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Final Fantasy Tactics Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Final Fantasy Tactics

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Check out our cheats for the location of equipment, duplicating weapons and getting JP and Gil.

More Final Fantasy Tactics Cheats and Tips

We have 25 cheats and tips on PlayStation. If you have any cheats or tips for Final Fantasy Tactics please send them in here.

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Equipment Locations

The following is a list of the best equipment in the game and it's location.
Crossbow (Gastrafitis):
Ring (Angel Ring):
Hat (Thief Hat):
Axe (Slasher):
Book (Madlemgen)
Poach Great Morbol
Fabric (Ryozan Silk):
Poach Tiamat
Bag (FS Bag)
Poach Wild Boar
Ribbon (Ribbon):
Poach Wild Boar
Cloth (Rubber Conscious):
Poach Hydra
Knive (Zorlin Shape):
Poach a Plague
Stick (Whale Whisker)
Poach Tiamat
Hammer (Scorpion Tail):
Poach Hyundra
Gauntlet (Genji Guantlet):
Steal Elmdor
Mantle (Vanish Mantle):
Gemineas Peak
Perfume (Chantage):

This is how to get Cloud...yes Cloud from FF7.No..

This is how to get Cloud...yes Cloud from FF7.

Note:u must have Mustadio in ur party, u must be in chapter 4, u must bought the flower in Zarghidas, n lastly u must have fought and won the battle against Dycdarge in Igros Castle.

1. Go to Zeltennia Castle and listen to the rumor "Cursed Island".

2. Go to Gouge Machine City and u will enter a scene.

3. Go to Goland Coal City and listen to the rumor "Ghost of Colliery".

4. Go to Lesalia Imperial City and u will enter a scene in a bar and let Beowulf join ur party.

5. Go back to Goland Coal City and u will engage in 4 battles.

6. Go back to Gouge Machine City and..

Duplicate weapon cheat

First, have a person in your party learn the "two swords" technique from the Ninja job class, then equip it to the person, then change him/her to a knight. Equip a shield on the right hand, and the sword on the left hand (excaliber works best). go to a shop that sells swords and go to the "fitting room". select the person with the weapon you want to copy.
Select "best fit", the weapon you wanted to copy is now on your right hand and another weapon is on your left. Select "quit fitting" and click on the weapon on the left hand. Now both weapons should be the same now leave the "fitting room". The new weapon will only cost 10 gil. Do this as many times as you want. There you go

How to level up a low level character nop matter what level

Jobs Required: Wizard and Oracle (or Beowulf)
1st- You kill everyone except 1 person.
2nd- You turn your lowest level person and the last monster into a frog.
3rd- You use Berserk on your own person
4th- Get out of the fighting area with your extra people
5th- Gather all your people in the farest corner away from the fighting
6th- Put all of your people on Run like a rabit AUTO
(optional)- You can set your 2nd ability on a person to talk skill so they will level that job level if you don't feel like you want to get a certain class to 8.
(another option)- to ensure the person who you are attacking with as a frog stays alive you could make one of your people a priest/chemist and set them to protect the downed; so they would heal your frogman. T..

Superb Training Tactic

For all those impatient Final Fantasy Tactics players, here is a way to get powerful skills and job classes extremely fast.
*a small hint to help you get started is to rid your party of everyone you do NOT intend to use later in the game to train, you can always go and hire new "troops" in any town, and use this technique to bring your new character up to par with the rest of your team.
The first step in this training technique is to change all of your players to be trained to squires, and teach them all the skill "gained JP up." This will help your characters to gain Job levels faster and learn skills also quicker. The next step is to change one of your characters to "Knight", or get a player in your party the skill Power break, and equip them to use it.
* Don..

Job Classes and RequirmentsSingle Class JobsSqui..

Job Classes and Requirments

Single Class Jobs



Knight:Lv.2 Squire

Archer:Lv.2 Squire

Monk:Lv.2 Knight

Priest:Lv.2 Chemist

Wizard:Lv.2 Chemist

Time Mage:Lv.2 Wizard

Summoner:Lv.2 Time Mage

Thief:Lv.2 Archer

Oracle:Lv.2 Priest

Meditator:Lv.2 Oracle

Geomencer:Lv.3 Monk

Lancer:Lv.3 Thief

Multi Class Jobs

Samurai:Lv.3 Knight, Lv.4 Monk, Lv.2 Lancer

Ninja:Lv.3 Archer, Lv.4 Thief, Lv.2 Geomencer

Calculator:Lv.4 Priest, Lv.4 Wizard, Lv.3 Time Mage, Lv.3 Oracle


Gain JP faster in the beginning of the game. Thi..

Gain JP faster in the beginning of the game. This is a Tip and a little cheat.

While you are a squire, learn Accumulate then put any Guts or Basic skills in any of your character.

When the battle starts, whenever your character cant attack at long range, use accumulate instead.

This brings up your Physical attack up and adds JP.

This is more effective with the Haste of the Time Mage.

Can also use Chalkra (Monk ability) instead of Accumulate.

Get JP and gil

Ok here's what you do. You need the thief skill steal gil. When you go into battle, kill all the enemies except one. Surround it, and just keep using steal gil until you have had enough!!! You get loads of JP and gil at the same time!!!!!

Job System&Unlockables

NOTE: You must have Mustadio in your party to get all of the secret characters, and all of these characters are aquired in Chapter 4.
Unlockable | How to Unlock
Worker 8 | After rescuing Reis from Goland, return to Goug Machine City. Worker 8 joins the party after a small scene.
Beowulf | Read the rumors at Goland, go to Lesalia, then agree to accompany Beowulf to Goland. After a series of plot battles, he joins the party.
Dragon Reis | Accompany Beowulf through Goland Coal City; Reis is rescued during the final battle in the series.
Human Reis | Read the rumors at Zeltennia, buy a flower in Zarghidas, then return to Goug. This unlocks a b..

Getting Algus yes this is not false!!

First put on the cheat control all units then use talk skill on algus and youll get 25 to a 17% chance but keep trying and kill him then he will join you, have fun!!

Golgorand Execution Site = A Walk in the park

Want to beat one of the arguably hardest battles in the game? Here's how:
First make all your characters like I listed below.
Ramza: Monk/ Monk Skills: Move-Hp Up, Martial Arts/ second ability: Guts/ Guts Skills: mastered/reaction ability: counter Tackle/ Support ability: Gained JP up/ Movment ability: Move-Hp Up

Agrias: Holy Knight: Holy Knight Skills: Statis Sword, Split Punch, Crush Punch/Second ability: anything/Reaction ability: Counter Tackle/Support ability: Gained JP Up./ Movement ability: Move+1

Mustadio:Engineer/Engineer Skills: Mastered/Reaction ability: Counter Tackle/ Support Ability: anything/ Movement ability: anything

Knight:Knight[of course]/Knight Skills: Head and/or Armor Beak, Weapon Break/second abili..

Level UP UP UP UP UP UP UP UP UP UP UP UP.......................

This Hint works the best on Barius Valley. Equip everyone on your team with either Accumulate, Yell, Cheer Up, or Throw Stone. Go to Barius Valley. If your enemies are on on the other side of the river then make sure they have one person who can't cross water like a Red Panther or Bull Demon. Kill all your enemies besides that monster. Then, put all your people on the other side of the rivet and use the skills I listed above as long as you want. Your characters will gain lots of levels and experience. The same thing goes if the enemy is on the side of you just that you don't need someone who can't cross water and all you need to do is corner the last enemy with your guys who have the highest Hp.
P.S. It works better the first way.

9999 JP

1. On the overworld map hit start and go to formation
2. Choose the person that you what to give 9999 points for lerning skills in a certain class
3. Go into ability and select learn
4. Select the class you eant to get 9999 JP in
5. Make sure the skills of this class are longer then the page( meaning you can scroll down)
6. Select a skill you can learn and select it without learning it ( press 0 once) instead hold down the [] buttion and hit down.
7. If the skill you landed on cannot be learnd ( you don't have enough JP for it) make sure it says you do want to learn " the move you picked in step 6" and hit yes
8. Now you should have 0 points, now hit X until you come back to the characters info page

Dont waste JP

Don't be a thief to steal equipment from people. You want to be a mediator and invite them. It only cost 100 Jp, and you get the equipment and an extra person.

before doing this you absolutely need :- 5 chara..

before doing this you absolutely need :

- 5 characters with the "catch" ability

- "Deep Dungeon" must be finished

you put the "catch" ability to your 5 characters,

you go to "HORROR" in the Deep Dungeon some times

until you fight some Samurais and some ninjas.

1st : Kill all the samurai

2nd : don't touch the ninjas but place

your 2 best characters on the best

places to obligate the ninja use thier

"throw" ability

By doing this you can recieve some weapons

you cannot buy on the shops like :

Defender, Excalibur, Chaos Blade, Scorpion..

While using the technique to earn more experienc..

While using the technique to earn more experience and jp by casting the 'frog' spell on your enemy and stealing money from him, your one player has nothing to do. That person can either accumulate as a squire, or use the 'cure' ability on the others. It worked for me, hope it will work for you. Have fun, guys.

This is for the second fight:first kill every on..

This is for the second fight:first kill every one except for two people.

Bring down one of the enimies to low life then chase him to the roof (were Delita is always close to) corner him until hes at an edge then heal him then keep on dashing or throwing rocks until he falls.

The falls usually do around 10 to 20 life and are a cool way to kill a guy couse its fun to watch.The second dude is to keep Delita away from the jumping man.

~shane cremonese~


I have done pretty much everything in the game.
I only have to go to Orbonne Monastery to finish the game.
But, Every time I go to Neveleska Temple.. nothing happens. so how do I get Cloud?
By the way... whats the Deep Dungeon?

1-1 battles almost invinceable

To be almost invinceable in 1-1 battles you have to have the MP switch ability
(time mage), the move-MP up ability (oracle), and high brave. When someone attacks you it hurts your MP and if your MP is gone then when you walk your MP gets healed cause of move-MP up ability. This works for battles example.
(Weigraf, Gafgarion).

Powerful Ramza

Make Ramza A Knight And Learn All The Skills.
Level Him To Level 50.
Then Make Him A Squire Learn All The Skills.
Level Him To 70.

Hey for allof you people that are gullable and b..

Hey for allof you people that are gullable and believe what the other people say about not using Ramza because as he levels up so do the monsters then you're screwed up in the head, Ramaza is your best friend and you should use him any chance you get because as he levels the monsters do and so does they're cash output plus you get more jp with higher levels.

Auto-Dead Undead!

You all Know that Normally, any undead creature can be harmed by cure spells and healing potoins, right? However, you might not have know that Phoneix Down has the opposite effect on undead creatures! That's right, Phoneix Down kills any undead creature automatically if you use it on them and it always has a one-hundred% chance of hitting!
This works great on battles like Yugo Woods and gives the Oracle's undead spell more of a sting!

Now, lets see, this thing kills the undead with always a 100% chance of hitting!? You decide if you should use it.

Duplicate Just About Anything

Duplicate Bows: Take your best bow and put it in the Left Hand Slot then proceed to the fitting room in any town that sells bows. Select any random Cross Bow and put it in the Right Hand Slot. Go to Best Fit and you should see the bow you had to start with in the Left Hand select Yes and Boom you got another Bow. (IMPORTANT SAME AS WITH THE SWORD MAKE SURE THE WEAPON FOR DUPLICATION IS THE STRONGEST.)
Guns: Just as easy as Bows. Have a Mediator with the Equip Shield Support Ability and put the Gun to be dupped in the Left Hand and any shield in the Right Hand. Go to fitting room select a knife and put it where the shield is, then select Best Fit and Boom goes the dynamite.
Spears: Spear to be dupped in the left hand (noticing a theme?) and a shield in the right. Go ..

Queklain Impure King Easy Battle

If you look at my Golgorand Execution Site hint then you'll notice the characters and how the should be to make the battle easy make them just like that except Agrias should have all her Holy Sword skills, you could make Ramza a Squire but it dosen't matter if he is that or a Monk, and your guys should have a much higher level. Beating him this way is so much eaiser. All you have to do is: Set Mustadio on Auto-Battle Fight For life on Queklain; He will do 30-36 Hp damage each turn wich may not seem like a lot, but is in the long run.Have Agrias get about 3-5 squares away from the Impure King and let him have either Holy Explosion or Lightning Stab. Obviously all you do with Ramza, the Knight, and the Minotorias is get right next to his fatiness and beat the ugly out of him.

To get through easier if you're stuck

If you are stuck in a fight, make most of your people archers, give them the strongest bow you have and attack your foe from a distance. If you are on a higher surface you can shoot an arrow further.

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