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Resident Evil 2 Cheats for PlayStation

Cheats and Tips for Resident Evil 2

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Resident Evil 2 Guide
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We have cheats that will give you unlimited ammunition, extra unlockable gameplay options such as Eagle Stone, Jaguar Stone, Gatling Gun and a Rocket Launcher.

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We have 27 cheats and tips on PlayStation. If you have any cheats or tips for Resident Evil 2 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Nintendo 64 : GameCube : PC : DreamCast

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Unlimited Ammuniton

During gameplay press 'Select' and enter 'Key Config'. Then hold R1 and press Square 10 times. If you have entered the code correctly 'Manual' or 'Auto' will turn red as confirmation.


Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding effect.
Unlock Infinite Rocket Launcher:
In less than 2:30 with an A or B ranking beat scenario 1 on Normal difficulty setting.
Gatling Gun:
In less than 2:30 with an A or B ranking beat scenario 2 on Normal difficulty setting.
Unlock Tofu Scenario:
Complete six scenarios and get an A ranking on one of them and then save the game.
Unlock Hunk Scenario:
Complete scenario 1 and scenario 2 with an A ranking on one of them and then save the game.

Herbs - all possible combinations and their effects

There are three types of healing herb found in the game - Green, Red and Blue. The below chart will list the the possible combinations and effects of each:
Green - Restores 25 percent of health
Green + Green - Restores 50 percent of health
Green + Green + Green - Fully restores health
Red - No effect alone
Green + Red - Fully restores health
Blue - Cures poison
Green + Blue - Restores 25 percent of health and cures poison
Green + Green + Blue - Restores 50 percent of health and cures poison
Green + Red + Blue - Fully restores health and cures poison
Note - No more than three herbs can be combined together. Therefore, it is not possible to combine three Green herbs and a Blue herb. Also, Blue herbs cannot combine with Red alone..

Special unlockables

To unlock the Infinite Rocket Launcher and the Gatling Gun (with infinite ammo), beat the game in under 2'30'00 with an A ranking and they will both appear in your item box when you start a new game and reach the R.P.D.
Their inclusion is basically a reward for your efforts, so that you can play through the game with the ability to destroy every undead zombie and creature you meet. The Infinite Rocket Launcher is especially fun.

Flick on the swiches in the following order to p..

Flick on the swiches in the following order to power up the weapon-storage room in the basement up,up,down,down,up


dual shock version onlyInfinite ammo,Go to the k..

dual shock version only
Infinite ammo,
Go to the key config option screen where you can change your aimming to
manual or auto. hold R1 while you tap the square botton 10 times to get
infinite ammo.
Note press select botton to open the option srceen to enter this cheat.
the word auto or manual well turn red. have funn!

Weapons locker

Before you enter the Umbrella Laboratory, take the W. Box Key from the Vacant Factory. Inside the Umbrella Laboratory, head to the room opposite the one where the Giant Moth resides. Once inside this room, head to the lockers on your character's immediate left and open the fourth one using the W. Box Key.
Leon will find Magnum Parts inside.
Claire will find Flame Rounds inside.

Recommended Ammo

The easiest way to subdo Mr. X with Claire is the always deadily acid rounds. Also save up on the ole flame rounds for William's face cause a few of those bad boys and he's toast. One last thing on Leon A if you wanna try something new use the flamethrower on him once the count starts.

Some Datel CodesClare OnlyEagle Stone: 800CC6DC ..

Some Datel Codes

Clare Only

Eagle Stone: 800CC6DC 013A

Jaguar Stone: 800CC6E0 0137

Serpent Stone: 800CC6E4 0136

Gatling Gun: 800CC61C FF12

Rocket Launcher: 800CC618 FF11

Spark Shot: 800CC610 FF0E
Leon Only

Custom Shotgun: 800CC674 FF08

Sub Machine Gun: 800CC67C FF0F

Tofu scenario

Successfully complete either character's first and second scenarios in less than three hours. Then, play the game again with the other character, and successfully complete their first and second scenarios in less than three hours.
Play the game a third time and complete either character's first and second scenarios again in less than three hours. Note: The game must be saved less than twelve times during each of the six scenarios played and bonus weapons must NOT be used.
Tofu must reach the second floor of the police station from the sewer with just battles and no puzzles. Tofu can not use any weapons other than a knife. Sucks huh?

Tape in S.T.A.R.S. Office

Just a little help for those who want to add a little something in their files. In the S.T.A.R.S. Office, go to the desk next to the photo of the S.T.A.R.S. Members. That's Wesker's desk. Search it for at least 30 times and a film roll will appear. Take it and go back to the dark room on the first floor. If you decide to reveal the film's content, a photo of a girl should appear. This photo will be saved in your files.

Extra unlockable gameplay options

4th Survivor mini game - Beat an A scenario with a A ranking and a B scenario with an A ranking.
Tofu mini game - Beat 4th Survivor with an A ranking, I believe.
Extreme Battle mode - Beat any A scenario and the following B scenario.
Unlock Ada Wong in Extreme Battle - Beat Extreme Battle with both Leon and Claire.
Unlock Chris Redfield in Extreme Battle - Beat Extreme Battle with Ada.

Special Key

On any scenario on the Normal difficulty, get to the RPD precinct without picking up any items. Before entering the RPD, head down the nearby stairs in the entrance courtyard and you will come across a zombie that was once Brad Vickers, the S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team helicopter pilot from the first Resident Evil game (if you wish to know the events that led to his transformation into a zombie, play Resident Evil 3: Nemesis).
Brad has more stamina than a regular zombie and won't go down easily. However, keep firing at him and he'll eventually fall. Once you have done so, examine his body and you'll pick up a special key.
Once inside the RPD, head to the Darkroom once you have opened the hallway doors with the card key that Marvin Branagh gave you and examine the lockers...

Brad Vickers zombie Part II

Something I didn't notice when I submitted the first 'Brad Vickers zombie' Hint.
In order to obtain the Special Key in the B scenarios, you have to have obtained it the the previous A scenario. If you encountered Brad an obtained the key in the A scenario, head to the same place (the tunnel outside the R.P.D.'s main entrance) and Brad will be there. You do not need to worry about getting there without picking up any items (which is impossible in the B scenario, anyway), so grab the Shotgun/Grenade Launcher from the main hall and head outside. Brad will be here. However, now that you have the Shotgun/Grenade Launcher, you don't have to waste 25 Handgun Bullets killing him. Just decapitate him with the Shotgun (if you're Leon) or kill him with the Grenade Launcher (if you're Cla..

Spreader Peletsget the regular shotgun and aim i..

Spreader Pelets

get the regular shotgun and aim it at your local zombie as he comes closer et ready to blast, shoot and tap up at the same time.

This spreads the pelets up its rotten body tearing it apart! sometimes it blows them in half.

This is effective when u are surrounded it is more powerfull than a regular shot.

this also works well on nemisis.

Extra AmmoOn that gigantic elvato..

Extra Ammo

On that gigantic elvator, the one you fight mutated William Birken on, go inside and go towards the toilet and check it.

There should either be Flame Rounds for Claire or Shotgun Shells for Leon.

When the giant alligator (or crocodile, whatever..

When the giant alligator (or crocodile, whatever!) comes out, run back to where the panel on the wall is. Press X and a big cannister will fall. When the gator grabs it, shoot the cannister, and the gator will be blown up.

Get weapons

Get an A and you'll get a free weapon.

What Mike failed to say is:

First you must go on difficulty normal from the begining.
Next you must not pick anything (bullets guns) up, until your'e at the police station.
A zombie should be at the stairwell, kill him and there should be key on him, get the key and go into the station.
Go see the guy laying on the floor in the room, get the card and unlock the doors.
Finally go through the door on the left of the statue, kill the licker and go into that safe place with the red room and the closet in the corner has the key you got.(it has 2 costumes which in my opinion, SUCK!)

Taking down Mr. X (standard)

When facing Mr. X in his normal form, you have the option of taking him down or running through the nearest door away from him. However, it's a better idea to take him down each time you encounter him.
I find the best weapons to take him down are the Sub-Machine Gun and the Gatling Gun. As they keep unloading the lead into Mr. X, it prevents him from getting too close to you before he passes out. You can then reap the rewards.
Taking him down will give you access to some ammo if you examine his unconscious body. At one point the result is unfortunately some Handgun Bullets (which is not exactly bad, but there are better rewards out there), but most of the time you'll receive ammo for the Shotgun, Bowgun, Grenade Launcher or Mangum (depending on which character you'r..

Lowdown of the rankings

Here I will list what you need to do to obtain each ranking:
A ranking - Beat the scenario in under three hours without using any First Aid Sprays or weapons that take up two item slots.
B ranking - Beat the scenario in under three hours, but by using a First Aid Spray and/or a weapon that takes up two item slots.
C ranking - Beat the scenario in over three hours, but less than seven.
D ranking - Fail to meet all of the above requirements.

All extra weapon parts locations

This applies to Leon's scenarios only.
Handgun Parts - Inside the locked desk outside of the library (corridor-side exit). A Small Key is required to open the desk.
Shotgun Parts - Inside the Vacant Factory passages. From the entrance to the factory outside of the sky tram, head down the left hand corridor first, then the left hand corridor again in the second passage room.
Magnum Parts - Inside the locker in the large chemicals room on the B5 floor of the laboratory (the room opposite the moth's chamber). The W. Box Key is required.
Combine each of the Parts with the corresponding weapon to increase the usefulness of the weapon in various ways.

Gatling Gun

If you wish to play through the game using the Gatling Gun, be aware that Lickers will still run blindly into the gunfire. Therefore, if they get close enough before you shoot them enough times to kill them, they can still attack you.


The Ivy enemies (mutated plants) do not need to be killed. You face very few in the game, but you can easily run past all those that appear. Due to the very slow reaction time of these enemies, you can almost guarantee that you'll get by unscathed. This is very useful, as fighting these enemies often risks you getting poisoned by their attacks.

Decapitating zombies

You can decapitate zombies for a quicker kill. This works best with the Shotgun (the Magnum does it too, but you'll want to save your Magnum for boss battles). When a zombie comes after you, let them get close, and then point your Shotgun up and fire. This should decapitate them. However, the Shotgun does a good job at decapitating from a distance, too, which is what you should try to do if you are facing groups of zombies. Only use the pointing up method for lone zombies that you need to kill.
Note - Claire does not have any weapons that decapitate zombies.

When you start the game on normal go through the..

When you start the game on normal go through the game to the police station.

When you go down the stairs there will be a zombie down there.

If you notice it is brad from the first past him up the other side of the stairs.go into the station and get the ammo on the desk.

Go back outside and the garden with the bushes right there when you walk out hit will get a green herb.use it.

Now that you have full health and full ammo go back down the stairs.stoot brad unitl he dies or just shoot him a few times and wait for him to drop then he will climb on your leg.

Hit x unitil they stomp on his head.hit x by him and you will get ..

Additional Shotgun Shells/Grenade Rounds

You can obtain an extra set of Shotgun Shells/Grenade Rounds (depending on whether you're playing as Leon or Claire, respectively) in the Sewage Disposal Facility when you take control of Ada/Sherry for the first time, during the search for the Club Key. This ammunition can be reached in all four scenarios.
When you take control of Ada/Sherry, head towards the door at the far end of the corridor. You'll now be outside, with two paths to choose from. One will lead to the Club Key, and the other to the ammunition. Go down the path that leads to an elevator (even though the location of the Club Key can change depending on character and scenario, the ammunition will always be in the same place) and ride down the elevator. You will be in a small storage room where the ammunition w..

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