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Driver 2 Pack Shot

Driver 2

Game Reviews for Driver 2


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It was okay .... Added 13 Apr 2006, ID #13633
At the time people were saying , " This is a 3D version of GTA " , what I thik personally is , defintely , no .But anyway let's get on with the game , the graphics .

This game had the worse graphics at the time , I don't care what people say , there is nothing that can change that . I mean I liked this game it is very addictive and lasted pretty long .

It was a good one to have at the time , but now , no point , as , "vice city" , stuff like that , no it is not good for now , but just remember this , it inspired all úd GTa games , just remember that .
review Added 22 Jan 2005, ID #12457
Not much different to the first Driver, better music though.

Score: 63/125
Great game Added 26 Jan 2004, ID #11125
This is a great game. From the first time I turned it on and started playing, I knew this game was great.

You can get out of your car and steal other cars in this game and do a lot more than you could in Driver 1.

The missions start easy and get harder as you progress. And take a drive mode is great because you can ride buses, police cars, and even a mini car, big rig, hot-rod, or pick-up truck.

So if you want a great game pick up driver 2. Stop staring at this and go get it!!!!
Added 17 Jan 2004, ID #11074
I think driver is rubish because you can't get out of your car.

But on driver 2 you can get out of your car and steal another car!!!!!
Driver13 Added 14 Sep 2003, ID #10448
I think Driver is domb because on Driver2 you can steal cars and do better cheats so if you don't have DRIVER2 go out and BUY DRIVER2 NOW!!!
ID #2109
At last the wait is over and its time to be Tanner again , but with a differance ,

He Can WALK !!!

Tis true , you can get Tanner out of the car and into another ,inc.

Fire Engines , coaches and trucks , to be fair it ain't a good idea on timed missions, but great in the "Take a drive" mode.

When you abandon a car you lose any felony

you have and ,if the car you enter is undamaged your damage is reset too Smile.

New cities Chicago,havana,Rio and Las Vegas (the latter having many of the neon sights we know and love)

You can start the missions right away , no garage test this time. The missions are not over difficult at first, but get more so as you progress, a nice learning curve.

Talking of curves the roads have them !! Sweeping

bends and even freeways !! Habndling is better than Driver, and the cars are harder to roll,

they even right themselves if the cops hit you right.

If you liked Driver then get Driver 2 , if you didn't like driver GET DRIVER 2 !! Did I mention its on two discs and there is a two player option?

well there is and in Cops n Robbers mode is the best mode and Take a ride is the worst !!! (not bad just dull) .. I would love to tell you more ..

But I gotta go and play some more !!!!

ID #2108

Driver 2 isn`t much differnt to the first one part from you can get out of the car and in to another one.

It looks the same and the missions are a bit easier to start with,The poilce are a bit smarter and the cars are a bit easier to control.

It has a muilty player game on it witch includes cops and robbers,take a drive,capture flags,and time attack.

There are more missions more cars to choose from including cop cars,Trucks,vans,All of the ones you coundn`t get on driver one,And bigger maps to play on.

ID #2107
listen up if you've have played driver one get up stop what your doing and go buy driver2(i don't mean rob a liquor store for the money,but if theres no other be it)

the two player modes are awsome and the one player is as freash as ever the only down side is the should have cleaned up the graphic a bit uneeded choopyness but stealing cars takes away that peskiness other wise BUY THIS GAME NOW!!!!!

ID #2106
This is one great game, the missions are brilliant testing your car right to the limit, the cops are harder to lose but it all adds to the fun.

This game has bridges that split apart and its great to go over them half open and a good way to lose the cops.

But be careful if you don't go fast enough you fall into the river and it's GAME OVER buddie, a great game well worth ú25.

ID #2105
Driver 2, wow!!!

This is an excellent example of a game to last forever. You play Tanner an undercover cop trying to defuse a huge fight between US Crimelord Soloman Caine and Vasquez a mysterious Brazilian.

The graphics have made a noticeable improvement but when it comes to gameplay and lifespan you WILL be amazed. There are improved FMV's (videos) and there is a solid plot to the game and even a multiplayer mode for two people.

The've kept the driving games mode with added games and now in multiplayer mode, one of you can be a cop and the other the criminal! Altogether this is a game nigh on perfect! 10/10 for Driver 2.

ID #2104

I have only been playing this game for 2 days and it is most definately 10 times better than the first, and the first Driver was excellent!

It is of higher difficulty and much more detailed. I love it!!

ID #2103
Hi I am joe chocobo and this game is awsome!!!!

The story line is even better than ever,the graphics could be better but when your playing you really don't care.

Infograms did an excellent job on the idea of being able to get out of your car,because there is nothing better than taking a nice jog.

ID #2102
This game is a really kick a** game. The only thing that sucks is that the cops are hard in this one. In all it is a bitchin' game.

ID #2101
I think the guys at Infograms have made a good game, even better, the thing I dig the most is that you can now get out of your car.

But then again the graphics aren't the best, but overall go buy this kick ass game.

ID #2100
Driver 2 is awesome! The cops are a little more aggresive, but it's so much fun you don't really pay attention to it. The graphics are much better too!

ID #2099
I really like the game, it's a awsome game.But there is one thing about it that I don't like, some of the missions were difficult, but I got over it once I beat it.

Other than that, the game is a bad ass game, in all kinds of ways.

ID #2098

I really like this gams but what really pisses me off is that when you are in a cop car & you turn on the sirens no one gets out of your way It sceems pretty Dumb to me....!

ID #2097

This game is amazing. The cheats we have taken from supercheats have all worked.

It does get a bit boring after a while, just racing around & running away from cops.

The graphics are OK. We give it 9.99999999/10

ID #2096
I like this game & all but I think that the car in Driver 1 handled more like a real car , & what's up with people not getting out of your way when you are in a cop car or an ambulance or firetruck I hope the 3rd one is better...!

ID #2095

I like this game. There is more cars and even busses and trucks.

Some missions is hard to complite, but not too hard.

There is one cool thing what I like, this is stealing a new cars.

I now somewhere in this game is chopper, but where I don┤t now.

So if somebody knows exactly where is this chopper PLEASE tell me.


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