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Follow the dark path or use the light


by Subleme


A completely new style of Game

Compared with the previous three Harry Potter games The Goblet of Fire comes with a unique new game play. The installation is now by a DVD and requires a powerful computer, especially due to the superb graphics qualities.

A brand new feature is introduced here: the game can be played with 1-3 players! The first player can be chosen from a menu at the beginning of each Level: play like Harry, Hermione or Ron...

New players can choose to be any of the remaining two characters. For second and third players, you will need DirectX 9.0c compatible input devices (see further below). After starting a new game the main Menu will appear.

Navigate the Menu options with the horizontal Arrow Keys


One of the options in the Menu offers you a choice of subtitles and I would strongly recommend to allow them. Remember there is high British English spoken throughout the game!

Default Controls

Select your player now – and of course I’ve chosen Harry!

Your choice of player: Harry, Hermione or Ron


Just like with the previous Harry Potter games, controls are kept simple and minimal:

Arrow Keys >>> Character movement/navigate Menus
C >>> Charm/accelerate in Triwizard Levels
X >>> Jinx
Z >>> Accio
S >>> Magicus Extremos
ESC >>> bring up Pause Menu/cancel Cut Scenes
Space/Return >>> Select/Confirm (or view and buy in the Folio Universitas)
Backspace >>> back/cancel
I >>> Info on Level Select
C >>> Collector’s Cards on Level Select
PAGE UP/DOWN >>> move through Card sets in Folio Universitas

Minimum PC configuration

Requirements for playing PC version

Windows 2000 or XP
1.2GHz Pentium III or comparable processor
A video card with at least 32MB of video memory with DirectX 9.0c (or higher) compatible drivers, supporting one of the following chipsets: Nvidia GeForce (or greater) or ATI Radeon 7500 (or greater)
At least 1.1GB of available hard disk space
DirectX 9.0c (or higher) installed
A DirectX 9.0c (or higher) compliant sound card

Multiple Game Play

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire supports any DirectX 9.0c compatible input device (such as Keyboards and Gamepads). To play a two or three player game you will need to have such a device for each extra player, plugged into a USB port of your PC.

To configure a device, open Start>Programs>Electronic Arts>Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and select Controller Configuration. The Controller Configuration Program should detect all input devices connected before the program was launched.

Select the input device you wish to configure, click on Start Configuration and follow the on screen instructions. When you have completed your configuration, click on Save Configuration to save your settings, or on Quit to restart the process.

Saved Games

You will have to select a Game Slot and will be asked if you want to save your games automatically or not.

Select a Game Slot

Select automatic savings which is one of the common “problems” with the Harry Potter games since they are constantly overwritten. There is only one save file of about 30 Kb which is found in one of two folders (depending on the version of the game you are using).

DVD version:
C:\Documents and Settings\<your user name>\Local Settings\Application Data\Electronic Arts\Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire\HPGOF.

2 CD version:  

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Electronic Arts\Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire\HPGOF.

It is a good idea to make a separate folder containing all your save files of the Sublevels. Copy them there and in case you want to replay a Level or Sublevel replace the file in the Save folder.


The Levels

After the Tutorial stage there are 10 Levels in this game that can be accessed by the Level Selector. You will obtain access to this Level Selector after finishing the Tutorial Level – say Level 0. Then your first saved game will be stored and when loading again from a saved game you will get the Level Selector where Level 1 will be opened.

However, a next Level will be opened after finishing the previous Level. Once a Level has been finished, you can replay that Level at any time later on. So all Levels are not accessible for the time being:


   1. Defense Against the Dark Arts
   2. Moody’s Challenges
   3. Hogwarts Exterior
   4. Forbidden Forest
   5. Triwizard Task 1: the Dragon
   6. Prefect’s Bathroom
   7. Herbology
   8. Triwizard Task 2: the Lake
   9. Triwizard Task 3: the Maze
  10. Voldemort


International Team workers:

Dr. Hugh, Schilde-Antwerp, Belgium:
Walkthrough author (English and Dutch languages) with Screenshots – Professor of Maths and Game enthusiast

Danny Kriestanto, Yogyakarta , Indonesia :
Suggestions and hints by preliminary notes – Master’s degree of Computer Science and extremely fast player

Diane Eaton, Phnom Penh , Cambodia :
English Language corrections - US Citizen, English Teacher and co-Director of the International School of Cambodia, severe Game addiction

Bert Jamin, Zoetermeer, The Netherlands:
Owner and administrator of the Gamesover Website doing this fine traditional Layout –and Supervisor at the Dutch Ministry of Internal Affairs

Please note that all your comments and suggestions were most welcome! We’re not perfect, but are trying to make a really good walkthrough for the fun of it and all pro bono.

The Beginning...

By night an old mansion is seen under the light of a full moon. The villagers of Little Hangleton still called it “the Riddle House”. Half a century ago, a servant had found all three Riddles dead. A suspicious conversation is taking place there:

Perhaps if we were to do it without the boy, my Lord? No. Harry Potter is as good as mine. It is decided...

Would this perhaps sound like the voice of Lord Voldemort...?

Harry Potter and his friends, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, traveled by Portkey to the Quidditch World Cup Final, where they saw Ireland defeat Bulgaria . Later that night, a gang of Death Eaters – followers of Lord Voldemort – rampaged across the campsite. Arthur Weasley sent Harry, Ron and Hermione back to the Portkey.

And thus the new adventure starts … our three friends have to find a way out of the campsite, which is under fire and attacked by monsters. In this short Tutorial Level you will learn how to control your Character, defeat enemies with Charm and Jinx, and bundle your forces where necessary. You will pick up Bertie Bott’s Beans and Chocolate Frogs. All is clearly explained - just follow the instructions and find your way to the Portkey.

Then you will get a cut scene showing Hogwarts Castle and Prof. Dumbledore holding a speech introducing your new Teacher of Defense Against the Dark Arts class. Brrr... another creepy character! Since you have upgraded to a Novice now prepare for the real game.
Level 1

Defence Against the Dark Arts

Lesson One


Dumbledore had announced that Hogwarts will this year play host to the Triwizard Tournament. Please join me in welcoming the guests: Beauxbatons Academy of Magic and the proud sons of Durmstrang!

The Game Load starts with the screen showing the 3 Save Slots. Select the one where your Saved Game has been stored:

Select your Save Slot to continue


Then you will be asked again to select your Character. Choose Harry, Hermione or Ron. Next you will get a screen on the Stamina, Jinx and Accio asking you to select this when you have finished equipping your Character’s Cards. By clicking on Spacebar you will see the number of Collector’s Cards every Character has. If you you select a Character you may find out he has no Collector’s Cards. Later on you can buy cards for them by selecting ‘Collector’s Cards’ on Level Select Screen.

Selection Screen for Stamina, Jinx and Accio


Harry, Ron and Hermione met Mad-Eye Moody for an extra Defence Against the Dark Arts lesson. Face the sparkling bucket on the table and Jinx it three times. From now on remember that each bucket is filled with Beans. But also remember; Constant vigilance! Loads of other objects are also filled with Beans!

Make sure you pick up the Blue Beans: they will help you cast more powerful spells.

Multiple Jinx all possible objects you see in this room: Stroboscopes, Telescopes, Chests, Spotlights and the Bucket by the staircase. They’ll all shed loads of Beans! Go through the door behind and to the left of this Bucket.

You’ll be entering a room with an attacking Dugbog – like you met in Level O, remember? Face yourself towards the Dugbog and quickly repeat a number of Jinx until the Dugbog gets stunned and explodes. Take the Beans it sheds. The first grating will then collapse and one Dugbog after another will enter. Wipe them all out.

Follow instructions when you will be asked to press Charm to lift the Dugbog. Your two companions will take care of the creature while you chase another one.

Feeling weak, are you? You need to get some of those red Beans in.

When the bottom left bar gets full and an ‘S’ appears you can press Magicus Extremos for a combined Charm.

When your bottom left bar is full it will show an ‘S’


When all Dugbogs are destroyed, empty the bucket in the corner and again multiple Jinx as many objects in this room as possible. Also move rocks that show a green light on top when you face them and lift/move them with Charm if they’re standing in your way.

Go through the next door into a similar room. Summon the objects on the pedestals with the Accio Charm. This Charm will bring objects closer to you.

Now remember that you can summon rewards that are out of reach by casting Accio. Get all pedestal objects and the spikes will lower in front of the small staircase making the Spell Book accessible.

Before stepping on the stairs, multiple Jinx all possible objects in the room once again and get your share of Beans and Hearts. Pick up as many Chocolate Frogs as you can. You’ll be needing one if you faint... nothing like Wizard sweets to boost energy... Now approach the Aqua Eructo Spell Book:

Collect the Spell Book!


Then a cut scene will explain some facts about the Triwizard Tournament:  
Champions must survive three very dangerous tasks. Your three champions are: Viktor Krum, Fleur Delacour, and lastly, Cedric Diggory! And... Harry Potter! Now your rating may have become Able, so go to lesson Two:

Lesson Two has opened on the Level Select Screen
Level 2

Hogwarts Exterior

The Pond


By now you have obtained 1 Triwizard Shield and 5 new Collector’s Cards:

The five Salamander Jinx Cards


Each Player also has a number of Boost Cards for Stamina, Jinx and Accio, that can be purchased with the number of Beans written on each Card:

Set of Energy Boost Cards


Harry, Ron and Hermione are standing outside on a lit octagonal star shaped tile of a passageway on a rainy night. Start running forward.

Back again, eh? And there are still several Shields to collect.

As soon as Moody speaks these words you’ll find your 1st Mini-Shield by the staircase leading downward on your left.

Collect 10 Mini-Shields to gain a Triwizard Shield.


You have to find one more Triwizard Shield to unlock the next location. The Triwizard Shields are larger and sparkling blue, whereas the Mini-Shields are more shiny blueish and smaller.

Avoid the staircase for now and continue straightforward. Turn left until you’ll find 4 small blocks standing in your way. Move some of them with Wingardium Leviosa and throw them overboard. Summon the blue Beans and you’ll meet a second set of stairs leading downward. If you follow the path to your right you’ll hear Moody saying:

Ah, yes. I think you’ll find this next creature... interesting...

Ron: Interesting? Interesting!? There’s no way that can be good!

So better listen to Ron’s advice and take the stairs on your left. Move the block to the next wall with a combined cast and climb all the way up to a square with a Pond and a central fountain with a Triwizard Shield, surrounded by a walkway with flame jets.

You cannot enter the Pond


Take any side and extinguish all the flame jets (summoning their Beans) and extract Beans from the pots. Also summon all rewards you see. On the  opposite side of the Pond, you’ll see a fenced gate with a grilled door in front of a huge fire.

Turn around here and stand on the ledge by the pond (you may also run around the other side and get more Beans, and return to this spot).

Cast Accio to summon your 2nd Mini-Shield. You can’t summon the Triwizard Shield yet and will have to return here later on when you have earned more powerful Spells. Then open the gate in front of the big fire with Carpe Retractum.

You should be able to climb that!

Moody refers to a block standing on a ledge on your right. Jinx a first Dark Detector in the corner on your right and from now on Jinx all the Dark Detectors you meet to earn rewards. You can also Jinx one of the pots for Beans. Extinguish the fire and collect your 3rd Mini-Shield.

Apply combined Wingardium Leviosa and levitate the block onto the Flower-bed in front of the left tower. On top of the second tower there is another Mini-Shield and on top of the adjacent wall a Triwizard Shield.

Climb up to the tower and cast Carpe Retractum on the draw-bridge. Cross to the next tower with the block where you collect your 4th Mini-Shield. Cast Wingardium Leviosa on the block and position it where the previous one used to be. Jump down to the block and up to the wall, and collect your 2nd Triwizard Shield.

Your status will now be upgraded to Intermediate and a new level on the Level Select Screen has been unlocked:
Forbidden Forest. You will need 3 more Triwizard Shields to unlock the next location. Now select Hogwarts Exterior.

Back on the octagonal star-tile return all the way to the Pond where you found the previous Triwizard Card. You’ll have to repeat the same show though, move the block, put out the fire jets, get Beans, open the door, move the block, retract the Draw-Bridge, move the second block and jump to the wall. Proceed to the end of the wall and Jinx your 1st Dragon Statue, that you could not see (or hardly had seen) where you were beamed back. (NOTE: A Jinx before having taken the Shield would have earned that Statue too).

Press ESC and select End Level. Now return again to Hogwarts Exterior.

Up to the next Sublevel: Hogwarts Exterior, The Rooftop!


Return to Hogwarts Exterior and arrive by the Checkpoint, and first get your 2 extra Frogs from the Rooftop. Proceed to the Pond and from the front ledge cast Herbivicus on a row of Lilies to reach the Central Fountain.


Take the Shield


Now you’re finished here. You’ll return to the Level Select Screen and Select now Moody’s Challenges. You still have two more Challenges to go.
Level 3

Moody’s Challenges


This won’t be your favorite Level. Basically it consists of five tasks that I would rather refer to as Arcade Games. You will have to face a time limit in each part. Depending on your time you will get a Bronze, Silver or Gold status, including your extra portion of Beans coming with the Status. You can always replay each task and get better points, but in my opinion it’s no fun at all. For the time being you own 7 Triwizard Cards, so only the first 2 out of 5 Challenges are currently unlocked:

   1. Dugbog Avifors
   2. Levitation Challenge
   3. Exploding Cauldrons
   4. Bubotuber Fling
   5. Tower Blocks


Challenge 1: Dugbog Avifors

In this Task you will have to defeat 10 Dugbogs in an Arena. Not an easy thing to do! You have to flip them first on their back with Jinx, and then lift them witch Charm. Meantime your other friends will have lifted another Dugbog so hurry up and Jinx that floating one as well. And tons of them are jumping in!

With some luck you’ll eventually earn your Gold Status adding 450 extra Beans in your pocket, but that means you’ll have to finish the job in less than 1:30 minutes. Bronze will give you 50 Beans.

After several trials, I finally got the Gold status in 1:28 minutes


That will allow you to buy more unlocked Cards, which is essentially the best reward in this Level.


Challenge 2: Levitation

Balance the Wingardium Leviosa rocks on the Turrets in the quickest possible time.

Combine forces to lift a rock onto a Turret


This is not so hard. Just be fast and you’ll get Gold.

Gold in 55 Seconds and 350 Beans awarded!


Meantime you have earned your 6 Gargoyles in this Level!

The next three Challenges will be unlocked when you will have earned the right amount of Triwizard Shields in the other Levels. So you will have to return here and finish each new task.


Having 10 Triwizard Shields:

Challenge 3: Exploding Cauldrons

Immediately pick up a Cauldron and throw it against the wall in front of you. There you will see your Vanishing Card. Run left around the corner and pick it up as fast as you can before it disappears!

The Vanishing Card of this Level.


Now you have to destroy the other walls and a number of Bird Statues. Always turn to another Cauldron (there are 3) while your previous one is destroying an object. But the Bird Statue on the far end is the hardest. You’ll have to stand near the tile and on the right spot in order to reach it. With Bronze you’ll earn 50 Beans. If you get Silver after another try you will obtain another 100 Beans, and with Gold another 350.



Having 17 Triwizard Shields:

Challenge 4: Bubotuber Fling

Catapult the Bubotubers at the targets and get the highest score you can within the time limit.

Gold Score: 500
Silver Score: 250
Bronze Score: 100

With Bronze you’ll get 50 Beans awarded. The problem is the other are always standing in your way. You may really need more players to get better results. So I give up with Bronze.



Having 17 Triwizard Shields:

Challenge 5: Tower Blocks

Using Wingardium Leviosa, balance the five blocks on top of one another on the symbol in the centre of the Level, as quickly as you can.

Piling blocks


Bronze awards 50 Beans.

And the second time... 450 Beans for every Player!

Level 4

Forbidden Forest

The Woods


Hagrid leads Harry, Ron and Hermione into the Forbidden Forest . He had something important to show them... It was a Hungarian Horntail Dragon.

You will meet this Beast face to face later on, although it’s not your enemy


Escape from the Forbidden Forest ! On your right side there are two boulders that block the access to a Mini-Shield.

The spot with two boulders and your 1st Mini-Shield


Move one of these Boulders and collect 10 Mini-Shields to gain a Triwizard Shield. Return to the path and notice a Wasp Hive hanging in a tree. These Hives are found everywhere in this Level. Multiple Jinx them to retract Beans with Accio.

Go straight where you see the Blue Bean. Near a rock you will see your first Bubotuber under a Wasp Hive. Apply Catapult Bubotuber on the slime-spitting monster until you see some kind of a purple sign appear (do this at least 3 times) to get it temporarily out of the way. You’ll only have seconds to pass and then fight a Dugbog. Then shake the Beans out of that Hive.

Meet another Bubotuber and let him take care of the poisonous Mushrooms to free the way to your 2nd Mini-Shield on your left. This is the trick: position yourself facing the mushrooms with the Bubotuber in the middle. Press Charm until you see a purple target sign appear three times and then let go. The Bubotuber will then be catapulted into the bed of Mushrooms and destroy part of them. This may not always be completed on the first try. You may have to repeat the maneuver 2 or 3 times in a row in order to get all the Mushrooms cleared.

Summon your 3rd Mini-Shield on your right (it is hovering above a tree trunk) and destroy 2 Dugbogs. Return and Catapult a Bubotuber to find your 1st Dragon Statue to Jinx on your right. So from now on keep looking at Dragon Statues to get a reward. Again 3 Dugbogs will appear. Lift up these miserable pests long enough to explode (your partners will help) and take your share of Beans.

Catapult the previous Bubotuber again and pass a number of other Bubotubers until you meet two of them near a poisonous Mushroom bed. Catapult one into the bed and proceed. A cut scene will then show how a Dugbog moves one of them, so take care of the Dugbog and proceed your way past the two remaining boulders where two other Dugbogs will appear. Then you will find a ledge on your right where another Dugbog pops up and on your left an area that is closed off by a fence of tree beams.  Behind these beams you will see a unique kind of Mushroom that you will have to Jinx. Remember this area and return here in the next Level.

Climb up the ledge next to a wall. See that smoking Cauldron up there? First send it to that wall to open this area. Careful when returning there because other Dugbogs will appear. Next send it over to the three Bubotubers that block the access to a Mini-Shield on the other side. You will have to run very fast before they return. Once behind the regenerating Bubos take your 4th Mini-Shield. Here inside you will now get a Dugbog and then another one. So get the hell out of there. They just keep coming in and Ron and/or Hermione may be on the other side of the Bubos. So lift the Cauldron within your reach and smash those brutes. Run to the ledge, and meantime grasp a Pumpkin Pasty, then send the previous Cauldron to the Bubotubers again. Now Ron and Hermione can get out of this trap, if they were still inside.

There is also that Hungarian Dragon flying around dropping explosives and once in a while it will knock out the Bubotubers. Next go to your right where three Bubos are in your way. When the flying Dragon drops his stuff run past them and meet 3 more Bubes standing in front of a fire. The Dragon will explode them too and then you have to be quick enough to extinguish part of the fire with Aqua Eructo before the Tubers re-appear. Now run up the hill on your right and get a 5th Mini-shield. However, Ron and Hermione may still be trapped between the fire and the Bubo fellows. So help then with the fire and let them escape.

Still between fires you’ll get more Dugbogs and once on the opposite side of the fire you’ll have to help out your friends again putting these fires out, so they can pass. Now spray your next fire with combined Aqua Eructo. The friendly Dragon will still lit more fires and in between them shake a Wasp Hive. You’ll see another octagonal star-tile on the floor where the road will split. Make sure to step on it.

Jinx a Wasp Hive and turn right here


Loads of Dugbogs are coming in now. Summon the Pumpkin Pasties and unfortunately another Wasp Hive is hanging too high for shaking out its Beans. When returning to the octagonal tile you’ll have to spray a fire, and collect a Pumpkin Pasty. Loads of Dugbogs appear and also more Bubotubers. Your 6th Mini-Shield is hidden in a fire that you have to extinguish first. Before doing that, Jinx your 1st Mushroom on your right. When such a Mushroom is Jinxed it will turn red. There is a 2nd Mushroom close by near a Bubotuber.

Then move the broken tree trunk out of the way and pass numerous Bubotubers and shoot those poisoned Mushrooms for collecting your 7th Mini-Shield. Take care of Dugbogs popping up as well. There is also a Wasp Hive hanging there. Now on your left side there are 3 more Dugbogs and your 2nd Dragon Statue to Jinx.

Now you’ll get a shortcut showing the Dragon putting fire on two Salamander sources. Spray the fire and take care of the leftover Salamanders. First run around here wherever you can. There is a 2nd Dragon Statue to Jinx. Take three Pumpkin Pasties in front of the grilled door on the stairs.

Retract the door and go up the stairs and once up, stay on the right side to avoid the fire jets. Spray them, summon a Pumpkin Pasty and some Beans. Go left for your 8th Mini-Shield in front of a fire jet. Spray it and take the Shield.

Your 8th Mini-Shield


Further on there are some more Pumpkin Pasties, and then turn left. Spray a fire jet, walk down the stairs, grab a Pumpkin Pasty, and face a fallen tree connecting two sides of a gap. The Dragon will drop a fire in the middle of the beam, so spray that and pass by.

Take care of 6 Dugbogs and Jinx your 3rd Mushroom. Get all Pumpkin Pasties in this open field. There is another closed off area by a wooden beam fence here. You have to remember this spot too and return later on. Now you’ll meet your next Monster, a Blast-Ended Skrewt that you must Jinx from behind. It blasts fire from its trunk. You can also Jinx it from behind when hanging in the air with Wingardium Leviosa.

That Skrewt looks scary, but it is easy to defeat


A genuine Triwizard Shield will then lower to the middle of the field.

Grab your Triwizard Shiled


After this you will get a cut scene: Harry decided to warn Cedric about the first Triwizard task.

Dragons, that’s the first task. They’ve got one for each of us.


After that scene you will be beamed to the Level Select Screen as usually and get another Level unlocked: Triwizard Task 1: the Dragon.

However, you’d better return to this Level.
Level 5

Triwizard Task 1: the Dragon

In this first of three Triwizard Tasks Harry will fly on his Firebolt through a Forest, Hogwarts and a Lake , followed by a Dragon that is constantly dropping bombs. Avoid hitting anything or you'll lose Stamina. Harry will meet two kinds of circles that he can fly through – or avoid: Circles constituting 6 Beans and full Blue Circles:

Circle of Beans

Blue Circle

Both kinds of Circles close together


Flying through (or touching) a Bean Circle will add 6 Beans to your teller on the left corner of the screen. Flying through a Blue Circle will temporarily boost up your speed about 10 times or more. Pressing and holding C will about double your speed. You can earn up to three Triwizard Shields by completing this task.

   1. Bronze
   2. Silver
   3. Gold

First try to fly through as many Bean Circles as you can, avoiding the Blue Circles and not pressing C. The first time I did it this way I earned Bronze, good for 1 Triwizard Shield.

On your second trial still avoid Blue Circles but boost up your speed a few times in between gaps of Bean Circles by pressing C. I got Silver, good for another Triwizard Shield.



On your third trial for Gold you also have to use the Blue Circles to really speed up. If you meet two kinds of Circles close to one another ALWAYS fly through the Beans! Also in the Hogwarts section keep pressing C, because that section is the slowest of all and there are no Blue Circles there.

Gold! The 3rd Triwizard Shield earned


And you can always return here later on and improve your time. Only one Triwizard Shield is needed to unlock your next Level: Prefect’s Bathroom. So if you earn Bronze that would be sufficient. Then you will need 1 more Triwizard Shield and unlock your next location. Now let’s all meet at Prefect’s Bathroom... Level 6!

Now up to Level 6: Prefect’s Bathroom, The Golden Egg...
Level 6

Prefect’s Bathroom 

The Golden Egg

Bells are ringing...
Potter. I realize I never thanked you for tipping me off about the Dragons. The Prefect’s Bathroom’s not a bad place for a bath. Password’s... Pine-fresh.

Well, isn't that a nice present from Cedric? Our friends enter the Bathroom...
Are you sure only Prefects can use this Bathroom?

Harry is picking up a Golden Egg, but then it slips out of our clumsy friend’s hands and rolls down some hole. Now you’ll have to retrieve this Egg again.

We need to find a way through that wall.

Hermione refers to a crumbling wall between the two smoking Cauldrons. First Jinx the Dragon Statue opposite the huge tub (very hard to target!) and collect your 1st Statue in this Level. When you miss you’ll get a number of Beans out of the water. On your right side are the toilets. Multiple Jinx all of the green doors and receive loads of Beans (! …).

Very well filled toilets...


Cast Wingardium Leviosa on a Cauldron and send it 3-4 times against the wall before it finally completely cracks.

The crumbling part in the wall between the two Cauldrons


Go in there and a cut scene shows how the Egg rolls down out of a pipe in the water. You might find a way down to it. First walk to the left corner and Jinx all Beans out of a Fish Statue. Pull down the metal draw-bridge on your left with combined Carpe Retractum. Jump to the ledge and multiple Jinx 3 Fish Statues on the right side of the Cauldron for more Beans.

Cast Wingardium Leviosa on the Cauldron and destroy the two Steam Kettles. The first sheds Beans and the second your 1st Mini-Shield. Collect 10 Mini-Shields to gain a Triwizard Shield. Return to the draw-bridge.

Destroy the Steam Kettle and the Pipes in front of you with a Cauldron, and earn some extra Beans. Watch out for the steam spewing Fish Head and pass when the jet is temporarily interrupted. Jump down. Don’t pass the steam jet coming out of a giant Tap above you, but climb the ledge on your left, and then again two more ledges on your left.

Destroy the Steam Kettle with the Cauldron there and Accio some Beans. Here is another draw-bridge to pull down with a combined Spell. Before passing, send the Cauldron up to the Steam Kettle on the next ledge, climb up and take more Beans and your 2nd Mini-Shield. On your right rotate the Steam Tap through 90 degrees with combined Carpe Retractum.

Turn the Steam Tap


Now pairs of Erklings will forever keep appearing here! Get Beans out of the Steam Kettle in the corner and jump down again from both ledges where you can now safely pass until you meet another draw-bridge to pull down.

Cross and climb up to the next area. Turn the big Steam Tap to the left and collect a Cauldron Cake near the smoking Cauldron. Destroy the Steam Kettle with the Cauldron and collect your 3rd Mini-Shield.

The 3rd Mini-Shield hidden in the Steam Kettle


A pair of Erklings will keep appearing behind your back so get rid of them and use the Cauldron to destroy three crumbling pipes on the floor right under you. Return to the draw-bridge. On this walkway hordes of Erklings come in, so Cast your most powerful Spell: Magicus Extremos. Pass the broken Pipes and go left.

Take a Cauldron Cake and notice a Triwizard Shield down below. You can’t retract that with Accio for now and will need a more powerful Spell when you return. So remember this Shield. Also here Erklings keep attacking.

Remember this Triwizard Shield


Jinx two Fish Statues for Beans and turn left of the ramp going down where you can climb a ledge. Throw the Cauldron to the Steam Kettle in the middle and collect your 4th Mini-Shield.

Also notice another draw-bridge on your left


Shake the Beans out of the Fish Statue. Now you may or may not retract the draw-bridge that would lead to a previous section. Take that Cauldron again and throw it on top of the Steam Kettle down at the end of the ramp. Go down the ramp and find your 5th Mini-Shield there.

Grab the Pumpkin Pasty by the other Steam Kettle and proceed along the narrow ledge on your right. You’ll pass two fires on each side before entering an area with a Salamander spewing fire. Extinguish the fire and take care of the Salamanders. Get more Beans out of the Fish Statue and on the other side Jinx your 2nd Dragon Statue.

There is a Cauldron next to that Statue. Send it to the Steam Kettle you just passed (where you found the Pumpkin Pasty) and destroy it. Then return there and collect your 6th Mini-Shield. Go up again and notice an octagonal star-tile, a Checkpoint. Left and right of it are ramps leading down. Take the ramp on your left and Jinx a small Tap. From now on you must Jinx all such Taps to earn rewards.

The 1st Tap is standing on the ramp leading into the water


Then take the other ramp. Jinx both Fish Statues for Beans, and your 3rd Dragon Statue standing in the middle of them. Proceed to the draw-bridge and pull it down. Cross, and use the Cauldron to destroy the Steam Kettle on the left so you can grab your 7th Mini-Shield.

There is your 2nd Tap above that Cauldron to Jinx. Send the Cauldron to the Steam Kettle on the left side of the Tap and Accio the Beans. Proceed to the next draw-bridge and pull it down. Climb up and Jinx Beans out of two Fish Statues on your right. REMEMBER these Fish Statues for you next trip here!

Then climb up the next ledge. Here you have a good view overlooking the whole area. You can see the entrance to the Bathroom, a Salamander fire and the Golden Egg hovering above the water under the pipe.

Quite a view here...


Take the Cauldron Cake in the corner and forget about the Smoking Cauldron. Jump down, head for the Salamander fire and extinguish the whole lot here. Jinx Beans out of two Fish Statues. From this position cast Carpe Retractum to return the Egg to the Bathroom.

Combined Carpe Retractum on the Egg will send it back through the pipe


Then you’ll also have to return to the Prefect’s Bathroom – but not though that same pipe. Return and now these Fish Heads are spewing steam. Carefully pass there in between two steam jets. Return to the previous draw-bridge and extinguish the fires and Salamanders that suddenly reappeared. There is a short cut to the Bathroom’s entrance. Although they are hard to see, there is a row of 4 draw-bridges to retract on the opposite side.

Pull these four draw-bridges down


Climb up the ledge again, jump down on your right and pass by a steam spewing Fish Head. Cross all four bridges, climb the ledge, then climb the ledge on your left, run passing numerous Steaming Fish Heads, knock the Erklings down on your way or deny them and enter the Prefect’s Bathroom. Here a cut scene will show how the Golden Egg opens up and a Triwizard Shield emerges.

Collect the Shield


You’ll arrive at the Level Select Screen on the Checkpoint of the Pond. Now return all the way to the Prefect’s Bathroom again but this time you can’t take the shortcut because of the 3 rusted pipes will have restored. So take the North ramp down, pass the narrow ledge, run up the stairs, and climb the ledge on your right.

This time take the opposite ramp from the Checkpoint


Jinx the Fish Head and pull the Draw-Bridge down. So now we know why that bridge was there, remember?

The apparently “useless” Draw-Bridge


Cross the bridge and climb the higher level with the two Steam Taps, the Cauldron and the Steam Kettle. You may extract the Beans from that Kettle first. Turn each Steam Pipe a quarter circle with combined Carpe Retractum. Now the ever returning pairs of Erklings will appear again. Take care of them. Again take the Cauldron and throw it on the pipes below like you’ve done before.

Now run back to the Draw-bridge, jump from the platforms, turn around the corner, run and turn right to the next ledge. Them climb two ledges on your left. Meantime Erklings keep attacking you from all sides. On the upper catwalk take the Cauldron and destroy the pipes below.

Throw the Cauldron on the pipes


Return down and climb the ledge on the left where the broken pipes are. This catwalk leads straight into the Prefect’s Bathroom. Spurt and ignore the zillions of Erklings!

Surprise! The Tub is empty!



Jinx the Toilet Beans again and the go into the tub. Notice a large crack in the floor. Take one of the Cauldrons:

Throw the Cauldron onto the crack

The Cauldron breaks a hole in the floor...

...that was hiding a Triwizard Shield!


Take the Shield and you’ll be beamed to the Level Select Screen where a new Level has been unlocked: Herbology.

Select Prefect’s Bathroom again and you’ll reappear on the octagonal star-tile checkpoint. Now all that matters here is SPEED! Run down the left ramp again and avoid the fire Salamanders. Your partners will take care of them. Run straight to the draw-bridge and pull it down. Jump up and head for the Vanishing Card between the Fish Statues I told you to remember.

Hurry up and grab that Card before it vanishes


Mission accomplished, let’s take a break. Press ESC and select End Level. In the Quests screen you will now notice 4 out of 5 Vanishing Cards unlocked. Still one more to find and then you’ll obtain the big Card. Back in the Level Select Screen, return again to this Level.
Level 7



Neville sent us a note. It says: “Try looking in the Herbology Greenhouses for Gillyweed. It’ll help you breathe underwater for an hour”.

Standing on the balcony, descend the staircase and keep Jinxing with Accio a Goblet in the corner for about 10 times (exhausting Beans). In the other corner is a Pumpkin Pastie. Go down the stairs for another Goblet and Jinx your 1st Dragon Statue. A Triwizard Shield in a bed of poisonous Mushrooms is inaccessible for now.

Remember this Shield.


The Garden is full of Pots. Most will break by the first Jinx and shed Beans. Notice that your Jinx Spell is bouncing around and may hit other items. Jinx your 1st Shovel behind the fence, and your 2nd Shovel near the Bubotuber root (the Bubo is still not there). Take a Choc Frog hopping around.

On your right 3 blocks are in the way of a metal staircase that is overgrown with vegetation. Turn left and Jinx some more Pots in the corner. Watch out for Spiky Plants. Accio a Cauldron Cake in a flower bed and one behind the opposite flower bed.

Open the gate by the lock and enter a circular garden. Move around while taking 3 Pumpkin Pasties and your 1st Mini-Shield out of 10 to collect to earn an extra Triwizard Shield. In the middle of the gazebo is a pedestal with the Herbivicus Spell Book!

Earn the Herbivicus Spell


This Spell will allow you to grow Plants and Flowers! Return through the gate and experiment with some Flower Pads. Cast Herbivicus on a Pad long enough to have it grow into a Flower and Accio the Beans the Flower will shed!

Move the rocks in front of the staircase out of the way and cast Herbivicus on the Flower Pads so they will open up and give access to procede. Now you can climb up the metal staircase past the Greenhouse with all the big Dragons Statues on top. Summon a Cauldron Cake on a ventilation window.

Down the next set of stairs is your 2nd Mini-Shield. Proceed and enter the next Greenhouse. Go down the stairs and Jinx the Chest and as many Pots and as you can for Bean rewards. As soon as you enter the ledge to the Ponds a giant Vampyr Mosp will appear and attack.

Your first encounter with a nasty Vampyr Mosp


Cast Vermiculus to turn it into a Larva and Jinx the Larva for a Bean explosion. Open the Lily Pads with Herbivicus and first build a path to the right where you can pull a Bubotuber to destroy a bed of poisonous Mushrooms. Take your 3rd Mini-Shield.

The 3rd Mini-Shield was hidden in the Mushrooms behind these Bubos


Build a path across the Pond to where the Bubotober guards a poisonous Mushroom bed. Meanwhile Vampyr Mosps keep attacking forever. Catapult the Bubo into the bed and make it free. Then Herbivicus a path to the right and once ashore take a Pumpkin Pastie.

Open a huge Purple Flower Pod with Herbivicus and it will attract the Vampyr Mosps with a purple fog – until it closes again. Run further and grab your 4th Mini-Shield. Jinx the 3rd Shovel and your 2nd Dragon Statue, and break some Pots.

Now go to the far left part and retract a Draw-Bridge


From the middle go left still, descend a staircase and pass the Draw-Bridge. Open some more Plants on the tree. Proceed until the next Draw-Bridge and pull it down. Run down the stairs. Your way is freed because the poisonous Mushrooms are gone. Run up the stairs, Herbivicus two Plants and run up to the next catwalk. Now you will leave this Greenhouse. Go down the stairs and find the octagonal star-shaped Checkpoint of this Level. Make sure to step on it.

The position of the Checkpoint

Under the stairs you can Jinx your 3rd Dragon Statue and take your 5th Mini-Shield. When you Jinx your 4th Shovel on the front side, the gate will open and a Skrewt will try to enter the garden. Take care of him from behind. A second one will emerge, so get that one too. Extinguish the fires.

Go up the stairs and take your 6th Mini-Shield. There are two Pumpkin Pasties. The Triwizard Shield in the upper Alcove is available from a tree branch, but you’ll have to find a block to go up and that will be found on the next visit.

On top of the staircase enter a new walkway on your left. You’ll be attacked by loads of ever coming Vampyr Mosps. Act fast here to take the least damage. Turn right by the Small Greenhouse intersection and pull a Draw-Bridge around the corner that you can’t access because of a gap. Turn around and keep right until you see a Triwizard Shield (summon some Pumpkin Pasties on the way). Go inside the Greenhouse where an entrance has been opened to the Draw-Bridge.

Retracting the Draw-Bridge will make an entrance accessible


Proceed left to the staircase, Herbivicus some Pads to get up and enter a small area containing lots of goodies. Jinx your 4th Dragon Statue in the corner. Use the Cauldron to destroy 2 Bird Statues for Beans.

Open the gate and catch your 7th Mini-Shield and take a Pumpkin Pastie in the corner. Watch out for the Vampyr Mosp that is appearing. Use the Cauldron to smack the Bird Statue in the next area for a few Beans more and run down the stairs.  

Before going down the last set of stairs Jinx a Goblet in the corner. Then enter a lower garden with Bubobubers. The Goblets there are empty but you can Jinx your 5th and final Shovel. Some pots contain Beans too. Smash the Pot left of the 3 Bubotuvers so you can enter from behind and take your 8th Mini-Shield. Jinx your 5th and last Dragon Statue standing behind the poisonous Mushroom bed.

There is a Dragon Statue hidden behind these Mushrooms


Now enter the next Greenhouse and run up the spiral staircase.
Yes, Professor Sprout certainly likes her Plants...

Fight Vampyr Mosps, get Pumpkin Pasties, Herbivicus Pods to proceed and somewhere in the middle you’ll be attacked by tens of Mosps. Cast Magicus Extremos while returning them into Larvae with Vermiculus. Suddenly you’ll notice a Triwizard Shield hanging in mid-air.

There is the Shield you’re after!


You arrive on the upper floor where you can grab your 9th Mini-Shield.
We’ll have to smash the Fountain! I hope Professor Sprout’s good at the Reparo Spell...

First Jinx/Accio the Goblet many times for extra Beans. Use a Cauldron at least 4 times to smash the Fountain until it drops down. Then all Hell breaks lose! At least 10 Erklings attack. Cast Magicus Extremos while Jinxing the entire herd. Run down all the way while Jinxing all appearing Erklings and extinguish the fire on the floor. Now you can take the Triwizard Shield.

Aqua Eructo and the Gillyweed is yours!


You’ll be beamed back to the Level Select Screen. A new Location has been unlocked: Triwizard Task 2: the Lake. And you will need 11 new Triwizard Shields to unlock next location! New Cards are also available. Get the full sets # 5 for Harry, Hermione and Ron. And now return to Herbology for our Second Trip...
Level 8

Triwizard Task 2: The Lake

Welcome to the Second Task. Last night, something our Champions value exceptionally was taken from them. That something now lies at the bottom of the Black Lake . Their mission this morning is to retrieve it. Champions, you may begin!

Harry and Cedric are preparing for the Task


The underwater path Harry has to follow is indicated by Circles – hexagonal arrangements of Beans - and each time you pass through such a Circle 6 Beans will be added to your Bean Teller. You can win up to 3 Triwizard Shields with Bronze, Silver and Gold. And you have to rescue your friends.

Harry enters a 6-pack of Beans


The water is infested with Grindylows and … when you see a Blue Circle appearing around one of them, Jinx it because they spit a poisonous green slime that will slow Harry down for a few seconds. And if you want to get Gold, time is all that matters here!

A Grindylow


Keep pressing C to constantly speed up and collect Gillyweed (Jinx it) to gain a speed boost. The first part Harry will swim on the bottom of the lake through rocks and seaweed until he reaches the portal of a sunken ruin. You’ll have to Jinx all Grindylows to open this gate. Don’t hang still, but keep going up and down and from left to right while constantly Jinxing. When the gate opens up you’ll swim through breathtaking underwater ruins and even meet a Mermaid!

An hour long you’ll have to look,
And to recover what we took...
Your time’s half gone, so tarry not
Lest what you seek stays here to rot...

Inside the ruins there are two locked gates that Harry has to break open by multiple Jinxing the roof supports before he can swim through.

Jinx roof supports AND Grindylows


Then you’ll erupt from a grating and perhaps win...

Bronze, 1 Shield awarded.


But by Jinxing more... AND speeding up I earned Gold the second time...

Gold!! 2 more Shields awarded.


Bronze will award you with your 36th, Silver with your 37th and Gold with your 38th and final Triwizard Shield.

Ready for the 3rd Task? Up to the Maze!!

Up to Level 9: Triwizard-task 3, the Maze...
Level 9

Triwizard Task 3: the Maze

Earlier this evening, Professor Moody placed the Triwizard Cup within the Maze. Only he knows where it resides. Champions, prepare yourselves.

A terrible Maze in front of Hogwarts!


As soon as you start, run up the path with Beans in front of you and follow these directions (R = right // L = Left, and the number refers to the lanes you meet on that side).

4L – 1L – 2R – 1R – 1R – 2L – R – L

And then you will end up straight into the central Lane of the Maze. A wall will close behind you and at the end of the Lane you will meet Cedric and Krum.

This is the shortest route out of the Maze and you may do it in about 1 minute depending on how good you are in avoiding pop-up roots that can badly hurt you. When you fall down time will elapse and time is important because in this first section of the Task you may lose most of your time running around in circles. Depending on the time at the end you will earn Bronze, Silver or Gold.

Meet your opponents


Run! You’ll be threatened by closing branches. Just follow north and take any side of the Y junctions. You’ll pick up some Pumpkins Pasties for your Stamina and eventually you’ll end up in an open field – a Blast-ended Skrewt Arena where Cedric is hanging like Christ on his Cross on a wall.

Cedric like Jesus on his Cross


Two Skrewts will enter the Arena. Lure one to a wall and when it is stunned for a while Jinx its back. Repeat with the other Skrewt until both are transformed into Beans.

Lure them buggers against a wall!


When both are gone Cedric will be released and you’ll earn the Triwizard Cup. Harry: Go on. Take it.

Cedric: Together


I tried three times and – depending on the time – earned:




Just Bronze will award you one more Card and will unlock your last Level: Voldemort. And that’s where we are going now...

Up to the last Level: Voldemort...
Level 10



A Graveyard by night... and a conversation...
Cedric. Get back to the cup. Now... !!!
I’m not leaving you!
Kill the spare.

Harry Potter. Te boy who lived. I’m going to destroy you.


Crucio! Come on, Harry. Let’s see what schoolboy Spells you have up your sleeve...
Voldemort sends an Army of Skeletons towards Harry. Do you want me to finish it, Harry?  
Jinx the Skeletons who are approaching Harry, that isn’t very difficult to do.
Oh, well done, Harry! If only Dumbledore could see you now...

Voldemort keeps standing on the same spot like a statue


He keeps going on teasing Harry with his venomous words: That’s the stuff. Harry! Your parents would be proud. I thought you’d been taught how to duel, Harry... You’ll have to do better than that, Harry.
While dealing with the ever appearing Skeletons pick up as many Pumpkin Pasties as you can to keep you in good condition.

A little Break? That hurt, didn’t it, Harry? Well, well. Your filthy Muggle mother would be proud. Voldemort is getting meaner and frustrated because he realizes Harry has become much more powerful than he ever imagined.
I want to see the light leave your eyes...

Lord Voldemort’s true face is twisted with hatred for Harry


Keep a good eye on Harry’s stamina meter in the upper left corner. It should go up and down but still keep close to 100 Hearts.
Don’t turn your back on me! Expelliarmus!

From now on Voldemort’s and Harry’s spells combine into a Bolt of white Fire in between them. Move the bundled Spell Energy to smash Skeletons and to destroy graves and statues so you will be able to move faster when the final battle comes.

Bow to death, Harry.


Voldemort is lifting a huge Statue that he keeps thrusting at Harry. Evade the Statue and when it smacks on the ground send an Energy Bolt to it.

The Statue keeps flying around

Your mother can’t help you now, Harry...


Stay where you are! After about 10 to 12 hits the Statue should explode.
My Lord?  In this confusing scene we see how Voldemort blasts a spell and Accio the Triwizard Cup. Stun him!
The screen gets black: He’s back. Voldemort’s back...

Cedric lies dead on the ground


Dumbledore and friends are approaching the battlefield. With dark and difficult times comes a choice...

All are gathered in Hogwart’s Chapel now


...between what is right and what is easy. Should you ever waver, remember Cedric Diggory. A boy who was kind and brave and true.
And this is the sad ending of this story:

Harry is weeping by a waterfall


No matter how convincingly you tell the story of what happened tonight, few will believe that Voldemort has returned. But tell the story you must.

The End...