, I know that I've been happy to be alive
        on more occasions than I can count."

Ayne: "Emotions like that one... They must pool together and become the will to
      live. At least that's what I think."

Galea: "The more lives there are, the stronger the will to live becomes... And
       when that feeling gets strong enough... The world will go back the way
       it was! Right, Lang?"

Lang: "Yes...and no. We're not going to put things back the way they were,
      we're going to make our world as we go!"

[At Jinga, Ayne and his girlfriend/wife watch the sunset together on the temple
steps. At Phorchoon, Bubba stands on a defeated monster with fireworks playing
everywhere. He has a forlorn look of rememberance on his face. On the Blood
Hawk, Sharon and her crew are sailing around with Joe the informant from
Darakin Citadel. In Darakin Citadel, the children play on the street. Inside
Doplin Castle, two merchants are splitting up the huge number of item chests!
In the Forest Maze, Kazan sits by a pond, drinking, watching a deer nearby. In
Yuno, Maya is playing with some children by the riverside. And, back in the
sleepy village of Nohl, Deim is practicing swordfighting with the other members
of the Vigilante Corps.]

Nancy: "Lang...... He's gone......"

Gorvan: "Yeah... Always thought he'd take charge of the Vigilante Corps after
        me, though... But he... He's different from us somehow. ...I don't know
        what exactly, but whatever it is, this town's not big enough to hold
        him back! What's the matter? You regretting not chasing after him?"

Nancy: "Of, of course not!!! I wasn't thinking that at all! Besides... He'll be

Galvan: "That's true....... This is where he grew up. He'll definitely be
        back... Even stronger and wiser...."

[Lang is walking through Gale Canyon, and stares up at the sun, just like Maya
did from her village.]

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