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Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland Cheats and Tips

We have 13 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland please send them in here. For more Codes for Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland go to:
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You can also ask your question on our Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland Questions & Answers page.

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Unlock Events

The following events become available when you befriend the indicated person.

Unlock The Bluebird:

Befriend Louis

Unlock A fishy Story:

Befriend Joe

Unlock Cake Contest:

Befriend Katie

Unlock The Endangered Weasel:

Befriend Gwen

Unlock The Azure Swallowtail:

Befriend Lyla and Kurt

Unlock The Goddess Dress:

Befriend Gina and Dia

Unlock The Horse Race.

Befriend Bob and Gwen

Unlock Treasure Hunt 1:

Befriend Tim

Unlock Treasure Hunt 2:

Befriend Tim

Recipes Note: You can cook food after you buy..


Note: You can cook food after you buy a kitchen.

Blue Berry Jam: Blue Berry (3x) and Pot.

Boiled Egg: Egg and Pot.

Cake: Egg, Milk, Breadfruit and Oven.

Cheese: L Milk and Pot.

Cooked Fish: Potato (or Herb), Fish and Pan.

Cran Berry Jam: Cran Berry (3x) and Pot.

Cream of Corn Soup: Milk, Corn and Pot.

Cream of Mushroom Soup: Milk, Mushroom and Pot.

Cream of Tomato Soup: Milk, Tomato and Pot.

Creamy Soup: Potato, Milk and Pot.

Flan: Egg, Milk and Oven.

Fruit Cake: Breadfruit, Milk, any fruit and Oven.

Fruit Omelet: Egg, any fruit and Pan.

Hot Milk..


If you give Gwen those orange fruit she will start to like you and you can tell she likes you talk to her at 7:00 she will ask you personal questions like "do you think it is impossible to love someone forever." then she likes you.

How to Train Your Dog

Once you get a dog to stay on your farm, you will have to train him with the Flute, once you get it. To do so select the Flute, press X, then use the following button presses in order to get him to do what you wish:



Drive animals: RIGHT,LEFT,RIGHT



Sit up: DOWN,UP,UP


Ok these are three recipes that are very hard to find:


Egg,S milk,Breadfruit,and Pan

Honey Cake:

Honey,S milk,breadfruit,and Oven

Cheese Cake:

Cheese,S milk,breadfruit,and Oven

Martha Glitch

This really doesn't help you with the game, but it's something weird I figured out.

If you give Martha she will call you by your dog's name instead of yours.

For apple pie and sauce

To get into there cave (Harvest sprites)

just go beside your barn and you will

see a black circle like thing in the wall.

Go to it and press the X button and ta-da!

Just to remind you they are not always home.

Oh and 1 question how do you get a horse?

If you have any answers please tell me.


You can feed your dog hay if you run out of mone..

You can feed your dog hay if you run out of money. You can steal hay from the farm when you do part-time work. Don't bother giving that rich girl blueberries because she doesn't really like them and says'I hope these don't give me a disease'. Go out on rainy days to fish and collect food,because theres more fish when it rains. Powerberry location(incomplete): Dig on farm(you can also find ore) Dig in praria something Fish from lake Get one from harvest sprites Get from cutting grass in pasture Don't dig by the goddess lake becaues you find nothing and it's only porpos is for planting a flower for the butterfly ending.

Making Friends with Townspeople

To beat this game, you do not need to make friends with everybody. You only need to make friends with the people who are necessary for the ending you want.

To find the "legendary fish" make friends with Joe.

To find the bluebird, make friends with Louis. He will give you a flute, and keep giving him gifts and talking to him. He will eventually tell you about the bluebird.

To find the Azure Swallowtail(butterfly), make friends with Kurt, Lyla, Parsley, and Louis.

For the Goddess Dress, make friends with Gina and Dia.

There are more, but I'm sure you can figure them out.

P.S. Talk to the Goddess regularly (especially if you need help). She can help you with the endings.

Different resipys for in your kitchen to make

Hint: girls like a man who can cook with there own Kitchen too!!

B B Jam: Put Three blue berry's in the pot (can be sold)

Cranberry Jam: Put 3 Cranberry's in the pot (can be sold)

Mixed Jam: Very Berry, Cran Berry, Blue Berry and Pot.

Very Berry Jam: Very Berry (3x) and Pot. Boiled Egg: put one egg in a pot. Not two or you will wast a egg! (can not be sold)

Cake: Put one egg one Bread Fruit and milk in the oven. (can not be sold)

Cheese: put a large Cheese in the pot (can be sold)

Cooked Fish: Put potato Or herb and large fish in the pan (can not be sold)

Cream of Corn Soup: Put 1 corn and 1 small milk in the pot

Cream of Mushroom Soup: Put 1 small milk and 1 mushroom in the pot (can not be sold)

Cream of Tomato Soup: Put 1 small mi..

Fastest Way to Train Dog in Harvest Moon Save the Homeland

After extensive trail and error, here is the fastest way to train your dog:

1. Keep your dog in the house

2. Play one command every day with the flute (up, down, down for example)

3. Do not fill the food bowl so it can get sick frequently

4. Have a dose of animal medicine ready every day night before sleep

A single dose of animal medicine can be more effective than 13 days of normal feeding & training.


This cheat is to help you find new friends and ..

This cheat is to help you find new friends and maybe even That Special girl you have been looking for.

Note:Only some work if you have a kitchen.

This is what people Like!


Lyla-Jam and Cake

Gina-Fruit Omelet





Kurt-Mixed egg

Tim-Sunny egg and Cake

Woody-Creamy soup



Get money milk horse and follder

First you go to the farm shop. Then you talk to the owner. He will ask you what you want.

Say a part time job. Then if you have never done this before say yes to when he ask if you want him to explain. Then go talk to all the animals and them brush them. Then you milk the cow. After you have done all that go into the barn.

Now you fill every box with folder and then with what is left you put in your sack. Then go out side and wait. Soon the screan will go to were you walk to the side of the shop and talk to the guy.

He will give anywhere from 50 to around 600 gp, the milk and he won't say anything about the folder.

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