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Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex

Game Reviews for Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex


Quick Reviews

Review for: Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath Of CortexAdded 31 Aug 2004, ID #10689
This game is great!

+ Not Only do you get to play as Crash but you can play as Coco as well!

+The levels arent just the same, normal levels, racing levels, levels where have to destroy a certain amount of something (ships, tornados etc.)

+ Around 5-10 different vehicles to use against cortex and his minions.

- However there is 1 problem, it takes around twice as long to load than other games, but apart from that this is a great game.

Review Score: 90/100

ID #298

This game is good for crash fans! But, this game is a rip off because a new company stole Crash ideas from the Naughty Dog inc. that made the others. If you played the others you have played this one! Some of these rip offs are so identical to the other it is not even funny. The only diffrence are the graphics are 3 times better, but it is still a good game. This game is not made by Naughty Dog it is made by Konami!

ID #297

The graphics of this game are way better that the old Crash Bandicoot games. The levels are in the same style as the old games, but in this one you can drive and fly different vehicles, and play as Crash's sister, Coco. The game doesn't have many down points, but it does have a big one. The loading times are about 4 minutes long! So it gets boring. But if you are a Crash Bandicoot fan you will like this game.

ID #296

Long loading times, identical gameplay. So what?! Crash Bandicoot TWOC is a great game. This game has a plot that follows a "Hero vs. Evil Clone" storyline, with Crash taking on Crunch, the Super Bandicoot, while Dr. Neo Cortex, Crash's arch nemesis, grabs control of some evil, smart-mouth elemental masks that power up Crunch. Besides playing as Crash, you can play as his sister, Coco, who is now fully controlable instead of having to rely on a lift to her destination. Yes, I know that CB:TWOC has a series loading problem, but I feel that we can look pass that bland flaw, and it's almost the only flaw in this game. I do not care about similar gameplay, either, because to me, platform games and their sequels are suppose to have identical gameplay, just with better visuals, more moves, etc. This is probably not the review that haters of this game would like, but Crash Bandicoot: TWOC deserves a shot at playing, and it not dissapoint.

By Anonymous 1


Anonymous 1:




Overall Rating:========87.9

Anonymous 2:




Overall Rating:======21.0

ID #295

Crash once again how long will this go on. A good game over all but how old is cortex, some may find it hard to complete but ive done it once but i am stuck on the second boss[if you have any cheats put them on this website for me]looks:8:10

gameplay:6:10 nothing new

fun:6:10 not a party game

overall :20:30 theres better in the stack

ID #294

Belive me its the best game ever made 4 da ps2. 30 leavles of buttok clenching action especially levle 27 where u have 2 race crunch in a train.

If your not sure about it,dont be coz its the best.


ID #293
It's O.K. but isnt like the old crash on play staition 1. 7/10

ID #89

Different Views...

Fixed Camera View

During Gameplay hold Circle + X + Start. The game will pause. Press Start to resume the game with the camera fixed at the pre-location.

First Person View

During gameplay hold Triangle + Square + Start. The game will pause. Press Start to resume the game with the new camera view.

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