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Tomb Raider 2: The Dagger Of Xian Cheats for PlayStation

Cheats and Tips for Tomb Raider 2: The Dagger Of Xian

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Plenty of cheats for you to check out including unlocking all weapons, how to get unlimited ammo and how to get infinite oxygen.

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Lazy way through doors

There are two doors you can jump through while shut
One is the half submerged door in the temple of xian swim up to centre of it and dive you will jump into the tunnel however it will be harder to get out.
The other is in wreck of the maria doria a red glass door with one of the fuses behind to the left of it once you press the button on the opposite side of the room run into the corner of the doors and jump this may take a flew tries.
Using the same technique it is possible to jump through other doors.

That stupid butler...

Are you annoyed with that damn Butler following you around everywhere? 'Cuz I am! You wanna get ridda him? 'Course you do! Here's the best and funniest way to do it!
Get the butler to follow you around and lead him to the kitchen. Open the Meat Fridge and go in. When the buttler comes, step or jump up onto the ledge next to you and run out of the door. Press the switch next to the fridge, and quick! Phew! If you unlock the secret door and go in and do whatever you have to do it should have long enough.
Don't know what I mean?
Well, go back to the kitchen and open the door.If you have been gone long enough when he comes out, his face should be slightly greener then when you locked him in. If it doesn't work then, I'm sorry but it worked for me!
If it does work, It's very funny! Good luck!
Happy Gaming =) Craig555
P.S; If it does work, make this cheat valid.
P.P.S; If not then leave it as Is.
P.P.P.S; Thanx to those who took 2 or 3 mins out of there life to read this cheat.


Unlock ALL Weapons:
Sidestep Right, Left, Right, Left, Back, Forwards, turn 3 times then jump backwards.
Unlock Level Skip:
During gameplay hold R2 and press Left, Right, Left, Up, Down, release R2 and hold Left to spin around 3 times, then press Down + Square and then Circle.

Hidden audio

Place the game disc in an audio CD player and play track two and above to hear various music and commentary from the game.
Track 23 is particularly funny.

These hints and tips are like a mini walk throug..

These hints and tips are like a mini walk through,as it tells you 3 hints and 1 tip in one. On the title screen select the polaroid snap and go to Lara's house.

Go into her house. Directly infront of you are two archways,just under the right hand side one,on the right,there is a secret door leading to the basement.

The switch for this door is in the very centre of the maze. An easy way to get to the middle of the maze is to get onto the wall that surrounds Lara's mansion.

To do this,go to the wire zip line on the assault course. Don't go down it,instead shimmy as far to the right as possible.

Turn to the right so that Lara's right arm lines up with the black line on the tower when she jumps,then jump straight up in the air and press the look button,(L1) but releasing look before she lands.

Repeat this a few times and you should now be ontop of the tallest tower,which is normally unreachable for Lara. From here you can jump onto the stone wall.

Jump onto the wall,turn right and follow it round until the maze is below you. Jump onto the nearest maze hedge and walk along the maze hedges untill you find the middle.

The middle has two stone statues in it. Jump into the middle,pick up the flares and light one (L2). Now switch the switch on the wall between the two statues (this switch opens the basement door).

While it shows you what the switch opens,press (o) to turn round and go down the tunnel and climb out at the other end. Now find your way out of the maze and into the house,but be quick as the door shuts after 60 seconds.

when trying to escape from the maze,keep running withuot stopping and try not to bump into the wall,as this saves what precious little time you have.

An easy and quick way to get out of the maze is to climb out of the tunnel at the centre of the maze and immediately turn left,then right,then take the second right at the end of the passage,then turn left twice,right twice,left twice,then turn right four times,left twice,then left again at the end of the passage (DO NOT TAKE THE RIGHT TURN BEFORE THIS LEFT,OR YOU WILL BE LOST).

Then turn right twice and then left,and you should now be out of the maze. Now rush to the house and through the basement door before it closes.

Light a flair as the basement is very dark and go down the steps and feast your eyes on what your about to see! .....

The secret room isnt worth lookin in coz all the..

The secret room isnt worth lookin in coz all there iz are a bunch ov crates and a cat statue b hind sum glass.

U can lock da butler in it if u get him down the steps and side jump out.

If u cant, lock im in da meat loka or the house! it stops im boverin u, he'll walk round da kitchen 4 an hour b4 trying 2 get out.

Datel Codes:Infinite Uzi Ammo: 8008C720 FFFFInfi..

Datel Codes:
Infinite Uzi Ammo: 8008C720 FFFF

Infinite Oxygen: 8008C66E 0710

level skip: hold R2 and step left then right the..

level skip: hold R2 and step left then right then lift step back then forwards. release R2 and turn 3 times round to the right or left then forward+jump and role after. for wepons do the same exept backwards+jump and role.

Hey!!!!!!! you always running out of flares?Thou..

Hey!!!!!!! you always running out of flares?

Thought so, wanna know how to get more?

Thought so....

It's really simple all you do is when you have run out of flares(all of them) then while you have your guns drawn press L2 then you should have unlimited flares!!!!


How to get unlimited ammo 1) first skip ..

How to get unlimited ammo

1) first skip every level

2) second on laras home when u get to the gun cupboard ONLY pick up the shells WITH the shot gun and kill the guys that come in

3) then kill the guy outside the window and go to the stair-case and kill everyone there

4) next take a couple steps outside of the house and go back in and about 4 dogs and 4 guys will come in, kill them

5) finally on the boss fight him right inside the door

6) keep side flipping and shooting at the same time

7) after the credits save the game and then load and you will have unlimited ammo

this really works!!!!!!!

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