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Follow the dark path or use the light

Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu Cheats for PlayStation 2

Cheats and Tips for Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu

Batman: Arkham Asylum Guide
Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu Guide
Complete guide to Batman Arkham Asylum with the locations of all 51 riddles and how to get them.

We have 6 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2.If you have any cheats or tips for Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Gameboy Advance : GameCube : Xbox

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You can also ask your question on our Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu Questions & Answers page.

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Unlock Cheat Mode
At the 'Press Start' screen hold down L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and enter the following combinations to unlock the corresponding effect.
Unlock Dark Knight Difficulty Level:
Down, Left, Right, Up, Up, Right, Left, Down.
Unlock Everything:
Down, Up, Down, Up, Left, Right, Left, Right.
Infinite Health:
Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Left, Down, Right.
Unlock ALL Characters at 100%:
Up, Up, Left, Left, Right, Right, Down, Down.
Unlock Infinite Combo Bar:
Left, Right, Up, Down, Right, Left, Down, Up.

Level Unlockables
Enter the following passwords to unlock the corresponding effect.
Level 1-1 - Password: MG7L4R
Level 1-2 - Password: RZHLXM
Level 1-3 - Password: WGRLN_
Level 1-4 - Password: 3G7L47
Level 2-1 - Password: 7ZHLX3
Level 2-2 - Password: BBBCBG
Level 2-3 - Password: GVLC2B
Level 2-4 - Password: LBVCVQ
Level 3-1 - Password: QV2CLL
Level 3-2 - Password: VBBCBZ
Level 3-3 - Password: ZVLC2B
Level 3-4 - Password: 2BVCV6
Level 4-1 - Password: RL4XGS
Level 4-2 - Password: _LNXZ0

Level 4-3 - Password: 7L4XG8
Level 4-4 - Password: C2DX64
Level 4-5 - Password: VGWPN_
Level 5-1 - Password: ZZ3PDW
Level 5-2 - Password: 63MPXE
Level 5-3 - Password: PBZGQV
Level 5-4 - Password: TV6GLL
Level 5-5 - Password: 1VQG2V
Level 5-6 - Password: 9V6GL2
Level 6-1 - Password: 0D7RDW
Level 6-2 - Password: DG_RNH
Level 6-3 - Password: JZ7RDC
Level 6-4 - Password: RB2JVQ
Level 6-5 - Password: WVBJLL
Level 6-6 - Password: _BLJBZ
Level 6-7 - Password: 3VVJ2V
Level 6-8 - Password: 7B2JB6
Level 7-1 - Password: CVBJ2L
Level 7-2 - Password: HBLJBG
Level 7-3 - Password: MVVJ2B
Level 7-4 - Password: QQT9ST
Level 7-5 - Password: V619JP
Level 7-6 - Password: ZQ9981
Level 7-7 - Password: 26K90Y
Level 7-8 - Password: Y2NL6N
Level 7-9 - Password: 524LQX
Level 7-10 - Password: F2NL64

Level 8-1 - Password: XG3CN_

Level 8-2 - Password: 4GMC47
Level 8-3 - Password: 8ZWCX3
Level 8-4 - Password: DG3CNH
Level 8-5 - Password: JZCCDC
Level 8-6 - Password: NGMC4R
Level 8-7 - Password: _BQ4BZ
Level 9-1 - Password: 3VZ42V
Level 9-2 - Password: 7B64B6
Level 9-3 - Password: CVG4L2
Level 9-4 - Password: HBQ4BG
Level 9-5 - Password: MVZ42B
Level 9-6 - Password: RB64VQ
Level 9-7 - Password: V65YJP
Level Select - Password: _FLYMF
Bat Cave Level - Password: BBBBBW
Chinatown Level - Password: BBBBHV
Dock 47 Level - Password: H6T73P
Gotham Rooftops Level - Password: BBBBM6
Gotham Chemicals Level - Password: 5MQZRN
Gotham Sewers Level - Password: 5V2MRN
Boss #1 Level - Password: HLNZXJ

Unlock Classic Costumes for ALL 4 Characters:
Beat the game on any difficulty level.
Unlock Dark Knight Difficulty Level:
Beat the game on Hard difficulty level.
Unlock Making of Sin Tzu Video:
Beat the game on Normal or harder difficulty level.

All upgrades

At the tiltle screen,press and hold L1+L2+R1+R2 and press up.right,down,left,up,left,down,right

All Characters at 100%

At the "press start" screen, hole down L1+L2+R1+R2. Then enter up, up, left, left, right, right, down, down.

Unlock all end game awards

Hold L1,L2,R1,R2 and press down,up,down,up,left,right.left, and right to unlock all end game awards.

Unlimited Health

Pause the game, hold L1+L2+R1+R2 and press Up,Right,Down,Left,Up,Left,Down,Right.

Unlimited Health

At the main menu, hold L1+L2+R1+R2 and press Up, Right, Down, Left,Up, Left, Down, Right

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