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Crash Twinsanity Cheats for PlayStation 2

Cheats and Tips for Crash Twinsanity

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Several cheats for you to check out including unlocking the Animation show and finding the 6th Blue gem in Ice Slide.

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We have 17 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Crash Twinsanity please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox

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Crash Twinsanity cheats

Unlock Secret Video:
Beat the game with 100 percent

Unlock Extras:
In the level collect the a specific color gem to unlock features in the Extras menu.

Unseen Gallery - Collect the yellow gem

Concept Art - Collect the purple gem

Storyboard - Collect the red gem
Boss gallery - Collect the blue gem

Video - Collect the clear gem

Enemy Gallery - Collect the green gem

Unlock Animation Show

This feature becomes an available option when you beat the game 100%.

Crash Twinsanity hint

Unlock Secret Video:
Successfully beat the game with 100% to unlock a funny secret video.

Music Glitch

When your snowboarding on Cortex (Funnest and best part in the game) Fall down the first cliff and the music should change until you get to the next checkpoint.
Weird ay?

The 6th blue gem

To find the blue gem in ice slide, when at the 3 penguins, turn left to find the blue gem on an icy platform. later amigos!!!!!!!

final boss

This may take a bit of practice. Rate this 1 if you want to!
Wen you are nina climbing the grab hook things on the last one at the top in stead of jumping and pressing o, jump and HOLD o instead
It helped me a lot

Mission 3

On mission 3, where you meet cortex and are in a rollerbrawl, if you stop for a second, cortex will pull on crash's hair and move again and crash will be spanking cortex.


When you are at the drill part of cavern catastrophe die after you get the check point box. Then turn the camera back and you'll see a few of boxes. Smash them with cortex's head (pressing circle). Then throw cortex with square and circle and all the way to the drill. When cortex returns he will fall down and you'll start again from the check point. The boxes are back!!! Repeat this until you get ninety nine lives!!!
NOTE: You can also throw cortex with x and circle but make sure he falls in the hole.

Half Game

Get on the cannon when you first start the game.Then, you press the following buttons: triangle triangle circle L1 L2 square down R2 R3(360 degrees.)up left.Have fun!

Gone a Bit Coco

If you look in the "In-Game" section in the art gallery for Crash Twinsanity on, you will find a few things that are not seen in the game. That is because there is a prototype. Search gone a bit Coco for more info.


When you get to the slime chase part of the classroom chaos level, before the door closes, quickly run back in the door and wait until the slime goes above you(if you die when you are under the slime, the level goes back to normal).

Skip Boiler Room Doom

Well, to skip boiler room doom you must unlock the boxes at the corner with the tree. Explode the nitros with a ball too. Now jump off of the first 4 trampoline crates and at the second 4, jump to the rooftop. When you are on the edge of the tiles run into the right. Run until you get the save point. When you get it fall down and die with any way. Now when you start of the save point go inside the school, body slam on the bookcase and jump out of bounds. Then walk about, jump of the big room but be careful! Continue. If you see the void, it isn't void, it's madame amberly's arena. Jump inside it but do not jump very long. If you're stuck at the wall, turn left, right, back and forward. When you get out of stuck and you freed die falling down. There you go! Start from the save point and ..

Best Way

Play the game and die on time. When you do, press start and load game. When that happens, go to the levels that you played and collect all the wampa fruits. Repeat and you will have the Max of life.


At the part where you have to help the farmer slam the worms, quickly spin into Cortex right after the cutscene and the three worms shown in the cutscene will turn into Cortexes

Native Village glitch

Before trying it make sure you have the autosave disabled.
Well, when you are at the worm chase body slam the worm two times and then where it goes to the third hole jump on it and go to the right. Stand on the nose of that gate's wood and then jump on the ground left. Then all the way left. Go from the edges because I don't know if the area is solid. Jump on the woods and you see some grey areas. The area some far in front is river rollerbrawl area from totem hokum, but it isn't visible. Only a grey void.

Slime chase without slime

When you are at the start of the slime chase, before it starts moving, body slam on the door that's behind you and go up to the 2nd spiral floor. Now the slime isn't aproaching!

Crash in Cortex's part

To play as Crash in Cortex's part, follow these simple instructions:
1. Complete the slime chase
2. Disable autosave
3. Jump and bellyflop on the open door
4. Now you are on the roof
5. Jump over the pipe sticking out from the side
6. Run until you fall through the roof
7. If Cortex is behind the door, spin him
See, that was easy right? Created by epic209, forgot password.

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