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Call of Duty: Finest Hour


Game Script

by Viogamer

Document copyright Viogamer 2007

Call of Duty: Finest Hour game script

Playstation 2
Written by Viogamer
Completed: 25/10/05
Version: 1.10
Last updated: 22/2/07 

Table of contents
a)	Introduction
b)	Version history 
c)	Russian missions script
 i)	Not One Step Back
 ii)	The Flag Must Fall
 iii)	Dead in Her Sights
 iv)	Defend the Factory
 v)	Breakdown
 vi)	Into Red Square
 vii)	Operation Little Saturn
 viii)	Airfield Ambush
d)	British missions script
 i)	Mission: Matmata
 ii)	Depot Saboteurs
 iii)	A Desert Ride
 iv)	Raiding the Fortress
e)	American missions script
 i)	First City to Fall
 ii)	Underground Passage
 iii)	Surrender at Aachen
 iv)	Come Out Fighting
 v)	Road to Remagen
 vi)	Last Bridge Standing
 vii)	Into the Heartland
f)	Contact info
g)	End of FAQ and credits

This document is copyright Viogamer 2007. It may only be used for 
private and/or personal use. Putting it on another website or in a 
magazine is illegal. This FAQ should only be found on the following 

If anyone finds this FAQ on a site that is not on the list above, 
let me know. I will not take responsibility if this FAQ destroys 
your family life or something like that, which I highly doubt.

a) Introduction

Hi and how are you? This is the game script for Call of Duty: Finest 
Hour. This FAQ basically goes over what the characters involved in 
the missions say and what happens.

b) Version history

Version 1.0: The first complete version. I simply stormed through 
all the American missions! 25/10/05

Version 1.10: Updated the script for all Russian missions, the 
script for British mission 1, and the script for American missions 
1, 4 and 5. Also added the cutscene/non-cutscene layout, corrected 
some mistakes and updated the section that goes over legal stuff, 
etc. 22/2/07

c) Russian missions script

i) Not One Step Back


(Private Aleksandr Sokolov and his comrades are in a boat with the 


CMSR. DURASOV: Welcome to Stalingrad. You're about to begin the
               greatest moment of your life. The Germans have lost
               hundreds of tanks and planes. Hitler's brutalised 
               hordes are now advancing towards Stalingrad over
               mountains of their own dead bodies. Our Bolshevik
               party, our nation, our country, have given us the 
               task not to let the enemy reach the Volga and to  
               defend the city of Stalingrad. Forward against the 

(Stukas bomb the area, causing the boat to shake)

CMSR. DURASOV: Up into the unremitting battle, comrades, for 
               Stalingrad, for our great country! 

(Stukas shoot and kill some soldiers on the boat)

CMSR. DURASOV: Not one step back! Cowards and traitors will be shot!

(The Commissar shoots two soldiers who jumped out of the boat)

CMSR. DURASOV: Do not count days, do not count miles, count only the 
               number of Germans you have killed. Kill the German - 
               this is your mother's prayer. Kill the German - this 
               is the cry of your Russian earth. Do not waver! Do 
               not let up! Kill! Death to the German invader!

(The boat docks. The soldiers get onto dry land and get weapons and 
ammo. Sokolov gets ammo)

SGT. PUSKOV: You, over here! Alright comrade, you're with me! Pay 
             attention and follow my orders or I will shoot you 
(Sokolov follows Sgt. Puskov)

SGT. PUSKOV: Come quickly! We're expected at the front lines! The 
             fascists have reached the park and are about to cut
             Stalingrad in half. We must stop them at all costs.

(They head up a hill)

SGT. PUSKOV: They've stopped shelling the boats! Be ready for 
             anything! If you hear the incoming whistle of the 
             artillery, the explosion will not be far off.

(An artillery whistle is heard. Puskov stops)

SGT. PUSKOV: Incoming! Get down! 

(Puskov resumes walking after a few seconds and goes into a small 
hole in the ground)

SGT. PUSKOV: Wait here! Stay close to me!

(They wait for a while)

SGT. PUSKOV: The artillery has stopped! Now's our chance! Let's go!

(They resume walking. Puskov stops. He sees enemy machine guns)

SGT. PUSKOV: Get down! Incoming fire!

(Puskov waits until they have a chance)

SGT. PUSKOV: Go now!

(They rush to a wall and hide behind it. They wait a while)


(They run up the hill and hide behind another wall. They wait a 

SGT. PUSKOV: Get moving!

(They hide behind another wall and wait a while)

SGT. PUSKOV: Now! Move!

(They hide behind another wall, wait a while and then go through 
some sort of pipe. They arrive in the refinery)

SGT. PUSKOV: The fascists are here in the refinery! We need to flush
             them out before we get to the park! Follow my lead!

(They head through the refinery and wait behind a small wall)

SGT. PUSKOV: Wait here!

(A comrade runs towards the Germans)

COMRADE: Die, Nazi devil!

(He gets killed)

SGT. PUSKOV: You! Over here! Pick up his rifle!

(Sokolov picks up the dead comrade's rifle. Sokolov and Puskov fire 
at the Germans)

SGT. PUSKOV: Now! Take the refinery!

(They head through the refinery)

SGT. PUSKOV: The invaders are retreating!

(Sokolov and Puskov fire at the Germans. The Germans stop attacking 
and retreat)

SGT. PUSKOV: Yes, comrades, victory!

(Puskov goes to some rubble)

SGT. PUSKOV: Watch my back while I clear out this rubble.

(Puskov plants an explosive charge on the rubble)

SGT. PUSKOV: Explosive! Stand back!

(They find cover. The charge explodes, clearing the rubble)

SGT. PUSKOV: This way, comrades!

(They leave the refinery and go outside. The Commissar is standing 
with some comrades. They're ready for a mass attack)

CMSR. DURASOV: Forward, comrades!

(The comrades shout in agreement)

CMSR. DURASOV: Defend your mother!

(Agreement shouting)

CMSR. DURASOV: Death to the German invader!

(The gates open and the comrades rush in)

SGT. PUSKOV: It's a mass attack. They're heading straight for the 
             machine guns. I know a better way in - follow me!

(Sokolov and Puskov take an alternative route. They kill some 
Germans in a building) 

SGT. PUSKOV: Take out the machine guns! Kill them all!

(Sokolov takes out the machine gunners)

SGT. PUSKOV: You're still alive, comrade. I'm impressed. Follow me! 
(They head through the building)

ii) The Flag Must Fall 

SGT. PUSKOV: Mamev Kurgan is just ahead. But first, we need to flush 
             the Germans out of this building. Give us the signal to 

(Sokolov gives Puskov the signal. Puskov kicks open a door. They 
kill the Germans in the room)

SGT. PUSKOV: Open the door! I'll cover you!

(Sokolov opens a door. They kill the Germans in the next room and 
head through the building, killing more Germans. They reach a view 
of the park)

SGT. PUSKOV: There's the park! Quickly comrades, set up the machine 
             gun in this window!

(They set up a machine gun on a window ledge. The gunner opens fire 
on the Germans in the park but gets killed)

SGT. PUSKOV: You! Get on the machine gun! 

(Sokolov mounts the machine gun and fires at the Germans)

SGT. PUSKOV: Watch out for that pillbox! 

(Sokolov continues shooting at the Germans) 


SGT. PUSKOV: German sniper! Look out comrade! 

(Puskov pushes Sokolov onto the floor but Puskov gets hit and dies. 
Lieutenant Tanya Pavelovna (a female comrade and sniper) enters the 

TANYA: There you are!

(She shoots the sniper)

TANYA: I've been hunting that bastard all day. I'm sorry you lost 
       your Sergeant, comrade. We won't let his sacrifice go to 
       waste. I've got a new job for you. The fascists are using the
       view from that bunker to call in artillery strikes all over
       the city.    

(An explosion shakes the building and knocks a shelf down some 

TANYA: We can't take back Stalingrad unless we control that bunker! 
       You lead the men up the hill. Start by taking out the machine
       guns in those pillboxes. Stick to the trenches. I'll keep you 
       covered from here. That Nazi flag must fall!


(Sokolov heads up the hill and clears the three pillboxes. Then he 
storms the bunker) 


(Sokolov tears down the Nazi flag. Tanya watches the flag go down)

TANYA: Well done, comrade. It looks like I found myself a new 


iii) Dead in Her Sights


(Sokolov and Tanya are in a building. They can see a group of 
Germans on the road below)

SOKOLOV: You've got a clear shot. What are you waiting for?
  TANYA: An explosion. We need something to cover the sound of the 
  TANYA: And if we shoot enough of these Germans, they'll send a 
         tank to come looking for us. Then we'll need to cover our 
         sapper on the street so he can place a landmine in its 
         path. This is it. Always try to shoot the officers first.

(Tanya shoots the German officer)

GERMAN: Sharp shooter!
 TANYA: Let's relocate. 


(Tanya kills some Germans) 

SOKOLOV: There's a tank coming!

(A tank arrives. Tanya kills the tank escorts. The tank moves 
towards the building)

SOKOLOV: The sapper, he's making his move in front of the tank!

(The sapper places a mine in the tank's path. The tank drives over 
the mine and explodes. Pvt. Kirelenko enters the building)

PVT. KIRELENKO: We need help! The Germans are advancing on our tank 
                depot, at the old tractor factory. Come with me! 

(Tanya and Sokolov go with Kirelenko and leave the building. They go 
across the streets and hide from a German tank)

       SOKOLOV: There's no way we can get past that tank.
PVT. KIRELENKO: We have to go down into the sewers.  

(They go towards a manhole and climb down the ladder into the 

       SOKOLOV: This is awful.
PVT. KIRELANKO: Start with shallow breaths. You'll get used to the 

(They head through the sewers, killing Germans)

SOKOLOV: Stay close. To survive, we must work together.

(They keep heading through the sewers)

PVT. KIRELANKO: There is a small tunnel ahead. You'll have to crouch 
                to get through.

(They go through the tunnel)

PVT. KIRELANKO: It's a tight squeeze but I think we can all make it.

(They continue through the sewers) 

PVT. KIRELANKO: The Trench to the factory should be around here 

(They continue through the sewers, past some machine guns and 
towards a ladder)

SOKOLOV: Climb down the ladder. The factory is just past this hole 
         in the wall. 

(They climb down the ladder and go through the hole in the wall)

iv) Defend the Factory

SOKOLOV: Tanya, hurry. The tractor factory is just ahead!

(They head through the trenches)

SOKOLOV: Incoming Mortars! Keep your head down!

(They continue through the trenches and into the factory)

CMSR. KONSTANTINOV: Good, you made it. We need a sniper right now. 
                    The Germans are preparing another assault on the
                    factory. We need to hold them off until the tank
                    crew arrives.         
           SOKOLOV: Up here! The Germans are coming! 
(Tanya holds off the Germans for ten minutes. A tank arrives)

SOKOLOV: Enemy tank! Panzer Four! Get back from the windows!

(Tanya and Sokolov head back downstairs, away from the windows. The 
tank crew arrives) 

CMSR. KONSTANTINOV: The tank crew is back. Covering fire!

(The Commissar opens the door. Tanya kills three Germans who are 
attacking the tank crew: Lieutenant Nikolai Badanov, Sergeant Fyodor 
Belinki and Sergeant Dimitriy Petrov. Nikolai makes a run for the 
factory and makes it. Fyodor makes a run for the factory but gets 
hit and drops. Dimitriy helps him and carries him to the factory)

NIKOLAI: Get a medical kit and help this man!

(Tanya heals Fyodor)

 FYODOR: Thank you, ma'am. I feel much better now.
NIKOLAI: Get on the tank, we're moving out.

(Tanya, Sokolov and Nikolai's crew mount the tank) 


(Nikolai drives the tank out of the factory, destroys the Panzer 
four and continues driving)


v) Breakdown


(The tank stops somewhere)

  TANYA: Engine trouble?
NIKOLAI: Tanya, you and Aleksandr find some high ground and watch   
         for the enemy.
  TANYA: We'll do what we can, Nikolai.
NIKOLAI: And Fyodor, let's get that tank fixed now.
 FYODOR: Yes sir.

(The soldiers watch for Germans. German bombers fly in)

DIMITRIY: German bombers! Incoming! Everyone down!

(The bombers bomb the area)

   TANYA: German infantry!
DIMITRIY: Take position! Protect the tank! Fyodor, hurry!

(Germans arrive. The soldiers hold them off. A tank arrives)

TANYA: Enemy tank! Panzer Four!


(The tank aims at Tanya)

DIMITRIY: Tanya! He's aiming right for you! Get out of there!

(The tank fires a shell at the building that Tanya is inside)

DIMITRIY: Tanya? Tanya! Can you hear me? We may have lost her.

DIMITRIY: He's coming right for us! Find cover! Move!

(A Russian tank arrives)

DIMITRIY: It's one of ours! Go get him! Give him hell!

(The tank destroys the German tank)

  FYODOR: She's ready, comrades! Let's go!
DIMITRIY: Nikolai! Hurry! Get in the tank!

(Nikolai gets in the tank with his comrades)

HEADQUARTERS: Attention all tank commanders. You are to move out of 
              Stalingrad for regrouping. Report to command 
              headquarters immediately.

(Nikolai heads towards headquarters. On the way, tanks appear)

DIMITRIY: German tanks, Panzer Fours!

(Nikolai shoots his way past the tanks)

HEADQUARTERS: Attention all nearby units! Headquarters is under 
              attack! Repeat: headquarters is under attack! All 
              available units report to headquarters at once!

(Nikolai reaches headquarters)

DIMITRIY: Headquarters is just ahead, we'd better hurry!

(Nikolai eliminates the Germans who are attacking headquarters. A 
tank appears)

DIMITRIY: German tanks, Panzer Fours!

(Nikolai destroys it. The attack on headquarters stops)

DIMITRIY: Looks like we got here just in time. Go inside and get our
          orders. I'll take care of repairs.  

(Nikolai parks the tank, gets out and goes inside headquarters)

PVT. AKHMATOVA: Ah, Lieutenant. Follow me.

(Pvt. Akhmatova leads Nikolai to General Belov)

PVT. AKHMATOVA: General Belov, sir. Tank commander Nikolai Badanov  
                to see you.      


GEN. BELOV: Lieutenant, the situation is grave. We've been holding
            back the German advance with the Katyusha rockets.
            However, our forward observers' radio has stopped 
            working and we are no longer receiving firing 
            coordinates. Their last report said the fascists were
            massing armour and preparing to overrun this 
            headquarters. The observers are in the train station
            tower on the other side of Red Square. Take a 
            replacement radio and get it over to that tower before
            the Germans make their next move. Dismissed.   


(Nikolai takes the radio and heads for the door. Sokolov and some 
comrades enter headquarters carrying Tanya on a stretcher)

COMRADE1: Make way. Wounded soldier coming. Good, set her down here.
COMRADE2: Hey, Lieutenant. Look who we found.
   TANYA: Glad to see you made it, Nikolai. That tank destroyer 
          nearly buried us alive. 
COMRADE1: You'd better go, Lieutenant. We'll take care of her.
   TANYA: Good luck, comrade. 

(Nikolai exits headquarters)

DIMITRIY: The tank is ready, let's go.

vi) Into Red Square

(Nikolai and his crew are back in the tank)

DIMITRIY: Okay, Lieutenant, we have our orders. Get us to the train 

(Nikolai drives through the city)

DIMITRIY: We'll have to cross Red Square before we get to the train 
          station. Keep your eyes open. It's a damn bloodbath in  
(Nikolai heads towards Red Square)

DIMITRIY: Take out those machine gunners in that building!

(Nikolai takes them out)

DIMITRIY: Forward! We have them on the run.

(Tanks arrive)

DIMITRIY: Panzers entering far side of the square!

(Nikolai destroys them and retakes Red Square)

DIMITRIY: We've taken the square. Let's keep moving.

(Nikolai continues heading for the station)

DIMITRIY: We're almost there, sir. The train station is just around 
          the corner. 

(Nikolai goes around the corner)

DIMITRIY: That's it! The train station. Take out that door so we can 
          get inside! 

(Nikolai rams through the train station door)

DIMITRIY: German infantry, on balcony!

(Nikolai kills the Germans on the balcony)

DIMITRIY: Alright, we're in. Get out and take the radio up to our 
          spotters. I'll stay with the tank.

(Nikolai gets out and goes upstairs to meet up with the spotters)

PVT. IVANOV: Is that the new radio? Good, the observers are in the 
             tower, but this place is crawling with Germans. We'll 
             have to fight our way through, room by room!

(Nikolai and the spotters go through the station. They reach a room 
with comrades in it)

SGT. POSADSKAYA: Welcome, Lieutenant. Help yourself to whatever you

(Bombers bomb the area outside the station)

SGT. POSADSKAYA: Those bombers have been shaking this building all

(Germans blow through the wall. The soldiers kill them)

SGT. POSADSKAYA: That door should take you to the roof. You'll find 
                 the observation post on the other side. Good luck.  

(Nikolai and his comrades head for the observation post) 


PVT. BAGRAMYAN: Oh thank you, the new radio. I'll take it from here

(Nikolai gives the radio to Pvt. Bagramyan)

PVT. BAGRAMYAN: That column of German armour is about to move! We 
                need to relay firing coordinates now! 
                (to radio) New target: fire point bravo, angle: 78
                degrees, range: 100 metres. Confirm. Over.

(Headquarters replies in confirmation. The rockets are fired and hit 
the German tank column)

PVT. BAGRAMYAN: Yes! Take that! Direct hit! That armoured column is 
                a junkyard now! Thank you, Lieutenant. This has been
                one hell of a day.  


vii) Operation Little Saturn


(Nikolai and his tank crew are in a snowy countryside. Nikolai is 
now a major)

   HEADQUARTERS: Your orders are to take control of the enemy 
                 airfield near Tatsinskya to prevent them from 
                 re-supplying the 6th army at Stalingrad. This is a 
                 critical mission comrades. Best of luck.
        NIKOLAI: Raven, this is platoon leader, what is your status?  
LT. KASTROVANOV: Platoon leader, Raven here. Our trucks are in 
                 position - we need 10 minutes to set up the
                 rockets. Over. 
        NIKOLAI: Hold positions until...Stuka! Stuka! Incoming! 

(A Stuka flies in and fires at the tanks)

NIKOLAI: We have been spotted! Raven. We cannot wait! Get your 
         rockets in position now! We will take care of those 


(Nikolai and his crew repel the Stuka attack. They continue driving)

LT. KASTROVANOV: Platoon leader, Raven here. All rockets are in 
                 position. Commence rocket barrage on 3, 2, 1. Fire! 

(The rockets are fired)

FYODOR: Flak guns, up ahead! 

(The tank crew clear the area, with the help of the rocket barrage)

DIMITRIY: All units, approaching enemy base. Gates are wide open.

(They breach the enemy base perimeter and head for the east gate 
barracks area)

SGT. VOLOK: All units! We need help! Our tank is stuck in a  
            warehouse and the Germans are all over us!

(They head inside the warehouse and see some Germans trying to get 
into a Russian tank)

DIMITRIY: They're in trouble! Use your machine guns!

(Nikolai shoots and kills the Germans. The tank gets back on the 

SGT. VOLOK: Thanks comrade! That was a close one!

(They leave the warehouse)

LT. KASTROVANOV: Platoon leader, Raven here. Rockets are in 
                 position. Rocket barrage commencing on 3, 2, 1.

(The rockets are fired and bomb a small outpost. They reach the east 
gate barracks area and destroy armoured units. Russian tanks arrive)

      DIMITRIY: Our comrades have breached the east gate!
SGT. KUZNETSOV: Comrades! We need to fix our tank. We're stopping 
                inside the warehouse for cover.
      DIMITRIY: We need to make some repairs too, Major. Follow that 

(Nikolai drives the tank towards the warehouse)

SGT. GAVRILOV: All units! We're pinned down by an Anti-tank crew! We   
               can't get to the airfield until someone takes them 

(Nikolai enters the warehouse)

DIMITRIY: From the vehicle, dismount!

(Nikolai exits the tank)

PVT. BATYUK: This building is crawling with Germans! We need to 
             clear it out!

(Nikolai clears out the building and gets rid of the anti-tank crew. 
The tanks move through the warehouse)

FYODOR: She's good as new, let's go!

(Nikolai mounts the tank)

viii) Airfield Ambush

SGT. GAVRILOV: Attention! All remaining units regroup at the train 
               depot. We need more tanks to breach the airfield. 
     DIMITRIY: Let's go blow up some planes! Roll out!

(They exit the warehouse. They regroup at the train depot and head 
for the hangar area. Nikolai destroys the nine planes then heads to 
the airfield area)

FYODOR: Flak guns, up ahead! 

(Nikolai reaches the airfield)

FYODOR: Keep those planes out of the air!

(Planes go along the runway. Nikolai heads towards the north end of 
the airfield)

LT. VIDOV: Attention all units. We need support at the control 
           tower. Over.

(Nikolai heads to the control tower area)

DIMITRIY: The road is blocked. We have to go on foot from here. 
          From the vehicle, dismount!

(Nikolai and his crew exit the tank)

SGT. VOLOK: Sir, the Fascists have barricaded themselves inside 
            the control tower!
    FYODOR: Comrades, attack!

(They head towards the control tower)

SGT. VOLOK: Machine guns!

(They go into the control tower and clear it out)

DIMITRIY: Let's gather some intelligence for headquarters.


(Nikolai has found some intelligence documents)

 NIKOLAI: Look! This will certainly make some heads turn. Let's get 
          back to headquarters.
DIMITRIY: Nice bonfire you lit up today comrades! That should keep 
          us warm most of the winter.

(They exit the control tower)


d) British missions script

i) Mission: Matmata


(Sergeant Bob Starkey and his team are in a village at night)

STARKEY: Listen up chaps! The Jerries have a cosy little set up in
         this village here. Our job is to break as much equipment as 
         possible and then dash out before they even know what hit 
         them. Troop B will drive the jeeps behind the Germans and 
         pepper them with machine gun fire. I'll lead Troop A 
         through town to knock out their communications and burn up
         their petrol reserves. Carlyle, you're the man with the
         demolitions. We'll cover you when you set the timed C4 
         charges. We'll have to get in and out before everything 
         becomes all spotlights, sirens and rifles firing. Cock your
         guns, wet your sights and ride on! Let's go.


(They move towards a wall and hide behind it. Germans walk past. 
Carlyle shoots at one of them)

STARKEY: Attack!

(The Germans retreat to machine guns. The British soldiers take out 
the machine gunners. A halftrack arrives)

STARKEY: Bloody hell! Trouble!

(The British soldiers kill the Germans that dismounted the 
halftrack. A panzer arrives)

STARKEY: Carlyle, use your sticky bombs on that Panzer!

(Carlyle destroys the panzer and they head to the German 
headquarters and clear it out. Starkey picks up the radio)

GERMAN HQ: (on radio and in German) Communications Post one, what
           is your status?
  STARKEY: (in German) We were just hunting some rabbits for our
           our dinner. (in English) Get ready, Carlyle! 

(They leave the building)

PVT. LOCKE: These wires must lead to their communications post.

(They head up a hill. A grenade is thrown from above)

PVT. LOCKE: Grenade!

(They kill the Germans above and continue up the hill. They reach 
the communications post)

PVT. LOCKE: Alright. Let's secure the area!

(They secure the area)

PVT. LOCKE: All clear!
   STARKEY: Set a charge on that antenna.

(Carlyle sets a C4 charge on the antenna)

STARKEY: Ding Dong!

(The charge explodes, causing the antenna to fall and break through 
a wooden door)

STARKEY: That fortress is trouble. We're gonna have to clear it out.
         Move forward!

(They head down the hill towards the fortress)

PVT. LOCKE: Secure the area!

(They secure the area and capture the fortress)

PVT. LOCKE: All clear!
   STARKEY: We've got to keep the men covered so they can move 

(Carlyle mounts a machine gun)

STARKEY: Take that machine gun and throw some lead back at those 

(Carlyle clears the gate of German defenders)

STARKEY: Move forward!

(They reach the main generator)

PVT. LOCKE: Secure the area!

(They secure the area)

PVT. LOCKE: All clear!
   STARKEY: Set a charge on that generator.

(Carlyle sets a C4 charge on the generator)

ii) Depot Saboteurs


STARKEY: Once this last charge goes off, Fritz will be completely 
         out of power. 

(He moves back a bit)

STARKEY: Alright, get ready to break and ready to dash! 

(He detonates the C4 charge)

STARKEY: Let's go! Everybody's awake by now!  


(They kill some Germans outside a building and go into it. Starkey 
finds some Teller Mines)

STARKEY: Hello, somebody's left some perfectly good landmines lying 

(Carlyle takes them)

STARKEY: We'll have to fight our way to the petrol depot. Follow me
         and watch out for more Panzers. 

(They exit the building and fight more Germans. Panzers arrive)

STARKEY: Panzer!

(Carlyle destroys them)

STARKEY: We're short on time, we'll have to get to that depot!

(They secure the fuel depot entrance and reach the depot itself)

STARKEY: Now, set charges on those petrol drums!

(Carlyle destroys one)

STARKEY: Watch out 'cause this place is gonna burn!

(Carlyle destroys the rest and goes to the jeep)

STARKEY: Just in time! Get in!

(Carlyle gets in the jeep)

STARKEY: Looks like we're in the clear. Bang on, Carlyle. 

(They drive off)

iii) A Desert Ride


(Carlyle, Starkey and another British soldier are going through the 
desert on the jeep. It is now daytime)

STARKEY: Look alive, Carlyle. I got word on the wireless that some
         of our old mates from the Long Range Desert Group are lying
         doggo in an old fortress surrounded by Jerries. We've got 
         to save them. Those chaps found a shortcut through the 
         desert that leads straight to Rommel's back door! You and I
         are leading the charge. The rest of the men will catch up 
         with us at the fort. Protect my hide while I refuel the 
         jeep! Keep your eyes peeled; we won't be alone for long!

(A sniper shoots the other soldier in the jeep)

CARLYLE: Sniper!
STARKEY: Watch it!


(Carlyle kills the sniper)

HEADQUARTERS: Starkey, we've spotted Fritz bearing down on your 
              position. Avoid contact and proceed to rendezvous 
     STARKEY: Oh dear.  

(Carlyle stays with Starkey while he refuels the jeep. Germans 
arrive from behind. Starkey finishes refuelling the jeep and gets 

STARKEY: Get in! Get in!

(Carlyle gets in. Starkey drives down the road)

STARKEY: I suggest you grab hold of something!

(They reach a truck blocking the road)

STARKEY: Shoot him down!

(Carlyle destroys it and Starkey resumes driving)

STARKEY: Top shooting, my son!

(A Stuka flies in)

STARKEY: Stukas incoming! Shoot him down!

(Carlyle shoots it down. An explosion makes Starkey drive off the 


(They get cornered by Germans)

STARKEY: This can't be good!

(Carlyle kills them all. Starkey resumes driving)

STARKEY: Tally Ho!

(They reach a corner)

STARKEY: Hang on! Sharp turn up ahead! 

(Starkey drives past British soldiers fighting some Germans)

     STARKEY: Bloody Hell!
HEADQUARTERS: Starkey, our men need support. Lay down covering fire 
              and knock out any enemy vehicles.

(They go up a hill. The jeep stalls at the top of the hill)

     STARKEY: Oh no. Blast!
HEADQUARTERS: Watch out! We've spotted Panzers heading your way!

(A panzer corners them)

STARKEY: Panzer! Come on, start! Start! Keep shooting!

(Carlyle shoots the Germans while Starkey repairs the jeep)

STARKEY: Yankee craftsmanship at its finest.

(The jeep's engine starts and the jeep starts moving)

STARKEY: Here we go!

(Starkey resumes driving)

HEADQUARTERS: Starkey, enemy detachment at 12 o'clock! Destroy it at
              all costs before proceeding!
     STARKEY: Get that lorry!

(Carlyle destroys the truck blocking the road)

STARKEY: We're clear!

(Starkey resumes driving. Stukas fly in)

STARKEY: Stukas incoming!

(Carlyle shoots them down)

     STARKEY: Another one of those and we're done for!
HEADQUARTERS: Supply caravan loaded with ammunition dead ahead! 
              Take out those lorries and let's give Fritz a
              fireworks show!

(They reach some more trucks)

STARKEY: Keep shooting!

(Carlyle destroys the trucks and kills the Germans)

STARKEY: He never saw what hit him!

(They reach the fortress)

STARKEY: Here we are.

(A stuka flies in from behind)

STARKEY: Incoming!

(The stuka drops a bomb on the ground beside the jeep. 


STARKEY: Whoops!

(Starkey loses control of the jeep and crashes through the wall into 
the fortress)


iv) Raiding the Fortress


(Carlyle and Starkey are shooting at Germans from behind their jeep)

STARKEY: Carlyle, take these explosives and seal off that entrance. 
         The blokes we're after must be stuck in that far tower. 
         We'll have to split up. I'll go left, you stick to the 


(Carlyle destroys the German entrance and goes to the tower)

PVT. ROWE: Oi! Up here!

(Carlyle goes to the top of the tower)

SGT. DEHART: We got separated from the Cartographer. He was captured
             and taken underground. We need to save him!

(They exit the tower)

  PVT. TUEY: Jolly good!
SGT. DEHART: Stukas! Get down! Get Down!

(Stukas fly in and destroy the British entrance)

SGT. DEHART: They've taken out our reinforcements! 

(Germans take over the British entrance)

SGT. DEHART: They're all over us! Take cover!

(They kill the Germans. British artillery strikes destroy the 

SGT. DEHART: Set a charge on that half-track. It's blocking our way!

(Carlyle destroys the half-track)

SGT. DEHART: We've got to get underground, now!

(They go into the underground cistern and rescue Cpl. Snyder, the 


CPL. SNYDER: It's about time you chaps showed up.
SGT. DEHART: Well, we had a few errands to run.

(Starkey enters the cistern)

STARKEY: Hey! Carlyle! Were you just gonna leave me out there? 

(The soldiers laugh and go through the underground tunnel)


e) American missions script

i) First City to Fall


(Sergeant Chuck Walker, Corporal Benny Church and their team are in 

WALKER: This is it, we're taking Aachen today. The Germans in the 
        town square are cut off from their command and control but 
        those old buildings are solid enough to resist shelling. 
        Orders are to escort the M12 to the town square, clearing 
        buildings of German resistance on the way. Once we're in 
        sight of City Hall, the M12 will blow the sumbitch to 
        pieces. Stay close behind the tanks for cover and protect 
        them from German anti-armour. We lose the Shermans and we're 
        all dead! Let's saddle up and get it done!
CHURCH: Sarge, some of those old buildings are too fortified for the 
        tanks to take out. What are we gonna do about them?
WALKER: Relax, Benny. We're gonna knock 'em all down!     


(They head down the street. Some soldiers run out in front of the 

CHURCH: Where are you going? Stay behind the tanks!

(They get killed by German machine gunners. The tanks blow a hole in 
a building)

CHURCH: We've gotta clear this building! 

(They clear the building of anti-armour Germans and return to the 
tanks. The tanks move on. Panzerschrecks appear)

CHURCH: More Panzerschrecks! The tank column can't move on until we
        clear the way!

(They take out the Panzerschrecks and move on. They reach a building 
with Panzerschrecks in it)

CHURCH: German anti-tank! Top floor, dead ahead! 

(They enter the building and neutralise the anti-armour)

CHURCH: We should probably check out the basement.

(They go into the building's basement)

CHURCH: They've tunnelled between the buildings.

(They clear the underground tunnels and enter a building opposite 
the theatre. Walker protects the tanks from anti-armour. The M12 
destroys the theatre)

CHURCH: Was that the theatre? Looks like it'll be closed for a  

(They regroup with the tanks. Panzerschrecks come out of a manhole)

CHURCH: They're coming out of the sewers!

(They kill them)

CHURCH: The Germans are using the sewers to flank us. We're gonna 
        have to go down there after them.

(They go down the manhole into the Aachen sewer system)

ii) Underground Passage

CHURCH: Sarge, we've got to clear the Germans out of these sewers. 
        We should blow up all ladders leading to manholes to keep 
        'em from getting out. Use your explosives. 

(Walker destroys the first ladder and they go down a staircase)

CHURCH: Eugh. I'm not sure if this is better or worse than being 

(They go through the sewers and Walker blows up some more ladders. 
They reach an MG42 nest)

CHURCH: MG42! Take out the gunner in that nest!

(Walker takes out the gunner and they continue through the sewers)

CHURCH: The Germans have some of our boys pinned down!

(They kill the Germans attacking the captured GIs. 

CPL. BIRTH: Hey. Thanks a lot, buddy! We're from 3rd battalion. We 
            came down here to keep those Germans rats from popping 
            out of the sewers, but I guess they got the better of 
            us here for a while.

(They continue through the sewers)

CHURCH: Our tank column can't be far behind that strike. We need to 
        get up to street level!

(Walker destroys the last ladder and they exit the sewers)

iii) Surrender at Aachen

CHURCH: We've got to find our way back to the tanks.

(They fight through the building and reach a room with a view of the 

CHURCH: Looks like first battalion, heading north.

(Germans ambush the tanks)

CHURCH: Oh, hell, it's an ambush!

(Walker protects first battalion from the Germans and they head 
through the building. They find more Panzerschrecks)

CHURCH: Panzerschrecks! They've destroy the M12 if we don't stop 

(They neutralise the anti-armour and exit the building to regroup 
with their tank column. They head through the streets, killing 
Germans. They reach two Panzers blocking the road)

CHURCH: Those emplacements are too fortified for the Shermans to 
        take out. We've got to get behind 'em and neutralise 'em!

(They sneak into a building behind the Panzers. Walker destroys them 
using Panzerschrecks)


CHURCH: Scratch two Panzers!
WALKER: And here comes the big gun. This shouldn't take long.

(The M12 moves through the street and destroys City Hall)

CHURCH: That's it! They're surrendering! Aachen is ours! First
        German city to fall! We've got 'em on the run now, Sarge!
        Betcha we're home for Christmas!
WALKER: Yeah. I'll believe that when I see it.


iv) Come Out Fighting


(Sergeant Sam Rivers and his tank crew are in a snowy countryside)

SAM: Listen up, everybody. Job today is to capture Tillet and cut 
     the highway the Germans are using to supply the assault on 
     Bastogne. Main force will split up and take different routes 
     to encircle the town. You all know your teams. We're supporting
     the 87th today, so watch out for infantry under your tracks. My
     squad will escort the M12s to their firing positions, then roll 
     into town after the artillery softens 'em up. Main assault will
     begin when my group hits the east entrance to town. Let's move 
     out and when you see the Germans...

(Sam's soldiers shout things in reply)

SAM: Alright! Alright! Mount up and give 'em hell!  


(They head off through the snowy countryside)

CPL. ROBINSON: Sam, we should make sure the area down there is clear
               for the artillery. 

(Sam destroys the Panzers in a field)

  CPL. MARTIN: Sgt. Rivers, we're going to set up shop down here.    
               Keep an eye out for Jerry, will ya?             
CPL. ROBINSON: German armour approaching! They're heading for the 
  CPL. MARTIN: Sgt. Rivers, keep those Panzers away from our 
               artillery or we won't be able to hit Tillet!

(Sam destroys the Panzers)

CPL. ROBINSON: They've had enough! The Germans are on the run!
  CPL. MARTIN: We're all set down here, Sgt. Tillet will be softened
               up by the time you get there!
CPL. ROBINSON: Let's get moving, Sam.

(They move on and reach some machine gun emplacements)

CPL. ROBINSON: Looks like trouble ahead.

(They clear them out and move on)

CPL. ROBINSON: Flak 88 emplacement ahead! Keep out of its sights!

(They destroy the Flak guns and continue. They reach Tillet)

CPL. ROBINSON: Main assault around Tillet will begin as soon as we 
               engage these Germans. Let's get these guys! There's a
               couple of eighty-eights at the roadblock. We'll have
               to take them out before the engineers can get to 

(They take out the Flak guns)

CPL. ROBINSON: We've got some Germans holed up in that building. 
               We're gonna have to clear it out before the roadblock 
               is taken down. I bet we could park the tank 'round
               back and sneak up on 'em on foot.

(Sam parks the tank behind the building and his crew exit the tank)

PVT. GEORGE: Let's clear those Germans outta here! 

(They clear the Germans out of the building)

PVT. BELLOMY: (on radio) Building's clear, Sarge. It'll take the 
              demo team a few minutes to clear that roadblock, so 
              head back to your Sherman and keep a lookout for a 
              German counterattack. 
(The demo team destroys the roadblock. Sam and his crew exit the 
building and remount the tank)

CPL. ROBINSON: That's it for this roadblock. Now let's get through
               town and block the road on the other side.

(They exit the first part of town and take out some Panzers)

CPL. ROBINSON: All right baby! Main road through Tillet is now open!

(They reach the second part of Tillet)

CPL. ROBINSON: Flak 88s ahead! Keep out of their sights! 

(They destroy the Flak guns)

CPL. ROBINSON: Up there! Panzerschrecks, second floor!
  SGT. MACOCO: The Germans could hit us from the rear if we leave 
               them in there. You'll have to go in there and flush
               those bastards out! Some of the 87th guys will follow
               you in.
CPL. ROBINSON: We're gonna have to go in there and take them out! 
               Find a place to hide the tank.

(Sam parks the tank beside the building with the Panzerschrecks in 
it and they exit the tank)

PVT. GEORGE: We'll back you up, Sergeant! Let's get those Jerries!
             Sergeant, there's a path around the house over here!

(They enter the building and clear out the anti-armour. Sam uses the 
Panzerschrecks to repel the German Panzer attack. Then he goes back 
to his tank)

PVT. GEORGE: Nice shooting, Sam! The Germans never knew what hit 

(They remount the tank and head to the third part of Tillet)

CPL. ROBINSON: Let's clear these tanks out so we can push farther 
               into the town.

(They destroy some Panzers)

CPL. ROBINSON: Sam, keep an eye out for more German armour 
               patrolling the area.

(They destroy more Panzers)

CPL. ROBINSON: Let's get to that church. If we can hold the Germans
               in there, we got them. Incoming Panzers!

(They defend the church from the Panzer attack for two minutes)


CPL. ROBINSON: Woo! The Germans are in a full-scale retreat! They're
               abandoning Tillet!
          SAM: Helluva job, everybody. No way the Nazis are gonna 
               get supplied against Bastogne now.
CPT. KOWALSKI: (on radio) Charlie Company, come in. Charlie Company,
               please respond. 
          SAM: This is Sergeant Rivers, Charlie Company, over.
CPT. KOWALSKI: Rivers, this is headquarters. Command has reviewed 
               enemy strength report and orders are to break off 
               assault on Tillet. Do not go into that town, 
               Sergeant. It's too hot in there.
          SAM: (laughs) I'm sorry, sir. I'm already through that 


v) Road to Remagen


(Walker, Church and other American soldiers are walking towards a 
village. Walker is now a lieutenant and Church is a sergeant)

CHURCH: Hey Sarge, why are we headin' to this town again?
WALKER: That bar means Lieutenant, Sergeant Church, or did you 
        forget about those battlefield promotions after our last 
        mission? I ought to bust you right back down to buck 
CHURCH: Sorry sir, still getting used to the new stripe myself. So
        where are we headed?
WALKER: Some little town called Remagen. HQ ordered us to scout it
        out since there was an old railroad bridge leading across 
        Rhine. The thing is, the Germans have a habit of burning all
        their bridges behind them as they retreat into the 
CHURCH: So, we're looking for a bridge that probably isn't even 
WALKER: A bridge across the Rhine River would give us a direct line
        to move tanks and men straight into Germany. Those Germans
        aren't foolish enough to let that happen.


(A Kettenkrad, some sort of armoured tuk-tuk with no roof, appears)

CHURCH: Kettenkrad! Take cover!

(They kill the Germans and head through the village. They see the 
bridge in the distance)

   CHURCH: Sir, it's the bridge! The bridge is still standing! I 
           don't believe it. We gotta call headquarters!        
PVT. COEN: (on radio to HQ) HQ. HQ. This is Able Company. We have
           confirmation that the Remagen bridge that crosses the 
           Rhine is intact. Repeat, Remagen bridge on the Rhine is
           intact. Over.

(They head through the village and reach a Rathaus. German tanks 

CHURCH: King Tigers! Take cover!

(Walker goes into the Rathaus and finds some Panzerschrecks, which 
he uses to destroy the tanks)

CHURCH: Yaaah! The cavalry's here!

(Sam Rivers' tank crew arrives. Walker exits the Rathaus)

CHURCH: Good Shot sir! Those Tigers never knew what hit them!

(They go to see Sam's crew)

vi) Last Bridge Standing


   SAM: Alright! Where's that damned bridge?
WALKER: Just a few klicks south from here.
   SAM: Lead the way!


(They head through the town. A tank hits a mine and gets destroyed)

CHURCH: We lost a tank! We're gonna have to clear out those mines in
        the street! Wait for an opening and disarm them.

(Walker disarms the mines and tanks move on. They reach a dirt 

CHURCH: We should scout ahead while the tanks get past that mound.

(They find their way past the dirt mound and reach an industrial 
area. German tanks appear)

CHURCH: King Tigers! Take cover!

(Sam's tanks destroy them and they move on)

CHURCH: We should lead the tanks through those warehouses.

(They go through the warehouses and reach the bridge. The tanks stop 
because of a big hole)

vii) Into the Heartland


CPT. KOWALSKI: Lieutenant! We can't get these tanks across the 
               bridge with this damned hole in the way! Take your
               men across and capture this bridge before the Germans
               blow it up!
       CHURCH: Are you crazy? We'll get slaughtered! 
CPT. KOWALSKI: That's not a suggestion, that's a direct order! Move
               out or I'll execute you for treason myself!
       WALKER: Moving out!

(Just as some of the soldiers climb out of the hole, stukas bomb the 

       CHURCH: Whoa! Thank Heavens!
CPT. KOWALSKI: See that? The bridge is still standing! Now get out 
               there before they try it again! Move! Move! MOVE!


(They go across the bridge and clear out the machine gun nest at the 
end of it)

CHURCH: Our men are pinned down! We've got to take out those towers
        or we're all dead!

(They enter and clear out the towers. Walker clears out the machine 
gun nest on top of south tower. Then he uses the anti-aircraft gun 
to repel the stuka attack) 


(Walker and Church lower the American flag down the side of the 
tower and signal to the tanks that it's safe to cross the bridge)



f) Contact info

If I've missed out anything or made a mistake somewhere, e-mail me 
at [email protected]

Whoever spots a mistake or thinks I've missed out something, I will 
correct it and put the person's name in the credits.

g) End of FAQ and credits

Well, that's the end of my script FAQ for this game. I hope you have 
enjoyed reading it. Before we go, here are the credits:


Thanks to my relatives for the Christmas money that I used to buy 
this game

Thanks to Spark Unlimited for creating this game

Thanks to my brother for helping my get through some of the tough 
missions. Thanks, bro!

Thanks to Gamefaqs for posting this FAQ

Thanks to my TV/video recorder for helping me tape some parts of the 
in-game cutscenes to write down the script for them

Thanks to myself for creating this masterpiece

And that's all, folks! See ya later...