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Spyro 2: Riptos Rage Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Spyro 2: Riptos Rage

We have 51 cheats and tips on PlayStation. If you have any cheats or tips for Spyro 2: Riptos Rage please send them in here.

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Level Power Ups

The following is a list of the levels along with the Power Up availabe there. These are activated by Spirit Particles.
Level - Skelos Badlands:
Level - Magma Cone:
Level - Crystal Glacier:
Level - Fracture Hills:
Level - Scorch:
Super Flame
Level - Zephr:
Super Flame
Level - Glimmer:
Level - Idol Springs:
Level - Collosus:
Big Bounce
Level - Hurricos:
Level - Sunny Beach:
Super Flame
Level - Breeze Harbor:
Big Bounce
Level - Shady Oasis:
Level - Aquaria Towers:
Super Flam..

How To Get The Orbs In Summer Forest and Autumn Plains

In Summer Forest, go to the stairs where Hunter is standing and talk to him. He will teach you how to glide and hover. If you complete the challenge, he will give you the first orb.
Next, if you start swimming around in the large pool and look at the BIG hill, you will see an orb there on a ledge. To get that, get out of the water and go to the forest area where the Glimmer portal is. Swim along the stream until you get to the little pond, and swim underwater in the pond until you find the tunnel. Swim through the tunnel and when you surface, there will be stairs and you go up them and there is the orb.
Fly down from the place where you found the orb, and swim underwater to get to the inside of the building. Hit the buttons to open the doors and talk to Elora. (Make sure ..

Codes and Secrets

Here are all the known codes and secrets for the game so far.
And look, even four of them were from me! Isn't that great? Well, here they are:
All Abilities:
Pause the game, and enter the following:
Circle, Circle, Circle, Circle, Square

Big Head Mode:
Pause in the middle of the game, and enter the following:
Up, Up, Up, Up, R1, R1, R1, R1, Circle

Change Spyro's Color:
Pause the game, then press the following button combos to change Spyro to the
Corresponding color.
Red: Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Square, R1, R2, L1, L2, Up, Left, Down, Right,
Up, Circle
Blue: Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Square, R1, R2, L1, L2, Up, Left, Down, Right,

all moves

Ok now this is really doing my head in everyone submitting stuff that don't work here is the proper code for all moves pause the game and press circle[4 times] then square you will hear a chime noise to let you know you have done it correctly and anyone who reads this please stop writing false cheats as many people need the proper codes to help the on their game thank you

Press steart and enter these codes,youll hear a ..

Press steart and enter these codes,youll hear a conformation sound when you enter the code correctly. All abilities---O,O,O,O,Square

See the end credits

Pause the game, and press Square, O, Square, O, Square, O, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right,

I cant believe this hasnt been written yet! Dont..

I cant believe this hasnt been written yet! Dont u wish Hurricos was easier??! well, heres how to make it so Smile

In the level Hurricos, theres a supercharge with a breakable windmill behind it, and another in front of it, theres also a box to break open with the supercharge... get the supercharge working and break open the box to get jems(obvious right?).

Then go back and supercharge the breakable windmill that is near where the box was, the windmill will break, revealing a button, DONT PUSH THE BUTTON!!! in fact.. DONT PUSH ANY BUTTONS OR THIS WON'T WORK!

Jump onto the middle of the button and let urself fall off- if spyro looks like hes..

Big head mode = up,up,up,up,r1,r1r1,r1,oAll abil..

Big head mode = up,up,up,up,r1,r1r1,r1,o
All abilites = Circle,circle,circle,circle,Square.
Flat mode = Left, Right, Left, Right, L2, R2, L2, R2, Square
All colours
Red = Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Square, R1, R2, L1, L2, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Circle
For other colours add the code next to that colour instead of the circle at the end of turn him red
blue = X
pink = Square.
green = Triangle.
yellow = Up(x2).
black = Down.
skill points =
1.Aquaria Towers-blast all seaweed
2.Hurricos-flame all windmills
3.Idol Springs-land on idol this is around the part where you save the dancer.
4.Colossus-get 5-0 on hockey
5.Ocean speedway-under 1:10

Unlimited Lives

If you're stocking up on lives to defeat Ripto and go on vacation at the ever popular Dragon Shores, there's many ways to do it. But this is one of my favorite ways: Go to Idol Springs in Summer Forest. Then, find the giant Idol that's in the circle of Hulagirls by the 'ugga-ugga' guy. Don't go down to it, just spot it from above. Then, find the platform by where you shot the rocket to destroy the treasure chest. Then, swiftly glide over and land on the Idol to get a skill point as well as a butterfly. Then, exit level, enter the portal again, and repeat. This is not the easiest way, but I just love that titk-idol guy with the umbrella. For easier ways, I believe that in Ripto's Rage and Year of the Dragon, every 10th air fodder you kill will give off a life-butterfly.

Diff colour spyro

Up,right,down, left, up, square, R1, R2, L1, L2, up, left, down, right, up, square. Makes spyro pink

Crash Team Racing Demo

This is spelled out in the "Ripto's Rage" instuction book, but not the "Gateway to Glimmer" version: There's a "Crash Team Racing" demo hidden inside Spyro 2. You can access the demo by pressing and holding L1 and R2, then press the "square" button simultaneously while in the intro menu screen.

Big Head Mode

Pause the gamee, and press Up, Up, Up, Up, R1, R1, R1, R1, O.

skill points

There are 16 skill points in avalar
First 8
Collosus-win 5-0 in hockey
Idol springs-lamd on the head of the small idol beside the hula girls
Hurricos-destroy all small windmills
Skelos badlands-destroy all cacti
Skelos badlands-kill the catbat quartet at the very end of the level
Fracture hills-run around the supercharge course 3 times
Scorch-knock the coconuts out of all the trees
Aquaria towers-destroy all seaweed
At this point when you go to the skill points section at the back of your guidebook there is a part that says epilogue
You press x and you can see what happened to the characters after the game finished
Second 8
Crushs dungeon-don't lose a hit point
Gulps overlook-hit ripto

During play pause the game to enter the followin..

During play pause the game to enter the following cheats.

You will hear a chime if it has worked.

All abilities: 0 x4, square

Big head mode: up x4, R1 x4, circle

Are you so dissapointed that you have collectted..

Are you so dissapointed that you have collectted at least 40 orbs, and got all the way to Ripto in Winter Tundra, and you feel like you waisted all your time because you can't beat Ripto?

Well here's an easy way to beat him. If your not a cheater, don't worry, it's not a cheat.

Anyhow, if your fighting Ripto and he's not using anything like the robot gulp or the ugly bird, be as aggressive as you can.

Even when you havn't picked up 3 orbs to give you special powers, You can still slow Ripto down with your regular flame.

Oh yeah, the most effective power comes from the red orbs when fighting Ripto.

If you're having trouble beating ..

How to Fly while in water

This cheat is a real cheat. It really works!
First of all go to Autum Plains (the second level), then go to the 'Breeze Builders' level.
Defeat all enemies first (do this first because when you do the cheat and an enemie hits you, the game will freeze.
Then go back to the pool of water at the start.
Go to the step but make sure that you are in the water. You must be in the very corner too.
Dive down with square, and then Spyro will be flying while in water! (You must fly up first otherwise you will be back in 'normal' mode) I use this cheat over and over.

Big headmode-press start, up4times r14times and ..

Big headmode-press start, up4times r14times and circle to make spyros head bigger,

All learned abilities

Pause the game, and press O, O, O, O, Square or O, O, O, O, Down, Square. I don't remember wich one sorry. But try them both.

Flat Mode

Pause the game, and press Left, Right, Left, Right, L2, R2, L2, R2, Square.

breeze builder glitch

I can get the glitch in the breeze builders level and I fly towards saturn but I do not find an empty breeze builders level my game always freezes before it
Does the empty breeze builders level actually exist or did someone make it up



Or permanite superfly ether so dont waste youre time!

You cant play as ripto ether!

WELL I KNOW THAT THAT WASN'T A cheat but i'm pretty sure it helped.



1) Headbash BIG boulder in front of main castle

2) Use the whirlwind in side castle walls(supposedly to get you to the top of castle faster) and fly onto the wall. There should be an orb somewhere directly on the wall.

3)Use whirlwind of #2 and go on wall. Run around until you see a waterfall.

Jump into the waterfall, and swim in the river that leads to Moneybags down below.

There should be an orb somewhere in the stream.

BIG HEAD-up [4 times]R1[4 times]then circle

BIG HEAD-up [4 times]R1[4 times]then circle

Here's how to get three of the orbs outside of t..

Here's how to get three of the orbs outside of the Level Portals in Summer Forest.

1:Climb the wall next to Sunny Beach and Hurricos and keep going around the ring and eventually you'll see it.

2:Go to the pond down the stream from Glimmer, and underwater there's a hole.Swim through it and keep going down the cave until you see it.

3: Complete Hunter's Challenge, and he'll give you an orb.

Look for more cheats and things from me.


P.S. If you send me cheats, I'll send some to you.

If you go to Colossus,At the very end,there will..

If you go to Colossus,At the very end,there will be a hockey game on top of the building with an ape.

There are many rocks near,so you can get on them and try to fly to the roof of the building. So try every platform!

There you can two orbs,one for a hockey game,and one for a shoot-out. SO TRY IT!!!!!

It's fun!

Swim in air in Mystic Marsh

Catch the 4 thieves in Mystic Marsh but make sure that you catch the swimming thief last and underwater. Then you will be able to swimming in the air.

Make Spyro fly!

Well almost. In the harbour level in Autumn Plains there is a glitch which makes Spyro 'fly' through the air.
By a pool of water (in the start of the level) there's one of the burning things. The water should rise to the level of one of the nearby steps... Swim (above water!) facing the RIGHT side of the steps. Make sure you're as close as you can be! The next bit can take a few trys but don't give up: DIVE and you should be on the step, or floating by or inside the step or whatever. Swim anywhere you like... But be aware that you shouldn't fly up to the small cannon-train thing... Swim on the track but not near the actual cannon thing as your Spyro will freeze right there and you'll have to exit the level.

How to get gulp out of the way

There are three typs of ammo 1 metal barrels 2 bombs 3 little rockets
It's easy to heart gulp the first three times after that he will raise his laser and electric balls will come out when gulp fires them, he will be at one side of the
If you go to close to him while he's doing this he wont jump on you, the electric balls will go to you more easily and also when you hit gulp the
first three times gulp can you see your weapons against you.
If he gets the metal barrel jump because he burps green waves, don't let him get bombs other wise he will use the bombs as a hard to dodge attack.
If he gets the rockets he will make them follow you.
This is how to use the weapons.
Metal barrel charge them into gulp

Breezy Harbor Orb Cheat, and Collecting All Gems In Level

Ok when you're in Breezey Harbor level follow the water cheat.
First go and kill all enemies before you do the cheat (game will freeze if cheat is done and you get hit) then go to the first water pool and go down to the bottom step (on the side where you first fill it up) touching the water.
Get in the water and turn facing the left corner of the stair from the water.
After dive right at the corner (where water meets step) and you will now be swimming through the air. BE WARNED THAT IF YOU TOUCH THE WATER YOU WILL HAVE TO DO IT AGAIN.
And don't touch lava cause you freeze the game. After you swim through air go to those gold gears on the rail-tracks. Normally you'd have to ride that retarded cart dodging things to get all fifty but this way..

Die in another level

In summer forest, go to where you get the orb on the cliff. Glide to the left into the hills. If done correctly, you will start falling until you die, but you will be under Autumn Plains. It takes a couple of tries, so be patient.

Change Spyro's Colors

Pause the game, and press Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Square, R1, R2, L1, L2, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, and then choose a color from the following list:
Red: O
Blue: X
Pink: Square
Green: Triangle
Yellow: Up
Black: Down
Normal (purple): R2

OK, if u want to get all the elements :head bash..

OK, if u want to get all the elements :head bash, swim, climb all the stuff u have to pay for, when in play, press start and go to ur menu thing and hold L1 and R1 and press circle, circle,circle,circle square and there should be a little noise and WHALLLAAAA u have all those element.

p.s. it really helps if u do that cheat in the very begging of the game)

*******DrAgOoN gIrL********

Hi dudes,Having troubles getting thru the levels..

Hi dudes,

Having troubles getting thru the levels?

Well, then this is a perfect password for you.

Level Select!

Pause the game then go to inventory and press square,square,circle,square,square,left,right,left,right,circle,up,right,down.

When you get to the balloonist you should be able to select any world.


Hi Spyro fans. as you may know i am the person w..

Hi Spyro fans. as you may know i am the person who wrote in about the strange land in sunny beach.

In Breeze Harbour when you know you can fill it up with water blah, blah, blah, and you go to the secret place.

If you fly towards Saturn and you can't get back unless you exit the game, well there is a possible way to get back.

When you fly towards Saturn you are swimming off the RIGHT HAND SIDE of the island.

When you arrive at the new destination, if you swim the opposite way from Saturn you will get back.

That's if you don't fall down 1/2 way there!

Trust me this works I use this all the time. If it don't work 4 u then I'll kill myself (..

Okay.Sparx and I have a very funny pointless che..

Okay.Sparx and I have a very funny pointless cheat.In Mystic Marsh,when you get the Professor's pencil go 2 the whirlygig with an item+spit item while rising.

It may take severl tries,but get it in the middle of the stars.

Walk in,get it,and rise.You willgo high and stay like that and glide along.To get down spit item.

PS: If left unnatended too long,items will dissapear.You can get a new one from professor.

hey! If u are trying to get all of the specieal..

hey! If u are trying to get all of the specieal moves on spyro2.forget it all you have to do is this.

Press start hold the l1 butten and press up up up up square and you will hear a sound effect and thats it!

Go to breeze harbor and go to the pool next to t..

Go to breeze harbor and go to the pool next to the heat activate wirlwind. Then make the water rise.

Go to the step closesest to the water.Go on the left side of the step and dive until you end up floting on the step.

Now you can swim in the air.Charge swim facing the saturn-like planet in the air.

Keep on going for at least 10 minutes and you might see the breeze builder's world but it's deserted and you can go through everything!

BEWARE:don't go to far under the deserted breeze builder world and the only way to get out is by exiting the level.

Here are some sweet cheats for Spyro2!! To get ..

Here are some sweet cheats for Spyro2!!

To get some stuff like swimming, climbing, and some junk like that without paying blubberbutt Moneybags press START,OOOO DOWN then Square.

Press the start botton and press circle(4)times ..

Press the start botton and press circle(4)times then square. You this cheat you will be able to swim,climb,and headbash.
You can put in this cheat or use the man money bag. Here`s another to find gems hold L1,R1 and R1 and sparks will point you.

To do hover-glide find a whirl wind and get to t..

To do hover-glide find a whirl wind and get to the top.then you sould be gliding.while your gliding,press the down botton, you should be hover-gliding.

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