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Call of Duty: Finest Hour Cheats for PlayStation 2

Cheats and Tips for Call of Duty: Finest Hour

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A large collection of cheats which includes unlocking level select, all extras and the Making of FMV sequences. We'll also tell you how you get the giant apple UFO.

More Call of Duty: Finest Hour Cheats and Tips

We have 20 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Call of Duty: Finest Hour please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox : GameCube

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Unlock ALL Cheat Menu Cheats

If you're struggling with the game then Select the 'Extras' option and go to the 'Cheat' menu and press R2, R1, L1, L2, Left, Down, Right, Up, Square and ALL the cheats at the 'Cheat' menu will be enabled.


Finish the game under the easy difficulty setting to unlock the "Big Head", "Ricochet", "Head Shot", and "Ricochet All" cheat options.
Finish the game under the normal difficulty setting to unlock the "Shink Shot" and "Dead Eye" cheats.
Finish the game under the hard difficulty setting to unlock the "Big 'N' Small" cheat.

Call of Duty: Finest Hour cheats

Cheat mode:
To unlock 'Ricochet', 'Ricochet All', 'Head Shot'and'Big Head' cheat options successfully complete the game on the Easy difficulty setting.To unlock 'Dead Eye' and the 'Shink Shot' successfully complete the game on Normal difficulty settting and successfully complete the game on Hard setting to unlock the 'Big 'N' Small' cheat
All levels:
At the Level selection screen hold controller two up and with controller one press Start, Select (2), Square.

Unlock Making Of FMV Sequences

When you successfully complete the following campaigns the corresponding FMV Sequence becomes unlocked.
Complete the Russian Campaign:
Unlocks the Making Of 1 FMV sequence.
Complete the British Campaign:
Unlocks the Making Of 2 FMV sequence.
Complete the American Campaign:
Unlocks the Making Of 3 FMV sequence.

Sultan's Room

Towards the end of the 2nd British Level after you have blown up the fuel depot you will come to two old buildings by the mountain. Go to the building on the left that looks like a church and blow up the door on the right with two grenades. Then throw two more grenades inside the room and a stair case will be revealed when the debris clears. Go down the stair case to find an old man playing a musical instrument that looks like a guitar and a health pack.

All levels

First ,you need two controllers plugged in.
Press and hold up on controller two, then press START, SELECT, SELECT and SQUARE. All the levels for the Eastern front, North Africa and the Western Front should now be avaliable.

Unlock all levels

On the level screen hold, up on controller two and then press start, select, select, and square on controller one

Goodies On the Last Level

On the Last level of the game turn around as soon as you start. Go to the Sherman Tank. Either in front or behind the tank will be a .30 cal and ammo and a few health packs

Giant Apple, UFO

Okay, some people may know this, here's what it is. A giant apple is sitting in the middle of nowhere, and there's a UFO inside of it. Here's how to get to it.
Go to Operation Little Saturn. You should be in a tank, at the beginning of the level, turn around. There should be a dead tree all alone. Try climbing up the hill on it's right. You should get up. Follow the road to the left. Don't fall off the mountain, keep going. In the distance after awhile, you'll see a big apple. Keep going until you get inside. Then you'll see the UFO.

Unlock All Single Player Levels

(Note: You'll need two controllers to enter this code.) Select "Single Player" mode and enter your players name. When the level-select screen appears, hold UP on controller 2 and press START, SELECT, SELECT, SQUARE on controller 1 to unlock all levels.

all extras

On cheats menu in extras put r2 r1 l1 l2 left down right up []

Level select

Insert second controller into your console then go to level select screen and hold UP button then on press START,SELECT,SELECT,SQUARE on first one while you holding UP on second controller.

Keeping safe and staying alive

I have a few hints and tips that may help you through the game.
1. When you're on a tank mission, ALWAYS make sure you have killed all German soldiers with Panzershrecks in the area. Because otherwise they will come together and start firing numerous shells at you, hence you will die so quickly.
2. When in a tank, look behind you from time to time. Because I have noticed that German soldiers and tanks sometimes come up from behind.
3. When you play as a foot soldier, gather as much first aid kits as you can, (I think the maximum number is 4). These will be extremly useful when you are fighting a large group of German soldiers and need some health bad!


Before entering bunkers throw a grnade .This will either kill them or make them fall (make sure you cherge it until it's at two,less waiting time

Factory Time

When you are on the russians side and when your the sinper going to the factory from the sewers to help defend the tank this is for you.When at the start just running to it just stay there and let the other people go.You can't hear anything I don't think.I've done it and stayed in the sewer part for 10 mins before they came to attack us!
Hope this works.It might have been a glitch but it's always good to try!

Level Skip

At the level select screen hold, up on controller two and on controller one press
Start, select, select, square.


On that Nazi Flag Must Fall mission for the russians, by the left bunker there is a little underground cavern, go in there and on the crates there will be an MG42, grab that and have some fun.

In the tunnel

In the tunnel on your way to the tractor factory if you look at the walls threw the sewrage pipe you should notice a wall that is either made of wood or is lighter or darker than the rest of the wall if you throw a grenade at it, the wall should explode and there is a load of ammo and health there pick it up and enjoy!

Adorable bear

In the American level right after the sewers, you will go up the stair and come to a room with four germans. To the left is a closet sized room that has an MP40 and a stuffed bear. Pick up the bear to restore some health lost in the last level.

machine gun in flag must fall

go to the right pill box when you go down the trench go straight but dont go into the pillbox you should see a path going to the right go down there you should be in a tiny room with a desk and a crate on top of the crate should be a machine gun take it unleash havoc!!!

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