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Follow the dark path or use the light
Legend of Legaia Pack Shot

Legend of Legaia

Legend of Legaia Cheats for PlayStation

We have 6 cheats on PlayStation

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UnlockablesAdded 5 Jul 2006, ID #13809
Research Center Password:
The password to Dr. Usha's research center is X, X, Triangle, Circle, Square.

Platinum Card:
When you have saved Drake Castle and spoke to the king go to the upper left room from where the throne is located and search the wall. You will find the platinum card there which allows you to buy special items at certain shops.

Hidden FMV Sequence:
If you wait at the Title screen for about 30 seconds a hidden FMV sequence will start.

Battle Queen BeeAdded 31 Dec 2003, ID #10943
If you want to battle Queen Bee, go to Rim Elm and go to the beach.

Go to the tree near the beach.
ID #4912


Go to the store in elm rim then go to the bedroom there is a item called pointcard in the get 5%of the cost of what you buy. then use it to return the points to dammage the enemy.

ID #4907
First thing,U=UP

D=down, L=left


Noa's arts are,

Frost Breath-LLRR

Tempest Break-RRLUUU


Swan Driver-DUUU

Bird Step-DDDU

Dolphin Attack-RRLR

ID #4902

Platinum card

Go to Drake castle and go to the room where the king is.

To the upper left hand side of him is a door. Go through that door and go to the far back wall.

On that wall you will find the platinum card.

ID #4897
To get secret spells for Vahn,Noa, and Gala.

To get Meta-After u defeat Songi at the seru-kai go to Sol's Genesis Tree and touch it.

To get Terra-Go tu Mt. Rikuroa and touch it and you will get this spell

To get Ozma-go to east voz forest or where u first got Ozma and touch it and you will get the Ozma spell.

*Note:your Ra-Seru level will increase*

Fight a secret boss: Go back tu Mt. Dhini again after yor visit tu Soren Camp you will meet a secret boss named Lapis, BE WARNED!

He is very fast and powerful and he will ambush u at the start and reduce your MP tu zero, this is what yor MP will look like, 0/0, so do this when you have tu fight Juggernaught on the inside , find the Ra-Seru weapons in Juggernaught and use them against Lapis, u will win eventually.

U will get a Evil Medallion, u will not be able tu control that character but that person will do numerous combos instantly.

Get Fighting Robe for free:When u first visit Drake Kingdom with Noa, Noa will go tu the weapons dealer and she will say "Money, what's money?"

U must say "I don't know either" The weapons dealer will say "Man, for heroes u don't a lot of things, u know if u don't know what money is I'll give u the Fighting Robe for free."

If u want the Evil Talisman tu summon Juggernaught u must have all characters at level 99 tu get the spell.





Vahn's Moves:

Hyper Elbow:lrl 18 AP

Charging Scorch:dru 18 AP

somersault:udu 18 AP

Slash kick:udl 18 AP

power punch:lld 18 AP

cross-kick:dddu 24 AP

pyro pummel:lrul 24 AP

spin combo:udrl 24 AP

PK combo:duul 24 AP

hurricane: 24 AP

cyclone:duuu 24 AP

tornado flame:rrl 30 AP *Fire Book 1*

fire blow:rrdl 40 AP *Fire Book 2*

burning flare:rdldl 50 AP *Fire Book 3*

power slash:drududl 54 AP

fire tackle:lrlldru 54 AP

maximum blow:drudlld 54 AP

tri-somersault:uduuudu 60 AP

Rolling Combo:udrllduul 66 AP

Vahn's Craze:rdlulurdl 90 AP

Noa's Moves:

lizard tail:udu 18 AP

beast fangs:udd 18 AP

sonic javilan:rdr 18 AP

blizzard bash:rld 18 AP

mirage lancer:rruu 24 AP

dolphin attack:rrlr 24 AP

bird step:dddu 24 AP

swan diver:duuu 24 AP

tough love:dudlr 30 AP

rushing gale:uuldr 30 AP

tempest break:rrluuu 36 AP

frost breath:llrr 40 AP

vulture blade:llrlr 50 AP

hurricane kick:luuuudr 70 AP

super javelin:uuldrdr 48 AP

dragon fangs:uduuudd 54 AP

triple-lizard:ddduuudu 66 AP

super tempest:rrlrrluuu 60 AP

love you:rruududlr 72 AP

Noa's Ark:lurduludr 90 AP

Gala's Moves:

flying knee kick:dul 18 AP

battering ram:lrd 18 AP

ironhead:udd 18 AP

back punch:lrl 18 AP

guillotine:lul 18 AP

head-splitter:luu 18 AP

side kick:dduu 24 AP

black rain:uldd 24 AP

neo raising:llrul 30 AP

electro thrash:uldrl 30 AP

bulls horns:lurdl 30 AP

thunder punch:rrl 30 AP

lightning storm:rrul 40 AP

explosive fist:rrlll 50 AP

rushing crush:lrduluu 54 AP

super ironhead:duluudd 54 AP

tri-back punch:uddulrl 54 AP

heaven's drop:duluuldd 60 AP

neo rising:lrlullrul 66 AP

biron's rage:rrdududll 90 AP


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