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Tomb Raider 2: The Dagger Of Xian Cheats for GameShark

Tomb Raider 2: The Dagger Of Xian Game Shark Codes

From Mafro ID #8141

Datel Codes:
Infinite Uzi Ammo: 8008C720 FFFF

Infinite Oxygen: 8008C66E 0710

From DTom ID #8140

The "SPIDER LARA" Gameshark code in TR3 DOES EXIST in TR2. It's exactly the same,too.

Spider Lara:

8008C5AC 0028

From Septimius8 Sep 2020, ID #16199

No gravity for grenades and harpoon projectiles

E0087A20 000C
80046980 0000
E0087A20 000C
80046FD0 0000

From Septimius8 Sep 2020, ID #16200

Invert harpoon and grenade launcher projectiles L1+L2+R1+R2+X

D008C492 B0FF
30046E38 00F9
D008C492 B0FF
30046710 00F8
D008C492 E0FF
30046E38 00F8
D008C492 E0FF
30046710 00F9

[quote]*Press L1+L2+R1+R2+..

From Septimius8 Sep 2020, ID #16201

High rate of fire and shotgun pellets

E0087A20 000C
800465AC 01F4
E0087A20 000C
3008948C 0001
E0087A20 000C
300894BC 0001
E0087A20 000C
300894EC 0001
E0087A20 000C
8008947E 0000..

From Septimius8 Sep 2020, ID #16202

More ammo from weapons cheat code

E0087A20 000C
80012568 7530
E0087A20 000C
80012554 7530
E0087A20 000C
80033B50 01F4
E0087A20 000C
80033FBC 01F4
E0087A20 000C
80033F74 01F4..

From Septimius8 Sep 2020, ID #16203

Moon Jump (note)

D008C492 FCEF
30043228 0006
D008C492 FCBF
30043228 0003
D008C492 7CFF
30043228 0000

[quote]*This code allows the player to control the gravi..

From Septimius8 Sep 2020, ID #16204

Unlimited flare

D008C508 05DC
8008C508 0063

*Only while holding

From Septimius8 Sep 2020, ID #16205

Falling from height doesn't kill

E0087A20 000C
3004322C 0000

*CPU Interpreter is required when using emulators (ePSXe and pcsxr (pgxp)

From Septimius8 Sep 2020, ID #16206

Golden Lara L1+L2+R1+R2+Circle

D008C492 D0FF
8008C528 FFFF
D008C492 70FF
8008C528 0000

*Creates the same gold effect from Tomb Raider I

From jasonraupp7 Jun 2006, ID #13744

Infanit m 16 ammo



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