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Follow the dark path or use the light
Syphon filter 2 Pack Shot

Syphon filter 2

Syphon filter 2 Cheats for PlayStation

We have 8 cheats on PlayStation

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Strange object floating in the sky in multiplayer level.Added 4 Jun 2008, ID #15308
When you unlock the 'Rock mountains' level for multiplayer enter the level with two player and go near the big rock and look up into the sky and zoom out with your scope until you find an object up in the sky then zoom into it and take a look. I have no idea what this is or how it was put there. If anyone knows what it is please message me.

UnlockablesAdded 8 Feb 2007, ID #14390
Unlock Expert Mode:
Highlight the '1-Player' option at the Title screen and then hold Up + L1 + R2 + Select + Circle + Square and press X.

Unlock Stage Select:
Press Start and choose 'Options', highlight 'Select Mission' and press Left + L1 + R1 + Select + Square + X.

Unlock ALL Weapons and Infinite Ammo:
Press Start and highlight 'Weapons' and press Right + L2 + R2 + Square + Circle + X.
Super agent and level skip....Added 1 Jun 2004, ID #11727
Pause and highlight weapons and hold I repeat HOLD l2, select,circle,square and X.

You can now kill anyone (exept the last bad guy) in one shot.

By the way,my level skip cheat is wrong,you have to highlight mapHOLD right,l2,r2,circle,square and X ok?

bye dudes

ID #7543

On the main menu screen press and hold x then press l1,l2,r1,r2,and then reset your computer.

Do this 23 times you will hear a dead snake singing delilah.

Do it a further 10 times and tou will unlock snackman an intergalactic space zombie from the planet zora.

ID #7538

Air Taser,At the first level Calorado Mountains go near where you use the Transponder Locator go to the platform witch is located on the right side of the flare that is nearest to the 12 Guage shotgun and drop near the little platform.

ID #7533

Okay, I want to make this easy as possible. Okay On level 3, it very easy. Chance will distract the guards while Gabe Logan can get inside the tunnel.

To get armed with equipment but before this there are two lights on and stand in the middle of the two lights so that the bad guys don't see you.

Then once they passed go get your equipment and go back to Chance and make the bad guys target you so that Chance doesn't get killed. Then once you have done that continue your mission.

There will be bad guys coming towards in all Flak Jackets and Gabe gets a "Fire House " and you aim it towards them and it will kill them.

Get the one behind you. Chance will say "Gabe Behind You". Then to cross from one end of the tunnel to another, you got to use your knife because if you do not there will be a ambush with snipers and they target "Head Shot".

So use your knife and once you get behind them, stab him.

And once you made it to the tunnel, there will be army things in the middle of the road-ways and so when Chance gives himself up pretending to be Gabe.

You have to find grenades and while they have Chance hostage, you need to go to the back of the truck while they have Chance hostage. And if you do not, it will kill you.

So once you got the grenades go to the power room, (at the beginning at the second tunnel) go blow it up with the grenades.

And Gabe will wear his nightvision goggles and you shoot the bad guys and you continue the mission towards the way that they had Chance hostage and you continue going until mission complete.

ID #7528

On the first level go to where you meet Chance.

Go to the mini canyon and hang and fall. Go inside the cave and get the H11.

Gabe will say something and you will have unlocked the Rocky Mountains on Multi-Player.

ID #7523

drive any army vehicle:stand directly next to the door&hold down L1,R1,L2,R2then press X{10x},& triangle{10x} you will hear the engine start if it does not start,try again.

All enemies do not notice you:pause the game&highlight objectives&press X{5x},&triangle{5x}.

Have an air taser: pause the game&highlight weaponry&hold down L2, R2 then, press square{5x},&X{10x}


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