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Follow the dark path or use the light
Dynasty Warriors 5: Xtreme Legends Pack Shot

Dynasty Warriors 5: Xtreme Legends

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Unlocking horses/orbs cheat for Dynasty Warriors 5: Xtreme Legends

Unlocking horses/orbs

::Red Hare Harness::
Stage: Battle of Yan Province, 194 AD
Requirements: Capture every attack base and then achieve 300 KOs.
Location: West of the northern attack base, along the path towards the western attack base.

My Tips:There are five attack bases. I would go after the two in front of Lu Bu
First and then take out the western attack base. I would defeat the enemy
Ambush from behind to get some kills before taking out the two attack bases
South of Zhang Liao. If you canít get 300 kills before the castle gates are
Opened, you can always just sit and wait for Cao Cao to arrive with more
Soldiers to kill.

::Hex Mark Harness::
Stage: Rescue of Lou Sang Village, 184 AD
Requirements: Rescue the three villages within 5 minutes.
Location: Near the central most checkpoint.

My Tips:
For this item, itís best to either use another harness or use a fast
Character, as the villages are kind of spread out. To save a village, you
Have to defeat all the enemy generals that are in the area. The three
Villages are located in the northwest, southeast, and southwest.

::Storm Harness::
Stage: Imperial Rescue, 195 AD
Requirements: After capturing the carriage, do not let the carriage fall under attack for 4 minutes.
Location: The northwestern section of the map, in between the entrances to the southern path and the southeastern path.

My Tips:
There is a difference between letting the carriage fall under attack and the
Carriage stopping because of enemies in front of it. Enemies can get near
The carriage. They just cannot attack the carriage. When the stage starts,
No matter what your orders are, head directly for the northeastern section of
The map. You will want to catch Li Jue up here. Before you defeat Li Jue,
Defeat his sub generals and then capture the northeastern checkpoint. This
Will stop the flow of enemies. You will also want to defeat as many enemies
In this area before the carriage converts to your side. Once Li Jue is
Defeated, clear the area out of the rest of the enemy soldiers, making sure
None of them attack the carriage. Once the carriage starts moving, scout out
A little ahead and close off the checkpoint that is along the way. You will
Want to stick close to the carriage and defeat any enemies that come near the
Carriage until your item appears.

::Shadow Harness::
Stage: Battle of Ji Castle, 213 AD
Requirements: Within 2 minutes, open all three gates of Ji Castle (the outer one and the two inner ones) without defeating any enemy generals. Within 5 minutes, obtain 300 KOs and capture all enemy checkpoints. You must personally capture all the checkpoints.
Location: South of Ji Castle, along the path from Ji Castle to where Xiahou Yuan appears.

My Tips:
The biggest problem on this stage isnít the gates or the KOs. Itís the
Checkpoints. There are 8 checkpoints (7 checkpoints if you get the weapon
Before Xiahou Yuan shows up) that you have to destroy. The two that are the
Easiest to forget is the one behind you when you start the stage as Ma Chao
And the one inside the inner part of Ji Castle. Other than that, itís just
Running around and closing off gates. Equipping the Red Hare Saddle will
Definitely make the capturing the checkpoints easier. Make sure you do not
Defeat any enemy generals before you open all three gates of Ji Castle.

::Elephant Harness::
Stage: Showdown at Nan Zhong, 235 AD
Requirements: After capturing the central area, defeat Xiahou Ba and Jia Kui and destroy all the Destroyers within 3 minutes.
Location: At the central area, south of the wall blocking the path to the northwest.

My Tips:
Itís best to capture the central area as quickly as possible, as the arrival
Of the Destroyers is not based off of the capture of the central area. If
You take too long in capturing the central area, the Destroyers will be more
Spread out and will take longer to destroy each one. If they are closer
Together, you can take out multiple Destroyers with a single musou.

==Orbs== ** Must be on done on hard mode or chaos mode **
==Fire Orb==
Stage: Struggle for the Book, 183 AD
Requirements: Within 3 minutes, open all three outer gates.
Location: Left of the northeastern checkpoint at the very inner part of the castle.

My Tips:
Three minutes is not a lot of time, so itís best just to run up to the gate
You are closest to and open that gate. You can also open up all the gates
From the inside as well. In fact, itís probably faster to open up two of the
Three gates from the inside.

==Ice Orb==
Stage: Battle of Mt. Qi, 231 AD
Requirements: After Zhuge Liangís plan fails, defeat Zhang He, Fei Yao, Dai Ling, Xiahou Ba, Sima Zhao, and Sima Shi, within 8 minutes.
Location: The central northern section of the map, along the southern rock wall.

My Tips:
To make the plan fail, just defeat the general you are assigned to lure out. Just focus on the main generals, as every general, including sub generals,
Will be powered up and electrified when Zhuge Liangís plan fails. Try to
Take advantage of everything you can, including your musou attack and any
Musou rages. Youíll get the item after you make a speech about how weak the
Other army is and that strategy isnít required to beat them, as long as you
Have defeated everyone within 8 minutes.

==Shadow Orb==
Stage: Battle of Jia Meng Gate, 214 AD
Requirements: Within 5 minutes, get Ma Chao to defect.
Location: At the northeastern section of the map, passed the supply bases.

My Tips:
To get Ma Chao to defect, you need to do four things quickly. First, you
Must defeat him the first time around. He will power himself up and heal
Himself when he gets injured. Plus, he will also give himself both an attack
And defense up, so you will want to deal as much damage to him as possible
Before he does both of these. You can kill him while everyone is talking and
Before he can power himself up, so it is possible to kill him the first time
Quickly. After he is defeated the first time, he will retreat. Quickly go
To the southeastern part of the map. There, close off both checkpoints and
Then defeat Ma Dai. This will decrease the faith Zhang Lu had in Ma Chao
Twice. After this, defeat Ma Chao one final time. Again, he will heal
Himself when injured and double his attack and defense, so fire juggle him to
Death and use as many musou rage tokens as possible. It is not easy to kill
A powered up Ma Chao twice in five minutes, but it is possible.

==Light Orb==
Effect: Add light element to attacks, which causes attacks to break through the enemyís guard.
Stage: Battle of Yang Ping Gate, 215 AD
Requirements: Within 5 minutes, defeat Pang De.
Location: On the third level, south of Zhang Weiís starting point.

My Tips:
To get Pang De to appear near the gates, you will need to get Zhang Lu to
Appear at the main camp. To do so, you will need to quickly release all the
Steps towards the main camp. Just focus on destroying statues and getting
The steps up quickly. Zhang Lu will retreat into his main camp when the
Stairs are risen. You should be able to get both the steps to rise up and
Defeat Pang De within five minutes if youíre fast enough and good enough. Red Hare will definitely help getting this item easier. Ignore defeating any
Enemies until you reach Pang De, although you may want to consider defeating
Yan Po while everyone is talking and before Pang De arrives, as he can
Sometimes interfere with the battle between you and the stout guardian. Pang
De is very powerful and will heal himself and go into a musou rage when you
Injure him, but he should die quickly if you fire juggle him.

Happy Gaming!

Added by: K I L L Z O N E
Dec 31st 2006, ID#24985


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Jun 26th 2011 Guest
[b][/b] On Yang Ping For The "Light ORB" ,You don't have to destroy all of the statues. I missed one and still managed to destroy Pang De Before 5 Minutes And Voijla
ID #52582
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