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Follow the dark path or use the light
Legend of Legaia Pack Shot

Legend of Legaia


100% Walkthrough

by meth962

v1.03 - March 27, 2009


         100% Walkthrough
           by Meth962

This FAQ was written as a SPOILER FREE walkthrough that will let you acheive a
perfect 100% save. By 100% completion, I count the end game stats that are 
give to you on the last screen. This is NOT a guide to help you max all of the
stats and obtain 255 of every item. This guide will help you get:

All 260 items
All 22 magic spells
All 45 Arts

So hopefully this is enough for you, 'cause I worked hard! >:(

Table of Contents|
I. Disclaimer...........................................................xDISC|
II. Version History.....................................................xVERS|
III. Introduction.......................................................xINTR|
IV. How to Use/Guide Legend.............................................x0000|
V. Perfect Game Walkthrough                                                  |
  a. Rim Elm............................................................x0001|
  b. Hunter's Spring....................................................x0002|
  c. Drake Castle.......................................................x0003|
  d. Snowdrift Cave.....................................................x0004|
  e. Mt.Rikuroa.........................................................x0005|
  f. Drake Castle.......................................................x0006|
  g. Biron Monestary....................................................x0007|
  h. West Voz Forest....................................................x0008|
  i. Biron Monestary Revisited..........................................x0009|
  j. East Voz Forest....................................................x000A|
  k. Biron Monestary Revisited..........................................x000B|
  l. Ancient Wind Cave..................................................x000C|
  m. Zeto's Dungeon.....................................................x000D|
  n. Ancient Wind Cave..................................................x000E|
  o. Jeremi.............................................................x000F|
  p. Vidna..............................................................x0010|
  q. Octam..............................................................x0011|
  r. Shadow Gate........................................................x0012|
  s. Octam Revisited....................................................x0013|
  t. Fire Path..........................................................x0014|
  u. Octam Underground Revisited........................................x0015|
  v. Vidna..............................................................x0016|
  w. Octam Underground Revisited........................................x0017|
  x. Ratayu.............................................................x0018|
  y. Mt.Letona..........................................................x0019|
  z. Ratayu Revisited...................................................x001A|
 aa. Dohati's Castle....................................................x001B|
 bb. Rim Elm............................................................x001C|
 cc. Vidna Revisited....................................................x001D|
 dd. Jeremi Revisited...................................................x001E|
 ee. Kol................................................................x001F|
 ff. Sol................................................................x0020|
 gg. Usha's Research Center.............................................x0021|
 hh. Uru Mais...........................................................x0022|
 ii. Usha Research Center Revisited.....................................x0023|
 jj. Nivora Ravine......................................................x0024|
 kk. Buma...............................................................x0025|
 ll. Usha Research Center...............................................x0026|
 mm. Side-Quest: Fishing!................................Side-Quest: Fishing!|
 nn. Buma...............................................................x0027|
 oo. Mt.Dhini...........................................................x0028|
 pp. Soren Camp.........................................................x0029|
 qq. Floating Castle....................................................x002A|
 rr. Soren Camp Revisited...............................................x002B|
 ss. Karisto Station....................................................x002C|
 tt. Conkram............................................................x002D|
 uu. Conkram Past.......................................................x002E|
 vv. Rogue Tower........................................................x002F|
 ww. Conkram Past Revisited.............................................x0030|
 xx. Jette's Fortress...................................................x0031|
 yy. Rim Elm............................................................x0032|
 zz. Seru-Kai...........................................................x0033|
 1a. Side-Quests: End........................................Side-Quests: End|
 1b. Bio Castle.........................................................x0034|
 1c. Side-Quests: Last......................................Side-Quests: Last|
 1d. Bio Castle.........................................................x0035|
VI. Side-Quests                                                              |
  a. Side-Quests: Fishing!..............................Side-Quests: Fishing!|
  b. Side-Quests: End........................................Side-Quests: End|
  c. Side-Quests: Last......................................Side-Quests: Last|
VII. Bosses                                                                  |
  a. Caruban............................................................B0001|
  b. Vigurox2...........................................................B0002|
  c. Songi Round 1......................................................B0003|
  d. Zeto...............................................................B0004|
  e. Berzerker..........................................................B0005|
  f. Xain...............................................................B0006|
  g. Songi Round 2......................................................B0007|
  h. Saryu..............................................................B0008|
  i. Dohati.............................................................B0009|
  j. Gaza...............................................................B000A|
  l. Seru Gaza..........................................................B000B|
  m. Delilas............................................................B000C|
  n. Koru...............................................................B000D|
  o. Zora...............................................................B000E|
  p. Rogue..............................................................B000F|
  q. Jette..............................................................B0010|
  r. Cort...............................................................B0011|
  s. Tetsu..............................................................B0012|
  t. Songi Round 3......................................................B0013|
  u. Final Boss.........................................................B0014|
VII. Secrets                                                                 |
  a. Baka Fighter.......................................................s0001|
  b. Dance Contest......................................................s0002|
  c. Muscle Dome........................................................s0003|
  d. Fishing............................................................s0004|
  e. Lapis..............................................................s0005|
  f. Evil Seru..........................................................s0006|
VIII. Gameshark........................................................gSHARK|
IX. Battle Arts.........................................................bArts|
X. Help.................................................................iHelp|
XI. Thank You's..........................................................tyvm|
XII. Credit..............................................................crdt|

----------.                                                            .-----.
Disclaimer|                                                            |xDISC|

Alright here is the needed legal babble.

Please feel free to use this guide for personal help all you want, but do not
steal any of the hard work I put into this thing or I will be really sad.

Allowed sites to host this FAQ: 
Neoseeker (
GameFAQs (
Super Cheats (

If you see this guide hosted anywhere else, please notify me via email at:
[email protected]

If you would like to host this FAQ on your site, you simply need to email me
your request and I will 99 out of 100 times say yes.  This is my first FAQ
after all and we're all here to help eachother anyway ya? Actually I don't
really care if you host this on your personal site, but obviously you should
send me a heads up so I don't get other people emailing about you using the
guide where it's not listed.  I'll add you to the list, mmkay?

---------------.                                                       .-----.
Version History|                                                       |xVERS|
No real history yet...

v1.00 - Initial draft! Expect typos!
      - Walkthrough complete, Magic complete, Secrets complete, Art list done,
        Gameshark partially complete
v1.01 - Added some thank you's
      - Added 2 hosts for allowed sites
v1.02 - Finished Gameshark section: GameShark & Artmoney codes finished
v1.03 - Fixed a confusing line about War God Icon. Thanks KatKat19!
      - Fixed an ArtMoney code error

-----------------.                                                     .-----.
How to Use/Legend|                                                     |x0000|
In the table of contents, there are search values you can use such as [B094].
Just use Edit>Find in your browser or window, and search for "B094". You most 
likely know this already :P so on to the other stuff.

This guide is chonological to the story of the game. There are always more 
than one way to do something and you can probably do something earlier but 
this is just the way I did it. Excuse me if I'm old school :)

In an area break down, there will be a list of items, & where they come from:
(C) - Found in a chest
(E) - Found in the environment (bushes, cabinets, etc)
(N) - Given from an event or most likely another character
(B) - Reward for beating a boss (as in rewarded IN the battle screen with ExP)

After this, there is a memory address location and the value it changed. Just 
ignore this crap as I was too lazy to take it out :P

** Please note that all items designated with an (*) asterisk, count for total
and all items without an asterisk do not.

You will also find magic to absorb listed along with the number of characters 
that need to absorb that seru still.


---------.                                 .------.
Area Name|                                 |search|   
Heal Thing (C)* - 0077ADFC -> 10
Total: #item total/260
Magic: SpellName(2) <- 2 characters need SpellName..
  All: 10/22 <- 10 out of 22 magic collected

Hope this isn't confusing, it looks really bad now that I look at it, sorry :(


On with the meat and potatoes! Hope you're hungry!

Perfect Game Walkthrough|

-------.                                                               .-----.
Rim Elm|                                                               |x0001|
Magic Leaf (E)* - 0063C5AB -> 04
Healing Leaf (E)* - 0063C5B1 -> 10
Healing Leaf (N) - Tetsu
Healing Leaf (3)(N)* - 0063C5DB - 22
Hunter Clothes (N)
Mei's Pendant (N)* - 63C5DB - 02 - 03 - 63C5DD - 9B
Point Card (E)* - 63C5B9 - 01
Total: 5/260 01.92%

After the intro and being introduced to some of the villagers, head to your
house to finish an event. Now you can grab some items.  Start by checking your
own house's cupboard for a [Healing Leaf].  Then go rob the Elder's cupboard 
in his house in the northeast part of town to get a [Magic Leaf]. Now go visit
with your friend and teacher Tetsu.  Practice fighting with him and then an 
event will trigger. Afterwards, head back to your house to sleep. You will 
wake up to an event taking place outside. Leave your house and check on Mei if
you want to, then talk to the Elder to the north. The following events will
launch you into a battle. This would be a good time to learn your art moves:


You can spirit and also learn these as well:


You could level up here up to level 3 or 4 if you wish to get a good start. It
is a good opportunity since your sister will cure you anytime you need it. Now
go to the Item Shop and talk to the woman there. Answer her question with any 
of the choices and she will give you 3x[Healing Leaf] and call you brave! Go 
check on Mei at her house next and tell her what happened and invite her to go
back to your place. Your next objective is to find a place for everyone to go,
so head down to the Genesis tree. Follow the events that occur and then head
back to your place and speak with your father and tell him. A series of things
will happen and you will eventually be able to leave.  When you attempt to, 
Mei will come by and give you [Hunting Clothes] and [Mei's Pendant]. You are 
now free to exit the village onto the world map.

** You will not get Mei's pendant if you didn't check up on her and invite her
back to your house. If you told her to lock her doors and windows, she still 
won't give the pendant to you so hopefully you were reading carefully.
** When you need to gather everyone at the tree, you can talk to the elder, to
Mei, or to your father. For some reason, only talking to your father adds 1 to
the memory address 63C5DB so that is why I suggested this one

But you must immediately turn around!

Go back to Rim Elm and check the drawer in the upstairs room of the Inn to get
the [Point Card] - It won't allow you to open the drawar until after you leave.
This will act like your credit card's reward points system. :P 
Now that you have the card, you can go ahead and buy some equipment and items 
for the road ahead. Just skip out on buying a Survival Knife as you can get a
free one in the next dungeon.

---------------.                                                       .-----.
Hunter's Spring|                                                       |x0002|
Healing Leaf (C)* - 63C5A6 - 10
Total: 6/260 02.30%

Stop by at the hunter's spring and talk to everyone there.  Make sure you get
the only item here in the chest to the right [Healing Leaf].

------------.                                                          .-----.
Drake Castle|                                                          |x0003|
Door of Light (C)* - 63C5A0 -> 10
Sunrise Key (E) - 63C5E5 -> 10
Healing Leaf (C)* - 63C5A0 -> 18
Fury Boost (E)* - 63C5BA -> 0C
Lightning Key (E) - 63C5E5 -> 18
Survival Knife (C)* - 63C5A0 -> 1C
Magic Leaf (E)* - 63C5C2 -> A0
Star Key (E) - 63C5E5 -> 14
Healing Leaf (C)* - 63C5A0 - 1E
Fire Book I (C)* - 63C5A0 - 1F
Mountain Key (E) - 63C5E5 - 16
Total: 13/260 05.00%
Magic: Gimard (1)
       Vahn: 1(1/22)

Head into Drake Castle after getting the chest with [Door of Light] right next
to the entrance.  Go up the stairs and enter the left door and examine the
sparkling case on the right for the [Sunrise Key]. Now go back out and take 
the middle door, using your key. 

Head up the hallway and grab the chest in the upper left for a [Healing Leaf].
Now head down and take the door in the lower left. There is a hidden 
[Fury Boost] located in the south center of this room; Go as far as you can 
south towards the wall until you can't see yourself and then head left, 
press X at that location. Then head to the upper right and grab the 
[Lightning Key] from the case there. Exit the room here and take the north 
door by using your new key on it. 

Cross through another hall and then take the lower left exit in the new room. 
Here you can grab the chest to get a [Survival Knife]. Next, search the very 
lower right of this room to find a [Magic Leaf]. Now exit this room and go 
into the lower right room this time. Take the [Star Key] from the case on the 
right wall, and use the key in the main room. Through another hallway and into
a new room, check the upper left to find a [Healing Leaf] in the chest. Now go
straight south and enter the room there.  Take the first door to your right to
get to the throne room.  The upper right door leads you to a chest with the 
[Fire Book I] in it, so use it on Vahn and then rest in this room. This is a
great opportunity point to level up and build your magic level with the Gimard
that you should have absorbed by now. That choice is up to you however. When
you are ready, check the left door in the throne room to find a letter in the 
chest there. Then grab the [Mountain Key] from the case on the upper wall. Now
you may finally exit the castle by using your last key on the gate. Follow the
path on the world map to your next destination, Mt. Rikuroa.

--------------.                                                        .-----.
Snowdrift Cave|                                                        |x0004|
Healing Shroom (E)* - 63C5A6 - 14
Healing Shroom (E)* - 63C5A6 - 16
Healing Shroom (E)* - 63C5A6 - 1E
Healing Shroom (E)* - 63C5A6 - 1F
Nail Glove (C)* - 63C5A0 - 9F
Total: 18/260 06.92%

As your new character, follow the wolf to the training grounds. The answers to
her questions are listed below, so if you want to answer them yourself, don't 
look! After her second question, grab the [Healing Shroom] that is visible 
behind Terra when she stops to ask you. You can grab another [Healing Shroom]
after her 3rd question.

Answers to Terra's Q
1. Seru and Human.  |
2. A Genesis Tree.  |
3. Mt. Rikuroa. (#4)|

Now you are to practice fighting with Noa. Grab the [Healing Shroom] in the
left of the room and then fight all the Red Puras that you can. Now would also
be a good time to start learning Noa's arts:


Spirit and you may learn these:


Fight the Black Puras carefully, and have Terra heal you between fights. You 
can get the most EXP by fighting until you are forced to leave. Follow Terra 
back to camp and the old wolf will join you (sweet!). Don't worry about using 
items now as the wolf will heal you and she cannot die (so she makes a perfect
meat shield too). On the way out, make sure you don't miss the last item in 
the area, [Healing Shroom]. Exit the cave onto the world map and...

Now be careful not to miss this item!

On the world map, stick to the right until you follow a path to a cutscene. 
Grab the [Nail Glove] from this chest, equip it and head back the way you came.


-----------.                                                           .-----.
Mt. Rikuroa|                                                           |x0005|
Healing Leaf (C)* - 63C5A1 - 02
Scarlet Jewel (C)* - 63C5A1 - 03
Power Water (C)* - 63C5A2 - 80
Guardian Water (B) - 63C5E8 - 74 - Golem
Phoenix (C)* - 63C5A2 - C0
Speed Elixir (C)* - 63C5A2 - E0
Healing Leaf (C)* - 63C5A2 - F0
Vahn Fist (C)* - 63C5A1 - 0B
Healing Bloom (C)* - 63C5A1 - 0F
Healing Bloom (B) - Caruban
Total: 26/260 10.00%
Magic: Vera (1)
       Vahn: 1(2/22)

Head down the path and you will get to a chest with a [Healing Leaf] inside. 
Head inside the cave now and pick up the [Scarlet Jewel] in the chest. Next 
you will run into a chest containing a [Power Water]. Continue on and beat the
snot out of the monster blocking your path. You get a [Guardian Water] for 
beating him. Continue on the path after resting a bit until you run into a 
chest containing a [Phoenix]. Now you can save your game, and if you want or 
need to, you can level around the save point since you have an unlimited heal
force with you. When you are done, move on and the story will switch back to 
our blue haired hero.

Run up the path until you start jumping up on ledges. Be careful not to miss 
the [Speed Elixir] cleverly placed in a chest to the right and down out of 
view. Continue on until you reach a fork, head to the right and jump across 
the ledges until you wind up at another rock climbing path. Hop up the steps 
and when you start heading right, make sure you hold right and down to hop 
down a level to get the [Healing Leaf] in the chest. Continue to the very top 
to find a [Vahn Fist] which you should equip right away. Now head all the way 
back to the fork in the road and continue to the left. Hop up the ledges there
and make sure to open the chest for a [Healing Bloom]. Continue until you get 
to a save point. Make sure you absorbed the magic {Vera} here before you go to
fight the boss.

.-------------.---------.                        .-----.
|Boss: Caruban| 1,000HP |                        |B0001|
|Your first real boss battle of this game and it is a  |
|hard one as are most bosses in the game. Make use of  |
|spiriting and attacking with your biggest arts. His   |
|fire breath attack hurts but hopefully you'll have    |
|made use of spiriting or you'll just need to heal with|
|the Vera magic from Vahn.                             |

Leave Mt.Rikuroa now by heading back the way Vahn came from, and go back to...

------------.                                                          .-----.
Drake Castle|                                                          |x0006|
Water Key (N) - 63C5E5 - 37
Platinum Card (E)* - 63C5BA - 0E
Healing Leaf (C)* - 63C5A1 - 8F
Healing Bloom (C)* - 63C5A1 - CF
Swift Water (C)* - 63C5A1 - EF
Fighting Robe (N) - 63C5F7 - 1E
Healing Shroom(10)/Healing Shroom(5)/Wisdom Water(N) - 63C5E7-2E - 63C5E7-2F
Wind Book I (C)* - 63C5A5 - 01
Phoenix (C)* - 63C5A0 - DF
Life Water (C)* - 63C5A0 - FF
Total: 33/260 12.69%

Head inside and speak with the king. He will give you the [Water Key]. Once he
is finished talking with you, head inside the left door behind him. Check the 
upper left corner where the little window is to find a [Platinum Card]. Now 
back out and go down two floors and take the door on the left. You can learn a
new art or two if you don't have them already by talking to the man on the 
left. Also, be sure to grab the [Healing Leaf] from the chest here. Now head 
out and down another floor and enter the door on the left. A chest here has a 
[Healing Bloom] for you. The door on the right harbors a [Swift Water]. Go out
to the main entrance now and there will be plenty of shops open. Talk to Noa 
in front of the arms shop and when she asks you about money, tell her you 
don't know and you will receive a free [Fighting Robe] for Noa. At the Item 
Shop she will quiz you.  Here are the answers to her test:

|Healing Berry - 63C5E7 - 2E  |
|Exit a Dungeon - 63C5E7 - 2F |
|Wats - 63C5E8 - FB           |

She will give you 10x[Healing Shroom] if you answer all three correctly. After
Noa is done dragging you around, go buy her some better equipment at the Arms 
shop (don't forget to skip the Fighting Robe though). Leave once you are done.

Right outside the castle to the right, the water gate can be accessed. Use the
water key on the switch and grab the [Wind Book I] from the chest. Use this on
Noa right away. Exit right and once you are on the world map, immediately head

This is another easily missed chest!|
Make sure you check these paths!    |

The first path contains a [Phoenix] in the chest and the second path contains  
[Life Water] which is slightly hidden to the right. Continue east until you 
reach Biron Monestary.

*If you head back to Drake Castle and sleep at the inn, you will witness one 
of Noa's dreams.

---------------.                                                       .-----.
Biron Monestary|                                                       |x0007|
Power Elixir (E)* - 63C5BA - 0F
Phoenix (E)* - 63C5BB - 80
Medicine (C)* - 63C5A1 - FF
Healing Bloom (E)* - 63C5BB - C0
Ivory Book (C)* - 63C5A7 - 04
Total: 38/260 14.61%
Magic: Gimard(1), Theeder(2)
       Vahn: 1(3/22), Noa: 2(2/22)

Head inside by hitting the switch on the ground. After being introduced go and
grab the [Power Elixir] hidden on the statue. Continue to the left or right to
meet another familiar person. Then head in the middle door up the stairs. In 
the back room you can find a [Medicine] in a hidden chest in the lower right 
corner. Also there is a [Phoenix] in the left jar above the chest. Now exit 
and go to the room guarded on the right. Noa will go in and talk to Maya. Next
you can take one of the middle two south exits, and climb up the stairs to the
middle door. In the jar on the right is a [Healing Bloom]. Talk to Zopu and 
there will be a long chain of events/talking. Finally you will get to leave to
the world map.

Here is another easily missed treasure!|
On the map, hug the left wall until you|
get to a path which contains a rare    |
[Ivory Book] on the left!              |

After getting the book, equip it to Noa and head north past the forest, to a 
cave at the end of the river. In here you can fight Gimards and Theeders for 
Noa and Vahn to absorb. Exit the cave and head for West Voz Forest when you 
are done.

Tip: Be mindful of Gala and his must learn arts:


Later you can spirit and learn these:


---------------.                                                       .-----.
West Voz Forest|                                                       |x0008|
Medicine (C)* - 63C5A2 - F8
Healing Leaf (C)* - 63C5A2 - FC
Medicine (C)* - 63C5A2 - FD
Shield Elixir (C)* - 63C6A3 - FF
Fertilizer (C) - 63C5A7 - 84
Magic Amulet (C)* - 63C5A3 - 40
Door of Light (C)* - 63C5A3 - C0
Noa Feral (C)* - 63C5A3 - E0
Healing Bloom (C)* - 63C5A3 - F0
Deep Sea Jewel (E)* - 63C5A3 - F8
Total: 47/260 18.07%
Magic: Nighto (2), Vera(1) - Second half of forest
       Vahn: 1(4/22), Noa: 2(4/22)

Head in following the path and sticking to the right until you get to a chest 
with a [Medicine] inside. Head back left and grab the [Healing Leaf] from the 
obvious chest. Continue left until you get to another fork. Take the right to
get another [Medicine] from a chest. continue left until you meet back with 
the path and head down to the fork and this time go left through the tunnel.
Loot the two chests here to get a [Shield Elixir] and the [Fertilizer], ew.

Now head back and go north to a new screen. Immediately start hugging the 
right side of the path and you will shortly come across a well hidden path to 
a chest containing a [Magic Amulet]. Use the fertilizer on the plant that you 
find up ahead and cross over. Walk straight ahead and you will run into a 
chest with a [Door of Light] inside. Continue north until you reach another 
chest with a [Noa Feral] which you should not forget to equip to Noa. Now go 
left through the tunnel there until you reach a chest containing a
[Healing Bloom]. Head south to save your game, and then enter the last tunnel.

Before you run and check the Genesis tree, head straight north of it (slightly
 on the left) and check the area to find a [Deep Sea Jewel], one of the few 
very hard to find items. Now follow the events that occur after touching the 
Genesis tree and head back to the Monestary.

---------------.                                                       .-----.
Biron Monestary|                                                       |x0009|
Guardian Water (E)* - 63C5BB - E0
Total: 48/260 18.46%
Magic: Theeder(0), Gimard (0)
       Vahn: 0(4/22), Noa: 0(4/22)

Head into the monestary and get to the middle floor. The upper right door that
you couldn't get into before is now open. It's where the women were, and it 
contains a [Guardian Water] stashed in the right jar in the room. Go to the 
middle room where the survivors are and talk to them. Stock up on supplies if 
you need to and head out using the East Voz Forest exit. On the map, head up 
to the north to reach the forest.

---------------.                                                       .-----.
East Voz Forest|                                                       |x000A|
Healing Flower (C)* - 63C5A3 - F9
Weed Hammer (C) - 63C5A7 - C4
Magic Leaf (C)* - 63C5A4 - 80
Guardian Water (C)* - 63C5A3 - FB
Healing Bloom (C)* - 63C5A4 - C0
Cure Amulet (C)* - 63C5A7 - D4
Antidote (C)* - 63C5A4 - D0
Survival Club (C)* - 63C5A4 - D8
Azure Jewel (C)* - 63C5A4 - F8
Medicine (C)* - 63C5A7 - F4
Earth Jewel (E)* - 63C5A7 - FC
Total: 58/260 22.30%
Magic: Gizam (2), Nighto(0)
       Vahn: 1(5/22), Noa: 1(5/22)

Follow the path until you are forced through a tunnel, then head north until 
you get to another left path (second one), which leads to a [Healing Flower].
Go back and head north, and take the next right you see to get the great 
[Weed Hammer] from the chest there. Go ahead and try it out on the nearby 
grass to reach the chest containing a [Magic Leaf]. Now backtrack all the way
back to cut through and recieve the [Guardian Water] from the first chest. Now
head back all the way north to the next screen.

On the next screen, immediately start hugging the right wall and you will find
a path to the right that leads to a well hidden [Healing Bloom]. Back on the 
path, continue on until you see a tunnel going left. You will find a chest 
with a [Cure Amulet] inside. Now go back and head north. Take the first left 
and you will get an [Antidote] and a [Suvival Club], yay finally a weapon for
Gala. Continue on the path and you will see a chest in the north which has a
[Azure Jewel] for you. Now head south a little and take the right path. You 
will eventually find a chest with a [Medicine] inside. Take it and go through 
the tunnel to the north. Save and rejuvinate your characters as much as you 
can. You can even head back to Biron to heal up. Make sure you equip the Ra-
seru egg you got from West Voz onto someone to absorb lightning damage.

Make sure you check the bushes |
just north of the genesis tree!|
You will find a [Earth Jewel], |
another easily missed item!    |

--------------.----------.                        .-----.
Boss: Vigurox2| 1,500 HP |                        |B0002|
This is a pretty tough fight. Make sure you concentrate |
on one of them to take one out quickly. You could use   |
Gizam or Theeder to do some damage, and make sure you   |
use spirit effectively to cut some damage out. Heal with|
Vera when you need to. You may get lucky and absorb one.|

Awaken the Genesis tree and then head back to Biron Monestary.

-------------------------.                                             .-----.
Biron Monestary Revisited|                                             |x000B|
Healing Leafx10 (N)* - 63C5ED - EB
Total: 59/260 22.69%

After following the events, go talk to Maya in the kitchen before you leave.
Be sure and stock up one last time, and the weapons dealer has a bunch of new 
weapons and armor for sale so make sure you get it all, especially for Gala. 
If you need more money, go to the mist generator and save up from fighting. 
When you are ready to leave, use the West Voz exit to the world map.
Before heading to the Mist Generator though, we have some catch up to do with 
Gala. Head north to the small cave at the end of the river.

-----------------.                                                     .-----.
Ancient Wind Cave|                                                     |x000C|
Magic: Theeder (1), Gimard (1)
       Vahn: 0(5/22), Noa: 0(5/22), Gala: 2(2/22)

The mist is still in this cave! That means you can absorb two seru for Gala.
Just make sure he uses the Ivory Book for quick absorbing.

--------------.                                                        .-----.
Zeto's Dungeon|                                                        |x000D|
Thunder Book I (C)* - 63C5A4 - FA
Healing Leaf (C)* - 63C5A4 - FB
Healing Flower (C)* - 63C5A4 - FF
Fury Boost (C)* - 63C5A5 - 81
Healing Bloom (C)* - 63C5A5 - C1
Short Sword (C)* - 63C5A5 - C5
Shield Elixir (C)* - 63C5A5 - E5
Phoenix (C)* - 63C5A5 - F5
Medicine (C)* - 63C5A5 - FD
Magic Leaf (C)* - 63C5A5 - FF
Healing Bloom (C)* - 63C5A6 - 9F
Burning Jewel (C)* - 63C5A6 - DF
Tempest Jewel (C)* - 63C5A7 - FE
Door of Light (C)* - 63C5A6 - FF
Mettle Ring (B) - 63C5Ca - 1C ??
Total: 73/260 28.07%
Magic: Zenoir (3), Vera (1)-on 2F, Gizam (1)-on 3F, Nighto (1)-on 2F,
	Gimard(0), Theeder(0)
       Vahn 1(6/22) - Noa 1(6/22) - Gala 4(6/22)

Head inside and follow the path until you get to a chest containing Gala's 
[Thunder Book I], which you should use on him right away. Then head right and 
pick up the [Healing Leaf] from the chest above, and a [Healing Flower] from 
the chest below. Head left next until you run into a [Fury Boost] in a chest. 
Continue on until you get to a fork. Go left to get a [Healing Bloom], then 
head back to the right. You will eventually come to an elevator which will 
take you down a floor. When you exit the elevator, grab the [Short Sword] that
is behind the elevator and save your game. Continue on until you reach a fork.
Take the right path to the right for a [Shield Elixir]. Back on the path for a
little bit and you will find another fork. Head north to recieve a [Phoenix].
Continue on, and take a left at the next path to get a [Medicine]. Go back to 
the fork and head south, and south again at the next fork to recieve another 
[Magic Leaf]. Now follow the path to the east until you to a new screen and an
opportunity to go through two doors. The north door has a [Healing Bloom] and
the south door has a [Burning Jewel]. The next set of doors contains a
[Tempest Jewel] in the north and a [Door of Light] in the south. Make sure you
save and heal up Gala before you continue on.

-----------.---------.   .-----.
Boss: Songi| 1,000 HP|   |B0003|
This time it is a bit more fair|
for Gala to fight on his own.  |
Now that you have Vera, you can|
heal yourself when you need to.|
You should beat him pretty bad |
and recieve the [Mettle Ring]  |
for winning.                   |

Continue on, and go down to the last floor. This is your last chance to catch 
up on the magic absorbing so make sure you have all that are listed. Should be
6 magic spells for everyone before you move on.

.----------.---------.                    .-----.
|Boss: Zeto| 5,000 HP|                    |B0004|            
|Here's your next story critical boss fight, but|
|it's not that difficult. Do tornado flame with |
|Vahn as much as you can, and heal using magic  |
|whenever necessary. Make sure to spirit when he|
|does his Call Wave move and you will be good.  |
|He will eventually fall and you will save the  |
|kingdom of Drake!                              |

After talking over the events that happened in Drake Kingdom, you depart for 
the Sebucus Islands to help with the mist there. To get there, head out Biron
Monestary's West Voz exit and follow the river north to the cave once again.

-----------------.                                                     .-----.
Ancient Wind Cave|                                                     |x000E|
Silver Compass (E)* - 63C5BB - E2
Wisdom Water (E)* - 63C5BB - EA
Door of Light (C)* - 63C5BB - FA
Healing Bloom (C)* - 63C5BB - FF
Magic Water (E)* - 63C5BB - FB
Door of Windx2 (N) - 63C60F - 04 ??
Total: 78/260 30.00%

Head to the left and talk to the old man there. He runs a shop and an inn so 
make sure to purchase any equipment you need. You might not have enough G to
buy it all but you can do some leveling in the new world to gain some quick G.
Go to the back of his room and move the switch (wow the old man is like a 
guardian or gate keeper) to open the door out of here. Make sure to grab the 
[Silver Compass] from the barrel to the right of the beds. Now go and check 
the barrel behind the old man for a [Wisdom Water]. Continuing on you should 
take the right path when you reach a fork to get a [Door of Light]. Now follow
the path and take a left at the fork for a [Healing Bloom]. Head right this 
time and go through the door to meet the old witch. You will have a dream as 
she forces you to stay (for free). Wake up and grab the [Magic Water] from the
barrel by the witch. Shop her accessories if you have too much money and then 
try to leave. She will stop you and give you [Door of Wind]x2. Exit the cave.

------.                                                                .-----.
Jeremi|                                                                |x000F|
Phoenix (C)* - 63C5A9 - 80
Target Chain (E)* - 63C5BC - 80
Power Water (C)* - 63C5A9 - C0
Guardian Ring (E)* - 63C5BC - C0
Healing Flower (C)* - 63C5A9 - E0
Healing Leaf (C)* - 63C5A9 - F0
Speed Ring (C)* - 63C5A9 - F8
Healing Bloom (C)* - 63C5A9 - FC
Healing Fruit (E)* - 63C5BC - E0
Speed Elixir (C)* - 63C5A9 - FE
Forest Amulet (C)* - 63C5A9 - FF
Fire Book II (B) - 63C5D1 - 80 -> C0
Zalan's Letter (N) - 63C5D0 - 83
Total: 89/260 34.23%
Magic: Nighto Lv2(0), Swordie(3) - tower
       All: 1(7/22)

Head west until you get to Jeremi. Take the first right, go in the building 
and get the [Phoenix] from the chest. Head down the stairs and grab the hidden
[Target Chain] from the shelf. Head back outside and continue north. Take the 
left path to grab the [Power Water] from the chest in the basement of the inn.
Now exit the inn and head behind it to find the bar. Inside, in the top right 
corner is a shelf containing a [Guardian Ring]. Now exit the bar and backtrack
past the inn. Continue going right to find a building with a chest inside. It 
contains a [Healing Flower]. Go back and enter the large building in the 
center of town. Go through until you reach a room with two elevators, and a
chest which contains a [Healing Leaf]. Go in the top left elevator. Follow the
path to the next elevator, then take the top elevator for a [Speed Ring]. Go 
back and take the lower elevator. Now you're in a room with 4 elevators. Take 
the top left to turn on a switch. Then try the top right for a chest with a 
[Healing Bloom]. Finally take the lower left to continue and exit south to get
outside. Save your game and then take a step right of the save point, and go 
north to the dead end in the bushes. Check the wall there and you should find 
a [Healing Fruit]. Now head through the maze by keeping left and heading up. 
You will get a [Speed Elixir] from the chest left of the boss area. There is a
chest to the right of the boss area that contains a [Forest Amulet] which you 
should equip for the next boss fight. Make sure you have absorbed Swordie for 
all of your characters before you continue. You can switch your ivory book and
fight them in the tower. When you're ready for the boss, head to the tree.

.---------------.---------.  .-----.
|Boss: Berzerker| 6,000 HP|  |B0005|
|This guy can be really easy if you|
|cast Nighto a few times until he  |
|instantly dies. Or if you'd rather|
|fight him the hard way, make sure |
|you have your forest amulet on and|
|just beat him up with your arts.  |
|Watch out for his Spore Gas attack|
|as it will put Rot on your char.  |
|Hopefully he will use it on your  |
|Char with the forest amulet on. Or|
|you may have to use medicine to   |
|cure it if it's too hard with it. |

Make sure you use the [Fire Book II] right away that you get from Berserker.
Head downstairs and talk to the villagers. You will run across a man named 
Zalan. He will give you [Zalan's Letter] to deliver. Make sure you update some
of your equipment by shopping at the arms shop. Leave the town and head north.

-----.                                                                 .-----.
Vidna|                                                                 |x0010|
Door of Wind (E)* - 63C5AA - 40
Healing Flower (E)* - 63C5AA - C0
Healing Leafx10 (E)* - 63C5BD - 20
Fishing Tackle Set (E)* - 63C658 - 04 > 06
10 Coins (N) - 63C64D - 10 - 63C652 - 20
Phoenix (E)* - 63C5AA - E0
Magic Leaf (E)* - 63C5BD - 30
Yuma's Ring (N)-
Zalan's Crown (N) - 63C5FB - 84
Total: 95/260 36.53%

Head into the inn and grab the [Door of Wind] and [Healing Flower] from the 
cabinets upstairs. Next head left to the Item Shop and check the cabinet in 
the back for 10x[Healing Leaf]. Next head down to the beach and check the 
fishing supplies next to the man lying down. He will hand over his own
[Fishing Tackle Set] to you. Next head up and enter the hot springs house. Go 
to the man near the slot machine and he will give you [10 coins]. These are 
the tokens needed to play the slot machine and as currency for prizes. You 
probably won't win if you play it now and I highly discourage you from using 
your money to buy more from him. You will have a better chance later. Run to 
the left and check the drawer near the man laying down for a [Phoenix]. Now go
to the weapons shop and buy your upgrades. Make sure to get the [Magic Leaf]
from the cabinet in the back of the shop.

The houses on the left side of town belong to Danpas and some Biron monks. Go 
check them both out and you will trigger a scene with the monks.

Finally head for the house behind the hot spring house to the north. You will 
get [Yuma's Ring] following the events there. Now you have the optional task 
of going back to Jeremi and talking to Zalan to get [Zalan's Crown]. Also you 
probably don't want to yet, but it is possible for you to go fishing to the 
south east.

*If you leave Vidna and go back in, sleeping at the inn will trigger another 
dream from Noa.

-----.                                                                 .-----.
Octam|                                                                 |x0011|
Swift Water (C)* - 63C5BC - F0
Healing Bloom (E)* - 63C5BC - F4
Speed Elixir (E)* - 63C5BC - FC
Star Pearl (N) - 63C5D0 - C3
Total: 98/260 37.69%
Magic: Orb (3)
       All: 1(8/22)

When the events are done, head to the very bottom and all the way left to the 
house. Inside is a well hidden chest in the upper right corner containing a 
[Swift Water]. Now for an even trickier item. Leave the house and head north-
east. There is nothing here but two giant bushes. If you wedge Vahn between 
them and search, you will find a hidden [Healing Bloom].

Now head all the way right to the small building and head inside. In the back 
is a cupboard with a [Speed Elixir] inside. After this running around, if you 
haven't captured the seru "Orb" on all your characters, you should make an 
effort to. It is a much better healing spell and heals all of your characters.

Now go to the center and enter the middle-bottom door. You will eventually get
to a few stone faces at the bottom floor. Read everything and then follow the 
events. You can use a door of light in the elevator room instead of running 
back out. Regardless, you need to head back to Jeremi now. Talk to Zalan for 
him to hand over the [Star Pearl].

Now take the long trek to the north east and follow the path around until you 
get to..

-----------.                                                           .-----.
Shadow Gate|                                                           |x0012|
Magic Leaf (C)* - 63C5AA - E4
Miracle Water (E)* - 63C5BD - 34
Healing Flower (C)* - 63C5AA - E6
Healing Flower (C)* - 63C5AA - E7
Life Ring (C)* - 63C5AB - 84
Wonder Elixir (C)* - 63C5AB - C4
Healing Flower (C)* - 63C5AB - E4
Fury Boost (C)* - 63C5AB - F4
Shield Elixir (C)* - 63C5AB - FC
Total: 107/260 41.15%
Magic: Zenoir Lv2(0), Gizam Lv2(0), Nova (3) - underground
       All: 1(9/22)

After a very childish display of events, head to the upper left corner for a 
[Magic Leaf]. Also go to the upper right corner and you will find a very small
hidden path. When you stop moving, search the area to get a [Miracle Water].
Now plug in the answer you received in Octam by setting the four stone faces 
with the correct element. If you have forgotten, it is:

North: Earth
East: Wind
South: Water
West: Fire

Now use the center stone device to descend and follow the path underground. At
the first fork, take a left and follow the path to the end for a chest with a 
[Healing Flower] inside. Now head back and take the right path. You will run 
into a chest with another [Healing Flower] inside. At the next forth take a 
right to get a [Life ring] and then head back to the left path. You will come 
to another fork soon with the right path (or up) leading to a [Wonder Elixir].
Go back and head left until you get to the next fork and head up. You will get
another superb [Healing Flower]! Who saw that coming. Continue to the left.

You will get to a room with a moving path, which is quite impressive. You will
hop off on to an island and back on to the path twice. The third time there is
a chest waiting for you with a [Fury Boost]. Continue on the moving paths and 
you will come to an island with two paths to jump to. Take the upper right one
and you will get a [Shield Elixir]. Now take the other path all the way to the
end. You will come to the underground town of...

-----.                                                                 .-----.
Octam|                                                                 |x0013|
Door of Wind (E)* - 63C5BC - FE
Healing Flower (C)* - 63C5AB - FE
Life Water (E)* - 63C5BD - 74
Medicine (C)* - 63C5AB - FF
Magic Water (E)* - 63C5BC - FF
Fury Boost (E)* - 63C5BD - F4
Total: 113/260 43.46%

Save your game and head into the inn. Stock up on supplies from the item guy 
and buy as much new equipment as you can from the weapons vendor. Then head 
downstairs and check the shelves for a [Door of Wind]. Head to the building up
to the north above the inn and grab the [Healing Flower] from the chest there.

You will witness a scene after exploring more of the town. Talk to the little 
child nearby and they will lead you to Hari's house. Inside, check the shelf 
in the upper right for a [Life Water]. Now exit the building and head back to
the center island with the very large building. On the third floor is a chest 
containing a [Medicine] and a barrel in the upper left corner that contains a 
[Magic Water]. Talk to the mayor and then try to leave to trigger some events.

Before you head to Hari's house, go west to the man standing outside his home.
Inside you can nab a [Fury Boost] from a barrel on the east wall (not the one 
by the shelf). Now head to Hari's house and listen to what he has to say. You 
will see a few scenes and then be on your way to the...

---------.                                                             .-----.
Fire Path|                                                             |x0014|
Wisdom Water (C)* - 63C5AC - 80
Speed Elixir (C)* - 63C5AC - A0
Healing Bloom (C)* - 63C5AC - E0
Magic Leaf (C)* - 63C5AC - F0
Healing Bloom (C)* - 63C5AC - F8
Gala Mace (C)* - 63C5AC - FC
Healing Flower (C)* - 63C5AC - FE
Phoenix (C)*/Magic Water (C)* - 63C5AC - FF
Door of Light (C)*/Life Water (C)* - 63C5AD - 80
Wind Book II (B) - 63C5D2 - 46
Guardian Chain (C)* - 63C5AD - 88
Incense (C)* - 63C5AD - 98
Healing Bloom (C)* - 63C5AD - B8
Power Water (C)* - 63C5AD - F8
Total: 126/260 48.46%
Magic: Nova (0) - in the mist, Gola Gola (3) - last floor with lava,
       Freed (3) - after boss battle in ice room
  All: 2(11/22)

Head down the path and take your first right for a [Wisdom Water]. At the next
fork, take the southern path and follow it to the right. You will jump across 
some pillars to find a [Speed Elixir]. Backtrack and continue east until you 
see a chest containing a [Healing Bloom]. Continue on until you get to the 
floors with the mist. You will see the first pillar has a light coming from 
inside. Go inside to find a chest with a [Magic Leaf]. Enter the next pillar 
from the left side to get a [Healing Bloom]. Head south now to find another 
pillar which you can enter from the right. Inside is a [Gala Mace] which you 
should equip right away. Head back up and then west to the next pillar. Enter 
from the left to find a [Healing Flower]. Continue on to the next floor.

You will be able to ride a rock in the lava from place to place. Try to spend 
some time on the islands getting into random encounters so you can absorb the 
new Gola Gola seru. The first island has a treasure chest which you have the 
option of opening now for a [Phoenix] or later for a [Life Water], the choice 
is yours. After continuing on, you will come to an island with the boss on it.
You can go around the back to find a [Door of Light], or if you wait until 
later, it will become a [Magic Water]. Now time to engage the boss.

o----------.----------.                              .-----.
|Boss: Xain| 10,000 HP|                              |B0006|
|This guy hits pretty damn hard and has become one of the  |
|most talked about boss battles of the game. It all depends|
|on your levels at this point as some will have a very very|
|difficult time while others will say he's a typical boss. |
|Make sure you spirit a lot whenever you need to as some of|
|his regular moves such as bloody horns could be knock out.|
|The only obvious move he has is his charge, which you will|
|have to spirit on everybody to survive his Terio punch the|
|next round.                                               |

Make sure to use Wind Book II after the battle. If you didn't get the two 
chests on this level before, go back and get them now. There is also a chest 
just to the right of where Xain was containing a [Guardian Chain]. Below the 
ledge where Xain was you will find a chest with an [Incense] inside. Now head 
all the way to the left and follow the open path until you find a chest. Grab 
the [Healing Bloom] it holds and continue on until you see a door. Do not go 
in yet, but instead, continue right to find a set of stairs. Follow it up and 
you will eventually be blocked by a piece of ice. Simply press X on the ice to
force it to the ground and shatter. Continue to get a [Power Water] from the 
chest at the very end. Now you are done here, but don't leave until you've 
absorbed the Freed seru with all three.

When you are done, you have to run all the way back to town.

-----------------.                                                     .-----.
Octam (Revisited)|                                                     |x0015|
Miracle Water (E)* - 63C5BD - F5
Total: 127/260 48.84%

After talking to the townspeople, make sure you go check the back of future 
Hari's grave (red one). You will find a well hidden [Miracle Water]. If you 
haven't talked to the mayor yet, do so and he will let you use the elevator to
return to the surface. Make your way out of upper Octam and head for Vidna.

------------.                                                          .-----.
Vidna (mist)|                                                          |x0016|
Shield Elixir (C)* - 63C5AA - EF
Spring Salts (C)* - 63C5D2 - 76
Healing Flower (C)* - 63C5AA - FF
Magic Ring (E)* - 63C5BD - FD
Total: 131/260 50.38%
Magic: Swordie Lv2 (0), Orb Lv2(0) - machine room
  All: 0(11/22)

Head to the underground shelter and talk to everyone. They will send you to 
the machine room. When you reach the bottom floor, head down the stairs and go
straight down to find a [Shield Elixir] in a chest. Stay on the bottom floor 
and go all the way left to get the [Spring Salts]. Now head right past the 
stairs and go up to find a [Healing Flower]. Now climb the left stair and run 
to the upper left machine and check the front of it for a [Magic Ring]. Now 
you have the option of returning the spring salts to the mayor of Octam.

-----------------------------.                                         .-----.
Octam Underground (revisited)|                                         |x0017|
Slowness Chain (N)* - 63C5D8 - FB
Total: 132/260 50.76%

Run underground and into his house and he will give you your next destination 
and a [Slowness Chain]. Afterwards, exit to the world map and continue north-
west to....

------.                                                                .-----.
Ratayu|                                                                |x0018|
Magic Leaf (C)* - 63C5AF - 08
Ivory Book (C)* - 63C5AF - 0C
Door of Wind (C)* - 63C5AF - 0E
Healing Bloom (C)* - 63C5AF - 0F
Magic Leaf (C)* - 63C5B0 - 80
Swift Water (C)* - 63C5B0 - C0
Healing Flower (C)* - 63C5B0 - E0
Fury Boost (C)* - 63C5B0 - F0
Speed Elixir (C)* - 63C5B0 - F4
Healing Berry (C)* - 63C5B0 - F6
Letona Key (N) - 63C61F - 10
Total: 142/260 54.61%
Magic: Viguro Lv2 (3)
  All: 1(12/22)

Head into town and take your first left to enter the weapons shop to grab the 
[Magic Leaf] in the chest. Now head east past the inn and continue north. Go 
to the house on the right for a chest containing another [Ivory Book]! Sweet! 
Next go to the neighboring house to the left and grab the [Doof of Wind] from 
the chest inside. Continue left again to enter the item shop and grab the 
[Healing Bloom] from inside. Now head to the middle of town and head north to 
get into the palace.

Inside, head to the upper right hand corner for a [Magic Leaf] before you head
up the stairs. Take the right staircase and take the first door to the right 
that you see for a [Swift Water]. Now head across to the left side of the room
and take the middle door on the left wall to get a [Healing Flower]. Now head 
upstairs and take the north door to the next room.

In the upper left corner is a [Fury Boost] and a [Speed Elixir]. In the upper 
right is a [Healing Berry]. Now talk to the man on the throne and he will give
you the [Letona Key]. This will get you past the south east exit in town which
will take you to...

----------.                                                            .-----.
Mt. Letona|                                                            |x0019|
Wisdom Ring (C)* - 63C5A8 - 80
Magic Leaf (C)* - 63C5A8 - C0
Guardian Water (C)* - 63C5AE - 04
Power Ring (C)* - 63C5AE - 06
Incense (C)* - 63C5AE - 07
Healing Bloom (C)* - 63C5AF - 8F
Widom Water (C)* - 63C5AF - CF
Healing Fruit (C)* - 63C5AF - EF
Magic Fruit (C)* - 63C5AF - FF
Thunder Book II (B) -
Total: 151/260 58.07%
Magic: Mushara (3), Viguro Lv2 (0)
  All: 1(13/22)

Head up the path and take the dirt path to the left to find a [Wisdome Ring] 
and a [Magic Leaf]. Continue on and go straight ahead into the cave when you 
see the path divert to the right. You will come to a [Guardian Water] at the 
end of the path. Go back and take the right path and continue on until you see
a path to the south. Head down and take the [Power Ring] and continue on.

Inside the cave, at the first intersection, take the north path. At the next 
fork you see, take the left to get outside and find an [Incense] and another 
[Healing Bloom] in the chests there. Backtrack and continue on and you will 
run into a chest with a [Wisdom Water] inside. In the next cave, take a quick 
right and grab the [Healing Fruit] from the chest before saving your game. Go 
outside and follow the events at the summit. As soon as you can move again, 
check the lower left area of the summit for a [Magic Fruit]. Then try leaving.

.-----------.----------.                      .-----.
|Boss: Songi| 13,000 HP|                      |B0007|
|You can take down this boss with typical strategy. |
|He uses Hyper Lightning unexpectedly so you can't  |
|really defend against that. Maybe use a lightning  |
|defense accessory if you're having trouble. Just   |
|keep spiriting and attacking him hard and he will  |
|fall in no time.                                   |

Make sure to use the Thunder Book II on Gala right after battle. Then do your 
usual tricks with the Genesis Tree. Afterwards, you may run back or use a Door
of Light to get back to town.

------------------.                                                    .-----.
Ratayu (Revisited)|                                                    |x001A|
West Ratayu Key (N) - 63C63D - 20
Total: 151/260 58.07%

You can stock up on supplies and buy new equipment now that the shops are up.
Go to the inn and talk to the girl in the purple wedding dress. This will 
trigger a series of events. You will fight two seru named Kemaro. Make sure 
you focus on killing one quickly instead of splitting up. They are very tough 
for ordinary seru at this point. Now get ready for the real fight.

.-----------.----------.              .-----.
|Boss: Saryu| 13,500 HP|              |B0008|
|He's not much of a threat, just watch out  |
|for his earthquake. You don't really know  |
|when he'll do it so make sure to spirit    |
|when you can. You could equip some earth   |
|jewels as well if it is giving you trouble.|

After you're done, celebrate in town and restock on supplies if you need to.

*If you leave town and come back and sleep at the inn, you will trigger one of
Noa's dreams

Your next destination is west and south to...

---------------.                                                       .-----.
Dohati's Castle|                                                       |x001B|
Wonder Elixir (C)* - 63C5AD - FC
Healing Flower (C)* - 63C5AD - FE
Power Elixir (C)* - 63C5AD - FF
Healing Bloom (C)* - 63C5AE - 87
Phoenix (C)* - 63C5AE - C7
Healing Fruit (C)* - 63C5AE - E7
Life Water (C)* - 63C5B0 - F7
War Soul (C)* - 63C5B1 - 90
Fury Boost (C)* - 63C5AE - F7
Healing Berry (C)* - 63C5B1 - D0
Magic Fruit (C)* - 63C5AE - FF
Power Water (C)* - 63C5BD - FF
Shield Elixir (C)* - 63C5B1 - F0
Total: 164/260 63.07%
Magic: Aluru (3), Swordie Lv2 (0), Orb Lv2 (0), Gola Gola (0) - 2nd section,
       Nova Lv2 (0) - 2nd section
       3rd Section: Freed (0), Mushara (0), Viguro Lv2 (0)
  All: 1(14/22)

Head left and then take the tiny path down and around to get to a chest with a
[Wonder Elixir] inside. Now take the north path and go inside the door there 
to get a [Healing Flower]. Backtrack to the middle circular room and head to 
the right this time. Go in the door when you reach it to get a [Power Elixir].

Continue and take the escalator up and follow the path until you get to an 
opening. Take the door on the right for a [Healing Bloom] and continue on.
When you get to the escalator going down, do not take it but continue to the 
fork and head south. In the room at the end is a [Phoenix]. Now go back and go
north at the fork which will take you to the next section of the castle.

Check the north door at the first intersection to get a [Healing Fruit]. Next,
head to the next set of escalators but do not go up yet. Head to the left to 
grab the [Life Water] in the chest. Now ride the stairs up and take the south 
path when you reach the fork to get a [War Soul]. Follow the path to the right
and you will reach the 3rd section of the castle.

Head all the way right and go into the door there for a [Fury Boost]. Now head
down to the next door for a [Healing Berry]. Now continue on and ride up the 
escalator and take the north path to the end. You will find a [Magic Fruit] in
a chest. Do not take the escalator down, but instead, head back to where the 
one you just rode up and head left to reach the last section.

Save your game and take a left at the first intersection for a [Power Water]. 
Then head right to get a [Shield Elixir]. Now prepare for the last battle of 
Sebucus Islands!

.------------.----------.                    .-----.
|Boss: Dohati| 17,000 HP|                    |B0009|
|This battle will be tough with his Chaos Breath.  |
|It will put Toxic or Venom on you unless you wear |
|something to defend against it. You may opt to use|
|Vera over Orb at appropriate times for heals just |
|so you can clear the poison. Spirit up and hit him|
|with everything you've got. Keep your HP high and |
|you should kill him.                              |

Now with all that's going on and this section of the world cleared, I think it
is time to visit home.

-------------------.                                                   .-----.
Rim Elm (revisited)|                                                   |x001C|
Honey (B)* - 63C650 - 40 - C0 - 48 - 40 - E0 - 68 - 60
Total: 165/260 63.46%

Talk to anyone you want, and then if you haven't done so by now, check the 
tree in the lower left to fight the bees. By now you should have no trouble 
with them. You will receive some [Honey] but whatever you do, DO NOT GIVE IT 
TO YOUR THEIVING SISTER NENE! Simply talking to her will cause you to fork it 
over. Use it on yourself for some nice stat gains. If you accidentally give it
to Nene, you can go back and fight the bees. Just make sure you either keep it
in your inventory or use it on yourself. Once you use it, you can not fight 
the bees again for more. Now go check up on Vidna.

-----------------.                                                     .-----.
Vidna (revisited)|                                                     |x001D|
Chicken Heart (N)* - 63C5D1 - DF
Camera Stone (N) - 63C600 - DE-
Total: 166/260 63.84%

Go check up on the hero Danpas and he'll give you the [Chicken Heart]. You can 
also go and buy a [Camera Stone] from the guy in the north of town where Pepe 
use to live. Speaking of Pepe, he moved out! Looks like he's going home, so 
the next stop should be Jeremi.

------------------.                                                    .-----.
Jeremi (revisited)|                                                    |x001E|
Miracle Water - 63C5D0 - C7-
Total: 166/260 63.84%

Go in and check on Zalan to see a happy scene, but more importantly, to 
receive the [Miracle Water] from Pepe.

Now you should be ready to head to the last and best part of the game! Head to
Octam and stock up if you want to. The weapons dealer has more equipment now.
When you're done head up and ride the train out of there. You end up in...

---.                                                                   .-----.
Kol|                                                                   |x001F|
Traveler's Kit (N)* - 63C64E - 38
3000G - 63C64E - 3A
Total: 167/260 64.23%

Check the little stand on the left for a [Traveler's kit]. When you are given 
the choice of depositing the money, choose to do so. It will pay up in the 
future. Plus, you can grab [3000G] from the tree next to the stand. Now head 
out and north to Sol, the biggest town in Legaia.

---.                                                                   .-----.
Sol|                                                                   |x0020|
Ra-Seru Earth Egg (N)* - 63C662 - C1
10,000G (N) - 63C61D - 81
Swimsuit (N)* - 63C61D - 81
 - Swimsuit and 10,000G count as 1 item towards total
Speed Chain (N)* - 63C61E - 80
Life Grail (N)* - 63C65C - 84
Healing Fruit (C)* - 63C5B2 - 02
Magic Fruit (C)* - 63C5B2 - 03
Miracle Water (C)* - 63C5B2 - 83
Power Elixir (C)* - 63C5B2 - C3
Shield Elixir (C)* - 63C5B2 - E3
Magic Water (C) - 63C61B - 40 - 63C61A - 40--
Wisdom Water (C) - 63C61C - C0 - 63C61B - CA--
Swift Water (C) - 63C61A - CB - 63C619 - CB--
Wonder Elixir (C) - 63C61B - E0 - 63C61A - CB--
Phoenix (C)* - 63C661 - 89
Power Water (C) - 63C61A - EF - 63C619 - CF--
Healing Berry (C) - 63C61A - FF - 63C619 - DF--
Life Water (C) - 63C61A - 4A - 63C619 - CA--
Guardian Water (C) - 63C61A - 42 - 63C619 - C2--
Speed Elixir (C)* - 63C5B2 - F3
Mary's Diary (E)* - 63C671 - 40 - 60
Wonder Amulet (C)* - 63C5B2 - FB
Golden Book (C)* - 63C5B2 - FF
Astral Sword (B) - 63C61B - FC-
Total: 181/260 69.61%
Magic: Spoon (3), Kemaro (3) - Bottom floors of Sol
  All: 2(16/22)

You're going to be spending a looot of time here. You can fight in the mist 
levels to level up and grab the new and best healing seru "Spoon". I would 
actually recommend skipping the treasures for now as we will get them soon.
Head up to the floors without the mist. 

First there's an inn, then a bar where you'll witness an event. The next room 
you will be spending a ton of time in. There are some prizes you need to win 
by spending arcade coins. I wouldn't recommend entering the tournament, even 
if you manage to beat it, many people claim beating it now will cause an error
and you will not be able to receive a godly item. I recommend playing the baka
fighter game. Search Secrets: "Baka Fighter" for the strategy to win. Once you 
can get a good amount of coins, play the slot machines to your heart's desire.

You're going to need enough coins to buy 8xSoru Bread, a Gold Card, and the 
hidden [Ra-Seru Earth Egg] you can only see after having 100,000 coins. You 
can always come back when you're bored and do this but you will soon need the 
Gold Card and Soru Bread so try to at least get these. Also, if you're looking
to make cash, you can purchase the Soru Bread with your tokens and sell them 
for a hefty price. When you win the Egg, take it to Zalan of Jeremi so he can 
make an accessory out of it for you that allows you to summon a powerful Earth

This floor has the Disco room which you should go in and teach Noa how to 

If you take lessons from the King, try to get over 400 and he will give you a 
[Speed Chain]. If you don't practice, he will give it to you after the contest
once you win.

Enter the dance contest and win to get 10,000G, a Swimsuit for Noa, and if you
talk to the Disco King, he will hand over a [Speed Chain].
Search: "Secrets: Sol Dance Contest" for help with the dance contest.
Next is the Comedy Club where you can go and volunteer Gala to help. No real 
point in it, you might get a laugh out of it.

The bakery has an item shop you might want to checkout for new stuff. Other 
than that, don't waste your G on the bread. Next up is the Arms shop. You will
blow all your leftover money here for new gear so you may want to fight for 
money or sell soru bread. Next is the warehouse run by little punks. When you 
can afford it, go and haggle the brat to sell you a [Life Grail] for 40,000G.

Stop into the community hall for a chest containing a [Healing Fruit]. Go past
the next door and head into the Daycare place for a [Magic Fruit]. 

-8F- (roof)
On the top floor check the upper left for a [Miracle Water] and the lower left
for a [Power Elixir]. Hidden behind some pipes on the right side of the area 
is a [Shield Elixir]. Now head in the temple and talk to the master there. He 
will give you your next mission. Be sure to talk to the upper left monk and he
will heal you. Because as you leave, you will encounter...

.----------.----------.                  .-----.
|Boss: Gaza| 12,000 HP|                  |B000A|
|This guy is super tough, even at his age!     |
|Hopefully you have enough money for the life  |
|grail as it will help you a little. He hits   |
|extremely hard so do your best to abuse the   |
|power of spirit and heal whenever you get a   |
|chance. Keep your HP above 1100 and you should|
|get him eventually.                           |

After witnessing the following scene, your mission is to unlock the Gate down 
stairs using the Soru Bread in the eight chests. Head on down to the mist 
filled levels.

Head past the elevator to the first door you see. Go inside and check the top 
right for a [Magic Water]. Then check the chest again and agree to give it a 
Soru Bread. Now exit the room and head down stairs (not stairs IN the room).

Head into the first door and grab the [Wisdom Water] in the chest and give it 
the Soru Bread. Exit the room again and head down to the Weapons Shop. Inside 
you will get a [Swift Water] from the chest. Make sure to reward it by giving 
it another Soru Bread. Now head up the stairs in the room and check the upper 
left corner for another sage's chest containing a [Wonder Elixir] and a normal
chest with a [Phoenix] inside. Drop off another Soru Bread, then head down and
out of the room. Continue down the main stairs to the next floor.

Head into the first room with the seru outside. Inside you will find another 
chest with a [Power Water] inside. Give it the Soru Bread and then take the 
stairs in the room down. Here you can exchange another Soru Bread to the sage 
chest for a [Healing Berry]. Head up one set of stairs and then exit the room.

Continue downstairs and you will pass the entrance to Sol. Take the next door 
you see. Grab the [Life Water] from the chest and deposit your Soru Bread. Hey
don't give me that, if it sounded bad, it's your perverted mind, not mine. Go 
up one floor and grab the [Guardian Water] out of the last chest and feed it 
the last of the Soru Bread. You should now get a confirmation of feeding all 8
as you will hear a rumbling sound. Head down one floor and exit the room. 
Head all the way down until you see the fancy doors. Head inside and use the 
device. Now run all the way down the stairs and enter the room at the end.

Check the immediate upper-left corner for a [Speed Elixir]. Continue until you
get to the bookcases. Search middle bookcase on the lower left side and you 
should find [Mary's Diary]. Once you get Keem's History of Sol books, you have
found the right place. Simply search it twice in a row and you will get it.

Continue two scenes and then watch for the chest to the left of the next exit.
It contains a [Wonder Amulet]. In the next room, check on the right to receive
a [Golden Book] from the chest there. Head into the next room and save your 
game. You may optionally head to the inn if you need to and come back.

Continue on and you are presented with a small puzzle. Figure it out yourself 
if you want, but here is how you do it:

Hit the big switch in front of you.
Then run to the purple switch and hit it to let you through.
Go down to the middle level and run north to hit the light blue switch.
Stay on the middle level and run through the light blue gate and head down.
Head up to the middle level on the left and hit the dark blue switch.
Continue on the middle level through the blue gate and hit the two switches.
Pass through the yellow gate and go up two levels on the left.
Now on the top level, pass through the red gate and hit both switches there.
Head south on the top level until you get to another big switch. Hit it.
Head to the right on the top level and hit a green switch to get out.
Go down to the middle and hit the light blue switch up north.
* Before you take this last step, ensure all of your characters have absorbed 
  the seru Kemaro. You will run into him in this section so if you haven't got
  him with everybody, keep fighting.
Finally head down and pass through the light blue gate to get to the bottom.
*As soon as you step down on the stair, the event will trigger.

With the rat maze out of the way, you have full access to the next boss!

.----------.----------.                        .-----.
|Boss: Gaza| 17,000 HP|                        |B000B|
|The old coot is even deadlier now with the addition |
|of the Sim-Seru. Keep everyone healthy by trying to |
|keep your HP above 1300 as his slasher hits HARD.   |
|As always, abuse spirit and hit him with everything |
|you've got. Prepare to heal a ton in this one! You  |
|know, for an old man, he is just bad @$$.           |

You receive the [Astral Sword] after battle which you can equip if you want. 
It offers a great deal of attack power but compromises your ability to do arts
as it acts like a weapon you're not proficient at (who would be proficient at 
a blade that size!?). 

*Sleeping at the new inn in Sol now will trigger a dream sequence for Noa.

Head upstairs and check out the new shops and restock if you need to. Make 
sure you go to the new Inn and talk to the emporer for a password. Now head to
the very top of Sol (you can use any elevator now) and give Mary's Diary to 
the monk in the upper right. This is the end of your long Sol adventure for 
now. Make sure you have what I've listed, or you can always come back and play
the slot machines since that takes the longest. Whenever you're ready, head 
outside and go back towards the Karisto Station and continue to Buma.

There's nothing really here but you must trigger the events. Once you're done 
head to the west and enter...

----------------------.                                                .-----.
Usha's Research Center|                                                |x0021|
Healing Berry (C)* - 63C5B3 - 80
Magic Fruit (E)* - 63C5BA - 2F
Magic Fruit (C)* - 63C5B3 - C0
Ruins Key (N) - 63C637 - 07-
Total: 184/260 70.76%
Magic: Freed Lv2 (0)
  All: 0(16/22)

Head to the tube and proceed to give the password. If you forgot it, it is:

X X Triangle Circle Square

Inside, head to the top right for a chest with a [Healing Berry]. The item guy
here sells some rare things so check out his wares. Head upstairs and check 
the dresser near the stairs leading up for a [Magic Fruit]. Go to the lower 
left and Noa will try to take a bath. Funny scene if you say the tub is too 
small, Noa will simply say her butt is small...haha nice. Anyway, go upstairs 
again and make sure you don't miss the chest on the left. It contains another 
[Magic Fruit]. Now talk to Usha for a good old time. Go downstairs now and you
will be tested by Usha's wife. The answers are:

Uru Mais
Dream dreams.
Fire Droplet.
Usha Research Center.

Now exit the research center and head west. Enter...

--------.                                                              .-----.
Uru Mais|                                                              |x0022|
Healing Berry (C)* - 63C5B3 - E0
Fire Droplet (N) - 63C605 - FF-
Magic Grail (E)* - 63C5A8 - E0
Total: 186/260 71.53%
Magic: Freed Lv2(0) - after getting Fire Droplet
  All: 0(16/22)

Follow the events and you will end up in a house with a [Healing Berry] right 
in front of you. Now head to the main structure and follow the story. You will
have three entrances at the base of the structure. Visit them all and it will 
all play out and you will get the [Fire Droplet]. Leave and there will be a 
quick scene. Now re-enter Uru Mais and search the middle of the ruins for the 
easily missed [Magic Grail]. Head around the structure from the right and try 
to wedge yourself between the pieces and you will find it when you get as far 
as you can go. Now you may head back to Usha's.

** Note: You can equip the Fire Droplet and it will keep your AP maxed!! Use 
this if you want to go back to fight in the muscle tournament if you want, but
don't beat the Master course or you will get the Icon glitch.

------------------------------.                                        .-----.
Usha Research Center Revisited|                                        |x0023|
Time Space Bomb (4)(N) - 63C606 - D4-
Healing Berry (5)(N)* - 63C606 - D5 = 1
Healing Fruit (5)(N)* - 63C606 - D5 = 1
Magic Fruit (5)(N)* - 63C606 - D5 = 1
Total: 187/260 71.92%

Head all the way up and talk to the man with the master plan (Usha). He will 
give you 4x[Time Space Bombs]. Now head downstairs and get nagged at by his 
wife. Here are the answers to her quiz if you need them:

Nivora Ravine
Entrance to Nivora Ravine
3 seconds
To awaken Buma's Genesis Tree

The correct answers will net you 5x[Healing Berry], 5x[Healing Fruit], and 5x
[Magic Fruit]. Woot. Head back east and enter...

-------------.                                                         .-----.
Nivora Ravine|                                                         |x0024|
Warrior Icon (C)* - 63C5B3 - E4
Mettle Gem (C)* - 63C5B3 - E6
Rainbow Jewel (C)* - 63C5B4 - 80
Spirit Jewel (C)* - 63C5B4 - A0
Fury Boost (C)* - 63C5B3 - E7
Magic Fruit (C)* - 63C5B4 - E0
Thunder Book III (B) - Che Delilas
Wind Book III (B) - Lu Delilas
Fire Book III (B) - Gi Delilas
Healing Fruit (B) - Koru
Total: 193/260 74.23%
Magic: Aluru Lv2(0)
  All: 0(16/22)

Walk up to the blocked entrance and watch the funny demolition scene. Then go 
inside to follow the path until you see another cut scene. At the summit, drop
down and get the [Warrior Icon] in the chest in sight. Continue on and you 
will all split up.

As Vahn, run north into the cave for a [Mettle Gem] and continue on the path. 
Run all the way to the end where there is a giant structure blocking your way.

Switch to Noa with the square button. Check the cave to the north with her and
you will find the [Rainbow Jewel]. Run to the end of her path and step on the 
symbol on the ground before switching to Gala.

Run Gala north to another cave which has a [Spirit Jewel] inside. Continue to 
the gate and switch back to Vahn.

Have Vahn push the structure so he can continue. Soon you will see a cave to 
enter which contains a [Fury Boost] inside. Continue following the path until 
Meta points out the obvious to you. Switch again.

As Noa, cross the gap and then hit the switch on the wall to help Gala out. 
Run a long ways on her path until you see another cave. Inside is a chest with
a [Magic Fruit] inside. Continue on and you will immediately reach the end for

Have Gala run north and push over the giant snowball into Vahn's path. Then 
on Gala's path until you reach the end. Now time to get Vahn there.

As Vahn, simply head north and you will trigger the boss fight, and one of the
funniest scenes in Legaia.

You will get a chance to equip your characters and heal them before the fight.
Hopefully you have the expensive Life Grail from Sol I told you to get.
Otherwise some good accessories to use are Warrior Icon, War Soul, and maybe 
Zalan's Crown and Mettle Gem for increased AP accural (you might not need it 
since you will be being beat senseless). 

|Boss: Delilas|Che: 16,000 HP|Lu: 14,000 HP|Gi: 12,000 HP|
|These guys are tough but they have one major weakness...|
|ME! Just kidding, their obviuos order of attacking. They|
|will always attack, attack, special attack and repeat.  |
|This means you should heal, attack, spirit. It doesn't  |
|really matter what order you do, so long as you spirit  |
|every third round for their big attack. If you are high |
|enough, Noa might have 9 attack slots open on a spirit. |
|If she does, or anyone does, use your miracle arts. They|
|are listed near the end of this guide. If you having    |
|difficulty beating the Delilases, I highly recommend you|
|level up as they are a good test for what is to come.   |

Save your game! It's not over yet! When you get back in control, make sure you
use those books right away. Heal up your guys and remove any defense items you
have such as Life Grail, Defense or Magic defense items. Equip all offensive 
items such as War Soul, Power Ring, any AP accural items, etc. You need to do 
as much damage as possible to this next boss as quick as you can.

.----------.----------.                   .-----.
|Boss: Koru| 15,000 HP|                   |B000D|
|Hopefully you have a good portion of AP left   |
|over from the fights. Use the best you got and |
|don't worry about healing, he shouldn't be able|
|to kill you. Only spirit if you are out of AP  |
|and unable to cast magic. If you are out of AP |
|you can cast Kemaro instead, he does a lot of  |
|damage even at level 1. If the four turns end  |
|and Koru is not at 0% life, it's game over. If |
|you were able to defeat the Delilas family you |
|should be able to defeat him so keep trying.   |

Following the event, head over to the thawed town of....

----.                                                                  .-----.
Buma|                                                                  |x0025|
Music Score (N) - 63C612 - 16
Magic Fruit (C)* - 63C5B3 - F7
Healing Fruit (E)* - 63C5BA - 3F
Total: 195/260 75.00%

Follow the long series of events. You will receive the [Musical Score] from an
old friend. Head to the inn and grab the [Magic Fruit] from the chest in the 
back and then head to the house to the north. Check the fireplace in here to 
find a [Healing Fruit]. I know it doesn't make much sense. Head to the east to
find the Item/Weapons Shop and stock up on new supplies and new equipment. It 
is time for more side questing. Head back to Usha's Research Center.

--------------------.                                                  .-----.
Usha Research Center|                                                  |x0026|
Legendary Rod (E)* - 63C66F - 40
Water Egg (N) - optional
War God Icon (N) - optional
Water Talisman (N) - optional
Total: 196/260 75.38%

Head inside and check between the two beds in the upper right hand corner. You
will find the [Legendary Rod], the best fishing pole in the game. And you know
what that means. Another long boring quest! Only slightly better than the coin
slot machine!

Side-Quest: Fishing!

You can now head to the Buma fishing location and work your way to unlocking 
some really neat things. Hang up your gone fishing sign because you're going 
to want to stick around until you can buy the [Water Egg] for 20,000. You may 
also like to buy the [Life Grail], [Magic Grail], and [Spirit Talisman] which 
together are worth another 17,000 points. 

You should also check out Vidna's fishing location for some good prizes too. 
However, you may want to do your fishing at Buma for the points. At Vidna's 
fishing spot, you will want to buy the [War God Icon] for 50,000. If you have 
any left over points, why not buy the [Mettle Armband] and the [Power Ring].

None of these items count towards your total but they are very nice assets to
have. Especially the Water Egg. Take it to Zalan of Jeremi and he will make 
an accessory out of it that allows you to summon a powerful Water seru.

Head to Sol to continue the story. Head up and enter the Jazz Club to give the 
music score to the piano player. Once you're done with Grantes, head back to 

----.                                                                  .-----.
Buma|                                                                  |x0027|
Soren Flute (N) - 63C612 - 17
Light Egg (N) - 63C612 - 17
Total: 196/260 75.38%

Head straight to Cara's house and get the [Soren Flute] from Grantes, and the 
[Light Egg] from Cara. Make another pit stop at Jeremi so Zalan can craft a 
nice accessory from the Light egg. It will enable you to summon the mighty 
Seru "Horn". Now head north past Buma and make your way to...

---------.                                                             .-----.
Mt. Dhini|                                                             |x0028|
Unholy Icon (C)* - 63C5B4 - F0
Phoenix (C)* - 63C5B4 - F8
Wonder Amulet (C)* - 63C5B4 - FC
Healing Berry (C)* - 63C5B4 - FE
Good Luck Bell (C)* - 63C5B4 - FF
Total: 201/260 77.30%
Magic: Iota (3), Mushara Lv2(0)
  All: 1(17/22)

Run up and save your game if you want. You better have all the equipment that 
you wanted before you make a commitment of going in here. Anyway, head in and 
follow the path until you get to a fork. Head south for an [Unholy Icon]. Now 
head north into the cave and head right at the next fork for a [Phoenix]. Go 
back and take the southern path to quickly find another fork. Take the path to
the left and follow it out of the cave and over a waterfall.

You will run straight into a chest with a [Wonder Amulet] inside. Continue on 
and you will again run into a chest in plain sight with a [Healing Berry]. Why
are these not hidden? Anyway, continue on into the next cave and right before 
you reach the exit, you will see a path to the left with a [Good Luck Bell] in
a chest there. Exit the cave and save your game.

** Don't go on quite yet! Make sure you absorbed the Seru "Iota" for everyone.

At the summit, you will trigger some events which will lead you to a new area.

** Whatever you do, don't come back to this mountain summit as you will be 
attacked by an optional boss and will most likely die! We will save him for 

----------.                                                            .-----.
Soren Camp|                                                            |x0029|
Healing Fruit (C)* - 63C5B5 - 80
Wonder Elixir (C)* - 63C5B5 - C0
Total: 203/260 78.07%

Sleep at the inn if you want and buy all the new equipment you can. It's crazy
expensive and you might not have enough. That's okay as you can get money by 
fighting in the Floating Castle. Grab the [Healing Fruit] in the weapons shop.

Now head to the elder's house and grab the [Wonder Elixir] before talking to 
him. He'll grant you permission to save the world (good one genius), so go to 
the square and talk to Luctes so he can take you to ....

---------------.                                                       .-----.
Floating Castle|                                                       |x002A|
Healing Berry (C)* - 63C5A8 - F0
Magic Ring (C)* - 63C5A8 - F8
Life Water (C)* - 63C5A8 - FC
Evil God Icon (C)* - 63C5A8 - FE
Soren Secrets (E)* - 63C609 - 5A
Magic Water (C)* - 63C5A8 - FF
Total: 209/260 80.38%
Magic: Barra(3), Mushara Lv2(0)
  All: 1(18/22)

You can return to the camp at any time by talking to Luctes at the entrance. 
So head in and take a left and another left to reach a small cave with a chest
containing a [Healing Berry]. Head north now to continue on the path until you
come to the next fork. Head right and enter the cave there for a [Magic Ring].

Continuing on you will cross a path on the outside of the castle. Head into 
the next room and take the north door to hit a console switch in order to get 
the elevator up. Take the elevator down to the next floor.

There is a hard to spot path to the immediate right that leads to the outside 
and a chest with a [Life Water] inside. Continue to the first door you see. Go
inside for an [Evil God Icon]. Keep going on the path until the next screen.

Immediately take a left and jump on the box there to take the duct to a power 
room. Defeat the dumb guard here. You can absorb him if you're lucky, but if 
you do, it will glitch a little and look like he's still alive. Hit the switch
and back track to the hall and continue north to the next area.

Take the first door you see to find a death box. Hit the switch to raise it 
and then check the remains for the [Soren Secrets]. Continue on and save your 
game at the save point. If you haven't absorbed the Barra Seru with everyone 
you can stay in the room to fight until you do.

Head north and you will have to fight two more of the Puera Seru. Move the 
two levers they were guarding and enter the throne room. You will trigger a 
scene where everyone will confuse a "her" for a "him". Afterwards, head to the
door on the left to find a [Magic Water]. Now check the middle door and try to
exit the throne room to the south to engage the boss.

.----------.----------.                     .-----.
|Boss: Zora| 21,000 HP|                     |B000E|
|She can use her glare move to turn one of your   |
|characters into stone, so make sure to cure them.|
|Also watch for her Darkness Typhoon which can hit|
|everyone for 1000+ HP. Other than that, I dunno  |
|what else to tell you about her other than that  |
|she is a good screamer <3                        |

Watch the events and...uh oh! Time to run! Make your way back through the 
castle. You don't need to run from battles, you have plenty of time. Even if 
you don't see the time continuing in battle, it does count down so don't 
dwadle and summon things. Eventually you will find yourself back at camp.

--------------------.                                                  .-----.
Soren Camp Revisited|                                                  |x002B|
Door of Wind (N) - 
Total: 209/260 80.38%

Go and return the Soren Secrets to the man in the upper right. Stock up on 
supplies and then talk to Luctes. He will take you to a new part of the world.
You can optionally take a small side quest just to get it out of the way. Use 
your Door of Wind to go to Karisto Station.

---------------.                                                       .-----.
Karisto Station|                                                       |x002C|
Vitality Ring (N)* - 63C664 - E3
Total: 210/260 80.76%

Talk to the man and he will reward you a [Vitality Ring] for your honesty! Now
you will have to use another Door of Wind to go back to the Soren Camp and fly
with Luctes again (he gives you another Door of Wind). Head north into the new

-------.                                                               .-----.
Conkram|                                                               |x002D|
Spirit Jewel (C)* - 63C5B5 - C2
Lost Grail (C)* - 63C5B5 - C3
Healing Fruit (C)* - 63C5B6 - 04
Wonder Elixir (C)* - 63C5B6 - 06
Seru Flame (N) -
Total: 214/260 82.30%
Magic: Slippery (3), Kemaro Lv2 (0)
  All: 1(19/22)

Head to the right after the scene to find a [Spirit Jewel]. Now head up the 
first set of stairs and take a left. In the upper corner you will find a chest
with a [Lost Grail] inside. Now head up the next set of stairs (left or right)
and head inside the Castle. Head up the stairs in the upper right and then go 
up another set of stairs to talk to the Queen. When you're finished, head to 
the upper left door behind her, and you will find a [Healing Fruit]. Now in 
this room, take the door on the upper-right to lead you outside to a chest and
a [Wonder Elixir].

Now head all the way downstairs and talk to the guards in the first room of 
the castle. At the very end you will witness a scene and get the [Seru Flame] 
from the King. Now head all the way back up to the Queen and take the upper-
right door. Don't worry if you didn't get the seru Slippery, it will be in the
next area as well. Go to the mirror in the room and you will be taken to...

------------.                                                          .-----.
Conkram Past|                                                          |x002E|
Power Water (C)* - 63C5B3 - FF
Guardian Water (C)* - 63C5B5 - E3
Magic Fruit (C)* - 63C5B5 - F3
Swift Water (C)* - 63C5B5 - FB
Wisdom Water (C)* - 63C5B5 - FF
Total: 219/260 84.23%
Magic: Slippery (0), Kemaro Lv2 (0)
  All: 0(19/22)

Head down to the first floor of the castle and head into the door on the left.
You should be in a kitchen/dining area with a chest at the end containing a 
[Power Water]. Grab it and exit the castle. Without going down the stairs, go 
to the left to find a [Guardian Water]. Next, head down one flight of stairs 
and check the right for a [Magic Fruit].

Now head down into town and check the first house on the right. You will find 
the biron monks there plus a [Swift Water]. If you didn't buy all the new 
equipment, you might be able to afford it now. Check the weapon shop in the 
lower right if you need to. Check the middle house on the left side of town to
find a [Wisdom Water]. Stock up on items at the item shop if you want, and go 
to sleep at the inn.

Witness some events and then run to the castle's basement. Save your game and 
jump in.

-------------.                                                         .-----.
Rogue's Tower|                                                         |x002F|
Magic Armband (C)* - 63C5B1 - F8
Phoenix (C)* - 63C5B1 - FC
Guardian Chain (C)* - 63C5B1 - FE
Fury Boost (C)* - 63C5B1 - FF
Miracle Water (B) -
Miracle Water (B) - 
Miracle Water (B) -
Miracle Water (B) -
Total: 223/260 85.76%
Magic: Slippery (0), Spoon Lv2 (0), Barra (0), 
       Phasing: Iota (0), Gola Gola Lv2(0),
       Floor 3: Puera Lv2 (3) - phasing
  All: 1(20/22)

There are a series of teleporters in here which you may only use when the 
floor is not phasing. Also note you will run into different monsters when the
floor is phasing.

Step on the teleporter in front of you. Take the next one. And the next one.
Now take the left one for a [Magic Band]. Return to the last teleporter and go
to the right one this time. Take the next teleporter. Now at the next choice, 
take the upper one for a [Phoenix]. Go back and take the lower teleporter to 
get to the big teleporter. It will take you to the next floor.

Take the higher one on the new floor. Use the lower left teleporter. Use the 
upper left one inside the room. Take the next one. Use the south one in the 
room. It looks like you're stuck in a small room but you can actually go to 
the right to get the [Guardian Chain]. Go back to the previous teleporters and
use the lower right one. This will lead you to a [Fury Boost]. Go back one and
take the upper teleporter. Engage the boss fight by touching the crystal 
looking things. You will fight Berzerker L2 and no you can't absorb him. He'll
drop a [Miracle Water] for you. Step on the next warp and you are taken back 
to the beginning. Step back onto the teleporter you came from and take the 
upper right teleport. Next, take the left warp. You will come to another boss 
fight with Caruban L2. Pound on him and gain another [Miracle Water]. Take the
next teleport and then in the familiar room take the southern one. Step on the
last warp to go to the next floor.

Drink from the colored water to replentish your HP and MP, then take the north
warp. Take the next one and then use the upper right one in the next room. You
will fight another boss for another [Miracle Water] and then turn around. This
time take the upper left teleport. Take the only warp you see and you will 
again come to only one to take. Take it and you will once again have only one 
choice to make. Taking the next one will give you yet another hard decision of
one warp to take. Finally you are given a decision: 3 warps! Only the one in 
the room on the upper left will not take you to a dead end so use it. Another 
silly mini-boss! Win your [Miracle Water] and go back to use the upper right 
warp this time. Save your game and then if you want to, you can absorb the 
Puera Seru on this floor only when the floor is phasing. You will fight three 
at a time later on so it is up to you.

On the last floor, just head south to trigger an event, and a boss fight!

.-----------.----------.                  .-----.
|Boss: Rogue| 24,000 HP|                  |B000F|
|This guy will change his elemental alignment on|
|every other turn. So attack him the first turn,|
|then spirit the next. Keep repeating this and  |
|you should beat him in no time. Reload the save|
|if you are having trouble and equip elemental  |
|defensive items. He can hit up to 1,000 HP even|
|with spirit on so make sure you use it!        |
|Here's a color guide if you want it:           |
|red/orange = fire (duh)                        |
|blue = thunder                                 |
|green = wind                                   |

Follow the events that follow and you will be back in...

----------------------.                                                .-----.
Conkram Past Revisited|                                                |x0030|
Nemesis Gem (N) - 63C5CC - 40
Minea's Ring (N)* - 63C614 - 4C*
Total: 224/260 86.15%

After receiving the [Nemesis Gem], use the upper left door and go visit the 
queen on the roof. She will give you [Minea's Ring] which has a nice life 
boost. When you're done living in the past (ha), go to the room of mirrors,
behind the king to the right. Go back to the future! Talk to the queen and you
will be off to your new objective to the north.

----------------.                                                      .-----.
Jette's Fortress|                                                      |x0031|
Life Armband (C)* - 63C5B6 - 07
Rainbow Jewel (C)* - 63C5B7 - 80
Golden Claw (C)* - 63C5B7 - C0
Wonder Amulet (C)* - 63C5B7 - E0
Unholy Icon (C)* - 63C5B7 - E8
Wonder Elixir (C)* - 63C5B7 - EC
Great Axe (C)* - 63C5B7 - FC
Warrior Icon (C)* - 63C5B7 - FE
Lost Grail (C)* - 63C5B7 - FF
Total: 233/260 89.61%
Magic: Gilium (3), Spoon L2 (0), Barra L2 (0), Slippery L2 (0), Kemaro L2 (0)
       Upper floors: Gilium (3), Iota Lv2 (0), Puera Lv2 (0)
  All: 1(21/22)

Head inside and take the little path on the right for a [Life Armband]. Now if
you notice the water source on the left, you can use it to heal yourself. This
makes this place a great place to level and gain money. Continue on the path 
until you trigger a small scene. Head to your right for a [Rainbow Jewel] and 
continue around the lake to the left. Head into the cave and follow it to view
another scene. 

Continue on until you see a door. Head inside for a [Golden Claw] for Noa. Now
proceed on your path until you see another big door. Don't go inside yet, but 
head around and up the stairs behind you. You will come to a cliff where you 
may ride a floating platform across to reach a [Wonder Amulet]. Head back and 
this time take the door in the middle and you will pass through an empty room 
and come upon the [Unholy Icon]. Double back again, and this time go up the 
stairs and enter the door by the save point. Run up and take the right path to
find a [Wonder Elixir]. Now head back to the console in the middle of the room
and hit the switch on the right. Head out of the room and continue to the door
in the south. This time when you ride the platform you will head right and see
a chest with a [Great Axe] in it. Head back to the console and save your game 
on the way. Then head in and select the left switch. Attempting to exit will 
trigger the boss fight.

.-----------.----------.                         .-----.
|Boss: Jette| 28,000 HP|                         |B0010|
|His Shadow Break hits hard, about 1,000HP to all so be|
|careful not to let your HP drop too low. At one point |
|he will make a clone of himself. Do not worry, the    |
|clone is harmless, focus on the real Jette. You should|
|have the correct Jette targeted once he splits. If you|
|lose him though, the real Jette casts Shadow Break.   |

After that tough son of a gun, go hit the left switch again on the console and
head out. Now ride the platform and it will take you to the left door. Follow 
the path for a ways until you get to a fork. Take the right path and you will 
come to a [Warrior Icon] in a chest. Head back and follow the upper path until
you reach an elevator. Take it up and check behind the elevator on the new 
floor to find a [Lost Grail]. Continue on, save your game, then make your way 
to the last generator and witness the events that follow. Boss time!

.----------.----------.                            .-----.
|Boss: Cort| 34,000 HP|                            |B0011|
|He hits you for 1,000HP with Guilty Cross and throws up |
|a shield like a wuss right away. The only way to damage |
|him is with your arts. Use miracle to inflict the most  |
|damage. After pummeling him for a while, be sure to have|
|your HP as high as possible as when his shield breaks,  |
|he will hit you for about 2,200 damage! If possible, try|
|to always have someone spiriting when you feel it will  |
|break. He now will hit you for 1200+ damage with his    |
|mystic circle. When you win, Noa will say "Onii-chan"   |
|which I'm sure you know by now means brother. Aww?      |

In the following events, you can use a Door of Light if you wish, or wait for 
someone to save you. Witness the events and then exit the area. Head back to 
Conkram and watch the scene there.

-------.                                                               .-----.
Rim Elm|                                                               |x0032|
Mettle Gem (N)* - 63C60E
Total: 234/260 90.00%

Sheesh, Vahn finally gets a day off and his annoying sibling wakes him up and 
won't let him sleep. Go outside and go and save your game in the cave. Now go 
and talk to your teacher Tetsu down on the beach. It's time for a master vs. 
student battle!

.-----------.---------.                   .-----.
|Boss: Tetsu| 9,999 HP|                   |B0012|
|Okay so now he's serious I guess. It's time for|
|you to show him what you've learned. I suggest |
|equipping the Speed Chain if you need it so you|
|can attack first and heal yourself with one of |
|the healing berries. Also put War God Icon on  |
|and if you don't need the life, use the Warrior|
|Icon for counter attacking. Otherwise put on   |
|Minea's Ring just so you can survive longer.   |
|Hit him with your miracle arts as you should be|
|getting a lot of AP back from him pummeling you|

He will give you the [Mettle Gem] for defeating him. If you lose, try again by
talking to him or you can reload your save. Go talk to Noa inside the Elder's 
house. There's also a senile old woman in here that thinks she's a guy. Also, 
another interesting thing is the item shop now sells "Hunter Clothes". Hrm, it
seems Mei is making a business, and if you sold them, you get a second chance.
If you talk to her without the Hunter Clothes in your inventory, she will ask 
you what you did with them. Talk to Gala at the tree when you've spoke to all 
that you wanted to. Follow the dialogue and the cutscenes until you can move.
Head south, save, and exit the area. Use a Door of Wind to get to Uru Mais. Go
in and follow the scene and you will find yourself in...

--------.                                                              .-----.
Seru-Kai|                                                              |x0033|
Life Water (C)* - 63C5B8 - 80
Triumph Armor (C)* - 63C5B9 - 05
Magic Fruit (C)* - 63C5B9 - 07
Healing Berry (C)* - 63C5B8 - C0
Magic Water (C)* - 63C5B8 - E0
Total: 239/260 91.92%
Magic: Gilium Lv2 (0), Barra Lv2 (0), Slippery Lv2 (0)
  All: 0(21/22)

Head up and take your first right for a [Life Water] and then head left. Soon 
you will see a chest with [Triumph Armor] inside. Equip it on Vahn and then go
north and east. You will eventually come to a fork with a path going north and
one going south. Just off the screen on the south path is a [Magic Fruit] in 
the chest. Now head north to the next island with a path going up. Check this 
path for a [Healing Berry] and head back to the west. Head all the way west 
until you have two paths going north. Check the upper right and you will come 
to another fork. I shouldn't have to tell you to get left right? You DID see 
the chest ya? Take the skinnier path to get to it and grab the [Magic Water] 
from inside it. Now you can head to the right and follow the path to save your
game. Now continue on to view an event and trigger a hard boss fight.

.-----------.----------.                         .-----.
|Boss: Songi|~55,000 HP|                         |B0013|
|This is sure a hard boss fight. He can hit you for    |
|1500 on a single char with his flare move. The biggest|
|threat immediately is his regular attack. At first, he|
|will hit you many times in excess to 2500 damage! The |
|only way to defend against this is using Warrior Icon |
|for counter attack and Defender Chain if you have one.|
|Don't worry, the weaker he gets, the less he will hit |
|you for so all your healing will pay off after a bit. |
|He also has a cannon move that will hit everyone for  |
|2000+ damage! Stick with it and you will get him.     |

Watch the long series of events that follow. When you are able to move again 
on the mountain summit, talk to the genesis tree to get the Raseru summon. If 
you don't get anything from talking to the genesis tree, you don't have all of
the arts for Noa. Do a search on [Battle Arts] to make sure you got 'em. Now
exit to the world map. Use a door of light if you don't want to walk. You can 
now do a few of the side quests before heading back to Rim Elm. You will 
definitely want to visit the other genesis trees to power up your RaSeru.

Side-Quests: End|
Dark Stone (C)* - 63C661 - 99
Dark Talisman (N) - 
Chicken King (N)* - 63C662 - C5
Total: 241/260 92.69%
Magic: Meta (1), Terra (1), Ozma (1)
  All: 1(22/22)

Head to West Voz Forest and make your way to the very end near the genesis 
tree. You will find a chest with the [Dark Stone] inside. Use a door of light 
and make your way to East Voz Forest this time. At the back, if you have all 
of Gala's arts, you can talk to the Genesis tree to get the RaSeru summon.

Now stop by Jeremi and drop off your Dark Stone to Zalan so he can make you a 
nice accessory, the [Dark Talisman].

Last stop, Sol. Go to the muscle dome and enter each tournament and run away 
in them all. The last one you run away on, should trigger the entree girl to 
give you the [Chicken King] for your cowardice. At this point, if you really 
want to, you can try to beat the master course. If you want to do it now, do a
search for [Secrets: Muscle Dome] for strategy on how to do it. I however will
cover this later on in the walkthrough. Now go all the way to the basement of 
Sol and go to the Genesis tree down there. If Vahn has all his arts, he will 
receive the Raseru summon there. Congratulations! You have all the magic in 
the world! Back to story mode...

Go back to Rim Elm and walk up to the shield. Follow the events and you will 
make your way to...

----------.                                                            .-----.
Bio Castle|                                                            |x0034|
Ra-Seru Armor (C)* - 63C5B6 - 87
Ra-Seru Robe (C)* - 63C5B6 - C7
Ra-Seru Plate (C)* - 63C5B6 - E7
Crimson Book (C)* - 63C5B6 - F7
Ra-Seru Seal (C)* - 63C5B6 - FF
Ra-Seru Plume (C)* - 63C5B8 - E8
Ra-Seru Helmet (C)* - 63C5B8 - F8
Lost Grail (C)* - 63C5B8 - FC
Ra-Seru Boots (C)* - 63C5B8 - FE
Life Armband (N)* - 63C642 - 90
Ra-Seru Shoes (C)* - 63C5B8 - FF
Miracle Water (N)* - 63C642 - F0
Mettle Goblet (E)* - 63C5A3 - FF
Ra-Seru Thongs (C)* - 63C5B9 - 87
Ra-Seru Club (C)* - 63C5B9 - 8F
Magic Armband (C)* - 63C5B9 - CF
Ra-Seru Fangs (C)* - 63C5B9 - DF
Ra-Seru Blade (C)* - 63C5B9 - FF
Total: 259/260 99.61%
Magic: All Lv3 (0) - dependant on floor and screen
  All: 0(22/22)

Follow the path down the throat area for a ways until you reach the stomach. 
You will soon see a fork with a path on the right containing a chest with the 
[Ra-Seru Armor] inside. Make sure to equip these pieces as you pick them up. 
Continue on and you will come to a fork with the path on the left leading to 
the [Ra-Seru Robe]. Proceed on the path until you see a chest which contains a
[Ra-Seru Plate] for Gala. Now exit the area and continue on into what looks to
be large intestines.

Continue on until you come to a river of blood. Jump in and hold up to jump 
out at the next landing. There is a [Crimson Book] waiting for you. Now you 
appear to be in the small intestines. Travel through the area and to the next 
where you will find a fork. The south path gives you the opportunity to jump 
in another moving stream. Do so and hold down to get off at the first landing.
The chest there contains a [Ra-Seru Seal] for Vahn. Jump back in and you will 
come back to the fork where you started. Head to the right and you will see 
yet another opportunity to jump in the rapids of blood. Apparently you found 
your way to an artery of some kind. Jump into the rapids and hold left so you
can choose the left waterway up ahead. Continue holding left so you may hit 
the landing and grab the [Ra-Seru Plume] for Noa. Jump in and the current will
take you back to the familiar landing. Go back up and jump off into the stream
again but this time take the right path. Continue holding right to get the 
[Ra-Seru Helmet] for Gala. Once again, the stream will take you back to the 
initial landing. Run up the path all the way to the save point now. Save and 
head in the cave to the next area.

You will reach some sort of nerve system area. Make sure to talk to everyone.
Jump across the platforms until you have the chance to go north. On the land 
mass you will find a [Lost Grail]. Continue on until you reach a landing with 
a chest on it containing the [Ra-Seru Boots]. You can trigger an event on this
platform if you wish, but continue on when you're done. On the next landing 
you will know what to do to trigger an event. You will get the [Life Armband] 
from the event. Next, at the fork just ahead, take the left path to find the 
[Ra-Seru Shoes]. Now head north on the path until you get to the V-shaped 
platform. Head north, then north again to find an event which will net you a 
[Miracle Water]. Head back and then left to exit the area.

You appear to be in the lungs now. Follow the path and after you make a right 
turn, then turn to the north, immediately start checking the right cell wall. 
You should find a well hidden [Mettle Goblet] between the two big cell walls 
just after turning north. If you miss it, you will run into a chest containing
the [Ra-Seru Thongs]. Don't get excited, these are for Gala. Exit the area.

Now it will look like you're in the bronchi, alveoli, or arteries going to the
heart. Okay, so I don't know the anatomy of this creature but all I can tell 
you is the end is near! Head down the cell path to the next area. Soon you hit
a fork in the path. Head right for a [Ra-Seru Club] and then head back on the 
path and continue to the next fork. Take the left path for a [Magic Armband].

Be careful with the Pueras in this area, they can wipe out your whole party if
you are having no luck with their card game. I'll tell you an observance trick
I learned that works well for this sort of thing. Most players will focus on 
the blue card in order to watch it. The problem with that is your eyes will 
try to follow it but will be just slower and behind the card. If another card 
passes in front of where you are looking, you will be confused. Instead, try 
staring straight at the screen in the middle and without moving your eyes, 
concentrate on the blue card's movement. If that doesnt help you, try using a 
speed chain to get the first move in battle.

Follow the path and take a right at the next fork for the [Ra-Seru Fangs]. Go 
back and continue on to the next fork. Take another right and you will find a 
chest containing the [Ra-Seru Blade] for Vahn. Now you are fully equiped with 
the last armor you'll ever wear. Head to the left to exit this area and find a
save point. Jump on the two protruding nodes quickly to open the door. Save 
your game as this is the last chance to turn back. From here, you can go and 
engage the last boss if you really want to, or you can finish up everything 
else in the outside world. I would recommend building your levels in here if 
you can stand the Pueras' death game (you can steal more Crimson Books from 
them if you're extremely lucky). I will cover the last few side quests now for
those who want 100%. You can use a door of light to exit the bio castle.

Side-Quests: Last|
War God Icon (N)* - 63C671 - 70
Evil Medallion (B) - 
Total: 260/260 100.00%

It's time to hit Sol and enter the Master Course of the Muscle Dome again. I 
actually used a post I made on the forum for the strategy. You can find it in 
the secrets section by searching "Secrets: Muscle Dome". Win this tournament 
and you will receive another [war God Icon]! Now it's time to take on the 
greatest challenge of Legaia! 

Use a door of wind to Buma and head to Mt. Dhini. It is time to take on the 
optional boss Lapis. Check the secret section for strategy by searching for 
"Secrets: Lapis" which is again copied from my post on the forums. Find this 
boss at the summit of the mountain. Beating the optional boss will net you the
[Evil Medallion]!

Guess what?! You just got 100% game completion!! Woohoo! But wait...there IS 
something left to do right? Aside from saving the world? XD Yes, there is the 
insane task of leveling up to 99 and aquiring one last Seru summon. Thank GOD 
the developers were not mean enough to make this count towards your 100% game 
completion though! 

You can read about it in the secrets section under "Secrets: Evil Seru". This 
is completely optional and I would recommend you use the gameshark codes and 
not level up to 99 as it takes a gamer century.

Time to end the game!

----------.                                                            .-----.
Bio Castle|                                                            |x0035|

Head all the way to the end and follow the events to engage the final boss!

.----------.----------.                       .-----.
|Final Boss| 75,000 HP|                       |B0014|
|Not much to say here except spirit when the obvious|
|charge move occurs and use your most powerful magic|
|and arts. Go all out and use HP/MP items if you can|
|because this is the finale. You will definitely    |
|have no trouble with this one if you did the side- |
|quests. I'm not sure what else to note except that |
|it is a long battle. But...cough..PUSH OVER cough. |

Enjoy the ending and congratulations on beating the game!!! You will be able 
to view four different endings plus a few other dialogues. The endings aren't 
THAT much different, but it all depends on what you say you will do now that 
the world is saved. Hopefully you followed this guide closely and you will see
at the end, your 100% complete game! WOOHOO! Go you!!
                            - End of Walkthrough -

---------------------.                                                 .-----.
Secrets: Baka Fighter|                                                 |s0001|
Each enemy has a patter that it follows closely. Sometimes they try to fool 
you but don't get discouraged. If you miss on one, try to continue hitting the
button that you should have hit on. You may notice they start their pattern 
over so pay attention.

Here is the breakdown:

[] beats X
O beats []
X beats O

Xain may appear on Round 5. If he does not, skip Round 5's strategy and go on.

Round 1: [] repeatedly
Round 2: X Repeatedly
Round 3: O repeatedly
Round 4: [] X
Round 5: O O O X X X (Xain)
Round 6: O X
Round 7: [] [] [] X X X O O O
Round 8: X O [] [] [] []
Round 9: O O X
Round 10: [] X O
Round 11: [] [] O X
Round 12: O O X []
Round 13: X X [] [] X X O O
Round 14: [] [] X O O O X

--------------------------.                                            .-----.
Secrets: Sol Dance Contest|                                            |s0002|
The dance contest in Sol is like playing DDR I hear. You will have to hit a 
group of buttons as they come to you. They come one at a time, two at a time, 
or three at a time max. It's not hard but there is one thing you MUST know.

You get three special moves which are used by hitting the triangle on a dance 
move. To get the highest score, you need to use your first two specials right 
away! Then save the last one for the very last move you do as this will give 
you a ton of points.

In order to activate the special, you have to hit triangle on the last button 
of your dance sequence, no matter if it's square or circle. Here's an example:

1st: O comes at you
Hit triangle instead of circle. You advance up to two button sequences.

2nd: O[] comes at you
Hit circle first, then instead of square, hit triangle, you advance to three.

3rd: OO[]
Hit circle circle square.


Finale: []OO
You will know when to activate the finale when you hear the announcer begin to
count down "3, 2, 1!". When he does take your sequence like this one and hit 
triangle on the last move. The example here would be square, circle, triangle.

No mistakes and you should win every time.

--------------------.                                                  .-----.
Secrets: Muscle Dome|                                                  |s0003|
I will cover the Master Course as that is the only real important difficulty.
Your armor and weapon will not be allowed, although your Raseru will stay on, 
making it the best attack possibility for regular hits. Your accessories and 
your level are your best weapons. It is important to have this set up:

Life Grail - your only means of healing, you WILL need to heal.
Defender Chain - extremely helpful in blocking attacks so you can outheal the
                 damage you receive.
Wonder Amulet - unfortunately you need this so you won't die due to poisoning,
                rot, or even stone.

**You may have to buy the Defender Chain at the Hunter's Spring by Rim Elm if
you don't have it.

I would recommend anywhere from level 45 - 50 as these are the levels I beat 
it with. I am absolutely certain you can do it at lower levels as it was 
pretty easy for the levels I did.

You should always try to use up your AP whenever it gets high enough as you 
will be spiriting a LOT in here. And your only way of healing a good amount it
to spirit every turn until you are happy with what you got. Remember that you 
heal in between rounds as well.

Round breakdown below:

These are some regular enemies, but they are really tough as far as
normal enemies go. Especially round 3. it may take 3-6 turns to finish the 
beast off, but don't worry about healing, just down the 3rd round guy quick.

Round 4: Heal time! This first remembered boss is your easy round. Use it to 
spirit and heal all the way up if you need to as you will receive minimal 
damage from this one; even the monster in round 3 was way harder.

Round 5: You can use this round as another heal round; just don't forget to 
spirit when he uses big wave.

Round 6: This familiar boss is not as scary as the first time. And as long as
you have your wonder amulet, you should have nothing to fear. It is possible 
to down him first round before he goes so you don't get the ROT status but 
you'll still want the wonder amulet for later.

Round 7: This boss is only slightly scary. You can heal pretty good in this 
battle unless he keeps insisting on using bloody horns and Terio Punch every 
round. Try to heal up towards the end of the round as you're gonna need it for
the next round.

Round 8: This fight is pretty darn long as his hp is above 30,000. You'll love
your defender chain in this round as it will help you heal which you may have 
to take a few rounds and spirit until you are fully healed. Just keep at him 
as the next round is not as difficult.

Round 9-11: Ah..another familiar. Make sure to use the same patern as before: 
attack, attack, spirit, repeat so that you halve the damage on the special 
attack. It is possible to heal in this round too. Make sure to heal at least 
2/3 of your health on Round 11.

Round 12: Hoo tough fight. You're going to have to do this round like an 
endurance round. You should have enough health in the beginning but don't let 
that fool you. Every second round this boss will use it's dark magic which 
hurts alot. Attack the first round if you want but make sure you at least 
spirit every second round until the boss runs out of MP and will stop casting 
it's hurtful dark magic spell for the rest of the round. You can also spirit 
every turn until they stop casting it if you can't deal with the damage. You 
will heal pretty fast if you get lucky and she tries to use Glare on you. The 
later half of the round will be an easy attack and spirit up to repeat. Try 
getting sufficiently healed for the last round.

Round 13: Last battle! You can make it!? This is another endurance fight 
exactly like the last round. This is also the round that requires you to use 
Defender chain instead of something to help you power through it. I got all 
the way to this round using x2 attack and counter attack instead but this 
round made it all futile. This boss hits hard and hits many many times which 
makes the defender chain the most loved item in the game at this point. The 
only time you can heal is if you spirit and the defender chain blocks the 
majority of his attacks. So your choices are attack 1st round, spirit next 
round, repeat. Just like #12, the boss will cast magic every second round 
until they run out of MP. Or you can spirit every turn until he stops casting 
magic. Sometimes you may get unlucky with the blocking and you'll take more 
damage than you can heal, so you should take time to spirit every round until 
you get the majority of your life back. Nothing else to note in this battle 
except to stay away from the clones the boss will make clones of himself which
wastes a round for him (good news for us!). Second half of this battle should 
be cake, and you'll soon find yourself the champion!

Make good use of your new [War God Icon]!

----------------.                                                      .-----.
Secrets: Fishing|                                                      |s0004|
This is for all you crazy people willing to virtually fish! One of the most 
least involving activity of all time! Yeah well, if you're not crazy enough to
spend the time getting these points, go check out the gameshark section.

Water Egg - 20,000
Life Grail - 6,500
Magic Grail - 6,500
Spirit Talisman - 4,000
Lippian Flute - 200
Spikefish Flute - 200

War God Icon - 50,000
Mettle Armband - 1,500
Power Ring - 1,000
Healing Fruit - 500
Lippian Flute - 200
Spikefish Flute - 200

--------------.                                                        .-----.
Secrets: Lapis|                                                        |s0005|
I think most of the strategies I have read for it are quite a bit off. People 
like to advise to level up to 60+ which is waaaaay unnecessary. Let me give 
you a better solution as I just completed this. This is all you need:

3000 HP on all Characters (probably a lot less, 2600+ maybe at the lowest) or 
     Life Armbands if your HP is too low.
1xLight Talisman - From giving the Light Egg to Zalan (you should have this)
2xLuminous Jewels - Bought in Octam for 4000G each. (If you don't have Light 
  Talisman, buy 3)
1xSpeed Chain - Just on your designated healer

I'm serious...that's it. Oh, and a hefty supply of Healing Berries. A few 
dozen should do depending on how quickly you can take him down.

So I say Level doesn't really matter as long as you're doing this end game. 
Meaning you went to the final dungeon and got the best equipment (why would 
you NOT want to?) so you should be around Level35+ right? Really, all your 
level will do is make it easier for you though you can do it really low 
leveled. Me, I did it at Level 50 because I was trying to steal Crimson Books 
in the final dungeon until I decided to edit my save to just give me 3 (I 
gained 13 levels when I was trying to get something that will make me level does THAT make sense). Let me tell you, at level was 
pa-the-tic! I was almost disappointed that I was that high in levels as it 
took ALL the challenge out of it.

The Break-down:
Talismans & Jewels - Even though you can't summon Horn, you will need one of 
these accessories on all of your characters to absorb the damage of Lapis. He 
does *considerably* less damage to you with these equipped. So little in fact 
that you can survive a full attack from him with the help of...

Life Armbands - If you do this at low level, you will want to put on HP 
increasing accessories to get your HP up on all characters so you can take a 
full attack from Lapis.

Speed Chain - Put this on your healer so they can go first every round and 
heal (they can attack the very first round though).

All other accessories are up to you, but I recommend any damage increasing 
items such as Mettle Goblet, War Souls, War God Icons etc. Don't waste any 
good ones on your designated healer (Gala for me) as they will most likely be 
healing every round. (At lvl 50, sometimes I didn't need to heal every round).

What to do:
This battle is so easy if your characters can take a full hit from Lapis, if 
not then it will just take longer for you as you use phoenixes and lose an 
attack each round (plus you have to be careful if your speed chain guy dies; 
use both characters to use a phoenix on him in case one gets knocked out).

Vahn: attack every round with arts
Noa: attack every round with arts
Gala: use Healing Berry every round

Ta-daaaaa!? No need for the Point Card, no need to level up to insane amounts,
it's simple. I hope you didn't listen to other people and leveled up to 50+ 
like just might be more enjoyable if you had to heal every round or 
even use a phoenix.

Congratulations on your Evil Medallion!

------------------.                                                    .-----.
Secrets: Evil Seru|                                                    |s0006|
By now the "rumor" title to the Evil Seru you acquire at level 99 has been 
abolished and most gamers will read it is true. However, the problem is trying
to level up to 99 legitly is a ridiculously long task. I only made it to 71 
with Crimson Books on all three characters before I cheated. You can try legit
if you want, and good luck with stealing two more Crimson Books from Pueras in
the last dungeon.

For those of you who decide that is way too long a task, you can simply use 
these three gameshark codes to edit your levels to 99. You won't have the stat
bonuses of a level 99 but it will get your Evil Seru. I suggest you use a 
separate save in case you do want to level up more.

Vahn: 80084838 0063
Noa:  80084C4C 0063
Gala: 80085060 0063

Once you are level 99, head back to Ratayu and talk to Saryu at the throne. He
will give you a key which you can use to unlock the lab down below. At the 
very end of the path in the lab, you will find a chest with the Evil Talisman.

Equipping it increases your encounter rate but also allows you to summon the 
might beast.

---------------.                                                      .------.
Gameshark Codes|                                                      |gSHARK|
Currently I use Art Money to play with the game instead of Gameshark. So I  
have not tested all of the below gameshark codes. If you run across any codes 
that do not work, please notify me as it was probably my typing error. I spent
a few minutes using Windows' calc program to subtract hex in order to convert 
these to gameshark ready ;_;*

Also, if you have trouble following my guide for finding the values you want, 
you can use Windows' Calc program by going to Start>Run and typing "calc".
Make sure "Scientific" is selected under View>Scientific. Now you can simply 
type in a value you want like 99, then hit F5 to switch it to Hex. You will 
see "63" which is the hex value of 99. Hit F6 to switch back to decimal.

00:00:00 Game Time - 80084570 0000

999,999 Gold - 8008459C 000F
               8008459E 423F

Vahn ExP: 80084708 XXXX
Noa ExP: 80084b1C XXXX
Gala ExP: 80084F30 XXXX

Meta: 800848A1 000X - use 1 to 9 (1-9)
Terra: 80084CB4 00XX - use 0A to 12 (1-8)
Ozma: 800850C9 00XX - use 13 to 1A (1-7)

Vahn Lvl: 80084838 00XX - use 01 to 63 (1-99)
      HP: 8008480E XXXX - use 0001 to 270F (1-9999)
   MaxHP: 8008480C XXXX - use 0001 to 270F (1-9999)
    (HP): 80084824 XXXX - use 0001 to 270F (1-9999)
      MP: 80084812 0XXX - use 001 to 3E7 (1-999)
   MaxMP: 80084810 0XXX - use 001 to 3E7 (1-999)
    (MP): 80084826 0XXX - use 001 to 3E7 (1-999)
  Attack: 8008481A 0XXX - use 001 to 3E7 (1-999)
   Power: 8008482C 0XXX - use 001 to 3E7 (1-999)
     UDF: 8008482E 0XXX - use 001 to 3E7 (1-999)
   (UDF): 8008481C 0XXX - use 001 to 3E7 (1-999)
     LDF: 80084830 0XXX - use 001 to 3E7 (1-999)
   (LDF): 8008481E 0XXX - use 001 to 3E7 (1-999)
     SPD: 80084832 0XXX - use 001 to 3E7 (1-999)
   (SPD): 80084820 0XXX - use 001 to 3E7 (1-999)
     INT: 80084834 0XXX - use 001 to 3E7 (1-999)
   (INT): 80084822 0XXX - use 001 to 3E7 (1-999)
  Status: (turns hp yellow or red)
      AP: 80084816 00XX - use 01 to 64 (1-100)
     AGL: 80084818 0XXX - use 001 to 12C (1-300) *gets glitchy after 300
   (AGL): 8008482A 0XXX - use 001 to 12C (1-300)

 Noa Lvl: 80084C4C 00XX - use 01 to 63 (1-99)
      HP: 80084C22 XXXX - use 0001 to 270F (1-9999)
   MaxHP: 80084C20 XXXX - use 0001 to 270F (1-9999)
    (HP): 80084C38 XXXX - use 0001 to 270F (1-9999)
      MP: 80084C26 0XXX - use 001 to 3E7 (1-999)
   MaxMP: 80084C24 0XXX - use 001 to 3E7 (1-999)
    (MP): 80084C3A 0XXX - use 001 to 3E7 (1-999)
  Attack: 80084C2E 0XXX - use 001 to 3E7 (1-999)
   Power: 80084C40 0XXX - use 001 to 3E7 (1-999)
     UDF: 80084C30 0XXX - use 001 to 3E7 (1-999)
   (UDF): 80084C42 0XXX - use 001 to 3E7 (1-999)
     LDF: 80084C32 0XXX - use 001 to 3E7 (1-999)
   (LDF): 80084C44 0XXX - use 001 to 3E7 (1-999)
     SPD: 80084C34 0XXX - use 001 to 3E7 (1-999)
   (SPD): 80084C46 0XXX - use 001 to 3E7 (1-999)
     INT: 80084C36 0XXX - use 001 to 3E7 (1-999)
   (INT): 80084C48 0XXX - use 001 to 3E7 (1-999)
     AGL: 80084C2C 0XXX - use 001 to 12C (1-300)
   (AGL): 80084C3E 0XXX - use 001 to 12C (1-300)

Gala Lvl: 80085060 00XX - use 01 to 63 (1-99)
      HP: 80085036 XXXX - use 0001 to 270F (1-9999)
   MaxHP: 80085034 XXXX - use 0001 to 270F (1-9999)
    (HP): 8008504C XXXX - use 0001 to 270F (1-9999)
      MP: 8008503A 0XXX - use 001 to 3E7 (1-999)
   MaxMP: 80085038 0XXX - use 001 to 3E7 (1-999)
    (MP): 8008504E 0XXX - use 001 to 3E7 (1-999)
  Attack: 80085042 0XXX - use 001 to 3E7 (1-999)
   Power: 80085054 0XXX - use 001 to 3E7 (1-999)
     UDF: 80085044 0XXX - use 001 to 3E7 (1-999)
   (UDF): 80085056 0XXX - use 001 to 3E7 (1-999)
     LDF: 80085046 0XXX - use 001 to 3E7 (1-999)
   (LDF): 80085058 0XXX - use 001 to 3E7 (1-999)
     SPD: 80085048 0XXX - use 001 to 3E7 (1-999)
   (SPD): 8008505A 0XXX - use 001 to 3E7 (1-999)
     INT: 8008504A 0XXX - use 001 to 3E7 (1-999)
   (INT): 8008505C 0XXX - use 001 to 3E7 (1-999)
     AGL: 80085040 0XXX - use 001 to 12C (1-300)
   (AGL): 80085052 0XXX - use 001 to 12C (1-300)

Coins: 800845A4 XXXX - use 0001 to FFFF (1-65,535)
Fishing: 8008444C XXXX - use 0001 to FFFF (1-65,535)

80085958 00XX -> XX determines first inventory slot item
80085959 00## -> ## determines quantity of the slot

Add two to 85958 to get to the next inventory slots, and add two to 85959 to 
get to next inventory quantities.

## can be 01 to up to FF which is 255

XX codes for items to put in inventory:

00 - Blank
01 - Ra-Seru Meta Lvl1
02 - Ra-Seru Meta Lvl2
03 - Ra-Seru Meta Lvl3
04 - Ra-Seru Meta Lvl4
05 - Ra-Seru Meta Lvl5
06 - Ra-Seru Meta Lvl6
07 - Ra-Seru Meta Lvl7
08 - Ra-Seru Meta Lvl8
09 - Ra-Seru Meta Lvl9
0A - Ra-Seru Terra Lvl1
0B - Ra-Seru Terra Lvl2
0C - Ra-Seru Terra Lvl3
0D - Ra-Seru Terra Lvl4
0E - Ra-Seru Terra Lvl5
0F - Ra-Seru Terra Lvl6
10 - Ra-Seru Terra Lvl7
11 - Ra-Seru Terra Lvl8
12 - Blank
13 - Ra-Seru Ozma Lvl1
14 - Ra-Seru Ozma Lvl2
15 - Ra-Seru Ozma Lvl3
16 - Ra-Seru Ozma Lvl4
17 - Ra-Seru Ozma Lvl5
18 - Ra-Seru Ozma Lvl6
19 - Ra-Seru Ozma Lvl7
1A - Vahn Fist
1B - RaSeru Blade
1C - Noa Feral
1D - Hard Beat
1E - Heavy Strike
1F - Ra-Seru Fangs
20 - Gala Mace
21 - Ra-Seru Club
22 - Survival Knife
23 - Battle Knife
24 - Short Sword
25 - Force Blade
26 - Beast Buster
27 - Chaos Breaker
28 - Nail Glove
29 - Crimson Nails
2A - Fighter Claw
2B - Bloody Claw
2C - Holy Claw
2D - Golden Claw
2E - Survival Club
2F - Red Club
30 - Power Club
31 - Survival Axe
32 - Battle Axe
33 - Great Axe
34 - Warrior Seal
35 - Ironman Seal
36 - Expert Seal
37 - Hero Seal
38 - Ra-Seru Seal
39 - Guardian Clip
3A - Green Clip
3B - Jeweled Clip
3C - Royal Crown
3D - Pronged Crown
3E - Ra-Seru Plume
3F - Power Earring
40 - Fighter's Band
41 - War God Band
42 - Ra-Seru Helmet
43 - Hunter Clothes
44 - Savior Clothes
45 - Warrior Armor
46 - Ironman Armor
47 - Master Armor
48 - Expert Armor
49 - Hero Armor
4A - Triumph Armor
4B - Ra-Seru Armor
4C - Fighting Robe
4D - Green Robe
4E - Scarlet Robe
4F - Tempest Robe
50 - Battle Robe
51 - Ra-Seru Robe
52 - Blank
53 - Power Plate
54 - Fighting Plate
55 - Valor Plate
56 - War God Plate
57 - Ra-Seru Plate
58 - Swimsuit
59 - Warrior Boots
5A - Ironman Boots
5B - Master Boots
5C - Expert Boots
5D - Hero Boots
5E - Triumph Boots
5F - Ra-Seru Boots
60 - Electric Shoes
61 - Tempest Shoes
62 - Olive Shoes
63 - Steel Boots
64 - RaSeru Shoes
65 - Honey
66 - Power Shoes
67 - Fighting Boots
68 - War God Boots
69 - Ra-Seru Thongs
70 - Light Egg
71 - Dark Stone
72 - Earth Talisman
73 - Water Talisman
74 - Light Talisman
75 - Dark Talisman
76 - Evil Talisman
77 - Healing Leaf
78 - Healing Flower
79 - Healing Berry
7A - Healing Bloom
7B - Healing Fruit
7C - Magic Leaf
7D - Magic Fruit
7E - Antidote
7F - Medicine
80 - Phoenix
81 - Fury Boost
82 - Life Water
83 - Power Water
84 - Guardian Water
85 - Swift Water
86 - Wisdom Water
87 - Magic Water
88 - Door of Light
89 - Door of Wind
8A - Incense
8B - Power Elixir
8C - Shield Elixir
8D - Speed Elixir
8E - Wonder Elixir
8F - Fire Book I
90 - Fire Book II
91 - Fire Book III
92 - Wind Book I
93 - Wind Book II
94 - Wind Book III
95 - Thunder Book I
96 - Thunder Book II
97 - Thunder Book III
98 - Lippian Flute
99 - Spikefish Flute
9A - Mary's Diary
9B - Soren Secrets
9C - Gold Card
9D - Light Lure
9E - Normal Lure
9F - Heavy Lure
A0 - Old Rod
A1 - Deluxe Rod
A2 - Legendary Rod
A3 - Healing Shroom
A4 - Sunrise Key
A5 - Lightning Key
A6 - Star Key
A7 - Mountain Key
A8 - Water Key
A9 - Fertilizer
AA - Weed Hammer
AB - Ra-Seru Egg
AC - Mei's Pendant
AD - Camera Stone
AE - Star Pearl
AF - Yuma's Ring
B0 - Spring Salts
B1 - Zalan's Crown
B2 - Soru Bread
B3 - Letona Key
B4 - West Ratayu Key
B5 - Nemesis Gem
B6 - Seru Flame
B7 - Genesis Seedling
B8 - Soren Flute
B9 - Blank
BA - Astral Sword
BB - Music Score
BC - Fire Droplet
BD - Ruins Key
BE - TimeSpace Bomb
BF - Evil Seru Key
C0 - Life Ring
C1 - Life Armband
C2 - Magic Ring
C3 - Magic Armband
C4 - Spirit Jewel
C5 - Spirit Talisman
C6 - Power Ring
C7 - Scarlet Jewel
C8 - Azure Jewel
C9 - Guardian Ring
CA - Speed Ring
CB - Wisdom Ring
CC - Vitality Ring
CD - War God Icon
CE - Unholy Icon
CF - Warrior Icon
D0 - Evil God Icon
D1 - Speed Chain
D2 - Slowness Chain
D3 - Target Chain
D4 - Defender Chain
D5 - Guardian Chain
D6 - Cure Amulet
D7 - Pure Amulet
D8 - Forest Amulet
D9 - Magic Amulet
DA - Stone Amulet
DB - Nature Amulet
DC - Wonder Amulet
DD - Earth Jewel
DE - Deep Sea Jewel
DF - Burning Jewel
E0 - Tempest Jewel
E1 - Madlight Jewel
E2 - Luminous Jewel
E3 - Ebony Jewel
E4 - Rainbow Jewel
E5 - Life Grail
E6 - Magic Grail
E7 - Lost Grail
E8 - Mettle Ring
E9 - Mettle Armband
EA - Mettle Goblet
EB - Mettle Gem
EC - War Soul
ED - Evil Medallion
EE - Ivory Book
EF - Crimson Book
F0 - Golden Book
F1 - Bronze Book
F2 - Golden Compass
F3 - Silver Compass
F4 - Chicken Heart
F5 - Chicken Safe
F6 - Chicken Guard
F7 - Chicken King
F8 - Life Source
F9 - Magic Source
FA - Mettle Source
FB - Bad Luck Bell
FC - Good Luck Bell
FD - Blank
FE - Point Card
FF - Platinum Card

E.I. 80085958 00EF - Sets slot 1 (085958) to Crimson Book (EF).
     80085959 0003 - Sets slot 1 (085958) quantity to 3 (03).

** Be careful playing around with inventory change as you will most likely 
   overwrite your inventory slot item. If you use the first slot, it will most
   likely be a Healing Leaf so that's not that big of a deal.
** Also be aware that the inventory order is different than what the game will
   display it as.

Below are the ArtMoney addresses if you use ArtMoney(for PC) instead.

Slot 1 Item: 0063C798
Slot 1 Qty.: 0063C799
Slot 2 Item: 0063C79A
Slot 2 Qty.: 0063C79B

*use same rules as the above GameShark section for the item rules.

Vahn ExP: 0063B548
Noa ExP: 0063B95C
Gala ExP: 0063BD70

Meta: 0063B6E1
Terra: 0063BAF4
Ozma: 0063BF09

Vahn Lvl: 0063B678
      HP: 0063B64E
   MaxHP: 0063B64C
    (HP): 0063B664
      MP: 0063B652
   MaxMP: 0063B650
    (MP): 0063B666
  Attack: 0063B65A
   Power: 0063B66C
     UDF: 0063B66E
   (UDF): 0063B65C
     LDF: 0063B670
   (LDF): 0063B65E
     SPD: 0063B672
   (SPD): 0063B660
     INT: 0063B674
   (INT): 0063B662
  Status: (turns hp yellow or red)
      AP: 0063B656
     AGL: 0063B658
   (AGL): 0063B66A

 Noa Lvl: 0063BA8C
      HP: 0063BA62
   MaxHP: 0063BA60
    (HP): 0063BA78
      MP: 0063BA66
   MaxMP: 0063BA64
    (MP): 0063BA7A
  Attack: 0063BA6E
   Power: 0063BA80
     UDF: 0063BA70
   (UDF): 0063BA82
     LDF: 0063BA72
   (LDF): 0063BA84
     SPD: 0063BA74
   (SPD): 0063BA86
     INT: 0063BA76
   (INT): 0063BA88
     AGL: 0063BA6C
   (AGL): 0063BA7E

Gala Lvl: 0063BEA0
      HP: 0063BE76
   MaxHP: 0063BE74
    (HP): 0063BE8C
      MP: 0063BE7A
   MaxMP: 0063BE78
    (MP): 0063BE8E
  Attack: 0063BE82
   Power: 0063BE94
     UDF: 0063BE84
   (UDF): 0063BE96
     LDF: 0063BE86
   (LDF): 0063BE98
     SPD: 0063BE88
   (SPD): 0063BE9A
     INT: 0063BE8A
   (INT): 0063BE9C
     AGL: 0063BE80
   (AGL): 0063BE92

Coins: 0063B3E4
Fishing: 0063B28C

-----------.                                                           .-----.
Battle Arts|                                                           |bARTS|
  Hyper Elbow -      Art: LRL
  Charging Scorch -  Art: DRU
  Somersault -       Art: UDU
  Slash Kick -       Art: UDL
  Power Punch -      Art: LLD
  Cross-Kick -       Art: DDDU
  Pyro Pummel -      Art: LRUL
  Spin Combo -       Art: UDRL
  PK Combo -         Art: DUUL
  Hurricane -        Art: UUDD
  Cyclone -          Art: DUUU
  Tornado Flame -  Hyper: RRL
  Fire Blow -      Hyper: RRDL
  Burning Flare -  Hyper: RDLDL
  Power Slash -    Super: DRUDUDL
  Fire Tackle -    Super: LRLLDRU
  Maximum Blow -   Super: DRUDLLD
  Tri-Somersault   Super: UDUUUDU
  Rolling Combo -  Super: UDRLLDUUL
  Vahn's Craze - Miracle: RDLULURDL

  Lizard Tail -      Art: UDU
  Acrobatic Blitz -  Art: UDD
  Sonic Javelin -    Art: RDR
  Blizzard Bash -    Art: RLD
  Mirage Lancer -    Art: RRUU
  Dolphin Attack -   Art: RRLR
  Bird Step -        Art: DDDU
  Swan Driver -      Art: DUUU
  Tough Love -       Art: DUDLR
  Rushing Gale -     Art: UULDR
  Tempest Break -    Art: RRLUUU
  Frost Breath -   Hyper: LLRR
  Vulture Blade -  Hyper: LLRLR
  Hurricane Kick - Hyper: LUUUUDR
  Super Javelin -  Super: UULDRDR
  Dragon Fangs -   Super: UDUUUDD
  Triple Lizard -  Super: DDDUUUDU
  Super Tempest -  Super: RRLRRLUUU
  Love You -       Super: RRUUDUDLR
  Noa's Ark -    Miracle: LURDULUDR

  Flying Knee Attack    Art: DUL
  Battering Ram -       Art: LRD
  Ironhead -            Art: UDD
  Back Punch -          Art: LRL
  Guillotine -          Art: LUL
  Head Splitter -       Art: LUU
  Side Kick -           Art: DDUU
  Black Rain -          Art: ULDD
  Neo Raising -         Art: LLRUL
  Electro Thrash -      Art: ULDRL
  Bull Horns -          Art: LURDL
  Thunder Punch -     Hyper: RRL
  Lightning Storm -   Hyper: RRUL
  Explosive Fist -    Hyper: RRLLL
  Rushing Crush -     Super: LRDULUU
  Super Ironhead -    Super: DULUUDD
  Back Punch x3 -     Super: UDDULRL
  Heaven's Drop -     Super: DULUULDD
  Neo Static Raising -Super: LRLULLRUL
  Biron Rage -      Miracle: RRDUDUDLL

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