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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Cheats and Tips

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A collection of cheats that includes getting extra endurance for Harry, extra endurance for Hermoine and code breaker codes.

More Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Cheats and Tips

We have 8 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Nintendo DS : Gameboy Advance : GameCube : PC : Xbox : PSP

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In the final level when you vs voldemort if a skelton is near you and is about to hit you use winguardium leviosa to lift it up in the air and move it away from you.

Information to pass through the third task

To pass through the blast ended skrewt in the third task in order to reach the tri wizard cup and help cedric

How to beat Voldermort

When he summons the skeletons get to a safe distance from them and keep hitting them with flipendo then voldermort wll shoot the killing curse and harry will shoot expelliarmus then you have to hit the skeletons with the joint spell and then voldermortwill summon a big statue you have to dodge it at least three to four times then when it hits the ground hit it with the joint spell three to four times and eventually the stone will break and you will complete the level.

Magicus Extremos

When you use Magicus Extremos you canonly use jinxes,so be careful when using it.


Unlock Extra Endurance for Harry:
Complete the Quidditch or Wizards Card Sets
Unlock Extra Endurance for Hermione:
Complete the Witches or Hags Card Sets

Unlock Extra Endurance for Ron:
Complete Classical Beasts or Dragons Card Sets
Unlock 20 House Points:
Complete the Vampires, Beasts, Giants or Goblins Card Sets

Get about 7or 8 new twiwizard sheilds:

Go to the Prefects Bathroom and get the egg then go on the same level again and you will start off in a different place, go up and turn right (->) and go along a path that was not there before when you get across it walk around abit and there will be loads of shields there, (HINT: the easiest 1 is if you go down the first set of stairs and move the box around alot).
I hope this helps you alot, have fun,
P.S: On the new path there should be a tap, ZAP IT.


These codes are for the cheat device Get More Game codebreaker
Enable code
B4336FA9 4DFEFB79
F5CBE8B4 6EF1A294
F4B75D6B E6F2E93F
Infinite health (everyone including monsters)
A486A428 0F7FF5D3
9EA32F09 778E7326
E785F03D E70090E8
895E216C CC4851FA
533B265F C0185299
CA4B6BC0 7C1E2C44
Max Beans-Harry
0044F221 B35FA30C
Max Beans-Hermione
D970C5F 39C3AB01
(WARNING: this code might be ron's)
Max Beans-Ron
601A0472 2A3CC4F3
(WARNING: this code might be hermione's)
Have All Spells
521830E6 D98B19C8
COB3B497 E73F44AB
Have All Harry's Cards For Purchase
6E55615A 0FE79A3D
628E38DC 1903FCEE
Have All Hermione's Cards For Purchase
185C80B5 B1FF4D5D
861933E3 51EBA3ED
I have tried all except Ron's beans, Which might be hermione's code, don't ask me why, but it just seemed to be that way. Any way, it's time for me to say, "PEACE TO ALL!" later.

If you are struggling for beans then just go on ..

If you are struggling for beans then just go on the Dugbog Avifors challenge on Moody's challenges. It doesn't matter if you take ages just attack then use accio. I got about 700 beans just by killing them. Hope I helped.

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