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Follow the dark path or use the light




1- FAQ Started
2- Added Walkthroughs for the Next 3 Levels I missed
3- Fixed up Beldingford Manor Walkthrough

1. Life of a Hitman
 a. Controls
 b. Weapons
 a. Asylum Aftermath
 b. Meat Kings Party
 c. Bajarkov Bomb
 d. Beldingford Manor
 c. Rotterdam Rendezvous
3. End
 Left Analog Stick- Move Up/down, Strafe Left/Right
 Right Analog Stick- Turn, look Up/Down
 Triangle- Cancel/ Inventory
 R1- Attack
 R2- Reload


-Fiber Wire-
 This is the only weapon you always carry with you, the 
others can be dropped. Sneak up behind Enemies and press R1 
to use it. It Kills Targets.

 The Antistatic from Hitman 2 is replaced with the Syringe, 
Or a Tranquilizer if you will. Sneak up behind enemies and 
press R1 to use it. It Incapacitates Targets.

-Meat Hook-
 *Evil Laugh* this weapon, like the others is used to sneak 
up on enemies and Dispatch them, but this one has a much 
cooler animation. Unlike the others, you can use it in 
Melee Combat also.

-Kitchen Knife-
 A Basic Knife, it is similar to the Meat Hook.

-Meat Cleaver-
 It cuts more than just Meat! A 1 hit Kill Melee Weapon

 47\'s Preferred Double Handgun is loud, but gets the job 
done when surrounded.

-Spaz Shotgun-
 A powerful Pump-Action Shotgun, can knock enemies over and 
is REALLY loud

A small pistol a lot of enemies have in the first few 

An Uzi like weapon some of Sturrock\'s Bodyguards use.

|2. Walkthrough    |


 When the level starts, you\'ll find yourself inside a White 
Glowing Room. Pick up the Car Key form the Dead Guy and 
continue on. There are no enemies the first part of the 
level. Just Move through the rooms until you reach the 
Elevator. Ride it to 2f.
 This is where the choices start. If you want to go through 
the rest of the Level Gung-ho just shoot your way through 
the upcoming section. If you want to go for the Silent 
Assassin Rating Pick up the Dead Swat Team Member\'s Clothes 
and Shotgun, then equip it. Or, for a change of pace, drop 
all your weapons and take the Dead Crazy People\'s clothes.
 After you\'ve made your decision, enter the Double Doors. 
Kill the Swat or walk by them, they only bother you if 
you\'re not in a Swat Uniform and hold a weapon. Enter the 
Door on the Left and hang a right inside the next room. 
Watch out, one of the Insane People may be in this hall and 
may attack you. Run down the stairs to the left until you 
come onto a floor with more sway. Run past them, or Shoot 
them and head straight through the double doors, then go 
into the door with a Green Light above them on the left. 
Run past these swat and depending on you stealth choice, go 
into the left or the door in front of you. If you\'re 
disguised as an insane guy, go into the door on the left. 
Everyone else go forward. Head into the Courtyard and run 
to the left and around the Side of the building. Walk near 
the car door and press X.
 If you\'re an insane person, wait in the room until a Swat 
comes down the stairs. Run up the Stairs. Head around them 
and into the double Doors (Not the Glass ones). Go into the 
Glass Doors in here and climb down the ladder. Then enter 
the car like you would with the other 2 routes.

 This level ROCKS. First, take the Butcher\'s Clothes. 
Depending on your Style, Shoot the Butcher\'s Body or exit 
the Truck and press the red button to close it. Then, drop 
all your weapons except the Meat Hook. Run over to the 
Entrance of the Club thing. The Guard will frisk you. If 
you have a Weapon, your cover will be blown and you\'ll 
probly be going gunman for the Rest of the level.
 Now enter the Club and move into the room with a few 
guards. Run up the Stairs to the left (Not the ones in 
front of you). Head into the Left Hall and wait at the 
door. Enter your map and wait for the Orange Circle to walk 
just past you into the south room. If your not going for 
the Stealth Assassin Rating sneak up on this go and use you 
Hook to Stealth Kill him (Way cool animation BTW). 
Regardless, enter the room he came from and pick up the arm 
on the floor. If you didn\'t kill him, haul ass and get out 
of there as fast as you can, because that guard is known to 
KILL you if you don\'t have a gun. Either way, head back to 
the 1st Floor and go straight towards the double doors. 
Walk through these halls until you get into a big room with 
people partying. Then turn left and talk to the Butcher 
Behind the bar.
 Turn around and head back into the halls. Go into the 
First Set of Double Doors on the Right. Wait in the Kitchen 
for a Butcher to come and Make a Chicken dinner. He will 
then tell you to take it to Sturrock. Take the Chicken and 
walk into a secluded area, check your map for rooms with no 
one in it. Drop the Chicken, then equip you Meat Hook and 
Choose to place it in the chicken. Be careful when you 
press X for the next part, it may make you pull out the 
hook! Head back to the party area and into the Door in the 
back (Note: Door, not Cloth Door) go through this area 
until your in a room with a bunch of people dancing. Go up 
the Stairs and another Guard will frisk you.
 If you accidentally pulled out your hook, he will attack 
you and bye-bye stealth. Make sure it is in the Chicken! 
Then enter the door on the right and around into the door 
on the left to enter Sturrock\'s Room. Approach the Red 
Button by the window and press it to shut the Curtains on 
the windows. Then head around the back of the room, where 
Sturrock and his \"friends\" can\'t see you and take the hook 
out of the chicken. Holster it, and bring the chicken to 
Sturrock. He will tell his \"friends\" to leave. Then choose 
to give him the Chicken. As he devours his Meal stick that 
Hook into his brains. It\'s Times like this I wish Hitman 
had Headset Support. \"Did you enjoy your last meal?\" 
 Now Holster your Hook and head back towards the Kitchen on 
1f. Only this time, go into the Next Pair of Double Doors. 
Wait in here for the Opium Waiter and his \"Friend\" to 
enter. Your choices start... now. If you are going for the 
Stealth Assassin Rating, grab the Waiter clothes from the 
bench and proceed to the next Paragraph. If you\'re not that 
skilled yet, wait for the friend to leave and then hook the 
Waiter. Drag his body to a hiding spot and take the Waiter 
Clothes from the Bench.
 The Lawyer must be assassinated in a somewhat similar way 
as Sturrock, but the Lawyer (For good Reason, he doesn\'t 
weigh 900 pounds) is much more mobile. He\'ll stroll to 3 
Locations, you can only Stealth fully dispatch him in one. 
He starts in his Private Opium Room, then leaves to go to 
the Bathroom, hen walks into the area by the Stairs to 
Sturrock\'s room, then returns to his opium room. Once 
you\'re disguised as the opium waiter, head back to his bar 
and take the Opium Pipe. Wait for the Lawyer to enter his 
Private Opium room (You check to see if a Red Dot is inside 
one of those Clothed rooms in the back) and request a pipe. 
When he does enter walk in and choose to place the Opium 
Pipe on the Nightstand of the bed he is on. He\'ll take one 
puff and pass out. Pick up his Silenced Gun and shoot him 
in the face. Now head back to the Kitchen and walk through 
here to the outside. Now, approach the door of one of the 
Trucks to finish the level.
 If you chose to let the Waiter Live after you take a 
Waiter Disguise, hurry up that last part of the level. If 
you and him are in the same room you will blow you disguise

 This level suffers from Spontaneous Cover Blowing 
Syndrome. Once 1 cover is blown, the others will follow. So 
work fast and hide Bodies!
 The easiest thing to do is to wait for a Civilian to Board 
the Plane. When he does, wait for him to turn around and 
sneak up on him and give him a Syringe to the back. Do it 
fast though, once he gets off the plane he will be visible 
to guards. Once you have a disguise Head into the Build to 
the North West of the Plane. Walk inside and you\'ll be in 
the Mess Hall. Head back into the Kitchen and talk to the 
Chef, who happens to be your contact. Once your 
Conversation is done. Pick up the Laxative by the Stove and 
use it to Poison the Soup. Now Head over to the Fireplace 
in the mess Hall and Pick up the Fire Poker. Note that Only 
Civilians can carry Firepokers without getting attacked. 
Now go into the Bathroom, Close the Door and wait behind 
it. Open your Map.
 Eventually, Fuchs (The Red Dot) will head to the Bathroom. 
Since we don\'t the Guard to see what we are up to, Close 
the door immediately. Now Run up Behind Fuchs\'s and Gut him 
with the fire Poker (I was wrong, the Fire Poker\'s Stealth 
Kill kicks the Crap out of the Meat Hooks)
 Take his Clothes, maybe drag is body away from the Door 
and the guard will talk to you. He says you need to meet 
the Other Target, Bjorkave or whatever the hell his name 
is. Follow the Guard at a Steady Pace. Get to close and he 
gets suspicious. Lag Behind and He\'ll stop and yell at you, 
and get EVEN more suspicious. Board the Train he takes you 
to and pull the lever. Once it stops, Climb off and head to 
the Large Boat to the South.
 Walk Onboard and inside. Enter the SECOND Door on the 
right. Entering the first door will cause a Bunch of Guards 
to believe YOU ARE NOT FUCHS! Once you\'re in the Right door 
go up stairs and on deck. A Guard will frisk you and take 
your weapons, you shouldn\'t need them anyway. Enter the 
Door that Ba-whats-his-name is in. He\'ll Hug you *Shivers* 
and Decide to Open some Vodka *Shivers again*. Sneak up and 
Choke him with your Fiber Wire. If you don\'t get him then, 
you can\'t\' do him in Stealth fully and will have to Pick up 
the Gun on his Desk and Blow his Brains out. There are a 
lot of Guards on Deck, so Pick up the Master Key and Exit 
from the Door that you didn\'t come through. Head downstairs 
and out of the Boat.
 Around this point you will get a message that Guards are 
now looking for suspicious Civilian, but don\'t\' worry. Head 
into the Warehouse off in the Distance of the Northwest. 
Enter the First Stall on the left and take the Moltar- I 
mean Radioactive Suit. Head to the Submarine which is 
located in the South. Look around in here for 3 Bombs on 
one of the Tables. Exit and Climb down the Ladder to the 
Ice Float. Look around the Hull of the Ship for the 3 Spots 
the Chef Told you to plant Bombs at. Now go get back in 
your Fuchs Getup. Sometimes it will say that guards are now 
Looking for a suspicious Fabian Fuchs, that means your 
going to have to kill a Guard and Take his clothes to get 
out Safely and Stealth fully. Just Return to he Plane to 
finish the level.

 This is a Funny Level. It\'s the Hardest but also funnest 
level of the game, probly because the guards all have ESP 
and can tell you\'re a Fake form a mile away and you will 
Sadistically Bump off a few Targets. 1 word of Warning, 
check your map and avoid the Courtyard with a Square with 3 
Animals in it. That\'s the Dog Cage and the Dogs are a 100% 
way to blow your cover.
 The Basic Idea is to get in the Manor and Kill The 
Beldingford\'s I believe. But the Army of Guards that look 
like they were ripped out of the movie Seabiscuit tend to 
tell you\'re fake from a mile away, SO AVOID THEM EVEN IN 
COSTUME. You need to decide what you want to do first. Go 
to the Stables and risk the Horses blowing your cover or go 
to the House and having a hard time escaping. Both Have ups 
and downs. If you go to the Stables first Syringe the Guard 
and take his clothes. If you are going to the House First 
kill him and take his clothes. If your going to the Stables 
skip the Next Paragraph.
 Run up and check your map for a Maze. Enter the Maze and 
look for a Trap Door. Enter it and wait at the door at the 
end of this hall. Check you map and wait for the Guard to 
walk by. Either Syringe or Kill him, which ever you didn\'t 
perform on the first Guard. Take this guys clothes, AND 
WALK CALMY to 1f. Check your Map for an Electric generator. 
Go to it, CALMY Walking. Running will alert Guards. Pull 
the Switch and laugh at the Maid. Now go up the stairs in 
the kitchen and go into the Second room on the right. Take 
the Poison from the Maids room (Hmmm... is she a Hitwoman?) 
And enter the Bathroom. Approach the Mirror and open it, 
it\'s a door. Sneak up through the hall into Lord 
Belingford\'s Room. Either Poison his Milk or suffocate him 
with a Pillow. Which ever suits you more. Now look for a 
Ladder on that floor. It will lead to the Attic. Go through 
the Attic to a Spiral Staircase. Take it to 1f and check 
your map again. You\'ll see another Spiral Staircase\'s on 
that floor. Walk to it, But avoid Austair\'s Room. Go 
downstairs, make sure the Butler isn\'t there and poison the 
Whisky Barrel. Now go back to the First Spiral Staircase 
and go to 2f. Sneak into the Hunters Room and take his 
Clothes on the Ground. If your afraid of him waking up 
later, you can suffocate him with a Pillow too. Now to get 
out. Any Exit of the Main Manor is fine.
 The Stables are by the front of the Manor. Go around the 
back of the Main Stable (A T Shaped Building) and Sneak 
into the Back. Make sure no one is looking a Poison the 
Food Trough with your Poison. If you decided to come to the 
Stable\'s First that isn\'t an option. Once that is done, go 
back to the back and cut the Power. Go inside the Stable, 
try to avoid the Guards and go in the room their were in. 
Take the Key and head into the Stable with a White Circle 
in it. That\'s the Boy. If you didn\'t poison the Horse food, 
Shoot them or Sneak By Them and free the boy by opening his 
stall. Now Calmy walk to your exit if you already did the 
Mansion part of the level. If you didn\'t, bump up to the 
Last Paragraph. A Bonus for using the Stables First is the 
Sniper on 2f. Kill him and go to his post. You\'ll get a 
Clean shot of the Lords Bedroom from here, but you\'ll have 
to wait for him to get up to go Pee before you can shoot 

 The Mission is all about speed. Once it loads and the 
cutscene ends, head out of the room from the door on the 
left. Go through the next door and down the stairs. Run 
Northward down the Street and into an alley on the Left 
Side. Equip the Syringe and tack down the reporter at the 
end of the alley. Drop your weapons and take his clothes 
and envelope. And move the body into the alley a bit. Now 
head to the Front Gate of the Gang Complex. Wait a few 
seconds and it opens. Step inside and let the Guy Frisk 
you. You will then get a hint to talk to the Bartender, so 
enter the Club and look for a room with 1-3 men in it on 
your map. Go to this room, there is only about 4 main rooms 
on 1f so it shouldn\'t b to hard to find, and speak to the 
bartender. Follow him and get frisked again (Why I don\'t 
know, it\'s not like you had a chance to pick up any new 
weapons). Go up the Stairs and into your Targets Room.
 Equip the envelope and a cutscene starts. He\'ll go open 
the safe. Sneak up on him and Choke him with the Fiber 
Wire. Then take his gun (Better safe then sorry) and 
Anything else you can pick up. Then open the Safe and 
retrieve the pictures. The next part is hard, you must go 
to the Basement and kill the other guy. Unfortunately, 
reporters aren\'t allowed down there. You can either go 
there and try to avoid the Guards Line-of-sight or try to 
kill one and take his clothes, then hide the body. Target 2 
is a really sad death in my opinion. You\'ll find him 
chained to an electrical Fence thing in the Basement. Poor 
Guy didn\'t do anything wrong, but you must kill him. Either 
make it quick and Put a Bullet in his head or Turn on the 
Electric Fence for a More Sadistic Death. Either way you 
Disgust me >:-O.
 Now run like heck to the 3rd floor. Look for a room with a 
Door to the outside on your map. Dash here, outside and 
climb down the ladder. I notice if you fire a bullet into 
the Window of the Warehouse (You\'re standing on it, look 
for those little sunroofs) then the guards sometimes rush 
out and try to find who shot a bullet, but you get an alert 
so use that tactic with caution. Head into the Warehouse 
and out the front gate. If your timing is perfect you\'ll 
run right by a guy in Boxer Shorts as you complete the 
Mission. That guy happens to be the reporter you knocked 
out earlier. If you don\'t finish the mission fast enough 
he\'ll blow your cover, so speed up that last section. 
Outside of the club, simply run down one of the streets 
till it ends to finish the level.
|3. END       |
 Hope you found this guide useful. You can expect more 
updates in the future.