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Legend of Legaia Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Legend of Legaia

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Our cheats include the Research Center password, how to battle Queen Bee and how to get secret spells for Vahn, Noa, and Gala.

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We have 17 cheats and tips on PlayStation. If you have any cheats or tips for Legend of Legaia please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation

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Research Center Password:
The password to Dr. Usha's research center is X, X, Triangle, Circle, Square.
Platinum Card:
When you have saved Drake Castle and spoke to the king go to the upper left room from where the throne is located and search the wall. You will find the platinum card there which allows you to buy special items at certain shops.
Hidden FMV Sequence:
If you wait at the Title screen for about 30 seconds a hidden FMV sequence will start.

To get secret spells for Vahn,Noa, and Gala.To g..

To get secret spells for Vahn,Noa, and Gala.

To get Meta-After u defeat Songi at the seru-kai go to Sol's Genesis Tree and touch it.

To get Terra-Go tu Mt. Rikuroa and touch it and you will get this spell

To get Ozma-go to east voz forest or where u first got Ozma and touch it and you will get the Ozma spell.

*Note:your Ra-Seru level will increase*

Fight a secret boss: Go back tu Mt. Dhini again after yor visit tu Soren Camp you will meet a secret boss named Lapis, BE WARNED!

He is very fast and powerful and he will ambush u at the start and reduce your MP tu zero, this is what yor MP will look like, 0/0..

Platinum cardGo to Drake castle and go to the ro..

Platinum card

Go to Drake castle and go to the room where the king is.

To the upper left hand side of him is a door. Go through that door and go to the far back wall.

On that wall you will find the platinum card.

First thing,U=UPD=down, L=leftR=rightNoa's arts ..

First thing,U=UP

D=down, L=left


Noa's arts are,

Frost Breath-LLRR

Tempest Break-RRLUUU


Swan Driver-DUUU

Bird Step-DDDU

Dolphin Attack-RRLR

Evil Medallion

Firstly, make sure that you are at least at level 52 each and then go to the top of Mt. Dhini and walk around where the wings are and you will run into a monster that is powerful.
Its name is Lepis and it has 70 000 HP and don't rely on magic because it will suck it up at the beginning of the battle.
Beat him and he will give you the Evil Madallion. (the most rarest item in the game)

Gala's moves:30 Bull Horns-L,U,R,D,L24 Black Rai..

Gala's moves:

30 Bull Horns-L,U,R,D,L

24 Black Rain-U,L,D,D

24 Side Kick-D,D,U,U

18 Guillotine-L,U,L

18 Back Punch-L,R,L

18 Iron Head-U,D,D

18 Battering Ram-L,R,D

18 Flying Knee Attack-D,U,L

How to get Honey(It increases all you're stats)G..

How to get Honey(It increases all you're stats)
Go to Rim Elm after Zeto has attacked Rim Elm,Then go to the bottom-right
hand corner of Rim Elm.(Its not on the beach)There is a tree nearby.Go right
up to it,then press the X button.You're sister will stop you,and then she
will fall down.Next you will fight Killer Bee x 3 and Queen Bee x 1.They're
tough,so I recommend that you have all you're available characters and you
should be level-15+.The bad part is,you cannot use seru and you don't get
any EXP!!

Battle Queen Bee

If you want to battle Queen Bee, go to Rim Elm and go to the beach.
Go to the tree near the beach.


Get the RaSeru egg from Cara and sell it to Zalan. He will give you the Light Talisman that contains Horn, the Master heal Magic, 200 MP
Go to West Voz Forest and get the Dark Stone, then give it to Zalan and you will obtain the Dark Talisman.
Get 10000 points for fishing and buy the Water Egg. Then give it to Zalan and you will obtain the Water Talisman.
Kill Dohati and go to Vidna, talk to the Hunter near Pepe's house and he will sell you a Camera Stone for 100G, if it breaks, buy it again.

O.K. Here we go! The second time you go to Seru-..

O.K. Here we go!

The second time you go to Seru-Kai to help the great genesis tree have all your characters levels 38-40 the first time I tried to defeat Songi I lost because I was level 36.

Bring plenty of healing berries because Songi does damage to an extreme. One more thing get all the talismins you can before you go! See

Thanx for listening!

Getting the Platnium Card!After you defeat Carub..

Getting the Platnium Card!

After you defeat Caruban on Mt. Rikuoa and after you talk to King Drake, go to the room where he lock himself in the cage.

If you don't know where that is, it's to the left of his throne.Search the back wall in the left corner, there! You found the platnium card!

Earth Jewel

To get an earth jewel, go to East Voz Forest and then go to where you revive the geneis tree, after that go to rock that Songi jumped from last to give Gala a little butt-woopping then go to the nearest two trees and in between them is an earth jewel!!!!!

Team Attack!!!

I've got a great attack, where Vahn, Noa and Gala attack together! I don't know if it really works, because you have to be on level 99...I'm just on level 63 with all...
You need 100 AP each, level 99 and a long Action Bar.
High, Low, Arms, Ra-Seru, Low, Arms, Ra-Seru, High, Ra-Seru
High, Low, Ra-Seru, Arms, Low, Ra-Seru, Arms, High, Ra-Seru
High, Low, Arms, Ra-Seru, Low, Arms, Ra-Seru, High, Ra-Seru.
If anyone tested it please let me know if it works!!!
PS. If you have ANY questions about this game, I can probarly help you!!!

pointcardGo to the store in elm rim then go to t..

Go to the store in elm rim then go to the bedroom there is a item called pointcard in the get 5%of the cost of what you buy. then use it to return the points to dammage the enemy.

Please can anyone tell me how to deafeat the ber..

Please can anyone tell me how to deafeat the berserker at Jeremi or what level should I be.

Anyway,here are some of the moves:


arts:somersault up down up

slash kick up down left

hyper elbow right left right

Hyper Arts:tornado flame


arts:lizard tail up down up

blizard bash right left down

hyper arts:frost breath


arts:ironhead up down down

Hyper arts:thunder punch

I know there is more but I cant seem to remember sorry about that.

If you think I am so lame you don't need to tel..

Here's Some Stuff About Karisto Kingdom!--Astral..

Here's Some Stuff About Karisto Kingdom!

--Astral Sword & Gaza--

After you defeat Sim-Seru Gaza, he will grow into the Genesis Tree of Sol.

He will give you the Astral Sword as a keepsake as he fades away. Only Kirby (Vahn)can equip this sword. It makes your "Arms" attack REEEEALLY big, so keep this in mind.

--Usha Research Center & Uru Mais--

When you go into the Usha Research Center, Dr. Usha will talk about Fire Droplets and TimeSpace Bombs. Go downstairs and Mrs. Usha will quiz you.

If you succeed, she will give you the Ruins Key. Head to Uru Mais, and go on the freaky platform. Try to leave, and weird creatures called Tieg will gr..

Fast and easy money

When your characters are all about level 30, go to sol tower to enter the muscle dome. I used vahn, for this trick. I had the best equipments on vahn, from the soren camp, and I had the life grail, the life armband, and the thing that makes your ap only cost 1/2 of what it normally would. Also, make sure vahn has the aluru spell at least at lvl 4. Enter vahn in the expert rank. Have him fight through, use aluru on the dark ogre, and the gold bison, because they do massive damage.(if you have enough mp, you can use it on iron man too, but make sure you have enough to heal yourself if you need too.)after ironman, you will have to fight the caruban, then an aluru, and finally xian. This will give you 1532 coins to spend on a prize. Buy the vitality ring, and sell it for 25000 gold. Keep ent..

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