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Driver 2 Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Driver 2

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Lots of cheats for you to look through and includes getting the secret car in Havanna and the rare car in Chicago.

More Driver 2 Cheats and Tips

We have 63 cheats and tips on PlayStation. If you have any cheats or tips for Driver 2 please send them in here.

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Hidden CarsChicago: "Hot Rod" Go ..

Hidden Cars

Chicago: "Hot Rod" Go to Wrigley Ville Baseball Stadium.( It is on top of map.)

Go to the corner of the stadium that is cut of and has the booth. Go to the booth with tickets above it.

Then go to where it shows you. Once in the field go up the steps and turn right there shall be a yellow car with blach stripes.

Havana: "Mini" Go to your map and look on the left. Go to the road right before the tunnel. This road has a dead end. Drive to the end and then turn right onto the grass.

Drive slow till you see a switch. Get out and press it. drive back on to the road.

It should now..

There are no cheats that we know of like in the ..

There are no cheats that we know of like in the original Driver, whereby you would enter a controller pad combo to unlock various things, however if you are ablt to complete the game, a cheat mode will be unlocked as well as a couple of new tracks.



To all the people who need help on rio missions I'll help you. First you might wanna use immunity which i already put in.

For the people on the chase the gun man mission, all you do is get in front of him and give him a long brake job.

For the people on the last mission, try to memorize the path of the helicopter it shouldn't take you 3 hours to beat it if you're good like me.

Get a mini car!Go to havana and take a look at t..

Get a mini car!

Go to havana and take a look at the map.

Look on the left-handside of the map and there is a road that seams to lead nowhere.

drive down there and you should come up to a gate drive slightly to the right and press the button.

The gate will open and it will say "you have found a secret area" take ur car down to the underground ramp.

now go down to the lowest level you can.

you will see the car on a hydrolic sort of lift.

press the button behind it.

now it should you unlocked a new car.

Go into the car then the lift will take you back up to the normal world and ..

**Look At this**Hey you guy's the tank..

**Look At this**

Hey you guy's the tank of course doesn't work, Come on use your brains. I know that some people are looking for the rig in rio.

All you do is go up to the top of the map, then turn LEFT, the third or fourth fence on the right is a small switch so carefully look. once you in there go left and follow the road(ally).

When you start go to your map you should see a t..

When you start go to your map you should see a tunnel on the East side of your map. follow it in till you come to a building. {it has no top} go a bout 4-5 trees down there should be a pole.

Get out of your car walk over to it hold triangle.


Drive to were it shoed you.only turnleft.there should be a clown car.{you have to be in Havana}I'm telling you the truth I promus.

In order to get Immunity without completing the ..

In order to get Immunity without completing the game just go to undercover, get to a mission called "steal a cop car" locate the police station, Enter take a ride in Rio.

Get to the police station. Get out and stand facing in front of the garage door. Turn around. You should be facing a big building.

There is a series of doors on the building. Go in front of the one farthest to the left and click

triangle. It will say "you have unlocked a cheat.

Exit and go to options,then gameplay, then secrets and turn on immunity.

I have beaten Driver2 and about to beat Driver.



Getting the semi truck in rio

When you get to the top of the map there is a stretched c on it's side.
If you drive to the left side of the sea, on the right look for a gate.
To the left of the gate is a building. get out of the car and walk up to the side of the building.
Walk all the way to the end and there is a switch on the path. it is very hard to see when driving.
This is why some of you have not been able to get it.
When you drive through the gates that have just opened, drive to the end of the compound and at the end on the right is the semi.
Have a nice time driving.

There is no helicopter or tank or a gunmode but ..

There is no helicopter or tank or a gun

mode but there is secret areas and cars

for all cities.

Here are some that i know

of in chicago wriglyfield, havana where you find the mini and the other part of havana.

Las Vegas the train tracks where you had to save that car and the construction site. If you want to know where to find the construction site just post a question.

Rio the place where you find the semi and the horse track that's where you can get the secret game and you can get the mountain pass game in rio.

Locate it on your map and go there in take a ride and if it helps go to night mode and then go to the two end..

Ok, alot of you guys and girls like driver 2 rig..

Ok, alot of you guys and girls like driver 2 right.

Ok I have a cheat go to take a ride and select Rio pick any car.

Then at the start press the pause button and go to the map.

Then look at the very top left corner. you will see a hump go to the left hand side of the hump.

Then go to the first building and between the red door and black and brown door there will be a little pole on the side walk, go up to it and press triangle and then it will say that you have unlocked a secret car.

Get back in your car and go to the gate on the left hand side of the building then go along the concreat wall passed the two buildings and up to your le..

Get a pick-up truck in Vegas!Take a ride in Vega..

Get a pick-up truck in Vegas!

Take a ride in Vegas and head to Tropicana. When you get there turn left and follow the road until you get to an intersection.

Go straight on look on the left, you will see a closed gate, keep going until you see an open gate. Go in and hit the switch on the fence. Go back to the closed gate and it's open! Drive to the back of the building and there it is!

It's super fast and is easy to drive.

Can someone help me on the 5th or 6th level wher..

Can someone help me on the 5th or 6th level where you have to get out of cane's compound!!!!

I know it is kind of pitiful but I cant get through it.

Come on somebody help me if someone helps me I can give them real good cheats to lots of games.

When you are in Las Vegas go to the airport (on ..

When you are in Las Vegas go to the airport (on the bottom of the map).

When you are facing to the north you will see on the map a road that turns right, follow it and you will see a wall with a ramp over it, jump over it and you have found a secret area, where you can stunt with your car!

Hidden Cars

Hidden Car in Chicargo
Look at the top of the map and you will see a sqaure with the letter 'P' in it.
Drive there and you will see a gate. Drive round and there should be a ticket booth.
Press triangle on it and the gate should open. Go throught the gate and up the stairs.
When you reach the top turn right and keep going down the ramp. At the bottom you will see a Black and Yellow Car.
If any one knows about the secret garage in Las Vegas Post it here.

How to pop-a-wheelie

Yes it is true, you can pop wheelies in driver 2. To do it though you must have the mini car in Havana.
Then when you get the car, run into a pole, tree, or a wall and push X to go forward. You should go straight for about 5-10 seconds.
It isn't a long time but it should make you laugh...

If You Get Bored!

In the map of Havana there should be a ferry on a major hiway. What you do is find a car or bus to jump.
When you have lined your car up carefully with the ramp go back and get a really good run up, then drive as fast as you can towards the ramp that goes onto the ferry.
As soon as you hit the rump press the forward and the triangle button to exit your car.
You should get out just in time to see your car or bus bob up and down in the water and then sink!

Chicago: Secret Car

To get Chicago's secret car follow these steps:
1) Go to the baseball field in Wriglyville (it's at the top-left corner).
2) Go up to the ticket stand and press triangle. A gate will open.
3) Go in the gate, get out of your car, and go up the steps.
4) Follow the tunnel until you find the car. It is yellow with two black stripes down it's top, and it looks like an old Ford Mustang.

Police car glitch

Seloect "take a ride" in vegas and select any car and find an occupied police car and when you press up + triangle a message will say "change cars and get out of there!". It means nothing but it's a message that escaped from the mission "beat the train".

Look people. The semitruck is real. Go to Rio an..

Look people. The semitruck is real. Go to Rio and look at the top part of the map that looks Like this...


While U drive on it at the north part there is a switch and u have to drive slow and look at the right. press triangle and then a gate will open.

Drive all on the curve and when u find the open gate go in at drive throgh the building and u will hopefully find it there.

How to get out of your car,when it says"You've r..

How to get out of your car,when it says"You've recked your vehicle".

Really fast, keep on pressing all the buttons

of L2,R2,R1,L2 it only works a few times

and you'll have to practice doing this

pattern so you'll eventually get it and

my other cheat is, there is no button codes for this, and you'll have to get

a 2001 Gameshark enhancer disc, to get all cities and cheats, next you will have to

replay a mission in Rio, but the missions will be listed as the same in


Here it will say Auto Testing in the replay mission menu.Once you,ve

If you are trying to lose police swerve around p..

If you are trying to lose police swerve around polesand it will make the police crash into them

Good luck!!

If the cops are on your tail, I found out a good..

If the cops are on your tail, I found out a good way to lose them.

When cops are chasing you, battle them right there.

Turn around and ram into the cop nonstop. Soon the cop will be dead from ramming into it so much.

Get out of your car and get into it again!

The cheat about the switch on the far right of t..

The cheat about the switch on the far right of the church (where you go down the fin archway) is'nt true.

!!!!SECRET CAR IN CHIGACO!!!!Drive to the north ..


Drive to the north of the city and searche for an Basebalstadium.Drive to "TICKETS" get out and walk to the ticketbox,press Triangle and an secret area opens on the other side of the stadium.Get in your car and drive to it.Drive in the stadium and get out your car.Walk to the stairs and walk upstair.Follow the raod on your right.Your now walking to an Super speed yellow black car.Get in and drive out the stadium(right,not drive back)


Ghost bus

This is not a cheatbut something scary

On havana I was just riding around at night and I drove into a very
narrow road, it went straight with only one right turn.

A bus came down the road on the right and continued going straight, I thought at this point it would crash but instead it went straight through the building in front of it.


There is a semi in Rio...

For all you people who think there is no semi in rio there is right up top at the u shaped turn in road that runs along the top there will be a fence on each side of a building on the ocean side somewhere along the building there should be a switch flick the switch and Hey Presto you now have unlocked the semi

How to get a Camarow

Just beat the game 3 times in a row, it comes with rocket launchers......

Drive a tank

Go to the garage and ask Mike.

Las Vegas: Beat The Train

In order to beat this level do what I say.
First after it tells you what to do you hold down the X button so that when you start you automatically start driving. Then after that you just keep driving straight until you hit two barrels. After you hit the barrels turn north west until you come to a sand mound, after you see the sand mound drive on top of it and then you will some to woden gates, which you then will drive through but slow down a little bit so that you wont run right into the trailer thats on the ground. Drive to the right of the trailer and start going towards the train. Once you reach the train drive side by side next to it. Continue to go straight from there until you pass the train once you pass the train drive onto the tracks and stay driving on the tracks un..

LOOK! It's raining cars

When in free ride mode (IN CHIGAGO) make your way forward without crashing, stopping or getting chased by the police.
You'll soon make it to a bridge. Drive up the bridge (FULL SPEED) and whilst in the air, press up & triangle and you'll get of the car.
50% of the time your car will sink into the ground and after that, cars will be flying and sinking.

Havana: Secret Car

To get the secret car in Havana, just follow these steps:
1) Go to the place that's far-left of the screen.
2) Drive along the road until you see a building.
3) Drive along that building untill you see a switch get out of your car and press triangle (the action button). A gate will open.
4) Go into the gate. There are two things you can do from this point.
5a) Go into the tunnel that you first see, follow the maze, and you'll eventually find the car. Press the button to get it down, and get in it to raise it back up.
5b) Go past the tunnel and fall down the hole (in your car). Press the button and you should get the car. If that doesn't work try getting in the car. It is white with a pink roof and looks like a Mini Cooper.

more cars!

select your city and your car,when start the game in the mode take a ride,stole a car that you haven't and save the game in mode "save opitions" and so! is easy to make.

Rare Car in Chicago(not Havana :] )

I can hardly believe this one isn't on here. My cousin gave it to me like 4 years ago. Well here:
Look on your map. You see Wrigley Field really far away, right? Well drive on up there and park your can around it. It doesn't matter where. I'm not sure, but SOMEWHERE around the whole thing, there is a little door with 'TICKETS' above it. Go up to it and push triangle. The gates to the field will open and you can get in. You'll have to go inside and WALK up some steps on the far left in the back of the field. Then you'll go right and there is this huge pathway you've got to follow. Around the corner is a yellow car with two black stripes on it's front. There you go. Secret car. It takes like 5 minutes to get to it, but it's worth it most everytime.

Help me pls help me!!!!!!!!!!I'm stuck for month..

Help me pls help me!!!!!!!!!!

I'm stuck for months and can't get passed the boat jump mission. If anybody got the answer post it here....

**Hey Drivers, I just want to clear something up..

**Hey Drivers, I just want to clear something up for unsure drivers, millions of these peepz have said that guns and hellicopters and planes DO exist......

I have had this game SINCE IT CAME OUT, i know EVERY knook and cranny in all four cities so u can trust me. There are NO guns in ANY city, you CANNOT operate the helicopters OR planes so whoever says u can iz shyttin u. **

**However, there IS a semi, you can either follow other peoples insight because those are the correct directions, you can beat the game and save it and you can CHOOSE the semi from the car select menu, or if you have a gameshark, you can enter the code(s)(I believe there are different codes to unlock the four cities and the cheats) and there you have it.*..

Please Help!!!!I am stuck on the level where you..

Please Help!!!!

I am stuck on the level where you have to find the file in 4 different cars.

Is there any trick to this level or do i have to just beat it??? i have been stuck on it for 3 weeks now.

Please help me if anyone knows an easier way to beat it.


On havana go right to the west of the island.The..

On havana go right to the west of the island.

There is a turning just before the tunnel go up it.

There is a wall blocking it,turn right there is a poll,press triangle and the wall will move.

Go through the maze, at the end there is a red button,press triangle.

You have got the mini!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im stuck on the 3rd level in Havana or whatever ..

Im stuck on the 3rd level in Havana or whatever level where you need to total the truck throwing bombs.

For some reason i cant keep up with him and when I do, very little damage occurs even if i pound him!

So I was wondering if there is any hints or tips to let me beat it?

It's not a cheats, but just a question.I'm a stu..

It's not a cheats, but just a question.

I'm a stuck at the level of the four car and you have to find out the disk.

Is there some cheats that can help me to beat this level?

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