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Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII Guide
Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII Guide
The definitive ad ultimate guide to Final Fantasy VII by Absolue Steve. Ehanced only on SuperCheats with over 60 videos showing you his gamelay and ..

We have 26 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII please send them in here.

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Memory Capsules:
Save the game when it is completed and load the 'Clear Game' data and you you will be able select Cut scenes. The more Memory Capsules you collected during game play the more scenes you will be able to select.
Extra Ending:
Collect 3 G Reports and complete the game to get an extra ending after 'The End'.

Event Viewer

Once you have completed the game and have it saved somewhere, reload it and you can view various cut scenes, you'll be able to view cutscenes according to what memory capsules you have collected.


Unlock Mission Mode:
Complete the game.
Unlock Extra Hard Mode:
Complete the game on Normal or Hard difficulty setting.
Unlock Extra Hard + Mode:
Complete the game on the Extra Hard difficulty setting.
Unlock Ultima Weapon:
Find the 'Toy Gun' weapon which is in Chapter 3. It requires 300,000 Gil to upgrade and the first upgrade will make it a Silver Toy Gun. The second upgrade makes it a Gold Toy Gun and the final upgrade which costs 200,000 Gil will make it the Ultima Weapon.
Skip Intermission Sequences:
During an intermission sequence press 'Start' and then 'X' and the sequence will stop and the game will resume.

Deflect Missile

When there is a missile like from an helicopter coming directly at you,to deflect it,hit the missile with Perfect timing by pressing Circle button.Or to destroy it,just shoot it.

Lucky S Barrel-Bayonet Rifle-Elixor-Limit Breaker

To get the lucky s barrel youll need to do a series of task.You need to get card keys in order to get this lucky S barrel which increases the experience you get.
1-Shoot the rusty pipe on top of the laser door which has the elixor.Shoot the canister that is there to get a card key.
2-enter the tunnel in that same area and shoot the explosive ball canister on the celiling near the blue light to recieve another card key.
3-follow the path to the gun turret near the mako point and use the gun turret to shoot the crane off the ledge to the south.Return to the crate that fell to the ground and shoot it to get another cardkey.
4-There is a laser barricade close to the barricade which you found the elixor.Use one card key to deactivate it and retrive ..


Vincents power of gunshots increases with each succesive enemy that is killed,and added to the killchain.
The Killchain once it reaches 5 or more I suggest you to shoot like crazy,but not going OUT all crazy, remember to keep cover cause if you get hit, the killchain dissapears.
Use this killchain wisely,cause it also dissapears after 10 seconds.

Beginner's Hints

Here are a couple hints for beginners.
1) Save your money. Upgrades won't go anywhere without you and new items are usually sold on the next level. Don't spend all you money at once.
2) Always keep a full stock of potions/hi-potions. They are cheap and a good way to keep yourself from dying.
3) Look for Memory Capsules. They are usually hard to find, but it lets you save in the middle of a level, so if your about to die you can just restart from where you last got one. To save using one, shoot it.
4) Don't sell the Sniper Scope. It is useful for sniping and finding Memory Capsules. Just because it lowers your wieght a little doesn't mean it's bad and you should never use it.
5) Don't buy everything in the first shop you see during a ..

Snipe enemies first

Many of the enmies don't just appear when you reach a certain spot in the field,some of them are already in a place hiding waiting for you,these enemies are mostly snipers on top of roofs.Use the sniper scope to scout the area up ahead and take them out to make it easier to move on.


Its really not a good idea to go shooting, running around towards youre enemy.It could result and game over or K.O.,there is a better option,hide behind something good to cover you,and then take them out easily.

Extra ending

Complete the game after obtaining three G reports and you'll get a small extra ending.
Also this game is coming out next month on the seventeenth which is 8/17/06.

Extra Ending

If you complete the game after having obtained all G Reports there will be a little extra ending after the game ends


When you complete a level youll have to decide what to choose between money and a level.It is a good idea to get some levels cause youll need the Str,Def,Hp etc.Also money is one of the most inportant thing in this game.Youll need money for items,and to upgrade your weapons.Think wisely.

Faerie L barrel-Long barrel

The long barrel has a larger scope and bullets reach very far away when you shoot.But,Faerie L barrel is better.It has a bit more shorter range but stronger.So use this one I recomend.


Elixor is the best item in the game.It works as a phoenix down,it recovers all hp and all mp.Make sure you check this item in Shinras Dark Secret.

G reports

#1: In the Shinra building thers a part of the hallway blocked off by a door thats a bout halfway down. The mini mission will begin. Crouch down and go into sniper veiw. Shoot the DGs that come after your squad until the door opens and the climb a ladder to collect your prize.
#2: In Shinras Dark Secret chapter there is a staricase that lead down onto the top of a roof. Instead of continuing on, go to the other side of the stairs and on the roof should be the second g report.
#3: There is a room in the 11th chapter with vent pipes waraping around the top of the room and infinate DG comanders popping out of the doors up there. In the Japanese version this requires your limit breaker to go from the rising platform to the pipes but just double jump in the US version. G..

Ultima Weapon

(this has to be done on extra hard mode)
On chapter 3 where you have to protect the boy while he gets you in the warehouse, kill the guard at the final house.
You should see an item under the staircase, pick it up to get the 'Toy Gun'
Upgrade 1st to Silver toy gun for 15,000 then...
Upgrade again to Gold Toy Gun for 35,000 then...
Finally upgrade again for 200,000 to get the Ultima Weapon (a handy 1 hit killer)
Happy Gaming (^_^)

Free MP

While playing this game, you will need MP to use magic such as cure, fire, water, blizzard, and other pretty awesome attacks. But each attack costs MP and you get, might I add, a very 'limited' amount of it.
I was playing on a hard level and I had no MP what so ever. So I began to pace back and forth you know just messing around. But my MP began to go up as I moved around.
So heres the trick. Run around in circles as long as you want. The longer you run in circles the more MP you will get. Trust me you will need MP to make it threw most of these levels.

When died

When you die it should say add your experiance to total or get gil check the gil first ussully you shoould get the gill and upgrade your weapons

how to get fast money

You now that wen you died you can echange exp points for money if you get less that 999 exp points for a lot of money by chapter 5 you will have powerd up anything.

The GT-500 PUKER!!!! HEEHEE!

HEY PLAYERS! Check this lil trick out!! Take the sonic griffon & equip it with gale S barrel, auto reloader, and maybe cerberus relief or s or m adjuster, or recoil limiter, and just pull trigger, PRESSTO!!! A machine gun with a 500 round clip!!! Try it out!

Event Viewer

After you complete the game you can load your saved data to view the in-game movies. The more Memory Capsules you have, the more scenes you can see.

Model Gun -- Ultima Weapon

In silent edge,there will be a mission to help a boy.
The boy will go on his way walking next to you tryng to get to the ware house.The boy wants to give you a card key thats in the warehouse.The boy wants you to get the card key so that you avenge their parents deaths.
When you get the card key [which in the ware house a DG-deepground-soldier has it],there will be scene outside, in front of the ware house where vincent talks to the little boy.
When that is over enter the warehouse you exited,look right,in the right corner youll see a steel briefcase.Get it and youll recieve model gun.
Here is how model gun works-
Model Gil Result
Model gun------1500-----------Silver Gun
Silver gun-------3500----..

Gold Moogle Doll

This is the rarest item in the game! In chapter 10: Shinras Dark Secret, when you get to a set a ruins with a barrier blocking a building door and a set of stairs going underground by the machine gun turret. Find a barrier past taht and it should diactivate on it's own. Enter at your own risk! Your job is to defeat 100 enemies. Do this difficult task and get a gold mog dol. This is no use to you so sell it for 35k gil!!!!


Yay I finaly know how to defeat him.
You just have to go to the water fall.
Kill a cactoid.
And oh a limet breaker.
To me duel horn is the optional boss cus you have to deal with loads of hounds.
There are two other cactoids there latter in the battle and I don't know what thay had cus I didn't need killing them.
:D's are unlimeted.

I love to be alive.

Unlimited Ammo!

When facing "Weiss Empowered" on Chapter 11, use a limit Breaker, and then start shooting him down with a weapon.
You'll notice a few things:
-You ammo won't go down.
-Your gun shots will be faster.
Try this with the Machine gun and it will fly!

Busting the Big one

You all know that boss fight suck, so I'm going to showing you how to kill them. This trick are adaviced so don't get mad if you fail. While shooting jump over the monsters it will get them confused and keep on jumping back and forth. Now be carful what cargo you open becuase a trooper can come out and attack you. So good luck to all you games!

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