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Killzone Cheats and Tips

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Plenty of cheats for you to look through and includes unlocking all people and levels, unlock all FMV sequences and one hit kills.

More Killzone PlayStation 2 Cheats and Tips

We have 17 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Killzone please send them in here. For more Codes for Killzone go to:
Killzone Action Replay Codes
Killzone GameShark Codes

You can also ask your question on our Killzone Questions & Answers page.

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Killzone Cheats

Unlock All Levels and Characters:

Enter the name Shooterman with a capitalised 'S' at the start of a new game when you are told to enter a name.

Killzone cheats

Unlock Luger:

Beat the 2nd mission in the story mode.

Unlock Rico:

Beat the 3rd mission in the story mode.

Unlock Hakha:

Beat the 4th mission in the story mode.

On any menu hold L1 and enter the following codes

Big Head Enemies:

Circle, Square, X, Circle, Circle

One Shot Kill Ability:

Circle, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, X

Unlock All Movies:

Circle, Square, Triangle, Circle, Square

How to use cheat code in Killzone for ps2?

There are any cheat code in Killzone ps2?

* Yes. There lot of cheat. But there are 5 cheat!

Cheat here:

In the menu screen, hold L1 and enter these codes:

Enemies have Big Heads: CIRCLE, SQUARE, X, CIRCLE, CIRCLE




Enemies have big enemy

*They have Big head if you can see him where he hide in place and free shot his head your headshot will count rise!

More Powerful weapons

* Your Armor are Big Number.

More Powerful weapones (Alt)

* This is a called is One hit shot. When you shot enemy they ..

Level unlocker.

Enter the word 'shooterman' as your campaign name and you will unlock all levels - including HOPE!

A couple of cheats...

One hit kills - At any menu screen, hold L1 and press circle,triangle,circle,triangle,X.

All fmv sequences - at any menu screen, hold L1 and press circle,square,triangle,circle,square.

All Stages, and Characters

Start a new game, and as your username, put "SHOOTERMAN". You should then automatically have all Stages and Characters.

Unlock all people and levels

Enter "Shooterman" as your profile and have "s" in capitals and presto you have all levels and people

Way to use Rico for.

Here is the resson why you should use Rico for he has the best gun out of the four players that you can use for the game.

Plus his gun has 800 bullets and 3 grenades.

Best Multiplayer Mode

The best is easily Assault as the ISA on the Beachead level. Get the sniper rifle and get on top of the wall and it's great fun.


On battlefeilds it is fast to got to the last level and get the sniper and get somewere high and kill people

Good sniping spot on battle fields

Go on the beach level and climbed up the tower near the beach make sure you have a sniper rifle when you get to the top the is a wall with a hole missing it probably got blown up or something anyway duck down and you can see every direction the enemy is coming from but make sure you look behind you every five mins or they will shoot you from behind

Battle field tips

If your playing on the battle field remember this, always reload after every fire fight, the sniper rifle kills in one shot(you don't need a head shot) and the mini gun comes with a grenade lancher(the grenades are a bit like rockets, always on thier own and are grey)

You might already knows this but some people dont.

Rapid fire grenades

Okay, most ppl with gameshark already knows this, but for ppl who just got it, activate infinite ammo and no reload time, and when you start as ISA, if you hit secondary fire butto, BAM, auto fire grenades that never run out, also watch that you don't hit yourself with explosions. Also works with gun that fires missles as secondary

Soul_eater, OUT

All levels And characters

Start a new game and enterSHOOTERMAN as your name and they all will be unlocked

Unlock all the movies

At the main menu hold L1 and press, O, square, triangle, O, square

Funnykill:suicide bombing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the battlefield mode,pull out a grenade,cook it while walking up to your enemy(best to do it from behind),get a little tiny bit close and stand there.wait ford it to explode.(really good in a crowded area).

Helghast Mask

On the 1st level. Helghast Assault after you run away from the tank and you are in that little bunker fighting off the Helghasts if you look behind you. Right at the back of the bunker you will see a Helghast Mask with a tube on it but no Helghast.

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